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Photos of the woman who won Jowie’s heart before Jacque Maribe came along

Jowie Joe – real name Joe Irungu – has been causing a buzz in Kenya after being charged for the gruesome murder of 29-year-old Monicah Kimani whose body was dumped in a bathtub.

Jowie, the man who is now a suspect in one of the most gruesome murders we have witnessed this month, proposed to his TV presenter fiancée Jacque Maribe  in a fairy tale  proposal mid this year.

Well sources indicate that before the proposal Jowie Joe was in a relationship with one Maureen Kahehu, before moving on with Jacque Maribe. It is not clear why the two broke up.

Its also alleged that the suspect Jowie Joe was planning on marrying Maureen before ditching her for the reporter.

‘A friend cannot rape and kill,’ mourns Monicah Kimani’s dad over her brutal murder

A statement by Monicah Kimani’s father has left more questions than answers after hinting that she might have been raped

“Those who brutally cut short the life of my daughter disrespected God, who is the giver of life. Whoever did it was not her friend because a friend cannot rape and kill,” 

He  further lauded police officers for arresting the suspect saying that his arrest will save many girls from torture. Adding that

“We prayed and God has answered our prayer. Irungu has many girlfriends and his arrest has saved them from being dehumanised,”

Below are the photos of the lady who was warming Joe Irungu’s bed before Jacque Maribe came along.

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