Ciku Muiruri

I woke up naked next to a stranger – Ciku Muiruri discloses horrifying experience

Ciku Muiruri raised the bar for radio talk shows with her popular and very fascinating show, Busted on Classic 105. For those who can’t remember the premise of the show; Ciku would call people who were suspected of cheating and entrap them into confirming whether they were indeed cheating.

The former Classic105 presenter
Ciku Muiruri

The media personality who isn’t afraid to speak her mind recently opened up about a terrible incident that involved a male stranger that happened earlier in her life. In a long Facebook post, Ciku shared details of the events of a night saying she can barely recall some of the events that took place.

‘Some years ago I woke up in my bed, naked, next to someone I could not recognise. I was terrified because I did not have much memory of the night before. Then it started to slowly come back, just bits and pieces, not everything.’

Ciku Muiruri
Ciku Muiruri

She explained that she had met the man in a pub who ended up buying her a drink and later offered to give her a ride home. ‘I remembered meeting him, he was introduced to me at the pub, we were many of us. I remember he bought me a drink, I remember that despite not having that much to drink I was very woozy by the time we were leaving and he offered to give me a ride home and I could pick my car up the next day. When we got to my place, I said thanks and bye but as I was walking to my door, he was behind me,’ she revealed.

‘Don’t ride on someone else’s name!’ Ciku Muiruri calls out Ciru Muriuki

The worst was yet to happen as the man refused to leave despite Ciku asking him to do so. She then allowed him into the house as he waited for his cab. That was the last thing she could remember as she blacked out right after that.

‘You are really nice, everyone says you are a bad person” he said. I didn’t respond. ‘I was wondering where my bag was, my car keys, my phone, had it been stolen in the pub and worse, if he and I actually went all the way last night,’ she said.

Ciku Muiruri
Ciku Muiruri

She warned that women are experiencing all sorts of dangerous situations every day and asked the government to ban substances that are used to drug both men and women for ill intentions.

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