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Check Out These Photos Of Sheila Mwanyigha’s Youthful And Stunning Mother

Sheila Mwanyigah is a celebrated media personality who has worked in radio, and serves as a TV host, plus she’s also a singer/songwriter. She’s not someone new in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Her vast experience has seen her work with many mainstream media houses that have propelled her into stardom. Sheila’s bubbly personality and youthful looks has always amazed many leaving us questioning and wondering what she does to ensure she doesn’t age. How old is she?

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Little did we know that she got the genes and the looks from her mum, who was once a police officer. You can tell from the uncanny resemblance in the photos below.

Sheila, who found her voice again in the media world, is the Managing Director of Rembesha Kenya and has her own youtube channel ”Sheila Lives Out Loud ‘ where she brings different people to speak about their lives.

Her critics though are always on her neck, and cannot stop asking why she’s not dating or when she’s getting married.

Sheila’s mum has mastered the art of staying young and has passed on the secret to her daughter.

During the mothers day celebration just like other celebrities, Sheila took time to appreciate her mum on social media, with a caption followed by a beautiful picture;

Thank you for everything you have done. Through the good and the bad, you will always be Mum. #LoveYouMany❤️#happymothersday


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