Is Willy Paul MISSING His Hot Ex Girlfriend Whom He Was Set MARRY? The ‘Fanya’ Hitmaker Responds After Sharing This Loving Post

Celebrated gospel singer Willy Paul has kept away from controversy for a while now, which he attributes to focusing more on his music and personal growth.

Willy Paul real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido, recently dropped a new song dubbed Digiri, which seemed to be taking shots at Groove Awards for snubbing him in 2016 ad 2017.

Bitter Man? Willy Paul Attacks Haters Criticising His New Hit ‘Digiri’ In Cryptic Message

However, the singer insisted that was not the main reason he worked on the song, revealing that he was only encouraging up and coming artistes not to rely on awards or degrees in regards to music and life in general.


When the top artiste released his massive hit with Alaine, Yes I Do he revealed that he had walked down the aisle with the beauty, but it turned out to be a publicity stunt to market the song.

But who is the main lady in Willy Paul’s life? Well, we will have to keep guessing, but what I know is that he once had a very beautiful girlfriend that he was set to wed, but things didn’t go as planned.


Though the two have now gone their separate ways, they are still very cordial and once in a while, the gorgeous model shares videos dancing to Willy Paul’s songs.

Kwisha! Willy Paul Reveals He’s Working On a COLLABO With Nyashinski And Jamaican Artiste Busy Signal, Maina Kageni Can’t Keep Calm (AUDIO)

But this time round, the dancer decided to give her a shout out, revealing that he has no regrets when it comes to what they had, and calling her ‘good people’.


Willy Paul shared a photo of the young girl, looking elegant, with a short message that read; “#memories#tbt#goodpeople#noregrets.”

I reached out to the singer to ask if he misses her and if there’s a chance of them reuniting, but his answer was very vague. This is what he had to say;

That’s mine to know and mine to keep. No, I have no comment. 

I bet time will tell if the lovebirds will indeed get back together. Do they make a cute couple or not?









Children can have prejudice towards their overweight friends and see them as ‘BAD” – study

Young children can have unconscious prejudice towards their overweight peers, which leads these chubby kids to gain even more weight, a study claims.

Duke University researchers found that children as young as nine years old can have a bias against fatter children, using their weight to determine if they are ‘bad’ or ‘good’.

The new study found there was an overall five percent negative bias towards overweight children.

Previous research shows that children who are stigmatized because of their weight, tend to gain even more, which can lead to health complications as adults.

Children as young as nine years old are likely to be bias towards fat children, which can make these stigmatized children put on even more weight 

The study was published in the journal Pediatrics and included 114 children to make these findings.

Experts noted that children who were shown pictures of chubbier kids were more likely to determine them as ‘bad’. Researchers said these children may not even realize their bias.

Dr Asheley Skinner, an associate professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine, said: ‘When children are stigmatized for being overweight, it can cause further weight gain and other health consequences.

‘Given that, we felt that it was important to determine if we could identify unconscious attitudes towards weight in this 9-to-11 age group.’

Read more: dailymail

Meet The Sexy Mukorino Girl Killing People With Her Comedy Skills Online

Social Media is on fire thanks to Karima, a sexy and talented Mukorino girl who is killing people with her unique comedy skills online.

The beautiful girl is beauty and brains and her sense of humor is unmatched. She is an upcoming comedian who has a soft soothing voice that captivates her audience through her singing.

Although she is new in the industry, she has such a large following on her social media platform especially on Facebook.


It appears that members of the Akorinos are breaking away from their strict rules that are associated with this group. Sometime last year, we were treated to the most delightful photos of Akorino girls who were part of a wedding party. Their stunning photos spread like wildfire on social media, and if you didn’t see them, pole, you’re missing out.

Anyway Karima is a talented singer-cum-comedian who resembles Shiro  the actress in the local TV series Aunty Boss. She has won the hearts of many with her rare talent.

She is able to quickly switch languages from swahili to english without pausing to recall words.She joins the likes of gospel musician Alan Aaron who has created a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Going by the responses she gets on her posts, she is surely going places. Check out some of the feedback;

Magda Lynn:You are talented girl

James Njoroge Mbuguah:Creative

Mwendwa Marete:Wooooooooooooooow beautiful

Verah Moraa:Wow !i didn’t see that coming

Ray-c DQ:I die you the bestest.


Superwoman! 28-Year-Old Olympian RUNS 800m Race While 8 Months PREGNANT Like It’s Nothing (Photos)

Many pregnant women do like to keep up with a gentle exercise routine while expecting, but it’s doubtful that many would fancy doing an 800m running race.

However, a five-time U.S. national champion did just that and ran it in just over two minutes – all while she was 34-weeks pregnant.

Olympian Alysia Montano may have finished last in the race yesterday at the Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, California, but she said she enjoyed it and felt ‘really good’.


The 28-year-old runner, who received a standing ovation after completing the race in 2 minutes, 32.13 seconds, said: ‘I’ve been running throughout my pregnancy and I felt really, really good during the whole process.’

Her finishing time was 35 seconds slower than her personal best of 1:57.34, which she smashed back in 2010 in a race in Monaco, but is still a time many recreational runners wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Nicknamed the ‘flying flower’ thanks to always racing with one in her hair, she joked her biggest fear was being lapped in USATF Outdoor Championships race.


‘I just didn’t want to get lapped and be the first person to get lapped in the 800,’ said Montano.

The 28-year-old is expecting her first baby with her husband Louis, who she married in 2011.

Doctors gave Montano the OK to take part in the race and she hopes it dispels misconceptions over exercise and pregnancy.

‘That took away any fear of what the outside world might think about a woman running during her pregnancy,’ Montano said of getting her doctor’s approval.


Montano has been training and competing since she was a child and was glad to find there was no reason why she shouldn’t continue while expecting.

‘What I found out mostly was that exercising during pregnancy is actually much better for the mom and the baby…I did all the things I normally do…I just happened to be pregnant. This is my normal this year,’ she said.

She knew she had no chance of winning or running at her best during the race but emphasizes that wasn’t the point. She wanted to take part for the joy of racing.


She writes on her blog that she thinks it’s important that people – whatever their ability – remember that it’s the taking part in a sport that counts.

‘Racing is still very enjoyable for me because I’ve been able to think of it like a kid does. They’re so innocent – they’re wanting to win but they’re having fun, too,’ she writes.

‘As you get older, it’s easy to put importance on things that really don’t matter and then succumb to that pressure; so I don’t like to get myself wrapped up by talking about competitive goals too much.’


Experts say it’s safe for women who are used to keeping fit like Montano to carry on exercising while pregnant – albeit at a lower intensity than before.

The pace Montano ran at in the race while pregnant would certainly be a more leisurely one for her than usual – in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, she came 5th with a time under two minutes.

Alysia Montano came 5th in the London 2012 Olympics. Here a photo of the athlete competing before her pregnancy.


Daily Mail

‘My Wife Has Been a Living Lie,’ Says Man Who Brutally Stabbed His Eight Months Pregnant Wife To Death

Residents of Gilgil are in shock after a man brutally murdered his wife who was eight months pregnant in unclear circumstances.

The man identified as Nderitu Ndung’u stabbed the wife eight times using a kitchen knife in Kikopey center accusing her of been a ‘lie’.

The 28-year-old suspect who was unshaken by the murder confessed to committing the act adding that he had done so after orders from unknown powers.

“My wife has been a living lie and today I decided to kill the lie so that we could leave a peaceful life,” he said his eyes wide open.

Confirming the incident, Gilgil OCPD Sarah Koki said that the suspect had been arrested and taken for a mental check-up.

Oh No! A Kenyan Man Commits Suicide After Quarrelling With Wife Over a Mobile Phone

She said that police were called in by neighbors who heard screams from the woman adding that by the time they arrived the woman was dead.

The suspect handed himself to the officers and will be charged with murder while the body has been taken to Gilgil sub-county hospital mortuary

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man was murdered in Longonot trading center along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road in what is suspected to a love-triangle incident.

The man was found lying dead in her lover’s house in the trading center with a rope next to the body as police moved in to investigate the matter.

According to a witness Abel Kimani, the man had been cohabiting with a middle aged woman for some time before the incident occurred.

Too Evil: Fear Grips Kibera Residents As Badly MUTILATED Bodies Found Stuffed In Sacks Near The Railway Line

“Unknown to him, the woman had another man and there was a quarrel when the two met before the body was found in the morning,” he said.

A police source ruled out suicide adding that the man was killed using a blunt object before the rope was placed on the neck.

“We suspect that the murderers after killing the man, tried to tamper with the scene and we are seeking the woman in connection with the incident,” said the source.









-Antony Gitonga

‘My Husband Just SLEEPS And Does Nothing The Whole Day’ Cries Out a Kenyan Lady Married To a JOBLESS Man For 7 Years (AUDIO)

Ladies, would agree to be the one footing the bills and waking up to go to work to fend for your husband and kids? And how long can you maintain a jobless man before you kick him to the curb?

This was the question Maina Kageni posed to listeners after a Kenyan lady revealed that her man has not had a job for 20 years and that she’s been footing all the bills, educating the kids and paying for insurance.

The conversation arose after women came out to defend themselves after men attacked and accused them of being ‘gold diggers’ and money lovers.

“I Left My Wife Because She Was OVERLY RELIGIOUS” Cries Out a Troubled Kenyan Man (AUDIO)

According to men, women make money and wealth a priority when it comes to relationships, and that when a man is broke, women don’t want anything to do with him, or when he runs out of money, she walks away from him.

rich woman/File

It was at this point that women decided to reveal that they also do support men who are jobless, refuting the claims that money comes first in a relationship and making it clear that it’s their duty to support their families.

One particular caller came out to confess that her husband doesn’t work nor does he even try to get a job, or support her in any way. She went on to add that she leaves him sleeping as she wakes up to go and toil.

“As we are talking, niko job and he is in the house, sleeping,” said the devastated woman, who revealed that he’s been jobless for the last 7 years and that he’s never given her even a coin.

Listen as she narrates her story in the audio below, as the Kenyan lady reveals how she’s the pillar of her family, but can’t leave the man, because of her son.





Kali Sana! This Is What Maina Kageni REALLY Thinks About Curvy Vera Sidika And Her LAVISH Lifestyle (AUDIO)

Vera Sidika has been the talk of the town over the last couple of days after she revealed she was physically abused by her ex-boyfriend.

The popular socialite was dating a certain Nigerian man by the name Yommy, who lives in Dubai, leaving all of us envious whenever they shared photos of each other on social media.


The former couple was the envy of many because they looked like the ultimate couple. Sadly, Vera later on revealed that things were not as rosy as they seemed, as she went on to confess that the man physically abused her severally, and even accused her of abortion.

‘He Insisted I Should Abort The Baby’ Vera Sidika Emotionally Narrates How HEARTLESS Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend Was (SCREENSHOTS)

Vera Sidika decided to expose the man after he allegedly leaked her nude photos on learning she was seeing another wealthy Nigerian man in Lagos,whom she went to visit. Vera claimed her ‘psycho’ ex was jealous because she had refused to take him back and had moved on.

When she flew to Nigeria, Vera flaunted her man’s expensive Rolex watch, which according to Maina, costs around half a million dollars (around Sh 51.8Million) and her gold wrist bracelet which costs around Sh 500,000. On top of that, she flaunted new Louis Vuitton shoes that cost around Sh10,000.

Loud in Lagos. His time piece & my Tiffany and Co bracelet make a perfect combo #RoseGold


Well, Maina Kageni decided to talk about the bootylicious celebrity recently, and he had nothing but praises for Vera Sidika, though he didn’t give his opinion on the violence claims.

‘I Was NOT In Lagos With My Ex Boyfriend’ Vera Sidika Rubbishes Claims Thats She Hooked Up With VIOLENT Nigerian Ex (PHOTO)

The SOMA OLX award winner is a lover of watches and not just any, but designer watches which cost a fortune. Maina Kageni could not help but notice the expensive jewelry Vera was rocking that day and her lavish lifestyle.

Maina Kageni expressed his love and respect for Vera Sidika, saying that although some people question her place as a role model, she’s still blessed, not only with money but also with a hot body and looks.


“You know that woman, sijui aliumbwa lini, coz she’s got it,” marveled Maina Kageni.

Listen to the audio below and hear what else Maina Kageni had to say about the business lady and entertainer, as he continues to complement.




Paracetamol use in pregnancy can reduce son’s masculinity

Pregnant mothers who take paracetamol even at recommended doses might be harming the masculinity of their unborn son.

And the common over the counter painkillers could reduce fertility in daughters too, a new study warned.

Researchers found the pills inhibit the development of ‘male behaviour’ in mice by reducing the amount of the ‘masculine’ hormone testosterone in their bodies.

The researchers have now warned mothers-to-be should think twice before popping the painkillers.

Professor David Mabjerg Kristensen, from the University of Copenhagen, said: ‘We have demonstrated that a reduced level of testosterone means that male characteristics do not develop as they should.’ According to an article published on the dailymail.

He added: ‘This also affects sex drive.

‘In a trial, mice exposed to paracetamol at the foetal stage were simply unable to copulate in the same way as our control animals.

‘Male programming had not been properly established during their fetal development and this could be seen long afterwards in their adult life.

‘It is very worrying.’


Professor Mabjerg Kristensen noted previous studies found paracetamol can inhibit the development of the male sex hormone testosterone in male foetuses, increasing the risk of malformation of the testicles in infants, a reduced level of testosterone at the fetal stage is also significant for the behaviours of adult males.


The dosage administered to the mice was very close to the recommended dosage for pregnant women.

And he said because the trials are restricted to mice, the results cannot be transferred directly to humans.

However, because of their certainty about the harmful effects of paracetamol meant it would be improper to undertake the same trials on humans.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that helps develop the male body and male programming of the brain.

The masculine behaviours in mice observed by the researchers involved aggressiveness to other male mice, ability to copulate and the need for territorial marking.

The mice reacted significantly more passively than normal for all three parameters – they did not attack other males, were unable to copulate and behaved more like female mice when it come to urinary territorial marking.

After observing the changed behavioural patterns, Professor Anders Hay-Schmidt investigated the specific effects of a lack of testosterone on the brain.

He said: ‘The area of the brain that controls sex drive – the sexual dimorphic nucleus – had half as many neurons in the mice that had received paracetamol as the control mice.

‘The inhibition of testosterone also led to a halving of the activity in an area of the brain that is significant for male characteristics.’

The study was published in the scientific journal Reproduction.

Machachari’s Hot Actress Sophia Reveals She Welcomed Baby Number TWO. Check Out Her Cute BABY BUMP Before She Delivered

Gorgeous Machacahri actress Sophia has revealed that she was blessed with a second baby, something she has kept a secret for a while now.

The celebrated TV girl, real name, Sharon Mutuku is no doubt a beauty to behold and is known for her role on the Citizen TV drama series, where she plays the role of a naive but caring house help for a rich family.

But away from all the cameras and spotlight, Sophia is a family woman, married to the love of her life and together they are blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and recently, she welcomed her second child.


The stunning actress hinted that she might be planning or expecting a second child back in February 2017, after sharing a photo where she was shopping for a baby stroller, with this caption; “I’m that mum, #baby number 2.

How Charming! Sexy Machachari Actress, Sophia, Flaunts Her Husband And Child In Adorable Photos

Sophia was very public with her first child and when she gave birth in August 2014, she revealed that Baby Ivanna was born through C-Section after she experienced 22 hours of agonizing labor pain.

But this time round, she decided to keep things on the low, from the prying eyes of the public and media, but in a recent post, she gave her fans a glimpse of her then baby bump.


Sophia then revealed that she had already welcomed her second child, by the name Zamie, but is yet to unveil the face to the world. After looking up the name, I found out that it’s a girls name, which means that she welcomed another girl.

Almost Unrecognisable! Mama Baha Of Machachari Shows Off Her Beautiful And Elegant Side In These 11 Hot PHOTOS

The stunning actress shared a lovely throwback photoshoot of her pregnancy, as she revealed that she’s will introduce her newborn to her fans soon;

Who said we have to wait for Thursday to throw it back. #when I was pregnant with baby number two..My angel will be meeting you all very soon

Check out the stunning photo below. How cute is that baby bump?







Too Evil: Fear Grips Kibera Residents As Badly MUTILATED Bodies Found Stuffed In Sacks Near The Railway Line

Kibera residents on Monday, June 26 found bodies of five people stuffed in sacks and dumped near the railway line with some parts missing.

Police, who cordoned off the area, said they are yet to establish the motive for the killings.

One of the victims was identified as a resident of the slum who went missing on Saturday, but the locals didn’t recognize the rest.

“The bodies were mutilated, eyes gouged out and private parts chopped off before being stuffed in a sack,” an officer handling the case said.

It is not clear how and who killed the men thrown on the railway line for the cargo train to run over them.

After The Death Of a Young Female Thug, Five Suspected Thugs Shot In Nairobi All Aged Between 18 And 25

Residents said they are living in fear following the bizarre incident and called on the police to intensify patrols in the area.


Locals and police said the bodies were dumped there on Sunday night by unknown people in Darajani area.

The officers who attended the scene said the bodies had deep cuts in the head, and stomach.

They expressed their disappointment over the laxity of security officers saying crime has escalated during this campaign period.

Man With Deep Head Panga Cuts Narrates His Horrifying Ordeal In The Hands Of City Thugs



-Patrick Vidija/The Star

Bizarre! Ugandan-Native Surrenders To The Police After Being Attacked By Bees While Stealing a Vehicle In Bungoma

Police in Bungoma are holding a Ugandan national who surrendered himself to police that he had stolen a car.

The man rushed to the station after a swarm of bees attacked him as he attempted to get away with the vehicle.

Francis Sikadigu is said to have been attacked by the bees as he was driving the car which was suspected to have been stolen.

He caused a scene after rushing to Bungoma Police Station with the bees following in tow.

Sikadigu then rushed out of the police station and sought a traditional healer in a bid to be set free from the bees.

John Wafula, the vehicle’s owner, said he was approached by the suspect who claimed he wanted five cars for hire on Friday.


He said they met at a hotel in town to discuss the terms for the car hire with Sikadigu who claimed he had a five-day contract.

Wafula claimed that Sikadigu had insisted that he wanted the Toyota Premio and Axio latest models for his clients.

I gave him a quotation of Sh5,000 per car for each of the five days.

He said that when he came back to the negotiation table, he continued sipping his juice and noticed that he had started feeling dizzy.

Wafula said that he found himself in hospital on Saturday and then noticed that his car keys were missing.

“I approached a traditional doctor who assured me that my car will be found in three days,” he said.

“The traditional medicine man assured me that the suspect will not leave Bungoma town and will be attacked by bees.”

After he was set free from the bees, the man was arrested and taken to Bungoma police station for interrogation.

Bungoma South OCPD David Kirui said they are still investigating the matter.




-John Nalianya

Curbing Crime: Four Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Karen After Stealing a Car In Kayole, While Two Others Lynched In Embakasi

Four suspected thugs were this morning shot dead in Karen, Nairobi and AK47 rifle with 8 bullets recovered.

Police say the men had stolen a car from Kayole area and were planning to commit a robbery in the area when they were informed.

The four men were also found with a mobile phone that had been stolen from a man in Kayole. Police say they believe the men have been behind a series of robbery incidents in Karen.

The area has been facing a series of robberies in the past months targeting homesteads. The bodies were taken to the mortuary.

Three Suspected Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Kayole And Soweto Slums As Police Try To Curb Crime Menace


In Huruma area, a suspected thug was also shot dead in a botched robbery incident. This increased to five, the number of suspects killed in the city in the war on crime.

Meanwhile, two suspected thugs were lynched by a mob in Embakasi area, Nairobi.

The two were part of a gang that had been attacking and robbing residents when an alarm was raised last evening.

This comes just a day after a wanted criminal by the name Bobocha was killed by residents in Old Town Mombasa County after robbing and attacking another resident in Madobini.

Siku Za Mwizi Ni 40: Most Wanted Mombasa Gang Member ‘Bobocha’ Brutally Killed By Angry Mob (PHOTOS)

 Police say the suspects were stoned to death before being set on fire. Elsewhere, two people committed suicide in separate incidents.

The first incident happened in Umoja where a rotting body of a man was found long after he had committed suicide.

Another woman committed suicide in Dandora area, Nairobi. The bodies were moved to the mortuary.







-Cyrus Okwema


Sad! Nasty Road Accident Occurs At The Same Scene Where 45 People Died After a Car Crush Involving 13 Vehicles In 2016

Two people were seriously injured and four others left nursing minor injuries after an accident involving a pick-up and a lorry along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The accident which occurred at Karai trading center in Naivasha paralyzed traffic along the busy route for close to an hour before the wrecks were towed away.

The incident occurred near the scene of last year’s accident where 45 people died in an accident involving thirteen vehicles.

VERY SAD! 20 People Die After Fatal Night Road Accident In Nakuru (PHOTOS)

And just like last year’s accident, the latest one was caused by one of the speed bumps near the sleepy trading center according to area residents.

The lorry which was driving downhill developed mechanical problems before hitting the speed bump and ramming on the rear of the pick-up seriously injuring the six.

According to an eye witness Simon Kangethe, the lorry which had three occupants was in high speed when the accident occurred.

Driver Who Killed 6 Relatives In a Road Accident Freed On a Sh2 MILLION Bond

He said that on hitting the pick-up which was in front of it, it lost control and rolled into a nearby ditch injuring all the occupants.

We have in the past called on the government to remove this speed bump that is near a bridge but our pleas have been ignored

Another witness Peterson Wambugu said that three other occupants in the pick-up were also injured after the midday incident.

Wambugu said that the speed-bump had ended up being a curse due to the number of accidents it was causing mainly involving cars driving downhill.

“The speed bump near the bridge should be removed as it’s the one that has caused all this accidents around this area,” he said.

Four Bodyguards Escorting Governor Alfred Mutua’s WIFE Home Killed In a Grisly Road Accident (PHOTOS)

A senior police officer who declined to be named said that the six had been rushed to the Naivasha sub-county hospital where they were undergoing treatment.

He said that of the six, two had fractures and required specialized treatment while the others had sustained minor injuries.

“The mangled wrecks have been towed to Naivasha police station while the injured are in stable condition at the Naivasha hospital,” said the officer.





-Antony Gitonga

Like Father, Like Son: Ragga Artiste Redsan Shows Off His Cute SON For The First Time (RARE PHOTO)

Veteran ragga and reggae musician Swabri Mohammed aka Redsan is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most celebrated and loved artistes in the local music scene.

The Badder Than Most hitmaker has over the years wowed his fans with his catchy and danceable music, and though he had gone on a music hiatus for a while, he came back with a bang with Shoulder Back about a year ago.

Recently, Redsan went out of his comfort zone and collaborated with a female R&B singer Vivian on a new song dubbed Attention a few weeks ago, and from what he has been teasing on his social media, that we should expect more.

CAT OUT OF THE BAG! This Is What Redsan And Stunning Kenyan Singer Vivian Were Up To (VIDEO)

Away from music and the spotlight, not much is known about the heartthrob, only that he is married with kids, but he has never shows off his children or wife on his social media or public.

Yes, he’s that private about his love life.


From what we know, Redsan is married to Viverz Mohammed, and the two exchanged vows back in 2012 at a very low key and secret wedding affair.

During an interview a while back; Redsan give this as the reason he keeps his other life off the public radar;

I value my background, my family and my religion very much. When I’m home with my family, there’s nothing about Redsan. That is private and you will not hear or read about it on the Internet, no matter how much you try.

Though he rarely talks about his family or even flaunts them on social media platforms, this time he decided to give a glimpse of his son.

Redsan was celebrating Ramadhan and in the heat of the moment, he showed off his son’s face, for the first time ever, but later deleted the photo from his page.

But not before I took a screenshot of the cute looking boy, who looks 4 years old, as they played with filters. Well, check out Redsan and his never seen before son below. Isn’t he the cutest?






King Raymond! Diamond Platnumz Becomes Rayvanny’s ‘SLAVE’ After The Artiste Won a BET Award (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Diamond Platnumz’s protege Raymond popularly known by his stage name Rayvanny made his country and East Africa proud when he scooped a prestigious award at the recently concluded BET Awards 2017 in the US.

The Salome hitmaker took home BET Viewer’s Choice Best New International Act 2017, making him the first Tanzanian to bring a BET award home, making his friends, family and musical counterparts happy.

God is good all the time. Asante Mungu wangu Ulieniumba,Unaejua mwanzo na mwisho wangu.Uliyaona machozi yangu nilipokua mpweke sina furaha na mwenye majonzi mengi.WEWE NDIYE MUWEZA… Asanteni wadau Wote mlio VOTE kwa Ajili yangu Ushindi umerudi Nyumbani. SITOACHA KUSHUKURU UONGOZI MZIMA.


But there’s no doubt that the happiest person after Rayvanny’s win was his boss and fellow singer Diamond Platnumz, who couldn’t keep calm after Rayvanny big milestone in Bongo’s musical history.

Rayvanny is signed to Chibu’s music record, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) after he met him a few years back before he even started the record label, but the journey has not been easy for the singer.

Rayvanny Shows Off His Baby’s Face For The First Time (Photo)

Diamond Platnumz decided to share a post he had put up back in 2015, revealing how he had met Rayvanny and admired his incredible talent, and for some reason, he knew that the young man’s singing would take him to great heights in the future.


Now that his prediction has come to pass, Diamond decided to give a brief history of how they met in a post where he also congratulated Rayvanny;

Earlier 2015 I met Rayvanny in one of the studios in Tanzania and realised how talented and humble he is… since my Record label’s plan wasn’t ready that time i couldn’t do anything… i flew to Germany for my tour…on the 9th of May 2015 when i was at the Backstage i started thinking and i felt sorry for him the way he was talented and humble he was, but with no help… then i posted him on my Instagram
“i believe God see your daily hustle and struggle…Never give up, Keep praying everyday…i believe one day God will open the Doors and let the World recognize your talent!”….
Right after starting my label i signed him and today he is the BET VIEWER’S CHOICE BEST NEW INTERNATIONAL ACT 2017 and for the First time bringing the BET trophy to TANZANIA!!!!….Thank you GOD its all because of you🙏 … Thanks a lot to the all media and fans for the major support


As if that was not enough, Diamond Platnumz has now become Rayvanny’s servant, after a photo emerged while he tied his shoes. Rayvanny shared the photo with this caption; “Comment chochote maana binafsi nimeshindwa kabisa kuelezea.”

Diamond Platnumz has only come close to winning a BET Award after being nominated in the Best International Act: Africa category in 2014 and 2016, so this win for Rayvanny has clearly shocked him.

Here’s the photo as Chibu ties Rayvnny’s shoe, treating him like a king.





Proud Mama! Betty Kyallo Celebrates Her Daughter’s Birthday In The Most Amazing And Special Way (PHOTOS)

Celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo is a proud mother after her cuddly daughter Ivanna turned 3 years recently, and oh my isn’t she all grown.

The Friday Briefing news anchor was proud to announce the good news, revealing that she would be celebrating the big day differently this time round.

Instead of throwing an expensive birthday party for the little cutie, she decided that she would share with the less fortunate, by visiting Imani Children’s Centre in Kayole, where they would then cut a cake with the other kids there.


Other than that, Betty Kyallo took to social media and requested well-wishers to give food, or clothes, to take to the children’s home, to show support to the destitute.

Ivanna is turning 3 tomorrow so instead of a birthday party my friends, family and I will be going to Imani Children’s Centre in Kayole on Saturday to celebrate it with the kids. If you have anything you want to give, not money but dry food, toiletries, clothes please I humbly request you to drop them off at Posh Palace, then I will deliver them to the sweet little souls on Saturday. Also if you want to accompany me just DM me. Please support me as I do something small for them.

Well, true to her words, she visited the Children’s Home in Kayole, was she was accompanied by her family, friends and other well-wishers who showed interest to get involved in this noble cause.


The media queen presented the goodies to the cheerful children and after cutting the cake, they celebrated with music and dance, and there’s no doubt that the event was a success. Bet there’s a side of Betty Kyallo that we didn’t know, she’s selfless and caring.

What a beautiful day it was! A big thank you to everyone who gave donations to the kids, a bigger thank you to my family and friends who were part of the day. Spread more love.

This comes days after Betty Kyallo won the OLX Social Media Awards, scooping the Media Personality Of The Year, and to her this was a week to be happy about;

What a lovely weekend. Winning the award which was awesome but most importantly winning the hearts of the children from Imani Children’s Agency. My heart is overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving ❤️ Have a great and blessed week ahead.

‘Good Over Evil’: Betty Kyallo Takes Shots At Haters As She Shows Off Her Media Personality of The Year Award Trophy

Here are some photos from Ivanna’s birthday party.







Family Drama! Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Accuses Her Mother-In-Law Of WITCHCRAFT (Screenshots)

Drama seems to be following Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh wherever she goes, and this time, the issue surrounds the mother of her ex-husband, where she’s accusing her of witchcraft.

In a leaked chat between Tonto Dikeh and her mother-in-law, the actress who revealed she paid for her own bride price said she has watched Churchill touch his mother inappropriately.

In the chat, an obviously angry Tonto Dikeh says, “I have watched you bring in dirty charms and fetish item into my home. I have watched your son touch you inappropriately. I have witnessed darkness with you all and I just wonder what kind of woman you are.


Leave me alone Mama Kunle, leave me alone I beg of you. Am done with your family, all I need is my safety and that of my child.”

This comes after Lara Olubo an OAP who is also a niece of Olakunle Churchill’s mother released a message between Tonto and her mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, Churchill’s first wife Bimbo commented on Lara’s post saying that her ex-husband family are all liars. “Smh, this people will never stop lying or even change from their evil ways… soon I know your can of worms will be open Kunle and you mom..Wicked family filled with evil thoughts and evil plans. Someday people will know the real you kunle,just can’t wait for that day to come.”


This comes after Lara Olubo an OAP who is also a niece of Olakunle Churchill’s mother released a message between Tonto and her mother-in-law.

All these comes after Tonto on Friday, June 16, 2017, dressed as a man to celebrate father’s day at her son’s school.

Her estranged husband Olakunle Churchill also responded to her attire saying people shouldn’t play victims to circumstances they created.

Tonto Dike With Husband Olakunle Churchill

Check out the screenshots of the conversation Tonto Dikeh had with her mother-in-law, courtesy of Pulse Ng.






Pulse Ng


‘My Husband Is Not Complaining’: Actress Mercy Johnson Takes Shots At Fans Who Attacked Her For ‘Twerking’ At a Concert

Popular Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson, is one of the most talented and renowned filmmakers and actresses in Africa, and over the years, she has proved to be the best in the game despite the competition in the industry.

The actress is also a doting mother and loving wife to Prince Odi Okojie, a wealthy businessman and politician in Nigeria.

Other than just her beauty, Mercy is physically endowed. Even though she has visited the labor room thrice, she still has the kind of body that would make teenagers go green with envy.


The talented actress caused a stir recently when she wriggled her backside (twerked) while hosting a mega concert, in Anambra State.

Trouble In Paradise? Renowned Actress Mercy Johnson Pleads To Fans To Pray For Her Marriage

The video of the event went viral and while many of her fans commended her dancing skills, some argued that she shouldn’t have done that considering her status as a married woman.


In a chat with Sunday Scoop, she defended her actions, saying that her husband did not complain about her twerking so she doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about.

Girl Power! Mercy Johnson Defends Fellow Actress Juliet Ibrahim Over PRESSURE To Settle Down And Get MARRIED

She said, “I was only having a good time on stage doing my job. I was the host of the show and we have been to different cities thrilling fans. Is it a crime for me to dance on stage because I’m a married woman? I wonder why people like to take things out of context. Anyway, my husband is not complaining, so I don’t see why anybody else should be bothered about it.”

Do you think what she did was unacceptable as a mother and a wife?