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Cheating Woman Dumped On Valentine’s Day With Evidence

Valentine’s day is supposed to be for sharing gifts and spending time with your partner as you express the love you have for each other. However, what happens when you find out that your partner has been cheating? What would you do for them or to them on Valentine’s?

According to a video posted on Youtube, a man who claims his girlfriend was cheating on him, took his revenge by giving her a Valentine’s Day card filled with evidence .

The man named Kyle Boggess, claimed that his girlfriend of two years was cheating on him. He says he found out after creating a profile on a dating site called Plenty Of Fish. He says that she had even planned on dates (using his fake profile).

To take revenge he filmed a Valentine’s surprise complete with rose petals and gifts before blindfolding her and leading her into a room where he handed over the card filled with evidence of her cheating ways.

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