Is your simcard registered? You have 16 days remaining to comply

Did you know there are now 16 days left to register your Safaricom SIM card? The October 15 deadline set by the Communications Authority is looming and any phone number whose details are not directly linked to a valid source of identification will be switched off .

This means that if your Safaricom line is shut down you won’t be able to make calls, you will lose access to Mpesa whether for personal or business use, you will also not have access to the internet.  

The sim registration exercise allows you to confirm all phone numbers registered under your ID to avoid double registration and the risk of fraud. Don’t waste your second chance to register as this is the last chance to do it today in line with the government regulations.

Safaricom has digitized the registration process, and you can perform this exercise online by yourself from the comfort of your home.

There are different ways you can update and verify your SIM Card details.

  1. To verify your Sim Registration documents click on this link and follow the simple steps. You will be required to upload your official Identification Document used during Registration (Original).
  2. Use the MySafaricom App: Check your Sim Card Registration details on the landing page.
  3. Zuri: save mobile number 0722 000 100 on your contacts, open a WhatsApp chat and type ‘Hi Zuri’ SIM Registration Update.
  4. Visit any Safaricom outlets countrywide. The Safaricom agents will scan your ID at the shop.
  5. You can also use the USSD option by dialing *106# and select option number one to check your Registration status or option number two for self sim registration update.

Don’t miss the deadline. Secure your Safaricom line today!

If you can dream it, you can drive it

Did you know that 88% of all motor vehicles sold annually in Kenya are second-hand imports? The most popular brands include Toyota at 58% of imports, Nissan at 12%, Subaru at 10% and Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, VW and Mitsubishi all between 3.5 – 2.5%.  Top models in the Toyota range include Toyota Vitz 5%, Toyota Premio 5% and Toyota Corolla at 4%.

What’s your dream car? Have you identified the colour, the interior, the make and year of manufacture?

If you’re looking to buy your next car, financing your purchase just got easier with Co-operative Bank. Through them, just walk into a second-hand car dealership, choose the vehicle that suits you best and get the financing from Co-operative bank!

The car of your dreams will come with professional valuation, a tracking system, legal registration and insurance at a fee. And you don’t even need security because the vehicle acts as the loan security.

Co-operative Bank will fund you up to 100% to buy a pre-owned motor vehicle of your choice.  They provide funding for cars which are less than 8 years old.

You’ll get an interest rate on your loan of 13% on reducing balance. The repayment period is between 60 and 96 months! And this interest rate can go lower with the Employer purchase scheme!

With the new Employer schemes, your company can negotiate for the bulk funding rate for you! It can be either non-funded, fully-funded, partially funded, interest subsidy or guaranteed by the corporate!

And if you’re self-employed, you can also pay for your car through your consultancy fees.

When you’re applying for a loan with Co-operative Bank there are only 8 things you need.

  • Applicant’s ID and KRA PIN Certificate
  • Letter of Introduction from the employer
  • Past 3 months’ certified Pay slips
  • Latest 6 months’ bank statements (if you’re not banking with Co-operative Bank)
  • Copies of employment contract, or letter of appointment
  • Motor Vehicle Sales Agreement/Proforma Invoice
  • Copy of Logbook
  • Original valuation report from approved valuer in the Bank’s panel
  • A Filled Application form

For more information, call 0703 027000 or Whatsapp: 0736 690101

What are you waiting for, don’t just dream about it, Drive it with Co-operative Bank!

Kenyans reveal how they make smart money choices

Visualizing and writing down your financial goals is one of the main ways to help you achieve them. Getting your savings in order is the first step.  When it comes to achieving your savings goal, setting a budget, keeping track of your spending, automating your accounts to help you with the ‘save first then spend’ rule are some of the smart money choices people make.

Five Kenyans reveal how they’ve made smart choices to help them save more

1.Bulk shopping from wholesale shops

Jane Mukami says she bulk shops for her household only twice a year. She has identified the cheapest wholesaler for household goods and only shops from the supermarket for items she cannot find at the wholesaler. She buys everything in bulk including 10l cooking oil, bales of unga, bags of sugar and rice etc. This has enabled her save over 10,000 shillings from her shopping.

2. Shopping for fresh vegetables on market days

Naliaka says she shops for fresh vegetables on market days when the items tend to be cheaper. She’ll only buy what her family needs to avoid wastage.

3. Meal prepping

Adam Kisula says he spent so much money eating out which was affecting his savings. He decided to be smart about how he spent money by meal prepping. He now only eats out once a month and is back on track with his savings.

4. Carrying packed lunch to the office

Essy Nduta says her biggest expense came from spending too much money buying lunch from delivery companies. She decided to do the smart thing and cook everyday and carry packed lunch to the office. Not only has she managed to maintain her finances in order, she has also managed to enjoy a healthy diet.

5. Move to Airtel

For someone who spends too much money on call time and data, Ali says moving to Airtel was the smart choice. He experienced a better connection, with more affordable rates on voice, data and Airtel Money and was able to save more.

Benefits of making CHAGUO SMARTA with Airtel

1. Expanded Airtel 4G Network is Better, Faster and Everywhere. This ensures that you stay connected with your families and friends on the most affordable Network.

2. One can now use Airtel Money to send money for FREE on Airtel to Airtel.

3. You can make payments anywhere across the country through Buy goods and Paybill tills – Till ni till no matter the network.

Make CHAGUO SMARTA na Airtel the most affordable network on Voice, Data and now Airtel Money. Dial *334# to Activate Airtel Money.

Airtel4G is Better. Faster. Everywhere. #MakeChaguoSmartaNaAirtel4G

Have you been in any of these five awkward money moments?

Inflation is at an all-time high and Kenyans are in need of financial assistance to take care of the things that matter to them when the need arises. As a result, finances may be tight and you find yourself in a few awkward money moments.  Have you experienced any of these?

1. Borrowing money from loan apps and they message almost everyone in your contact list including your pastor and colleagues threatening them because you’ve defaulted.

2. Ordering water or soda at the restaurant/club because you are broke and your friends ask to split the bill evenly.

3. Your card declining at the Supermarket checkout counter and you end up leaving your shopping because you don’t have enough money.

4. Choosing to end a friendship after they refused to repay money they owe at the time stipulated and you were also in a fix.

5. Finishing all the office mandazi and tea because you don’t have money for lunch

If you find yourself in this five awkward money moments, Berry has got your back. Berry is Simple, Swift and Secure. They provide you with credit instantly from wherever and whenever right to your mobile phone, all at a low fee and with an easy repayment schedule.

Simply download Berry app from Google play store and get the cash you need to get your plans back on track. It could be to: – Refill stock for your shop, pay your electricity tokens, your monthly Chama contribution, service or fuel for your car, your monthly shopping, school fees and so much more.

Benefits of using the Berry App

  1. The Berry app is easily to download. It is available on all android based phones, and is downloadable for free on Google play store.
  2. It is a simpler, swifter way to access loans. A break away from the traditional lending institutions whose qualification criteria is so stringent it locks out many legit borrowers.
  3. You do not need any collateral to get a loan from Berry.
  4. Once you register, you apply by submitting your current Mpesa statement.
  5. You will then get immediate feedback on loan approval or rejection. Get your 30-Day loan with a flexible repayment plan today.
  6. No SMS or contact data is lifted from your phone

Berry. More cash, more life

The rebranding game: 5 Companies that have recently rebranded in Kenya

Out with the old, in with the new!  When a company alters its name, design, logo design, concept, or all or a few of these, it is rebranding. Some of the main reasons why companies rebrand is changing brand portfolio, mergers and acquisitions, changing markets, repositioning, modernization amongst others.

Globally, companies such as Google, Yahoo, Paypal and Nike are some of the companies that rebranded before becoming the power houses that they are.

We take a look at five companies that have recently successfully rebranded in Kenya in the last two years or so.

  1. Jamii Bora to Kingdom Bank

After the acquisition of Jamii Bora Bank by Co-operative Bank, they rebranded it to Kingdom Bank. Co-op Bank Group MD Gideon Muriuki said Kingdom Bank’s customers would find Co-op Bank a natural – and a better – home for their kind of banking needs as it serves related market segments including SMEs and groups.

2. Kenol kobil/ Gulf Energy to Rubis Energy

French multinational Rubis Énergie rebranded acquired Kenyan fuel stations Kenol kobil and Gulf Energy at a tune of Sh2.4 billion as part of its global strategy to operate under the single Rubis brand. The rebranding was part of the strategy by the brand to establish its footprint in the country and meeting customers need for mobility, heating, and cooking through the Rubis petrol stations.

3. Barclays Bank to Absa

Barclays Bank of Kenya officially changed its name to Absa Bank Kenya Plc. Absa underwent a transition after parting ways with Barclays Plc, which reduced its shareholding in the African financial services group to a minority stake in 2017.


Following the merger of Commercial Bank of Africa Limited and NIC Group, all subsidiaries began operating under a Non-Operating Holding Company, NCBA Group PLC. This was in line with the brands strategy to borrow from the best of both and building new strengths to deliver better banking experience for our customers and set new standards for the industry.

5. UAP Old Mutual Group to Old Mutual

UAP Old Mutual Group officially rebranded to Old Mutual on May 17, 2022. This transition is part of a Group re-branding exercise which will see the whole of East Africa operate under one unified brand. With the strength and stability of 177 years in service and operating in 13 countries, a new dawn arrived.

Old Mutual is committed to the financial well-being of their customers, which enables you to achieve your financial goals. While following in the steps of the predecessors before them, the Old Mutual transition is part of a Group re-branding exercise which will see the whole of East Africa operate under one unified brand.

As they become stronger as well as leverage on more synergies across Africa, they continue to serve and provide customers with financial solutions that help them unlock possibilities in their financial goals.

If you’re in need of a stable financial partner to help you achieve your financial goals, through insurance, investments, savings or banking, Old Mutual is there to unlock your possibilities.

They have insurance financial solutions for Corporates and businesses. A dedicated 24-hour call centre available to serve you anytime. All customer insurance needs in one by providing an array of insurance products.

For more information, call them today on 0711 065 100.

Old Mutual, Do Great Things Everyday!

Fostering integrated single revenue collection system in Nairobi

Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) in collaboration with the county government and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services(NMS) call for taxmen to adopt the revenue e-services platform.

The Nairobi Revenue System (NRS) has been operational since June last year and is challenged with low use and awareness.

With records from last year’s financial year report, tax collection in July 2021 reached Sh121.8 billion compared to Sh94.4 billion over a similar period a year back. This was an improvement.

Nairobi however failed to reach its own-source revenue target, despite the efforts by the authority to maximize tax compliance.

More adoption of the platform will help address the target deficits that come as a result of tax non-compliance.

The platform dubbed ‘KRA sasa wako digital’ main targets includes property agents, service providers, land owners, advertising service providers, business owners, food handlers and any resident who parks in public spaces within the county.

The aforementioned city taxmen presumably operate almost entirely on digital platforms hence the initiative will further the convenience of functioning whenever and from wherever.

This is because anything that is packaged with a digital option gets consideration and even gets chosen over options that do not offer the digitality.

The e-service will see the taxman conduct his duties easily and fast with satisfaction fulfilling the primary needs of the taxpayers.

The service offers more benefits in that it provides integrated customer touch points these are the mobile app, web portal and the USSD.

The online services also offer simplified customer interfaces to cater for different demographics.

The inbuilt payment system enables customers to make payments on the system through various payment methods such as mobile money, cards and bank transfer.

A little goes a long way with Madison Betterlife SME medical cover

James Kamau, a 38-year-old accountant says when he is job hunting, the benefits a company provides play a key role in his final decision, especially the medical insurance cover. “I want to know that the company I’m working for cares for me and my family’s well-being by providing a good insurance cover that covers my whole family,” Kamau says.

Nothing in this world is more important than your health and peace of mind. That’s why at Madison Group, they created medical Insurance covers with you in mind.

Get a Madison Betterlife health cover today to get an all-inclusive insurance that covers single persons including youth, families (both married & single parents, Small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Flexibility of the product that meets your pocket and needs. It has four plans – Madison Betterlife Premier, Madison Betterlife Executive, Madison Betterlife Budget and Madison Betterlife Ignite.
  2. Free covid 19 new patient services up Ksh 300,000.
  3. Premiums as low Ksh 9000 for new patient cover of Ksh 500,000.
  4. Rich and diversified medical panel to all clients.
  5. No co-pay on outpatient services
  6. Pet vaccination to all their clients.
  7. Virtual card in addition to physical card

The 4 key covers are:

1. Madison Betterlife Premier Plan: This is the most superior plan with members enjoying the highest limits for inpatient, outpatient, dental and optical benefits.

2. Madison Betterlife Executive Plan: This plan comes in handy because it allows its members full access to all facilities at a pocket-friendly premium while offering a wide selection of benefits and full reliability.

3. Madison Betterlife Budget Plan: This is an economy plan with a greatly discounted premium. Its panel of providers excludes a few hospitals and it can be purchased by an Individual, Family or Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

4. Madison Betterlife Ignite Plan: This particular plan is perfect for a young single person. It allows you to visit any of their providers without co-payment while enjoying the convenience of using a virtual medical card.

For more information visit the Madison Group head office in Upperhill, send an Email to [email protected] or check them out across their social media channels @ Madison Group Kenya. Talk to them on 0709922666 or dial *828#.

Till ni Till! Get Sorted with Airtel Money

Did you know that you can use Airtel Money in your day to day lives across all networks bila hassle na bila stress? Your Airtel SIM card is not only breaking barriers, its bringing convenience at your fingertips without stretching your pockets too thin.

Here are the benefits of using Airtel Money

  1. #Till ni Till. Pay to any M-PESA buy goods till for FREE!

Airtel Money customers can now pay directly to a Lipa na M-PESA Buy Goods Till. What this means is that, wherever there is a Lipa na M-PESA buy goods sign, an Airtel Money customer will be able to pay from his or her Airtel Money account directly to the Till. All you must do is dial *222#, select option 6 then select M-PESA Till or use My Airtel App and select Buy goods then select M-PESA Till. You will get notified through the Airtel Money transactional messages, and the merchant will receive the money instantly.

2. Send Money across networks (Airtel to Airtel FREE)

Customers using Airtel Money can send money affordably across networks. However, it is FREE when they send money to other Airtel customers. All you have to do is dial *222# and select send money or use My Airtel App. So if you and your loved one are both using Airtel Money, you get to save on the transactional costs and use the saving you make to top up your airtime or buy data. Every shilling you save on transactional costs could go to a greater use. Think about it, how many times do you withdraw cash from your mobile wallet? It all adds up to incredible savings.

3. Zero charges on utility bill payments

With Airtel Money, customers get to enjoy FREE bill payments for water, electricity, and Pay TV services like DSTV, GOtv and Zuku. To pay for these bills they dial *222#, select option 6 then Airtel Paybill or through the My Airtel App then select Paybill

4. Savings of up to 40% on withdrawal charges

Airtel Money customers save up to 40% on transaction charges, when they withdraw money using Airtel Money. To withdraw money, customers dial *222# and select withdraw Money or they use My Airtel App and select Withdraw Cash. To deposit money to your Airtel Money account, you can transfer money from your bank, from an Airtel Money agent or from a shop.

Get your Airtel SIM card today & activate Airtel Money by dialing *222# to experience Mega savings on Airtel Money.

Airtel Money. Instant. Secure. Borderless.

Nice & Lovely launches limited edition body lotion to keep a girl in school

Kenya’s Number one body lotion, Nice & Lovely, has launched a limited-edition lotion that is aimed at promoting girl child education in the country, in partnership with Sky Girls Kenya.

The new Nice & Lovely sky limited-edition lotion targets high school teenage girls
during their back-to-school. The lotion has been co-created with Sky Girls Kenya to
change the experiences of school going girls aged between 13-17 years with an aim to
bring out their confidence and individuality while remaining true to themselves.

“When a young girl looks good, she feels good and this brings out the best in her,
boosting her confidence. At an affordable price, Nice & Lovely, Kenya NO1 body lotion,
brags of great quality which helps our consumers enhance their natural beauty.” said
L’Oréal Managing Director Serge Sacre.

The lotion spun off from Kenya’s iconic beauty brand, Nice & Lovely will be available in
200ml and 400ml packs.

“We continue coming up with innovative yet affordable products that are relevant to the
market, bolstered by our research and innovation lab based in Nairobi,” the MD said.
The beauty and cosmetics company has been consistently making improvements on
Nice & Lovely skin and hair products since it acquired the brand in 2013.

This new campaign dubbed ‘She’s counting on you’ seeks to create a safe space for teenage girls to
be confident in their various spaces due to the backup of their community. Be it for
school, self-awareness or hobbies. Nice & Lovely comes in as a partner to support her
specifically through school fees.

“With this limited-edition Lotion, at Nice &Lovely, we commit to donate Ksh 5 for every
lotion bought to help a sister stay in school,” said Sacre. The campaign kicks off in June 2022.

“We work to inspire young girls to stay true to their values, and what they care about,
helping them resist peer pressure. Our aim is to increase girls’ confidence, self-reflection, decision-making, and refusal skills so that they can make positive choices that are true to themselves,” concluded Svetlana Polikarpova, Director & Co-Founder of Tandem Agency in charge of Sky Girls Kenya during the ceremony held in Nairobi on

Feel the roar in Naivasha at the WRC Safari Rally Championship

All roads lead to Naivasha from the 23rd– 26th June as we celebrate the return of   WRC Safari Rally to Kenya for the 2nd year in a row and we can’t keep calm. KCB Bank Kenya has injected KShs.100 million towards the 2022 World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally.

In 2019, KCB became the Official Financial Partner for the Safari Rally Kenya for the World Rally Championship (WRC) Rally, with a 3-year commitment starting with a WRC Candidate event staged in June 2019. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, motorsports activities were suspended.

In 2021, Kenya was officially readmitted to the WRC with the inclusion of Safari Rally in the WRC calendar. For this 3-year engagement, KCB has committed KShs. 250 million—KShs 50 M for 2019, KShs 100 in 2021 and KShs 100 in 2022.

This year KCB is sponsoring two young Kenyan drivers – Evans Kavisi and Nikhil Sachania – who will be representing Team KCB in the world showpiece event.

  1. Nikhil Sachania is a second generation rally driver that’s defying the odds to pursue his dream. He was involved in a quad bike accident that shattered his spine in September 2011 in Athi  River. The paraplegic driver has expressed confidence ahead of the WRC Safari Rally in Nakuru County. The 2014 Motorsport Personality of the Year says he targets to finish within the top 20, a replica of his target last year. Nikhil’s Mitsubishi EVO X has been specially modified to adapt to his abilities; everything including accelerating, steering & braking is operated by hand. He has always loved the thrill of speed and rallying and he can’t wait to #FeelTheRoar.
  2. Evans Kavisi’s journey in racing started as part of the service crew. His first competition was a safari rally in 2018. Even though he believes that 80% of the rally is won or finished in the garage, he’s looking for a top finish at the sixth leg of the 2022 World Rally Championships, the WRC Safari Rally. Kavisi and his navigator Absalom Aswani will be cruising in a Mitsubishi Evo 10 car.

The deal by KCB cements the Bank’s footprint in supporting sports activities across various disciplines in the country namely Golf, Football, Motorsports, Rugby, and Volleyball.

KCB has not only come through to support the 2021 & 2022 WRC Safari Rally Championships but over the past 18 years, KCB has invested over KShs.1.2 billion towards supporting all sports, largely rallies and autocross circuits, through Kenya Motorsports Federation.

In 2021, the Safari Rally attracted 53 entries, out of which 34 of them were local Kenyan drivers. This year, the 5th edition of the World Circuit is also expected to have over 50 local and international drivers.

So, feel the roar and get ready to experience the WRC Safari Rally Championships that is proudly sponsored by KCB Bank.

Follow all the action online on @kcbgroup pages on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #Feeltheroar

Four things to consider when online shopping

One of the perks of online shopping is the convenience it offers.  With the click of a button, a Kenyan can shop for clothing, beauty products or even electronics from the comfort of their living room on Amazon USA/UK or other f international shopping websites available. Online shopping offers Kenyans opportunities to shop for a variety of products that aren’t readily available, compare prices from different websites, shopping apps and take advantage of discounts.

Things to consider when online shopping

  1. Read reviews

Before making purchases online, one should always read reviews of the product. Reviews help customers determine quality of products from the experiences of other users who have purchased the same items. Research has shown, customers will make purchases quickly from a business that has positive reviews.

2. What are their returns and cancellation policies

Before shopping online from any website, one should consider their policies on returns and cancellations. Ensure the business has clearly stated their rules and procedures for this since one cannot physically verify the product.

3. Always read the description

When making an online purchase, never base the decision solely on the displayed product image. Always read through the description before adding items to cart. If for example you’re buying a flower vase, it maybe photo shopped to appear larger than it is. The product description provides the exact dimensions and this will save you some buyer’s remorse.

4. Payment methods

The available payment methods is also a factor to consider when shopping online. The good news is Safaricom and Visa have made it easy for Kenyans to shop online by introducing — M-PESA GlobalPay Virtual Visa card which mirrors your M-PESA account.

The launch of the new  M-PESA GlobalPay Virtual Visa card opens global shopping for Kenyan consumers, allowing secure cashless payments at merchant locations in over 200 countries through Visa’s global network.

Customers can activate the card via the M-PESA App by selecting M-PESA GlobalPay, under “Pay” or “Grow” option. They can also activate it by dialing *334# then selecting option 6 for “Lipa Na M-PESA” followed by “M-PESA GlobalPay”.

Both options will require the customer to use their secret M-PESA PIN. The customer can then view their card details and generate the “CVV” required to confirm online card transactions, manage their cards, set up repeat payments and access their Mini-Statement.

NB: The CVV number is valid for 30 minutes at a time after which one needs to generate a new one through view card details.

The M-PESA GlobalPay  Virtual Visa Card will be exclusive for international online payments. .

Once a customer performs a transaction with the card, they will receive an SMS with the prevailing exchange rate for the transaction value. Transactions will be subject to current M-PESA limits of KES 150,000 per transaction and KES 300,000 per day at the prevailing Forex rates.

The M-PESA GlobalPay  Virtual Visa card is a timely service tailored to meet the increasing needs of Kenyans using global apps and shopping websites for entertainment, retail, business and even when travelling abroad.

In addition to providing customers with the freedom and convenience of transacting across the world, the M-PESA GlobalPay  Virtual Visa card builds on M-PESA’s security by empowering customers to generate a unique CVV that is valid for a 30-minute  Customers will key in their M-PESA PIN each time they generate a CVV. This feature ensures all the details of the card required to perform a transaction are only known to the customer.


The Nairobi Expressway: Changing Nairobi city’s skyline

The 27-kilometre Nairobi Expressway from Mlolongo in Machakos County through the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to the city’s Westlands suburb was on Saturday, May 14 opened to the public.

Transport CS James Macharia said the road will not only decongest the city but also position the country as an investment destination.

Speaking during the opening of the expressway for a trial run, CS Macharia said that the road will positively impact mobility of Kenyans, visitors, businessmen and tourists

“We want to encourage investors to come to our country and see we have a conducive environment for investment,” said Macharia.

The trial phase will take three to four weeks. The project comprises a four-lane dual carriageway from Mlolongo to the Eastern Bypass and a six-lane dual carriageway from the Eastern Bypass to the Southern Bypass.

 It also has a four-lane dual carriageway from the Southern Bypass to St Mark’s Church in Westlands and a four-lane dual carriageway from St Mark’s Church to James Gichuru Road.

Initially, traveling from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to the city using the stretch took more than two hours. But with the completion of the project, it will take between 15 and 20 minutes to cover the 27-kilometre stretch, which starts from AIC, Mlolongo, all the way to James Gichuru on Waiyaki Way.

The project is being undertaken through the Build Operate Transfer contract. This means the contractor, China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), will build and operate the expressway for 27 years to recoup the money spent on construction.

CRBC is expected to make Sh106.8 billion in profit for the 27 years. After 27 years, CRBC will hand over the project to the Kenyan government.

Macharia said Kenyans have been eagerly waiting for the completion of the project.

“So for yesterday, we had 11,000 Kenyans registered and we are registering at a rate of 800 per day, which is massive,” he said. “More are expected to register,” he added.

Out of the 11,000 registered, 7,000 are paying using electronic means. Motorists have a choice to either make payment via Manual Toll Collection or Electronic Toll Collection methods. 

The CS encouraged all motorists using the road to use the electronic mode of payment to avoid congestion at toll stations. CS Macharia said a census that was done at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport before the project started counted about 40,000 vehicles that were using the wrong side of Mombasa Road, causing traffic jams.

Traffic jams within the city are estimated to cost the country Sh2 billion annually.

The CS said the project is one of the best pieces of infrastructure ever done in Africa.

In fact, he said, it’s the longest expressway in Africa done through public-private partnership.

The CS said the government did not commit any money on the investment.

“We have not borrowed a single cent of the about $600 million, which is about Sh70 billion. This is a private investment and this is a good example of what the public-private partnership can do,” the CS said.

Macharia said the money that would have been spent on the project has been utilised to do 400 kilometres of roads in the slums. He praised the contractor for finishing the project in record time, saying it was supposed to be finished next year.

However, it has been completed one year ahead of schedule. Construction started in October 2019.

The CS said the old Mombasa Road from Mlolongo to Westland will also get a facelift.

The move, he said, is to ensure that motorists who do not use the expressway have a good road.

“We are finalising a contract of about Sh9 billion to make sure we enhance and beautify the old road,” the CS said.

The road rehabilitation will also factor in Bus Rapid Transit, the CS said. The upgrade and beautification will start in a few weeks. The drainage system and lighting along the road will be enhanced.

Under the plan, Macharia said, Westlands to Rironi and finally, Mau Summit road will also be upgraded. CS Macharia warned that those who destroy road infrastructure will be dealt with.

Jitoe kwa fix na Standard Chartered legit deals

National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani in May warned that Kenya’s current high cost of living could worsen. According to KNBS, Kenya’s inflation touched a high of 6.47 per cent from 5.56 per cent in March and 5.08 per cent in February.
As Kenyans brace for tougher times, tunajua times zimetense, wallet imetense na business pia imetense.
Nothing sucks more than being in a financial fix if we are being honet. But you don’t have to stay stranded in that fix, unaeza jitoa kwa fix with a little help from Standard Chartered loans promotion.
Whether personal where you need to sort out an emergency, pay school fees, top up money for rent, or even owning your dream home
Standard Chartered Bank understand the hassle you are going through with the financial fixes and have designed Standard Chartered loans promotion with incredibly affordable loan rates to help you out of a fix.
Kama ni loans, Standard Chartered wako legit na watakusort for all your biashara or personal needs. Here are all their loan assets for your needs

  1. Personal Loan
    Take a personal loan to get upto 50K salo cash back. Every day for the next 30 days every 10th and 20th approved loan application will win cash back upto Sh50,000. This offer ends on 16th June. That’s not all: Enjoy 0% arrangement fees for balance transfer amounts. Take a personal loan with a credit card and enjoy a low rate from 13% on the loan.
  2. Credit card
    Take a credit card and lock a deal of zero annual fees the first year. This offer ends on 31st July. The Standard Chartered credit card heightens every shopping experience with its assortment of credit card categories like Cashback, Rewards & Travel.
  3. Business Loans with working capital
    Whether you are looking to purchase a property or borrow against an existing one, this is the time to get a competitive rate of 13% p.a. when you bundle the loan with a working capital product such as an overdraft/Invoice financing, Letters of credit, Bank guarantees.
    That’s not all, Standard Chartered have waived valuation &statement confirmation fees will be reimbursed upon booking of the facility. They also have discounted arrangement fees to 0.5%.
    In 36 hours you will get a feedback from the bank on the loan status. This offer ends on 31st July 2022.
  4. Mortgage
    Apply or move your mortgage to benefit from a low rate of 11.75%. That’s not all Standard Chartered has waived legal and valuation fees for balance transfers. This offer ends on 31st July.

Verify your choice with Rezial Career Centre

Has your child just finished school and you are not sure what they would like to become in future? If you want them to be clear on their career path as you plan for their education, we have got the answer for you.

Rezial Career Center which is a Nationwide Career Center, first of its kind in Kenya and East African countries, provides career services to individuals, schools, corporate bodies, religious and Government institutions.

The Career Center, through its experienced Career Coaches, will provide the most comprehensive career and course advisory program for students and professionals in the age bracket of 8 to 35 years. It’s been designed in such a way that helps students select their BEST FIT subjects/courses and careers on the basis of their aptitude, personality and interests.

Who should take the Rezial Career Assessment?

  1. People who are interested in new careers that suit the future of work within the fast changing labour market.
  2. Children who just finished school and they are not sure what they would like to become in future.
  3. People who have taken a certain career path, only for them to realize later that they’re in the wrong place.
  4. People who have stagnated at their careers for so long and they feel like you are not making any progress.

Here’s how you take the assessment:

  1. Save this number 0714 012 012
  2. Go to WhatsApp
  3. Type the word ‘Career’ and send.
  4. Then follow instructions as guided.
  5. Rezial’s team of career advisors will be on standby to assist you.

You can take a career assessment at Ksh. 3,000 and get your career report instantly (The actual cost is Ksh. 5,000). This offer is valid until 20th May 2022 after which the cost will go back to normal.

Nice and Lovely names Kate Actress as brand ambassador

World’s biggest Beauty company, L’Oréal has today unveiled Kenyan award-winning actress, popularly known as “Kate Actress” the face of Kenya’s iconic beauty brand Nice & Lovely in a bid to cement its market share in the country.

Kate Actress has been tasked with enhancing the brand’s awareness and educating customers on use and application of a variety of beauty products and explain the benefits of using Nice & Lovely product ranges.

L’Oréal East Africa Managing Director Serge Sacre said the company settled on Kate because she embodies and exemplifies the brand’s values – authenticity, trust, high quality and safety that makes it a household brand-used by the whole family.

“The best ambassador we could partner with is Kate.  Kate is authentic. She represents the modern Kenyan woman. She represents family, she is trusted, has fantastic skin, above all she is loved by Kenyans and you want to be like her. This was the best match. We are very happy to be signing this with Kate,” said Sacre.

L’Oréal, the world’s largest beauty and cosmetics company has significantly improved quality of Nice & Lovely hair and skin products since it acquired the brand in 2013.

Nice & lovely is disrupting the beauty industry through revolutionary innovations such as the WORLD’S 1ST JELLY IN CREAM, which was recently voted (in the beauty and cosmetic summit 2021 awards) as the most preferred skin moisturizer.

 Nice & Lovely offers a wide variety of products to cater for the consumers seeking to achieve effortless beauty, at great quality and at an affordable price.

Serge said the company is working with different industry organizations and lobby groups to discourage use of bleaching agents in beauty products which are harmful and encourage use of natural ingredients as safe alternative.

“Why would somebody in the industry offer a product that is dangerous and try to change who you are. The products we offer are the ones that bring out the beauty in you no matter your colour, race or age,” he explained.

L’Oréal projects Kenya’s beauty market value at USD 200 million with a potential to grow five-folds over the next eight years to a billion-dollar market, driven by growing middle class population that wants to splurge for feel and look good moments.

“The market is still small when you compare to the market’s 50 million population, but has been booming with double digit growth over the last decade,” said Sacre.

The beauty brand said it is investing big in education to bolster category penetration, talent acquisition and expanding its distribution network to tap into the rising opportunities.

Body lotions account for 50 percent of the body market- with research done by Nielsen ranking Nice and Lovely as Kenya’s #1 body lotion.

Kate Actress

About L’Oréal

For over 110 years, L’Oréal, the world’s leading beauty player, has devoted itself to one thing only: fulfilling the beauty aspirations of consumers around the world. L’Oréal is the manufacturer of Kenya’s most popular body lotion Nice & Lovely. Our purpose, to create the beauty that moves the world, defines our approach to beauty as inclusive, ethical, generous and committed to social and environmental sustainability. With our broad portfolio of 35 international brands and ambitious sustainability commitments in our L’Oréal for the Future programme, we offer each and every person around the world the best in terms of quality, efficacy, safety, sincerity and responsibility, while celebrating beauty in its infinite plurality.

With 85,400 committed employees, a balanced geographical footprint and sales across all distribution networks (e-commerce, mass market, department stores, pharmacies, hair salons, branded and travel retail), in 2021 the Group generated sales amounting to 32.28 billion euros. With 20 research centers across 11 countries around the world and a dedicated Research and Innovation team of over 4,000 scientists and 3,000 tech professionals, L’Oréal is focused on inventing the future of beauty and becoming a Beauty Tech powerhouse.

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Body care: Must have item in your skin care routine

Do you have a skin care routine for your face but not one for your body? As you aim to achieve that glass skin on your face, say goodbye to rough, dull skin and create a body care routine. Something as basic as these three steps makes a difference in achieving happy, glowing skin.

  1. Always take a shower – ensure you use a body wash/product that is gentle on your skin.
  2. Find a suitable body scrub and exfoliate gently at least once a week. Focus on areas on your body that need an extra touch such as the heels of your feet.
  3. Moisturise your skin after leaving the shower when your body is still wet. This helps hydrate your skin. Slather your skin with a product tailor made to leave your skin smoother, glowing and deeply nourished such as our favorite which is the Nice & Lovely cocoa butter body lotion. Let it absorb before wearing clothes.

The Nice & Lovely cocoa butter lotion should always be in your shopping basket. This is why;

  • It also contains Shea butter that not only nourishes your skin for 48 hours but also reduces stretch marks.
  • Its formula is derived from natural oils and is tailor made to leave your African skin smoother, glowing and deeply nourished.
  • You do not need to add glycerin into the lotion as it is already in it, giving you value for money.
  • The Nice & Lovely cocoa butter lotion is of great quality at an affordable price, why pay more?

The Nice & Lovely cocoa butter body lotion, works wonders on your whole family. It is a must-have product for your kids as they go back to school to offer them constant 48-hour skin nourishment. Ensure you stock up Nice & Lovely lotions for them to last them through the whole school term, as a product you can trust, having taken care of the Kenyan skin for over 25 years.

There will be up to 20% off on the lotions, or a gift offer for every purchase across all leading stores.

Nice & Lovely, a home grown brand, was acquired by the world’s largest cosmetics company L’Oréal in 2013. Since then, it has invested heavily to better the quality of the Nice & Lovely lotions through constant research and innovations.

Visit your nearest store today and buy Nice & Lovely Cocoa Butter lotion and give your skin the TLC it deserves.

How to claim unclaimed financial assets in Kenya

Government reveals that over Sh54.9 billion is lying unclaimed in various facilities. The unclaimed assets are being held in trust by the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA).

If you think you have unclaimed financial assets out there that could be part of the Sh54.9 billion, we have good news for you! UFAA sasa wako karibu na wewe!

Getting help with your unclaimed financial assets is as easy as walking to the nearest Huduma Centre in Nairobi with your national ID. It is that simple and easy.

UFAA services are now available at all 5 Huduma Centres in Nairobi County. Claimants can also make calls to Huduma Contact Centre at 0206 900 020 for assistance.

If you’re not in Nairobi you can also get assistance at any Huduma Centre cyber café countrywide or visit the online portal on or dial *361# and you’ll be able to check if you have any unclaimed financial assets in your name.

The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA) is an Authority created under the Unclaimed Financial Assets Act, No 40 of 2011 to administer unclaimed financial assets.

Here are their main functions

  1. Receive, safeguard, invest and disburse unclaimed financial assets.
  2. Receive all payments required by the Act to be made to the Fund.
  3. Ensure that holders of unclaimed financial assets either reunite them or surrender them to the Authority.
  4. Carry out inspection of unclaimed financial assets to ensure accurate reporting.
  5. Ensure that all relevant information on unclaimed financial assets is submitted to the Authority and maintained in the database.
  6. Assume custody of the rights of unclaimed financial assets holders.
  7. To implement all government policies relating to it, and perform such other functions as are conferred on it by the Unclaimed Financial Assets Act.
  8. Make payments out of the Fund to the rightful owners in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
  9. Manage and invest the funds of the Authority.
  10. Implement of unclaimed financial assets policies and procedures.
  11. Act as the Trustee to the Fund in accordance with Part V of Unclaimed Financial Assets Act.
  12. Enforce, and generally administer, the provisions of the Unclaimed Financial Assets Act.
  13. Advise the Cabinet Secretary on the national policy to be followed with regard to unclaimed assets.
  14. Locate and notify owners of the unclaimed financial assets.

UFAA Sasa Wako Karibu Nawe at a Huduma Centre near you. Visit them today to check if you have any unclaimed financial assets

Pasaka ibambe na Quickmart: Shop and win daily

Homegrown Supermarket Quickmart has opened over 50 branches to date and they are currently looking to open T-Mall and many more to follow. The Supermarket chain which was established in 2006 in Nakuru is bringing its bespoke services and a wide variety of goods close to shoppers. And you know with every new branch opening comes a wide variety of offers right?

Easter is around the corner na kama kawaida Quickmart have got you covered. Na hawafanyi vitu 50/50, wanataka pasaka yako ibambe 💯. You stand a chance to win big if you shop at over their 50 branches countrywide. What would you shop at any Quickmart Supermarket after winning a Sh50,000 voucher?

Whether you are celebrating Easter at a get together with family, they have everything you need for your shopping. From mbuzi for your nyama choma to mapochopocho za pilau. Kama pia wewe ni mtu wa sherehe with your friends, their liquor section is fully stocked. Na kama pia hamtaki kupika to spend more time with family and friends their deli section has a variety of delicious food haiwezi wadissapoint.

Pasaka yako lazima ibambe na Quickmart and here’s why

  1. They have crazy offers on a variety of products.
  2. They offer free parking to clients at their branches so unashop polepole bila wasiwasi.
  3. Their customer service is top notch.
  4. They have a variety of products including electronics, foodstuffs, fresh juice, vegetables and fresh cuts at their butchery section.
  5. If you are a sweet tooth haujawachwa nyuma pia, they have delectable pastries from the bakery section.
  6. They also offer sumptuous meals at an affordable price from all Quickmart Delis.
  7. Quickmart Supermarkets wako na over 50 branches across Kenya. They have expanded operations across 13 counties including Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado, Laikipia, UasinGishu, Kisumu, Kisii, Kilifi, Mombasa, Machakos, Trans Nzoia and Nakuru.