Celebrities whose parents we learned are preachers in 2017

We love our Kenyan celebrities and are always eager to learn more about thwm. Well, in 2017 we learned that some of them are children of preachers.

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Check out those whose parents are pastors and leave your comments below;

1. Nyashinski

Whats!! I can almost see the shock on your face. Yes, this is confirmed.


2. Chess Nthusi

This female singer, songwriter and performer has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. She is alleged to be performing rather raunchy shows after allegedly falling on hard times.

At one point she was the hottest upcoming artist signed to King Kaka’s Kaka Empire before she got a gig on Ebru TV and slipped into obscurity.

chess nthusi

3. Vicky Kitonga

Song writer and motivational speaker Vicky Kitonga is very open about her life on social media. The ‘Amenikumbuka’ singer is a daughter to Bishop Arthur Kitonga. The Evangelist is the man behind the redeemed Gospel churches.


4. Holy Dave

Perhaps this would be a give. The Kenyan gospel singer and his TV presenter sister Joey Muthengi are siblings. The two are loved in equal measure by their fans, and one thing we learned is that their folks are preachers.




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