PHOTO GALLERY: This Is The OUT-Dated Pose Willy Paul Should STOP Popularizing

Willy Paul…Willy Pozze, is a popular line on every mouth of this singer’s fan.

Willy Paul has for the longest time hit headlines for what fans say is a controversial lifestyle. Pozze, The Fanya hit maker has for the past few days shown how stylish he is to a point of asking his fans how he looks in almost every photo he posts.

Willy Paul Attacked By Fans For This Picture, Accused Of Being a Copy Cat

Willy Paul, you look just fine…But there’s one thing that is a miss. You have overused this signature style!


Most of us love Willy Paul, or rather love to hate to love Willy Paul.

With all his controversies, he seems to be irresistible when it comes to lasses.

That said, it seems Willy will be loosing his female fans if he does not look for another signature style, it is called the gangstar hand-sign.

“The Boys Got It” Maina Kageni Praises Willy Paul’s Move To Work With Diamond Platnumz, Defends His Previous Scandals (AUDIO)

But wait a minute, isn’t this Willy’s mentor? They seem to match in everything they do from dressing to posing.

diamond p


Here are the many times, Willy Pozze has showcased the same hand signal pose;

Forget The Thighs, Here Are Photos Of Vera Sidika Slaying In LONG Dresses

She calls herself Queen Vee.

Vera Sidika is one of the blessed lasses when it comes to showcasing her bootylicious bum bum!

Sidika has for a long time made city boys go koo-koo after severally showing her thick thighs to the world. It is evident that her social media is filled with what men call sexy photos.

VIDEO EVIDENCE: This Is The Popular Artiste Going Koo Koo For Vera Sidika’s Botylicious Bum Bum

Bikinis, swim suits and lingeries fit her just fine. But then have you seen Sidika’s photos in long dresses? She looks stunning…Very stunning.

You will agree with me that when she rocks these dresses, she looks descent and  more beautiful not to mention how these dresses hug her curvacious self.

This Is The SEXY Gym Instructor Enjoying Vera Sidika’s Juicy Thighs (PHOTOS)

Check out her stunning photos;

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO GALLERY: 10 Times Zari Hassan Has SLAYED With Wigs

Zarina Hassan alias Zari the boss lady is one beautiful lass!

The business woman cum singer has been given the title socialite for the longest time now.

Perhaps its because she slays in everything she wears. But one thing is for sure, Zari, is one of the lasses that has got good wigs.

Is This A Nightmare? Never Seen Before Photo Of Zari Hassan Without Make Up

The mother of five has made a huge transformation when it comes to her hair and one thing that is evident is that she invests a lot of money in it.

It Is A Black Affair! 7 Times Zari Was Seen Slaying In Black Dresses

This is why.

zari 11

I came across the above photo that was taken back in the day when Zari was a singer, way before she met baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

She could also be using wigs to cover her natural hair;

zarithe bosslady

Here are photos that proof Zari Hassan looks even more gorgeous  now that she has settled for wigs;

After Threatening To Leave Gospel Music, Singer Ringtone Ventures Into This

Ringtone is one of the rich kids when it comes to gospel music.

The Pamela hit maker has flossed his expensive mansions and his flashy cars. You would probably ask yourself if the few songs Ringtone has released create this ind of wealth for him.

The Talanta hitmaker has come out to reveal his side hustle…Farming

Ringtone ran to his social media to post;

“God thank you for the rain. Am now harvesting pawpaws’


‘This Is What Small Boys Like Bahati And Willy Paul Need To Do To Be Rich Like Me!’ Declares Ringtone

He did not stop at that. Ringtone went ahead to reveal the reason as to why he started music, citing that he did not have anything else to do.

“Watu wengine hawa-undertsand kwa nini mi hu-sing. Mi hu-sing kwa sababu sikua na kitu ya kufanya, nikaamua kutumia talanta yangu.”

But then, I thought singing gospel music should be a calling. It will be remembered that Ringtone was once tempted to quit gospel music and went on to reveal the reason why.

“I felt let down by Christians because I have done a lot of outreach ministry in colleges and high schools all over Kenya. That ministration wasn’t easy because I was funding it myself. I suffered a lot of times on the road lacking fuel, food and sometimes my car breaking down. Because of this knowing, I was the most hardworking artist for the kingdom of God; I felt Christians owed support when I got attacked by the devil through scandals that were maliciously designed to slow me and even stop me from ever ministering ever again. It’s during this trying times that I came to realize that the very people who I expected not to judge me but stand with me in prayer during that trying times were the ones who were my harshest critics,” he said

It is after this that Ringtone met Tanzania’s Christina Shusho and made a hit song Tenda Wema. Ringtone’s drama did not end there, he was later accused of impregnating a lass that he vehemently denied of having an affair with.

Gospel Music Pays! Singer Ringtone Shows Off His Gigantic Mansion

Today, Ringtone is a rich lad. The singer went on social media to floss of his wealth.

He wrote;


You heard it right, he calls himself a millionaire.

8 Out 10 Women Fake It In The Bedroom – Research

Almost eight out of 10 women have faked an orgasm, according to new research.

And when psychologists carried out their study, they found there were a staggering 143 reasons given for faking it – ranging from being bored to practising acting skills.

More than one in three women said they faked it because they thought they were expected to – while men were more likely to pretend because of insecurity.

Brenda Wairimu And Juliani Show Us What They Do In Their Bedroom (Video)

Researchers at the University of Kansas carried out three studies among a group of 1,600 men and women in a bid to help therapists treating couples.

Overall, 64 per cent of men and women have pretended to climax. More than half of women said they do it regularly.

Among the 143 reasons given were being drunk; tired; because it was taking too long; and because mum was coming home.

Professor Omri Gillath, study co-author, said: “Faking orgasms is associated with sexual dysfunction and marital issues. Our findings can help clinicians to better tailor therapy.”

Forget Rio Olympics, This Is How Bedroom Olympics Can Get You Fit

‘Kama Kamanda Anasema Mimi Ni Mtoto Wake Basi Aniheshimu’, Jaguar Stands His Ground On Starehe Seat

Musician Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has refused to negotiate with Maina Kamanda on the winner of the Starehe MP Jubilee polls.

Jubilee officials on Thursday declared Kamanda as winner with 10,374 votes, while Jaguar lost with 8,391 votes.

Party secretary general Raphael Tuju said the nominations will be repeated after Jaguar’s supporters protested at the headquarters.

But Jaguar has refused a repeat of the polls and staged a protest at the Jubilee headquarters on Saturday.

5 Reasons Why Jaguar Took The Blame For Killing Two Motorists

“We don’t want negotiations … I will not sit down with anyone and will not go back to the elections again. I am not ready to talk to him (Kamanda). Democracy is not about negotiation,” Jaguar said.

Kamanda had earlier said he was ready to dialogue with the musician.

“It’s not about me, it’s about starehe people. Kama Kamanda andhani nataka niwe nominated (if Kamanda thinks I want to be nominated), he is mistaken. It has been a very difficult time for me,” Jaguar said.

Jaguar said Kamanda should step down for him since he won fairly.

2 Kenyans Die Painfully After Jaguar’s Ranger Rover Crushed Them, Eye Witnesses Claim Lady Driver Was BEHIND The Wheel (PHOTOS)

“We are not stupid … Tangu lini wazee wakaanza kuwaibia watoto wao? Na kama anasema mimi ni mtoto wake basi aniheshimu,” he said.

(Since when did the old start stealing from their children. And if he says I am his child then he should respect me.)

-The Star

Diamond Platnumz Pens Heartfelt Message To Reformed Drug Addict Ray C

Sensational Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz, born Naseeb Abdul, is one of the most talented artists in the region. The WCB CEO has mentored many musicians under his record label, including Harmonize, Rayvanny and Rich Mavoko, and they are doing great. Basically, Diamond Platnumz nurtures talent in the region.

9 Tweets Mocking Singer Diamond Platnumz For His Poor English

The Utanipenda hitmaker has won the hearts of many and recently, he left his fans across the region praising him after he offered brotherly advice to singer Ray C, who has been battling drug addiction. In a heartfelt message he posted on his social media accounts, Diamond Platnumz urged the sassy singer to be humble, work hard and maintain a positive mindset if she wants to regain her lost glory.

“Salaam dada angu Ray C, siku ya leo nilitamani nikwambie maneno haya: Spirit ama juhudi unayoionyesha sasa inatia faraja sana, naamini sio kwa wapenda muziki wa Tanzania tu bali hata kwa watu mbalimbali…. Nafarijika kuona wimbo wako wa #Unanimaliza watu mbalimbali wameupokea vizuri, na nisiwe mnafiki hata mie ni miongoni mwa watu wanaoupenda wimbo huu wako mpya…. Ombi langu kwako usikubali kurudi nyuma tena, ijapokuwa sanaa zetu zina changamoto nyingi ila amini ni mitihani tu ya Mwenyez Mungu, ila ukiwa mvumilivu na kumuomba Muumba, itapita….niwaombe pia Vyombo vya Habari vyetu pendwa tuzidi kumsapoti dada etu, kwani naami kwa sapoti yenu, sapoti ya wadau mbalimbali na kuongeza juhudi kwake kutamfanya awe mfano bora, na kuamsha vijana wengi sana mitaani kwetu ambao pengine walijikatia tamaa kwa mambo mbalimbali….InshaAllah Mwenyez Mungu akusmamaie katika kazi zako na Maisha ya kila siku????  Ray C,” read Diamond’s message.

This comes barely a month after Ray C released a new track Unanimaliza.

The Number One singer recently launched his perfume and sources close to him say that he has already started cashing in lots of profit.

Also read;

PHOTOS!!! Diamond Platnumz SHOWS OFF His New Side Chick


Akothee Throws Shade At Men Who Keep Stalking Their Women On Social Media

Richest singer Akothee is never afraid of speaking her mind. The dark-skinned musician and mother of five is a no-nonsense woman and whenever she decides to go ham, she doesn’t mince her words.

5 Reasons Why Kenya’s Richest Singer Akothee Thinks Women Don’t Trust Each Other

The Sweet Love hit singer, who is currently on a media tour in Europe and is expected to perform in Austria today, is not happy with men who stalk their women on social media. Akothee lashed out at a man who keeps stalking her and sending her messages questioning her lifestyle, and she has threatened to expose the guy if his behaviour persists.


Akothee further revealed that these are some of the reasons why she is still single.

Below is what she posted:

“It’s very frustrating when your partner wants to control what you post and what not to,???????????? ati when you posted this what did you mean? Ati you said you were going to work but your location was Kaloleni. Shit! my friend go hug a transformer. If not, I will post you here soon. This is like denying someone freedom of speech, no wonder I am single nkt!. Are you a husband / wife /a fan or social media police? It’s annoying..

African Sauce!!! Photos That Show Ali Kiba Lost A Hot And Sexy Mama

Ali Kiba is without doubt one of the best Bongo Flava artistes we have seen. He has vocals…Good vocals.

But just like any other celebrity, he has had a tough time when it comes to matters of the heart. Ali Kiba has been head over heels in love with a Tanzanian businesswoman, singer and model, Jokate Mwegelo.

Is Ali Kiba’s Female Manager And His Ex Girlfriend Fighting Over Him?

Jokate is the video vixen to Bahati’s song, Maria, and with no doubt she nailed it. She and Ali Kiba have never admitted to having a thing together, but photos that went viral were proof that the two have been seeing each other.

ali kiba jokate

Aki Yaoo! Maina Kageni confesses whose songs he prefers between Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz

Well, I recently found out that the Chekecha Cheketua hit maker had broken up with this fashionista over what was termed as irreconcilable differences. There is one thing that still stands, though.

This girl Jokate is one hot lass. Proof that Ali Kiba really got taste when it comes to women.

Gospel Singer Is Bahati Back With a Bang, Drops New Song With Jemmimah Thiong’o (Video)

Check Out Jokate’s photos, you will agree with me that she is not only beautiful but also has got style:

Awwww!!!! Bishop Allan Kiuna Meets TD Jakes, What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart

The Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) is one of the famous churches in town. Bishop Kiuna and wife Kathy Kiuna are also among some of the well-recognised people of God in the country.

Recently, Kiuna met his longtime mentor TD Jakes, a pastor, author and filmmaker. He is the bishop of The Potter’s House,Nondenominational American Megachurch. The two met in Dallas during the pastors’ and leaders’ conference, as Kiuna revealed that Jakes has been his mentor for 25 years.

‘I Needed Surgery To Be Able To Walk,’ Kathy Kiuna’s Son Speaks Out On Operation

kathy kiuna(1)


He wrote:

“Fantastic encounter with the amazing Bishop’s TD Jakes that has inspired me for the last 25 years. His ministry has raised the standards in excellence and his love for people is beyond doubt. Am humbled to sit at his feet and feed from his wisdom! Am blessed.”

Before meeting with TD Jakes, Kiuna was at the JCC Atlanta, where he fed the flock.

Maisha Ndani Ya Yesu! Here Are The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pastors Allan And Kathy Kiuna

Here is a photo of the two;

allan kiuna

FLAWLESS!!! Female Celebrities Slaying With Blow Dried Hair (PHOTOS)

African hair rocks!

I guess you agree with me on that one. Well, remember the times when African hair was too hard to groom? Sometimes the only way out in such cases is to have a short haircut and wait for the new healthy growth. That era is gone now.

Female fan roasted after criticizing Size 8’s new hairstyle

Female celebrities are doing away with the weaves and wigs that many perceive to be fake personality. I must admit that the new natural hair trend is doing just fine.

Blow drying the hair is probably one of the cheapest hair dos in Kenya. Well, here are celebrities who’ve proven that straight blow dried hair slays;

Maureen Kunga-Elani




Mummy’s Girl! Mercy Myra’s Hair Styles Are Inspired By Her Mum

Janet Mbugua

janet mbugua

Joy Doreen Biira


Ngina Kenyatta

ngina kenyatta

NATURAL IS BEAUTIFUL! 6 Photos That Prove Wahu Kagwi Looks Hotter And Younger With Short Hair

Gladys Gachanja

janet mbugua1

Anita Nderu

anita nderu

Oh Em Gee!!! Video Vixen Poses NAKED At Comedian Kajairo’s New Jam (VIDEO)

Kenyans will forever remember Colonel Mustapha’s jam Dodoma Singida and Blaqy’s Money Maker as some of the songs that were ratchet for days. But guess what? We now have another ratchet video…And yes its by non other than Kajairo.

The comic character is well known for his parody videos but it seems this time round, Kajairo is making new steps. Peter Kaimenyi, his real name, sat down with this writer and revealed that he has now started making his own original videos.

‘I Represent The Street Kids’ – Top Comedian MCA Tricky Shares Emotional Story


Kajairo, a proud father of one is out with a new Jam dubbed Mrrdah. I was also surprised as you are. The hilarious comedian cum radio personality says the song is dedicated to all Kenyan ladies….But there’s something wrong.

Popular Comedian Blocks Nairobi’s Kimathi Street To Propose To Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Remember the song by Jamaica’s RDX Bend Over? This is worse. A video vixen in Kajairo’s song poses with her nipples naked next to the comedian and the twerking that follows is unbelievable.


Due to the kind of the scene it brings, I cannot screenshot it for you but let you see it for yourself.

PS: Look closely

Here is Kajairo’s new work Mrrdah:



HILARIOUS!!! Eric Omondi’s Parody As Donald Trump Will Leave You In Stitches (VIDEO)

I cannot stop laughing…This guy is hilarious!

Eric Omondi has brought the Internet down…once again. The ever hilarious comedian this time round is acting as POTUS (President of the United States). Continue reading “HILARIOUS!!! Eric Omondi’s Parody As Donald Trump Will Leave You In Stitches (VIDEO)”

Is This A Nightmare? Never Seen Before Photo Of Zari Hassan Without Make Up

Caution, if you have bad dreams at night, it is not advisable to see this photo!

Zarina Hassan also known as Zari The Boss lady is a house hold name in East Africa. The Uganda-Tanzanian socialite is one lady that has made headlines with her irresistible beauty.

Zari who turns out to be a singer just like her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, is most of the time spotted on social media posting things like ‘Flawless, Fly’ not to forget her vocabulary ‘Queening.’

Absolutely Jaw-Dropping! 11 Photos Of Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged ‘Clande’ That Prove She’s Hotter Than Zari

make up meme

I must agree with you that Zari is all that…But with make-up. Let me first take this opportunity to give a standing ovation to the person who invented all kinds of make-up, you make lasses look more appealing.

It Is A Black Affair! 7 Times Zari Was Seen Slaying In Black Dresses

Remember when the Internet went wild after Kim Kardashian was spotted without this life saving element?


I was also shocked!

Zari, who many call the East African Kim Kardashian, seems to hide a massive forehead and a bit of black spots.

Check her out;


By now it’s pretty clear that make up is truly a life saver.

He’s Drop Dead Hot!!! Sexy Singer Gin Ideal Reveals Her Ideal Man

Gin Ideal is one of the fast rising artistes in the Kenyan music industry. The petite female singer is the hit maker to the song Rede that topped charts barely a day after its release.

The singer who is irresistibly one sexy lass got to sit down with this writer and reveal her dream man. Since she got into the music game, Gin has been driving city boys all crazy on social media for what they term as her hotness. Lucky are those who have met her.

INK QUEENS! Here Are Female Celebrities With The Most BEAUTIFUL Tattoos Ever

gin ideall

Apart from her down to earth character that I got to experience with this singer, Ideal got to tell me all about her man. Although, there’s one thing she cannot do.

She told Classic 105;

“I always say I will never advertise any man on my social media anywhere unless I have a ring on my finger”

So why would she not “advertise” him?

“Because I don’t want it to be like Gin is with the boyfriend, they have broken up with the boyfriend…I don’t want that whole thing to surround my music.”

SCREENSHOTS! Leaked Conversation Of Vera Sidika And Her Mother

gin ideal 1

The singer who now has a new hit dubbed ‘Kuna Kitu‘ went on to tell Classic 105 of her dream man;

‘My ideal man is Very Hardworking, someone who I can easily talk to about anything, someone whose brutally honest with me, who is loving, someone who is very clean.”

I know you can now imagine that kind of a man in your mind….But there is one more thing she revealed.

“I’m not all about tall, dark and handsome…”

PHOTOS!!! Diamond Platnumz SHOWS OFF His New Side Chick

tall dark

Did I forget to tell the thirsty team Mafisi this important point?

PS: she is taken!

VIDEO EVIDENCE: This Is The Popular Artiste Going Koo Koo For Vera Sidika’s Botylicious Bum Bum

Vera Sidika is on demand!

When you think of Vera Sidika, what comes to mind is her bootylicious behind, her transformed skin and her flamboyant life. So, to get to her level, man, you need to have all it takes.

Well, it seems Harmonize, a popular Tanzanian singer could not help it but sing about Vera Sidika’s juicy, bum bum. His new song featuring Rich Mavoko Show Me is one that has evoked criticism from fans over what they say is a ratchet video.

This Is The SEXY Gym Instructor Enjoying Vera Sidika’s Juicy Thighs (PHOTOS)

veras sidika

In his video, the singer has used Vera Sidika’s look alike in his video vixen as he mentions how he would love Vera Sidika to show him her Shape. Is Vera Sidika too expensive to get her to make a cameo on his video? I’ll let you judge on that.

SCREENSHOTS! Leaked Conversation Of Vera Sidika And Her Mother

Harmonize released this song days after breaking up with his older girlfriend and actress Jacqueline Wolper. In an interview with Classic 105’s Maina Kageni, the Matatizo hitmaker cited that he was very single and ready for a Kenyan girl.


I guess Vera Sidika was that girl. But then Harmonize seems to have a taste for older women. Is Vera Sidika in for this young star?

Here is the video;

Gospel Artiste Holy Dave Lands A New Media Deal

David Muthengi, well known as Holy Dave is making major moves. Grinding.  The gospel rapper warmed many people’s hearts when he and sibling Joey Muthengi who is a  TV personality initiated the Muthengi Foundation. The foundation helps children in need.

Continue reading “Gospel Artiste Holy Dave Lands A New Media Deal”

WOI! This Is The One Place Where You Would Never Find Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

Celebrated radio personality Maina Kageni is no doubt a force to reckon with, having been in the industry for more than a decade.

The articualte and outpsoken presenter hosts the biggest and most popular breakfast show in Kenya, Maina And Kingang’i in the morning, where they discuss very sensitive social and relationship issues.

Maina Kageni has ventured in all aspects of the media scene, having worked as a TV news anchor and journalist before moving to radio. He’s also known for his unwavering support for women when it comes to issues pertaining them.

Well, Maina Kageni is also known for his lavish lifestyle and love for expensive and classy vehicles, but today he revealed something many people did not know about him.


During the morning conversation with Mwalimu Kingang’i, Maina Kageni talked about how he will never build a house on the countryside, better known as ‘mashambani’ or ‘ushago’.

According to Maina Kageni, he doesn’t understand how people would want to go back to ‘mashinani’ after retiring, revealing that he has never spent a night there even when he was young, they would always go back home to the city.

ATI KI! Maina Kageni Reveals He Would Never Build a House In Mashambani (Audio)

Yes, you read right, Maina Kageni has never slept over at his parents home in ushago, saying that he’s never been a fan of the countryside, and thus, he can’t even spend his fortune to build a house there.

Listen to the audio below as he boldly confesses to Mwalimu Kingang’i below.