Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei’s hubby turns 63 years today

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei and her pastor husband Anselm Madubuko are aging gracefully.

The couple which is so much in love is envied by many especially on social media.

She shared a photo of her husband and revealed that her husband has clocked 63 years today.

She then asked her fans to help her celebrate her husband’s birthday.

‘Help me celebrate my himself❤ the thiefer of me ❤ a man who I love and respect so much…the apostle general! A man with a golden heart ❤ a lover of JESUS ❤❤❤ @amadubuko #happybirthday darling…I join the heavens to celebrate you! Many many more years of ease,grace and impact!”

Diamond Platnumz dancing with his kids in ex Zari’s house

Emmy Kosgei with herhubby

Emmy also celebrated her birthday this week.

The tycoon husband doesn’t shy away to spoil her with most expensive things around such as Cars, Handbags and watches as he wish.

He also treats her to a memorable birthdays every years since they tied knot in a Lavish white wedding.

During her birthday this year, he was on the forefront in making sure she began the day with a big smile by treating her to a bouquet of flowers and gifts.

In her instagram account she posted a short video receiving the flowers from him and she captioned;

“♥️♥️🔥 from himself♥️” and flaunted a beautiful cake and flowers.

In the video she couldn’t hide a slow but sure blushing while camera men were taking pictures of her.

In another clip she flaunted a beautiful cake with some crying emojis hinting she couldn’t hide her tears of Joy for wonderful gift.

Diamond Platnumz dancing with his kids in ex Zari’s house

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan are having a good time with their kids in South Africa.

The ex-lovers have been visiting each other in their different countries to spend time with their kids this year.

The two have embraced co-parenting.

Diamond is currently in South Africa, shooting a Netflix reality show dubbed ‘Young Famous and African’ set to premiere soon.

The Tanzanian crooner loves his children so much, and yesterday, he visited them at their home in Pretoria, and they had a great time.

Videos of Diamond looking happy with his daughter Princess Tiffah and son Prince Nillan were posted on their respective Instagram accounts.

They can be seen dancing to his new Amapiano song Iyo.

Zari is heard talking in the background.

This is the second time Diamond was visiting his children in South Africa this year.

In early April this year, the Waah hitmaker visited his kids at their house several times before returning to Tanzania.

Singer Harmonize says he does not want any of his ex-girlfriends back

Singer Harmonize has made it clear that he is not looking for love, after his apology to ex-wife Sarah Michelotti and birthday message to ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala raised eyebrows.

The father of one said that he just wants to make peace with his ex-wife.

He added that his message should not be misinterpreted that she wants her back.

“Sihitaji Mahusiano mapya wala ya Zamani, I just made things clear and to appreciate the woman who was there for me Tukapitia mengi kuachana sio Vita…Single forever,” wrote Harmonize.

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Sarah Michelotti
Sarah Michelotti

Harmonize also wished his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala a happy Birthday upon turning a year older.

“Happy Birthday K…. Nakutakia Maisha marefu na Yenye Mafanikio Na Furaha tele.



The two Kajala and Harmonize ended their relationship three month after announcing that they were an item.

‘It’s a great union in heaven,’ Comedian Terence’ grandma passes on

Comedian Terence Creative is in mourning after his favorite grandmother passed on.

In many occasions, Terence has mentioned that he was raised by his grandmum.

Together with his wife, Milly Chebby, they were putting up a house for their grandmum which she has unfortunately not had a chance to live it.

Terence paid tribute in a long post to celebrate his late grandmother.

Terence wrote;

Some texts are hard to type, but let me do this.

I thank God for the time He gave us with my grandma, today I took the last selfie with her and hugged her for the last time, I can’t believe we won’t be seeing each other again, I had so much plans for her but God had better and best plans for her. We used to gossip together and have fun, she was funnier than I am.”

He added;

“She had a nickname ‘secret’ because people trusted her with their secrets and she would tell them “sitasema, ni sekereti” but woooiii alikuwa ananiambia zote na tunacheka pamoja.

My brothers and I used to call her “grandee” a nickname derived from the word grandma.

She was great and played a big role in our life, there is much I can say about her, but let me keep some as a secret as she would say.”

He continued;

I just want to thank God she did meet her great grandchildren and blessed them and always spoke blessings upon all of us. Long live grandee. It is a great union in heaven I guess.

It is sad you didn’t make to see the house I am building for you it hurts so much ,the plans I had were great but God had better plans for you, I’ll miss you mum, my grandma say hi to mum and uncle John

I love you.”

Milly Chebby also paid her tribute.

She wrote;

Socialite Amber Ray confirms breaking up with Jamal Marlow

Socialite Amber Ray has confirmed that she has broken up with businessman Jamal Marlow.

In a question and answer session on her Instagram Stories, Amber said she is single.

One fan asked Amber Ray if she is broken by the split, she responded;

“Like I said, I live for now, and life is all about creating memories.”

Amer Ray and Jamal’s first wife have been fighting since she was married as a second wife on social media.

“Actually I was fighting for me, ata sahii mtu akinikanyaga napita na yeye.”

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Amber and Jimal Rohosafi
Amber and Jimal Rohosafi

On returning the vehicle that belonged to the businessman Jamal, Amber said;

“Huko nishatoka, what I have in my life now is 100% mine.”

After social media peeps making Jamal Marlow a headline several times, the businessman made a decision to leave social media saying he wanted to take a break.

”I want to be private for a while. I will be off social media and that is why I have decided to deactivate all my social media accounts.”

Asked if it is because of the pressure that comes from fans who follow the drama that has been going on since he got married to Amber Ray, Jamal said;

”Actually it is what people might think but my reason is to basically concentrate on my business.”

Politician Joyce Lay reveals she lived in fear before her husband got saved

Polician Joyce Lay says she lived in fear before her husband got saved.

In a long post on Instagram, the politician turned gospel artiste said her husband mocked Christians and everything he did was anti-Christ.

She recently revealed that her husband got saved during the burial ceremony of her mum last week.

This came few weeks after she said she had dropped her family name since her husband did not want to be associated with her ministry.

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She shared;

”I didn’t preach to my husband. I couldn’t.
His behavior towards Jesus, made me think, that he was an anti- Christ.
He used to scare me sometimes. I lived in fear several times. Not knowing what kind of a person he was.
He was a Saul of this generation, only that he didn’t kill people of God physically.
He despised preachers. Oh my God… Let me not even talk of that….

All I can say is, I have seen God answer prayers. After all the experiences, I stopped mentioning Jesus to him, and I continued praying. I turned my focus away from him, and looked up unto God. I asked God, to He himself, deal with Bill.

Bill’s salvation started in his dreams.
I was suprised for the first time to hear him say the words “Jesus spoke to me” or, “I heard the voice of God.”

She added’

”I will dance for my Lord soon. I want to give thanks to my God, for I have seen him change Bill before my eyes.
Is there anything too hard for him?
No! The God who saved Bill, will give him the Holy Spirit to help him. We can’t rush him. Especially into going to Church every Sunday. He does not understand it yet. This is the work of God, and we have to allow him to finish it.”


Former TV presenter Muthoni Mukiri holds a traditional wedding

Former Inooro TV presenter Muthoni Wa Mukiri held a colourful traditional ceremony ‘Ruracio’ yesterday.

The news were first announced by anchor Lilian Muli, one of her bridesmaids.

Via her Instagram stories, the mother of two shared a video alongside Muthoni and the other friends who attended the ceremony.

“Congratulations, Muthoni Wa Mukiri. Blessings all the way, my friend.”

Others who graced the event were former radio host Shix Kapienga and ex-Churchill Show comedian Teacher Wanjiku.

This comes few months after she was engaged by her man Isaac.

“You can get a good man; stop thinking negative about yourself like I cannot get a good man. Me, I got one. Because I wanted a guy who would ask me out on a date officially, that is what I wanted, and that is what I got.
That is exactly what happened when meeting my lover. Believe you are worthy of the best because you are the best,” she wrote.

Exclusive details about Vera Sidika’s gender reveal party

Check out the photos;

213766799_563855034756946_522111735217266519_n 213210671_981383222622888_3447739170351714223_n 214366355_209160747648917_3305659468462181776_n

Nameless responds to fan claiming he fought his wife Wahu in a shopping mall

Nameless has responded to a fan who claimed to have seen him fight with his wife in a shopping mall.

The father of two was responding to trolls who camped at his wife’s bikini photo on Facebook.

Trolls later started sharing details of an episode of their reality show where Wahu talked about how he made fun of her coz she had a ‘Kisogo’.

Well, Nameless wrote;

”Gai… Hiyo story ya Kisogo imekuwa body shaming tena …. Akiyao!! Weh… na vile naipenda…
anyway..keep watching Feeling and get ready for the feeling dance challenge starting next week.

A fan identified as Purity Naomi commented;

”We all know you used to fight kwa malls, I witnessed this but u used to makeup, wacha hizo ujinga.”

Nameless quickly admitted that his marriage is not perfect.

He wrote;

”Haiya. We even fight in the car and the house.. We just fight respectfully and makeup purposefully to keep growing and moving on regardless…”

Jane Ngoiri’s celebrates her son Amir as he turns five years

Wahu Kagwi and Nameless together

Another fan suggested that they should keep their life private.

”When your life was private, there was none of this, but because now you are in the limelight all the time expect more than this. I am not saying it is bad, but I liked you guys on the private side. Hii side ya public matope ni Mungu, expect more noise.”

Nameless revealed that they need to be seen more often as they are working on an album.

”We are releasing an album we must be seen. A bit more than before. It was expected and we fully understand human beings will have strong opinions. Ni life.”


Jimmy Gait says he is abstaining till marriage but admits he is not perfect

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait says he is abstaining until he is ready for marriage.

In a recent interview with Willy M Tuva, the ‘Huratiti’ hitmaker said he is set to wed soon.

“I like to follow the ways of God….Right now, I am abstaining,” he said.

Asked if he is still pure, Jimmy Gait was cagey saying he does not want to trend.

“I will answer you that question next time, I don’t want to trend, I am not perfect.”

Jane Ngoiri’s celebrates her son Amir as he turns five years

Jimmy Gait
Jimmy Gait

In a past interview Jimmy said that he is not interested in dating church girls since the majority of church girls are hypocrites from his dating experience. According to him, he’d rather look to settle down with a saved woman that is not religious than marry a religious girl.

“I have tried dating women in the church but it did not work. I want a woman who is saved and not religious. Most of the church girls ate religious but they are not really what they portray. I have always dated church girls and there is a lot of hypocrisy,” he explained.

Adding that he has tried several women who end up eating bus fare and fail to show up.

“I have dated, quite a number of times and it didn’t work, nimetuma fare sana. Lakini hii Nairobi ni Nairoberry. For me, I want someone who I can connect with and that’s not ready to come by but I am trusting God.”

Media personality Betty Kyallo responds to fans on her dating life

Businesswoman and Media personality Betty Kyallo is not getting married again.

In a Q and A session on her Instastories, a fan asked her whether she will get married again.

She answered;

“Nope. Just a long-time relationship like Oprah and Steadman.”

In the post, Betty implied that her first marriage to TV journalist Dennis Okari was the only one she had to experience.

Another concerned fan asked Betty if she is currently dating.

She answered;

“I decided to keep this part of my life private, but I am very happy.”

In the session, Betty also explained her determination to lose weight and get her desirable body back.

“I want to lose 12 Kgs. I have now lost 5 so far. Also, I just wanna feel good about myself. I wanna be light and feel sexy. I am getting there,” she said.

Men! Would you say yes to this girl begging for a favor

Betty Kyallo in her salon
Betty Kyallo in her salon

Previously, Betty said she would only get married to a man who has kid and is a divorcee as the two would understand each other well.

I am not sure if I actually would want a divorced guy, a single man or a widower. I am always pulling on that direction of a divorced guy because I think tunaelewana. Because I have been through it. I feel like when you have someone divorced is almost like they know when things go wrong and so they try and avoid them. But I know there are nice guys as well. But tutaona tukiendelea,” she said.

‘Nililipa madeni nikabaki zero,’ Comedian Omosh asking for help again

Former Tahidi High Omosh is appealing for help once again, few months after Kenyans came to his aid.

In a recent interview with TV47, Omosh said that some people who promised to help him did not do so.

Omosh added that he is in need of a camera, tripod, lights and a microphone to produce his planned comedy show.

“If you are out there and you promised me something, kindly send? I am still waiting… To say the truth, I received less than a million during that time.

I used most of the money to pay debts that had accumulated, school fees for my kids nilikuwa nimekaa one year, four months bila kulipa.

“Nililipa Madeni nikabaki zero, I am afraid that debts will start accumulating if I am not careful… but so far chuo, hao, food… Manze mnidunge katitu bana… Number ni 0727054141. Tuma kakitu.

“Sai nikapata mtu aninunulie tu camera, tripod, lights mbili na microphone, sasa ni wache kuomba. Juu huyo jamaa atakuwa amenipatia capital ingine ile wacha tu,” said Omosh.

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Asked why he did not buy the filming equipment with what he got from Kenyans, Omosh said;

“Si kujitetetea… lakini sai ata nikipata ka job hata kama ni kufagia nipate ya maziwa niko ready so unaweza nipata.”

Esther Musila reveals why she has not met Guardian Angel’s mum

Esther Musila, who is engaged to gospel singer Guardian Angel says that she is yet to meet the singer’s mother.

The mother of three engaged her fans in a Q&A session where she allowed them to ask her anything they would want to know about her. One follower asked her if she had met Guardian’s mum and she replied that she is yet to.

“Have you met Peter’s mom?”

She then replied;

“She is not in the country.”

Another fan asked;

“Are your three children ready to call Guardian Angel dad? Even the one who is almost his age?”

She replied;

“No, they do not have to.”

Media personality Faith Muturi celebrates her dad as he turns 70 years

Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila
Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila

Esther also mentioned that she had the conversation with her children about dating a younger guy and made it clear that at the end of the day, she is the only one who can decide for herself who she wants to date.

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel made their relationship public last year.

On her birthday this year, Guardian went ahead and engaged her in a private occasion held in Karen.

Media personality Faith Muturi celebrates her dad as he turns 70 years

Media personality Faith Muturi is celebrating her dad turns 70 years today.

In a heartwarming post on her Instagram, the mother of three described her dad as a pillar in her life.

She said that her dad taught her how to be a prayerful woman as when they were growing up, her dad used to lead the family in praying.

Faith also revealed that four years ago, her dad had a heart attack and God delivered him.

He recovered so well and quicky and he was a case study at an African Cardiology Conference as his recovery was just incredible.

Check out her post;

“This wonderful man is such a pillar for all of us! Growing up, I remember waking up to hearing him praying for us. He was the one who introduced is to Chistafari in the 90’s, he used to blast music in the car. He’s always made Christianity fun. I’m still jazzed that he jogs in the morning decades later, he is still at it.

In High School he used to write me letters then felt that the post office was staking long. So he chose to write and drop it off at the school gate EVERY week! Imagine that – I had weekly letters from him.
He has a heart of gold, totally loves God and loves people.
He is that guy who will enter a lift or sit next to you in a matatu and say ‘Do you know Jesus loves you?’ or ‘You are better than you think’. He is an excellent teacher of the word, loves the book of Revelation.”

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She added;

“About 4 years ago, he had a heart attack. God delivered him. He recovered so well & quicky, he was a case study at an African Cardiology Conference as his recovery was just incredible. Thanks Dr.Otieno for being so supportive.
A man of faith, a man who oozes love and laughs hard.

Join me as we celebrate his 70th birthday.
Jesus thank you for another year to glean from his wisdom, enjoy his laughter and experience the love of God through him. Looking forward to many more years!!!

A big big thank you to @sarovapanafric for ensuring that Dad & Mum such a wonderful birthday celebration staycation 🎉🥳

Thanks Petronilla, thanks David, thanks Kamau, thanks Faith & the entire Sarova Family. You all give such wonderful experiences to your clients. Thank you, may God refresh you all. SANA.”


Young and beautiful! Meet singer Wahu’s lookalike mother

Singer Wahu has introduced her beautiful mum to her social media fans.

Taking to her Instagram, the mother of two said she is spending her weekend with the strongest woman who raised her.

“Niko ocha spending some quality time with the strong beautiful woman who raised me 🥰🥰☺️. God bless all moms for their giving and loving nature.
Enjoy your Sato!”

Fans reacted to Wahu’s visible gap on her front teeth.

In one comment, Wahu revealed that her daughter Nyakio who is named after her mum has a gap similar on her teeth after .

“My baby who’s named after her (Nyakio) has the very same gap ☺️”.

Comedian Kansiime’s mum laid to rest in a joyous burial ceremony

Check out the photo of Wahu’s mum;

Wahu with her mum

Comedian Kansiime’s mum laid to rest in a joyous burial ceremony

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime’s mother  was finally laid to rest.

Taking to social media, the mother of one shared with her fans that the funeral service was more of a celebration.

Kansiime said that her mother was her hero and a blessing to anyone who got to interact with her.

The comedian further expressed gratitude to her friends who stood by her during her mourning times.

“It was a joyful send off of my hero.
A vigorous expression of the life she lived and the gift she was for all the people that had the blessing of encountering her.

Thank you soooo much for all the condolence messages i received from u all my ninjas, friends and suspects.
I felt all the love and support dispite these covid restrictions.

There’s no doubt i will see u again mama. Sometimes, #StrengthIsAChoice indeed.”

Harmonize ex-girlfriend Kajala announces she is starting a reality show


While announcing the death of her mother a week ago, Kansiime said she is not questioning God’s will but rather accepting it despite the struggle to understand it.

“God’s ways are indeed not our ways! My mother has gone to be with the Lord this morning.”


Harmonize ex-girlfriend Kajala announces she is starting a reality show

Bongo Movie Actress and Harmonize’s ex Frida Kajala  has announced she is starting a reality show.

The reality show ‘Mom & daughter “like twins” will feature her daughter Paula Kajala.

They shared their news via their social media pages

“Mom & daughter “like twins” lifestyle reality show coming soon on your tv. Cast: @kajalafrida @therealpaulahkajala….Golden bond #back2back,” read Frida’s post on Instagram.

Kajala and her daughter shot into the limelight in their relationships with singers, Harmonize and Rayvanny.

Frida dated Harmonize for a period of three months.

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Paula became a topic of discussion after Rayvanny shared a video of them on February 14, with the singer landing in trouble soon after.

Paula’s mother, Frida, accused the star of spoiling her daughter by getting her drunk.

The act resulted in a police case that saw Rayvanny and Hamisa Mobetto, plus the Kajala’s being questioned by police.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Check out their post regarding to the upcoming reality show;

Mejja’s hit song ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’ taken down from YouTube

Gengetone artiste Mejja is disappointed after his recent hit song ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’ was taken down after accumulating more than two million views on  YouTube.

According to Mejja, the song was allegedly pulled down after a copyright claim on the video by upcoming artist Bouja Bwuoy.

In a post on his Instagram, the “Siskii” hitmaker said he was going to deal with the artist who caused his video to be taken down.

“But I will never give in but I am done being the humble guy, I will deal with this one! I am so frustrated. According to YouTube rules, it doesn’t matter if I am right, I have to wait for two weeks before my video is uploaded. You can slow me down but I am not giving in, God above everything,” Mejja said.

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Mejja had also been accused by another upcoming artist called Revina of stealing the same song from him.

Another of his song #NaitwaMejja was pulled down from YouTube hours after its release.

He confirmed the song was pulled down from YouTube because it was reported for sampling and the person who reported him refused to come to an understanding with him

Mike Sonko’s last born daughter Sandra calls out body-shamers

Sandra Mbuvi, the last born daughter of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called out body shamers.

In a post on her Instagram page, Sandra addressed the issue saying she is tired of getting body-shamed.

She added that although she is not perfect she is beautiful in her plus size.

“Yes I have stretch marks, yes my thighs touch, yes my tummy jiggles, and yes I’m beautiful, judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are, be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you, no more body shaming! 

Big or small, short or tall none of us are beautiful if we tear others down to build ourselves.. I’m tired of getting body-shamed,” she wrote. 

‘I am starting to get used to the heartbreak,’ Nyota Ndogo says

sandra mbuvi

Her mother, Primrose Mbuvi encouraged her on the comment sections. She wrote;

“You’re awesomely beautiful my Babe😍🥰💋Nakupenda”

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby recently called out trolls who make mean comments on her for being skinny.

Check out more comments from her fans;

justtubby; As long you are out there tryna chase papers babygirl no one should judge you🥺You are just perfect just the way you are❤️.
baby2.51; You don’t have to change a thing the world should change its heart you are perfect 🙌❤️❤️.
oliviabernie; 😍let no one tell u otherwise u pretty with a perfect body aii don’t change for nobody,ignore the negativity