Check out photos of Kenya’s top male make up artists

Male make up artistes are causing a hurricane in the beauty industry.

Many have overtaken the industry which has long been dominated by women.

We take a look at the top male make up artistes in Kenya.

1. Dennis Karuri  

The young talented man is One to watch out for! His make up skills are impressive and as if that’s not enough, his skills can create art on your face giving you a different look.

dennis karuri

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2. Steve Koby 

 The husband to a renowned female make up artist Njanja Kimani is also one of the top male Kenyan  to watch out for. He executes his make up skills with class giving you that amazing final finish.

For Koby his drive has always been to make women feel confident and good about themselves and this he clearly does in all his makeup sessions.


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3. Isbam Abgon 

Isbam abgon, a make up artiste-cum-model, is giving women a run for their money with his make up skills. His flawless looks not only look good, they are professionally good.

I’m sure most ladies have never made such perfect brows!


4. Vic Munga

The make up artist and also a photo retoucher is one to look out for as his skills are exemplary and one that will leave your jaw agape wanting more !

vic munga

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