Wrap goddess! Learn from Amina Abdi’s classy head-wraps

Head-wraps are coming back in fashion for all the good reasons including how amazing they look.

Initially, they were used for bad hair days but now… Mahn they are becoming a fashion trendsetter.

Amina Abdi a renowned TV personality is setting the bar too high on how amazingly well she does her head-wraps.

It not only brings out the glow, it brings out the classiness in the beautiful looks she makes

In all honesty, though, You can be sure that whatever this beautiful woman wears whether it’s in her clothes, jewellery or hair, or even head wraps she will uniquely ace the styles with much ease.

Here are some of the looks that she has created from head-wraps.


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Times Amina Abdi’s fashion sense has left us breathless

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Other people known for their classy head-wraps are the renowned comedienne Anne Kansime and vlogger/blogger Joy Kendi among others.

This style is not about to go out of fashion any time soon.

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