Exclusive: Rev Lucy Natasha reveals the kind of a husband she is looking for

Reverend Lucy Natasha has urged believers not to marry non-believers as religion helps a marriage succeed.

The soft-spoken preacher of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, is an author of 12 books, four of which are currently available. She says the books have impacted the lives of many people because the topics are diverse.

10 Photos That Prove Rev Lucy Natasha Is The Best Dressed Kenyan Female Pastor


During Valentine’s season, Natasha launched a book called Before you say ‘I do’.

In a recent interview with Word Is, she said some people criticised her because she is single, but she said it was informed by the grace of God.

“I totally discourage believers from marrying nonbelievers because your Christian beliefs play a vital role in marriage,”

she said.

The census says there are less men than women and some are already married, leaving women at risk of losing out on partners. So what does Rev Natasha think about that?


“Like I said, I will use the Bible, Isaiah 34:16, to defend my restrictions on why I would not marry a nonbeliever. The book says, ‘No one who will miss a partner. Regardless of what the census is saying, I believe there is somebody for everyone, because God is a matchmaker.”

Other people are in relationships because of different situations.

“Marriage is beyond sex, and sex is one blessing that comes with marriage, but you cannot be in bondage because of sex. Relationship is beyond that. Sex should come after marriage,” Rev Natasha said.

rev lucy

“I have categorised these types of single people into single and sinning, single and searching and those who are single and satisfied, meaning they are not ready to settle in marriage again, maybe because of their past experiences.”

Her advice on those people who get married and divorced is:

“Don’t rush, because when you rush, you crash. Build a friendship and learn your partner before going to the marriage, and stop focusing on the wedding as an event or the party part and failing to prepare for the life after.”

Another of her books is ‘God’s Leading Lady’.

She said it is “a book for women, because I believe that women face denominational barriers. It is just to tell them that as a woman, you have all that it takes to succeed, despite what comes along the way”.

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If caning isn’t returned, students themselves will start caning the teachers – Mondo told

Mike Mondo spoke about the hot topic of caning in schools that has recently been touted by Education CS George Magoha.

Mr. Magoha has championed the reintroduction of caning back in schools to curb the rising cases of indiscipline among students. That prompted Mike to ask Kenyans whether caning should be re-introduced?

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself agreed saying, “My opinion is kiboko irudishwe!”

The topic brought about a lot of comments from Kenyans who had a lot to say on such a divicise topic. Some of the responses are below:

Shida ya kiboko nikuzoea wakisha zoea kiboko wanasumbua zaidi mostly high school students they should look for another alternative.

We cannot be advocating for respect and upholding of Human Rights at same time embrace corporal punishment.
Discipline issues at the school level are emanating from our homes, 21st century parenting has issues. We should instead advocate 4 parenting 101 classes

Pain infliction doesn’t help in rectifying one behavior. As society we are past that. New error new tactics.

You will not understand what teachers go through in those schools in the name of child rights.

Mtu achape wangu…This Magoha I`ll deal with you. Randomly…

If it doesn’t, the students will start caning teachers.

Cane a child and he/she won’t forget the right path… Caning won’t kill the child… 

Is there caning at home? We cant give birth to kids, fail to discipline them at home then expect teachers to cane them to instill discipline in them. Parents, discipline your kids at home to stop canning in schools. Again: “Its illegal custody when state becomes the parent.

Unachapa mtoto kwani ni ng’ombe? Just talk to your kids that’s enough.

Watoto watandikwe wakuwe na kichwa mzuri kama sisi.

Mi ntachapa wangu, we endelea kuongea siku moja atakuja kukunyorosha.

That’s how it’s supposed to be

It’s biblical. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

We should cane these children. Wewe kama mzazi mtoto huanza kukuzoea.

It is irrational to whoop your kids instead of making them understand what they did is wrong.

Most of the time I was beaten I was never told what was the consequences of my action.

Adults should mature up and talk with kids.

Parents have lost their role as head of the family.

These teachers will kill our kids out of their stress!! Talk to them, let them listen they will obey! Caning ain’t a solution, it only instills fearing them!

I can imagine! Just imagine a sane teacher hitting a child finger’s with a cane until they get a surgery surely?Some teachers revenge their frustrations with children!

Kama tulichapwa ndo tuko hapa tulivyo hao Ni nani…Bora isipite mipaka.

Kiboko irudi kabisa.

Mbona uchape mtoto?


No.. A teacher cnt chapa a kid everywhere.

The reason the caning was restricted is coz most teachers are suffering from mental related issues, financial, matrimonial & midlife crisis na ni hatari kwa usalama ya wanafunzi.

Never ever!!I’ve never forgotten my life in prymo how Mr and Mrs Mwangi used to beat us until you can’t sit or hold a pen!! These teachers come to school with stress from home they gonna kill our children!! No way!!

There’s nothing like debating hii kiboko irudi kabisaa,,,sisì they used to beat us even an hour and we didn’t die,,,so hawa wapewe despline ile ya kitambo waache kiburi na hiyo courage ya kupiga walimu na kuchoma shule,,,,,,

Watoto wachapwe, we are who we are today because of the punishment we got while learning.

Shida ya kiboko nikuzoea wakisha zoea kiboko wanasumbua zaidi mostly high school students they should look for another alternative.

Parents have lost their role as head of the family.

Unalimwa in advance, ama ukikaa sana bila kuchapwa unapangiwa. 

We cannot be advocating for respect and upholding of Human Rights at same time embrace corporal punishment.

Discipline issues at school level are emanating from our homes, 21st century parenting has issues. We should instead advocate 4 parenting 101 classes.

Was called to school due to disciplinary issue with my son. Tulionge na deputy head teacher and his class teacher and they explained everything. My son was called and he confirmed everything I was told was true. Ile vita nilimwingia, hawakujua pipe ilitoka wapi.

Imagin if ourselves we were not disciplined while growing up?? Tunge survive kweli..

Canes should be re-introduced in schools and teachers to be given risk allowance, firearms for their safety and car grants.

Eeeeh… Wuueh… I schooled in a kenyan private school a.k.a academies… Wah… There is a time I was caned for just failing a question… 50 strokes.

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‘I was body-shamed during my first pregnancy,’ Kim Kardashian reveals

Kim Kardashian has called out bully and body- shame recalling her embarrassment when she was attacked for gaining 60 pounds during her first pregnancy.

In Instagram stories, Kardashian detailed how she had been compared to a killer whale during the later stages of her pregnancy in 2013, and how her figure was contrasted unfavorably to Prince William’s wife Kate, who was also pregnant at the time.

“I cried every single day over what was happening to my body, mainly from the pressures of being constantly compared to what society considered a healthy person should look like – as well as being compared to Shamu the Whale by the media,” she wrote.
“I was shamed on a weekly basis with cover stories that made my insecurities so painful I couldn’t leave the house for months after. It really broke me,” said Kardashian.

Rayvanny apologizes to Harmonizes girlfriend for getting her teen daughter drunk

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian

She added that she was reminded of those months while watching a recent documentary about Britney Spears, tracing the meteoric rise of the pop star and the media coverage of her mental health breakdown in 2007.
She said the media “can be very traumatizing and it can really break even the strongest person.
“No-one deserves to be treated with such cruelty or judgment for entertainment.”

She rose to fame through her family’s reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

Kardashian last month filed for divorce from the rapper Kanye West, her husband of almost seven years.

Exclusive! Singer Frasha speaks about raising his teenage daughters

P-Unit’s Frasha is a proud dad after his firstborn daughter turned 18 years early this week.

In a post on Instagram, Frasha said it is the biggest blessing he has from God.

Frasha also appreciated his wife for standing strong for the family when he is not around.

Check out the post;

‘Today is my daughters 18th birthday, yea you heard me right my daughter as became an adult just like that . This is my biggest blessing thank you God .Thank you @megmbogo for helping me raise our beautiful daughter and everybody else who as helped shape this amazing girl I don’t take it for granted.’

Vera Sidika responds to fans speculating she is pregnant


Speaking to Classic 105, Frasha said raising his two now teenage daughters has been fun as they are disciplined children.

‘I have two teenagers turning 16 and 18 years raising them as been fun as they are disciplined. We have rules and if they are not followed there are repercussions. I always put family over everything when I don’t have enough time there mother as been always and I thank God for her.’

He added that he is wishing his daughter a long happy life and that she may be a blessing to others


‘I got his pregnancy in form four,’ Samidoh’s wife reveals details

For the last one week, Mugiithi hitmaker,Samidoh has been trending after he came out and apologised to his wife for having an affair with politician Karen Nyamu.

The affair which brought fourth a son.

Part of his long apology post, Samidoh wrote;

“I am sorry! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom I have and will always support both emotionally and materially. I am a proud father to my children,” he said.

If your mans phone is always face down, is it a sign of cheating


Well, Samidoh is married to his high school sweetheart Eddith Nderitu.

Samidoh met his wife when he was still in high school after his wife had transferred to the school he was in and the chemistry between the two was ignited.

“She actually transferred and came to the school when she was in form 3 and I was in form 4 then,” he said in a previous interview in 2019.

Well, in a post on Facebook, Samidoh’s wife revealed that she got pregnant for the singer while still in school admitting that she also got married immediatelyy after high school.

Edith who was celebrating their daughter’s 10th year old birthday wrote;

‘Today is a big day for my daughter, 10yrs ago she made me a mother a proud mother at a young age, I got pregnant in my fourth form,nilitoka high school na 3 certs, baby, hubby and the paper 😋, I thank God for the blessings ….may God always watch over you baby gal, usitoke na hizo certs tafadhari.’


Karen Nyamu finally reveals well-known secret that Samidoh is dad of her son, Sam Jr.

Popular Kikuyu musician Samwel Muchoki alias Samidoh has done something this weekend that will keep tongues wagging for a very long time.

The singer who has been linked in the past to politician Karen Nyamu was spotted cradling her son this week.

In a video posted by Karen herself, Samidoh can be seen smiling as he rocks his son, Sam Junior. This is what Nyamu shared on social media: ”A dad does not tell you that he loves you, he shows you #muchokis.”

Karen made it clear that the video showed the sweetest moment between a dad and his kid in the caption contrary to earlier denials by the two that they were dating.

The video clip left Kenyans divided with some very excited and others bringing up the fact that the singer was married to another woman.

Some were unhappy with the musician for leaving his marital home to spend time with his alleged baby mama. Below are some of the comments from Kenyans who felt Samidoh and Nyamu got it all wrong.

But Karen isn’t a woman to take criticism lying down, the mother of 2 responded with vigour to a certain Instagrammer called jane.james114 who had told the politician,” You are dating a married man and think he would never cheat on you,” she said.

But, the mother of two did not take that comment lightly and responded to it in sarcasm. ”Now where is this coming from? You think I also do not know how to cheat?” she asked.

Jane however ate humble pie and apologized to her but the thread had already attracted comments from others who had something to say.

Some other comments from the thread are below:

Husbands cannot be stolen, they just decide to wake up and leave you.

I love that answer, people will mind their business by force.

Today, people with bad hearts have no luck here.

Today you are serving people with career ending tackles like you don’t care madam lawyer.’

Prove them wrong, what is their problem, let people love each other.

When you come to understand the heart of a man that’s the time you will feel like a woman. You will not find a man with that kind of thinking they will leave you.

He is an African man, he can have as many wives as he wants.

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5 career lessons everyone should know about the job market

“Work hard and get those good grades so that you get that perfect career job,” are some of the words that we have all heard in our years of growing up.

However, as you get into that job space you realize that not everything is on a silver platter like they once said.

So here are 5 lessons that  you need to know in the career world.

1. Success takes time

Success takes a lot of hard work and simply just sticking to your plan is very important.

Being happy in your career doesn’t come as easily as you think or just with a blink of an eye, reaching success takes time  and accepting this requires patience.

One more thing, success doesn’t happen by taking one bold leap. Don’t forget the little steps you take along the way, they may not seem much now,they may even seem insignificant  but years from now, you will be glad you took them.


Eight crucial steps to perfect your online profile for future employers


2. Even your best career will have its down sides 

Even on your worst days, that carer is still worth the try, it may have some down sides to it like working long shifts, little or small pay but that does not necessarily mean you have to quit that job.

Looking at the positive side to that job will help you know your initial goal and that is to work hard  reaching for that success.


image-2019-04-12 (4)

3. Your idea of a dream job can change

In the job industry, the idea of what you have in mind as a dream job can easily change. The truth is everyone deserves to love their career, but more importantly everyone has the ability to do so.

It won’t happen immediately, and along the way you might find that you are good at another career than the one you thought you were good at.

You may have thought that your career path was writing but you may find that you are also really good at anchoring.


The crazy myths told about women in these 6 careers

4. Career happiness require work

Ever been in a work environment and you see people leaving their work stations everyday with a smile of their face? Do you wonder why? Do you wonder what their secret is ? You may even think they got a work promotion  or won the lottery 365 days of the year.

Well the real secret is that people work hard to get to where they are .

Some may not have even loved the job when they stared but they persevered during all those low days and low paying jobs just to get to where they are.

5. You can create your own opportunities

In every job career, when it comes to making moves in our career, we tend to wait for permission. We wait for someone to show us all the ropes instead of going to get the experience yourself.

We wait to get job promotions and increase in salaries instead of working hard to acquire you own job/firm so as to become less dependent of that place to begin with.

It’s a trap we so easily fall into when in reality, we are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to do something.  You can accomplish much more in a team than by yourself of course, but do not let the absence of help pull you down.

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The Most Successful TV Shows of 2020 (…and why they mattered)

We watched 63% more television in 2020, for some very obvious reasons. It’s been a long subject of debate, but the pop culture that we consume has a very real impact on our behaviors, ways of thinking, and our view of the world. Both Netflix and Google have released figures about the most popular TV shows of last year, and it seems that the proof of the importance of pop culture has never been more stark.

Here are the biggest and most popular shows that we binged watched and rewatched in 2020 and the effect that they have had on our lives.

The Queen’s Gambit

Going into 2020, nobody could have foreseen that one of the biggest hits of the year would be about chess. The Netflix mini-series, The Queen’s Gambit, was one of the biggest hits that Netflix has ever seen, and the story of Beth Harmon has resonated with audiences in some surprising ways, despite being something of a period drama. Watched by 62 million households in just 28 days, the show led to an 88% increase in google searches for chess, and sales of chess sets soared. Some toy companies reported sales increases of up to 1000%!

The Crown

Love them or hate them, the royal family saw an incredible surge of interest in 2020 thanks to the fourth season of The Crown. While previous seasons have been popular, the leap to a more modern setting saw online searches for the clothes worn by the characters surge (turtlenecks had a 7,000% increase in Google searches). But it’s not just fashion. Even views on the royal family changed, with the website Betway reporting that 35% of people who watched the latest season saying that they view the royals a little better or much better. The opinion of Prince Charles changed too, with 34% of British audiences saying they now viewed him with more empathy after watching the show.

Emily in Paris

Despite the controversy over the personality traits of the main character, there’s no disputing that Emily in Paris was one of the most popular shows of the year. It became the most binged show in release week ever, and a second season has already been greenlit. With a show so focused on fashion, it’s no surprise that Google saw a massive leap in searches for some of the key clothes and accessories highlighted in the series. Bucket hats alone saw a leap of searches by 342%, and sales of those hats, berets, and jelly snapshot camera bags have helped the fashion industry make some serious sales figures.

While the link between the pop culture that we enjoy and the products that we buy has been well known for decades (product placement is used for a reason), it’s never been easier to see those connections. Back when the popularity of the film series Twilight saw an increase in the number of people reading the book Wuthering Heights, or when online searches for Charles Manson went up by 3,2000% during the apex of Mindhunter, pop culture is clearly formative. Just as nobody expected the biggest hits of the year to be about the royals, Paris, or chess, who knows what changes the biggest shows of 2021 will bring.

Why Julie Gichuru abandoned her dream to become a theatre actress

Media personality Julie Gichuru says that her dream was to become a theatre actress, scriptwriter and director.

In an Instagram post, Julie said that her career path did not look promising enough to secure her a comfortable future since the theatre industry in the 1980s had not developed enough.

“I could have done anything I wanted with my life. I would have become a theatre actress, scriptwriter and director. Not film, not TV, but it was not a viable path to a stable livelihood and independence – that was important to me, so I opted to study law, and went on to get an MBA.”

She acknowledged that the world has changed, and now young people have the opportunity to explore uncharted careers and encouraged them to be bold and courageous.

‘It is a different world now. Young people have many challenges but also have more opportunity to explore unchartered territory. So, explore. With courage and boldness explore the unseen and the unappreciated.

And perhaps for OGs like me… it’s never too late… 😜😄.’

Julie Gichuru in pink
Julie Gichuru in pink

Julie is one of the many media celebrities who landed in the media industry despite pursuing different courses in the university.

Actor Ken Ambani responded to her post saying;

I had a feeling you went through this theater🔥🔥 and true it wasn’t/isn’t viable path to a stable livelihood and independence… Only if the authorities would listen and restructure the relevant ministry and government departments to facilitate necessary policies for practitioners to enjoy and earn from the trade. It’s getting there but can be better.’

Dress to impress! Mama Baha shows you how to be young and hype in short dresses

Wanjiru Mburu is a TV darling to many. She is known as Mama Baha for her role in the TV show Machachari.

A while back, the interwebs killed Mama Baha and she had to come out and dispel the rumours of her death “which were greatly exaggerated”

“First of all I want to thank you for your continued love and support through all these years. I write to dispel malicious rumors spread by rudimentary minds that I am dead. I am appalled by individuals who use death to try to grow their bases or gain in some way,shape or form. Social media should be a place where we grow and interact and most importantly build people up not tear down and spread rumors that have far reaching effects. This primitive nature should stop Juu maze Si poa kutake watu for a ride Juu ya story ya kifo. Once again nawashukuru Sana Kwa kuwa loyal and true. Niko alive and by God’s grace I still have a lot to do as I fulfil purpose yangu.Thank you.#onelove #nikotuusawa.”

Akothee’s boyfriend throws money at her because he did not spend time with her (Video)

Since Mama Baha is very much alive, she has been stepping out in cute short dresses that accentuate her figure.

Check out her photos rocking the stylish short dresses.






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How the rich live! Check out this Aerial View Of Bishop Kiuna’s Palatial Mansion In Runda (VIDEO)

A video of the multi-million palatial home of Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna has leaked online.

One Richard Kamau has posted an aerial video of their spiritual couple’s home online on his YouTube account.


Normally, when you search online you get to see a one dimension photo of the palatial houses of the who-is-who.

Here are some photos of the Kiuna mansion. However, in this video you get a complete view of the home.

Here is the aerial video of the house where the power couple reside, in Runda.

Raw and heartbreaking letter of frustrated wife in loveless marriage

Marriages are not a bed of fresh roses. The scent can be appealing and in a flash turn into a stink.

One woman who is saddened by the way her marriage is going, has penned a heartbreaking letter to her husband pouring out her raw emotions.

Check it out.

Dear husband,
You are hurting me and you don’t feel bad about it, you just love to. You regret marrying me and just as you have said you made the biggest mistake marrying me. Its all good, I won’t lie, I am hurt and heart broken but guess I cant make you love me anymore. One day I will be strong to walk away from your life forever, one day I will look back at all these and smile. God knows how much I love you and want to be with you but you keep complaining and you are not ready to work things out. Just a day to our one year anniversary and you still have the mind to tell me you made the biggest mistake of your life marrying me. I have tried to make things work out, I forgave you when I saw your chat with a girl begging her to come meet you in a hotel you, I didn’t know asking ones spouse for sex is bad. You called me troublesome, sadist and repeatedly said ‘fvck you, to hell with you’. I wont hate you or curse you, I will only pray for you because you are the father of my child. If eventually we end things, I still want my child to see you as the best dad in the world. When I wake up tomorrow I pray not to remember its our anniversary. I wish you well in all you do.

Wigs are bae! Youtuber Nancie Mwai shows you how to rock them

Men frown on wig-wearing women. But Nancie Mwai has changed that narrative by rocking wigs in a stylish and classy manner.

The style blogger and YouTuber Nancie Mwai is one lady who doesn’t play when it comes to fashion. She goes all in and she sure does deliver.

Having blogged for years now, Nancie has mastered the art of matching her outfits with the right makeup and if she’s not feeling her hair, them wigs come in handy.

nancie mwai 22But one thing we admire the most is how good she is with wigs; she knows which wigs work with her face structure and it’s only fair to say she’s always winning on that sector.

A while back, women were degraded for wearing wigs/ weaves with many stating that they are insecure about their natural hair. But we are in a different era, where a huge chunk of women in this country own wigs.

Meet Gospel singer Eunice Njeri’s stunning sister-in-law (Photos)

They always come in handy when you have a bad hair and Nancie has inspired many women to rock their wigs and look fabulous while at it.

Without further ado, here are the times Nancie Mwai has rocked her wigs effortlessly;

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‘Don’t date a man who will chop my head…’ Akothee advises daughter Rue Baby on her birthday

Singer Akothee is celebrating her daughter’s birthday today.

In a long post on Instagram, the single mother of five penned down a heartwarming message to Rue Baby highlighting some of the things she should expect in life.

Among the 10 wishes, Akothee asked her daughter to be careful with the type of men she dates.

She wished that Rue could date a man who sees value in her as a woman, a man who will respect and love her.

A man that will provide for her family and not a spanner boy who will come and chop Akothee’s head so they could inherit her wealth and sell everything.

Check out her long post;


SILENCE PLEASE! Let me take the opportunity to wish my uterus a happy birthday @rue.baby
👉1. Do whatever it takes to be the person you have always wished to be
👉2. Take charge of your life for you are the pilot if your plane, when you take off to the sky, you have to decide landing and how to land however the situation, whether crash landing or safe landing, you will have to land 💪
👉3. The world is full of opportunities, only those who are hungry can see them, you better be hungry to leave your comfort zone and do what it takes to be Great
👉4. People’s opinion about you should never be your reality, You should be the last person with an opinion about yourself. Most people talk you out of your dream because their hearts are willing but their bodies are weak
👉5. Turn your dreams into reality, it only takes discipline to achieve your goals 💪 differentiate your mini-goals from big goals, start with the small ones like Spreading your Bed, your hygiene and physical appearance
👉6. Do what you want with yourself without feeling sorry for what people think of you as long as you are not a nuisance to the public.
7. Dress the way you want ,Gum kidwa gumo be nyako Tim giki ,Tim Gima moro chunyi kik ngato pimni muya ,an Meru ase gonyi
8. Friends, be careful! Be careful! Be careful! Your tea will be served soon, know what to share and whatnot. Follow your guts

‘The chapters are finally coming together,’ Michelle Ntalami pays tribute to late dad

Rue baby 1

She added;

9. Respect those older than you but don’t worship anyone, respect is paramount
10. Date a man who sees value in you as a woman, a man who will respect and love you, A man that will provide for your family, not a spanner boy who will come and chop my head for you guys to inherit my wealth and sell everything, A man who will not see turn you into a doormat, cash machine or something like those 💪
Marry if it’s possible don’t end up like your mother, single parenting is not pride, it’s a circumstance that no one predicts, but we don’t regret although we envy married people with love 😂😂😂
I don’t know their shoes 👟
The only shoe I know ni umoja pris 💪💪😂💪💪😂😂😂😂😂


Some relatives may never like you…’, Emmy Kosgei speaks about toxic in-laws

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei Madubuko has sent a heart-warming message to couples who are going through tough issues in their unions.

In a long post on her Instagram, Emmy prayed that such couples would feel encouraged and receive protection from external attacks.

Among the things she touched on in her post is about people who wish that some people separate.

She also talked about any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s who is married.

Emmy also talked about in-laws from hell who may never like you. She advised couples never to change or succumb to their pressure and frustration.

Nick Mutuma praises lover Bridget Shighadi as he speaks about their future wedding

Emmy Kosgei with herhubby

Check out her post;

Dear couples, my prayers are for you this afternoon! May God strengthen your unions, receive protection from internal and external attacks, (spiritual and physical)
may God give you the wisdom and grace to sustain it. 

Receive grace to pull through stormy seasons infact may you come out stronger… We render powerless every stray word from naysayers, envious people, home breakers in JESUS NAME!.. receive discernment on any wicked agents around you, snakes and wolves in goat skin 🤣 some in the name of friends/counselors/besties … wasemi wa mtaachana tu🤣 wataaibika ! may you discern before they manifest! 🙏 any man or woman waiting for you to fail or break up will wait in vain! Sowers of discord will sow in vain ! Their wishes will come to naught in JESUS NAME! Any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s marriage receive a permanent ☄🌩 ehh sorry visitation. 

Emmy Kosgei

She added;
Some in-laws from hell 🤣🏃‍♀️ ati amekonda🤣 umechukua nyota🤣ati hakuji tena home 🤣 listen some people even relatives may never like you but don’t change or succumb to their pressure and frustrations .. receive grace and wisdom to handle such and build your home
#Niguse #inlaws ama niwache tu 😀😅 🤣🏃‍♀️✍ tuwaombee eti eh 🙏😇😜May your marriage receive fresh dew,freshness,bliss, may your love and joy be full ! Marriage is from #God..  no marriage is perfect but #ability to sacrifice,understand,love, build,humble, forgive,overlook, protect, enjoy is intentional. . Prayer is key! Receive divine assistance.

Harmonize and girlfriend get tattoos of each other’s names (photos)

Singer Harmonize and his new girlfriend Kajala have affirmed their love for each other.

Harmonize tattooed letter ‘K  with a queen’s crown and a heart emoji while Kajala tatooed ‘H’ with a king’s crown and ace symbol.

The singer and actress announced their relationship late last year and seem to be self-assured enough of their potential to last.

Harmonize introduced Frida Kajala to the public months after his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti left him.

He took to social media to share photos of his new girlfriend Frida Kajala, who is a renowned Bongo movie actress.

He captioned it;

“Welcome to the United States of Kondegang Kondebeden and Fridakamala. Loyalty, promise to be there for you.” 

“It was a bad year that came with unique break-throughs”-Eddie Butita narrates(exclusive)

Check out the photos;

harmm harrhar

Diamond’s manager calls out Harmonize a snitch

Diamond Platnumz Manager Sallam SK has called out Harmonize terming him a snitch.

Sallams said that Harmonize has been lobbying for Rayvanny’s arrest and detention, over affair with Paula Kajala.

In a post on Instagram Sallam mentioned that Konde Boy has been pretending he cares about Rayvanny’s well-being, but in real sense he wants him detained.

Kuna Panya mmoja amekesha kituo cha polisi kulazimisha msanii mwenzie awekwe ndani lakini kutokana na sheria ya nchi haipo mkononi mwake, ikabidi akimbilie kwenye media kujifanya anaomba suluhu kuwa yeye anataka amani na anamuombea asipate matatizo, Huyo Panya anahangaika ili msanii mwenzie apate matatizo…. nikupe taarifa NDUGU PANYA dua zako wala maombi yako hatuyahitaji labda uyapeleke Hospital kufanikisha kizazi chako kiwe bora na uweze kulea mtoto wako binafsi na sio mtoto wa kukodi…”

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Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

His comment came at a time Rayvanny had been questioned by Police officers, over allegations of having an affair with a form five student.

Harmonize had put up a long Instagram post questioning Rayvvany over his alleged relationship with the daughter of his new lover Frida Kajala.