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‘Stop blaming the devil for everything’ City woman blasts men who cheat

Today on Classic 105, the conversation was about how men allow other women to ruin their marriages. This discussion rose up after a man named Joseph Kori and his side chic were accused of killing Kori’s wife, Mary Wambui Kimangara.

Mike Mondo asked listeners to please call and give their take on why men let other women ruin what they’ve worked for years to build.

He said;

Let’s talk about men and our marriages. You meet your wife get married, spend years building an empire through thick and thin and then someone comes to the picture and as men we are so ready to let that ruin what we have worked so hard to accomplish. What makes me wonder is why are we so weak, what are we lacking?

Mwalimu King’ang’i says that the devil himself is working because it doesn’t make sense how you’d ditch your wife for another woman who has come to destroy what you and your wife have built.

“It’s very short Mike. Ni shetani, because what do you call that? You know this is the wife you have hustled together kutoka huko chini mkiishi pamoja Mukuru kwa Njenga, mmeuza scrap metal. What do you call that? Si huyo ni shetani? Because as men we cannot explain.

One of Classic 105 listeners called and said that men should not blame the devil for everything and take responsibility for their actions.

Stop blaming the devil for everything because you guys are greedy, selfish na tamaa itawamaliza. You see this you want it. Hamtosheki. Even when you have a beautiful woman, you will still want another woman. Please stop being so selfish, greedy and self centered. After you mess up you start blaming the devil. Just blame yourself for messing everything around you. Nimeamua I’m not getting married to a poor man. Because we start with you when you have nothing and when you make it, you leave me hanging.

Another one narrated how she met her man living in a mud house and everyone in her family thought she’s been bewitched because she wanted to be with him. But she held on to him. He later on got a job with Sarova, then went abroad and came back with money. But he started entertaining slay queens and when she says something he gets mad.

What do you think is the problem with men and entertaining other women yet they have wives?

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