NO ROMANCE WITHOUT FINANCE? Kenyan Men Reveal How Their Wives Are More Into Money Than Love (Audio)

A day ago, men listeners called in to justify why they don’t talk to their women or have deep conversations with them, because they don’t have time for that, taking into consideration that they are the breadwinners.

This prompted Maina Kageni to ask Kenyan men why they think love and money are inseparable:

“What makes you think that all a woman wants is money and not your time and love? And why do Kenyan men think that love is all about the money and can never separate the two?”

According to Maina Kageni, most of these women met their men when they didn’t have money and were broke and rugged and still loved and supported them, so why does it change years down the line when the money comes?


The celebrated radio host emphasized on the need of men giving their wives attention and holding deep conversations with them at least once in a while, insisting that it’s not always about the money for Kenyan women.

However, this is something most Kenyan men totally disagree with, saying that Kenyan ladies are all about the money and that there can never be any romance without finance in any relationship or marriage.

The men called in, ranting about how their wives can’t stand them without money or how it’s hard to find a woman who will love you without money, with others saying that money and love are like twins for women.

Listen to the short audio below as Kenyan women complain about how their women prioritize money to love.



EXCLUSIVE! Bahati Reveals He’s Planning To Get Married Soon, Talks About Young Guys Who Date Older Women (VIDEO)

Kenyan gospel singer Bahati has over the years become one of the most celebrated artistes in the local music industry, known for his tear-jerking and inspirational songs.

Bahati, real name, Kevin Kioko has however in the last couple of months been involved in a few scandals and controversies several times, including his online and public beef with fellow singer Willy Paul.


The two are however in good terms now after they missed out on the Groove awards nominations for 2016, that jolted them into reality that their public stunts and online brawls were only affecting their music negatively.

Bahati has however decided to stay away from controversy and at the end of last year, he decided to go back to his roots and genuine Christian songs by dropping a new song with celebrated, veteran singer Jemimah Thiong’o dubbed Kwa Moyo Wangu.

Away from music, Bahati has also been in the limelight of late for his relationship after he revealed his girlfriend, Diana Marua, who he calls his ‘prayer partner’ a term that has made him trend for good and bad reasons.

His new boo, Diana Marua was the main video vixen in his wedding song, Mapenzi and soon afterward, it was revealed that the two were actually dating and are the newest and cutest couple in town.

Amazing! Gospel Singer Bahati Drops One Of The Most Romantic Love Songs

We recently had the chance to sit down with Bahati to open up about his personal life, including his love-hate relationship with Willy Paul.

bahati 2

Bahati has been hesitant to say that Diana Marua is his girlfriend and during the interview, we felt the need to ask him if he finds it hard to reveal he has a girlfriend considering he’s a gospel artistes. We also sought to know when he plans to settle down.

Sizzling Romance! This Is How Bahati And His Beautiful Girlfriend Diana Marua Met

We also asked him what prompted him to adopt his three children, lessons learnt from his poverty stricken days to now when he has money and fame.

Watch the short video below as Bahati reveals all the juicy details about settling down, Willy Paul, his adopted children and what he thinks about older women who date younger men, aka Ben 10’s.




Bishop Allan Kiuna Invites Secular Jamaican Singer Alaine To Perform At His Popular Church (VIDEO)

Jamaican singer and songwriter Alaine Laughton is one of the most successful and most sought-after reggae female artistes known for songs like Nakupenda Pia featuring Wyre, Without You, No Ordinary Love just to mention a few.

The mellow-voiced singer is currently in the country for a project they have been working on with controversial but talented gospel singer Willy Paul, which is apparently a wedding song.

Willy Paul and Alaine shocked everyone when the Fanya hitmaker shared the wedding photos on his social media looking happy and cozy with the down to earth singer, with many thinking that it was indeed a wedding.


Though Willy Paul has severally denied that it was not a publicity stunt, the truth has eventually come out after the two officially released the music video, which happens to be a wedding song dubbed I DO.

LOVE ON TOP! Willy Paul And Jamaican Singer Alaine Are An Item, Check Out Their Beautiful Nuptials (VIDEO)

But before the official release of the music video, Willy Paul and Alaine had been sharing photos and videos of each other, cuddling and looking very relaxed and warm, which of course, was aimed and creating hype for the song.

At some point, Willy Paul took Alaine to his church in Kenya, the popular JCC hosted by top Kenyan preachers, Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife, Reverend Kathy Kiuna.


At some point, Bishop Allan Kiuna called Alaine to the pulpit, to greet the worshippers and just when she was about to leave, the popular preacher requested her to drop a few lines and Alaine obliged.

Love Knows No Boundaries! Gospel Singer Willy Paul Cuddles Up To His New Jamaican ‘Wife’ Alaine (PHOTOS)

She then went on to sing her popular inspirational gospel song dubbed Jah Is So Good, but now it got awkward because in the Kenyan churches, only God is used and not Jah.

But I bet that at the end of the day it’s all about the message and intention. Check out the video below as Alaine wows the crowd at Bishop Allan Kiuna and  Cathy Kiuna’s church.

Was blessed and warmly welcomed at JCC…. #Jahissogood #yesido

A post shared by Alaine (@alainesinga) on

Dear ladies, here is how to know that you are dating an ‘ancestor’

It’s always a dream or rather wish of any woman to have a good life, a nice husband, and family. To many, this come true but to some, it doesn’t. We have seen many women of our generations ‘make it’ thanks to the new crop of men i.e sponsors who spend all their savings on these beauties. From showering them with expensive gifts to renting them luxurious apartments in the city’s suburbs, these species of men (sponsors) have indeed saved many from poverty.

Sponsors come in different ages. We have ancestors someone; who is twice your age and fossils; who are your father’s agemates or your grandpa’s age or even older. Dear ladies, here are 8 ways to tell that your sponsor is a fossil (someone old enough to be your grandfather and here are some of the interesting answers I got

1. Dress code

He wears those shiny oversized suits, a hat, and a leather jacket is a must (starter pack ya sponsor). They always dress as if they are going for horse racing events and so should you. He will never allow you to dress skimpily. If you spot a chic in a club dressed in a trouser, knee length boots, a leather jacket, and t-shirt, be sure she is with her sponsor.


2. Music

His type of music says it all. A fossil cannot take you to to a classy joint. He will take you to Mugithii Night or at his local somewhere in Kiambu, Muthiga, Dagoretti Corner or somewhere around Ruaka or Donholm for mbuzi choma and guaranas.


3. No selfies

He will never allow you to take photos of him or you two when you’re together. They are ‘allergic’ to photos maybe because they are old and rarely have social media accounts. They have a Whatsapp group where they exchange photos of naked women and discuss how they would smash if they are given a chance.


4. Choice of drinks

A fossil will never buy you Moet or other expensive drinks (izo onea tu kwa adverts). Most of they like these Guarana-guzzling generation. He will buy you a six pack knowing that you will pay letter in kindness. And for him, he only takes beer (local beer to be precise).


5. ‘Come with your friends’

He will always ask you to tag along with your friends whenever he invites you out. This is a chance for him to prey on your friends so be careful! Next time he will ask you for a threesome. Ladies, if your man asks you to invite your friends don’t.


6. Hang out joints

They will always hang out at their friends’ local pub. Every time he invites you out just know unapelekwa pale kwa Njoroge for mutura and supu ya kichwa. They like promoting their friends.


7. Oh! He will never satisfy you in bed. He cannot last long. Most are one minute men.


LOVE ON TOP! Willy Paul And Jamaican Singer Alaine Are An Item, Check Out Their Beautiful Nuptials (VIDEO)

Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul and Jamaican beauty Alaine recently revealed that they had exchanged wedding vows after the Fanya hit-maker shared the photos online.

The two have been sharing photos while getting cosy and cuddling after he revealed that he actually married the beautiful singer at a private wedding ceremony, but many were convinced that this was a publicity stunt.

When Willy Paul was contacted and asked whether he had actually made Alaine his wife, he confirmed the marriage news, insisting that it was not a music video and that he was officially taken.


Of course, we all knew that it was all a publicity stunt that he often uses when he’s almost dropping new music and even though he still wanted fans to believe he was now hitched, his plan backfired.

During an interview with one of our writers, Bahati’s protege Weezdom revealed that Willy Paul – who is now one of his close friends after he fell out with Bahati – had called him to feature in his music video, letting the cat out of the bag.

Love Knows No Boundaries! Gospel Singer Willy Paul Cuddles Up To His New Jamaican ‘Wife’ Alaine (PHOTOS)

So, finally the much-anticipated wedding song from Willy Paul is finally out dubbed I DO, and it’s exactly what I expected it to be, just another basic love story which ends up with the couple walking down the aisle.


In the music video, Willy Paul, and Alaine meet up at a shopping mall and afterward, they hook up and eventually decided to become husband and wife, with each promising to love and cherish for the rest of their lives.

The video quality is top-notch, with a beautiful wedding scenery and after party, as the couple exchange costumes in the different scenes and the incredible voices rhyme very well, but I feel that they could have done better in terms of concept.


The script for the music video is too basic and there’s nothing really unique about it, other than the fact that it’s Alaine, who is a renowned singer all over the world, on the track.

Without further ado, watch the new wedding song from Willy Paul and Alaine below. Is it a hit or a miss?

EXQUISITE! Check Out These Behind The Scenes Videos And Photos Of Sarah Hassan’s Glorious Wedding Affair

Sarah Hassan, popularly known as Tanya, recently walked down the aisle with the love of her life, Martin Ndale on Saturday 25th at a colourful ceremony at the serene Karura forest.

The beautiful wedding affair saw Sarah Hassan’s close friends and family come together to celebrate the renowned actress and media personality, with very familiar faces from the entertainment industry gracing the occasion too.

Sarah Hassan and her now husband have been living in the United States since they moved there back in 2016 a few months after her lavish engagement, leaving behind a thriving career to pursue further her studies at the prestigious New York Film Academy.


The stunning TV personality donned a flawless, strapless white gown that made her look like a princess, accentuating her curves and showcasing her beauty with a classy, silver head jewelry.

Actress Sarah Hassan Is Engaged

There’s no doubt that the former Tahidi High actress looked astonishing and magnificent and though she has kept her honeymoon plans secret the same way she was silent about the wedding details, she is the happiest girl after marrying the love of her life.

As you know, there’s a lot involved on the wedding day, the most crucial thing being photography/video because every bride and groom wants every moment captured.


Sarah Hassan’s official photographer recently shared a few videos and photos of behind the scenes from the wedding after she dressed up and I have to say, she was one of the most beautiful and glamourous brides I’ve ever seen.

Check out the photos and videos below courtesy Ben Kiruthi




MEN TAKE NOTE! This Has To Be The Most Romantic Kenyan Man, Listen To How He Thinks Women Should Be Treated (AUDIO)

There has been a discussion going on about trust in marriages and how women have issues with their husbands to the point where they trust their pastors more than their spouses.

According to a new online poll, women trust their pastors more, followed by their children, and then their male supervisors at work and at number four, their husbands, results that shocked Kenyan men.

Maina Kageni decided that it would be nice to go to the root of the problem and find out what the main issue is and how often men take the time to have deep, intimate talks with their wives.

Basically, the popular radio presenter had this one question to the men; “When is the last time you had a deep, decent and honest conversation with your better half? And I’m not talking about a conversation about rent, school fees, money, gas, and electricity.”

As it turns out, a lot of men were offended by the online poll which revealed that they were number four when it comes to the trust scale from their wives, with some even telling Maina Kageni that’s why they even cheat on them.

Most men called in ranting about how their women are not loyal, and how they have guts to go talk to other men, with others saying their role in the family is to look for money and pay for bills and not engage in lovely dovey and personal talks.

But in the midst of all the negative comments, there was this particular man who was saddened by how Kenyan men blame their women for everything, even when they know at times it’s their fault and they don’t even put any effort to make things work, like talking to them.

He described how a real man is the one who treats his woman right, spends time with her, gets romantic, compliments her and that way, she will trust him and open up more.

Listen to the sweet, loving man below, this is one romantic Kenyan man who knows how to treat a lady.


Perfect Dose of Laughter! Nick Odhiambo And Larry Asego Dedicate This Sweet, Love Song To Single Ladies (Audio)

If you want a dose of laughter every day, make sure you tune into Classic 105 in the afternoon for Larry, Nick and Friends show, hosted by of course, Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego.

The two radio kings are known for their rib-cracking jokes and humor and are able to turn a dull moment into the brightest of moods.

The two gentlemen come off as rather romantic, Luopeans who will spoil their women rotten and make them feel special, loved and appreciated.

I know Valentines is over, but you know what they say, real love is celebrated every day and in regards to this, Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego decided to jot down a love song for ladies.


But since they couldn’t dedicate the song to women who are taken or dating, they decided to write the ABC’s of love for the single women, who are lonely and need some warmth.

Larry Asego and Nick are too hilarious and you can be sure that this is not your ordinary kind of love song, and by the time you finish listening to it, I promise you will be rolling on the floor with laughter.

Larry and Nick’s ABC’s (A-Z)of love give each alphabetical letter a meaning in terms of love and romance, and some of it will blow your mind away.

A part of the lyrics read; “A stands for another day with you baby, C means Can’t get enough of you baby.” 

Listen to the full love songs below, this is bound to make your day.


Sizzling Romance! This Is How Bahati And His Beautiful Girlfriend Diana Marua Met

Every love story has a beginning.

So does Bahati’s fairy tale story with video vixen and model, Diana Marua.

Bahati was on Kiss FM’s breakfast show with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru. He was put on the hot seat and asked about his new boo, Diana Marua.

He was asked how he met Diana. The two played the role of groom and bride in his music video Mapenzi.

Gospel Singer Is Bahati Back With a Bang, Drops New Song With Jemmimah Thiong’o (Video)

Bahati said, “Hizi streets tuu,” adding, “I don’t normally respond to these questions.” After being pushed, the Kumbe Kumbe hitmaker narrated;

“We met before we did the video together. It was a month before then. I was online at midnight and I saw someone had liked my photos, ka sita. Ni usiku, there is nothing to do. Interactions sio mob hiyo time. I was like, who is this? I checked her profile and liked her photos.”


Mr Seed interjected, “Are you saved,” he said laughing.

“I asked, ‘Do you like to pray?’ Bahati added, “I was kidding. I don’t slide into DMs,” answering Adelle’s query if he hit Diana up on her Instagram direct messages.

Shaffie asked Bahati what a prayer partner is, Bahati finally defined it for all his fans.

“Huyo ni mtu mnaweza pray na yeye and share a lot,” he said. Adding, “I was wondering what the big deal is with a prayer partner? Si you need to date?”


Love Knows No Boundaries! Gospel Singer Willy Paul Cuddles Up To His New Jamaican ‘Wife’ Alaine (PHOTOS)

Gospel singer Willy Paul is one of the most talented but at the same time most controversial gospel singers in Kenya.

The celebrated singer is also one of the youngest celebrities in Kenya and over the years, he has garnered a lot of fans for his catchy and unique style of music.

Willy Paul, real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido has however also been in the limelight for the wrong reasons after a few scandals over the last 3 years or so, like; being accused of impregnating a girl then instructing her to abort, drinking alcohol and also sabotaging Bahati’s music career.


But away from all that, Willy Paul is a very talented young man, who has worked hard to come out of his poverty-stricken background and challenges and honestly, you have to give it to him when it comes to being a go-getter.

Hit Or Miss? Controversial Gospel Artist, Willy Paul, Drops a New Dancehall Music Video

The Fanya hitmaker currently shocked his fans after he shared photos exchanging vows with Jamaican superstar Alaine, known for her secular songs like; No Ordinary Love, Wafula, You Are Me, Spin Mi and Nakupenda Pia featuring Kenyan rapper Wyre.

Many fans were left confused and even after Willy Paul was interviewed about it, he insisted that this were not photos from a music video shoot and that he indeed made Alaine his wife in the colorful wedding event.


The two singers have been hanging out together and Willy Paul has even been sharing photos and videos of them cuddling and enjoying each others company, seemingly fascinated.

Willy Paul May Be Young, But His Suit Game Is So On Point. Check Him Out (Photos)

But word on the street is that the two are working on a new project and though Willy Paul does not want to admit it, he will have to reveal the wedding song or rather project they are working on.

Check out some of the photos of Alaine and Willy Paul as they get cozy with each other below.

With my Alaine worshiping at home @alainesinga

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on


Beauty Beyond Measure! 7 Kenyan Celebrities Dating Beautiful And Elegant Dark-Skinned Ladies

For some reason, men seem to consider a lady’s skin complexion before dating her, and if you check most of the Kenyan celebrities who have girlfriends and wives, most of them are light skinned.

But there are still those who see beauty in a dark skinned lady because at the end of the day, it’s more than just the physical appearance.

In regards to this, how about we take a look at some Kenyan celebrities who are dating or are married to dark skinned ladies.

Check them out;

1. Waihiga Mwaura And Joyce Omondi
The two, who have been married for a year plus, do make a wonderful couple. After a relationship which was well kept from the public eye, the two later wedded at an invites only wedding which was graced by the big names in the media industry.


2. Actor Philip Karanja And Celina (Kate)
The two have been dating for the longest time now and they do look adorable. Philip is an actor and Kate is an actress who met in the film industry.


3. Rapper Timmy Tdat And Dela
Even though the two decided to go private in their relationship, it is evident that rapper Timmy has that African taste when it comes to ladies. Nevertheless, all the lasses he has dated before are dark.


4. Pastor Allan Kiuna And Kathy Kiuna
They are one of the celebrity religious leaders in town and without a doubt these two are trendsetters. Their work in the ministry is well recognized.


5. Dj Soxxy And Anne Wanjiku
After dating for almost four years, Dj Soxxy decided to make it official by walking Anne down the aisle. Since then, the two are blessed with two adorable children.


6. Dj Krowbar And Joy
They have been married for some time now with two daughters, not to mention the inspiration they have been giving to other couples.


7. John Allan Namu
The former KTN news anchor and investigative journalist is married to the love of his life, Sheena Makena. The two walked down the aisle back in September 2010.
“My wife and I were very good friends even before I fell in love with her. She wouldn’t judge me even with a high-flying career. She took the time to understand my flaws, weaknesses, and strengths,” Allan said about his wife in an interview a few years back.



OH NO! Married Men Express Their Disappointment After Poll Reveals That Women Trust Pastors More Than Their Husbands (AUDIO)

Looks like married life is not as easy as couples make it look from the outside.

So, a new online poll suggests that women trust their pastors more than they trust their husbands, and that’s not all.

Other than the women trusting their pastors more, the poll also suggested that men rank number four in this hierarchy of trust, with women trusting their pastors first, then their children, their male supervisors at work and then their husbands.

This came as a shock to Maina Kageni, who posed the question to caller on why women don’t have trust in their husbands at all, is it the man’s fault or is it the women who just want to seek attention outside?


One of the reasons people get married is because they have love and trust for each other, so what happens when you can’t trust the person who should be the love of your life or when you find out that your wife can’t trust you?

You would think that for a married woman, the only other person she would trust other than her parents, would be her better half since he is the one she decided to spend the rest of her life with.

When Maina Kageni revealed the results of this online poll, Kenyan men did not take it lightly, with most of them ranting about how their wives are ungrateful and show them, love, thus they end up cheating on them.

sad-black-woman (1)

But it was not just the men who were angered by this poll, there’s a certain female caller who defended the men, telling the women that even pastors are men and can also turn against them later on since they are also human beings.

Listen to the short audio below as married men candidly open up to Maina Kageni.




WOW! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Once Stole Ksh1000 From Her Mum’s Handbag (Video)

You all know her as the new female presenter at Classic 105’s mid-morning show but there’s more to Mimmy Khamis than meets the eye.

The soft-spoken yet eloquent presenter is currently the only female radio host at Classic 105 who’s taken up the challenge enthusiastically, learning from radio kings like Maina Kageni and Larry Asego.

Mimmy Khamis is very conversant with the kind of music her listeners love and prefer to listen to, and when it comes to introducing songs, no one does it better than her, giving out all details and information you need about the particular kind of music.


The black beauty is also very humble, soft-spoken and if you ever encounter her you immediately notice how she oozes confidence. Recently, she revealed that she is a lover of love, and even shared a couple of her all time love songs that she would listen to over and over again.

But other than that, there’s a lot more to Mimmy Khamis and in a recent interview, she revealed some of the things we didn’t know about her, some are surprising while others are shocking and well, some are just hilarious.

THIS IS WHAT TICKLES HER FANCY! Mimmy Khamis Reveals Her Top 5 Love Songs Of All Time (Video)

When I asked Mimmy Khamis about the 5 things we didn’t know about her, she first went into deep thought, trying to recollect some of them and then she suddenly burst into laughter, and that’s when I knew that this would be very interesting!


The sassy lady disclosed a lot, but what caught my attention was when she confessed that she once stole Sh1000 from her mum’s handbag a few years back, to see if her mum would notice, but sadly she didn’t so Mimmy ended up using the money, which she regrets to this day.

LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

Mimmy Khamis also revealed that she was school mates with fellow radio presenter Larry Asego. Find out which school they went to including other things you didn’t know about Mimmy Khamis below.




Who Knew She Could Bust a Move? Carol Radull Shows Off Her Dancing Skills

Celebrated sportswoman Carol Radull is one of the biggest media personalities in the country and her love for sports, more so football, is on another level.

Carol Radull hosts her popular and number one sports show in the country, The Score Kenya with the humorous and talkative Roy Karuhize and Kieni Githinji, which is aired on Classic 105 every Saturday.

“I’ve Supported Arsenal For Almost 15 Years” Says Carol Radull

The celebrated sports presenter is a force to reckon with and is never shy to speaks her mind in terms of football matters and any trending issues in the country.


Carol Radull and her crew decided to do The Score KE show different this time round, by taking it outdoors unlike the other days where they present and interact with their fans and listeners from the walls of the studio.

The presenters took the popular football show to show to Choices, along Baricho road so that they would interact with the listeners and thereafter an after party.

PHOTOS: TheScoreKE was live at Choices, Baricho Road

During the celebrations, Carol Radull took the time to get on stage and show off her dancing skills, a side of her she rarely shows to the public.


From the pictures, you can tell that she was very thrilled to engage with her fans, one on one, and what a better way to appreciate them than showing a side of her we never knew.

Check out the photos below as Carol Radull proves that she doesn’t have two left feet.


BLESSINGS GALORE! Kenyan Rapper Big Pin Is A Proud Uncle, Welcomes a Baby Girl (PHOTO)

You may probably remember him from his hit songs like Natafuta, Tera Moss, Big Pin and East from the Beast, but this veteran rapper has been off the limelight for a while now.

Big Pin, real name Chrispin Mwagale was one of the biggest rappers back in the day, and though he may have taken a musical hiatus, he still remains one of the most respected artistes in the country.


The rapper-cum-singer was signed to Ogopa Deejays and in December 2004, Big Pin won the KORA Award for Best Male Artiste in East Africa for his smash hit song Natafuta.

Well, after leaving the music industry to focus on other endeavors, little is known about what Big Pin’s been upto, but word on the street is that he’s doing well after settling down.

What we do know is that Big Pin is officially an uncle after he revealed that he had been blessed with a cute niece, a baby girl by the name Erica.

The Nairobi Party hitmaker took to his social media to show off the newborn, expressing his joy and excitement at finally being a father, as he cuddles her in his arms and lovingly gazes at her;

Now this deserves color welcome to the world baby 👶 #Erica

Congratulations to the rapper and his family. We hope he will share more photos of the little angel soon.


HOW HEART-WARMING! Check Out Diamond Platnumz And Zari’s Sweet Moments With Son Prince Nillan

Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz is one lucky man, and not just because of his successful music career, but also for having landed one of the most beautiful women in Africa.

Diamond is currently married to Ugandan-native and former socialite Zarinah Hassan and the two are blessed with two children, the first born, a daughter by the name Tiffah Dangote and a son, Prince Nillan.

The lovely couple welcomed their second child Prince Nillan back in September, and recently celebrated his 40 days in Tanzania, a classy and elegant event filled with pomp and colour.


Zari got pregnant with her second child before Tiffah even turned a year old, something that caused a misunderstanding with her main man Chiba Dangote, who felt that it was too early to get another kid, but later on, the two reconciled and have been blissful since then.

Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

Though she still looks so young and stunning, Zari is actually a mother of five children in total, with the other three kids from her former husband, Ivan Semwanga.

The lovely couple has been able to keep their love going despite the glaring attention of the public and scrutiny, and even when Diamond Platnumz was accused of cheating, she stood by her man.


Zari and Diamond Platnumz recently unveiled their son’s face at his 40 days celebration and the newborn is a spitting image of his father.

Diamond Platnumz Summoned By Tanzanian Police After Committing This Devious Offence

Since they already revealed the cute boy to the world, they have began sharing more heart-warming photos of the little one and I can’t help but marvel at how cute he looks.

Check out Diamond and Zari as they spend quality time with their cuddly son below.

Me and my lil man @princenillan doing nyt shiftz😍

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on




Aki Yaooo! 5 Times Maina Kageni Made Kenyan Men Die Of Jealousy (PHOTOS)

Celebrated radio presenter Maina Kageni  has set the bar really high in his career in radio which is what keeps listeners tuned in and entertained.

The Classic 105 radio host has been in the Kenyan media industry for more than a decade and is still going strong years down the line.

How he maintains his youthful looks is a secret he needs to tell us.


The renowned radio king is loved by many and in a recent study, it was revealed that he’s among the list of the most popular radio presenters in Kenya.

TBT! Maina Kageni Is Almost Unrecognizable In This Old Photo

The Manchester United diehard fun recently hosted the Grammy award-winning all-girl group, Sisters With Voices popularly known as SWV and boy band Blackstreet in Kenya for their mega pre-Valentines show at KICC last weekend.


American R&B Group SWV Reveal To Maina Kageni How Plastic Surgery Has Enhanced Their Looks (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Maina Kageni who was the main host of the event, had full access to the R&B superstars, which means he was interacting with them one on one and from the photos we have, the lady singers loved him and really enjoyed his company.

When Maina Kageni shared a photo with SWV surrounding and cuddling him, after their exclusive interview on Classic 105, male fans responded with envy after the attention the radio presenter was getting from the bevy of beauties.

The Proposal Of The Year! How Maina Kageni Made It Happen (PHOTOS)

Other than the studio, Maina Kageni also got to spend quality time with SWV later on and their chemistry made him the envy of every Kenyan man who wished to get the close and flirty with the beautiful and stunning American singers.

Check out these 5 photos that made Kenyan men die of jealous.









Y’all Play Too Much: Check Out These Hilarious Tweets On The Prayer Partner Trend

Bahati has been making headlines for weeks now, and NO, it’s not because of a new song or anything like that; although he has a new song ft Mr Seed dubbed Kumbe Kumbe.


Where was I again? Oh yes. So after Bahati released his track Mapenzi, everyone wondered who was the beautiful lady in his video was. Well, it’s Diana Marua. I really don’t know what she does but she has now become famous all of a sudden.

Bahati has been seen a number of times cozying up to Diana and when asked, he gave a really funny response that has got everyone laughing. He claimed that she is his ‘Prayer Partner’.

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Now this word has a clear meaning; the real meaning is someone whom you pray or read the scripture together. But many people don’t think that is what Bahati meant when he said Diana is his prayer partner.


Well, social media has gone crazy especially twitter making the prayer partner word a trend. Everyone is now showing off their prayer partners and I must say, this trend is the most hilarious trend I’ve come across. Who am I kidding, lol.

In case your weekend has started on a wrong note, let me do the honor of making it better for you. Check out some hilarious tweets on the whole prayer partner trend;