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Lucky to be alive: Celebs who’ve opened up about trying to commit suicide

Suicide is still talked about in hushed tones despite the fact that it is on the rise. Some celebs have however opened up on battling suicidal thoughts.

Hard as it may be these guys opened up and shared on how they overcame the situation.

1. Oliver Mathenge

Oliver who is a Digital Editor – Radio Africa Group, has not had it easy. He has not only battled alcoholism but has also battled suicidal attempts not once but twice.

In a post titled “Once Upon A Bottle” Oliver wrote

“For two years I struggled with the urge to be high and since I do not do any drugs alcohol was a quick solution.

I had given up on life in a manner that pushed me to escape reality and seek to avoid everyday challenges.

I could not survive a day without alcohol unless I was too hangovered to get out of bed.

In between the day in the office I would go out  to have a few shots of whatever drink I thought my system needed.

Some Fridays drinking would start as early as midday and would sometimes go on until Sunday. (Yes I would spend two days in a bar like that’s all about life).

I was a slave,”he wrote in part.

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Oliver Mathenge

The Digital boss revealed how he messed up family and social relationships and sunk into deep debt.

“I was breaking down, I messed up family and social relationships. I was messing up my job, until GOD decided I needed greater responsibilities to keep me in check.

I suffered uncontrollable meltdowns, I sunk into debt -as in hundreds of thousands as I sought to finance a champagne life on beer money.”

‘I almost committed suicide’ Oliver Mathenge confesses

Oliver at one point in his life tried twice to take his own life and disclosed that he lost many friends as a result of his horrible habit.

“I tried to take my life twice, again, GOD had to show me there’s still a lot to do on earth.

I lost friends because I could not be there for them unless there was alcohol involved.

I also had friends who were cheering me on as I wasted my life, which was seemingly coming to  a halt, alcohol took a lot form me .It took control of me.”

2. Grace Ekirapa

The beautiful TV host recently opened up on how she tried committing suicide not once but twice .

In  candid video posts on her Instagram Grace says:

“I took 18 pills and given the fact that I was unwell at the time I was also on antibiotics. I decided to swallow them all and just end my life.

In form three I tried again a,so I took 35 pills given that the 18 I had taken the previous time did not kill me I though to my self that 35 would do the job.

People did not understand why a 17 year old like me would want to commit suicide,What prompted that decision was all the negative energy surrounding me.

I had always been a sickly child and people at some point thought that I was faking my illness to stay away from school,even my own parents did not believe me.”

‘I queried God when I did not die after two suicide attempts’ Grace Ekirapa

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

3. Mejja

In a past interview on Radio Jambo, Mejja also opened up on how he almost committed suicide after his now ex wife dumped him through a text.

He narrates

“We had not disagreed actually we were so happy. That day, I was in Thika and I got her message asking me If I had arrived well, I told her, yes and the next thing she told me was ‘Move on with your life’. The next time I called her, she neither received nor returned my calls.”

On receiving the message, Mejja thought it was a prank by his wife only to go home and find her missing. That broke him given that he was longing to start a family and he was not even sure of why she had left in the first place.

During a visit to his ex wife to see his baby Mejja asked the wife why she left but she still had no valid reason, something that broke him even more.
Speaking about it to his friends was a tall order given that men are not comfortable discussing some issues with their fellow men. This is because of the fear of being ridiculed and stigmatization.
The rapper revealed:

“As a man, sharing that with my friends, was the hardest thing. It consumed me inside for so long but at last I decided to open up. I could not imagine the mother of my child living another man.”

It is at that period that the thought of ending his life came to his mind, but he did not go through with it,

“Committing suicide was one of the thought that came in my mind, especially because I felt like there was something wrong but the best thing was that I had a friend who would come to my house. We would chat and slowly all the suicidal thoughts faded away and I got better.”

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