Ciku Muiruri

Ciru Muriuki hits back at fan who accused her of skin bleaching

K24 presenter Ciru Muriuki has come out hitting at her haters claiming that she has bleached her skin to appear more light skin.

The presenter who is known for her straight forward approach took to her Instagram page to set the record straight in her insta story timeline.

Ciku Muiruri
Ciru Muriuki

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She said “Some fool came into my comments accusing the BLACK me of bleaching.”Setting the record straight Ciru goes on to add,

“Let me tell y’all if I was about bleaching life, I’d bleach properly. I’d be white inside and out. My intestines would be transparent, you are playing with me. Don’t come at me ati I bleached like you are the one who sold me the bleach.”

She concludes

“I love the entire f*** out of my skin”

Khaligraph Jones is among other celebrities who have been accused of bleaching their skin claims he strongly refuted. Socialite Vera Sidika is among Kenyans who have publicly admitted to having bleached her skin.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

Ciru has told people who are saying that she has bleached to zip it up because if she had, the results would be evident.

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