‘I Am Tired Of This Marriage, How Can I Marry A Wife And Not Touch Her For 3 Weeks?’ Cries Distressed City Man

If you thought your marriage was bad just because she allows you to enjoy your conjugal rights once a month, you were wrong. At least thank God that she allows you to enjoy her cookie. Continue reading “‘I Am Tired Of This Marriage, How Can I Marry A Wife And Not Touch Her For 3 Weeks?’ Cries Distressed City Man”

Dear Husband. Read A RAW And Heartbreaking Letter Of A Frustrated Wife On Her One-Year Anniversary In A Loveless Marriage

Marriages are not a bed of fresh roses. The scent can be appealing and in a flash turn into a stink. One woman who is saddened by the way her marriage is going, has penned a heartbreaking letter to her husband pouring out her raw emotions.

Check it out.

Dear husband,
You are hurting me and you don’t feel bad about it, you just love to. You regret marrying me and just as you have said you made the biggest mistake marrying me. Its all good, I won’t lie, I am hurt and heart broken but guess I cant make you love me anymore. One day I will be strong to walk away from your life forever, one day I will look back at all these and smile. God knows how much I love you and want to be with you but you keep complaining and you are not ready to work things out. Just a day to our one year anniversary and you still have the mind to tell me you made the biggest mistake of your life marrying me. I have tried to make things work out, I forgave you when I saw your chat with a girl begging her to come meet you in a hotel you, I didn’t know asking ones spouse for sex is bad. You called me troublesome, sadist and repeatedly said ‘fvck you, to hell with you’. I wont hate you or curse you, I will only pray for you because you are the father of my child. If eventually we end things, I still want my child to see you as the best dad in the world. When I wake up tomorrow I pray not to remember its our anniversary. I wish you well in all you do.

‘Should I Give My Broke Fiance My Savings So That My Parents Can Accept Him?’ Engaged Gilrfriend Asks

Love makes us do crazy things.

A woman took to social media to ask for advice on how she can make her jobless fiance – who just proposed – to look more acceptable to her loaded parents.

She writes,

“Hello everyone
I just need to seek opinions before I make this choice .
I love my boyfriend till death ,we have been together for 5 years and he just proposed to me few days ago. My problem is that he is jobless and did not go to school,he just finished secondary school and has been learning a trade but the trade don’t always work out. He has served different people but they always refuse to settle him. I have been managing with him with with my little resource as a student. Am the only child and my parents provide everything for me. He is also the first son out of 8 children.Now that he has proposed I don’t know how to tell my parents he is jobless, I don’t know how to package him to be accepted by my parents . I have saved up to 700k, so am thinking of giving it to him to go see my parents and run the ceremony. My friends think am stupid but I love him so much because he is so caring and loving . He worships the ground I walk on,he carries me like an egg,I can’t just explain it but he is just a perfect man for any woman . Please family I need your advise on how to handle this . Am 25 years and in my final years so am ripe for married.”

One online user gave a very strongly worded piece of advice to the damsel.

He wrote, “Yeah, I think you are definitely stupid plus you have no idea what it means to love to the death. Give him the money to start up a business not to blow on a stupid ceremony No one cares for. If he succeeds in his new business then he’s a keeper if not, you got your answer right there.”

How can she be helped?

Aaron Rimbui Bears His Souls On Post About His Scarred Hand

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
― Kahlil Gibran

Kenyan popular Jazz pianist Aaron Rimbui has decided to share a piece of himself with his fans. This is a big step to make for any public figure. Aaron who is known by his street moniker “Crucial Key” due to his superb expertise on the piano has posted a photo of his scared hands.

He then captioned it, “These are my hands. They are scarred. A constant reminder of a terrible experience-a definitive moment. Pain, questions, sadness, anger….😔”

He added, “However I’ve chosen to see these scars as STARS. A constant reminder that I’m victorious through life’s most unpleasant, horrible experiences.”

He then encouraged anyone who might be in need of a lift up, “Be ENCOURAGED. You’ve got the victory. God always turns things around and He is GOOD!😃 Your turn-around is coming!”

Some of his fans responded to his candid post.

One wrote, “Your sound and passion encourage me.”

This was echoed by another who added, “I have been a pianist from the age of 11, classical i.e, but from the first time I heard your sound I was inspired, I didn’t see scars in u, I saw inspiration.”

Check out a photo of his hands.

Check out a photo of his hands.

Screenshot from 2016-08-09 08:21:27

‘Call from the grave’ led John Mutinda to his death at Likoni – widow

John Mutinda sped to his death in Likoni Channel last weekend after receiving a call from his dead father, according to his widow.

Ruth Mueni told journalists that her husband had dreamt that his father called from the grave instructing him to meet him in Mombasa’s central business district.

The late John Mutinda
The late John Mutinda

The widow said her husband hurriedly left their rental home at Vanga estate around 4am after the alleged strange dream only to plunge into the ocean moments later.

But Mutinda’s family blamed his death on domestic violence. His mother, Musangi Mutinda, on Tuesday accused Mueni of subjecting her son to domestic abuse for years.

She said her daughter-in-law was being economical with the truth and accused her of misrepresenting the circumstances of her son’s death.

The 46-year-old Mutinda was a clearing and forwarding agent. He will be buried at his Kyanika village home in Kitui on December 21.

LIKONI FERRY VICTIM TO BE BURIED ON 21ST the late John Mutinda together with his family
LIKONI FERRY VICTIM TO BE BURIED ON 21ST the late John Mutinda together with his family

The mother said her son had been recovering from severe burns after his wife allegedly scalded him with water last month.

Mueni pleaded with the media to leave her alone to mourn the father of her three children.

She maintained that her husband hurriedly left their home after the strange dream only to plunge into the Indian Ocean moments later.

Identity and body of man whose car plunged in Likoni Channel discovered

Mutinda arrived at the Likoni Channel at 4.20am on Saturday from Kwale side headed to Mombasa island, according to the Kenya Ferry Services. He ignored the order to stop and sped past the ticketing booth and plunged into the ocean.

His wife arrived at the scene after learning of the incident and broke down, the ferry management was quoted saying.

The body was pulled out of the channel at 8.40am by the KFS and the Kenya Navy personnel.

LIKONI FERRY VICTIM TO BE BURIED ON 21ST the late John Mutinda together with his family
LIKONI FERRY VICTIM TO BE BURIED ON 21ST the late John Mutinda together with his family

The vehicle was retrieved at noon. It had plunged six metres below the surface, KFS managing director Bakari Gowa said.

As if to corroborate what the mother had said, his niece Carol Paul, said the family was convinced that Mutinda’s decision to die in the ocean was prompted by marital turmoils.

“If only my uncle had a peaceful marriage, he would be alive today,” Carol mourned.

She claimed the uncle had attempted to commit suicide before.

“My uncle almost committed suicide over domestic disagreements but was rescued by a neighbour,” Carol said.

The Star

‘Ooh Bahati ordered for a DNA’ – Diana Marua responds to pesky question

Diana Marua has finally spoken about one of the vicious rumours doing the rounds that Bahati had gotten a paternity test done for his daughter, Heaven.

1 year-old Heaven Bahati ready for school? Diana Marua thinks so

This week a brave and no-chills fan revisited the issue with a question she posed on Diana’s Instagram page. ‘Is it true that Bahati asked for a DNA test to verify the paternity of his daughter?’ the fan posed.

Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven
Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven

Diana was having none of that and promptly questioned why anyone would come up with such a claim, saying,

‘What bothers people? Someone can just sit down and cook up stories? I woke to “ooh Bahati ordered for a DNA.” Anyway, we are still here. Heaven is turning two and we are still striving as parents.’

Mrs. Bahati looking great after giving birth
Diana looking great after giving birth

This isn’t the first time that the couple is dealing with such allegations. In April last year, Bahati was faced with probes regarding his doubts that Heaven Bahati was actually not his child.

“My sister is not good for you,” Diana Marua tells Bahati

Additionally, reports were rife that Bahati secretly conducted DNA tests to confirm the same, without Diana´s prior knowledge.

A source privy to the scandal told Mpasho.com at the time how it all went down. ‘The DNA results were dropped at the flats where he stays and left in the custody of the person who was at the gate because there were explicit instructions not to drop it at his house,’ the source said.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

The singer himself refused to comment on the paternity tesr, at the time, telling Amina Abdi on ‘The Trend’. ‘Ukiniangalia, angalia hizi genes. Hata mama yake haoni kitu hapa. Hatari mbaya…ashaanza kushika face ya babake.’

The couple now has two kids with their son Majesty being born a few months back. Clearly rumours will not kill their celebrity marriage.

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‘Marriage is difficult’ Kenyan Housewife reflects on husbands ‘madharau’

When a woman divulges serious stuff about her marriage, you best be sure she has had it and the next step could be walking away.

A housewife sobbed while detailing the struggles she endures in her marriage to a Kenyan man.

Nasty fights have led to a troubled marriage according to a confession she made on Classic 105.

She revealed things are not in a great place

‘Men sometimes provoke us women into doing bad things to them’

She has been shut down emotionally

I have been provoked in my marriage. He shows me madharau because he is the breadwinner, and he knows I can’t do anything.

The tension is her marriage is so bad she has contemplated hurting her man

I vumulia for my children’s sake, I really try to vumulia but aii it’s too much, men have stress they bring home and the wife too has stress, so things may happen.

Dear Classic 105 fam, if your marriage is going cold, how do you keep it real? Drop your comments below.

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‘I cut him in his veins’ abused Kenyan woman confesses dirty deed


The story of how John Mutinda plunged his car into the Indian Ocean, killing himself has touched many.

His mother revealed the man had suffered in the cruel hands of his wife, who beat him often.

In an interview in a local daily, John Mutinda’s mother revealed that

my son died from depression and despair from marital anguish he endured at home, his mother said

john mutinda plunges car in likoni

The car that plunged into the ocean being towed. Photo/ John Chesoli 
Image: John Chesoli

Classic 105’s Maina asked listeners what they are going through in their marriages, to which a woman narrated being physically abused by her spouse.

I met him when I was 19, got pregnant when I was 20. I’m 29 now with two sons, recently  I decided to pack and leave. This man is a jerk, he as called me a whore in the ten years together, and I sat in that marriage until I could not take it anymore.

I feel the bitterness and I am angry, because I don’t know why I let myself go through so much hell to keep the marriage, and so when I decided to pack I packed wholehearteldy, I didn’t care what his mother would say.

Was he psychically abusive?

Yes, when my eldest son was two years he was abusive, he beat me up, he kicked me out. There was this time we were travelling he threw me on the road. He beat me up another day and I lost wages for a week. Everytime I have a good job, he tells me I use my womanhood to scale the height of the corporate ladder.

Recently I got an expensive phone and he crushed it against the wall.  I cut him up like a dog and I told him to go to wherever he wants.  I cut him so that his people can talk, coz there is a time I told his mother, I forwarded the message to her, then she had the nerve to ask me what I did to deserve a beating, I got so mad I abused her also,

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He looks like he is the one – TRHK actress Njambi about new baby daddy

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba popularly known as Njambi gave birth some time back. When exactly? We still don’t know as she has not disclosed that information to her fans.

The mother of two recently revealed that the father of her new-born baby and her were on good terms. However, the mother of two does not want to publicise their relationship in any way.

Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi
Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi

This was revealed on her YouTube channel with the star saying that she does not want to welcome strangers into her union and prefers being in love behind the curtains.

…I lost everything! RHOK actress Njambi says of miscarriage

‘This time round I do not worry about where my baby is at night. Each time I got to sleep I know where he is. I have his full support.’

Njambi with her daughter
Njambi with her firstborn daughter

Njambi used to share a few photos of her new man during the early stages of their relationship but decided to stop disclosing too many details along the way.

The actress also took shots at unnamed man from her past when she added that she was now grateful to have a man who does not spend day and night behind a bar drowning in alcohol. Very particular!

Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi
Njeri Gachomba aka Njambi

Njambi also said that the process this time was much better for her and she felt like everything finally fell into place. ‘We thought things would not work but things fell into place. Life happened. It looks like he is the one,’ she added.

The actress had a sordid relationship with her first baby daddy with allegations of cheating from both sides before meeting her new lover last year.

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‘Try Jesus’ Fans tell Jacque Maribe as she meets Rev Lucy Natasha

Jacque Maribe rarely posts on her Instagram page but when she does it is normally very significant. The former Citizen TV presenter was out and about yesterday hanging out with Reverend Lucy Natasha and the looked like they really enjoyed themselves.

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi recently

Her caption read;

Grace in women has more effect than beauty, and that is what surrounded me with these powerful, graceful and beautiful women.

Don’t give up – Glowing and resplendent Jacque Maribe tells fans

Most of the comments were of fans who were in love with her dress while others told Jacque to try Jesus;

wanjiku_snr True friends, are the real#shujaas!

nganga.peter Miss you reports at JKL 🔥

mkulecho 🔥 🔥, Love your dress jaque

gracenaftaly I ❤️that dress. You look good in it😍

njoki.ndichu @jacquemaribe Try Jesus… 🔥🔥🔥

While Jacque might get everyone’s attention, Lucy is really impressing me as far as 2019 goes. The cleric has become a favourite for people in the secular world; Politicians like Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa and even our very own Maina Kageni.

Lucy Natasha with the Zimbwabwean president
Lucy Natasha with the Zimbabwean president

She met the Zimbabwean president last month when the president met her in his official home. Not only that, some over-dramatic people claimed that Maina and Lucy were dating. Where did they get this info from? Thin air is what!

But the affable Maina addressed the rumours humorously saying, ‘I don’t know Lucy Natasha.  I don’t know what he is talking about. I’ve never even met Lucy, she is beautiful I agree but I’ve never met her, there is nothing on my twitter handle with Lucy Natasha.

Lucy Natasha with Cabinet Secretary Hon James Macharia
Lucy Natasha with Cabinet Secretary Hon James Macharia

And Maina also refuted the rumours that the two were dating saying that that was a fabrication. One thing is sure though, this has been a great year for Lucy Natasha.

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Kwani umekuwa Pendo? Nyce Wanjeri asked after posting fierce photo

Nyce Wanjeri has been through a tough last year relationship-wise. The former Auntie Boss actress confirmed that her relationship with Tito Wagithomo had broken down.

Nyce Wanjeri says “Stop attacking, everyone does Twa Twa”

She explained to Massawe Jappani in an interview earlier this year that they had indeed gone their separate ways.

It is true we broke up, just like he[tito] said. Every marriage has its teething problems. Every partner in a relationship has a side to him or her that causes friction in the union. I do not want to say [we broke up] as a result of me challenging his position as a man in the union. I won’t say much because you never know what happens in the lives of people who share a blanket together; so much goes on between them.

Nyce Wanjeri with Tito in the happy past
Nyce Wanjeri with Tito in the happy past

But it seems she has rebounded from the demise of her relationship and is now sharing encouraging and motivating tidbits of information for her many followers on Instagram.

Nyce Wanjeri in red top
Nyce Wanjeri in red top

Yesterday the mother of one shared an image of herself that made many of her fans go gaga at her beauty.

Nyce Wanjeri
Nyce Wanjeri’s fierce pic

Her caption read;

Don’t judge yourself so harshly, be a fighter. When others doubt you, be the first to believe in you.
Have a blessed week and be your own boss.

The comments came hard and fast with many in the comment section praising Nyce for looking so good. A small section didn’t feel the make-up suited her with one even saying that she now looked like Pendo from Nairobi Diaries.


Some of those comments are below;

kate_actress WaNjeri weeeeeeh nikíí ??? tumesema Pole 😍😍😍😍 Chesos
shixkapienga Eeeeiiiiii si pole baaas…..😍😍😍👌👌
eneriaigiraw_waithaka Make up is good but not your color

angela.w.kinyanjui Me naona unaglow uso sijui umepaka nini😂 anyway..mimi ata ukipaka kiwi tuko pamoja till the end of time.

shi_ngugi Jeeso! 🔥🔥🔥 you issa snack. You are beautiful mummy♥️

kristine_wairimu Umeover pakwa unafanana na Pendo wa Nairobi diaries

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Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna still very much in love(video)

For some time there have been rumours that Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna had issues in their relationship. These rumours were fueled by images and videos that looked to show that the couple might not be happy in each other’s presence anymore.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha Donna
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha Donna

The video below which took place during their son’s 4oth day celebration was pushed that agenda, showing the singer looking irritated with Tanasha.

View this post on Instagram

Wueh hio mkono ya madam si imerushwa haraka upesi.

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

It seems that Diamond has had enough of the claim that he was already treating Miss Donna like an old plaything and decided to share a video on his Instagram page dedicated to Miss Donna.

Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past
Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past

The video was then re-shared by Tanasha on her own page. The video in question is noteworthy because of its theme. In it, a wounded man with a spearing jutting through his body is seen walking towards his lover.

Instead of trying to help him the lover rushes to embrace him and also gets impaled in the process, dying with her lover. The scene evokes memories of the popular Shakespeare tragedy called Romeo and Juliet.

In it, the star-crossed lovers die in each other’s arms because none of them would want to leave life without the ‘love of their life’. While the Chibu’s video might do a lot to allay the fears that the relationship is struggling, I still have my doubts.

Cute: Diamond Platnumz shares first photo as a family of three 

It’s just a matter of time. But what do I know, I a cynic, especially with anything that concerns everlasting love.

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Love Is In The Air: Eve D’Souza announces engagement 


Tv host and actress Eve D Souza has shared news of her engagement on social media.

She captioned the selection of photos on her social media saying

The entire universe conspired to help us find each other and it was truly worth the wait

She added

The entire universe conspired to help us find each other and it was truly worth the wait 🥰

eve dsouza engage 3 eve d souza engage 2

It seems the couple was vacationing when he popped the question.

Clearly there’s some serious love in the air and we can’t wait to see them on the day they exchange vows.

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Watch video of Eric Omondi and ex Chantal together after break-up

Comedian Eric Omondi who rarely shies away from the media like Otile Brown has come out to fan the flames of gossip after he posted a video on his social media of him spending time with ex-Italian lover, Chantal.

Chantal Graziano smiling
Chantal Graziano smiling

Yesterday, Eric decided to play a guessing game with his fans and followers asking them who was in town for Christmas as he showed a closet filled with lady’s shoes.

Kwani slay queen?! Eric Omondi wears make-up and wig in new skit(video)

That person was his ex, Chantal who duly re-posted the video on her Instagram page yesterday, with her caption reading, ‘Thank you Eric Omondi for the warm welcome, and the wonderful caption that I will repost.’

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

In the post, Eric also took the time to advise the youths who think that after a relationship fails to work all is over, positively saying;

‘Guess whose back for Christmas? This still goes out to all the young people out there, I hope this will be a good lesson that it doesn’t always have to end badly, don’t kill yourself or physically hurt people because you are separating or can’t be together anymore. It’s never really that serious,” wrote Omondi.

The comedian with Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

The video is below;

He also explained to fans that before he and Chantal were an item, they had been great friends adding that it will never change. Omondi asked his fans to welcome the Italian beauty who is in the country for the holidays.

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Saumu Mbuvi’s supportive message after father Sonko’s dramatic arrest

Mike Sonko was the trending topic yesterday after the Nairobi Governor’s dramatic arrest in Voi. Mike who normally cuts a brazen figure while in his pomp was crying like a petulant child when the cops came to arrest him.

Mike Sonko being arrested
Mike Sonko being arrested

Sonko and other officials are alleged to have facilitated irregular payments of KSh 357 million. The scene of his arrest has seen numerous viral memes made showing the governor in tears as the cops try to arrest him. ENOUGH, about his crying!!! Let’s go to the meat of the story.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

The popular governor still has people in his corner even in this bleak times when he is a guest of the state at the EACC jail cells. Who might that be, you might ask? Well, that person is his daughter and famous because her father is famous, Saumu Mbuvi.

Mike Sonko with Saumu Mbuvi
Mike Sonko with Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu who I can now call a ‘socialite’ has come out in support of her father. The medium? Instagram. The message? A photo she posted that showed her and her father in times past when none of them was sleeping in a jail cell.

Saumu Mbuvi hints at engagement in wake of cheating rumors 

The lass posted a picture of her and Sonko enjoying father-daughter time while taking a selfie.

Saumu Mbuvi with her father
Saumu Mbuvi with her father in the past

She then posted praying and crying emoji’s next to the photo which displayed a sense of sorrow. The image elicited a lot of reactions from her many followers with many encouraging her.

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Zari shares touching message with Akothee after health scare

Zari Hassan and Akothee have been great celebrity friends over the years with the two bonding over their shared truths. One of them is that they are both single mothers of 5 kids with multiple baby daddies.

Apart from that clear commonality, the two share the glare of the international spotlight that can both uplift and crash at the same time and so have become allies in an unforgiving social media space. The past few weeks, Akothee has been in and out of hospital due to fatigue and even collapsed while performing on stage last week.’

Akothee hanging with Zari
Akothee hanging with Zari

The resulting concern about her health by Kenyans made sense as this wasn’t the first time she had been on bed-rest the past couple of years.

Subtle accessories to overtly embellished: Zari inspired ways to style snakeskin pieces

Now, her great Ugandan friend, Zari had decided to show her support for Akothee and did so on her Instagram page. The socialite prayed for her bestie while labeling her “my love”.

Akothee hanging with Zari
Akothee hanging with Zari

Akothee had earlier expressed her longing for Zarinah, promising to visit her after getting well. “I miss you babe, let’s pull this and go have fun with Zari,” the hitmaker wrote on her Instagram.

Akothee hanging with Zari
Akothee hanging with Zarinah

The singer had narrated just how difficult it was for her kids and Zari’s to spend time together during holidays. This was due to both having busy schedules and living far apart.

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How to spend a romantic weekend with your spouse

After a long week of working, you need to spend time with your family and rest.

This is how you can spend a romantic weekend with your spouse;

1. Massage

This will help your muscles to relax and improve your body blood flow.

You can go to a spa with your partner or do the massage at the comfort of your home. You can also massage your partner and alternate the procedure.

It prepares your body for the other week of working.


Tokeo la picha la massage

2. Date

Take your partner on a date and have some alone time, just the two of you.

This will help to strengthen your relationship and show your partner how much you love and care for them.

3. Sharing house chores

This may seem menial and almost commonplace but in reality, it is very romantic.

Watching your spouse doing house chores and helping out helps a lot.

This involves teaching your partner to do some of the chores that they know nothing about.

It helps in strengthening your bond.

Proud father William Ruto attends daughter’s graduation ceremony (Photos)

4. Watching movie

This will make you relax and relieve all the stress you had throughout the week.

Watch a movie that both of you like and make a great memory out of it.

Tokeo la picha la watching amovies

5. Picnic

Weekends are always known to be resting time.

Take your partner out for a picnic, observe the features and environment and the pastures.

Take pictures of each other, laugh and make great memories.

The guide: 5 ways on How to dress any body type

6. Fun games

Playing with your partner plays a great role in your marriage.

It will help in creating a greater bond.

Play games that you love and also train your spouse new games that they knew nothing about.

Playing also helps in refreshing your body and mind.

7. Cooking

Take this time and make your spouse the best dishes that they love.

Teach them how to cook for the meals they do not know how to cook.

You can also make it more fun by competing on knowing who is the best cook between the two of you.

8. Sharing past memories

You can take this moment to remember your past moments even before you got married.

You can look at your old pictures together and compare with your current to see if there is a difference and make some comments on each other.

Healthy benefits of taking ginger and lemon as your daily routine

9. Workouts

Take this time to observe your health too.

You can go to the gym and workout or even do some home workouts together.

Do some morning or even runs to maintain your weight.

Tokeo la picha la morning run

10. Walks

Take a walk in the evening with your partner and whisper sweet romantic words to them.

Tell your partner how much you care and love them.

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