Chipukeezy with Kibanja

Chipukeezy and Kibanja share their love on State House grounds (video)

Chipukeezy and his girlfriend seem to be in a good place yet again.

This comes after the last couple of weeks where we the media (yes I will admit it) fueled the rumours that their relationship might be done.

And Kibanja herself shared a message on her social media that showed that we might have been right all along.

Screenshot from Kibanja's Instagram
Screenshot from Kibanja’s Instagram

I tried contacting the comedian to confirm the news but I must say I was unsuccessful in my endeavour.

I am now hanging my head in shame!

But this article isn’t about me, its about the comedian who had been missing from social media at the beginning of the month.

‘Remember Eric Omondi,’ Kenyans warn Chipukeezy about his relationship

It was so bad that Eric Omondi even sent out a message asking whether people had seen his colleague and friend?

But he is now out and about showing off his white set of chompers as he parades his girlfriend Kibanja.

Chipukeezy with Kibanja in the past
Chipukeezy with Kibanja in the past

The two are back and with a bang! The entertainer hadn’t shared an image or video of her since September 2nd but it seems all is well on Island Chipu.

The two can be seen in State House and they are giggling like small kids with the comedian not being able to keep his eyes off Kibanja like a love-struck puppy.

The video is below;

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Chipukeezy and bae back together like they never left

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Another video even shows the two in a lift canoodling together with Kibanja more interested in filming the scene while Chipu is keen on his lover…again like a love-struck puppy.

Chipukeezy with Kibanja
Chipukeezy with Kibanja

The reaction from his followers to the clip was positive with many being happy for him. I will not lie, I still think that this relationship is doomed but what do I know?

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