Check out photos of Ulani, grown up son of the late gospel artiste Peter Kaberere

The apple does not fall far from the tree and the saying seems true for the late Kabere and his son Ulani.

He resembles his dad each day.

Peter Kabere who was loved for gospel songs such as ‘Kiburi’ ‘Mwanake’ ‘Just a Way’.

At the time of his death, Kaberere was at the prime of his music career.

His son Ulani recently turned 8 and Njeri couldn’t be  happier.

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She penned the message below to celebrate her son on his big day.

My Dear Son… You may never understand how much of a pillar you have been to me.
How you inspire me to be a better mum so that when you outlive my shelter, you will always have an example to refer to.

I watch you grow every day.
And I silently gaze at you and all I pray is that you will turn out to be the best of dreams of you I’ve had.
Years are going by so fast, you are getting a year older every year so fast.
And yet, you still remain to be the best Son to me and Brother to your Sister.

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Njeri Kaberere and Peter Kabererere

May GOD keep watching over you.
May HE keep watering you with unquenchable rivers.
May you keep growing up in the lineage of the great.
May you know HIM more as you grow up.
May you be the star that many will look up to for guidance and knowledge.

Happy 8th Birthday Son.
We keep celebrating you.
I love you Ulani.

One thing one should note is that the more Ulani grows up the more he becomes more like his dad.

Below are his photos.

Ulani Kaberere, son to the late gospel artiste Peter Kaberere
Ulani Kaberere, son to the late gospel artiste Peter Kaberere

The late Kaberere and his son Ulah Njeri Kaberere with her kids kaberere-wife

Njeri Kaberere in a past photo with her late husband Peter Kaberere



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