‘My parents threw me out after finding out I was pregnant’ Celina recalls

Catherine Kamau alias Kate actress recently opened up on how her parents threw her out after finding out that she was pregnant despite her tender age.

Kate who was brought up Nyambururu is an actress who is loved for her prowess when it comes to acting and has appeared in shows like ‘Mother in Law’.

However she has since moved on and started her own show ‘Sue and Johnny’

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Celina on her wedding day

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She says

“When I came back from Uganda I was pregnant and my parents chase me away  but after some time they forgave me and helped raise my son.

He is currently in class eight and my mother has been very helpful in bringing him up,I left my son at home and traveled to Nairobi to look for a job.

My parents rejected me at first because they felt like I had shamed them before the entire community.”


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She goes on to narrate that its while in Nairobi that she met her now husband Phill Karanja after she landed an acting role in ‘Mother -in Law’ which airs on Citizen TV.

“At first we were close friends and he was able to direct me on what to do ,later we started having a relationship and got married.

That is why I trust him with my dreams and ambitions,when we started dating he advised me to never change because he found me with my vituko .

He further assured me of his support always.”


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