Chipukeezy helping the girl

Chipukeezy, Janet Mbugua, Terryanne, Amina team up to pay girls school fees

Chipukeezy, Janet Mbugua, Terryanne Chebet, and Amina Abdia teamed up with Chipukeezy this week to aid a female high school student who was filmed while drunk a few months ago.

Chipukeezy who is a NACADA board member on Monday visited the 15-year-old at her home in Karatina together with NTV’s The Trend host Amina.

Chipukeezy helping the girl
Chipukeezy helping the girl

The comedian posted the good news on his Instagram page revealing that the girl had thought of killing herself when the video went viral. His caption read;

A few months ago a video showing a 15-year-old girl clearly drunk went viral. When she was on the verge of running away from home because of the video, contemplating suicide etc I took it upon myself as a Nacada Director to reach out and offer help where I could. I promised to offer mentorship, ensure she completes her high school education, receive the much-needed guidance and counseling and today, I’m so happy to say she’s doing so much better.

He also explained that he had reached out to several media personalities who offered to pay for the girl’s school fees for a year each. He added;

I reached out to my sister @aminaabdirabar who not only joined me and came all the way to Karatina BUT she even offered to pay 1 year of her high school. It inspired me to do the same, I then called @officialjanetmbugua & @terryannechebet who both agreed to help and each paid fees for a year as well. Kindly note that the reason I reached out was not to reward her for drinking, but give her the mentorship she requires & to highlight the much-needed discussion on alcohol affecting our youth across the country.

Many fans and followers of his were pleased with the wonderful information and rightfully said so. This great news reminds me of the richest black man in America, Robert F Smith.

Last month, the billionaire pledged to pay the college student loans for 396 graduates from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, that amounted to at least 4 billion shillings!

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