Check Out The Latest Hair Styles You Should Be Rocking In 2017

Fashion is here to stay!

It’s often said that mwanamke ni Urembo and Kenyan women have not been left behind when it comes to rocking the latest hair styles. Our favorite female celebrities can often be found with the hairstyles below. From Elani’s Maureen Kunga, to singer Amani, and Gospel TV host Kambua, there is enough inspiration to get you to the nearest salon.

Below are some of the latest hair styles

1.  Faux Locks



This seems to be the hottest  hair style in the market, although a little painful when getting it done. It’s worth all the trouble as proven by our own female musician Amani.

2 . Short Dyed Hair


Short hair seems to be making a come back. Back in the days having short hair used to be the “bomb” but was overtaken by weaves and wigs. Short does not have to be boring as proven by these ladies. More local female celebrities among them female rapper STL, and Olive Karmen show us how to gracefully rock short hair.

3.  Natural Hair Crocheting


If you’ve got it then flaunt it, natural hair crocheting is a nice way of giving yourself a break from all the weaves and wigs. It is best suited for people who want to maintain their natural hair without looking shaggy. Maureen Kunga (above) shows us how to flaunt natural hair crotchet

4.  Dread locks


Long gone are the days where people with dread locks were looked down upon. Dread locks have been accepted even at the work place. They are uni-sex and are now rocked by both men and women. Unlike braiding, dreadlocks require very little maintenance and is pocket friendly since you do not have to  go to the salon often.

5. Corn rows



If you haven’t had these then you are missing out. Corn rows are the next big thing as the braids tsunami takes over Kenya. They are famous among the youth, and are easy to fix and can be worn both in official and casual setting. They are a saving grace to many women.

6.  Box Braids


Out with the old and in with the new. Long gone are the days where one had to painfully stick to a uniform way of making braids, all thanks to box braids. Box braids is the latest trend in spicing up your hair.

7.  Lace weaves

Wanna spice up your weave? Lace weave is the way to go. This weave is made to suit the young and the old depending on ones personal taste. The good thing is that the weave comes in different colours and frontal lace sizes (long /short).

If you are planning on visiting a salon maybe you should consider this hair style because it won’t disappoint.






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