New training dates for over 9,000 KMTC students announced

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) has announced dates for training its newly registered students. Roughly 9,500 students have enrolled for this year intake. In a communication to students, College CEO Prof. Michael Kiptoo said virtual orientation will be conducted on September 15, 2020, ahead of the virtual training, which kicks off the following day (September 16, 2020).

“We are ready to welcome students for September 2020/2021 Academic Year intake,” he said. “I urge all students to secure a computer, laptop or tablet and internet connectivity in readiness for classes.”

Online registration is currently ongoing and all students should be registered on or by 15th September, 2020.

Medical Imaging Sciences Students during a training session at KMTC
Medical Imaging Sciences Students during a training session at KMTC

To ensure its learners, as well as faculty members, have access to the internet, the College has partnered with the Kenya Education Network (KENET) to provide discounted bundles.

The CEO said faculty members have been trained on content development as well as provision of learner’s support. Lecturers and students will continually be equipped with more skills and knowledge on the use of E-leaning tools and other online services. The orientation which will be streamed live via College’s social media outlets (Facebook page at; You Tube at will target Higher Diploma, Diploma and Certificate students.

The new cohort of students will join the more than 41,000 others who are currently undertaking various medical courses across the 71 Campuses. As part of its plans to make education accessible to its learners, the College has invested heavily in its ICT infrastructure including, fast, secure and reliable internet to support E-learning. This has seen its Campuses connected to fast, secure and reliable internet.

Noting that students are required to undertake internship at health facilities to sharpen their skills and meet training requirements, Prof. Kiptoo affirmed that plans for clinical placement for final year students are at an advanced stage, the College having kicked off mapping exercise to ensure all students are placed.  To tame rising COVID-19 cases in the country, President Uhuru Kenyatta suspended learning in all educational institutions in the country.

The CEO noted that the College has adopted a new framework for students to undertake their practical lessons in health facilities next to their counties of residence. “Similarly, I want to urge the students to continue with their research. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, supervision will be done virtually,” he added.  Prof. Kiptoo assured students that the College will hold this year’s graduation in December as planned and students will be regularly updated.  In order to equip leaners with the technical skills in preparation for the job market, the College offers training by combining 70 per cent hands-on and 30 per cent classroom-type training.

Journey to liquidate ‘abandoned’ shares is only beginning

The clarion call for Kenyans to claim abandoned assets has never been louder.

Worldwide, as is the case in Kenya, unclaimed financial assets are held by the government until owners claim them. And there are billions worth of abandoned assets held by the state in the form of Shares, matured life policies, long forgotten bank accounts, dividends, Courts Refunds, pension money among others.

A common misconception by many is that the government walks away with unclaimed assets. Others also assume that the money is taken up by the financial institutions holding them once they realize their owners have “abandoned” them for a lengthy duration of time. In the case of the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA), the Unclaimed Financial Assets Act, 2011 provides for perpetual right to reunification – for owners and heirs. No one, not even the state, can take away that right to one’s property in the period of temporary separation.

In Kenya the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA), a state organ, is mandated to receives escheated financial assets from holding institutions such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunication firms, listed and unquoted entities among others. Upon receipt of such assets, the Authority holds them in trust and eventually reunite rightful owners and beneficiaries with their ‘lost’ money. For this reason, it would be speculative to say that the Authority is auctioning ‘abandoned’ and unclaimed shares after August 31, 2020. Whereas the law provides for sale of such assets at prevailing market rate, it also dictates the process to actualize the sale. The law requires that the Authority first assume title to the reported unclaimed shares.

Presently, reported unclaimed shares have remained in the hands of reporting institutions and share registrars. This was necessitated by the need by the Authority to put in place infrastructures to hold unclaimed shares in one basket. UFAA is now licensed as a non-trading Custodial Depository Agent (CDA).

Secondly, by virtue of volume and value – way above 802 million units, it has been found prudent to require owners and beneficiaries to take up as many shares as is possible prior to the planned consolidation. Residual shares units will then be transferred into the custody of the Authority’ CDA. Only then can UFAA, and in fulfilling the legal requirements spelt out in Section 26 of the Act will the shares be liquidated. And upon issuance of sufficient notices to owners and beneficiaries to redeems unclaimed shares in their present form.

It is important to note that unclaimed financial assets traverse the entire regime of cash in a bank, shares, insurance policies, money order, Court refunds, assets held in a fiduciary capacity, unpaid wages, safe deposit boxes, cheques, drafts or similar instruments. They also include deposits for utility services or matured retirement benefits.

The determination of financial assets as unclaimed presupposes that the records of the asset holder do not reflect the identity of the person entitled to the assets; or the holder has not delivered the assets to the person entitled to them or the last known address of the apparent owner, as shown on the records of the holder, is in a country that does not provide by law for reunification of assets. The unclaimed financial assets regime gives the primary responsibility of reunification to the holder. Only when the holder has tried, and failed, to pay or deliver the assets to the owner within prescribed time period, are such assets escheated to UFAA. Owners of reported UFA have perpetual right to reunification.

Six years on, holders’ have surrendered assets worth Kshs.16.7 billion in cash and reported 802 million units of shares, 1,592 safe deposit boxes and assorted units trusts. Consequently, the Authority has received claims amounting to about KShs. 700 million and 5 million units of shares from about 10,000 claimants. Out of these, claims amounting to about 450 million and over 4 million units of shares have been reunited with about 5,000claimants.

Both surrendered and reunited unclaimed financial assets are expected to go high as the authority executes the second cycle of the Strategic Plan 2018-2023. The Plan provides for a comprehensive road map towards the attainment of a vision to be ‘a trusted institution in the management of unclaimed assets’. To make this vision a reality, UFAA is more proactive in increasing reunification of surrendered assets and to deepen holders’ compliance. The authority is also making deliberate and focused public awareness campaigns to reach out to all the 47 Counties in the Country to increasing brand visibility, outreach and stakeholders engagements.

All these efforts are geared towards deepening reunification to stimulate household income and growth. UFAA calls upon all claimants to come for their ‘lost and found’ assets now.

– The writer is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Trustee of the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority

Meet the new LG AI DD washing machine

Imagine a washing machine that knows your clothes inside out and knows exactly how to wash them, whether they’re delicate or not. A washing machine that is quick, silent and functional. A washing machine that does your laundry in just 39 minutes!! This is the reality of the brand new LG Washing machine. A revolution!

LG Electronics has expanded the availability of its innovative front-loader washing machine with ThinQ AI powered by the company’s proprietary Direct Drive™ to East Africa. With the benefits of AI DD™ the new washers are able to deliver thorough yet gentle cleaning by determining the weight and fabric characteristics of each load to deliver faster and better laundry results.

LG’s AI DD technology leverages big data on twenty thousand pieces of information related to washer usage and applies settings based on the volume and delicateness of the garments in each load of laundry to provide the most optimized washing cycle. This guarantees exceptionally clean laundry every time with the added benefit of an 18 percent reduction in damage to the clothes, prolonging the life of every wardrobe.

39 minutes

LG’s TurboWash™ 360 feature delivers the convenience of a shorter laundry day without compromising cleanliness, requiring just 39 minutes to complete a full wash cycle. And 3D Multi Spray also helps get clothes clean in less time by shooting jets of water in four different directions simultaneously for more stain-fighting coverage. Customers can save even more time by pairing the LG AI DD washing machine with LG MiniWash which fits directly underneath to create a TWINWash™ system to handle two loads of laundry at once.

Boasting the durability and efficiency, LG AI DD washing machines deliver an efficient energy rating of A+++-50 percent in no small part due to LG’s inverter technology, guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

Voice commands

For additional user convenience, LG AI DD washers can be managed using voice commands from a connected AI speaker as well as controlled and monitored with the ThinQ mobile app.

The combination of ThinQ AI with LG’s proven Direct Drive technology delivers customer benefits that are more significant than anything in the evolution of washing machines in the past century. This kind of innovation definitely wins the hearts and minds of consumers who expect nothing but the best in their home appliances.

Buy yours today. Visit for more details and get the LG AI DD delivered to your home

Mastercard Foundation announces key partnerships to drive COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Efforts in Kenya

The Mastercard Foundation has announced a series of key partnerships that will bring relief and build the resilience of micro-, small- and medium- enterprises (MSMEs) in Kenya.

As the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic ripple through economies, women and young people are expected to bear the greatest burden as a result of reduced employment opportunities, layoffs and poorly performing MSMEs, most of which are led and owned by women and young people.

The organisations that will start rolling out the interventions targeting MSMEs this month, through support from the Mastercard Foundation COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Program, are Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), WomenWork Network, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI), and TechnoServe, with technical support from the Grassroots Business Fund and 4G Capital.

The commitment from the Mastercard Foundation to the four lead partner organisations totals USD15 million and will support a series of interventions that will facilitate business continuity, especially for those MSMEs led and owned by young women and help to cushion the economy in Kenya.

“MSME’s are the backbone of the economy and they need support more than ever. The Mastercard Foundation is proud to work with these partners to deliver tailored support to tens of thousands of MSMEs with the aim of helping them sustain their activities and continue to provide opportunities for dignified work,” said Daniel Hailu, Regional Head Eastern and Southern Africa at the Mastercard Foundation.

KEPSA, in close collaboration with the Government of Kenya, will target 400 MSMEs to access an emergency finance facility that will be managed by Grassroots Business Fund as the independent Fund Manager. The partnership will include the rollout of a virtual MSMEs business recovery hub to provide business development service as well as increasing KEPSAs ability to support women businesses.

The partnership with WomenWork Network through their Rebuild Program, will focus on low cost loans to women-led MSMEs to enable the businesses to withstand the significant revenue drops they are currently experiencing. The low cost emergency loans will enable them to sustain jobs that may otherwise have been lost and access tailored online business training. The Rebuild program will be available to the over 4,000 women who are members of the #Womenworkke Facebook group.

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) will run interventions that include low cost businesses loans to deserving MSMEs and a trade digital platform to support an e-commerce ecosystem to make the enterprises more agile and resilient.

The intervention will target 15,000 direct members of KNCCI, supplemented by 85,000 KNCCI association members, especially focusing on the hawkers, the fashion industry, Jua Kali, retailers, and restaurants.

Grassroots Business Fund will manage the facility that will provide concessionary loans to members of the 3 organisations, KNCCI, KEPSA and WomenWorks Networks. The loans will boost the microenterprises by providing them with working capital that allows them to navigate challenges brought on by the COVID-19 health crisis. The loans to microenterprises will target businesses country-wide and priority will be given to youth and women-led enterprises and to certain sectors such as agriculture, retail, healthcare.

TechnoServe will work with 28,000 microretailers, primarily women and young people, through the Micro-enterprises Strengthened for Pandemic Adaptation and Resilience in Kenya (mSPARK) program, providing targeted digital technical assistance and facilitating financial support through financial-technology credit provider 4G Capital. The emergency repayable business grants will support overhead expenses such as salaries, rent, and utilities, and, in conjunction with the technical assistance provided through the program, will enable microretailers to source vital products and digitize their operations. This program, which is being rolled out in Nairobi and surrounding metropolitan counties as well as Mombasa and Kilifi counties, will help to stabilize and strengthen the resilience of microretailers who own general shops, salons, restaurants and eateries that are essential to the economies and food security of vulnerable communities.

“I have a shop called Network Shop in Kiganjo Thika on the outskirts of Nairobi. When COVID-19 struck I didn’t know what to do and that caused me a lot of panic and stress. I was struggling to keep my business running and I almost closed down due to the financial hardships. A repayable grant will be a lifesaving opportunity as I will have the funds to stay afloat and not have to close down my shop. Being trained on how to navigate through such a crisis will allow me get out of the crisis better and stronger,” said 24-year old business owner, wife and mother of twins, Elizabeth Jeremiah.

You have until 31 August to lodge claims on unclaimed shares – UFAA

A massive amount of unreported wealth is being safely kept by the government in the form of unclaimed financial assets. This is out of necessity until the owners can rightfully claim them. The value of these abandoned assets continues to run into the billions and is lawfully held by the state. These assets are in the form of shares, security deposits, tax refunds, long forgotten bank accounts and pension money, among others.

Recently, The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA) has notified the public that various institutions have reported over 800 million units of UNCLAIMED shares among other assets to the authority (UFAA). In following, UFAA wishes to advise apparent owners or beneficiaries to lodge claims on these shares.

Members of the general public are invited to find out whether they are owners or beneficiaries of abandoned shares. This can easily be done through the shortcode *361#. Alternatively, one can also pay a visit to the website,

How to claim the shares

In order to claim shares, rightful owners are required to obtain a holder’s letter from share registrars and submit a claim online via the UFAA website using relevant forms. This campaign for the reunification of reported unclaimed shares will run until 31ST August, 2020.

More about the UFAA

UFAA was established after an Act of Parliament was drafted to provide a framework for the reporting and dealing with unclaimed financial assets – Unclaimed Financial Assets Act, 2011. The authority started operations in 2014.

The authority’s mission is to receive, safeguard and reunite unclaimed assets for sustainable and shared social and economic prosperity.

Since its inception, the authority has received unclaimed financial assets and safeguarded them in the Unclaimed Financial Assets Trust Fund. It then follows up on the rightful owners based on the information given by the holders, in a process called re-unification where claimants get back their assets after a prescribed process has been followed.

By doing this in a clear and concise manner, the authority has progressively gained and maintained public confidence by providing relevant and accurate information.

To learn even more about the authority, visit the website on

Twiga Foods partners with GoBeba to deliver fresh farm produce

On-demand ordering & delivery firm, GoBEBA has entered a deal with Twiga Foods to deliver fresh farm produce from farmers to online consumers.

The deal will see consumers within and in the outskirts of Nairobi such as Thika, Kahawa, Rongai and Syokimau, access fresh Twiga Foods produce from GoBEBA, while increasing demand of farm fresh produce to online platforms. GoBEBA becomes the 5th on-demand delivery firm to partner with Twiga Foods, increasing the supply of quality and affordable fresh produce to online consumers and creating increased market demand for farmers.

The platform will now provide fresh fruits and vegetables including potatoes, bananas, kales among others to customers visiting their platform. A fresh food bundle containing 25Kgs of produce will cost ksh. 1800 only and will include potatoes, onions, carrots, capsicum, avocado, oranges, watermelon, and pineapple making it significantly cheaper than supermarket prices.

According to Mr. Peter Ndiang’ui, GoBEBA CEO & Co-Founder, the partnership will allow customers visiting the site in search of cooking gas, to also take advantage of cheaper produce from farms supplied by Twiga Foods.

“We have so far been selling and delivering cooking gas and household items. A month ago, we recorded a 200% increase in demand for these items. With the increasing demand, we have now added fresh farm produce. This makes GoBEBA a one-stopshop for household items, cooking gas and farm fresh produce. “Twiga Foods allows us to source the products directly from farms to consumer tables. This, at the end of the day, creates value for farmers leveraging on online platforms such as ours,” Mr. Ndiang’ui added.

Twiga Foods Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Njonjo noted that partnerships with other Business-to-Consumer online platforms, will not only increase avenues for access to supply for consumers especially during this period of Covid-19 that presents restrictions to movement, but it will also diversify access to demand for local farmers.

“Leveraging Business-to-Consumer online platforms during this period is inevitable. It is for this reason that we are forming strategic partnerships to ensure that end consumers get access to quality and affordable produce and that the farming ecosystem gets access to an addressable market.” Said Mr. Njonjo.

GoBeba’s COVID-19 category on their website has been instrumental in providing access to household necessities. The delivery platform seeks to add even more categories making it a one stop shop for consumers.

To the people that want to go cashless but can’t get started

It’s no secret that we are living in challenging, uncertain times where we have to consciously take precautions and fight the pandemic. Seated at home on my short chair, I overlooked the seemingly scenic window one morning and thought, “What role can I play in minimizing the chances of being infected by the virus?” It wasn’t difficult to figure out a simple precaution that many others were already embracing… going cashless.

Of course, there were fears over this. I kept on thinking “What if I get into an emergency? What if the systems are down? What if my card is declined? How secure is my cash?” All these questions were answered by the NCBA bank customer care representative who assured me that cards that have chips are safe and if any unusual activity relating to my card was detected the card could be canceled immediately. Besides, other people were already going cashless and like them, I believe in being your neighbor’s keeper.

There was always this fear of going digital and facing it at the supermarket is one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my life. They say that one of the hardest things to change about ourselves is our everyday habits. This is true because I eat at the same places, brush my teeth the same way every morning and the first thing I do after waking up is catch up with the news. My shopping habit was no different. It always ended with a struggle of “I don’t have change. You have 3 bobs there?”

My first cashless supermarket run involved a lot of fear that can only be compared to the first time I got on an aircraft. The one where deep inside you are unsure of what to do but outside you have the confidence of a world champion athlete on the podium after winning a race.

With every item picked and thrown into the shopping basket, there was sweat trickling down my back. “Do I want to do this?” I asked myself. As soon as every item on my shopping list was picked, the hard part now came… the supermarket cashier line. It’s no secret that, when people are unsure of their next course of action, they look out to their neighbor in an attempt to figure out what to do.

To my pleasant surprise, almost everyone on the line had embraced this cashless payment via their bank cards. My confidence levels immediately went up, in fact, I started a random conversation with the person behind me

“Paying with your bank card is convenient. Do you also do the same?” The fact that others had embraced it let me feel comfortable and the fears I had were all dispelled. With a simple swipe and input of my secret pin, the transaction was done. No withdrawal charges, no looking for a change, and a faster queue!

Pay Bila Charges with NCBA Bank
Pay Bila Charges with NCBA Bank

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. I intend to explore other online payments. During this quarantine period, I intend to shop from the comfort of my couch. There is entertainment from international platforms; there are my favorite book and magazine subscriptions and even exercise apps. Going cashless is going to make my life much simpler.

If you’d like to #GoCashless with NCBA Debit and Prepaid cards, start here –

Disruption: Why Kenyans don’t need to visit the bank anymore

For a long time, a trip to the bank was usually a hassle. Long waiting times and lines, inconvenient opening times and finding a close enough branch made it one of our least favorite chores.

However across every income bracket, an equal percentage of consumers have access to digital and mobile banking tools. In fact it is one of the most important factors influencing their choice of banks according to a cornerstone study.

The purpose of the bank branch is to facilitate interactions between customers and bank employees. However with today’s technology the interaction can happen without the two parties physically being in the same location.

People using digital banking is steadily increasing and banks are listening. Including Standard Chartered Bank.

With the Standard Chartered mobile banking app, they have made it so you may never have to visit a bank branch again. This is especially helpful right now as thousands of Kenyans are working from home and are encouraged to stay safe.

Through the app you can manage your bank account as well as easily transfer money through MPesa.

Additionally you can transfer money through RTGS to other accounts as well as transfer money through PesaLink.

The app also has a QR pay option which allows you to pay for goods and services, scanning the QR code at selected merchant stores and website.

You can also purchase various types of insurance including; home, motor, travel and farewell. You don’t even need to carry your debit card as you can withdraw from any Standard Chartered ATM.

It’s easy to open account and once you do, you may never have to set foot in a bank again!

Open your account now –

Pay your utility bills with SC Mobile Banking app
Pay your utility bills with SC Mobile Banking app

Be unstoppable! How Otieno helped neighbor Maina pay rent at midnight

Knock! Knock! “Otieno… Otieno… I know you are awake!”

Knock! Knock! I was shocked that someone was knocking on my Mercedes’ door. “Maybe it’s a phone thief…. I thought to myself” …but it persisted “Oti bana, wake up… its an emergency”

That’s when I slipped in to semi-consciousness.

Upon realizing it was a dream, I tried to get back to sleep. “Mercedes… please come back to me!” I said in desperation, but sleep had betrayed me. Maina, my neighbor, persistently knocked on the door to which I responded “I’m coming… relax”. At the back of my mind, I was reluctant to answer the door but on many an occasion, Maina had saved my life, so it was only fair that I went to find out what the problem was.

“Sema Maich… what’s going on? How can I be of assistance?” I said in a polite voice without a hint of anger from someone who had just been interrupted from driving his dream car. “Remember that job I had been telling you about? I applied and they called me for the interview. Tomorrow is the big day” he said in an excitement that had a tone of concern.

Assuming that he wanted tips, I interrupted and said “You know what, just be confident. Read their financial reports…. Take two showers and don’t shower with your usual bar soap……..”

“It’s not that…..” he interrupted. In the midst of the excitement of preparing for his big interview Maina had forgotten to pay his rent which was past due. He even said the infamous quote that has made many a bar owner skeptical “I don’t have money on my phone right now. Can you pay for me?”. Imagine losing your dream car and now almost giving the same person who ruined it your money.

“The landlord has sent me a nasty text threatening to lock the house in the afternoon. Would you have some money on your phone that I can use to pay the rent? I will give you the cash tomorrow after I get to the bank”.

Without hesitating, I got my phone and launched my Standard Chartered mobile banking app. Always handy! In a matter of seconds we were paying the rent through the landlords Paybill number as we spoke about the interview and how I’ll probably have a Mercedes dream again. We spoke about how it is now easier than ever to access our cash from the bank account especially when we have unexpected emergencies and social distancing. I even convinced him to try out mobile banking. This is something that was unheard of years ago.

“Thanks for helping me sort that out. I am downloading and registering the app tomorrow morning after my interview” Maina said as he went back home an optimistic man who knew that he won’t have to bother his neighbor again if he wants some money ASAP.

Open your account now –

This is why losing your credit or debit card is no longer a nightmare!

We’ve all been there, reached down for our wallet only to find it isn’t there. It could have been left somewhere, or stolen while you weren’t looking, or maybe it just disappeared! They are known to do that you know!

Either way, it is usually a nightmare to replace. At first we had to physically go to the bank and report it stolen – during which time someone could be using it. Then we could call our banks, but again how often are we left on hold for hours before we finally get to speak to someone.

Thankfully technologies advancement is to our benefit.

We now have access to digital banking apps like the Standard Chartered mobile banking app that is designed to make managing our accounts easier than ever. Now you can do pretty much everything from the comfort of your home as you stay safe. These include transferring money through MPesa. RTGS and PesaLink, buy insurance and protect your Standard Chartered debit card.

If you find that you have lost your debit card, you can block the card and request for a replacement right on the app! And while you wait, you can use your Standard Chartered mobile banking app to withdraw money from any Standard Chartered ATM.

Technology is only going to continue to improve, and with that improve the efficiency of our daily lives. From the way we travel, communicate and even bank, we should expect to see great things in the future.

Until then banks like Standard Chartered are ensuring that your banking needs are met.

Open your account now –

PS: Lost your SC Visa credit/debit card?

You can block it easily on you SC Mobile app as you #StaySafe at home with the following steps

– Login to SC Mobile
– Select ‘Service Requests’
– Select ‘Card Management’
– Select ‘Block & Replace Debit Card’ or ‘Report lost/stolen credit card’
– Enter ‘Reason to Block’ & select which card to be blocked.

Stay safe! Here are transactions you can do on your Standard Chartered Mobile app

Time for some action …and no, not the kind on Netflix. Manage your money from the comfort of your home as you stay safe. You want to do stuff with your cash in a good bank and you no longer have to visit the branch. Here’s why Standard Chartered has your back.

Let’s start with how they’ve simplified your life! Standard Chartered Bank understands that we all need convenience so they have designed and developed an even faster account opening solution where you can open an account in lightning speed. You can open your bank account instantly on the Standard Chartered Bank Mobile App or Desktop

The Standard Chartered Mobile app is a fast, easy, convenient and secure way of accessing your bank wherever you are. You can use the SC Mobile App 24/7 for any of their 70 different functions including;
– sending money and transferring funds to a nominated Standard Chartered Bank account, local account or International transfers
– Pay your bills, that is, MPesa, Airtel Money, KPLC, Nairobi Water and many more
– Make Payments
– Manage your account (Check your balance, view eStatements)

How to open the account
STEP 1: Download SC Mobile App, tap on “Open a Bank Account” and choose the Account that you would like to open.

STEP 2: Provide your contact details and verify your mobile number through OTP.

STEP 3: Key in your nationality, upload a picture of your ID and a photo of yourself.

STEP 4: Provide your residential address and share some more details about yourself.

STEP 5: Review and confirm the details provided and accept the Terms and Conditions.

STEP 6: Well done, you have successfully submitted your application to open an account. One of their agents will call you to activate your account.

A little more detail…

You can

1. Transfer Funds
Enjoy the convenience of transferring money to other accounts locally and internationally through SC Mobile anywhere, anytime.

2. Access Account Information
Access up to date information on the following types of accounts using this service: Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Term Deposits, Loan Accounts and Credit Cards

3. Pay Bills
View your outstanding bill amount and make instant bill payments using either your bank account or credit card to the following billers: Utilities, Mobile Money and Airtime

4.Buy Insurance
Through the SC Mobile App, you can purchase a host of different insurance products with a click of a button. These include:
Home Insurance
Motor Insurance
Travel Insurance
Farwell Plan

Open your account now –

Opinion: All Kenyan businesses should to now process KRA payments online

We used to love queuing and doing things last minute. Not any more. New habits are with us!

Haven’t we learned a lot? At least I can speak for my circle of friends and I suspect the same for most Kenyans. Indeed, comfort is a killer.

Staying indoors has taught us to take advantage of what we’ve got in our hands. Got Internet? Then your business should process KRA payments online and waste no time. Read that again!

Why? Simply because you can. I highly suspect we won’t be visiting the tax centres anytime soon.

Actually, Standard Chartered Bank has made it easier for businesses so that we won’t have to ‘pet the peeves’. Standard Chartered Bank is directly integrated with KRA and this makes KRA submission real time. This, through the Straight2Bank online platform. It’s an online banking platform designed for all your business transactional needs.

All you have to do is set up KRA once and you wont have to memorize the account again.

You can pay your Excise, Service and Direct taxes online. Your account is automatically debited and you receive an acknowledgement immediately.

Besides that, you can stay safe and work from home with more features such as simple payroll processing, simple FOREX transactions, simple bulk payments, reports and alerts and it’s all secure.

Why don’t you try it for your business? You want to meet your legal obligations, don’t you?

To learn more, visit

Process KRA Payments online
Process KRA Payments online

When your petty cash department has to work from home: Tips and tricks to stay safe

When most of us think of the petty-cash department, we tend to think of straight-faced persons seated behind a desk in an office, dealing with piles of paperwork and always counting money. A petty cash accountant working from home without face-to-face meetings or paper exchanges hasn’t seemed possible …until now. Times have quickly changed.

Because of this hiatus occasioned by the uncertain times that we’re going through, doing petty cash accounting by working remotely has been made possible by technology. A lot of businesses are still nervous about it and that’s natural because they might not know how to go about it. However, all that’s needed to be known is what tools can make this work paperless and away from the office.

Here are some hacks.

Face to face meetings
Most interactions with these accountants tend to be impromptu rather than scheduled. There’s no difference in a remote setting other than using phone calls or video conferencing tools. No need for a conference room! It’s just as easy to have impromptu meetings using Zapier as it would be in any office. You could also set up a Zoom meeting and share the link in your Slack channel and you can have that same sort of spur of the moment meetings, as long as all the participants are online at the same time.

The accounting aspects of working remotely for petty cash accountants are not much different from working in an office. There are still weekly meetings, collaborations, month-end reports and payment approvals.

There are a lot of cloud-based apps but we’ve found an innovative way to manage petty cash payments provided by Standard Chartered Bank through their award-winning platform called Straight2Bank

Straight2Bank and Petty cash

The platform is an online banking platform designed for all your business transactional needs. At the moment, we are advised to stay away from physical cash (coins and notes) and naturally, we’re embracing alternative means to do banking.

To make the petty cash disbursements, all you have to do is list all the mobile numbers and amounts to be paid on an excel sheet template. Load this on Straight2ankB and click pay. For added security the payment goes through your organisation’s internal approvers.

Working remotely may seem like a foreign concept in the petty cash accounting world, but when you’re set up with the right applications, it’s totally achievable!

To learn more, visit

Bulk Payments Standard Chartered Bank
Bulk Payments Standard Chartered Bank


Payroll as you work from home: How Kenyan businesses should take advantage of this award winning platform

Payroll jobs involve executing procedures to ensure all employees of a business receive correct compensation on the correct designated calendar days. Depending on the size of the business, an owner may have in-house payroll personnel or outsource this task.

The people in charge of payroll are responsible for gathering and organizing certain employee information. This information includes salary amounts, hourly wages, the number of hours worked for each pay period, and any recorded time off for each employee.

These tasks have now been simplified, especially because we’ve now been encouraged to work from home and stay safe.

One of the banks that has successfully filled this gap and enabled thousands of businesses to ensure continuity through innovative solutions is Standard Chartered Bank through the award-winning platform, Straight2Bank

This online banking service enables organisations to process payroll conveniently in the comfort of your own office or home. Basically, wherever you can access the platform.

It adds convenience because the online payroll processing is not limited to employees with Standard Chartered Bank accounts. You may also process payroll for employees whose accounts are with other banks.

Besides providing simpler salary administration, Straight2Bank allows an organisation to exercise better management of accounts by enabling convenient, fast and easy access to all their accounts, anytime, anywhere.

You can also customise the way you wish to view your statements with the option of downloading your transaction history in PDF or CSV format for easy retrieval. Within the platform, you can download cash management reports at your convenience.

Your salary processing easily & efficiently from wherever you are through Straight2Bank online banking service.
Your salary processing easily & efficiently from wherever you are through Straight2Bank online banking service.

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Discover Straight2Bank: What it means for your business as you work from home

Alternative banking is the in-thing for businesses right now as we experience uncertain times. All organisations are keen to manage this unforeseen disruption and to stay afloat, each is undertaking a set of unique measures. These include having employees work from home, migrating tasks online such as meetings, interviews, finance and accounts, operations et cetera.

However, when it comes to business banking, there are very few options in the market that provide fully integrated solutions for organizations to take advantage of online platforms.

The most comprehensive solution that exists in the market is Straight2Bank from Standard Chartered Bank. Unmistakably, this platform has now become a yardstick for other banks and the fact that it has become the most popular platform for businesses both large and small is evidence of its superiority.

What exactly is Straight2Bank?

The platform is a fully integrated online banking service for business transactions, hedging and information needs with a customisable suite of tools. It is carefully designed for all business transactional needs.

Straight2Bank facilitates comprehensive management, giving businesses easy access to key functions such as trade, payroll and foreign exchange transactions. Organisations can also set up custom access and control within the platform which includes employee access levels, customised payroll templates, personalized account alerts and more.

The platform also allows businesses to process their KRA payments online and in a simple way. Standard Chartered Bank is directly intergrated with KRA and this means all payments are processed realtime.

Bulk and mobile payments are facilitated in a simple manner. This involves using an excel sheet template to list all mobile numbers and amounts to be paid, uploading it to Straight2Bank and click “pay”. This function is secure in that the validation of these payments goes through the organisation’s internal approvals

For users needing help on the platform, there is a dedicated support team. They provide online support services to businesses you solve and problems they may face when using Straight2Bank.

Given the current government directives designed to facilitate businesses, all charges on Straight2Bank are now minimalised. This includes free RTGS transfers done online as well as payroll.

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Here’s how to manage your investments while social distancing

We’re living through history and staying safe is a major priority right now. The ongoing efforts to control the pandemic has made it necessary for most of us to work from home. This also means that our lifestyles have been disrupted and we only make moves when necessary. All in an effort to try and curtail the spread of the virus.

During such a pandemic and also with public health emergencies, impacts can be seen in both the local and national economies. We are all concerned about our investments but there are proactive steps you can take to protect yourself.

Banks and financial institutions are introducing ways that you can manage your money to not only help you weather these trying times, but strengthen your portfolio.

One of these introduced is the Standard Chartered digital mobile banking app which helps you make decisions on investments as well as control your finances. You can even open accounts on the app.

Through the app, you can buy and sell bonds and T-bills, view market trends and buy mutual funds. We are currently in a Bear market meaning that the stock market has fallen for a prolonged period of time. This leads to an increased sell-off of stocks reinforcing the downward direction of the market.

However, falling stock prices and depressed markets are good for the long-term value investor. With lowered stock prices, you can make periodic, fixed amount investments over time.

Choosing who or what to invest in comes with its own challenges, but Standard Chartered can help you with that. You can receive monthly portfolio statements which show the status of your investments which are professionally managed.

While we may be stuck at home, it does not mean that our bank accounts have to be too. Through the Standard Chartered mobile banking app, you can invest directly from your current account and enjoy the benefits of regular income.

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The SC Mobile app gives you the freedom and time to apply for new bank accounts from the comfort of your home, office or on the go. They’re helping you Bank anytime, anywhere with iPhone and Android mobile banking apps.

SCB Mobile Banking
SCB Mobile Banking

For the Mobile Banking Account Opening application, all that’s needed is you and your mobile. You’ll be asked for uploads of your Identity Documents that you can prepare before you start. Then with your mobile, simply capture, attach and even upload from your preferred cloud storage.

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These are the sports to watch in 2020 on DStv

This is a year full of expectations and differences. There have been changes and improvements in what DStv will show and you don’t want to miss out. Have a look at the selections below. 


2020 will be a great year for wrestling fans. WWE Raw, SmackDown and NXT live will be available every week. Supersport will feature premium WWE programming including 205 Live, Ride Along, WWE Chronicle and Table for 3. 

The 24/7 channel launches on DStv channel 128 beginning Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020, and this builds on the success of the WWE pop-up channel that launched in 2019. SuperSport channels will continue to air Raw, SmackDown and NXT live each week


Vodacom Super rugby

The action resumes at the end of January 2020 with mouthwatering fixtures including Sharks VS Bulls on the night of Friday 31 January and Crusaders vs Waratahs on Saturday 1st February.



English Premier League

There is set to be a change at the helm. With another healthy points advantage, Liverpool are on course to finally end what is now a 30-year wait for the title. In terms of league form the Anfield club are streets ahead of their rivals and even with another miraculous comeback the gap – 10 points at Christmas, with a game in hand – should be too big for Man City and Leicester to close.

Liverpool have been unbeatable
Liverpool have been unbeatable

Australian Open

The 2020 Australian Open will take place at Melbourne Park, from 20 January to 2 February 2020. It will be the 108th edition of the Australian Open, the 52nd in the Open Era, and the first Grand Slam of the year


FINA Swimming World Cup

This makes a return in 2020 and will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)or “Short Course Worlds” as they are sometimes known is an international swimming competition. It is swum in a short course (25m) pool and has been held in the years when FINA has not held its main World Championships (currently this means in even years).[5][6]


IAAF Diamond League

Interesting to watch as eight disciplines have been axed from the core programme of the 2020 Diamond League season, reducing the number to 24 – 12 each for men and women – to cater to a 90-minute broadcast window, according to the IAAF.

The 2020 calendar consists of 14 meetings and one final in Zurich.


Formula 1

The new year is upon us and the countdown to the 2020 F1 season is underway. Out of the 20 drivers in the field, 18 will start the new season in the same seats they ended last year. The exception are at Renault and Williams. Ferrari is set to give a strong fight while it also feels like McLaren are finally back(ish).

The 2020 F1 calendar is the longest in the history of the sport, with a record-breaking 22 races. This is despite Germany’s round of the championship dropping off the calendar. The only brand-new addition to the championship this year is Vietnam’s new street circuit in Hanoi, which should be ready in time to hold its first race in just four months’ time.


Moto GP

The world stood still for a moment as Marc Marquez sealed his sixth MotoGP world title in Thailand in a heart-pounding final corner duel with Fabio Quartararo. He now predicts an even closer title battle this year as the champion sees Quartararo becoming a major threat.

Meanwhile, the Repsol Honda MotoGP team will be a family affair next season after the Japanese manufacturer announced on Monday that Alex Marquez was joining as teammate to older brother Marc.

The 2020 MotoGP season starts in Qatar on 8 March.

African Nations Championship 2020

The 2020 African Nations Championship, known as the Total African Nations Championship (also referred to as CHAN 2020) will be the 6th edition of the African Nations Championship. Organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) exclusively featuring players from the respective national championships. It will be hosted from 4 to 25 April 2020 in Cameroon.

Ethiopia were formerly awarded as host, but the EFF admitted it was not ready to host this competition. Unlike the African Cup of Nations, the competing national teams must be composed of players playing in their domestic league.

About SuperSport

SuperSport is the major funder and broadcast aggregator of sporting content across the African continent on the DStv platform. SuperSport’s holding company is MultiChoice and its ultimate parent company is Naspers, a broad-based multi- national media group.

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The Art Of Music Foundation Celebrates 10 Years Since Inception

The Art of Music Foundation celebrated 10 years since inception with stellar performances headlined by Polish music composer, conductor and producer JIMEK (Radzimir Debski) and top Kenyan Orchestras.

The Foundation which was represented by the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya, Ghetto Classics and the Safaricom Youth Orchestra was also joined on stage by renowned Mexican pianist Jorge Viladoms. The celebration started with a Gala dinner on the evening of 30th November at the Trademark Hotel, followed by an open concert on the afternoon of 1st December at Amani Gardens in Karura Forest.

“10 years ago I would never have thought that we would come this far. We have had lots of challenges along the way, however, we have been able to overcome them due to the optimism of the 1,500 children under our guidance and care. We started with nothing more than faith and hope for a brighter future and the support we have received from donors, local and international musicians and the Safaricom International Jazz Festival has been priceless,” said Elizabeth Njoroge, Director, Art of Music Foundation.

JIMEK and Viladoms who have come to Kenya at different times for Safaricom International Jazz Festival have been collaborating with Art of Music Foundation by doing voluntary music classes with the children over the years.

“The Ghetto Classics music programme has been a beneficiary of the Safaricom International Jazz Festival since 2014 and has received KES 60 million, funds that have benefitted over 1,500 children from Nairobi and Mombasa.” Said Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer officer, Safaricom.

“Playing Hip Hop on classical instruments is something you have to practice for a long time before you get it right, which the orchestra does and it shows the kind of talent these young musicians have. I would like to congratulate Elizabeth and her team for work well done,” said JIMEK.

JIMEK was one of the headliners for the 2018 edition of Safaricom International Jazz Festival. He has worked on several projects with Ghetto Classics, among them, producing a song for Ghetto Classics member Cyndicate Kabei, titled Asante.

Poland Artist and Composer Jimek with Cyndicate Kabei one of the SYO students at the Safaricom Art of Music concert celebrating 10 years at Imani gardens Karura forest over the weekend.
Poland Artist and Composer Jimek with Cyndicate Kabei one of the SYO students at the Safaricom Art of Music concert celebrating 10 years at Imani gardens Karura forest over the weekend.

In addition, the Pole has donated KES 800,000 to cater for the needs of the children which was part of a cash prize he won at the Polish Film Academy Awards for best score to Sztuka Kochania/ Art of Loving in 2018.

Viladoms has been working closely with Ghetto Classics for four years and has committed to take 14 members of the music program to play alongside his students at the Youth Olympics in Lausanne, Switzerland in January 2020.