Churchill on the mike

Churchill reveals reason he keeps wife and kids hidden from spotlight

Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, has the biggest comedy show in Kenya. As such the man has a huge following wherever he goes and with this fame has come measures that the man has taken to protect his family.

He recently spoke to and opened up about why he does it. Despite being in the limelight for more than a decade now, little is known about him beyond his comedy.

Churchill with MC Jessy
Churchill with MC Jessy

He said that he wants to retire and lead a private life. He said that the biggest reason for that was that Churchill is a public persona and that one day he will retire and as such he chose to keep his loved ones away from his fame.

‘At some point after giving all my life to the public as I have done, I will jump into private life with the people who have been pushing me from behind,’ he said.

Churchill Ndambuki with Chipukeezy
Churchill Ndambuki with Chipukeezy at the event

The man believes that celebrities should keep their families, especially their kids, away from media glare so they can live their lives and pursue their dreams.

The interview occurred at the Youtube event organised by Google where he was feted with the Gold button for reaching 1 million subscribers on the platform.

Churchill Ndambuki announces end to his NTV Show

Last year some photos went viral with photos claiming that the comedian was eating at a restaurant with his wife (this is still a rumour as the Mr Ndambuki has never confirmed the information.

Churchill at the restaurant with the unkown woman
Churchill at the restaurant with the unknown woman

However, one cannot still get a glimpse of the lady’s face as the photos only show her backside.

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