‘Tried to ignore the emotions’ Ruth Matete whispers on husbands birthday



Ruth Matete’s late Nigerian husband pastor John Apewajoye would be celebrating his birthday today if he was still alive.

The man of God succumbed to injuries at a city hospital in April following a gas accident. He was later buried in July.

September 22, being his birthday, Ruth took to social media to reveal that she was overpowered by emotions on his special day.

Today, Sept 22nd, my late husband would be turning a year older. Tried to ignore the emotions, but it’s hard. Say a prayer for me😔’ she wrote.


Her fans have sent her words of encouragement and below are some of their messages;

Grace Njuki Take heart, it shall be well, he is an angel now watching over you

kambuamuziki Prayers up 🙏and many hugs

Glorious B Mainga God is not a man that He should lie change His mind He does everything with a purpose keep looking up to Him

angilashitua Sending virtual hugs your way mummy.. it shall be well 🙏🙏

lagatdorcas It shall be Ma.. you are in my parayers

gladyspeter Praying for you, your a strong woman


lydiahmutola God loves you,God loves him too,angels are taking care of him,happiness is upon you gal,May God Lord bless the fruit

ciku_muchiri8 May the peace that surpasses all Human understanding abound [email protected]

ginathewriter_va Virtual hugs @pstruthmatete. May the comfort of God carry you along. Hang in there. He is a husband of the widows and a father to the fatherless. May He perfect everything concerning you, you ministry, your dreams, and desires in Jesus Name

lydiahmutola God loves you, God loves him to, may good Lord take care of him up there, happiness is for you, the fruit of your womb is already blessed….sing its well, its well, more hugs from the people who remember you in prayer

Anne Githungo The Lord has said He will never leave nor forsake you, may he strengthen you and embrace you with His loving arms. May you experience his great love peace and comfort.

Empress Shiroh It is well n it shall be well with you n your unborn son

kikimercie Sending prayers and hugs your way. Hang in there…🙏🏾

Emmah Mbarikiwa Hugs mama Toluwa…May God give you strength.As he keeps resting with the angels

Vallary Misheni All is well in the Lord, He is the husband to widows

Ngari Frank It is well May Him who See’s our troubles always watch over you

Gloria Alice  Happy birthday to him. Lots of hugs to you

claris May he continue resting with the angels and may God give you the strength to forge ahead.

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Abel Mutua proposed when he was broke but had a big white wedding

Weh! Wakurugenzi things were thick for Abel Mutua.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he revealed that he was slowly lured into a white wedding.

But the story is on how he proposed to Judy. I am sure there are ladies who will read this and say, ‘can’t be me’.

“In August 2015, my wife and I were on the bypass going home after visiting  Phillip Karanja’s home. Then I thought to myself, I have been with this babe for a while now si we just actualize this relationship once and for all.

Ruth Matete narrates how pastors deserted her at her lowest moments


Then I gave her a world-class grand proposal, one that has never been done before it is only for wakurugenzi’s. Without carrying about pedestrians or oncoming vehicles I looked her straight in the eye and told her if she will live with me forever.

The answer was a resounding yes because we have been together for seven years.”

Now planning of their wedding started and since they did not have much time and money (he was jobless then) going to the AG was the perfect plan.

“We agreed the wedding day will be on her birthday, November 21st, which was three months away. When it comes to weddings, three months is a very short time so we didn’t plan to have something big coz guys take a year plus in planning. So we agreed we will go to the AG. So I knew that will not take up much financially. “


View this post on Instagram

Iwabambe Wakurugenzi!!!

A post shared by Abel (@abelmutua) on

Lo and behold, they ended up having a white wedding, the one that we all know about. But the ceremony cost him. Alichoma.

“But let me tell you the things that happen in the salons, heh! She was influenced to have a small ceremony in church after the AG. Next thing she said from 20 to 100 people. Then she wanted a lineup that is not so packed. Next thing I know we were having a fully-fledged white wedding. I put in all my savings in that wedding.”

Please note when he used his savings, he was jobless so no money in but all money was out. You guessed right, with time, he was completely broke. What he calls rock bottom.

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3 things Kenyan billionaires have said about marriage


The lives of the super rich in Kenyan and their long or short marriages has many of us talking.

While the wives prefer to keep a low profile, their men are in the public, not on social media, but out there making money moves. A few of them have opened up about their marriages and we take a look at Manu Chandaria, Chris Kirub and Uasin Gishu tycoon Jackson Kibor and what they have said about marriage.

  1. Manu Chandari: In an interview with Betty Kyallo in 2019, the rich tycoon opened up about marrying his partner after 64 years together. manuchandariaweddingHe told about his decision that compromise is the key ingredient to keeping everything intact.”64 (years) is a long time and the only thing is that how comes it has continued. It’s because of give and take from both sides and consideration for each other. Love drives off after a period of time, but consideration of each other always makes life a possibility. She (Aruna) is 85 and I am 90 but she has the last word” he said in an interview with the Standard.Kenyans have lauded him as a very humble rich man.
  2. Jackson Kibor: He has been in a public tiff with his ex wives and numerous children over his wealth. Kibor filed for his third divorce in 2019. Mr. Kibor divorced his third wife Naomi Jeptoo just 14 months after divorcing his second wife whom he accused of deserting their home and mistreating him. He spoke bitterly about marriage saying in an interview with the Star that”She has really frustrated me and teamed up with her children to even beat me at times. Am happy with the court ruling and I will even get fat”, Kibor said after the ruling.jackson kibor files for divorceKibor had been married to the third wife for more than 43 years and 52 years with the second wife who he divorced in 2017.

    Wairimu said in her ruling that the marriage had irretrievably broken down.

  3. Chris Kirubi: The businessman is super wealthy and opened up about marriage to Churchill on September 21. In the Youtube interview he had mixed feeling s about marriage saying ‘Marriage is enslavement and you have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery and into ‘jail’,” he said adding that those who find the right partner can live a happy life but some are left to wallow in enslavement for choosing the wrong partner,” he said.”If you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure. But there are some women, who are like they first went to the army then came back for you to marry them. They are always in a fighting mood. God has to bless you.”
    Chris Kirubi
    Chris Kirubi in a file photo

    The father of two further pointed out that Ugandan women have a soft spot in his heart.

    “They have hospitality….a Ugandan woman will remove your shoes, ask how your day was, she will even dress you up,” he said.

    “You will never fight with them, they are very polite, If you have never experienced, get a one-way ticket as you might never come back.”

    He added that Kenyan women also have their good characteristics.

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Chris Kirubi says Lupita Nyong’o’s net worth is more than his

Kenyan business mogul Chris Kirubi has said Lupita Nyongo is wealthier than he is, something he commends her for.

This he revealed during an interview on the weekly TV show Churchill.

‘Lupita Nyongo’s parents are my good friends.

He is a gentleman. Lupita is a great woman.

I wish her more luck, she is even more wealthier and more famous than I am .

Maybe if I had gone into the film industry I would have competed with her, but we can’t be every where.’

Lupita is best known for her role ’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘Black Panther’.

She has however acted in so many films. She is also an Oscar award winner.

Lupita is daughter to Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong’o and Dorothy Nyong’o.

Chris Kirubi chairs the following companies:

(1) DHL Express Kenya Limited,

(2) Haco Industries Kenya Limited,

(3) Kiruma International Limited, (4) International House Limited.lupitanyongobrowndress

(5) Nairobi Bottlers Limited.

(6) Sandvik East Africa Limited and  Capital FM.

He is also non-executive director of (8) Bayer East Africa Limited, (9) UAP Provincial Insurance Company Limited and (10) Beverage Services of Kenya Limited.

According to an article by Business Today Kirubi is worth around 40 billion.

That goes to tell you that if Kirubi feels that Lupita Nyongo is wealthier than him then she might be in the billionaires club (which I highly doubt).

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I have five kids and I’m 27 – matatu driver brags to Maina with pride

On the Tuesday morning conversation, it was all about whether we plan financially for the children we have or intend to have.

Do Kenyans plan economically for the children they have? Maina asked adding that ‘I don’t get it, and all the time serikali saidia, saidia nini na ulijiweka kwa hiyo shimo? Ii’m trying to get this but I can’t.’

This led to a flood of confessions from male callers that they are African and that means they make babies regardless of if they can afford to feed the children or not.

For instance a matatu driver calmly told Maina that he has five kids and wants more, only this time with another woman. His argument? Try to get different genes with different women.black-family-620x480-610x400

He said ‘ I’m 27,  and Ihave five kids and Im’ a matatu driver. Na wote wamesome, three have degrees, aie nitawacha nimebaki mmoja. I have outside kids on my salary, nasaidiwa kulipa’ He concluded cheekily.

What kind of reasoning is this? Children are a heritage from God according to the Classic 105 fans who argued for many children.

Mungu alisema tujaze dunia. As for me 2 are enough. Ikienda sana 3

Njoroge Dorcas..
let people feel the earth bro,,,, even if you can get 20 kids and take good care of them it’s better,,,I can’t see any problem here #MainaAndKingangiBLACK_FAMILY_0

Yes it’s very important,, because at the end of the day I also want the best for my kids like education,food ,clothes,just to mention but a few. But the moment I have more than I can handle ,nitalemewa

A caller to the staion said “Tukipata msichana as a first born tutaendelea kupata watoto mpaka nipate kijana.” #MainaAndKingangi


@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya kuwa na watoto wengi it’s a total guarantee for your safety. Mimi niko na mmoja Tz, wawili Ug na wawili hapa Kenya. @MwalimChurchill #MainaAndKingangi

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9 habits that make someone a toxic person to date 


After multiple unsuccessful attempts at dating, here is  a list of toxic dating habits you need to break to find love for real this time.

  • Writing people off for insignificant things: Writing someone off immediately for silly things like theiir choice of place to hang out or the type of drink they order
  • Expecting an immediate spark: you’ve likely made some assumptions about their personality based on their profile, their photos, instead of being keen on what else they’ve not revealedin.love.2
  • Getting too many second opinions: Girls love to get second opinions from all their BFFs about her new catch, further complicating the dating experience
  • Just going along with things for the sake of having an experience called dating
  • Not being honest with yourself about if it’s the right time to date or why you want to date too soon after leaving someone else.
  • Fear of commitment; You unknowingly chose men who want to have fun because also deep down you are also afraid of commitment
  • Change the type pf person you date: Some times switching the type f person could serve as a breath of fresh air and the new experience might just surprise you
  • Work on yourself to attract the kind of guy who commits: You can’t go out there and try to find a guy who ticks all your boxes if you don’t have those boxes filled either.
  • Keeping score: that’s not a healthy way to continue forward if all you can keep track of is what they said, did or didn’t do for you.

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Nana Owiti’s surprising response to nosy fan about step daughter


King Kaka shares a daughter with his first baby mama Sage Chemutai. The girl, Ayanna is cute for days.

In an interview with The Stars Word Is, the father of three who often dodges the question of whether he visits his child after Sage said in an interview she pays her daughter’s school fees alone, was put on the hot seat and responded to her allegations that

“I visit my daughter with Sage, and so we meet because you have to create time for your kids,” Kaka told Radio Jambo.

King Kaka also has two other children with wife Nana.

A fan recently asked Nana about the kind of relationship she has with her step daughter. Nana gave a very interesting answer that we can’t quite decide what it means.

Is it a cordial relationship or nah? During a QnA with fans, Nana answered that in the screenshot shared below:



Truth be told we have always been curious what kind of a bond they share because she never shares any pictures of information about it, thus our curiosity.

Here are key points one should know about a blended family:

Becoming a step-parent can be challenging and/or rewarding depending on how you look at it

It’s important to talk openly with your partner about your and their expectations regarding blending of families

It’s important to take one step at a time so that everyone has time to adjust

Over time, you can take on more of a parenting role if that’s what you, your partner and your stepchild want

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Where’s Cupid? 5 reasons why people think they are unlucky in love 


Thoughts about being unlucky in love is a question many of us struggle with, leaving us jaded.

We question why some are always lucky to land the man or woman of their dreams and everything is lovey dovey. So what happens to the rest of us who are ‘unlucky in love’?

One category said to be unlucky in love is successful women. Many of them are condemned to the singles club because of that same thought. Here are reasons why we are unlucky in love.


  1. You’re dating to have fun: Being with someone to pass time Kenyans have normalized this ‘just having fun until I’m ready’ thing. The truth is, it’s often not the fact that you are “cursed” in love. Instead, it’s your own actions that are preventing your desired outcome.
  2. The excuse that I’m bad at relationships: People are not bad at relationships, our casual attitude is what makes our relationships appear unlucky in love.
  3. Not labelling a relationship: When we are unable to answer the ‘what are we’ question we make things casual so that we don’t scare away the other person therefore, we continue to hook up with him/her endlessly.
  4. Just incase: Many of us are guilty of dating multiple partners, just in case one doesn’t work out, we have another to fall back on and to test them if they are for keeps.
  5. Obsession with the ex: When you still pinning your hopes on your ex coming back, we ruin our chances at real love. The sooner you snap out of this delusion, the higher chance you have of finding something better.

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Celebrities flood Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu with heartwarming birthday messages

Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu celebrated his birthday and his celebrity fans can’t keep calm.

In a post on his social media, Kabu thanked his fans who have touched or blessed his life.

“Today being my special Bornday Many many years ago.. i would like to thank and appreciate everyone who has touched or blessed my life. I will also take this Birthweek to bless others. There will be A lot of SURPRISES for this whole week 20th to 27th sept. Stay tuned on my Youtube channel THE KABUS FAMILY 🙏🙏.”

His wife, Sarah showered him with love and she wrote,

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST CEO….Today being @Simonkabu special Bornday Many many years ago.. he would like to thank and appreciate everyone who has touched or blessed his life. Its his time to reciprocate your kind gesture. There will be A lot of SURPRISES for this whole week 20th to 27th sept.”

The WaJesus family with Simon and Sarah Kabu

Ruth Matete narrates how pastors deserted her at her lowest moments

Check out more birthday wishes;

Lilian Muli; Happy Birthday @kabusimon from the day I met you and @sarahkabu you have been nothing but ever gracious. I am honoured to know you and I wish you nothing but many more years of success, happiness and good health. May you live long and may your business @bonfireadventures continue to thrive as a market leader. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Eric Omondi: Please help me wish my boss and brother @kabusimon The HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY…

Kabi wa Jesus; What an amazing day to celebrate one of the most amazing people I’ve met. @kabusimon this man is a blessing not just to his family but to everyone who meets him.

The first time I went to @bonfireadventures and I heard everyone in the office just calling him symo and relating with him like he was also an employee yet he is the CEO really bumfuzzle me.

I went to his office very humbled (nikiwa nimeweka mikono hapa mbele) but he was so easy to talk to.

3 years later we are still very close friends I and my family have learnt alot from this man, you are a great man Simon.

The many times I have called you to ask for advice or even ask you before making some very major decisions in my life are countless. Thank you for always picking my calls.
You are truly a great man.

As you celebrate your birthday I pray for nothing but the best. Your willingness and desire to help people where you can is a true reflection that you have God in your life may God keep you.
May you never lack.
May favour always follow you.

Happy birthday sir @kabusimon

The WaJesus family with Simon and Sarah Kabu

Living large! Check out Pastor Ng’ang’as Kajiado mansion (Photo)

Neno Evangelist Pastor James Ng’ang’a is among the Kenyans who are living large.

Well, despite the controversies, the preacher is among the wealthiest men of God in Nairobi.

Since March this year after the first corona virus cases was reported in Kenya, the man of God together with his wife moved away from Nairobi to Kajiado where he has a mansion.

In a past interview, Ng’ang’a said he does not rely on gifts and offerings from members of his church to survive.

“One thing you should know is that I am a very rich pastor. I had many shops before starting my ministry which I gave away,” said Ng’ang’a.

Pastor Ng'ang'a

Speaking to Classic 105, Pastor Ng’ang’a says he is building a church there.

“I have been in Kajiado since corona itangazwe na sina haraka kurudi,” he said.

‘Thank you for believing in me,’ Eddie Butita tells Larry Madowo as he leaves NTV

Pastor Nga’ng’a is said to own a second-hand car selling business in Nairobi.

He also owns the multi-million luxurious hotel located along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Nganga also owns two multi-million palatial homes in Karen. One is located along the Kipevu road in Karen.

Check out exclusive photo of his latest mansion in Kajiado;



‘I am his woman forever,’ Rayvanny’s girlfriend respond to allegations she was dumped

Rayvanny’s girlfriend and baby Mama Fayvanny says she is the only woman for him.

The two have left fans questioning whether their love is still intact after they allegedly separated a year ago.

Fayvanny allegedly left her matrimonial home after he allegedly accused the singer of cheating on her with a hot video vixen.

The video vixen, however, strongly denied having anything to do with the star apart from work.

She even introduced her man and said she was in a happy relationship and would never sleep with any man, let alone Rayvanny.

‘I love you!’ Diamond declares his love to Vanessa Mdee’s sister fans reacts


Well, since then, they have been on and off until today when Fayvanny explained to a fan who asked if she was dumped by the Teamo hitmaker.

“Pole shoga mume mimi ndo haniachi dada mimi ndo mwanamke wake wa maisha 😹 kiufupi kwangu ndo kashafika 😹 na desturi ya watanga ni kwamba hatuja funzwa kuwaacha waume bali tumefunzwa kuwanyenyekea kwa nyama tamu ya ulimi 😹 so kuachwa mm bado sana 👌 chukua kiti ukae 😹😹

Check out the post;

View this post on Instagram

Hair @certified_perucaz Stylist @fahymalovestyles

A post shared by STAR GIRL (@fahyvanny) on

‘I love you!’ Diamond declares his love to Vanessa Mdee’s sister fans reacts

Diamond Platinumz caption on Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi Mars has been received with mixed reactions.

Well, Diamond who is promoting his new song with Zuchu ‘Cheche’ shared a video of Mimi Mars jamming to the song and captioned;

“Mi nakapendaga haka katoto…. Sema sjui ata Tyming naikoseaga wapi Mwana wa Dangote… Doh! @mimi_mvrs11 …..💣⛽🔥 #CHECHE’ he wrote.

Why Sailors song ‘Chebukati’ featuring Majirani was removed from YouTube

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Well, Diamond is single after he broke up with his Kenyan Bae Tanasha Donna early this year and so anything could happen.

He has since not been taking care of his baby with Tanasha.

Speaking to comedian Jalang’o, Tanasha said she has been doing it all by herself.

“What do you mean supporting financially? I have been doing it all on my own, to be honest,” Tanasha responded, when asked if Diamond has been providing any financial support.

“I will be 100 per cent honest with you. I am very real and I am not going to say something that is not the case. With all the respect I have for him and I don’t have any bad blood with him. No, he is not supporting (me), and I am doing it on my own,” she said.

She explained that she isn’t complaining about it since she is doing just fine, raising her eight-month-old son. “I don’t need his support. There is nothing that boy lacks in his life. He is fine, that’s what matters,” she said.

Fans reacted to the post with many suggesting that he is serious with his words;

Check out the post;

‘May you grow to be a role model,’ Terence celebrates his 12-years-old daughter’s birthday

Comedian Terence Creative first born daughter turned 12 years yesterday.

Well, for beginners, Terence is a father of three daughters.

Two are with his first baby mama Njambi Waneta while the third born Milla lives with him together with his wife, Milly Chebby.

The father of three described his daughter as a genius and wished her more Grace as she grows old.

Taking it to his Instagram page, Terene shared a series of his daughter and captioned;

“To my dear beautiful,genius, blessed daughter, as you turn another year old,may God continue blessing you and covering you under His shadow, I wish you nothing but more Grace,wisdom,health and wealth.”

It was time and so it is done! BBC’s Ciru Muriuki cuts her dreadlocks (photos)

He added;

“May you grow to lead and have a Midas touch, may everything you touch blossom and prosper. May you grow to be a role model to your sisters, I miss you and love you soo soo much than you can ever imagine, God bless you Mwihaki,sinakupenda aki.”

Check out the photos;

tera tes

Exclusive! Why Nameless and Wahu plan to renew marriage vows did not happen

David Mathenge alias Nameless and his wife Wahu marked 15  years in marriage this month.

The couple took to their social media to celebrate the journey.

They are raising two daughters Tumiso and Nyakio.

Nameless wrote;

“Today it’s 15 years since we said I DO (and 22 years since nilikuingisha box 😋)… you still THE ONE ! Happy anniversary babe! Cheers to us, cheers to our journey, cheers to the ups the downs , joys and sorrows, the wins and losses, yooo!! we definitely grown 🤔😊! The journey continues💪🏾!! and I still got your back💯.”

Curse! Tano Tena singer Ben Githae opens up why he doesn’t drink alcohol

Nameless posing
Nameless posing

Celebrating the same, Wahu wrote;

September 10th 2005…. I got on a boat… Sailed across a lake 😝😝 and said “I do” to my campus sweetheart.
We’ve had our ups and downs, our fights and makeups, our happiness and sadness, our wins and our losses… And 15 years later….. You’re still the one!! Happy 15th anniversary to us!!! Here’s to forever! 🥂🥂. I’m excited about the future ! I love you always @namelesskenya &
May God continue to bless our family.”


Speaking to Classic 105, Nameless says they had planned to do a celebration as they renew their marriage vows which did not happen.

“You know when we got married, there are certain things we expected but for the years we have been together, so much have changed. We wanted to have a vow renewal but unfortunately, we didn’t. My dad was in hospital plus the corona pandemic so we just did a photoshoot and chilled in Nairobi,” he said.


“We will plan for it later because we need to inspire more couples that marriage works. All you need is to marry your friend and learn to understand each other.”

Check out their anniversary photoshoot;




Me Whipped? 4 reasons why your man is not ready for marriage 


When a man says he is not ready for marriage, should a girl wait?

Growing up girls know the natural progression is marriage, babies and everything else. But the same doesn’t apply to fellas and here is where the tag of war begins.

While details of everyone’s relation could differ, there are a couple of reasons/similarities in our experiences with men.

If your man is telling you he’s not ready for marriage, here’s why

5 things a wife means when she says she needs space

marriage_proposal (1)

  1. He’s evasive about marriage: Celebrities like Diamond Platnumz has stalled several times in marrying two of his baby mam’s after publicly declaring his intention to. He never put a date to it. If he is evasive about the future and doesn’t talk or want to chat about getting married, he is not ready to take the plunge.
  2. He’s selfish: You could date for years but not really know if they’re wasting your time if the end game for the two of you is not clear – marriage- and the the details surrounding this event.
  3. Indecisiveness:  if he can’t make a decision perhaps he isn’t ready for marriage because he procrastinates way too much about personal relationships. His lack of decision making is a major sign siz.
  4. He fears marriage: Give up his freedom? NEVER! He is downright fearful. I have heard many men say they live in a constant state of fear over losing their freedom and aren’t motivated to walk down the aisle.

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What we know about Vera Sidika’s new mystery man


Vera Sidika is in love and once again teasing a new man in Nyali, Mombasa.

Vera, who relocated to Mombasa, is doing her best to hide her new boo.

A series of photos left us wondering who the mystery man might be. But we have some clues.

In his Youtube series, Vera confessed to Kiss FM’s Jalango that

“There is someone else who is special and I am so happy I have even added ‘happy’ weight. I am in a relationship and very happy.”

While showing off how she is working out daily, Vera showed snippets of her boo, just a bit to get us curious.

Showing off the results of the workout, and of course a view of Nyali, the curvylicious socialite is clearly and well over her split from her former lovers.

Vera Sidika’s journey to getting the boobs of her dreams

He is unlike Otile and the Tanzanian doctor. He is a dark skin fella, from the snippets offered to us.

He is an exercise freak. Vera spoke of how he makes her run and won’t budge. Well she also doesn’t mind because she also admitted to Jalang’o that she has added that happy weight women put on when they are in love. Exercising as a couple is good and we are here for it.


Thirdly we have spotted some tattoos on his arms.

He appears to love jewelry.


He has a sort of mohawk and it’s blonde.

Anita Nderu comes out clean that she is a member of LGBTQ community


*insert red heart emoji* C’mon Vera just show us who he is already. We can’t keep calm!

How besotted is she with this mystery man?

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Anita Nderu responds to critics after receiving hate for coming out as a LGBTQ member

Anita Nderu has been in the news today after news that she had finally come out of the closet as a member of the LGBTQ movement.

While some Kenyans appreciated her bold declaration, others weren’t as happy and unleashed the inevitable torrent of disdain.

One of the critiques was that she wanted kids and still be in a same-sex relationship, with Kenyans surgically describing to Anita the process involved in having kids.

To them, two ladies cannot have children – and since most continue to assume that she is a member of the LGBTQ movement then there is no way pregnancy will happen!

Will Anita Nderu coming out as LQBTQ member help the movement?

Others asked what had happened between her and her long-time boyfriend, DJ Sunman. Some others also stated it was UnAfrican for Anita to be a proponent of LGBTQ rights.

Anyway responding to the criticism through her Instagram account; the 30-year-old kept cool and responded with the simple and classy, “Niko tu.”

In the past Anita had said that she does not see herself getting married, she also said she would only get kids when she was ready. “Whatever greatness lies ahead! I love you to bits and pieces! happy 30th @sunmannagram.”

Just months ago (June 2020) she had taken to her social media to celebrate her boyfriend DJ Sunman.

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Wahu reveals the two most important lessons learnt in her 15-year marriage

I recently interviewed Wahu Kagwi and she was a wealth of wisdom. One of the areas that she spoke about was the experiences she has had during her successful 15 years of marriage.

She told me she had had 2 major lessons that she had learnt during her marriage. One of them was that one shouldn’t come into a marriage with crazy expectations for it.

“You come into a marriage with a lot of expectations and with unrealistic expectations about what should happen according to society and maybe how you were raised,” Wahu opined.

She added,

“At the same time, you are two different individuals with a different set of issues that you are bringing into the marriage. Lesson number one is that everyone has some work to do dealing with their own baggage. Everyone plays the blame game in marriage but married people should take the initiative to work on themselves to become a better partner.”

She said that self-work is important for a marriage to grow. “Your marriage will only grow as much as each partner can grow individually. If one person is growing and another isn’t then the growth of the marriage is retarded.”

Her second lesson was that people realise that their significant other cannot satisfy every need and desire that they might have. A person should have a life apart from their significant other.

“Another human being(no matter how perfect they are) isn’t equipped to be the centre of your life. They can’t. I can’t be the center of my daughter’s life for example. I am human and one day I will disappoint her despite my not wanting to.”

She finished by saying,

‘And so it’s my desire and obligation to know that my opinion isn’t her centre, her opinion is her centre. It isn’t cute for a spouse to ascribe things like, “Without you, I will die,” or “you are my everything” to their significant other. I know that it sounds harsh but your spouse can’t be that to you.’

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