Churchill show comedian Njoro says Maina Kageni told him to stop being lazy

Comedian Njoro says Maina Kageni called him and asked him to stop being lazy yet he was talented.

Njoro was speaking to Massawe opened where narrated how he squandered Ksh 3.9m on alcohol and parties.

“It was party after party for me. I had so much money at the time and I did not think it would ever run out. Hence, I blew it all and in no time, I was broke,” he said.

Though he spent some of the money with his family, Njoro said he regrets that he did not use the money to secure assets.
Njoro said Maina told him to push himself.

‘Maina Kageni called me and told me you are talented but lazy, talent without hardwook is nothing. Talent alone cannot help you. You have to push yourself like how Eric Omondi does.’

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He added,

‘I’m back to comedy. Just waiting for this pandemic to end. so I can take up the stage again. I have an online series called Njoroge wa Ndume whose episodes run on social media.
I have a show on KTN every Sunday from 4:30pm. We are shooting, the show has already aired the firs episodes, 13 more to go.’

Asked what advise he would give his colleagues suffering from depression, Njoro said,

‘This celebrity life comes and ends just as abruptly, be careful. There are many who are are suffering if you can reach out to them. Also for the entertainers, it is okay to speak so that you can get help, don’t act strong and end up suffering. But above all lets stop being lazy.’

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