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Four Chinese nationals arrested after viral video of beating of Kenyan man 


A vile video showing a Chinese national inflicting a gruesome beating on a Kenyan employee went viral over the weekend.

Four Chinese nationals were arrested on Sunday and are expected in court after one of them was captured on video caning a Kenyan at a Kileleshwa restaurant. They are expected in court to face charges of assault.

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Deng Hailan was, in a viral video, captured assaulting a Kenyan employee at Chez Wou restaurant for allegedly reporting to work late.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) based in Kilimani yesterday raided the restaurant and discovered that Mr. Hailan, who works at the hotel as a chef, does not have a work permit.

Two other Chinese nationals, Chang Yueping and Ou Qiang, were arrested for reportedly holding expired Visas. They are also chefs at the hotel.

A fourth suspect, Yu Ling, a cashier, was arrested for holding a visitor’s Visa but without a work permit. Eight Kenyans who work at the hotel were escorted to Kilimani Police Station to assist in investigations.

Kenyans protested and among them were Dj Mo, Sauti Sol and several politicians.

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Sen Mutula KilonzoJR
This fellow should be charged on Monday and deported

save us from this modern day slavery

When the system fails and we become slaves because we place employment over our dignity. This is painful to watch in 2020. Almost as painful as the debt.

Poverty ni kitu mbaya, but also if 50 yrs after colonization you let a foreigner humiliate you this way in your own country.. Wewe ndo shida

How comes corona-virus (say Chinese) can now whip our own citizens? These things should be arrested, arraigned and charged in Shimo la Tewa. Utterly disgusting!

Love Is Blind! Kenyan Woman Narrates How She Fell In Love With A Chinese Man..Very Beautiful!

That hotel should be closed down immediately…. what is it

I’m just sad. That’s where the leadership of Kenya had gotten us to. Making Kenyans beg/go through humiliation in their own country just to put food on the table. You’ve sold Kenya for 30 pieces of silver.
We’re slaves.

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