Is Eddie Butita the most handsome Kenyan comedian?

We all agree in the saying Black is Beautiful.

Black people have been disrespected and looked down upon because of their skin tone, until we held hands and stood up for ourselves and began to embrace our skin tone and now we appreciate and raise other black people’s self esteem by having different slogans such Black Excellence, Melanin Popping, The Blacker the Berry and many others.

This has made both women and men all around the world to feel beautiful and feel accepted in the society.

In Kenya we have many black beautiful people and we all know of one man whom we love and laugh at his jokes.

Kenyan Comedian Eddie Butita is a true definiton of The Blacker the Berry, and isn’t afraid to embrace it.

He is one of the funniest comedians in the country and he is currently dating Mamito, a Kenyan female comedian who also drips in melanin.

The Sh20Million dowry demand made by Kagwe Mungai that will leave your mind spinning

Thinking out loud, imagine how beautiful their kids would be if they decided to spend the rest of their lives together, well that is just a thought.

Butita is definitely the most attractive comedian in that industry and if one doubts it, just take a look at him in the pictures below and this will most probably change your mind.



butita 4




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I was skeptical about ‘Kufa Juu’ says Creme de la Creme

Kenya’s high flying entertainer DJ Creme de la Creme has finally decided to be a full producer.

The new club banger hit ‘Kufa Juu’ was produced by DJ Creme de la Creme and the song is already becoming the most played hit in Kenya.

We cannot deny as the song brings an old school, reggae dance-able type of vibe that reminds us of the one of the best era’s of Kenyan Music.

In an Interview with us, he talked about the song.

” It all started when I dropped my ‘kiddo’ in school and was heading to my studio at Valley Arcade when I missed listening to the old school kind of vibe. I started making beats when my friend Timeless came by the studio and heard the beat playing, he felt the beat and started rapping some words and Kufa Juu just flowed with the beat. The Kansoul were not even part of it until they had the beat and told me ‘tuko ndani’ Creme and that’s how it all began.

One thing Kenyans don’t know is that the talented DJ has been a producer for 4 years and he was part of the production on Victoria Kimani’s and Redsan song Live it Up.

When asked about how the Kenyan music industry was doing, he said,

“As a DJ I’m  humble to see how Kenyan music is changing, I’m grateful for bloggers, upcoming artist, radio presenters for bringing the music industry alive and supporting the industry. I want to play a key role in the music industry and one day look back and be proud of helping it grow. I believe in a few years to come, Kenyan music will be on another level.”
 Watch the Interview below.


Zari gives her sentiments on the South African law to not spank children

Africans learnt and inherited a lot of Western culture after colonization but still retained some, like spanking of their children.

Spare the rod and spoil the child is a common proverb used in many Africans homes which means if the child is not punished when they do wrong their personal development will suffer and it still dwells till today.

South Africa is the first country in Africa to make it illegal to spank a child.

Johannesburg Sonke Gender Justice welcomed a court ruling that made it illegal to spank their own child in South Africa after the case of a father who had been found guilty of assault because he beat his 13-year-old son in a manner that exceeded the bounds of reasonable chastisement.

This, therefore, meant that parents who hit their children will no longer be able to raise a special defence if they are charged.

Most parents from other African countries did not agree with the new law in South Africa including the famous African star Zari from Uganda.

Zari posted on social media her sentiment about the law and tagged her son in order to make her statement clear to her children.


“Chiiiiillllddd, for as long as you re still living under my roof it’s my rules my way. I’ll spank and kick the naughty spirits out of you. Don’t give me that look about what the government said about beating children and their rights. But if you wanna move in with your 3 Presidents Mr M7, Mr Magufuli or Mr Ramaphosa, I’ll gladly put you on the next flight or call uber for you if you know their addresses . Happy Human Rights Day South African @princenillan. “

Well, I totally agree with: “asiye funzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu” and no parent would want to see their children go astray in future.


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Check out how former Taita Taveta woman rep Joyce Lay slays (photos)

Joyce Wanjala Lay is one ambitious, hardworking woman.

She was the former first woman representative of the County of Taita Taveta where she was keen in ensure representation, legislation and oversight and promoting the interests of women and the girl child within Taita Taveta County.

Joyce Lay is also a woman of great taste when it comes to being fashionable and the right amount of make up to use.

She knows how to dress to different occasions. She looks glam in cocktails, business and casual days.



wlay 4

wlay 1



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Three meals a day reduces diabetic’s glucose levels and insulin requirements

A blow out breakfast, ‘average’ lunch and small dinner may be the best combination for those suffering from diabetes or obesity, new research suggests.

Obese diabetes patients following such a diet lose 11lbs (5kg) over three months compared to a 3lb (1.4kg) weight gain for those eating the traditionally recommended weight-loss plan of six small meals a day, a study found.

Sticking to just three meals a day of varying sizes also reduces diabetics’ glucose levels and insulin requirements, as well as their hunger and carbohydrate cravings, the research adds.


Lead author Dr Daniela Jakubowicz, from Tel Aviv University, said: ‘The hour of the day—when you eat and how frequently you eat—is more important than what you eat and how many calories you eat.

‘Our body metabolism changes throughout the day.

‘A slice of bread consumed at breakfast leads to a lower glucose response and is less fattening than an identical slice of bread consumed in the evening.’

Around 17 million people in the UK have diabetes, which may be undiagnosed. Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to carrying excess weight, affects approximately 90 per cent of sufferers.

Proof that Diamond’s mother loves Zari’s children

There is nothing beautiful like a mother and son relationship, where the son appreciates and remembers their mother once they make it in life. But nothing is more heart melting than a mother who supports her son in every move.

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz is one lucky son to have a mother that stays right by his side when times are rough.

Mama Dangote is one loving grandparent to Diamond’s children. Its nothing but love that she gives to them.

In Tanzania, sons are highly praised and when Zari gave Diamond a son the mother was very happy to have a grandson.

Despite the rumours that Nillan is not Diamond’s son, she still cherishes and loves him.

It is evident she adores and loves Nillan as she posts pictures of him frequently on social media.

She posted a picture of him recently with the caption.



In another post, she said this to her grandson:

“Village boy..wangu peke angu 😍😍@princenillan toto ya simbaaaaa🦁.”

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Is there such a thing like a demanding woman, asks Maina Kageni

Today’s morning conversation on Classic 105 FM the topic was whether women are demanding or if they are misunderstood and they push men in the right direction.

Maina and King’angi’ had different opinions about it. Maina thinks that women push men in the right direction because most Kenyan men are not ambitious while King’angi thinks women are too demanding such that they push men to the limit.

A lady called and said that women are not demanding because they can’t ask for something they know their husband can’t afford or avail. She also added.

“When we ask our men to do things for us, we are pushing them to give us the best, it is not bad for a woman to get the best. Asking a man to give you the best doesn’t mean you are demanding if he can afford it.”

One of the callers had a really bad perception of women and called them animals and a disease because they are too pushy and ungrateful.

An emotional story was told by a caller who witnessed a man being pushed to the limit by his wife and at the end lost everything. He said that the woman compared her husband with his friend who was well off.  Therefore the husband went and borrowed loans in order to satisfy his wife’s needs. She continued to push him and he couldn’t afford to repay the loans he had borrowed and the bank finally came to auction his belongings because he couldn’t repay the money.

Why is it so hard to give your man cash asks Maina Kageni (audio)

Maina finished the conversation by saying ” I believe a woman can not push you unless she knows you can come through.”

Listen to the full conversation below.

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Mother-Daughter Goals! Check how Beyonce and Blue were stunting in Los Angeles ( Photos)

The Carter’s looked glamourous while attending the second annual Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles.

They went along with their first born daughter Blue Ivy who clearly appreciates fine arts and has enough money in her bank account to purchase.

The 6-year-old bid on an acrylic painting of a young Sidney Poitier, valued at $16,000. The starting bid for the art piece was $10,000 and, Blue bid the art at $19,000.

Beyonce reportedly also won a set of Lorraine Schwartz panther earrings for a winning bid of $17,000.

Despite them going home with fine art and awards, Beyonce, Blue ivy stole the show as they looked like goddesses.

Blue Ivy was stunting just like her mother and we all know Beyonce always impresses.

They are clearly mother and daughter goals as they looked like golden pieces of art.

Check out how stunning they looked.

blue 1


blue ivy


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Instead of taking your wife to ‘Ocha’ here are places to treat her during Easter


Easter is right around the corner and it’s a norm in Kenya homes for families to travel upcountry to visit their relatives and bond over the four day holiday.

In most cases wives and children always wish they could spend more time at home and if lucky children always wish for their parents to go out and have their own time so they can also be alone.

Why is it so hard to give your man cash asks Maina Kageni (audio)

Well maybe these places can give men an idea of where to take their wives or girlfriends for a special treat.

1. Take your wife to Church trips and seminars. Many churches organize trips for couples to go for seminars where they can learn more on relationships and how to strengthen their bond. Also they are advised to go to places such as Resurrection gardens where they go to pray and worship all day.

2. Take your loved one’s to Holy places such Israel. Well this can be a good breather for a couple where they get to go for a vacation outside the country. During this kind of trip, lovers can visit the famous wall among other religious sites.

3. Go out and enjoy the day by taking her for a picnic. This can be a romantic and cheap idea where you can go to the parks around like Uhuru park, Jeevanjee Gardens and just have a talk and a lovely meal.

4. Visit national parks and reserves. Kenya has many beautiful  national parks and it can be a good safari since they are cheaper than anywhere else in Africa. Some of the best parks are Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, Amboseli National Park, Nairobi National park and many more.

5.V isit the needy like orphans, prisoners, elderly and do a good deed together. This is one heart warming thing to do since it is helping and putting smiles to those that really deserve it. As a couple there are so many places to go in order to help the needy. You can go to women and men prisons such as Kamiti prison, Rehema orphanage home.

This are just a few ideas of where and how a couple can spend Easter together.

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Dela slams trolls after cruel jibes about having cellulite

Kenyan singer Dela has set haters right with a stinging clapback after they made fun of her cellulite.

She has decided to embrace her body and show them off regardless. She insists that she is proud of her body and won’t let anyone bring her down.

She found herself at the centre of criticism after posting a photo in a bathing suit, suggesting to her fans that she has a beach body. for years, women have been body shamed for not having the perfect body.

She was unapologetic saying;

“How to get a beach body:
1. Have a body
2. Take it to the beac

A grown ass person (how grown they are is up for debate 🙄) actually called me and told me to take down a certain pic I posted coz my “cellulite is showing”. And they were dead serious. Like it was an emergency! 😂😂😂 sema kuwaste airtime! Are we seriously still body-shaming in this day and age? 😒 All I can say is, it says a lot about them😖. They should teach self-love in school.”

Being too skinny was bad, being too thick was bad. I mean no matter what women did the internet, magazines always had a different perspective on what a great body should look.

Until recently where all around the world had enough of people’s opinion and decided to embrace their bodies where one is big, skinny, has stretch marks all over or even had cellulite.

Yemi Alade rocks the stage at the Koroga Festival (Photos)

Most female Magazines stopped using phrases like toned, strong and sexy and started to embrace all kinds of body shapes.

So instead of taking down the photos she stood up for herself and embraced her body.



Her fans supported her and showed her love.

Maureen …you look beautiful. Go girl, flaunt the curves😜

Magreei9.. Know thighself you look good ma’

Ms_murage ..You have inspired me. Do you🙌😘

Mwazear nice look. Beauty body


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No one deserves to be an orphan! Zari’s son remembers late father in emotional post

Every son needs a father to be his guardian and role model in their life and it is quite heart breaking for Zari’s son that it’s been months since his loving father died.

Raphael Junior, Zari’s second-born son took time to remember his late father by posting an emotional video on social media.

The video is one of many good memories of him and his 2 brothers shared with their father.

“Never Forgotten Moments.”

It is evident that Ivan’s Ssemwanga children loved him and are yet to come to terms with the death of their dad. At his burial in 2017, they shared with other mourners a memory in this moving tribute, which read.


It has been hard for the young boys to accept the demise of their dad . Raphael and his brothers continue to mourn, revealing their sad thoughts;

“It hurts to think that you are not here anymore. Although I can’t help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together; I will miss you Dady and I cant stop crying anymore when I think of you Dady @ivandon,” Raphael wrote on Instagram after his dad passed away.”

Here is the video Raphael posted on social media to remember his late father.

❤️ @ivandon 👑

A post shared by Raphael G'👑 (@raphy_junior762) on

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MCM! See how this 56-year-old stylish Grandpa is slaying

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!, Y’ all need to have a stare at the stylish Grandpa on our timelines. He is definitely a threat to most men as he is killing it with his style.

One thing Kenyan men don’t understand and know is that women love and get attracted to men who know their fashion and how neat and clean they are.

In Kenya we can name the few fashion icons and stylists around.

Kenyan men are alright when it comes to dressing and we as ladies know that most of them don’t really care what they put on as long as they are not naked.

When it comes to dressing up most men don’t mind how many times they’ve worn the same shirt or trouser in a week, but a woman would never dare repeat her clothes.

Eish! Photos of Mercy Masika slaying on stage at the Koroga Festival

Well here is a 56year o-ld man who dresses to impress and is passionate about being a fashion model and a PR stylist.  Maybe his style can provide a few tips to our Kenyan men when it comes to dress up.

Check out how this grandpa is stylish.







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‘Why I left Yamoto Band’, Mbosso reveals

Mbosso is the new member of  Wasafi Record. You probably remember him from the famous group Ya Moto Band, a boy band that broke up a while ago.

In an interview with this writer, Mbosso has revealed the reason why he left Yamoto Band.

‘Cha kwanza naeza sema ni maslahi, income ukipenda hela mnazopata mnakula na watu wengi sana, so kila mtu akaamua kufanya mziki kivyake kwa sababu hizo hela zilikua hazitoshi. Hakuna tatizo lolote lingine ata sahizi huwa bado tunawasiliana, tunapatana na kupiga stori.’


He also talked about life after being signed as a member of WCB,

‘Challenges ziko  tulikua tunaimba wanne kabla ya kila mtu kujitenga. sasa hivi lazima nimalize kwanzia intro mpaka autro. Si rahisi, after hapo niende kufuatilia maswala ya video, kisha nianze kuzunguka kwa media tour ili kujiandaa na show. Huwa ni changamoto ambayo sasa hivi nko mimi mwenyewe. Sasa labda tufanye collaboration in future but hatuwezi rudi kuwa pamoja.’

Another star? Meet WCB’s new kid on the block


How did he end up being in Wasafi Record?

‘Niliingia WCB kwa sababu ya urafiki mzuri ambapo baadhi ya wasanii wa WCB mi ni favourite wa Diamond tangu zamani, nakumbuka tangu nikiwa form 2 niliwai fanya naye wimbo baadae akaja kuniona kwenye YaMoto Band pia na mara kwa mara akiwa kwenye interview zake lazima anizungumzie “nampenda sana Mbosso na natamani sana kufanya naye kazi. Kwa hivyo mimi kuwa WCB nmekua ni sehemu ya wish ya Diamond, alitamani siku moja afanye kazi na mimi.’

‘Kufanya kazi na Diamond inanipa fursa na changamoto ya kuweza kufanya ngoma mzuri zaidi ambacho ni kitu kizuri.’ He concluded.


‘Get your priorities right’ Bahati’s wife and Pastor Robert Burale’s message to keyboard warriors

From Larry Madowo, to Anerlisa Muigai and Betty Kyalo, more and more people are being cyber bullied.

Sadly victims of cyberbullying suffer bad effects such as depression while others commit suicide . What’s unfortunate is that cyberbulllies is done by complete strangers who know nothing about the personal lives if celebs.

Stylish Pastor Robert Burale has joined the list of those denouncing this habit, saying;

“You who is hiding behind the keyboards, five years from today your life will not have gone anywhere, yet the people you have been attacking and gossiping their life is moving leaps and bounds, so what will happen 5 years from today, in fact I want to urge you 10 years from today will you still be a keyboard warrior abusing people behind fake accounts? and if that’s is you that’s backbiting and every time you backbite somebody you are doing it from the back and the only thing interest in anybody’s back side is the toilet so please get your priorities right, build the nation, love one another and make something from your life.”

His sentiments were echoed by many among them Bahati’s wife Diana Marua who reposted his video on social media. She captioned it;

“Let me seat next to my heater and continue watching Nickelodeon 😂💯 @burale1👌🏼 #Keyboardwarriors.”

Diana has been in the limelight for a while since she gave birth to her daughter Heaven. She was recently dragged on social media after news emerged that her husband Bahati may not be the biological daughter. It was said he had demanded for a DNA test, leading to harsh comments against her..

Watch the full video below.

Are you hiding behind the keyboard ?

A post shared by Robert Burale (@burale1) on


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Former Tahidi High Actress Shish is finally back on our screen

We all remember actress Shirleen Wangari popularly know as Shish in the TV hit series Tahidi High. She was popularly known as the  bully and naughty student.

Well guess what? She is back on our screens after going ‘MIA’ (missing in action) on us.

She was one of the talented actresses that made Tahidi High to be one of the most watched programmes in Kenya. Sadly, she and her fellow student like Tanya left, to pave the way for the other upcoming actors.

Shirleen will be starring in a new drama comedy ‘Baba Yao’ as Monica every Thursday on KTN. The show is about a man (Alfred Munyua) who had a daughter when he was still a teenager in high school. Fourteen years down the line, the daughter comes to live with him.

Her character in the series is as a filmmaker and one of ‘Baba Yao’ s two friends. She keeps sorting out the drama between the new father and his other friend, Stano (played  by Squich Musau), with the teenager played by Mwixxs Mutinda.

‘We celebrate you forever E-sir’, Celebrities join fans in paying tribute 15 years on

Shirleen is quite a talented woman as she is part of the writers of the series ‘Baba Yao’.

The producer Patrick Ngaire of the new drama comedy said he chose her to play as Monica as she was the only one who could play the role as it fitted her well.

The reason she had been silent on the TV scene was that she was focusing on establishing herself as a producer and start her own little outfit Blackwell Films Limited.


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Kenya’s wittiest, funniest comedians in a grand comeback thrill

Teacher Wanjiku made a major comeback in 2017 at the Churchill show during the Churchill at 40 edition.
Well, Kenya’s top female comedian is now gearing up to make major moves once again. She has since bagged major advertising deals and her fans have been hoping for something even bigger.
Fear not! Teacher Wanjiku or Wanjiku the Teacher whose real name is Carolyn Wanjiku Ber, has something big up her sleeve, and it also involves Larry Asego.
And it’s all set to go down this month.
On the 16th of March 2018, Kenya’s comedy scene is gearing up for a game changer in one of the most grand comebacks and rib-cracking affairs in what is dubbed an easy humor evening.
There is also a part of the script that features Eric Omondi appearing!

Teacher Wanjiku slays at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

This show will be presented on Thursday 29th of March (Good Friday Eve) at the refurbished auditorium of Kenya National Theatre from 6:00 p.m.

Are you bored? Here are the movies to watch this weekend

If you’ve done your weekend chores and all you now want to do is netflix and chill with bae, check out my list of must watch movies that will keep you glued to the screen.

I have compiled my list of 11 movies this March. Watch the trailers below, and hope you have a great weekend.

1. Breaking In Trailer 2018 starring Gabrielle Union. She takes the role of a protecting mother as her home is broken into and her kids life depend on her.

2. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony trailer 2018 starring Taraji P. Henson. She takes the role of a woman who is cheated on by her partner and she takes revenge.

3. Death Wish trailer 2018 starring Bruce Willis. His home is invade and his wife is murder so he takes law into his on hands and kills everyone who was involved in the killing of his wife.

4. Red Sparrow trailer 2018. it is an American spy thriller where Dominika Egorova a devoted daughter determined to protect her mother at all costs.

5.  Gringo movie trailer 2018. Is an American comedy action Crime movie which explores the battle of survival for businessman Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) when he finds himself crossing the line from law-abiding citizen to wanted criminal.

6. A wrinkle in Time trailer 2018. Is an American science adventures movie featuring Oprah, where a student tries to fit in in a different world as she struggles with her self-worth.

7.Thoroughbreds official trailer 2018. Is a drama movie where two teenage best friends try to solve their problems despite the cost.

8. Love Simon official trailer 2018. It a movie about a teenage boy Simon whose love story is complicated as he has to tell his parents and friends that he is gay.

9. Tomb Raider official trailer 2018. A daughter of a missing adventurer finds herself on the island her father disappeared.

10. Josie official trailer 2018. A solitary man living a dull existence in the sleepy, Southern town raises eyebrows when he develops a questionable relationship with a recently transplanted high school student.

11. Midnight Sun official trailer 2018. A romantic drama where a teenage girl has a rare genetic condition of being highly sensitive to sun and finds it difficult to tell her boyfriend.

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10 Kenyan celebrities who have given their children unique names

They are not all about the fame and being in the spotlight. Kenyan celebrities also have a life outside fame.

Most of them are married to their life partners and even have families of their own.

Most of us always congratulate and support their success but have never really taken the time to look at how interesting their children’s names are.

Kenyan celebrities are always known to be extra and it is evident they are extra in everything including naming their children.

Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities who have given their children beautiful unique names.

  1. Gospel artist Bahati Kenya named his baby girl Heaven Bahati


2. Gospel artists Size 8 and DJ Mo named their baby girl Ladasha Belle


3. Media personality Janet Mbugua named her son Ethan Huru


4. Kenyan musicians Nameless and Wahu named their first born daughter Tumiso


5. DJ Creme de la Creme named his handsome first born son Jamari

creme de

6. Rapper Octopizzo named his beautiful daughter Zara


7. TV presenter Jacque Maribe named her lovely daughter Zahari


8. News anchor Betty Kyalo’s named her beautiful daughter Ivanna


9. Rapper King Kaka named his beautiful daughters Gweth and Ayanna Ombima


10. Kenyan comedian Obinna named his son handsome Luironne and his daughter Laleiti

obinna 1

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