‘I caught my husband raping my sister yet I am pregnant’, cries city woman

A Kenyan woman has been caught in a dilemma after her husband to be sexually assaulted her sister despite the fact that his fiancee is pregnant.

Taking to social media to narrate her ordeal she says

” I am broken.
My husband to be raped my younger sister, we are not married yet but I am pregnant for him and we went to see my parents and have prepared for the introduction next week.

My sister cane into town on Monday and stopped by in my mans house, I was asleep when I heard her screaming.

I rushed to the guest room and saw my man on top of her having already beaten her to a stupor ,she looked so weak and he was riding her like a horse.

I had to push him out and start fighting him even as  he apologized.”


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She adds

“I took my sister to the husband and ran a  test and she is medically ok .

I begged her not to tell my parents but she still told them and my dad swore that if I go ahead to marry that man that he will kill me and kill him self .

I asked him what about the baby In my womb and he said I should abort it, that if I make the mistake of bringing that child to this world that he will kill the child himself, .

 I know my dad to be a man who don’t play with his word,My man has been begging, he has cried and almost killed him self since this week .

I am frustrated I  don’t know what to do I love this man so much ,I feel like the devil just wants to mess up my life .”

datingJust when you think you have read enough the woman even goes to quote the bible saying that one should forgive 70 times 7 times.

“Should I ignore my dad and go ahead , after the Bible said we should forgive 70 times 7 times why can’t I forgive him .

It was just sex he had with my sister he did not kill anybody.”

What would you do if you were in this woman’s position?

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