Third miracle! Faith Muturi and hubby expecting baby number three

Faith Muturi Ngugi and her Hubby George Ngugi are expecting baby number three.

The mother of two revealed that a few years ago doctors told them that their chances of having kids were extremely low, but she is grateful to be carrying another miracle.

“Some of you know our story, that 3 doctors. Not one, not two, but 3 competent and credible doctors we respect, told us on different occasions that our chances of getting a baby were extremely low.

 BUT GOD🙌🏾 Here we are, 3rd miracle December baby.

He did it again. 🙏🏾 Jesus, you do all things well. Be praised, forever and always 💜💝 Cc: @george_ngugi_.”

Natalie Tewa’s big beautiful natural hair stuns fans on her birthday


The couple welcomed their firstborn baby named Lemuel Imani in December 2016 and a bouncing baby girl on December 11th, 2018.

Their two kids share a birthday.

Faith is currently a mentor through her company, Delve Training Limited

From us is congratulations.

Team Natural: Six easy and classy ways to rock natural hair – Photos

If you have natural hair you probably do not know how lucky you are! Here are ways on how you can rock your natural hair daily.

Stephanie Lahart once said

Natural Hair is an Exquisite Crown. It’s a wonder and fascination to many. But to the confident Black girl or Black woman who’s rockin’ it, they know what they’ve been born and blessed with.

A head full of unique, healthy beauty. NATURAL BEAUTY.

Here are simple but unique ways you can rock natural hair.

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1. Flat twist updo fro hair’

This look is versatile, meaning one can rock it to the office, a date or just any form of setting. Sadly it’s suitable for those with soft and curly hair. You can play around with a gel in-case yours is not as soft to achieve the same purpose.


up do fro hawk

2. Messy fro’ up do

This is one of the easiest ways to do your hair, it looks messy but sexy right?

messy fro hair3.Bantu knots

This look is appropriate for casual events such as a drink up with your girlfriends or just a visit to your grand ma huko ushago.

bantu nots

4. Wash and go fro’s

This style is self-explanatory, however kama uko na nywele steel wool this style is a no otherwise you might end up looking like a mess.

wash and go fro

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5. Natural mo hawk Curls with bangs
Wondering how to style your hair for that long awaited date with your crush? Worry no more because natural mohawk curls with a bang are here to save your day.

mo-hawk bun


6. Short natural hair

This look is easy to maintain hence the tag short and sweet.

short natual hair

Which is your favourite style and why?

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‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Before fame and money, most celebrities have struggled to make it to the top. It’s no different with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny who recently revealed his property was stolen while trying to make ends meet

I loved to do business even before I started singing. I worked in the phone kiosks and they stole what was mine,

Adding that;

I ventured into a salon business and started other businesses. So when you see me in the music industry also know that I have other things that I do on the side but music is in my blood.

Rayvanny is currently one of the most sought after singers in East Africa with a BET award.

Willy Paul ends beef with Rayvanny

17 years later! Julie Gichuru and husband celebrate their marriage anniversary (photo)

Media personality Julie Gichuru and her husband Anthony have marked 17 years in marriage.

Julie has always admitted that as each day passes, she falls even deeper in love with her husband.
The former journalist celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with a beautiful message.
Check out her post.
“17 years ago… Anniversary loading ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏😍😍.”
In another post she described her husband as ‘Simba’ and thanked God for answering her prayers when she prayed for a husband as a young girl.

Mr G,
We did this babe! I am so thankful for the husband and father that you are. I honour you my simba! 🙏🙏🙏
*Where we stand our Mwaura is always with us*
#LaFamilia #Squad #LOVE ❤❤❤❤

Dear Lord, as a girl when I went on my knees to pray for your guidance and protection, you heard me. You are our alpha and omega and we honour you. To God be ALL the GLORY.”

‘I have the most amazing grandchildren,’ Bishop Allan Kiuna speaks


Stop asking me! Comedian Flaqo angered by fans who question his sexuality

Content creator Flaqo Raz has called out a curious fan who alleged that he is gay due to his cross-dressing nature while acting.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, Flaqo made it clear that his female side is just a character and that he always leaves the character on set and behind the cameras.

He then warned his fans to refrain from questioning his sexuality, because he is ‘very straight’.

According to Flaqo, the fan asked;

“Are you gay? Because you like wearing women clothes?”

Flaqo responded;

“Never ever ever ever ask me this question again, it’s too much, my female side is a character, I leave it on set and behind cameras…mimi ni mutu ya cat family an nitakukata bure.”

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Flaqo has over five characters in his skits that is; Mama Otis, Otis, Uncle Bakari, Baba Otis and Atis.

During the conversation session, Flaqo also introduced his younger brother to his fans saying that he has been helping him in doing the editing of his videos;

Can we please see you brother?

Flaqo while in a car shared a sneak peek at his brother who was seated behind him in the vehicle. The two resemble each other, and we were blown away. They have the same locs and share the same skin tone, plus the smile is just the same.

flaqo 3(1)

While asked why he isn’t releasing as many skits as he used to, Flaqo said;

“I slowed down so I plan better I intentionally stopped doing hits back to back but ntaresume once am ready, it’s great to plan than to be all over the place”

Does this mean he is going through burn out that creatives tend to experience in their jobs?

He said that

“season ya mad hits itarudi tu Also I’m working on OTHENTIKS series plus the long overdue animated series which is maaaaad, balancing all these as a single character is a huge flex”

Kiherere mtaacha! Habits women should drop after moving into their men’s house ASAP

Women have on several occasions confessed to tricking men so that they can move in with them and men are not impressed, with many saying wanakandamizwa.

There are also things that they unconsciously do and it does not sit well with men.

Here are some of the things that women should drop ASAP

1. Kukatalia kwa nyumba yake

Ladies, whether you help  pay the rent or not you have no right kukatalia in a man’s house. Don’t forget that man is not your father so he owes you NOTHING.

2. Appointing yourself as the wife

As long as he has not introduced you to his closest friends and family, acha kiherehere ya kuambi awatu kw plot ‘by the way am nani’s wife’ – who appointed you?

3. Don’t visit his house uninvited

Women we are tired of all the drama once you find out your man showcasing his bedroom skills to someone else.

So instead of kumeza panadol juu ya heachache ya mtu mwingine, just visit only when invited if you can’t kaa kwenyu maisha ni ngumu kwa kila mtu.

4. Stop creating trouble with his neighbors

I know you might think that just because you are dating you might think you have the right to create trouble with mama wa kufua nguo, caretaker or even mama mboga.

But believe you me as long as it’s his house and he has not put a ring on it, you have no say.

5. Disorganizing his household items

With the determination to prove you are a wife material you might be tempted to rearrange or reorganize furniture or even sort out his clothes, but before you do kemea hio pepo.

Until he tells you to just seat and enjoy his company or watch the newest series.

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From acne to my thighs, Corazon Kwamboka speaks about having body insecurities

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has opened up about insecurities she always faced before she got pregnant.

The mother of one said she had been insecure about acne, her thighs and teeth, but that is no longer the case.

In an Instagram post, she shared a throwback photo and wrote;

“I was 2 months pregnant here, I have always been insecure about something. Today I would be insecure about my acne-scarred face, tomorrow about my thighs, next day about my teeth, it has always been something.”

She said that after getting pregnant, she fell in love with her body and became more confident.

“But strangely enough when I got pregnant, I wasn’t insecure even one day, I loved my body the most. I developed self-love and appreciation and whatever I did I was exuding confidence. PS; that went out the window once I had the baby.”

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Corazon Kwamboka
Corazon Kwamboka

Earlier on, after welcoming her son with Fitness trainer Frankie Kiarie, she also said she battled postpartum depression.

“I had my baby in August, no one tells you how hard it’s going to be, it was the best moment in my life but it was also the toughest moments for me. I found myself crying for no reason, banging doors and throwing myself on the floor, every small thing would trigger me to go nuts, like if the food did not have enough salt.”
“I had such a hard time, Frankie tried, I mean he tried to make it easier, but I was just pushing him away,” she said.
“I had been embarrassed to ask for help, embarrassed to admit that I was having a hard time, it took a huge toll on me trying to deal with it alone. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s okay to be stressed or to have blues. Surround yourself with people who love and support you and don’t push them away, and when you feel you can’t take it anymore, it’s okay to seek help.”

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‘I had an absentee father,’ Barrack Obama says he vowed to put his children first

Former US President Barack Obama has reflected on his approach to fatherhood in his new book ‘A promised land’.
In an Instagram post, Obama says that a large part of his approach to parenthood was informed by his own ‘absent’ father.

“The fact that my own father was largely absent from my childhood helped shape my ideas about the kind of father I intended to be,” he wrote, alongside a throwback photo of his family.
“When Malia was born, I made a promise to myself that my kids would know me, that they’d grow up feeling my love keenly and consistently, knowing that I’d always put them first.”

As a dedicated dad, he said he made time for his First Daughters even while leading the US through eight years of highs and lows.

“While serving as President, I made sure to have dinner with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia every evening by 6:30.
“We’d eat some good meals and catch up on our days. That was one of the best parts of living above the store, as I sometimes called it.”

‘I built this for you’, Comedianne Emanuella builds a mansion for her mum (photos)

Barrack Obama and Mitchele Obama
His daughters were just 10 and 7 when he took office, and over their eight years in the White House, the girls grew from children into young women.

Now Malia, 22, is attending Harvard University while Sasha, 19, is studying at the University of Chicago.

“Seeing them grow up into the intelligent, strong, and compassionate young women they’ve become has been the greatest joy of my life,” Barack continued.

“I’m reminded constantly that there’s no place in the world I’d rather be than with Miche and our girls—and it’s why I’ve dedicated my memoir to them.”

Barack Obama dedicated his memoir to his wife Michelle and daughters.

‘Your absence will always be missed,’ Grace Ekirapa pays tribute to late mum

Singer Grace Ekirapa lost her mum 20 years ago.

She paid tribute to her revealing how much she loves and misses her no matter how old she gets.

She added that her absence will always be felt. The thought of knowing that someday she will see her again eases the pain a little.

She wrote;

“20 years ago a soldier rested. 20 years ago today she fought a good fight, Won the race and kept the Faith. 20years ago sickness lost its power over her and pain couldn’t put her down anymore. 20 years ago a void was left in this earth but heaven gained an Angel. Mama, no matter how old I get, your absence will always be felt. It’s the thought of knowing that someday I will see you again that eases the pain a little. I miss you everyday and today even more. Fly Mama, Fly😞😞😞😭”

Love lives here! Vanessa Mdee and lover Rotimi get matching tattoos (photo)


Ekirapa first introduced information about her mum last year during her birthday.

She narrated how much she misses her mum who was the love of her life.

Ekirapa celebrated her mum as a strong woman as she marked her birthday with a lovely caption.

”Happy birthday mama. This day continues to remain special in our hearts because heaven introduced a gem. A woman who loved unconditionally served with all her heart and brought three incredible women into this world. Your legacy lives on mama. If you were here, I would have thrown the biggest bash for you because I love you with everything I am. Rest with the angels and happy birthday our guardian angel,” she wrote.





Does age matter in relationships? Benjamin Zulu explains some facts to check before dating

Studies show that relationship satisfaction reported by age-gap couples is higher.

These couples also seem to report greater trust and commitment and lower jealousy than similar-age couples.

Over three-quarters of couples where younger women are partnered with older men report satisfying romantic relationships.

Counselling psychologist Benjamin Zulu says advises that it is okay for women to date and marry a younger man than them as long as he is not below 30.

“In Africa men mature slowly. They get ready to settle with one woman when they are 30 years and above. Although there are a few who marry below and settle the percentage is very small,” he told Joyce Omondi on TV.

“Let the lady be any age but not below 25 and the man is above 30 years.”

“I refused to confess defeat with my mouth” How Betty Bayo overcame a broken marriage

A 10 year gap is very nice but preferably let the guy be older.

The life coach went ahead saying that a guy who is 40 dating a 25-year-old is right but most senior bachelors have a reason they are doing that.

“Make sure the season is a safe one as most will give a safe narrative but they were victims in the former relationships. If they stand telling you that you are the only one who understands them in the whole world, that is a red-flag and so run away because you could be their third baby mama.”

He adds that the only safe reason is if there was a genuine relationship and something happened and he became the victim in the relationship like death.

“One of the danger of dating a senior bachelor is that they think they know everything. If you date an older woman, you become their son. She will age ahead of you and you will end up cheating”

Listen to the whole conversation;

Tips 101: Here are things you should not do while in the gym

Everyone has suddenly turned into a fitness freak and this has seen more and more gyms filled to capacity. Problem is, most don’t know how to behave.

Well here is a guideline on do’s and don’t’s while in the gym.

1. Do not flirt with the gym instructor

Leave out flirting in-case its been on your mind, such habits should be left to groups such as Tinder. Instead, focus on losing the extra weight.

2. No making out with fellow gym attendants

The gym has all kinds of people team mafisi, team clueless and those who have just come to look for wives.

The temptation might be there for you to make out in the locker room or in the parking but do not do it.

3. Do not wear see through workout gear

Leave those for your bedroom. No one is interested in knowing what colour your inner clothing is. All we want is to work out, get trim and retain our sexy back.

4. Don’t put on makeup

Ditch that for when you’re going for a date. Mafuta haitambui urembo.

5. Do not keep using your phone in the gym

People want to work out in peace so gym time is not the time for you to video call your bae to show him how your abs are popping

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What is considered a taboo among Kisii community

There are some acts considered to be a taboo among the kisii community. They are as follows;

Circumcised boys going to master bedroom

They believe that once a boy is circumcised, they should not go to their parents bedroom and even their sister’s bedroom.

This shows that once the act is done the boys are mature enough and so they should respect some areas to visit.

At this point the boys are expected to behave in a more mature way and expect their young ones to respect them.

Girls wearing trousers 

This is considered to be disrespectful if girls wear trousers, more so those tight ones that shows off their curves. The Kisii man is not supposed to see how blessed you are.

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Mothers should not dine in their daughters houses

It is a taboo for mother to enter especially her married daughters house. She also shouldn’t eat chicken at her daughters house as it makes one to be seen as corrupt.

Also going to her daughters house is considered to be a sign of disrespect to their daughters and thus like seeing their daughter’s nakedness.

Fathers too are not expected to set their feet in their married sons houses as it is considered as going to bed with their daughters in-law.

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Visiting mother in-laws all the time

Once a young man marries he is not allowed to be frequently visiting his mother in-law all the time as it is considered to be a sign of disrespect to the family.

Unless the situation is unavoidable like funerals or sickness.

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“I refused to confess defeat with my mouth” How Betty Bayo overcame a broken marriage

Singer Betty Bayo says she did not accept that she was defeated after she lost some precious things in her life.
Speaking on her Facebook page, Bayo recounted five years ago when she almost gave up in life.
She says she lost her marriage, her wealth and could not even afford to feed her children.
All through that time, Bayo was a celeb and feared to even share what she was going through with her parents.
She say her faith in God remained intact and kept her moving.
Betty Bayo in pink
Check out the post;
“Sometime back 5 yrs ago .when I was still a celeb . I reached a point I felt like giving up I lost almost everything .. I lost my car my house . My happiness my marriage ..I remember I could not even feed my own kids with balance diet ..I stayed 6 month without paying my rent or my house girl but she was soo patient,” she wrote
“I did want to share with anyone including my mum what was going through coz nobody would believe.. most friends walinitoroka .but one thing I never lost was my FAITH in God. I was broke in the pocket but not in my head .. thought I was down. Nlikataa kuconfess defeat with my own mouth .FINALLY God remembered me again..”

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“”I am here for the kids” Zari says after visiting Diamond’s family in Tanzania

Zari brought Tanzania to a standstill after her arrival with Diamond’s two kids Princess Tiffah and Nillan.

The bongo star, who has not been able to see his kids for two years, was excited to receive them at the airport.

He showed up with his crew to give Princess Tiffah and Nillan the best reception.

In one of the videos shared by Wasafi Media, the two kids were supper excited to have their daddy hold them in his arms. Speaking to the Tanzanian media, Tiffah said she missed the bongo star and her grandmother Mama Dangote.

Zari addressed the rumours that she and Diamond were going to mend their broken relationship and made it clear that they are just co-parenting.

‘Please don’t cry,’ Zari Hassan begs Diamond’s kids as they plan to visit their him in Tanzania

Zari who addressed the media said she was there for the kids.

“There is a whole lot of things happening on social media but I think for me I just brought the kids because the father wants to see them. He really misses the kids for he has not been able to see them for two years. We are not together and I am just here for the kids. Hoping to have a good time with them. We do not know for how long we will be here,” she said.

Check out Zari’s grand reception at the Airport in Tanzania;

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My Dad Returned My Bride Price After My Cheating Husband Slapped Me In Front Of Him

A young married lady shocked many when she sought some marital advice on social media after her husband allegedly assaulted her. Wait for this, in front of her father, yes his father in law.

All this she says was because she took her husband’s phone, went through it and warned one of his mistresses not to ever text or call him. She says her husband’s reaction might have been either because her actions irked him or the side chick told him something else.

Her husband upon learning the whole thing walked right up to her, shamelessly slapped her twice in front of her dad and this angered the dad who punched and fought him, before his son who was present bundled him out.


She went ahead to narrate that her angry dad threatened to disown her if she did not leave the abusive marriage, and to make matters worse, he refunded her daughter’s bride price just to show that he was not playing around.

Her now remorseful husband was on his knees begging her not to leave him and the whole fiasco has left the battered lady in limbo.

Read her post below.

My husband slapped me in front of my father,right in his face he landed me 2 slaps and my dad punched him and fought him. He did not fight back he was just holding my dad ,before my brother came and bundled him out.
People might want to know what I did ,
I took his phone and warned one of his side chicks never to call him again,he go upset and could not wait for us to get home ,or maybe the side chick told him something else and he just came to beat me up .
My Dad has threatened that if I don’t leave that marriage he will disown me .
He put my bride price in an envelope and asked me to give it back to him while my brother follow me to go pack my loads back home .
My husband has been begging,who do I listen to .

Read some of the comments she received.

  • ogechi_jay: Listen to your father. That your yeye husband is not only disrespectful to you and your family but does not have sense. I am sure you don’t want to live with a senseless man all the days of your life!
  • samueldora298: Better quit now that u r still alive n in one piece
  • toniareal: For now follow your Dad,because what your husband is height if irresponsible, everyone temper is still very high which is normal but don’t pack all ur things but pick a few things you need in this trial time and be prayerful and advice your husband to do the needful by sincerely apologized to ur father if possible with his family because the issue has pass intimacy and lastly for your own good and ur life, don’t pick nose in ur husband affairs if you cannot control ur temper, men are what they are but through prayer and submissive we will all conquer…. Those demon called side chick are in for a mission and can ho any length to conquer please don’t give them chance again and be greatful to God always.

‘I got married to my best friend,’ Vera Sidika gushes over Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika and her bae Brown Mauzo are now a couple as the socialite is referring to him as her husband.

Vera announced her engagement to Brown Mauzo last month during her birthday.

In what seemed like a clout chasing post, Vera wrote;

“Sweethearts, your girl got engaged on 24th September 🥰❤️ it was the Best pre-birthday gift ever!!!

If someone told me I’d be engaged in 2020 I wouldn’t have believed it 😩 and just like that, like a dream …

I’m engaged! To the most amazing human ever! Saying YES to you was the easiest because we became 1 from day 1 & I pray for forever.

May God lead us on 🙏 It’s my birthday today but lets celebrate BOTH!

Alipenda pombe! Auntie Boss actress reveals that Othuol gave up on TB medication

Vera Sidika in her Range Rover
Vera Sidika in her Range Rover

Well, the two seem to have wedded after.

Taking to her social media to celebrate her man, Vera says she is glad she married her best friend

“I got married to my best friend 😩❤️🥺. I love you so much my Husband @brownmauzo254 😘💍❤️👨‍👩‍👧”

No photos nor videos from their nuptials were shared on social media.

We all hope it is not a publicity stunt and we wish Vera and Mauzo the very best in their union.

Alipenda pombe! Auntie Boss actress reveals that Othuol gave up on TB medication

Auntie Boss’s actress Silrosa says Othuol Othuol was fighting alcohol addiction.

Speaking on The Trend, Sandra, said Othuol used to drink a lot.

“He had been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis four years ago, diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in February 2019, given medication but couldn’t stick to the dose.”

Silprosa added that he stopped taking medication after some time.

“It seems he had given up and never cared about his life,” she said.

‘No one wants to die and leave their children scattered,’ Tedd Josiah whispers


“Artists, let’s be responsible. Tuachane na pombe.”

Comedian Otoyo had also narrated how some of Othuol’s friends tried to help Othuol.

“Around a year and 8 months ago, he was diagnosed with TB. He was given medication which he was supposed to take for 60 days without fail. But Othuol used to drink. He took the medication for a month or so and stopped. Akarudia pombe kimpango and it came to our attention. Jalas, Sandra Dacha and I got mad with him,” Otoyo said.

Plans to give him a decent burial are underway and other comedians are fundraising ahead of his burial on Saturday 24 in Alego, Siaya county. The budget is Ksh1 million.