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‘The church is not supporting gospel musicians,’ says Guardian Angel

Gospel singer Guardian Angel says the church has not been supporting musicians who sing gospel songs.

Speaking during his album launch, the Hadithi hitmaker was asked to speak about the gospel industry something he said doesn’t exist.

“The gospel industry is not funded by the church because even the revenue we get and projects we do, we don’t get it from the church. We just have a gospel ministry that has musicians. We do not have a gospel industry,” he said.

He added that if the church wants to have a gospel industry, they should fully show support.

“We will have a gospel industry when a studio will be built in churches or setup by the church. When we release songs, they are bought by the church and the only sponsors we will be having comes from the church. Even the money we get is not from events that comes from the church. We have gospel musician but the industry is not there.”

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Speaking about musicians who clout chase to remain relevant, Guardian said good music sells.

“I believe in good content. You don’t need to chase clout if you are doing good music. I don’t chase clout.”

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