Socialite Vera Sidika reveals why she always wanted to get a baby girl

Vera Sidika has revealed that she has always wanted to have a baby sister.

In a recent post on her Instagram, the mum-to-be said that made her always wanted a daughter.

“When dad heard I’m having a girl he said; Finally!!! You have always wished for a sister, now you’ll have a minie you,” she said.

The 30-year-old businesswoman is the first of three children and the only daughter in the family.

“Growing up I used to wish I had a baby sister so much. God truly heard my prayers,” she said.

Reggae icon Lucky Dube’s daughter Nkulee Dube is in Kenya (video)

Brown Mauzo holding Vera Sidika (1)
Brown Mauzo holding Vera Sidika (1)

Vera is due soon.

“Super excited to meet our little one. Days getting closer, I cant sleep anymore as she plays too much. I know she will be one healthy, smiley and happy baby. Just like her parents,” Vera wrote.

On Friday, she announced that she was interested in taking up Lamaze classes.

Lamaze is a childbirth preparation method aimed at building confidence and teaching coping mechanisms for labour.

Attending Lamaze classes might help you develop self-confidence to deliver the baby naturally.

‘Don’t be afraid to love whoever you want to love,’ Boniface Mwangi on Juliani’s relationship

Activist Boniface Mwangi has currently been speaking about relationships and how couples should live.

In his recent posts on his social media Platforms, the father of three advised couples to normalize walking away or divorce if a relationship/marriage doesn’t work.

He has now given an example with ex-lovers Lilian Ng’ang’a and Juliani, saying people should ‘go where they are loved’.

“Life is short, don’t let religion or societal expectations make you stay in an unhappy relationship. Go where you’re loved. If you have loved once, you can love and be loved again.

Love is a choice. Love is beautiful. Don’t be afraid to love whoever you want to love,” Boniface Mwangi wrote on Instagram.

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Juliani with Lilian Ng’ang’a


Boni further added;

“I’m here to offend those men who behave like their partners are personal assets. Assets are dead things, they have no feelings or emotions.

Partners have flesh and blood, they can move on and you can do nothing about it. Money doesn’t make a man, manners do. Pesa bila tabia ni sumu,” Bonny added. 

The activist is a huge supporter of Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’a’s relationship.


Reggae icon Lucky Dube’s daughter Nkulee Dube is in Kenya (video)

Nkulee Dube, late Lucky Dube’s daughter, is in the country ahead of Mashujaa day celebrations next week.

The singer, who has taken after her celebrated father, arrived in the country this morning ahead of the celebration on Wednesday.

Mashujaa Day, also known as Heroes’ Day (“mashujaa” is Swahili for “heroes”), is a national day in Kenya, which is observed on 20 October.

It is a public holiday to collectively honour all those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya’s independence or positively contributed in the post independence Kenya.

In a video shared online, Nkulee thanks Kenyans for the love.

“Nobody can stop reggae, thank you for the love.”

Teacher Wanjiku celebrates her daughter Zuri as she turns a year older

Watch the video;

Socialite Vera Sidika holds a colorful baby shower (photos)

Socialite Vera Sidika yesterday held a lavish baby shower.

The exclusive event was attended by a few celebrities and close friends to the couple.

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati attended the event.

Vera looked elegant in the videos dressed in a hot pink off the shoulder dress.

Vera had announced to her fans through social media that she would hold a baby shower.

She has been documenting their pregnancy journey.

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Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo

Vera planned for her baby shower as she said she hates surprise baby showers.

She said she didn’t like the idea of letting other people run the show when the event or occasion is about her.

“Me; I hate surprises. I love perfection and must plan every single detail, including the spoons used.

“I dint know how I would feel walking to my surprise party and everything just not as what I would like it to be. Woi. I would definitely be happy for the thoughtfulness. But weeh. I’m just very detailed and such a perfectionist. It’s a Libra thing, I think.”

Sidika added that surprise baby showers are an old school vibe and that all ladies who walk into their surprise baby showers and act surprised are fake because at some point they all anticipate such an occasion.

Check out videos and photos;

Kenyan athlete Hosea Mwok Macharinyang found dead in his home

Athlete Hosea Mwok Macharinyang was found dead at his home in West Pokot.

Hosea was a professional runner who specialized in the 10,000 metres and cross-country running.

Reports indicates that his body was discovered in his Morkwijit home with a rope around his neck.

He won three consecutive team titles for the country at the World Cross Country Championships between 2004 to 2008.

Before his death on Saturday, Macharinyang was seen herding his animals.

He has died less than a year after he started training. His body was moved to the Kapenguria County Referral hospital morgue.

‘Every woman needs a man,’ says Singer Akothee

Athletics Kenya (AK) North Rift public relations officer, Boniface Tiren, said the county has lost one of its most talented sportspersons who had a bright future ahead of him.

“It is a sad affair, losing such a young person in such a bad way. He was a young man that the country and locals could look upon in terms of athletics career,” Tiren said.

He added: “As a region, we have lost a young and intelligent man who could steer his county, that is coming up in sports to a greater height.”

Esther Musila responds to a fan who called her ‘Guardian Angel’s mum’

Gospel singer Guardian Angel’s lover Esther Musila is not letting trolls get off that easy.
Musila is engaged to the gospel singer but because of their age difference, they have been receiving love from their fans and hate from trolls.

Recently, the two love birds shared a lovely video of them enjoying life.

Esther was displeased when a fan reacted to the video of her and Guardian teasing each other after the musician had a difficult day in the gym.
In her caption, she praised the work she puts in during the gym as the reason why Guardian was so eager to touch her.
A fan reacting to the clip said it was a mother teasing her son, which upset Esther.
Musila calmly urged him to look for a seat, ask for a soda to watch.
She reminded the fan that jealousy is a poison that might end up ‘finishing’ him.
“Tafuta kiti ukae, alafu upewe soda ukunywe. Wivu ni sumu itakumaliza,” she said.
Guardian Angel with Esther Musila
Guardian Angel with Esther Musila

Read some of the comments from impressed fans below:

Those making noise, look at her beautiful figure 8, age is just a number appreciate others, much love mum🔥😍😍

Sai Maasai is like ,,eroooo hii msichana anapiga hii nduume aki anaani ingekuwa mimi..😂😂😂😂😂

The body I want at 33 but uvivu aki 🙌🙌🙌

🔥❤️ Adorable couple

A very beautiful shape😍

I love this couple❤️❤️

Hio figure is killing us n moto

aki mapenzi wewe nikikushika utalia😂😂😂…

❤️❤️❤️Nawapenda nyinyi 😄

‘He is much better,’ King Kaka’s wife update fans on his health

Rapper King Kaka has been unwell for months after what he said was misdiagnosed.

In his social media, King Kaka said he had been sick for over three months and had lost appetite, leading to him losing up to 33 Kg.

He has been updating his fans about his health since he left the hospital.

Well, his wife, Nana Owiti in a Q & A on her social media updated his fans that he is doing much better.

Fans asked how the rapper is fairing on.

“He is much better. He’s added 6+ KGs and you have no idea how grateful we are for that. It’s a big win, thanks for asking,”  she said.

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

King Kaka in suit and tie
King Kaka in suit and tie

She added that King Kaka will share details on the disease he is suffering from when he is ready.

Kaka shared his first photo after announcing he has been ill for three months few weeks ago.

In a post on social media, the ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ singer asked his fans to always pray for good health.

He added that it has not been easy to be in and out of hospital.

“Hospitali ceilings are really boring, always pray for good health,” he wrote.

‘I don’t know if I will ever try pregnancy again,’ says Marya Prude

Marya Prude is remembering her pregnancy days.

In a recent photo on her Instastories, she shared that she had an amazing pregnancy journey but she is not sure if she will ever try pregnancy again.

“I don’t know if I will ever try pregnancy again but this one was amazing.”

Marya was married to media personality Willis Raburu.

In a recent interview with Word Is, Marya revealed she had lost a pregnancy and a baby during her marriage.

“My baby died in the womb after a few complications,” Marya said.

“I was in the 39th week of pregnancy and so I was in labour for about 14 hours. I gave birth normally after pushing three times but the baby came out dead.”

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

Maryaprude Raburu stroking her hair
Maryaprude in a contemplative pose

This was after they lost the first pregnancy through a miscarriage at nine weeks.

She said it was an anembryonic pregnancy, a form of a failed early pregnancy where a gestational sac develops but the embryo does not form.

Marya said, “Nobody told me before that there is a possibility of losing a child after carrying the pregnancy for nine months. I just knew about miscarriages. So getting pregnant with that in mind, I didn’t know it was a possibility.”

Eric Omondi parades his title deeds of his new Karen mansion home

Comedian Eric Omondi gave Kenyans a tour of what he says is his nine-bedroomed mansion.

A number of Kenyans later accused him of stage managing the unveiling of his new house for popularity.

Well, this did not go well with the self-proclaimed President of comedy.

In an explainer on his Instagram, Omondi dismissed the doubters, terming them as haters.

He went on and displayed evidence that he actually owned the house.

In a video, Omondi paraded the title deed in his name that was stamped on September 7, 2021.

“It is about time, Kenyans understood that comedy can pay, that music can pay, that football can pay and we need to start cultivating a culture that believes in the fruits of our work…ukilima utavuna!,” he said.

Yes the house is a multi-bedroom house and yes it can be used as Air BnB for now, and yes I bought it and own it. I can’t rent it out but I can lease it out. I am rarely around anyway. Sh75,000 per day but this offer stands until October 19 when I officially move in.

In an earlier interview, he hinted that politician Jimi Wanjigi had helped him acquire the property.

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

Eric said that he had moved into the house three days ago.

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

Content creator and YouTuber Milly wa Jesus is celebrating her husband’s birthday today.
The mother of one professed her love to her husband Kabi Wa Jesus and how he makes her feel.
She referred to Kabi as the king of her heart and thanked God for giving her such a caring husband.
“Happy birthday to the king of my heart. I am one lucky woman to be doing life with you. I speak nothing but more grace and favour as you accomplish your God-given purpose in this new year.
Kabi WaJesus with Milly
Kabi WaJesus with Milly
She added;
“Thank you for being a blessing to me and many. For never giving up on the faith and fixing your eyes on the price always. I love you so much, and words can never be enough to express how I feel about you.”
The couple also celebrated their son’s second birthday this week.

Diamond Platnumz and singer Tanasha’s son turns 2 years old

Singer Diamond and his ex-girlfriend Tanasha are celebrating their son’s birthday.

Naseeb Junior was born in October 2019 on the same day his celebrity dad was born.

Tanasha celebrated her son wishing him the best as he turns two.

She wrote;

“On October 2, 2 years ago, a King was born. Amor de mi vida. Happy 2nd Birthday my son. I love you to bits. Can never imagine my life without you. You complete me. Give me purpose. May Allah protect you and guide you throughout your life. Mommy loves you so much. My biggest blessing. We celebrate later.”

1 mil views! Terence Creative grateful to KOT for watching wash wash

On his page, Diamond also celebrated his son’s birthday by sharing his photo and a love emoji.

On Friday, Tanasha shared a picture of herself at the airport without disclosing where she is heading to.

In subsequent posts, Tanasha wrote ‘Zanzibar’ showing an aerial view of Mt Kilimanjaro.

This is a clear indication that she is heading to Tanzania.

Diamond’s mother also celebrated her grandson.

She wrote;

Tom kama Tom lakini kaka maisha marefu. Babu, bibi anakupenda sana sana Naseeb kichwa pacha wa Naseeb Simba.”

Actor Nick Mutuma and actress Bridget Shighadi live together

Actress Bridget Shighadi and her baby daddy Nick Mutuma live together.

In a radio interview, the celebrated actress said she and Mutuma met in her high school days.

“Nick is the first man I knew after high school. At the time it was on and off but after we had our daughter Dua, I can say we have been together for 3 years. And yes we live together.

It’s official maybe tutafanya harusi tu. Even our parents know each other. He has even given a fine for impregnating me. We are now waiting for the real ruracio ceremony. We are not in a rush. It’s not one of my main goals right now.

Right now, we refocused on our career and raising our daughter, laying a good foundation because we can get into all that.”

On whether she gets pressure to get married, Bridget shares, “If you live according to people expectations you can never go anywhere, I do what makes me happy and at my own pace.”

Legendary singer Phil Collins signals the end of his drumming career

nick mutuma 224During the interview, the veteran actress said her passion was in fashion design but acting was her plan B.

She said her baby daddy Nick Mutuma, was against her joining the entertainment industry.

“He never wanted me to join the acting industry. Maybe because of the exposure in the industry and the fact that at the time I had no interest in acting.

Nick’s friend called Tosh Gitonga offered me a role on ‘Disconnect’ but I turned the role down but he was persistent and that was my breaking point.

A lady at Maisha Magic saw me and referred me to Giffy production which is owned by Lulu and Rashid.”

Comedian Kajairo takes a break on social media to mourn his late mum

Comedian Kajairo has taken a social media break to mourn his late mum.

Kajairo announced the passing away of his mum through his Instagram page,

He wrote;

“We loved you but God loved you more! R.I.P Mummy I will surely and deeply miss you, your humour, wit, words of encouragement, passion for God and work was relentless!

Everyone knew you were a star whenever they met you. God we thank you for her life well lived! And as we lay her to rest please spare her soul and give us the comfort and strength to push on!!

The celebrated comedian’s mom, Mrs. Susan Rugaru Mbajo was laid to rest last week.

I a post after her burial, Kajairo said he was still in denial that she was gone forever until the moment he threw dirt onto her casket.

“I never believed my mother was gone even at the morgue;I refused to accept even after reaching our rural home;I couldn’t fathom she was gone throughout the funeral service & accolades by friends and relatives;But when I threw a handful of fresh earth onto her casket, it finally dawned on me that she’s gone, gone forever and that destroyed me, I’ll never be the same again.”

Mother of slain Kianjokoma brothers says she makes sons’ beds every day


He added;

“Thank you all who prayed, sent me comforting messages, those who were there besides me and my family. Those who contributed whatever little or much they had, I’m forever grateful. I’m eternally indebted to you all!

Dear fans and friends I’ll be off from posting content here for a while to mourn, reflect, I need to reset.God help me, be with my family. I trust & believe that almighty father you’ll see me through this.Shalom Mummy, Rest well Mrs Susan Rugaru Mbajo. Till We Meet Again!”

Comedian Mulamwah recounts days he could not afford a school trip to Nairobi

Comedian Mulamwah has asked his fans to allow him to enjoy the city.

Sharing details of his humble beginnings, Mulamwa revealed that while in primary school in Kitale, Mulamwah couldn’t afford to pay for a trip to Nairobi.

He said that at one point, he was left home after his schoolmates travelled to Nairobi for a trip.

“Nikiwa class 7 nilikosa pesa ya school tour atu walikuja Nairobi wakaniacha Kitale. Now, allow me to enjoy the city.”

Comedian Eddie Butita hired as Netflix’ kiswahili writer/director

Mulamwah posing in denim
Mulamwah posing in denim

Mulamwah is among the new generation of comedians who use social media to propel their craft.

He also has side hustles that add up to his income. The comedian revealed in an exclusive with that he is a farmer.

“I am also a farmer. I am currently growing wheat in Eldoret.

I don’t stay at one specific point, I go where there is work and money.”

The comedian has also helped in the employment sector as he has employed youths in his boda boda business at his rural hometown Kitale.

His journey from not being able to pay for his trip back to primary school to cresting employment is a boss move from Mulamwah.

He also worked at Kenyatta National Hospital as a nurse.

Singer Vivianne on whether she has ditched secular music

Singer Vivianne for the first time opened up on rumours she has quit being a secular artist.

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, the mother of one said she has never felt like there is a line between gospel and secular music.

While responding to queries by fans after she recently released a gospel jam dubbed ‘Nimechoka na Kugambo.’

“The song is an honest conversation with God.

By the time my team and I were working on it, we wanted a song that would speak to the hearts of people.

People are broken, there are heightened cases of suicide, brokenness, loneliness, broken families

All those are because people are empty and ill-informed as they are feeding on the wrong sources.

There is a lot of hurt going on.”

Hilarious tweets about the talking stage that’ll make you say yup, that’s me

Explaining if she has quit secular industry, Vivianne explained;

“I have never felt like there is a line between gospel and secular, I feel we just impose pressure on people.

It’s like it’s illegal for someone who sings love songs to sing for God and vice versa.

It does not make sense because people feel like they are held in a ‘jail’ and most people (gospel) have broken away from that ‘jail’.

Most of these artists are imperfect and very young. I have come of age where I can express a genuine love for God.

So I am neither a secular nor a gospel artist.”

Check out her new jam ‘Nimechoka na  Kugambo’ below;

Rapper Juliani opens up on how he co-parents with actress Brenda Wairimu

Singer Juliani has opened up about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Brenda Wairimu.

The two former lovebirds have a six-year-old baby girl called Amore Njeri.

Speaking to the Standard Group’s editor Charles Otieno on the latest developments in his music career, relationship, and plans, Juliani reminisced on their breakup.

“I was left for a year nilichafua, I was disoriented.

But I have now realized who I am. My relationship with God changed. I thought I had a relationship with God but I didn’t.

I saw her for who she is. She is an amazing person, she is super supportive and if that breakup never happened I couldn’t see her the way I see her now.

Love never changes it only transcends.”

PSquare’s Rude Boy reunites with his kids amid divorce rumours



Juliani also hailed Brenda for always supporting him and being supportive in co-parenting their daughter Njeri.

He says even when he is not in a position to support her, Brenda stands in for him and has never denied him access to their child.


Stinky mouths, to broke men! Here are things that turn women off (List)

What is that one thing that turns you off in a man is a question most women are asked but not many are bold enough to share for fear of criticism.
 Well Dr Ofweneke posed that question and women came out in large numbers to open up their heart including the self confessed President of single mothers Akothee.
DR Ofweneke
DR Ofweneke
Here are some of the responses
.akotheekenya:any man who asks me for money is going 🤣😂
ivah_nthenya:Broke and very comfortable about it. And wuuwi anapangia pesa yako kama yake. Ati “Beb, Ile 10k imebaki tutanunua si nayo nguo zangu za kanisa”. Like, the f**k🤪🤪🤪😡😡😡😠😠😠
simply_njoki:Bad breath and stained teeth…… And worse a light skinned or a fat man

wanjiru_mbugua:Bad breath, no cologne, insecure, broke, ata chai Serena ni chida 😂

‘You can go report to the police’ Khaligraph Jones responds after being blasted for smothering Betty Kyallo with explicit lyrics


Top media personality in mourning after losing his sister ,Read more below

sexy_gal_122:Send me u r pic that’s mean you are a boy not areal man

cathiemuthoni:Bad breath and sagging pants

xenaolalekan:A man who talks about his ex all the time. Turn off.

joey.nganga:Laziness. M wanaume uko na miaka above 25 n still can’t figure out how to earn your own food n shelter. Unakaa kwa mafriends, kukunywa drinks you haven’t bought, you don’t know how rent is earned n on social media you are busy insulting everyone with their little hard work… Cheii such a turnoff

gracembula_9:Tell me something sweet…. Niambie….. Nitumie pic…… Unaeza kam huku na av known u 4 2seconds…..

kairetuwakariuki:Kunihug,,ingia whatsapp tuchat sina credit,unakula nn,na saa hiyo hujabuy,kwani unalala saa ngapi as if ni kwako…..ata ww umeniput off kwa kuliza swali ya wana hivyo

wandwati:When a guy makes that sucking sound trying to get particles out from between his teeth. That has always put me off. Use toothpicks, fellas!

juliet.damaris:Untidy, body odour, broke and ako tuu sawa mschew🙄


Twin Manenos! List of 6 Kenyans who would pass for twins any day

It is easy to mistake people for twins due to the striking resemblance they portray not only on their appearance but also their dressing

On different occasions we meet people on the streets whom we actually mistake for being siblings due to their striking resemblance but what we may not know is that some of them are not even related and may not know each other.

It is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree, we check out some people who might be mistaken for twins even though they are not

  1. Victor Wanyama and Mac Donald Mariga

This football players leave many wondering if they are twins, which they are not ,at times it gets hard differentiating between who is Mariga and who is Wanyama .

The Marigas
The Marigas

2. Betty Kyalo and Mercy Kyallo

KTN presenter set the internet on fire when photos of her identical sister appeared on the social media platforms with many thinking the two are twins.

They possess the same beautiful smile and beautiful faces.


Posh palace entrepreneur with her sister Mercy
Posh palace entrepreneur Betty Kyalo with her sister Mercy

3. Wacu and Wanja

Volley ball players Wacu and Wanja look like identical twins rocking almost similar hair styles with both rocking nose rings and both being players,t hey have at several occasions clarified that they are not twins as people mistake them for.



4. Jane Mukami and Wahu

Jane Mukami who runs a fitness group 21 Days of change has on many occasions been confused as Wahu’s sister given the fact that they both rock short hair and have very identical facial features ,they could actually pass for twins any day.

Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu
Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu

5. Humphrey Khayange and Collins Injera (brothers)

These two rugby enthusiasts and players would pass for twins anywhere were it not for the fact that they have some little difference in their physical appearance, where Humphrey is taller than Collins .

Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera
Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera

6. Vesha and Rue Okello (Akothee’s daughters)

Daughters to the self proclaimed mother to single ladies Akothee, these two sisters would pass for twins any day, given the fact that they look alike and are almost the same height and body size.

Singer Akothee's daughters Vesha and Rue
Singer Akothee’s daughters Vesha and Rue



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