Churchill Ndambuki posing

Churchill Ndambuki – I used to work in Industrial Area washing bottles

Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, is probably the most influential name in comedy in Kenya. The man has literally opened the doors for many of the comedians we love today.

The man who has had a very successful streak hosting his own eponymous shows on NTV wasn’t always the big kahuna he is at the moment.

Churchill on the mike
Churchill on the mike

The man recently spoke to and revealed some of the struggles he went through before he made his big break. He was speaking during the Ruach Festival at Sarit Centre Expo.

The comic said that he slaved away in Industrial Area as a casual labourer before his main passion, comedy, saved his life.
‘I used to work in industrial area washing bottles and I would be paid peanuts. the money wasn’t enough for food and transport. things were not easy back then,” Churchill told the popular site.

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill on stage

The man also had time to praise the Ruach Festival, which was well attended by industry heavyweights like; Uganda’s Salvado, Kenya’s MC Jessy, Sleepy David, MCA Tricky, Otos and Dr Ofweneke.

Churchill Ndambuki announces end to his NTV Show

Churchill said that the event was refreshing and restoring. He said that he was also glad and lucky to have been part of the event.

‘I wish it could happen every other day. I needed it and I’m sure those who came there were totally blessed and it must have made a lot of difference in their lives.’

The comedian with MC Jessy
Churchill with MC Jessy

For those who don’t know, the comedian has been in the comedy industry since 1996.  Ndambuki’s wide recognition as a comedian started heightening in the legendary comedy show “Redykyulass” in which he acted alongside Walter Mongare(Nyambane), Peter Kaimenyi (Kajairo), Maurice Otieno (Mdomo Baggy), John Kiarie (KJ) and Anthony Njuguna.

Churchill, along with KJ, Kajairo, Mudomo Baggy, and Nyambane, also created “Red Kona”. Among his other acting credits were the popular Kenyan film, The First Grader

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