Dear Husband. Read A RAW And Heartbreaking Letter Of A Frustrated Wife On Her One-Year Anniversary In A Loveless Marriage

Marriages are not a bed of fresh roses. The scent can be appealing and in a flash turn into a stink. One woman who is saddened by the way her marriage is going, has penned a heartbreaking letter to her husband pouring out her raw emotions.

Check it out.

Dear husband,
You are hurting me and you don’t feel bad about it, you just love to. You regret marrying me and just as you have said you made the biggest mistake marrying me. Its all good, I won’t lie, I am hurt and heart broken but guess I cant make you love me anymore. One day I will be strong to walk away from your life forever, one day I will look back at all these and smile. God knows how much I love you and want to be with you but you keep complaining and you are not ready to work things out. Just a day to our one year anniversary and you still have the mind to tell me you made the biggest mistake of your life marrying me. I have tried to make things work out, I forgave you when I saw your chat with a girl begging her to come meet you in a hotel you, I didn’t know asking ones spouse for sex is bad. You called me troublesome, sadist and repeatedly said ‘fvck you, to hell with you’. I wont hate you or curse you, I will only pray for you because you are the father of my child. If eventually we end things, I still want my child to see you as the best dad in the world. When I wake up tomorrow I pray not to remember its our anniversary. I wish you well in all you do.

‘Should I Give My Broke Fiance My Savings So That My Parents Can Accept Him?’ Engaged Gilrfriend Asks

Love makes us do crazy things.

A woman took to social media to ask for advice on how she can make her jobless fiance – who just proposed – to look more acceptable to her loaded parents.

She writes,

“Hello everyone
I just need to seek opinions before I make this choice .
I love my boyfriend till death ,we have been together for 5 years and he just proposed to me few days ago. My problem is that he is jobless and did not go to school,he just finished secondary school and has been learning a trade but the trade don’t always work out. He has served different people but they always refuse to settle him. I have been managing with him with with my little resource as a student. Am the only child and my parents provide everything for me. He is also the first son out of 8 children.Now that he has proposed I don’t know how to tell my parents he is jobless, I don’t know how to package him to be accepted by my parents . I have saved up to 700k, so am thinking of giving it to him to go see my parents and run the ceremony. My friends think am stupid but I love him so much because he is so caring and loving . He worships the ground I walk on,he carries me like an egg,I can’t just explain it but he is just a perfect man for any woman . Please family I need your advise on how to handle this . Am 25 years and in my final years so am ripe for married.”

One online user gave a very strongly worded piece of advice to the damsel.

He wrote, “Yeah, I think you are definitely stupid plus you have no idea what it means to love to the death. Give him the money to start up a business not to blow on a stupid ceremony No one cares for. If he succeeds in his new business then he’s a keeper if not, you got your answer right there.”

How can she be helped?

Aaron Rimbui Bears His Souls On Post About His Scarred Hand

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
― Kahlil Gibran

Kenyan popular Jazz pianist Aaron Rimbui has decided to share a piece of himself with his fans. This is a big step to make for any public figure. Aaron who is known by his street moniker “Crucial Key” due to his superb expertise on the piano has posted a photo of his scared hands.

He then captioned it, “These are my hands. They are scarred. A constant reminder of a terrible experience-a definitive moment. Pain, questions, sadness, anger….😔”

He added, “However I’ve chosen to see these scars as STARS. A constant reminder that I’m victorious through life’s most unpleasant, horrible experiences.”

He then encouraged anyone who might be in need of a lift up, “Be ENCOURAGED. You’ve got the victory. God always turns things around and He is GOOD!😃 Your turn-around is coming!”

Some of his fans responded to his candid post.

One wrote, “Your sound and passion encourage me.”

This was echoed by another who added, “I have been a pianist from the age of 11, classical i.e, but from the first time I heard your sound I was inspired, I didn’t see scars in u, I saw inspiration.”

Check out a photo of his hands.

Check out a photo of his hands.

Screenshot from 2016-08-09 08:21:27

Politicians you did not know were in-laws – List

Let’s get right into the list.

1. Uhuru Kenyatta and Omamo

Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s son is married to Racheal Omamo’s daughter Faith Achola.

Omamo is the secretary for defence and the first female to ever hold that post in Kenya.

‘My In-laws deserted us with their son’s bill of 1.2 million’ City woman

Jomo Kenyatta and his wife Achola
Jomo Kenyatta and his wife Achola

2. Mutahi Kagwe 

The former Nyeri Senator is married to Mrs Ann Wanjiku Mutahi who is daughter to the late John Michuki. They have four children: Kagwe, Njoroge, Nyawira and Kahumburu.

Former Nyeri senator Mutahi Kagwe and his wife Anne
Former Nyeri senator Mutahi Kagwe and his wife Anne

‘My friend framed me to be gang raped by 6 men’ Brenda Obath recalls

3. Nelson Koech and Yvonne Kones

Nelson Koech aka Sonko, the MP for Belgut in Kericho County is married Yvonne Kones, who is the daughter of MP for Bomet East Beatrice Kones.

image-2019-04-30 (1)

4. Mr Adile Ramaphosa and  Bridget Birungu

Son to the South African President is married to the daughter of Uganda’s former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.


5. Lavender Orengo

Siaya Senator James Orengo’s  daughter Lavender Orengo may not be married to a politicians son, but we celebrate her for crossing the borders by marrying Hanington Muisyo Mutua.

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Exclusive: Reuben Kigame narrates how he found love again after an accident claimed his first wife


Reuben Kigame is a house hold name in the gospel industry for his uplifting music, but away from music he is a husband and a father; a role he greatly enjoys.

Unknown to many Kigame is a widower who has since remarried. He is also a father of four – out of the four are three girls whom he bore with his first wife.

The fourth child, a boy, is his only child with his current wife Julie whom he speaks of fondly. He is among the most accomplished blind artistes in Africa after losing his sight aged three.

Motherhood Bliss: Check out photos of Serena Williams’ daughter Alexis

Reuben Kigame

He spoke about his relationship in an interview herd by classic 105.

“When I first met my wife Julie, I was not attracted to her in a s3xual way. However she was known by my kids and they had created a rapport with her.

I asked them if they would be ok with me bringing in someone else as a mother.

Their liking for Julie got to me overtime and since ni msichana ameokoka na my family knew her it was easier.

‘Kenya is home’ Morgan Heritage explain why they want to live in Kenya

My kids are all grown up. My first-born got married last year. I also have a daughter in Moi Girls, she is in form 2.

I look at her and see God. She was 2 yrs at the time of the accident that claimed my wife. She was being taken to hospital but that journey never materialized.”

Reuben Kagame

On disciplining his kids, he says

“I talk to them once twice and after that, that is when I discipline them with a cane. Past ten years I don’t use the cane.

My relationship with my girls is so good even when they visit the salon I am the first person they come to flaunt it to.

If God has given you children always take time to take care of your kids so that they are not brought up by someone else.”

Below are some of his uplifting gospel songs:

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Cupid Struck! 5 Types of men that drive women crazy

Women love bad boys and this is something that has been a mystery to many. It is not clear on what attracts them to these types of men but it is obvious that’s what works for them.

Bad boys attract unwanted attention regardless of whether they are handsome or not, whether loaded or not women don’t seem to consider this with many wanting to experience some adventure with the said men.

Mary J Blige sang a song dedicated to the bad boys and here she says”Me and Mr wrong get along so good even though he breaks my heart so bad, we’ve got something special going on.”

Could this be the case for our Kenyan men?

Forget ‘MAKALI’ this is latest wine you should be buying to sip as you relax

Here are the types of men that women are attracted to.

1. Nduthi Guys

These kind of men mostly attract young girls who are either still in school or new in campus. They are liked and loathed in equal measures for their promiscuous nature .

Boda boda


They have mainly contributed to increased early pregnancies among teens something that has left a bitter mouth in the society.

The above behaviour has not deterred married women who are now having sexual escapes and illicit affairs with these forbidden lot.

2. Gym instructors

Every woman wants a fit man. No one likes an over sized guy who cant even pick up after himself thus gym instructors attract women. Women are mainly attracted to gym instructors for their physique which is mainly attractive but in most scenarios end up disappointed when it reaches between the sheets.

So the next time you hear your woman is are hiring a male gym instructor, be very worried as you might end up single and depressed in this cold weather.

3. Dread locked guys

There is something about guys with dreadlocks that women cant resist. Most of the men are eye candies with well toned bodies good for our instagram pages and showing off to our friends.

Unlike some men who are unkempt most dread locked guys are well kept, with the well maintained body comes a good performance between the sheets something that a woman can’t resist.

7 type of neighbors you are likely to meet in Nairobi’s flats and estates

4. Bouncers

Most girls are attracted to bouncers not because they have much to offer but because of the chances they create. Who wouldn’t want free tickets, free performance entrances and a free sexual escapade.

5. Butchery guys

Ladies love butcher guys for the free meat packages extended to them and for the servicing that is not extended to them by their husbands or boyfriends .

When you see a woman laughing heartedly with the butcher guy. just know sio wote huendea nyama.

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Kenyans who went an extra mile to spice their marriage proposals – List

We take a look at Kenyan men who have gone the extra mile to make their marriage proposals specials.Some have already married some are engaged.

1.Bruz Newton

He proposed to his girlfriend, Wanjiku Ngigi and fortunately for him, she said yes. The set up was beautiful in their house. He had petals and candles on the floor with the message, marry me.

Photos of Diamond Platnumz grown up kids with Zari and Hamisa Mobetto

Bruz Newton and his fiancee
Bruz Newton and his fiancee

Bruz had freaked out but things seemed to be working out just fine.

His Sunshine, as he calls her was turning a year older so her birthday this year turned out to be one memorable one.

Bruz confessed that he had to fast and pray so that he could be sure Wanjiku Ngigi is the one he would want to spend the rest of his life with.


Bruz Newton proposes
Bruz Newton proposes

2.Terrence Creative alias Kamami

Terence brought Nairobi’s Kimathi Street to a standstill when he proposed to Milly, in what led to Milly being confronted by police officers.

While she tried to sort out the matter, a group of friends pulled up with placards reading ‘Will You Marry Me?’

The couple met at Churchill Show in 2013, where they both worked. Terence then worked as a creative director, while Milly worked as a floor manager.

Terrence and his wife Milly

3.Lilian Muli

In November 28, 2008, just moments after reading the 1 pm news at KTN, Lilian was left grounded when she bumped into her later-to-be-husband, with a section of her colleagues, awaiting her with two parcels.
Moses Kanene pulled a major surprise on her when he came in with a cake and a smaller box containing a ring.
He went down on his knee and asked the question every girl joyfully sheds a tear for: Will you marry me? He proposed.
A tearful Lilian said yes.
4.Cece Sagini
Moments after her debut performance, Cece Sagini’s boyfriend Victor Peace proposes to on live TV. She said yes!
Cece Sagini. photo credit: instagram/cecesagini
Cece Sagini
The couple already tied the knot.

A list of Kenyan street foods that every person should try

We all must agree that street food can be very inviting and it is very hard to resist the aroma, from chips mwitu, to samosa’s.

Below are some of the street foods that every Kenyan and foreigner should try

Kuku Choma

This might be kinda new to most people, but it has been adopted in sub-urban estates and roughly go for Ksh 150-200 a piece. With this little amount, be assured to settle your chicken cravings on nicely roasted pieces.

Smokie Pasua/ Mayai Pasua

Is it me or are smokies/eggs always tempting from miles away, headed to your bus stop then you spot that guy by the side and your cravings arouse from honestly no where.

Or after a crazy night out with your buddies, they sort you out like a full course meal would.

Photo of Muranga’s sexiest barmaid emerges, Vera Sidika kando

Related image

Chapo Smokie ( Rolex)

Smokie with kachumbari ( mostly tomatoes, onions and coriander) gets wrapped with a chapati. This has to be dzamnn tantalizing, I would live on this.

Chips Mwitu

These are just ordinary dip fried potatoes but go up for a much affordable price compared to ones sold in hotels.

Maembe pilipili

With either ripe or unripe mangoes, it’s seasoned with salt and pepper.

This will definitely never go out of style.

Reasons why Jacque Maribe’s fiancee Jowie has been denied bail

Mutura ( African Sausage)

Who needs affirmation that there is a specific mutura guy whose place of grill is always crowded with people at about 6:30 pm.

This has to be the top obsession for most Kenyans to devour after a busy or lazy day.

Most people question what’s it made of, it’s basically goat intestines which are washed well and stuffed with fried diced/minced meat and other spices. The stuffed intestines are then roasted.

If you haven’t tried it, you have not lived! It’s mostly sold outside butcheries almost everywhere.



Some tastes can’t be described. Delicious! Delicious!

Mostly in a Long toothpick- pierced with assorted meats, veggies, spices and tomatoes.  Get to try it yourself!

Mahindi Choma

Roasted maize, which a whole goes up to ksh30/= however depends with the location.

Served on it’s green husk, spice it up with lemon dipped in red powder pepper and salt.

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“I only slept with the granny,” pastor defends himself

A pastor accused of defiling an 11-year-old girl testified on Friday he only slept with her grandmother — and described a scar near the woman’s navel.

Only her lover would have seen that scar, Pastor Patrick Ambani testified in his own defence in a Kibera magistrate’s court.

The African Divine Church cleric said that when he broke off the relationship, the woman was angry and decided on revenge, to ‘fix’ him by accusing him of defiling her granddaughter.

“Bring her in court now, pull her skirt up, check her waist as go up the umbilical cord [go toward the navel], you will realise she has a scar,” Ambani told a shocked courtroom.

“That is my evidence to prove that I am telling this court that truth as a man of God. How could I know such a mark if I had not slept with her?” he asked.

“I was in love with the minor’s grandmother who was among my church faithful, I slept with her we and did everything together but it all happened in own my house,” he told the court.

He prefaced this by swearing on the Bible, “I do swear that whatever I will say in this court is the truth and absolute truth, so help me God.”

The courtroom was silent, waiting, then he suddenly blurted out his alleged affair with the grandmother and the scar on her body.

He told the court they were lovers for some years but he finally decided it could not continue.

“When I stopped loving her, she felt like the world was ending on her side. She decided she could not survive without me and she decided to fix me in this case. I never defiled her granddaughter as charged,” the pastor said.

unnamed (2) (1)

He said that he had never met the granddaughter and never entered her house as accused in court but admitted he was aware of the girl.

Ambani said he did not understand what defilement means.

He said that he was arrested some days after breaking it off with the woman and has been in custody since then as he has not been able to raise the bond.

“The day I was arrested, I woke up early and proceeded to town with my colleagues … for a dowry harambee, returning home at 10.30pm.”

He said neighbours first told him that police were looking for him and he was arrested shortly afterwards.

Earlier the granddaughter testified that the pastor had defiled her many times while her grandmother was away but she chose to be silent. She said she was ‘rewarded’ with Sh50 chips and told not to tell anyone.

Twa Twa is important and holy-Burale says as he defends Pastor Susan

The grandmother told the court neighbours had told her they suspected the pastor was defiling the girl. The girl was treated at Nairobi Women’s Hospital. A report was filed at Kabete police station.

Ambani is accused of committing one offence on July 14, 2 018, at the grandmother’s house.

Kibera senior principal magistrate Barbara Ojoo directed that the trial resume on Tuesday, December 3.


Saida Karoli, “I had suicidal thoughts for nine years, tried killing myself four times!”

Legendary singer Saida Karoli says she tried to take away her life four times in the last nine years when she felt like she didn’t want to live anymore.

“For nine years now, I have had suicidal thoughts. Something telling me that I am nothing in this world. But from January this year. That thing disappeared and I felt free.”

“Sometimes I would dream I am dead or I’m being buried. Sometimes, I would sit and think of killing myself. I tried killing myself four times.”

At the time, Saida was at the top of music charts with songs like “Chambua Kama Karanga”

“One time, I tried using a rope and another time bought rat medicine but all this different times, people would abruptly come in to save me.”


Just this year, the singer says that she sought for help from the Mosque and was freed from every bondage.

“I had given up. I started waking up at 3:00 AM to pray. They were reporting that I had died. That time I was going through a lot. My husband died after he fell in a well. He was cleaning and that time I was pregnant. From there, I stopped taking alcohol. I had a good voice but I didn’t see any progress in my life.”

Saida revealed all these in an interview with Tanzanian media personality Zamaradi Mketema.

Legendary singer Saida Karoli reveals the chilling phone call she had with her killers

Baby Naseeb Junior, East Africa’s current Instagram sensation

He has been on this planet 45 short days but he has already attained what many go to great lengths to achieve—100,000 followers on social media.

Admittedly Naseeb Jnr has managed this fete thanks to his famous parents, but that’s beside the point.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz’s son is the newest celebrity in town. The child was born on October 2.

He has already garnered 100,000 followers on Instagram.

“Welcome to the world NJ. Daddy loves you! Naseeb Junior,” Tanzanian star Diamond posted on social media after the birth of his fourth child.

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

Naseeb Jnr was named after his father, whose real name is Naseeb Abdul Juma.

According to Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote, Tanasha named her son Naseeb because he was born on the same day as his father.

On October 2, the Baba Lao hitmaker spent the night at Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam, where he celebrated his birthday by cutting a cake and sharing it with his family and nurses.

On Tuesday the couple finally unveiled their son’s face during a celebration to mark his 40 days on earth. The party was held at the singer’s Madale house in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In the Muslim culture, a new mother and her baby spend 40 days in confinement to allow the woman to rest. The mother does nothing else but care for her newborn; relatives and friends come to help her.

The woman resumes her household duties and ventures outside the house on the 40th day, when the celebration is traditionally held.

Tanasha Donna holding Naseeb Junior
Tanasha Donna holding Naseeb Junior

The event was attended by the who-is-who in the Tanzanian entertainment industry and was covered live on TV. Celebrities present included Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Mbosso, Mama Dangote, Queen Darleen, Esma Khan and Wolpe,r among others.

Tanasha’s family did not turn up for the celebration.

Naseeb is Diamond’s fourth child and Tanasha’s firstborn. The singer has two children with former wife Zari Hassan—Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. He also has a child with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto—Daylan Abdul Naseeb.

The reason Diamond Platnumz’s mother has moved in with Tanasha

How Wilbroda’s family was conned by their auntie

Actress Jacquey Nyaminde aka Wilbroda was conned over Ksh 80,000 by an aunt of hers.

She and her family paid the money so that two of her sisters may get a job at Kenya Airways.

“I was conned by an auntie. She was very known to the family and was married to an uncle of mine. When my uncle died, she disappeared and appeared after a while and contacted my mum to tell her that she has a job at KQ. To get the job, your daughters need to take photos and everything will be fine. She even started visiting.”

“She’d come to my house and I’d give her things like shoes. She put up a picture of her that she is doing well like she’d have a car with a driver downstairs and we’d be sure she’s doing well. “

Wilbroda is still in shock by how she believed her aunt without getting deep into details, however, the aunt had documents that were fake to show that the job is indeed legit.

“She admitted two of my sisters and that they should only pay 40k each and she even bought them suits. There was a slot for three more people so my mum made calls and we got the three more people. We were really excited that my sisters had finally gotten a job.”


After the aunt pocketed the money, she was nowhere to be found and it finally became a police case.

“After that, we really looked for her because the number she used to call us with was not going through. One day we met her driver and he told us that she just hired her for that day. “

Adding “So my sister’s friends who helped raise the 40k brought cops to my sister. Yes, she was arrested, and she spent two nights there. And we’ve never found her till now. All this happened five years ago.”

The actress narrated all this to Janjaruka series.

‘If God gives me another child I am OK with it, but I am contented with Xolani,’ – Wilbroda

“They said his cassava had failed,” Diamond’s father warns rumour mongers

Diamond Platnumz father, Mzee Abdul Juma, says that people have always spoken about Diamond ever since he was in his mother’s womb.

The celebrity father told Tanzania’s Yo Fave that now that he has kids, people will continue to talk about him.

“Naseeb wasn’t successful in getting a child with Wema and people talked about him. They said his cassava was not working. He has now gotten kids and people are still talking. People will always talk and you cannot stop them.”

He went on to say that Diamond Platnumz has taken after him in many of the things he does; Like wearing silver and gold chains.

“I was wearing such things even before Diamond was born. I used to sell them. They are not new to me. When you see Diamond do these things It automatically comes from me.”

Baba Diamond
Baba Diamond

Mzee Abdul for the first time was invited to Diamond’s Tandale home where he ate and danced with Mama Diamond and his entire family.

“I remembered when I was raising him and he really made me happy as a father. I blessed him. Mama Diamond and I are in a good relationship. We are fresh.”

Mzee, however, refused to comment and why Diamond’s other kids weren’t invited to the event.

“It’s a family issue that I cannot talk about. “

Mzee Abdul reunited with his son, Diamond mid this year at a popular Tanzanian radio station after years of not seeing eye to eye.

Diamond Platnumz’s father threatens to sue media over fake news

I’m not a homewrecker – says woman romantically linked to Rayvanny

Nana, the video vixen linked to WCB singer Rayvanny says she is not a homewrecker and that she is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend of four years.

“I heard that Fahima (Rayvanny’s baby mama) had shared a post about me. I was just doing my work and nothing else. I have had a headache since that issue occurred,” she said.

“We took many photos and that was part of my job. Rayvanny and I are just friends, there is no romantic relationship.

“I am in a public relationship with my boyfriend so I cannot do stupid things because we’ve been together for three to four years now.”


Rayvanny has a son with fashionista Fahyma. In a recent post shared by the singer, Fahima had sent him a text telling him to consider them dead to him.

 Rayvanny’s baby mama opens up about marrying the superstar

Well, here are the photos of Ravanny and the video vixen that got his relationship with Fahima on the rocks;

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma snob each other in public

Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahima aka Fahyvanny have been having issues which the two of them have spoken about on social media.

At first, it looked like a stunt from the singer to promote his new song ‘I Love You’ claims that he rubbished,

“I don’t know anything to do with stunts. I’m living my life. When I release the music, my fans receive it well, since I started, I don’t do anything like a publicity stunt. I’m not here for the stunts. Whatever you saw, that’s how it is.” He told Wasafi media.

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma

The rain started beating the two after Fahyma accused Rayvanny of being with another woman.

The singer then shared cosy photos of himself and a Tanzanian video vixen called Nana.

He later rubbished these rumours saying the lady in question has a boyfriend.

“Nana and I are not in a relationship. She is in a relationship that she respects so much, I thank her for shooting the video with me. The video is nice because it is real and romantic. I wanted it to be the way it is.”

His sentiments came just after exposing his baby mama on social media for inappropriately texting him asking him to consider her (Fahyma) and their son dead to him


When asked about each other by journalists, the two have been downplaying the question.

Rayvanny recently walked out on an interview when asked about Fahyma.

Willy Paul reveals inside details of beef with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny (exclusive)

How Bahati’s daughter helped mum from being suicidal

Yvette Obura who together with singer Bahati had their firstborn four years ago, has recounted how her child, Mueni Bahati helped her overcome suicidal thoughts.

Celebrating her child’s birthday, Obura took to social media to praise her angel.

“God you blessed my womb, you gave me a seed, you trusted me with this beautiful human. God I might be imperfect in so many ways but God you know I give it all when it comes to being a mother.”

Adding “To my daughter Mueni,I wish you could can be old enough to read this, but I know years from now you will. Just want you to know that you’ve brightened my days, you’re my strength. This year you’ve helped me(unknowingly) overcome alot from having suicidal thoughts, healing my anxiety, mental health, to not giving up, to doing odd jobs just to give you the best, to throwing my ego out of the window to work for you and so much more mama. I love you so much my love and you’re all I have
Cheers to the joy you’ve brought to everyone around you, the smiles you share and the love you give. Here’s to many more years my baby, HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY”

Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati

As always Instagram in-laws questioned why Bahati had not penned down a message for his first child on his social media.

And why Diana Marua, Mueni’s step mum also ignored the issue.

The singer is blessed with three other kids, Heaven, Majesty and Morgan, whom he adopted.

From us is a happy birthday to the Lil angel.

Times Bahati and daughter Mueni have shown us the magic of daddy-daughter goals

Meet Juliet: Ruth Matete’s husbands’ baby mama

Former Tusker Project winner Ruth Matete on Friday said ‘I Do’  to her Nigerian boo John Apewajoye famously known as Beloved John.

Matete had shared a video of her wedding captioned.

‘Friday 22nd November, My forever special day.’

Their wedding comes 2 months after John celebrated his birthday.

Celebrating her man on his birthday Ruth wrote

‘Genesis 29:35 KJV.

And she conceived again, and bare a son: and she said, Now will I praise the Lord : therefore she called his name Judah; and left bearing.

Leah not only bore sons for Jacob her husband, but nations.

A day like this some years ago, a nation was born in the person of @mrbelovedjohn
As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray for you.

That God will bless you with things money can buy and things money cannot buy.


Ruth Matete and her husband John
Ruth Matete and her husband John

Below are photos of Juliet Aihinomo Idehen, the woman John had married before Ruth Matete came along.

Juliet and John are long divorced.






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