Skirt measures china

Chinese Restaurant Offers discounts for women in short outfits

A restaurant in China called Jinan hot pot is offering steeply discounted meals to women who wear skimpy skirts.

Female customers whose hems are measured to be 33 centimeters (12 inches) above the knee by the restaurant are being offered a 90% discount on their bill.

In contrast, women wearing skirts or dresses revealing a modest 8 centimeters (3 inches) are only given 20% off their meals.
In what is seen as attention-getting promotions a few restaurants in China have gone far beyond the pale.

One hot pot restaurant in Zhengzhou used a panel of judges from a local plastic surgery clinic to give away free meals to attractive people.

Another eatery in Chongqing offered heavily-discounted and free meals to overweight men. The heavier the men weighed, the higher the discount offered. The promotion flipped the script for women, however — females that weighed less than 34.5 kilos had their meals comped.

Skirt measures china



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