What value is there in a broke man asks Maina and Kingang’i

Maina and Kingangi today had an interesting conversation about the merits and demerits of a man who doesn’t have money. Maina was of the belief that a man like that should not be dating.

Mwalimu Kingangi was saddened that men who did not have money were treated so badly by society. He said that even the chicken and people in church don’t respect such a man.

Kingangi hoped that people would not only value a man based on his pocket but also the wisdom that he might possess, saying that God cannot give one everything.

But Maina quickly countered saying,

How can a man who has no money be wise? How come men are broke and the women have cash? Bila pesa you are a walking corpse among Kenyan women

The comments to the discussion came hard and fast with some of the responses below,

If you don’t money, you don’t make sense – Wrote a Classic 105 fan.

Another man tagged Maina saying

You can’t disrespect men like that, please drop the discussion

Please stop talking badly about men, wisdom from a man will sustain you. Wacha kutudanganya Maina. Mwanaume si pesa ni akili Response from a female caller.

Mwanaume ni kupanda na kushuka. I have been broke for the past 2 months. Ni mashetani! – Response from a male caller.

Cha muhimu ni health – Written response from a man.

Conclusions are made by people with money – Response from a male caller.

Broke man is a ceremonial husband – Written response from a woman.

A man is money – Response from a male caller.

I am a man who is helped by his wife. When I have money, we help each other, when I don’t have money she helps me. Just yesterday, my wife gave me 35k. She is even paying the bill for the car. She even paid 80k last month for it.

Money can buy you happiness -Response from a female caller.

A man who is broke and good in bed is the most confusing thing for a woman -Response from a female caller.

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The one thing that makes Kenyan women shout at their men in public

Ladies why do you feel the need to shout at your man in public?

An article in a local daily dubbed ‘The angry woman syndrome’ formed the basis of the morning conversation on Classic 105.

On the morning conversation on Tubonge Tuesday, Maina Kageni sought to know why Kenyan wives are always angry and why they don’t care about shouting at their husbands in public.

I wasted away in alcoholism – Chief Justice Maraga confesses

A female caller narrated to Maina why she vents on the streets.

‘I was that good girl until marriage changed me’. revealed Purity.

Another said ‘inatokana na lack of conjugal rights. Nitakwambia kwanini. Mimi nilikuwa fresh form four nikapata kazi ya nymba ambayo nimefanya kwa seven years. Huyu husband na wife wanakosana juu ya bedroom. Mwanamke anaambia mume ni bure, shida si pesa, ni hawa watu wawili kutoka kwa bedroom. Fuatilia Maina shida si pesa. shida ya hawa wanawake si pesa, mimi natimiza zangu na sioni hiyo shida.

Maina responded saying ‘I didn’t even imagine that would even be an issue. Wow. ladies you are not saying that are you? So it’s all there. is that it?

Fashion: Dj Bash’s son adorably steals the show 

Sharon also called in and weighed in on the matter.

‘ukikuta umeshoutiwa know that you have failed as a man, know that you are not man enough for her. you are just a disgrace unajua it is the work of a man to shape the character of his wife, so if he can’t control his woman calm her down, she will get frustrated and shout every corner.’
We ain’t bitter, they just can’t hear us.. How do yu make a man who goes on Friday and shows up on Sunday hear you! How…. They are big babies they only listen that way! @Itsmainakageni @classic105kenya #MainaAndKingangi

Another lambasted men saying
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya This is not a ladies wish to ve such a bad temper its the way tormentation has invested in us especially when ur the first born and ur seen like a nobody and being mistreated too…..#MainaAndKingangi

I am not pregnant! – Anerlisa Muigai denies twins rumours

Felix differs warning
Maina most of this drama queens are usually ladies who struggle in academics or were academic dwarfs. I did that research. I had a girl friend like that it pained me more to be shout at by an empty debee.

what is your opinion about angry wives shouting on the streets?

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Maina and Kingangi discuss secret of how politicians win elections

Maina and Kingangi in the morning is normally the most interesting show on radio. The two spoke today about the recent Huduma Namba extension.

Maina said that before the president extended the deadline of the exercise, the registration centres were full to the brim but now that President Kenyatta had extended the period the centres were now empty.

The two noted that Kenyans will again fill up the centres just before the registration ends this week. This struck a chord with Kingangi and he had a revelation; that politicians win elections because they normally focus on the rural areas as those people are serious about following what politicians say.

Maina added that that might be the reason why Deputy President William Ruto spends a lot of his time in the rural areas.

Kingangi hilariously added that the people from mashinani already had their Huduma Namba’s on the 2nd day of the exercise! They, however, concluded that Kenyans should go for the cards sooner rather than later.

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Is 16 years old enough to consent Maina Kageni asks

The courts have proposed lowering the age of s3xual consent to 16 from 18.

Three judges, Roselyn Nambuye, Daniel Musinga and Patrick Kiage, ruled that time was ripe for the country to consider changing the Sexual Offences Act, citing lengthy jail terms imposed on young men convicted of defilement. They made the observation in a case where they reversed a 15-year sentence slapped on a man who had impregnated a 17-year-old girl, according to the Standard newspaper.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni posed this question of age of consent, asking if this is a debate we should have.

This week I was with  group of teacher who said I need to discuss this 

Mwalimu Kingangi wants to know why judge think 16 years is ok for Kenyan children to become s3xually active.

16 unajua huyo ni mtoto wa form two, you know when they are looking butt these things mtoto wa America ni mtu mkubwa lakini wa Kenya ni mdogo sana.

as a parent we are not having that conversation, 16 years ngai weh, that thing whatever they are trying to propose, wacha it should remain 18 infact 20 years.

What is your interpretation of the recommendation for the age of s3xual consent?

Is there a different reality on the ground? And must we accept that reality and what did the court of appeal judges see?

A male caller supports the courts recommendation saying

you know we are running away from reality the world has changed naona 14 would have been better, hao tunajidanganya

A female caller shocked Maina when she made a confession and said

I wouldn’t blame them because unfortunately actually kids even from the age of 9 are doing it, I am a teacher by profession and when we talk to them they tell us they know everything. we need to empower our children because when you tell them don’t do it they go and do it and find out. In my class I have thee nine year old’s who have already had s3x. so we need to empower them and give them knowledge.


Morning Conversation: How do deadbeat dads live with themselves

On Wednesday, the Classic 105 morning conversation was about the new court ruling, that will allow children born out of wedlock to access their inheritance.

Today Maina Kageni wants to ask men one thing about being a deadbeat father:

‘You know you have a child out there, and you have never sent a coin to support that child. How do you live with yourself?

The fact that you have a child out there, doesn’t it bother you, Maina posed to deadbeat fathers?

Mwalimu tried to convince Maina that these mothers push men away, that is why baba mtoto does not help.

‘wanakwambia you are not a role model to the child. Kwanza when the lady is a bit stable haaa utaonanga huyo mtoto kwa TV champions league.

you want to go see your child unakatazwa.’

Girls is there any truth to this?

Men called in to respond to the allegations telling Maina that women are to blame.

One man said:

‘ nimemuuliza fees structure na amekataa, bila hiyo silipi!


Another Caller:

“Me and my ex got a child together. Then she got a job which changed her a lot. Sai ata siwezi ona mtoto.

Augustine chemiat Mwotei said:

Maina what these ladies to us wacha tu. When i want my daughter to pay me a visit or aende kwetu excuses huwa mob na nadaiwa fee na shopping aje heri you stay vile uko maina

Noah from Kilgoris said

‘kuna mke tulipenda nayyey tukazaa mtoto mmoja, na kuongea na huyo mtot ni shida atat kuchukuwa simu yangu ni shida, hawa watu wakipayta kazi hata kusalimia mtot ni shida, hakuna siku. Sisi wanaume tunapitia vitu nyingi dunia hii.

Nikitafut namba anabadilisha, nikijaribu kuongea na mamake anakataa. wananifrustrate bure.’


Girls you stand accused. Is this true? Drop your comments below.


6 cooking staples every woman should have in the kitchen


Jessica Sepel, who is based in Sydney, shared her top cooking essentials, explaining that they make a ‘dramatic difference to her motivation to cook’.

‘It also saves me so much time and means my meals are always bursting with flavour,’ Jessica wrote on JSHealth.

‘I usually have these ingredients laid out near my stove or on my kitchen bench. I highly recommend doing the same.’

So what are the things to keep in your kitchen?


Commonly added to curries and on freshly seared fish, chilli flakes have the power to lift just about any dish.

Research has also revealed that red chilli flakes and other peppers help to stimulate metabolism and prevent fat storage.

‘A little spice makes everything nice! I love topping my meals with a pinch of chilli flakes to add an extra punch of flavour,’ Miss Sepel said.


When it comes to cooking, we are always looking for a balance between core flavour profiles, the nutritionist explained.

‘Fresh lemon juice has an acidic flavour which is one of the key elements. I use lemon juice to make a simple dressing and add some freshness to my meals,’ Ms Sepel said.

‘I also like to use the whole fruit by zesting the lemon and using the zest as a garnish on my salad, to make my lemon and herb chicken or on top of my morning porridge.’


This is an easy one to add to the pan with a little bit of olive oil to deliciously flavour just about any home-cooked meal.

‘Garlic always lifts a meal to the next level,’ Miss Sepel commented.

‘I love to sauté my vegetables in some freshly crushed or sliced garlic. Simple and delicious.’


For those who like their meals hot this additive is often used to flavour curries of all kinds.

But it can also be a wonderful additive to hummus, egg salad, popcorn and even dressings.

‘I add curry powder to my cauliflower rice, and use it to make a quick and easy curry with coconut milk or sprinkle it over my vegetables before roasting,’ Miss Sepel said.


‘A sprinkle of sesame seeds on top of a nourish bowl, sautéed vegetables or roasted vegetables not only looks beautiful but adds a nutty flavour that I adore,’ she explained.

They are extremely good for your skin and hair, and packed with copper, magnesium and calcium.

Adding them to the top of your takeaway sushi will also work wonders to the quality of your meal.


The addition of salt to a meal adds depth and also enhances the natural flavours.

‘I use sea salt which has a stronger flavour which means you need to use less,’ Ms Sepel explained.

Salt is essential for sustaining the hydration levels in the body.


Classic 105’s Beat The Intro

How quickly can you name a song from the moment it starts playing?

Try your luck by listening to us at  9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm daily from today for a chance to win big.

The Classic 105 Beat The Intro kicks off from the 25th of February to the 22nd of April and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Try out the Beat The Intro with your friends and test your music knowledge.

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Good luck guys.



Kenyan woman threatens to expose a media personality for using her and dumping her

Today during the morning on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i, the discussion was about people who don’t want to move on after the relationship has ended. Mike Mondo, who is sitting in for Maina shared with King’ang’i how a lady caused fracas when he told her that he can’t do long distance relationship.

Mike’s ex was living in Mombasa and he was in Nairobi and when he broke up with her, she caused fracas and till date he has a scar on his hand after the lady bit him. He asked the listeners to join in the conversation and share their experience.

One lady shocked everyone with her story after she revealed that a media personality used her and left her high and dry. She vowed that soon and very soon she will make sure she exposes the personality because he really hurt her.

King’ang’i, who always defends men, was shocked by the lady’s confession on radio.

Listen to the full conversation below;


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Video of woman beating man in the streets of Nairobi causes outrage

Mwalimu is not a happy man this morning. We had this crazy outpouring of emotion when Nzomo was beating his wife in public.

He was hunted down and found where he was hiding, and according to Mwalimu no lawyer wants to handle his case.

Now this weekend another video went viral of a woman beating her man black and blue.

A man was this time being beaten by a lady. She was kicking and hitting him mercilessly because of Sh200. The kicks and blows were thrown to even his private parts and no one went to help that guy, why?

Mwalimu says no one is talking about that, and instead people are prising her.

So why aren’t we seeing as much outpouring of emotion right now as we did when Nzomo beat up his wife?

Mwalimu says a lot of men are being beaten by their wives. And that this lady has walked away scott free.


woman kicks man


Is it double standards? Who is going to help the boy child?

Girls, why are you beating your men?

How come no one caused an outcry this weekend when a video of a woman beating up a man went viral? Unlike Nzomo, no one knows this mans name or who he is is.

‘Hivyo ndo kunaendaga’ Kenyan man shocks wife after infecting her with HIV (AUDIO)

Niko sawa tuu’ is the one statement that men like to say when it comes to health and going to the doctor, regardless of the medical condition.

On Thursday on the morning conversation on Classic 105, a lady gave us  the most stunningly shocking statistics that on an average day out of all the people who go for voluntary testing, only one is a man.

On an average day the 25 people who go for voluntary testing, only one is a man.

This alarmed Maina Kageni who exclaimed;

‘So ladies, there you are taking care of yourselves then there are these lumps of diseases walking all over risking your health’.

Guys why don’t you like to get tested?

An angry woman called in and confessed the difficult moment she found out she had contracted HIV from her husband, who had kept quiet about his condition.

‘Mzee wangu alijua ni mgwonjwa na akanyamaza, so after two years mtoto alikuwa mgonjwa, na nikampeleke kenyatta, and it was discovered we are both positive’.

When she confronted him about it, he admitted with such a rude statement.

‘Aliniambia ati hivyo ndio kunakuaga. saa hii for the last ten years tunakunywanga dawa’.

Has she forgiven him?

‘No. it was hard to tell my child kwanini anakunywa dawa. lakini sija break hiyo news, bado tunaenda counselling’.

‘Alianza kutoka majiu, hapa nikasuspect kuna kitu. he started stinking like hell, na nikamwongelesha akaanza kukunywa dawa. saa hii, nimekuwa kama counsellor, ni ngumu sana kuongelesha wanaume’.

As a lady should you be worried by such?  Listen to the audio below of the conversation Maina Kageni had with men and women on the topic.

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Is She The Lost Love? Diamond Platnumz reminisces about the one girl who rejected him four years ago

The story of Diamond’s life before the fame, should truly inspire those of us striving to make it.

He opened up about being a hawker, a fuel attendant and a host of other side jobs as he struggled to break it into the music world. He revealed his journey from grass to grace in an interview with Classic 105’s Maina Kageni, disclosing some major details about an ex girlfriend.

At the time when he was selling used clothes, he had a girlfriend named Sarah, who he described in the most loving way.

He even sang about her in his first songs dubbed ‘Nenda Kamwambie.

He said;

‘ Kamwambie was a real story of my life. Katika hustling zangu nilikuwa na dame mmoja hivi alikuwa anaitwa Sarah. Sarah alikuwa mwanamke mzuri, sana na wakileo, lakini mimi sikuwa na kitu mfukoni. kwa hivyo alikuwa ananipenda tuu anajiweka smart sana. na nilikuwa na ndoto nyingi na ahadi nyingi, ‘you know tomorrow I will be a star, tomorrow I will be this. So alikuwa ana amini naweza kuwa hivyo, lakini ilifika time akachoka so akaabiri azinguwe akaniwacha. akaniwacha akaniambia, ngoja nikuambie kitu, Diamond, at this point there is no way I can be with a person ambaye hawezi kumanage maisha yangu’.

In an emotional voice, he continued to narrate about Sarah, adding

‘Yani misiwezi kuwa na wewe direct, na akaondoka’.

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz joined Maina Kageni on classic 105 for an interview. Pic courtesy Ivy Muthoni

To win her back, he tried sliding in her DM, but the constant calls to her were rejected.

‘Kukata tamaa siku nyingine nilimpigia simu nikampigia mara kwa mara akaniambia ‘you know what’ stop calling me because the more you call me the more you keep chasing my men away, who pay my bills, so I had to stop calling’.

‘So then I wrote the song ‘nenda kamwambie’. Imagine tulikuwa na uhusiano mwaka mmoja, coz she’s been my primary girlfriend’.

Check out the song he wrote for the girl he misses:

‘You beautiful woman’, Listen as Maina Kageni gushes over woman who revealed it’s never too late to fall in love at 52 (AUDIO)

A woman who spoke to Maina Kageni about why it’s not too late to fall in love in your fifties has impressed many.

The woman had a message for women about finding love in your fifties proving that falling head over heels in love is the best thing.

She admitted to being a 52-year-old woman who had for the longest time never found a man worthy of walking down the aisle with. She stunned Maina and shut down Mwalimu Kingangi, with the two being left speechless with her beautiful love story.

‘I am 52 and never been married, and now I want to be married to my 65-year-old boyfriend and move to Malindi’, she beamed.

Yes I’m 52, I will be 53 in July. I never found the right man until a year ago. Actually I’m gorgeous to tell the truth. I’ve been told I sound like a young girl but I’m not.

In fact I found him via a dating site. We met up, liked each other and we are getting married in July. He is 65 years and previousy married twice, he has four kids.

Maina could not hold back his joy telling her,’ I am so happy for you. I wish you all the happiness in the world and if you invite me I would love to come to the wedding.

‘I will tell you my email address and you will be able to save our number ok, my goodness where is your kayamba mwalimu kingangi. You beautiful woman, you you happy women you, oh you blessed woman you…’

‘oh may you have a happy marriage darling, blessed’, the excited Classic105 presenter finished.


Filisika ujuwe tabia ya mke wako: Listen to why Kenyan women would rather marry a ‘monied’ dude


The general consensus on social media is that for one to get married they must have money. But what’s wrong with a woman wanting to hook up with a man with money?

Just the same way a man can’t agree to marry a woman who can’t cook or clean.

If you don’t have money, pole fellas, Kenyan slay queens won’t give you a second look.

Why are Kenyan men complaining that women want a man with money? Mwalimu Kingang’i says woman are missing the bigger picture of looking at a mans potential instead of his wealth. That she should instead grow with him, perhaps staring out at Huruma before going to Runda.

Mwalimu insists that Kenyan women want money NOW. They want a man who is established. She simply won’t give you her time during your hustle and woe unto you if it doesn’t work out. Make the money and then approach her. That’s according to female callers who contributed to the conversation about why women are money minded.

I mean even the Sh200million jackpot Abisai’s girlfriend went back to him, after he won loads of cash.

If you don’t believe me, listen to the arguments between Classic’s Mike Mondo, his co-host Mwalimu Kingang’i and angry callers.


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A list of the most memorable guests on Classic 105 in 2017 (Videos and Audio)

2017 was quite a memorable time for the team at classic 105. Many high profile guests joined us in studio, from top US RnB group SWV to Kenya’s A listers Nyashinski, Tanzania’s Harmonize and Willy Paul.

Go through















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Our wives give their single friends a ‘through pass’ admit Kenyan husbands (AUDIO)

Girls, you could be unknowingly giving your single pal an opportunity to get intimate with your husband, if the thoughts expressed on Classic 105 are anything to go by.

Several male callers blamed their wives for ‘unknowingly’ hooking them up with their single friends, and said the ‘through pass’ is a blessing they can’t say no to.

One man narrated how his wife gave her pal his phone number so that they can do biashara together. innocent right? I mean so many Kenyans do that. Sadly, the husband claims that his wifes friend seduced him into a relationship and worse he could not say no. He even left his wife for the female friend.

Why do married couples fear single women?

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni wanted to know; how paranoid can one be that their now single friend is not good to hang out with?

Just listen in as callers describe why they avoid their now single female friends, or what happened when they ‘unknowingly’ became friends with single female friends.



“The Best Woman To Marry Now Is A Prostitute,” says Captain Kale

Captain Kale has made a name for himself with classic 105 FM listeners as he calls the Maina on his early morning show frequently. He is always saying things that many women find offensive especially when it is a discussion concerning women. This has caused many women to get gripe when he calls in to air his divisive views.

During an interview with Mpasho he regarded prostitutes as the best wives to marry instead of slay queens and office wear ladies.



Capatain Kale said:

The best woman to marry in this days situation is a prostitute. Someone in Koinange or Sabina-Joy not this ladies who are working in the offices.The reason is these people in Koinange are genuine and 90% of those people who are there is because of problems.So when you take her out of there and marry her she will make a good wife because she has gone through a lot.

I know a number of women from Koinange that got married to my friends and there are perfect wives.Dont go around there looking for virgins or what to marry those are the one in hurry to get in to marriage leave them alone.In fact I was praying to God if I was not married right now I wish to get a woman who has gone even with even 50 men , those people with experience in life.

So which is better? it is better the one I will get from Koinange ‘mwenye nmelipa iyo 1000 nmkatie vizuri’, I get her and she accept my marriage proposal.”


The Captain has spoken. Do the masses agree with him or disagree.