Safety Tips!!! Secure ways to adapt your home for your children and their friends

Child safety is what every parent wants for their child but lack of knowledge on the every day things that can harms kids leaves many parents at a loss .

As the Child Safety Week was marked, a UK based manufacturer gurus at Origin, has created an eight manual step to help parents improve on their child safety tips given that children are delicate and get hurt easily.

Here ways to keep your  little ones safe.

1.Always keep medicines in original packaging

Medicines are the cause of more than 70 percent of hospital admissions for poisoning in children under five, according to the NHS.

Where possible, only buy or request medicines which come in child-resistant packaging and never empty them into containers that are easy to open or unlabeled.

Remember, child-resistant does not mean packaging is entirely safe, so always keep all medicines out of reach of children.

2.Clean your dishwasher after every use

Like most cleaning products, dishwasher tablets contain dangerous and aggressive alkaline salts. These salts are harmful and corrosive if they are ingested.

So, after every use, make sure you wipe down the powder holder and the residue around the edge of the dishwasher door. Get into the practice of running the dishwasher as soon as you add the detergent.

Most dishwashers have a lock setting, so check yours. Otherwise, consider installing an appliance lock.

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3.Never refer to medicine as ‘sweets’

A common tactic to make children take their medicine is to describe it as a sweet or treat. We’ve all been there but doing so can have serious consequences.

If your child got their hands on medicine unsupervised, they may take too much thinking they are having sweet.

4.Don’t leave your cleaning wipes unattended

You might not think to keep kitchen or bathroom wipes  and towels under lock and key, but children could easily mistake these for the harmless ones used for nappy changes or to wipe your face.

Be sure not to leave your new or used anti-bacterial wipes within easy reach of the little ones.Also ensure to air them to avoid accumulation of bacteria.

5.Keep mouthwash out of reach

Even though we regularly swirl them around our mouth, mouthwash can also pose a threat to children.

While it can be greatly beneficial to a child’s dental hygiene, mouthwash can also caused serious internal damage if swallowed in large quantities.

This is more likely given the brightly coloured bottles can easily be mistaken for a drink by a child.

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6.Treat e-cigarettes like the real thing

More people are swapping tobacco for e-cigarettes, but there’s still a threat to children.

E-cigarettes contain a liquid with high levels of concentrated nicotine which can be incredibly harmful if swallowed.

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So, you should treat e-cigarettes like the real thing when it comes to your children

7.Extend rules to visitors

If you have family or friends visiting or have help with child care, don’t let safety precautions slip.

Make sure all visitors are familiar with where you keep household products and remind them to pay close attention to their belongings.

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