Churchill Ndambuki

‘Every time I want to quit…’ Churchill Ndambuki shockingly tells fans

Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki is arguably the biggest comedian on this Kenyan shores; what with his popular Churchill Show that has been a mainstay for many enjoy having their ribs tickled.

The show started in 2007 when it premiered on NTV and was recorded live at Carnivore Hotel and since then has spawned many copycats but none as good as it. It has gone through many transformations and iterations, shifting the live shows from Nairobi to different parts of the country.

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill smiling

The comic revealed some interesting tidbits during his latest show in West Pokot over the weekend. He told many shocked fans that he had contemplated quitting the show.

He said that the show was no longer about him but discovering talent, saying,

‘This is why we do Churchill Show. It’s because of people like Alphone and the sister. It’s no longer about me. Every time I want to quit, because I’ve been doing this for so long, I’m reminded that there’s one extra talent out there.’

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill Ndambuki

He was referring to a pair of siblings who had just performed and impressed him. Some of the major comedy acts that made it big after performing on Churchill Show include Eric Omondi, Teacher Wanjiku, Chipukeezy, MCA Tricky, MC Jessy, as well as Professor Hammo.

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Churchill was born on 30th October 1977 and grew up in Kitui before moving to Nairobi in 1990. With a new style and clean funniness. His own star begun sparkling splendidly when he showed up in Redykyulass, an interesting TV comic drama that was a satire of government personalities and spoke about Kenyan issues.
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