‘I caught my wife in bed with my best friend,All I wanted was to kill her’

A man is nursing a broken heart after finding out that the woman he calls wife has been cheating on him with his best friend without a tinge of shame.

Narrating his story the man confesses that he would not have found out about the affair were it not for the help of a friend.He says

“Women are complicated and I have never supported them,they are number 1 when it comes to cheating its just that they are very good at pretending.

I have been cheated on so many times,I got a tip through a friend and by the way she was cheating on me with a very close friend of mine.

One day I left the house to go to work,I forgot a file and decided to go collect the file as it had something that was needed at work.

I came back to the house only to find them in bed with my bff.”

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He adds

“It was at 8 in the morning,what can you do to such a person?I only had two options 1 was to either kill her or throw her out of my house,I chose the second option.

3 years down the line I have never talked to her even though she still calls me.”

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