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Check out photos of the beautiful daughters of African Presidents

Behind all the politics, have you ever wondered who the presidents go home to after a long day in the office?

Here is a list of top beautiful daughters of various African Presidents:

1. Ngina Kenyatta (Kenya)

The first daughter Ngina Kenyatta, daughter to the fourth president of Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is one gorgeous sassy lady. She is named after her grandmother Ngina Kenyatta.



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2. Brenda Biya (Cameroon)

Brenda Biya, is Paul and Chantal Biya’s daughter.

When it comes to social media trends and doing every thing fun, Brenda Biya definitely takes a lead. She is very active on social media sites, where she shares photos and live events. She does not shy away from lime light.




3. Malika Bongo Ondimba (Gabon)

Malika Bongo is a phenomenon woman who is passionate about social and women rights. She regularly visits the poor neighborhoods of the state to meet the poorest families.

She is the only daughter of Gabon president Malika Ondima. She has three brothers.



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 4. Ange Kagame (Rwanda)

The tall, chocolate and beautiful lady is one to recognize as she is graceful and a political science graduate.

She is definitely beauty and brains don’t you think? She is the second child and only daughter of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. She is a philanthropist who is passionate about women empowerment.




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 5. Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini (Swaziland)

Also know as princess, Pashu is a masters graduate in in Digital Communication from Sydney University, Australia.

Her name ‘Sikhanyiso’ means ‘lights’ and She is the first of King Mswati’s 30 children, and her mother is the first of King Mswati’s 10 queens.



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