Looking at the Latest Big Bash League

Cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world today. Having started out as a game for children, the humble origins of cricket can be traced back to the 15th century. Since then, it has slowly developed, changed, and grew in esteem and popularity over the years. Shires would compete in regional tournaments, sponsored by local lords, who would often bet on their region’s team.

Today, the game has grown to become the second biggest sport in the world, drawing in 2.5 billion fans from all around the world, though most seem to be situated in the United Kingdom, the Indian Subcontinent, South Africa and, of course, Australia.

Cricket in Australia

In fact, Australia is one of the countries where cricket is most beloved. The Australian cricket team is one of the most successful in the world, and the Australian Kentucky Fried Chicken-sponsored Big Bash League is among the most popular (if not the most popular) cricket leagues in the world today.

Next to football, cricket is Australia’s favorite sport, drawing in huge crowds of fans, practitioners and punters. Online betting sites have noted that Australians use their services at an increased rate during the Big Bash. Sportsbooks online that are especially popular among Aussie punters are the ones that offer cricket live scores of the big bash, and many have taken to using simulated reality leagues to bolster people’s enjoyment of cricket betting.

As we mentioned, the Australian Big Bash is one of the most popular cricket events in the world. In this article, we are going to take a look at the latest KFC Big Bash League, discuss the participants, winners, and top players.

Big Bash 2021/22

The 2021/22 Big Bash League was the eleventh season of the League. It sees 8 of Australia’s best cricket clubs compete in a Twenty20 cricket tournament, over the course of 61 matches. The eight clubs that competed in the 2021/22 season include the following: Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, and Sydney Thunder. Out of these clubs, the most successful in the history of the Big Bash League are the Perth Scorchers, who’ve won four titles thus far. And speaking of the Perth Scorchers, let us take a look at this season’s winners of the Big Bash, who just happen to be…

2021/22 Big Bash Winners: Perth Scorchers

The Perth Scorchers won the 2021/22 Big Bash League season, earning their 4th title of the league. With this, the Perth Scorchers became the most successful club in the history of the Big Bash, having won the most amount of titles out of any other club. The club was captained by Ashton Turner and coached by Adam Voges during the most recent BBL, when they earned their fourth title. Apart from this season of the BBL, the Perth Scorchers won the third Big Bash League season in 2013/2014, the fourth season a year later, and the sixth season in 2016/17.

The club is headquartered in Perth Stadium, where they’ve been playing their home games since 2018 (previously their home ground stadium was WACA Ground). They have a side in the Women’s Big Bash League, which is also quite successful, being the current champions of the Women’s Big Bash League.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the most successful club of the season, let us take a look at the players that stole the spotlight.

Standout Players in the 2021/22 Big Bash League

Despite the prominence of the Perth Scorchers, the two standout players that we are taking a look at belong to two different teams. First, we are taking a look at Ben McDermott, who not only scored the most runs during the league (577), but was also named Player of the Series. Ben McDermott plays for the Hobart Hurricanes, and was also included in the Australian national cricket team four years ago, in 2018.

Though Ben McDermott was the standout, he wasn’t the only standout. Peter Sidle of the Adelaide Strikers is another player who grabbed the spotlight, as he was the one who made the most wickets (30) during the Big Bash League 2021/22 season. Though Sidle retired from international cricket, he still plays on the national level, and is quite an accomplished bowler in his own right.

Nyota Ndogo’s tips for landing a Mzungu man

Kenyan singer Nyota Ndogo says women have been inboxing her on social media asking for tips on how to get a Mzungu man. The ‘Watu Na Viatu’ hitmaker is married to a Dutch husband.

Ndogo has adviced women to install dating apps as they will quickly get a man. She added that Kenyan men and women would link up with people around the world, hence making it easier to date.

“Okay sio kwa ubaya watu ni kusaidiana. Nafikiria mmekua mkiona comments za warembo. Watu wanataka kuunganishwa na wazungu. Basi wanawake wanasema live kwa comments. wanaume pia wanakuja inbox wanataka wazungu. So hii site sio ya kupata wazunguu pekee , ipo dunia nzima.

(It is just about helping. You have seen in my comments that people are asking to be linked up with white partners. So please get a dating app and find your perfect match. In the dating app there are people from all over the world, not only whites),” Nyota Ndogo advised.

She however cleared the air saying she didn’t meet her husband on a dating app but while she was on a trip to the US.

“Saizi hata Kenya watu watu wankutanishwa kupitia Radio. Hii haita ni cost kitu ( These days people are linked up through radio in Kenya, and this will cost me nothing). Just be careful when you are there. Sharing is caring. although my husband and I met in the USA and not on the site. But there are people who met on the site and are now married,” Nyota Ndogo wrote.

Nyota Ndogo with her husband

Nyota and hubby have experienced rocky grounds on their relationship when the husband ghosted her last year. She had pranked him that she was pregnant after they had discussed their plans not to have a child.

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Me and my Baygon: Must have item in your home

Baygon is one of the most well-known Global pest control brands. The fast-acting insect killer helps prevent bugs from making themselves at home whether they’re crawling or flying. You can find the right Baygon product for you no matter the bug type. Whether you want to kill crickets, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths or silverfish, Baygon has got you covered.

The products come in many forms including aerosols, liquids, sprays, mat, coil, bait, chalk and paper.

How do you control mosquitoes indoors? In addition to their painful bites that can cause welts that irritate your skin, there are many other ways mosquitoes can be harmful to you and your family.

Advantages of using Baygon, the fast-acting insect killer that works to protect you against mosquitoes

  1. It is a multi-insect killer – It kills flying and crawling insects.
  2. Kills on contact.
  3. Baygon products do not have a harsh smell that irritate you.

Baygon is available in 180ml, 300ml and 500ml packs in supermarkets and stores countrywide. You should always use insecticides safely by ensuring you read the label and product information before use.

When using Baygon, always shake well before use.

Here are some effective non-chemical tips to help keep the mosquitoes away

  1. Get rid of any standing water where mosquitoes breed and lay eggs.
  2. Wear pants and long sleeve shirts when you know mosquitoes are nearby
  3. Take extra precaution if you’re outdoors during dawn and dusk. That’s when many species of mosquitoes are most active.
  4. And also keep your windows sealed, if you can help it, during those times.

Baygon doesn’t just kill mosquitoes, it also kills crawling insects such as cockroaches instantly. The problem with cockroaches is that when there is one, others could be lurking in the shadows.  Cockroaches aren’t just unpleasant to look at, they can also spread filth and faeces on surfaces. If you’re experiencing a cockroach infestation, here is some effective non-chemical tips to help keep cockroaches from coming back.

  1. Remove food and liquid spills and exposed food.
  2. Store food in airtight sealed containers.
  3. Seal any cracks on the wall or the foundation of your home.
  4. Keep foods out of bedrooms and living rooms.
  5. Avoid keeping dirty dishes in the sink.

Madiba speaks about his new show after Zora ended

Award-winning actor, Blessing Lungaho aka Madiba, has opened up on the show ‘Igiza’ which he will be featured in after Zora ended to the disappointment of many.

The show also features actress Serah Teshna.

Before Madiba, I had a role I was known as Major in Maria. The transition was fun but it was hard work. It included a lot of research.”

Speaking on his new character as the Don on the show Igiza, Madiba shared,

“The transformation was not easy but it was enjoyable. Don can shoot guns, he can ride motorbikes among other things. There are no similarities between Madiba and Don.”

Serah Teshna

Earlier in the day, Jackie Matubia had taken to social media to wish her bae, Blessing, well on his big day, she wrote,
Thank you for everything happy birthday.”

In another post, she shared a silhouette of both of them on a beach as the sun is setting and captioned it, “I love you.”

Hours before the proposal she announced their evening plans.“Let’s take the birthday boy out,” she wrote.

Unbeknownst to her, she was walking into her surprise engagement dinner. When they got to the venue it seems the set-up wasn’t ready and they had to wait at the bar.

An unsuspecting Matubia took the time to reminisce on their relationship saying, “But before we got here we went to two places that mean everything to us just to look back and reminisce on how far we have come.”

Later, Blessing got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes.

The blushing bride to be informed her fans on Instagram, “He proposed and I said yes.”

Adding, “I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life laughing and loving you always.”

In attendance were actors Keith Chuanga, Isaya Evans, and comedian Terrence Creative among others.

The couple is expectant with their first child. Igiza will be airing on Maisha Magic on 23 May 2022.

The show is based on Nicole (Serah Teshna) who breaks out of prison and swaps places with her identical twin sister Linda. Nicole intends to take back everything she is owed.

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Baha-I thought I would be intimate with Georgina on a daily basis…

Celebrity couple Georgina Njenga and his bae Tyler Mbaya have shared some of the expectations they had before they moved in together.

The couple moved in together the first day they became a couple. Through Georgina’s YouTube channel, the couple started:

Georgina says couples should not shy away from discussing finances and how or who will pay for what.
“Money is an important topic that we had not discussed when we moved in together. One thing I have learned is that money can make couples fight very easily. Money is a sensitive topic in a relationship. Couples should discuss finances before moving in together.” advised Georgina.

Tyler says when he and Georgina moved in, he did not expect a girlfriend who entirely depends on him.
He wanted someone who could help settle some of the bills.

Different personalities
Georgina says it’s only after she moved in with Baha that she realized they had different tastes.
Eg she loves Disney movies while Baha doesn’t because the movies have the same plot.
Georgina loves Kenyan music while Bahati loves underground music.

Washroom etiquette

Georgina says she has to keep complaining every single day because he does not put down the toilet flap.

He also doesn’t flush the toilet when he pees.

Daily intimacy

When the couple moved in together Baha thought he would be given his conjugal rights daily.

He was shocked to learn that kwa ground vitu ni different

“Most youngins come from teenagehood with all the energy. They think having sex is something that happens daily. I had too many expectations,’ says Baha.

Adding, “You shouldn’t expect [email protected] so much, it is good to focus on some other things. It is better that way (not every day).”

House chores
Baha says he doesn’t mind helping out with some household chores.

Informing your partner you are bringing around friends

“Initially I did not think I had to inform Baha that I was bringing in friends. This is because Baha might have something planned hence that might ruin our plans,” advised Georgina.

Baha says Georgina is notorious for bringing over her friends.

Informing your partner of your whereabouts

“I had been a bachelor for 4 years before I met Georgina, but now I have to tell her where I am, in case something happens,” shared Baha

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Baha’s gf Georgina on why their baby came 7 weeks early

Machachari actor, Tyler Mbaya, has revealed their daughter was born at 33 weeks instead of the normal 40 weeks.

This was after his girlfriend Georgina went into labor during Baha’s birthday photoshoot.

Sharing her experience via her YouTube channel, Georgina shared,

We thought we were having false labor only to be told that I was 8cm dilated. We had gone for Baha’s birthday photoshoot. I later noticed my mucus plug had fallen off and it was bloody. We had been given bed rest but I decided to come to the hospital and confirm, we did not want to take a risk.”

Georgina says she hopes her child will grow up healthy despite her coming early.

“When we called the doctor he insisted that we go to the hospital. We were very shocked as it is something we had not experienced before. June 23rd, so the baby came early by a month and 2 weeks. We did not have any baby clothes as we came directly to the hospital after we left Baha’s photo shoot.”

During a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, the 21-year-old lass answered several questions from her fans. One fan asked what was the one thing Georgina had earned since moving in with Baha.

And how do the couple deal with their disagreements?

“Arguments are there and they are about the prettiest things ever most of the time. But always find a solution the number of times I packed my clothes when we started living together but alikuwa anamake sure sjaenda (he would make sure I don’t leave).”

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Natalie Tewa-Why I started going for therapy

Kenyan YouTuber, Natalie Tewa, has revealed that she has started attending therapy classes for her mental wellness.

The damsel says starting the therapy classes is something that she had been postponing for a while.

Speaking via her YouTube channel she shared,

I have been having therapy sessions. Today was my fourth session and I am loving it. I plan on putting it on my calendar. It’s nice to talk to someone and get a perspective you never had. Today is my last session for the month but I have been postponing it.”

2020 was not a rosy year for Natalie Tewa.

She took a 5-month social media break after she sued Edgar Obare for unlawful disclosure of her private data.

The disclosure led to massive cyberbullying on the beautiful content creator something that affected her mentally. She had also taken a break from shooting YouTube content.

I love creating content but lost my love for it because honestly not sure if it’s worth the negativity that comes with it. I miss creating content too but my peace is just more important. Got tired of being wrongly judged,” she said.

She became famous thanks to her nasty breakup with her now ex-boyfriend Rnaze.

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Kansiime regrets mum died before she met her son

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime says her mother died before she could meet the couple’s newborn son.

Mama Kansiime got sick during the Covid- 19 lockdown and passed away in June 2021, months later her da passed away.

Speaking via her Youtube channel on the segment ‘Glass of happiness the mother of one shared 

“She was so sick that you could see it in her eyes that she wanted to be dead. She was tired of being loved and taken care of.”


“Unfortunately, when I gave birth, she had not even seen Sellasie (Kansiime’s son) by the time she died. They just video chatted and so on.”

Although she did not have a perfect relationship with her parents, Kansiime encouraged her fans to treasure their parents while they are still alive.

“It’s okay not to like them but you are better than me, who is now an orphan.

 Parents always know better than us, whether we see it or not.”

Kansiime praised her mum for being supportive when her first marriage failed.

“Now I’m always worried about who is going to stand in that gap then I’m reminded that we orphans we are God’s firstborn.”

Kansiime said the loss of her parents made her appreciate life even more.

The comedienne says she is still trying to process the fact that she is now an orphan.

“My dad died so soon after my mum that I hadn’t yet processed her death. I forget that my parents died and sometimes think my mum is at home and dad just went on a long holiday. I wish I had another chance to see my parents.”

Kansiime said although her relationship with her parents wasn’t so good, she misses a moment of their time.

“There are some of my friends who don’t get it. My fans who know me knew that my mum and I didn’t see eye to eye,” she said.

“My relationship with my mum was just like any other girl and her mum kinda. Chances are that you don’t like the way they are strict until you go through things and you know she is a hero.”

Kansiime recounted moments when she was a young girl being raised by a strict mum.

“I remember there was a time she gave my school choir teacher permission to beat me every day nearly for the whole time,” she said.

Anne Kansime with her late parents

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Verify your choice with Rezial Career Centre

Has your child just finished school and you are not sure what they would like to become in future? If you want them to be clear on their career path as you plan for their education, we have got the answer for you.

Rezial Career Center which is a Nationwide Career Center, first of its kind in Kenya and East African countries, provides career services to individuals, schools, corporate bodies, religious and Government institutions.

The Career Center, through its experienced Career Coaches, will provide the most comprehensive career and course advisory program for students and professionals in the age bracket of 8 to 35 years. It’s been designed in such a way that helps students select their BEST FIT subjects/courses and careers on the basis of their aptitude, personality and interests.

Who should take the Rezial Career Assessment?

  1. People who are interested in new careers that suit the future of work within the fast changing labour market.
  2. Children who just finished school and they are not sure what they would like to become in future.
  3. People who have taken a certain career path, only for them to realize later that they’re in the wrong place.
  4. People who have stagnated at their careers for so long and they feel like you are not making any progress.

Here’s how you take the assessment:

  1. Save this number 0714 012 012
  2. Go to WhatsApp
  3. Type the word ‘Career’ and send.
  4. Then follow instructions as guided.
  5. Rezial’s team of career advisors will be on standby to assist you.

You can take a career assessment at Ksh. 3,000 and get your career report instantly (The actual cost is Ksh. 5,000). This offer is valid until 20th May 2022 after which the cost will go back to normal.

KIMC to hold candlelight service for slain Purity Wangechi

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication will today hold a candlelight memorial service for the late Purity Wangechi, who was a student at the institution.

The event will be held at the Maina Campus (Graduation Square) from 2 pm on Thursday 19th May 2022.

Purity was a 1st-year broadcast journalism student killed recently in Kiambu.

The 19-year-old girl was found murdered on Saturday morning by passers by in Kirigiti,Kiambu County.

 The main murder suspect was identified as John Wanyoike Kibungi alias VDJ Flexx. He was Wangechi’s boyfriend.

 His accomplices Kinaiya Kamau and Brendan Muchiri 

According to the DCI, the fourth suspect identified as Isaac Kariuki was arrested at a Nail spa in Thidigua.

“A fourth suspect has been arrested in connection with the grisly murder of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) student Purity Wangechi.

“Isaac Kariuki Kibui, 22, was arrested this morning at Thindigua Delish Nail bar in Kiambu county, as detectives burn the midnight candle to bring all of Purity’s killers to book,” the statement said in part.

It is alleged that the trio murdered Purity after she found out that her boyfriend VDJ Flex was involved in crime.

The 19-year-old was strangled and stabbed before she breathed her last.

In a statement by the DCI Purity had gone to collect her clothes from VDJ Flex’s place.

“Wangechi had fallen in love with the killer and they had been in a relationship for some time before she discovered that he was a thug. She confronted him about it leading to a misunderstanding between the two. She however didn’t know that her lover was determined to cover up his tracks.” The statement read in part

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Uganda isn’t your dad’s property!! Bobi Wine slams Museveni’s son

Ugandan activist Bobi Wine has told off President Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba for assuming Uganda belongs to his dad.

Bobi hit at Muhoozi after he shared a satirical illustration of him and Bobi Wine over who will take over once Museveni steps down.

“Me and my young brother Kabobi arguing over who can fill my father’s shoes! Thanks to the best artist in Uganda…Kintu!” penned Muhoozi.

Bobi Wine

To which an agitated Bobi Wine responded,

I am not your brother and I’m not competing for your father’s shoes. You’re entitled to M7’s shoes, cows, and even his hat. One mistake you make is to think that Uganda is one of your father’s properties for you to inherit.”

Bobi Wine is a sworn critic of President Museveni.

This is because he has on different occasions contested for Uganda’s highest seat to the disappointment of the dictator Head of State.

So messy are things between the two that Bobi Wine has been arrested on several occasions.

In 2017 his house was blasted by unknown people, and he was also put under house arrest. Museveni is a dictator who got into power in January 1986.

He spearheaded rebellions that toppled Ugandan presidents Milton Obote and Idi Amin before he captured power in 1986.

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I unknowingly paid 6 months’ rent for a married woman-Man tells Maina

In his latest song, ‘Kanairo’ Sammidoh highlights all the bad vices that go on within the city, especially for newbies coming to the city for the 1st time.

There is always a joke that if you have never been conned then you cannot tell any tale about Kanairo.

During the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, Kenyans narrated to Maina Kageni and his co-host Mwalimu King’angi how they were welcomed to Nairobi.

Baba Zuri narrated how he unknowingly paid rent for a married woman he had met at a club.

“I met a lady in the club, we talked and did what people do. I never realized that she was a married woman, it took me 6 months to find out. All along I was paying rent for a married woman.”

Baba Zuri says the woman had devised ways to con him among them colluding with the husband to pose as the doctor.

“She used to lie that has been hospitalised, yet she had turned her bedroom into her hospital.
Ilikuwa inakaa a real hospital bed. The husband was the doctor and he would even call me and give me the progress of the patient.”

A caller identified as Paul says he was duped of 15K when he went to buy a TV in the CBD.

“I went to buy a TV in Luthuli avenue. About 5 guys were selling the TVs not knowing that there was a conman there. I gave him 15K and he told me to wait while he goes and gets the TV. When I asked the other guys said they did not know him. I waited for that TV in vain.”

*Kama says he was duped when he was sold a phony phone.

“I went to buy a phone in the streets of Nairobi, I window shopped and found a guy who had phones. We sat down at a cafeteria as he showed me the options he had. I chose one and gave it back to him so that he could put it in the box.
He told me to charge for 5 hours, when I got home and tried putting the phone on I realized the phone was made of mud.”

*Njoro says he was conned when he was alongside his aunt.

My aunt and I were out in the CBD when we decided to buy some clothes. I found a good shirt going for 1K and she found a good dress going for 500 bob. When we got home I told my cousins to stop borrowing my shirts.
I then went to my room to try the shirt on only to find out the guys had wrapped banana leaves. They were so bad even our goats couldn’t eat them.”

Have you ever been conned? Share your experience.

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Mike Mondo delivered over 90 babies during his days as a nurse

Classic 105 host Mike Mondo men should not be present in the delivery room when their wives are giving birth as delivery is not a rosy affair.

Mike says people should stop assuming that childbirth is what they see on movies or YouTube. Mondo who is a qualified nurse says that it is the women in your wife’s life who should be present.

Speaking during an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, he advised,

“Men should stay outside the door and let their sister, your mum, your mum-in-law be there,” he said.

Mike said men are of no use to their wives while in the delivery room.

“In most cases, they will end up being stressed out after the experience,” he said.

Talking about his experience as a nurse before he decided to join radio, Mike shared,

“During my time in the career, I delivered more than 90 babies as a nurse, and I would never encourage a man to be around. It is simple, would a woman be allowed to stay when her son is being circumcised?”

He also said he can never deliver his child since there are so many emotions. Mike Mondo worked as a nurse for a year at a Kilifi hospital.

That is when he moved to Nairobi and started looking for something else to do.

“I delivered over 90 babies, 11 breach deliveries. I have also assisted in Caesarean-section and have done normal deliveries,” he said.

Mike also addressed marriage, saying he would never force to be in one.

“I would want to pursue marriage. Do I believe in it? I don’t know yet, but I would love to pursue it, he said.

“Marriage is not for everyone and I say, don’t ever feel bad if you never get married. Enjoy that single life. Marriage in my opinion is not about falling in love and has nothing to do with love.”

Mike said marriage is when two people can handle each other.

“It is for companionship. It is not about the roses and so on. The most important thing is to be able to stick through it,” he said.

Kenyan celebrities who have been in the delivery rooms with their wives include Frankie Kiarie also known as Frankie JustGymIt, and DJ Moz also known as Kimathi Mathenge.

Also present in the delivery room was Kabi Wa Jesus, he has been present during the 2 deliveries of his wife Milly Wa Jesus.

Do you think fathers should be in the delivery room?

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The woman who held Pierra Makena’s hand in the delivery room (photo)

Yummy Mummy ‘ate’ abortion money just to go out partying

Murugi Munyi has revealed she once lied to a man that she was pregnant so he could send her ‘abortion’ cash which she used to go party.

This she revealed after a social media fan revealed the crazy ‘lie’ she had ever told a man just to get cash from him.

“I had unprotected s*x with this guy so I could use the p2 money to retouch my locs, 1st year,” shared the fan

 Munyi admitted to having lied before just to get cash to go and party.

“I too have been there. I once lied to a man about being pregnant so I can use the abortion money to go out that weekend,” wrote the mother of three. Adding, “Sir, if you’re reading this, there was no baby but anyway.”

Well Karma is a b*tch, years later Munyi was a character developed by her ex after he made her pay 16k for their date

Yummy Mummy
Yummy Mummy

Sharing her experience via her social the mother of three narrated,

“What’s the most ghetto thing an ex has ever done to you? One of my exes asked me out – we had dinner, such a good time! At some point, his friends joined us and we drank and drank, and then time to go home he hits me with ‘Babe si you spot me, I forgot my wallet at home.’The bill was Ksh16,750 (I’ve never forgotten) I was in uni. It was ALOT. “

Munyi says she waited for a refund of the cash in vain.

“The next day I waited for him to send the money back, instead he was just saying things like ‘I’m so lucky to have you, I can’t wait to spend my life with you. We had been dating for 3 weeks, I Ghosted him instantly and never spoke to him again. Tell me your story – let’s laugh together in the comments,” she wrote.

What’s the craziest lie you have ever told a man just to get cash from him?

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Anerlisa Muigai’s posh Lavington home stormed by auctioneers

A lawsuit against Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai from 2018 has culminated in drama in the posh apartments in Lavington.

Back in 2018, Mwananchi Credit Limited and Dennis Mombo sued Anerlisa for defaulting in paying a loan of Ksh 13m.

According to the suit paper, “She defaulted in servicing the loan leading to the institution of HCCC No. 357 of 2017 which was referred for mediation; that when the suit was pending mediation, the defendant negligently and recklessly published on social media namely her Facebook and Instagram platforms untrue allegations against the plaintiffs which were defamatory.

That the publications against the plaintiffs in their natural and ordinary meaning meant and were understood to mean inter alia that the 1st plaintiff company was incorporated to carry out fraudulent business under the guise of a lending institution.

That the 2nd plaintiff is a fraudster who uses his company to defraud people and he had colluded with one Ben Kangangi to defraud the defendant of KShs.20,000,000.”

Following the suit, a decree by the high court was signed by the deputy registrar on October 26, 2020, reads: ” That the judgment be and is hereby entered in favour of the 2nd Plaintiff (Dennis Mombo) against the Defendant (Anerlisa) in the sum of Ksh 2,500,000.”

Adding that “the amount will attract interest from 14th November 2019 until payment in full.”

Today, auctioneers tried but failed to get access to Anerlisa’s Lavington home to recoup the cost of the judgement.

The drama is still ongoing. Kep it here for more.

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Pesa Smart na Adam MMF: Find out how you can easily make money

Money is a very vital necessity in our lives. Without money it becomes hard for anyone to afford basic needs and live a comfortable life.

Every day Kenyans are toiling hard in effort to make ends and make more money so as to secure a better tomorrow.

Whenever people think of securing a better tomorrow, the first thought that often hit their mind is investing. A secure, guaranteed way of investing has however remained a puzzle to many.

Could be you’re among the many Kenyans who are stressing over how to grow your money wisely in a way that guarantees you profit?

Worry no more because Adam MMF is here to  bring you a smart effortless way of reaping more from your money.

Adam MMF is a platform that guarantees safety of your money and returns without necessarily needing you to put in much effort.

It acts as a unitrust that pools money from everyone and then invests it in financial markets like, money market funds, balance funds and equity securities.

Adam MMF is spearheading the new era of Pesa Smart.

Pesa Smart na Adam MMF is earning money with minimum hassle. It is an idea where your money works for you as you continue running your daily errands stress-free.

At Adam MMF, you’re  only required to put in as little as Ksh100 and then chill for your investment to work wonders for you.

Once you’ve put in your investment, Adam MMF pulls it and invests it in lucrative secure platforms and then at the end of the day shares the profit with you.

Safe return of your money and profits of up to 10% P.A is guaranteed.

How can you join Pesa Smart na Adam MMF?

Joining the large group of Kenyans who are already reaping big with Pesa Smart na Adam  MMF is very easy:-

  •  Simply dial *227# or go to download the Mpesa app and discover the Adam app then input the code A100,A105 OR A975 while registering to make Pesa Smart.

After signing up with Adam MMF you Can start with putting in as little as  Ksh100 level to start reaping big without much hassle.

What are the financial benefits of Adam MMF?

With Adam MMF, you can:-

  • Earn Up to 10% PA on your investment
  • Invest as little as Kshs 100
  • Redeem your investment within 48hrs
  • View your balance any time
  • Subscribe to standing order on your Master card or Visa
  • Flexible savings for any deposit from your Mpesa or Mastercard & Visa
  • Funds are invested in Money Markets which is regulated by CMA
  • Get loans against your units from any of our finance partners
  • Subscribe to standing order on your Mastercard / Visa and Mpesa
  • Invest through USSD

Adam MMF is a platform that has come to save you the investment headache. Your money works for you as you continue attending to other errands. Join Adam MMF today and start enjoying  Pesa Smart.

Mike Mondo-I cheated on my ex with 3 of her friends after she cheated on me

Classic 105 host Mike Mondo has said he doesn’t regret cheating on his ex-girlfriend with 3 of her friends a few years back.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi, Mike says he chose to character develop the lady after she cheated with his friend.

“I character developed someone by sleeping with 3 of her friends. She was hollaing at one of my friends and the brother of this guy told me about it. I approached the guy and told him not to let her know I had found out she was cheating on me.”

Mike says although cheating is not something to be proud of, he gave the lady a dose of her own medicine.
“I always say that when you pretend you know too much I react to how you treat me. If you want to cheat, I will show you a different of how big boys play it. And when we do you will end up getting hurt.”

Mike says the lady never found out about him cheating on her.
Asked if he regrets doing it? “I have no regrets but I can’t do that now, sahi nimezeeka.”

There are different reasons why people cheat, these may be;

To seek revenge
Some people cheat to get back at their partners who might have strayed as well.
To soothe their ego
Some people, both men, and women cheat to soothe their ego and cover their insecurities.
Low esteem
Some cheat to seek validation from other people.
This mainly happens when the person they love doesn’t validate them.
Some have issues arising from a lack of good performance and small tools.
Getting someone who accepts them, and that person is not their partner might make one cheat.
Some people cheat because they are lustful and want to fulfill their sexual fetishes.

Mike had in the past revealed that some men like messy divorces or separations, saying,

I have seen couples go through messy separations. You find a man chasing out his wife and yet he is the one who is supposed to move out. Or you find a man taking away his wife’s car but with white people things are very different.”

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Apart from boredom and revenge here are reasons why women cheat

Everyday house hold items your teen might be using to get high

Wondering how your teen gets high yet you never give him cash to buy drugs? He/she might be using items at home.

Below are everyday household items your son or daughter might be abusing.

Some teens inhale household products like 


Glue is present in most homes, it can be furniture glue or the one used on shoes by cobblers.

Glue can be consumed through different methods among them

Sniffing of vapors directly from an open container or a surface soaked with the substance.

Oral inhalation from a rag or cloth soaked in a volatile substance that is held over the mouth or nose; or 

 Bagging involves breathing in and out of a paper or plastic bag filled with a small amount of a volatile substance.

Aerosol sprays

Sniffing aerosol spray cans “can directly induce heart failure and death.

People who use nitrous to get high usually transfer the gas into another container, like a balloon. 

Then they inhale the gas from the balloon. Examples of this include toilet fresheners’ furniture cleaning spray, etc.

Cleaning fluids

These fluids are mostly abused due to their easy availability and the fact that they do not arouse suspicion.

The most commonly abused cleaning agents include dry cleaning fluid, spot removers, and degreasers. These fluids typically vaporize at room temperature and are easy to ingest via the mouth or nasal pathways. 


Nutmeg is used as a spice in many Kenyan households.

What most parents do not know is that it contains a chemical that may give you a feel-good high if you get enough of it.

Nutmeg poisoning can give you heart palpitations and make you feel dizzy, nauseous, tired, or anxious. Some people have died from eating too

gas from whipped cream cans


This is used to reduce breakouts, razor burn, or razor bumps when shaving.

Some teens drink this to get high, this can lead to alcohol poisoning, seizures, coma, or even death.

A young man abusing drugs. Photo Courtesy: Photos For Class

Hand sanitizer

Drinking this can lead to alcohol poisoning, seizures, coma, or death.

Bath salts

This is a crystalline substance that is dissolved in bathwater to soften or perfume it.

It is mostly used in bathtubs.

It can be swallowed, snorted, or injected. 

Once used the bath salt can cause a feeling of joy or boost sex drive. 

But it could also make you feel drunk, get violent, or lose touch with reality. 

The salt bath is addictive and can cause symptoms such as chest pain, panic attacks, hallucinations, and in some instances death.


In May 2022, an Australian girl was found dead by her mum on mothers day.

Ryan believes her daughter died of sudden sniffing death syndrome and suffered a heart attack.

The girl’s mother said she was inhaling the deodorant with her boyfriend when she went into cardiac arrest, leaving her with brain damage.

Alcohol tampons

Teens soak tampons in vodka, then put them in their vaginas or rectums. 

There’s no proof that this works. What’s more, the vodka may burn sensitive vaginal or rectal tissue. In rare cases, it has caused colitis.

It can be hard for such teens to get treatment when they get alcohol poisoning because the teenager’s breath has no alcohol smell.

The symptoms to look out for include

  • Frequent headaches
  • Excessive use of deodorant or other aerosol sprays
  • Stains and chemical odors on towels and clothes
  • Disorientation or slurred speech
  • Nausea or loss of appetite

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