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Setting trends! Check out Maina Kageni’s biggest moments in 2018

Maina Kageni is setting standards on what a radio presenter should be like, he easily creates rapport with his audience and they love him to bits.

2018 has been a great year for him as he has made great milestones not only for interviewing big wigs but also for landing lucrative deals.

Here are some of Maina Kageni’s biggest moments in 2018

1. Nominated Johnnie Walker Ambassador

Maina Kageni got named as Johnnie Walker brand ambassadors for the  “Experience Formula 1 with Johnnie Walker” promotion, something that left many envious as this is an international brand.

2.Visiting Monaco

Crazy as it may sound visiting Monaco was a big deal for Maina Kageni because not only did he have a chance to go sight seeing but he was treated to VIP  treatment, something some of us will only experience in movies or reality shows.

During his tour he got a chance to meet Formula One supremo Flavio Briatore.

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3. Interviewing Zari

Love him or hate him Main Kageni knows what strings to pull when reaching out to celebrities. This year Maina Kageni interviewed Zari Hassan known to many as boss lady.

I know you might be tempted to think aah that is nothing but let me prove it’s not. First Zari is among the most followed celebrities in Africa with a following of 4.3 million fans.

And two, she is a bosset setting standards for other women on how to be a business woman and a mother at the same time, so not everyone can convince Zari to come for an interview but Maina did.


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4. Interviewing Diamond

As you might know by now Diamond Platnumz is the most sought after artiste in Africa and our own Maina Kageni got to sit down with him and interview bongo’s finest.

Some of us only see him on posters and that is how it will be because man got class and he does not  accept just any interviews.


5. Attending Juma Jux’s and Vanessa’s surprise birthday party

What are friends for? well Maina Kageni knows that in order to make it in life you have to be there for your friends and that is exactly what he did.

He flew to Tanzania to attend his friends birthday party and not only once but twice as he was attending Vanessa Mdee’s party and recently when he was attending Juma Jux’s birthday party.

The aha moment is not because he attended the birthdays but rather because Jux and Mdee are celebrities whom other people pay to see perform but for Maina its a free pass as they are bossom buddies.

Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee

6.Meeting mother to Harmonize

As you might know by now Harmonize and Maina Kageni are buddies and to express his appreciation for this Harmonize introduced Maina to his mother.

Not only did they meet but Maina and Harmonize’s mum went on a road trip alongside other people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ngorongoro crater.

Harmonize is celebrated in Kenya for hits such as ‘Kwangaru’.

What has been your biggest moment in 2018?

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