‘Not everyone will get you…’ Dan Sonko’s wife Bwire tells haters

Actor Dan Sonko has moved on after losing his wife in 2017.

The father of two recently confirmed that he is dating Miss Bwire who was Dan Sonko’s late wife’s friend.

In a recent interview, Bwire said she knew Dan even before he married Dru, first wife..

“I knew Dan through the acting industry and his wife (Dru) was my friend,” she said.

She, however, said she did not have a romantic relationship with Dan when his wife was alive.

“I don’t think I’ve betrayed her. I never thought he would be my lover at any point in life because he had a family at that time,” she said.

Bwire has been heavily criticized after the interview and she has shared an inspirational post titled.

‘Haukukubali kakufee!’ Size 8 shares a testimony to celebrate her son

Dan Sonko with his new bae
Dan Sonko with his new bae

 ‘Dear human.’

“Not everyone will get you,

 Not everyone will support you

 Not everyone will love you

 You need to learn that it’s ok for people to have feelings, opinions, beliefs that are different from your own.

 It doesn’t mean they hate you.

 It just means they are positioned at a different angle from yours.

 As they see a pineapple eye, you might see the pineapple crown from where you’re standing.

 You’re both right😉. If we all saw the world the same way. It would be one boring canvas.

 Love B♥️.,’ she wrote.

Sonko and his new wife are raising his sons together.

New catch! Eunice Njeri ex husband has found a new lover

Eunice Njeri’s ex husband Isaac Bukasa popularly known as rapper Izzo has unveiled the new woman in his life.

Her name is Cherop Gibson,an entrepreneur who owns a bikini shop.

In one of her posts she wrote;

😊 straight to my bae!

‘I am officially 21…’ Singer Wahu says as she turns a year older

Cherop had been visiting Izzo when he was living in abroad and now the two seem to be even closer.

Izzo has been sharing posts with Cherop and in the recent one, she responded to his post with a love emoji

“I miss you.” 😭❤

Close friends to Izzo have been congratulation him for showcasing his new bae, proof that indeed this is the woman who has stolen his heart

Its now four years since he broke up with worship minister Eunice Njeri. Eunice said I do to the rapper Izzo – in November 27, 2016.

In her statement informing her fans that it was over, Eunice cited concerns with her passion and where it lay.

“I did go to the altar to get married, but at the end of that day I realized one thing, I couldn’t do it, my heart was somewhere else.

Probably in Africa doing what I do best, am still trying to figure that out.

I immediately left for Kenya and have been serving god the best way I know how,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

‘I am officially 21…’ Singer Wahu says as she turns a year older

Gospel singer Wahu Kagwi has turned a year older and I must say she doesn’t look a year over 20.

So what’s the secret? Good genes perhaps or just living a healthy life.

The mother of two took to social media to wish herself a happy birthday, stating that she’s grateful to God for his faithfulness, mercy and kindness that he has bestowed upon her.

Who is the lucky man? Vera Sidika announces she will give birth this year

She wrote;

“Happy birthday to me. When I look over my shoulder, I see evidence of his hand of mercy and favor. And so I know that even as I enter a new year, He will continue to be with me.

Thank you Father for the love life, health, the gift of family and friends.

Thank you my online, family for always showing me love.

‘I’m officially 21. I’ve been 18 for too long,” she said.

Wahu Kagwi

Here are some birthday wishes from fans;

Maureen Okuto Happiest birthday big Siz indeed youv been an inspiration to many ,God bless you .#march babies are the cutest

Neema Grace Happiest birthday dear,may God’s grace and favor keep locating you always. Mpesa loading

Moleen Elly Welcome to the new year hop hapa 21 usiwena hurry huwa aisongi kitambo ufike 30my dear it would take long just relax 21 haisongi.
Joyce Adnan Januzaj NgatiaHappy n blessed birthday my ever favorite artist, you are a pillar of hope n encouragement to so many of us who are “21” years old😋😋, you are such a blessing doll….may you find God’s favor in your new year. Much love, HBD wa Nameless.

Who is the lucky man? Vera Sidika announces she will give birth this year

Socialite and business lady Vera Sidika has hinted that she will give birth this year or early next year.

This is not, however, news to many as she had been saying so for the longest time now.

She kept saying she was looking for a sperm donor but she still hasn’t.

While dating Otile, everyone was sure she would get pregnant for him, unfortunately they broke up over very unclear reasons.


She then met Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa whom she praised and even revealed that she was going to settle down with him.

In an interview last year Vera said,

“I have never felt like this before. You recall me telling you about plans to get a sperm donor and never to get married? That has changed in those two weeks. I want him to come and settle down with me here, I want us to make a family, I want us to make kids and live together.”

She added;

‘Take charge of your life as you turn 20,’ Akothee to daughter

“For the first time, I have met a loving and caring man who is not concerned about money and fame. He is about the same age as I. Since I have invested a lot here in Kenya, the talk between us is to have him move to Kenya and continue practising here. That is where our conversation is now.”


The relationship lasted six months. They are no longer an item.

Fans are tired of waiting to see her child and one asked her when she is going to give birth.

“When will you get a kid?’

Sidika responding saying,


Guys, you now have to be ready to welcome the baby!

‘I believe he was a good man and I loved him…’ Radull narrates her marriage journey

Media personality Carol Radull has for the first time spoken about her failed marriage.

In a TV interview with Betty Kyallo, Radull spoke alot about her childhood, family, career, and relationships.

Radull says she divorced her husband a few years ago.

 “I was married for seven years and it wasn’t bad. It was a great six years and then one year was a bit rough. But having been in an institution of marriage is not something you easily jump into again.”

She went on saying;

“The lessons I learnt, I would never say anything negative publicly about my ex-husband. I believe he was a good man and I was in love with him when we were married but things just change and you grow apart for whichever reason maybe he is just not meant to be the one. By the time you’ve got there, how many people have you dated and it has not worked out? You can’t assume that maybe he just came along at a time when we were ready. I learnt alot in the institution of marriage and if it doesn’t work don’t force it.”

Radull then urged the society not to be judgemental on divorce cases.

“If you asked me this, four years ago when I was going through it, I would probably be in tears because people need to understand it is not an easy thing. You don’t wake up and decide this relationship is too hard I’m getting divorced. It’s not an easy decision you make. You give it a lot of thought, try seven times seven times and even after making the decision as you go through, it’s not easy even a year later. You always ask yourself if this is something I could have done?’ she said.

How immaturity cost Pastor Kanyari’s marriage to Betty Bayo

She added that people need to understand that it actually hurts when somebody belittles divorce, she prays that people don’t have to go through it.

“It’s hard Betty you’ve been there but there’s life after it [divorce].”

Her advise to divorcees was;

“Beat yourself up and if you’re lucky enough to find happiness in somebody else maybe that’s what was meant to be.”

Carol Radull has been in the media industry for more than 20 years focusing mainly on sports.


‘I wanna have a baby…’ Tedd Josiah leaks conversation with late wife, Reginah

Music producer and businessman Tedd Josiah has reminisced about a conversation he had with his late wife Reginah.

Reginah and Tedd were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Jay Wendo.

The mother of one died when their child was three months old, leaving Josiah to raise her alone.

Well, Reginah’s memories still live to date and Tedd said that his wife put off going to school just to have their daughter.

Regina desired to have a child then later go back to school while running her business on the side.

“I wanna have a baby, then go back to school and run my business, I might not want to study the same thing though, I might change it. Do you mind? Will you support me?” This was part of the conversation we had as mama shared her desires and dreams with me.”

Tedd Josiah with his late wife
Tedd Josiah with his late wife

He described the feeling deep down of seeing his wife’s dreams slowly come to be.

What tears him down is the fact that his wife can neither witness the success of the business nor the growth of their daughter, Wendo.

A daughter who takes so much after her mom, naturally, without any outside forces coming to play, he shares:

“Today as everyday I look at the little angel 👼🏼 she left and trust me it’s different when you’re a single parent and when you’re an only parent…… I wish her mama could see how much she brought a child who without being told is just panning out to become like her mama in so many ways.”

He added;

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

“I wish she could see how her daughters eyes light up when she sees her mothers pictures. I wish on some days that she’d carry the burden with me of the baby and raising her of the business and raising it…. of life and walking it.”

In a past interview, Tedd said he is worried that his daughter will grow up and he will have the task of explaining to her what happened to her mum.

“She is going to be more of a lady and she is going to meet her friends in school, where she will wonder why she does not have a mum. It will be tough to explain. Also, you know mothers come with wisdom that fathers do not have,” he said.

check out the photos of Tedd with their daughter Jay;

Tedd Josiah with his daughter
Tedd Josiah with his daughter







Things that took Kenyans by craze

Kenyans have always been a funny lot to associate with. The greed to make quick cash has been the reason some things came as a passing storm. A few of those things are:

1. The quail eggs
You all remember that small bird that lay eggs that healed all diseases to ever surface on earth. Media was awash with bird keepers who spoke highly of these magic eggs. People bought their eggs in a craze which pushed their prices to about fifty shillings an egg. Every farmer bought this bird and in a few weeks, the supply was high than demand causing the prices of the eggs to plummet.

‘Chop my money!’ Politician throws Kush Tracey birthday

2. Mzee Mwasapile
This man has to be the biggest medical scam to ever grace the African soil. Mzee Mwasapile was a Tanzanian herbalist who claimed to have created a concoction that healed the HIV and AIDS virus. The wealthy and the poorest all headed to his home to have a cup of this wonder drink. The rich flew with choppers all the way to Tanzania. A cup went for 20 shillings. People from overseas came all the way to Loliondo, a remote area in Tanzania.

Joho’s favourite barber reveals photos of his pregnant girlfriend

3. Ineos Challenge
I wouldn’t describe this as a craze but rather one of the most uniting factors in Kenya. It was Eliud Kipchoge’s attempt to run the marathon race in less than 2 hours. The challenge that took place in Vienna, Austria was one of the most-watched races ever in history. Kenyans were glued to their screens with their fingers crossed hoping Kipchoge would break the records and true to his words, he broke the record with a record 1hr 59minutes and 40seconds.

Pregnant for who? Vivian refutes baby bump claims

4. Corona Virus
It’s the newest kid on the block. Everyone is paranoid that the guy seated or standing next to them is Coronavirus positive. Everyone is observing hygiene like it’s the world ending. Sanitizers are becoming expensive to afford and people have to craft new ways to create homemade sanitizers. People are staying indoors most of the time. Coronavirus is the new uniting factor.

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Huddah explains why she sent her mum a photo of my vajayjay

Huddah Monroe says that just like any other person who is active on her phone, she has sent a dirty text to wrong recipients several times now.

But Monroe’s shocking revelations was that she sent a photo of her private part to her mother

She was asked by Bridget Shighadi in her YouTube channel ‘Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person’

She responded;

Yeah, I sent to my mum.

I have done it so many times because sometimes I send messages to so many people

I sent her a picture of my v*gina but I told her I had downloaded and thank God she didn’t take it seriously. My mum is very updated with life. She is a ghetto girl so she knows everything in life

Monroe has been known to be open about part of her life on Social media. She says she is done with dating East Africa and is currently dating a rich man who owns property across the world.

God forgive you! Huddah angrily tells man who left after she had a surgery for him

Huddah: Why I Don’t Pick Khaligraph Jones’ Calls

Rapper Khaligraph Jones revealed in his hit song ‘Yes Bana’ that Huddah Monroe has not been picking his calls even though the two have a good friendship.

Part of his lyrics read,

Huddah Simu hashiki, anadhani me nataka kumpiga miti,nina wife sipendi hizo kiki

(Huddah doesn’t pick calls, she thinks I was to sleep with her, I have a wife, I don’t like that publicity stunt)

Talking to Bridget Shighadi, Monroe said that he doesn’t pick anyone’s call adding she isn’t even a fan of the OG

I never pick up calls but I think he is doing well. He won an award but I dont know any of Khaligraph’s song.

Adding that she prefers Khaligraph’s frenemy Octopizzo,

I know alot of Octopizzo’s music. Octopizzo is my favourite. He and Nyashinski are my favourite artistes in Kenya. Especially Nyashinski, I was dissapointed when he got married, I had a crush on him.

I’d abort that child! Huddah says about having a broke man’s child

Check out the song;

“Not arrested,” Oprah Winfrey rubbishes ‘sex trafficking’ rumours

US Media personality Oprah Winfrey has dismissed claims that she was arrested for ‘sex trafficking’.

“Just got a phone call that my name is trending . And being trolled for some awful fake thing,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“It is not true. I haven’t been raided or arrested. Just sanitizing and self distancing with the rest of the world. Stay safe everybody.”

I have had a one night stand! Oprah Winfrey surprisingly admits

She became no one on trends after numerous reports claiming that her house in  Florida, was raided, and that she had been arrested on sex trafficking charges.

The conspiracy theory surrounding Oprah started with QAnon.

The far-right group which centers on an anonymous individual known as “Q,” is known for starting wild conspiracy theories.

A fake video was posted about her arrest, in which a “news reporter” claimed that her property was roped off and seized by authorities .

The theory also said actor Tom Hanks and Charles Barkley were arrested. Their pending charges were also linked to the Pope and the Vatican.

The Star

‘Chop my money!’ Politician throws Kush Tracey birthday

Singer Kush Tracey is living the good life thanks to a popular politician who has been funding her lifestyle. The politician who doubles up as a businessman treated the ‘Ni Ndulu’ hitmaker to a posh birthday over the weekend

A source who attended the birthday told Classic105.com that;

“It was a party to die for, the man is also vying for a seat in 2022 and the couple seem to be very serious’

Her 26th birthday went down at a five-star hotel in Nairobi.

Kush and Mheshimiwa have been spotted severally having drinks and getting cosy in restaurants.

Kush Tracey responded to the claims saying, “No comment”.

Previously, she was dating rapper Timmy T Dat but they split over irreconcilable differences. Mid last year, Tracey announced that she had turned a new leaf after leaving secular music.

Marry Willy Paul – Fans call out Kush Tracey for wearing booty shorts

Here is a snippet of the party;



‘Corona is real,’ says Diamond, talks manager being quarantined

Media pundits in Tanzania reported that music mogul Diamond Platnumz, his manager and dancers had been isolated after flying into Tanzania from Europe. Some even reported that the crew was infected after the singer’s manager was found positive.

Well, Diamond has rubbished all these ignorant rumours in an Instastory video saying that he and his people are well.

“That is an office issue and the internet has alot to say. Here I just want to talk to my fans and enjoy.  I hear they are saying I also have it. We are okay, The Lord has helped us.”

He went on to tell people to be vigilant.

“I want to urge people to make sure they are safe. Corona is real. We have to quarantine and to be careful even when we cough, lets try and dab.Lets pray to God that this will pass”

Diamond’s ex Lover Lulu Diva Talks About Her ‘Foursome’

Steamy Photos Of Savara’s Girlfriend Leave Fans Envious

Savara Mudigi was spotted in a cosy photo with Yvonne Endo confirming rumours that the two are dating. This is after speculations that date since 2018. In the recent photo, the Sauti Sol band member shared a photo together and wrote

‘Social Distancing’

Savara is the third Sauti Sol member to publicly show his bae. Early this month saw Bien walk down the aisle with long term girlfriend Chiki Kuruka. Polycarp also tied the knot in 2018 with Lady Mandy.

Celebrities reacted to Savara and Endo’s photo;

Bien: Heri waliompokea Bwana Yesu, Wana uzima.
Tallia Oyando: The sweetest girl ever 😍😍😍 love you guys
Polycarp: Kesi utajibu baadaye
Magix Enga: 🔥🔥 Produce watoto sasa back to back


Ladies, shoot Your Shot: Savara searching for a wife


Now meet the woman that has stolen Savara’s heart;

DJ Evolve’s hospital bill skyrockets to Ksh 13 million

DJ Evolve, real name Felix Orinda, is recovering well after his third surgery. DJ Shock, who has been keeping in touch with the family, said Evolve is doing well.

Shock said,

“He is still recovering but only his mother is allowed to be close to him, other visitors wave from the outside of the glass,This was after his third surgery so the wound can heal as quickly as possible”

His mother has to wear a mask and apron when she enters his ward.

“It’s not to do with Covid-19. This was the protocol even before it was in the country,” Shock said.

“Yes, the nurses clean the wound every five days, as he now has movement in his arms. Eventually his legs will respond as well. I believe, too, he will make a full recovery.”

However, despite this good news, the family is wary of the growing hospital bill.

Early this month, a High Court judge Luka Kimaru ruled the order to pay the bill could only be issued by a civil court and not a criminal court.

“The accused person should continue paying the hospital bill as a moral duty to him, not as a court order. If he fails to pay, it is up to him and his God,” Kimaru ruled.

The family has reservations if Embakasi MP Babu Owino will help them settle the hospital bill that keeps skyrocketing. Already, it is almost hitting the Sh13 million mark.

I chose to forgive myself-Babu Owino says about DJ Evolve incident

Babu Owino is accused of shooting DJ Evolve in the neck on January 16 at B Club on Galana Road, Kilimani. The case is ongoing.

Pregnant for who? Vivian refutes baby bump claims

Songbird Vivian has refuted claims she is heavy with child. She refuted that she and her husband Sam West are set to welcome a child together.

This was after Vivian posted a photo on Instagram with kids on her birthday and captioned it:

“Anyone, who believes I would be a good mum to these kids, including the one being baked? Yet to come.”

She later deleted the post, although fans had started sending in congratulatory messages.

In the photo, Vivian seems to have added some weight and the bulging midsection was visible.

The couple is, however, raising a blended family as Vivian came into the union with a daughter from a previous relationship, and Sam West also started the family with a son from a former relationship.

When we reached out, Vivian said,

“That was not a baby bump, it was just a joke. There was something I was doing on my birthday with kids. No, I’m not pregnant.”

‘My ex would mercilessly beat me,’ Vivian narrates to fiance Sam West

Diamond’s ex Lover Lulu Diva Talks About Her ‘Foursome’

Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover Lulu Diva has released an EP dubbed ‘Foursome’ a name that has gotten fans talking.

Diva stroke Kenyan fans when she was accused of cheating with Diamond while Tanasha was pregnant.

These are claims that she and the WCB CEO have never responded to.

Talking about the EP, Diva said that she named it ‘Foursome’ to create buzz around the release.

‘I wanted to attract people with the name meaning that I have collaborated with three men and myself making that four. Another person may call it foursome to mean that the EP has four songs.

Diva has featured Kenyan award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones, Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo and Tanzania’s FidQ.

‘I think Khaligraph is thebiggest rapper in East Africa meaning working with him right now is the best thing to reach the Kenyan market.’

Adding that;

‘I love his work and I knew he would take me to higher levels

Diva was previously rumoured to be dating Mheshimiwa Jaguar, claims she later refuted saying they are just friends.

Lulu Diva denies claims that she is pregnant with Diamond’s child

Sikua na shingo! See how Njugush’ wife has lost pregnancy weight

Njugush wife Celestine Ndinda has opened up on struggling to shed weight after the birth of her baby.

Baby Fat refers to the extra body weigth that a woman may put on during pregnancy.

The mother of one shared her past photo describing how she even did not have a ‘neck’, yaani she had added a lot of weight while she was still new to motherhood.

Check out the photo;

She even had to go to the gym and work out.

Luckily, the gym helped her so much that she even lost 17 kgs.

Imagine, all that.

She wrote;

“Sikuwa na shingo 🙈 baby fat was real! But guess what, less than one year later 17kgs down👏🏼👏🏼. @freddy_kaloki narudi tena gym sasa, hizi picha zimenichocha aki… enyewe nothing is impossible,” she wrote.

She then encouraged mothers fighting baby fats saying it is just a matter of time.

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

“And to all those struggling with baby fat imagine itaisha. Kwanza we Malizia breastfeeding toto then hit the gym or diet whichever works.”

Check out her current photos;





Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

As a man, you sometimes ask yourself whether you are bae, sponsor or a fossil.

According to women, these three categories are different and here is how.

‘Bae is a man who is aged 25, when you are past 25 but below 35 your are referred to as a potential given that you can make a good husband in the future.

According to women men above the age of 35-45 are called sponsors, this is because most of the time these men are married but have a woman on the side.’

Kenyan female celebrities with an amazing shoe-game (Photos)

If you are a  man above 45 you might be wondering what category you might fall in.

‘Men who are aged 45-65 are known as ancestors so do not get angry the next time a woman calls you that.’

In conclusion,

‘If you are a man who is aged 65-100 and dating a young woman then you should know that you are a fossil.’

Crazy as it may sound men in all the above categories have no trouble finding love, in fact, the older you become the easier it becomes for you to find love.

Especially when you are financially capable after all which woman would get horny for a man whose wallets are dry?

Which category are you at and maisha hio floor inakupeleka aje?

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