‘Unfollow him if you dont like him’ Chimano’s fans shouts at his trollers

Sauti Sols Chimano was recently trolled after posting a photo of him online for what most termed as being ‘girlish behaviour’.

But the talented artiste did not let that dampen his spirit after all most of this trollers are just idle people who envy him for what he has achieved.


He has on a few occasions been attacked for allegedly being gay but forget all that a few loyal fans had his back and here is their message for Chimano’s trollers

_clear_riversNo one should judge anyone based on their sexual orientation….. Accept everyone the way they are because we could analyze everyone commenting ignorantly here and guess what? Y’all gon have a thousand things we can criticize…. Just because you don’t agree with what @iamchimano chooses to wear doesn’t mean he is wrong either…

ms.naserianStupid people here commenting stupidly…. I still can’t believe people got such mentality on the 21st century . If you have a problem with homosexuality go lamba your own lolo… 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 let people be…

ronniezerThis is u @iamchimano , ur life, ur roles… life to the fullest and let shits keep smuggling naked words

‘The truth will be out in the end’ Almasi addresses fans after ‘outrageous’ outfit

ronniemugishaI wonder how people can be quick to judge someone, let him be after all it’s a free world you @iamchimano

mama_linasachtiWhy the fuck does society want you to live the way they want? 😡😠. Am so proud of you…this is yo life, yo choice and yo fwakini business…if anyone has a problem with that, they can simply unfollow you instead of hauling nonsense….Low life suckers just want too much, don’t give them that. Fuck….all these negative comments… 😠

kaka_maasai@iamchimano life is always about what’s making you happy… reality is that life is too short so make your self happy please your self always. Personally I love you. I love you as a person I love your voice I love everything about you… keep going dear… #love #appreciation 💯💯

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