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“The chemistry was just right…” Danzak, Wema Sepetu’s ‘alleged’ boyfriend speaks (EXCLUSIVE)

Danzak, a Tanzanian singer has spoken about his rumoured romance relationship with Wema Sepetu in an exclusive interview, he said “Who doesn’t love Wema Sepetu? She is amazing. If you get to know her, you’ll have no reason not to love her.”

Adding, “That’s a very grey area, let’s leave it as it is. Wema and I are very close. The chemistry was just right and we really clicked. I wouldn’t like to lose her, I’d like to keep her. Our relationship as friends or more than friends is okay.”

 Danzak pointed out the qualities that attracted him to her.
“She is a hard worker and very dedicated. She is very smart and I like smart women, that turns me on more than anything. She knows what she is doing and she really supported me. I’m attracted to the brain.” 

His opinion on Diamond Platnumz losing Wema Sepetu as a partner was that they are better off apart.

“They are both wonderful people. What I really like about them is that there are no hard feelings, all of them lost somebody very important but I think both of them are better off without each other,” he said.

“No one won by losing the other. If there is no chemistry, just stop before you lose respect. That is a very mature thing to do. People come and go.”

Danzak has embarked on his musical journey after debuting in 2002.

“I took a break and I’m back. My latest song ‘Anajishaua’ is about a woman who notices a man and tries to do something extra to draw his attention. I sing for people because I noticed girls have been on the frontline to make men want them.”

Previously, he had released the song ‘Nidokoe’ featuring Nandy. “I just restarted my music career and it was unbelievable that I reached a million views in a month, I was humbled,” he said.

 “Nandy is on the top female artistes in East Africa. She reached out to me when I was really doing good in music but seven years later, I found myself asking to work together and she was the right person for it.”
 Now that he is in the country for a media tour, he looks forward to working with Kenyan artistes.
“I’m meeting Motif and once we sit down, many doors will open and Kenyan music is doing so well, and I’d love to have a collabo here.”

Danzak is also a full-time airline pilot.

“I take my job very seriously but you cannot take my music away from me. I am lucky to have found the right balance. I’m quite amazed by the support I get from my seniors. My bosses think my job is so good and somebody very senior told me not to stop and to keep doing what I love,” he said.

“And also it’s not easy to make people believe that you are an artiste without piercings and tattoos and all these stereotypes.”

He has flown many VIPs, among them former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

Danzak looks forward to working with more East African artistes and making a change in the world.

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