Chemistry made in TV heaven: Couples we think should be together

We take a look at some of actors and actresses in Kenya who have such good chemistry on the screens that we silently wish they were married for real.

1. Sue na Johny

The show which has caught the attention of many has left us wishing that Sue (Kate the Actress) and Jonnie Juma would get married for real.


Kate actress is married to Phil Karanja.

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2. Sanaipei Tande and Zain

These two look so good together on the local show Aziza we wouldn’t mind seeing them married to each other.

3. DJ MO and Grace Ekirapa

The two have such a beautiful chemistry such that their fans have already married them off to each other. Unfortunately Dj Mo is happily married to Mama Wambo so that will remain a dream.


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4. Sarah Hassan and Daniel Ettim

The two have acted together on ‘Plan B’.


5.  Nick Mutuma

Nick has a way of making everything work for him.Hhe has what e call ‘Midas touch’ everything he touches turns into gold.

He was the main cast on ‘This is it’ with Dede (Nigeria’s Chiagoziem Nwakanma). they look so good together.


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