Check Out These Cute Photos Of Grace Msalame’s Kids With Their Beautiful Step Mother

Grace Msalame’s beautiful twin daughters – Zawadi and Raha – turned a year older. The little beauties are 6 years old already and their mum is more than happy to share with the world how blessed and lucky she is to be their mother.

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She even wrote them a beautiful message as they turned six, but one thing that she’s worried about is how fast they are growing as she wishes they would grow just a little bit slower so that she can have more time with them while they are still babies.

Grace also shared their birthday moments with family and friends as they also celebrate the Easter holidays. That’s the true definition of hitting two birds with one stone.

The twins father, Paul Ndichu recently wedded the love of his life Ms. Momanyi at a traditional wedding. The two have been together for long and it was high time he put a ring on it.

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Well, Mo was not about to be left behind as she also joined the rest of the family in wishing Zawadi and Raha a happy birthday.

mo and twins

She took to social media to praise them on there special day writing, “Family by love! Happy birthday ZaRa. Love you little darlings!💚💚”

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