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Churchill show comedian Smart Joker narrates how women squandered his money

Churchill show comedian Smart Joker has admitted that women used some of the money he was paid after he signed a big deal with the Communication Authority Of Kenya (CAK) for the analogue-digital migration in 2014.

Speaking to Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki on ‘The Journey Series’ the comedian said;

“Slay queens confused me, especially the ones from Kinoo. They came to my house and took my money by force,” he said.


“One of them brandished a gun on my head, asking for money yet I was naked on a mattress with one of her friends. Thieves,”

smart Joker
Smart Joker/ Instagram

He had been keeping some cash in his house for miscellaneous needs but slay queens robbed him.

This was before he met his wife, Mercy.

The comedian said he has since learnt his lesson and in case he gets another endorsement, he will use the money well, only with his wife.

Real name, Michael Omuka, also used part of the lump sum he got to buy his mother an acre of land.

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