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Celebrities Who’s Divorce Has Cost More Than A Fortune

Celebrity marriages are the best to witness. They seem like power couples taking over the world but when they decided to go their separate ways things can get pretty ugly.

Janet Jackson is the latest celebrity to be going through divorce just after her life seemed to be getting perfect.

People are praising Janet Jackson for divorcing her billionaire husband just three months after having his baby

The star together with her Qatari billionaire stand a chance of walking away with Ksh. 50 billion once the divorce settlement is sorted and this is going to be the most expensive Hollywood divorce after that of Mel Gibson from Robyn Moore.


That is just a little piece of offering from Wassam Al Mana who is estimated to be worth 1 billion dollars

The pair got married secretly in 2013 and welcomed their first son in January 2017.

Janet who had taken time away from the limelight and concentrated on her family is now going to be single again and this is going to be the third husband the legendary singer will be splitting from.

Meet the woman who claims to be Janet Jacksons secret daughter

However, this seems to be a trend in Hollywood and here is a list of other stars who walked away more famous and more richer;

1. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills



After about 5 years of marriage, the former Beattle member admitted that his marriage to Heather mills, a media personality was a mistake. Initially Mills was asking for Ksh. 35 billion but only managed to scoop Ksh. 6 billion. At least she still pocketed her billions home.

2. Madonna and Guy Ritchie


When this Aladdin movie director married the Queen of pop he must have thought it was a match made in heaven. However, that was not the case especially since balancing between their careers and family was hard. After eight years of marriage Madonna paid Ritchie approximately Ksh. 9 billion as part of their settlement.

3. James Cameroon and Linda Hamilton

james cameroon

James Cameroon is the famous director who made Ksh. 14 billion from directing the famous Titanic film. Therefore when things could not work out for him and his wife of two years he was able to pay her Ksh. 7 billion for their divorce settlement.

4. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren


After 6 years of marriage and two children down the line, the celebrated golfer and his model wife called it quits due to his serial cheating rumors. However she was able to walk away with Ksh. 10 billion.

5. Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore

mel gibson

Even this famous actor was not spared when his marriage to Robyn Moore turned ugly. After about 28 years of marriage and seven children, Robyn Moore walked away with Ksh. 43 billion. At that time the actor was worth Ksh. 87 billion meaning he lost half of his wealth to his wife.

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