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‘My married lover is cheating on me with someone else,’ cries city woman

Today’s morning conversation was based on why women feel the need to publicize their men’s problems on social media even when they know its wrong.

The first caller is a woman who confesses that days ago she found out the married man she has been dating is also seeing someone else.

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She says:

“I was working as a prostitute before I met this guy who I am currently dating. He offered to help me pay my school fees and take care of my son.

He  is married  but that has not stopped him from supporting me. A few days ago, I was coming from my mum’s place and I ran late so I passed by his office.


He told me he was at a joint enjoying some nyama choma so when I reached there I called him and instead of him telling me to go in, he opted to come meet me at the gate.

He gave me fare to go home yet we were supposed to enjoying the nyama choma together. I became suspicious and on inquiring ako na nani he said just a friend.”

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She adds:

“I insisted that I wanted to go in and say hi to the friend and upon reaching there I found a guy and a lady. The lady was so uncomfortable and it was obvious she was with my ‘hubby’. Asked to introduce us my, my hubby nicely introduced the other lady and only introduced me as a friend.


Maina this is the guy I spend 75 % of my time with, he came back yesterday and I did not even ask about it. I feel that I might lose the chance for me to complete my schooling. I am telling you this because I have no one else to talk to Maina and I just need to let it out.”

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