‘I caught my husband raping my 7 year old daughter’ Cries Christabel

A Kenyan woman left many in shock after confessing that her husband raped their daughter because he was ‘angry’ that the wife could not sire boys.

His beastly act was his way of ‘punishing’  *Christabel*

I was forced into a marriage by my uncle and I have been through so much.

I gave birth to a baby girl what I did not know is that the family I had been married off to, hated baby girls.

Months after the  birth of my daughter I left the home and only returned when it was time for my son to be circumcised.

After that I decided to give my ex husband a second chance to try and mend our marriage.

What I did not know was that it would turn out to be the worst decision of my life.

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 Christabel adds

One day I caught him in bed raping my daughter who is only 7 years old.

His family threatened me not to report because they would be stigmatized so I decided to leave that home.


I used a lot of money to get my daughter treated and she was better but she still has wounds in her private parts.

My daughter told me not to take her back to my ex husband adding that I would rather take her back to grandmothers place.

In conclusion Christabel adds

I have left everything to God.

She was just getting to know her dad, she had never called anyone else her dad. It really hurts me.

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