Celebrity daddies who take pride in their children – Photos

In most cases when a father is involved in raising their children, they end up doing and becoming better people in the society.

These celebrity dads are doing exactly that, being in their children’s lives and we can’t help but admire them.

Here is a list of celebrity dads who are setting the pace for other dads to follow while they raise their children.

1. Robert Burale

Robert Burale wears many hats, from being a motivational speaker, to a pastor. What stands out for him however is how he takes prides in his daughter Lexie Burale.

She is the apple of his eye and on many occasions we have seen her following her father’s footsteps of spreading the word of God. She is definitely a beauty,  don’t you think?

burale baby


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2. Dj MO

Dj Mo is a dad to his little princess, Ladasha Belle. The two have been seen on many occasions spending time together.

Ladasha is a bubbly celebrity baby, she’s making money moves bagging endorsements including being the face of a popular diaper brand.

dj mo


3. Bahati

Gospel musician Bahati cannot let us breath as the apple of his eyes is a definite doll. Heaven Bahati, who is a valentines baby, is definitely blowing our minds with her beauty.

Bahati prides in her which is so beautiful. Her parents clearly made no mistake by calling her Heaven



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4. Njugush

Entertainer Njugush leaves fans in giggles. He has been blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

The young guy bears a striking resemblance to his father and has the cutest eyes ever! Njugush cannot help but show us the fruit of his youth


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5. Tedd Josiah

The famous music producer Ted Josiah continues to steal our hearts showing us his baby know as Gummy Bear. Trust me when you see this baby you will wish she was yours .

He enjoys raising his daughter and definitely doing a good job while at it.


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