Chipukeezy and Kibanja

These photos of Chipukeezy’s flashy house will make you envious

Comedian Chipukeezy is living life with a big spoon and we are impressed at how far he has come in the past few years.

We have always wondered what his house looks like.

Well worry no more as we got a glimpse into the funnyman’s man cave.

chipukeezy kibanja

Chipukeezy let the world into his house during an interview with K24’s Betty Kyallo.

Speaking during the interview Chipukeezy says his mother is very proud of the man he has become.

I have all these things in my house because I buy myself everything that my mother never bought me.

Back in the day, all my mother bought was food.

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The funny thing however is that during the interview he seemed to be so clueless as to where everything in In the kitchen. However we understand he is not alone in this.

Speaking to Betty he said,

I have never cooked tea in this house but today I will cook you some.

He adds,

Growing up, I always prayed to God to give me cash so that I would build a plastered house.

The room we slept in as kids was very tiny and I wanted to get out of there.

Years later, he can afford all that and more. Have a look into his digs and how he has furnished it.

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Chipukeezy's house
Chipukeezy’s house

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