Chameleone Wants To Settle In Kenya

Uganda’s music sensation Jose Chameleone is “still warming up and looking forward” to moving to Kenya for good.

The Badilisha hit-maker, who during a recently trashed the Ugandan media for negative publicity that he is getting an is “aggressively irritated” by the way media in his home country report about him.

During a recent interview, Chameleone said that he still has plans of “relocating” to Kenya.

“When people chose to write or report only about your controversies than the good, it gets aggressively irritating. And that is what I am becoming. I hate it when I get misrepresented and Ugandan media is an expert at this. They misrepresent a lot of things,” said the singer.

He added: “It’s not that Kenyan media are ‘any different’ but I can handle that. But I am really getting tired with Uganda. And if I get extremely tired, I am coming to Kenya to settle. I love Kenya as my home and it will forever remain my home.”

Chameleone also advises artistes to respect laws governing their countries saying that “as long as art is a profession, you cannot break the laws because you are an artiste.”

-The Star

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