Catherine Kasavuli

Check out how graceful Catherine Kasavuli has aged years after retirement

Years after Catherine Kasavuli retired from her job as a presenter, she is still looking as beautiful as she did almost 37 years ago at her first job.

She is among the first female presenters in Kenya and as she retired from the job she loved, she left behind a legacy not many people will be able to break.

Despite being away from the limelight, the mother of one was present at a ceremony arranged by NISSAN in celebration of the late South African President Nelson Mandela as the world marked his 100th birthday.

Like fine wine, Catherine is only getting better as she ages. She is a true definition of black is beautiful given the fact that she almost looks like she looked almost three decades ago.

World celebrates Mandela’s 100th birthday five years after his death

In a time where the media is filled with fake news, corruption with ‘envelope under the carpet’ mentality being the order of the day, Catherine set the pace for a clear and constructive journalism something local media houses should borrow.

Well here is a current photo of Catherine Kasavuli.

Don’t you think she looks beautiful?

Jeff Koinange wishes Nelson Mandela a happy birthday in a meaningful post on social media

Well if you think that she is not the same woman who captivated our screens with her charisma and mastery for news delivery, check this photos of her since back in the day.


Recently it is not news to see TV and Radio presenters shift jobs at the slightest offer of a salary increase throwing the morality question out of the window.

Its also common knowledge that people no longer mind what they put out there. For them what matters is that they sell come rain come sunshine. It would shred Catherine Kasavuli’s heart to see the media she was proud of, going to the dogs.

The government is also doing a bad job protecting journalists, something that should be worked on. After all, one would feel much safer if they knew they had someone to watch their back.


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