Check out how Robert Burale and daughter Lexie celebrated fathers day – Video

Pastor Robert Burale has left many of us wanting to polish our dance skills after he shared a video of him dancing with his daughter Lexie.

Father’s Day dance with my daughter. Nothing as fulfilling as parenthood. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL FATHERS.

In the past Burale has never shied away from flaunting his daughter.
Lexie celebrated her birthday in April and below is the heart warming message Burale penned to his daughter.

My dearest Lexie

I watched you come to this planet and you instantly stole my heart, you occupied a big place in my heart, where you remain till beyond time. “Hello daddy”, brings sunshine and brightens my day.

Lexie Burale
Lexie Burale

You are the girl that makes my hardships worthwhile. You have a heart of gold and your spirit always shines bringing warmth to our lives, watching you grow has been a delight, impactful, and the most meaningful part of my life.

Burale adds

You have made my life infinitely richer than you can imagine.

I thank God for sending you to my life. Continue chasing your dreams and may your steps be guided by God .

In every step of life you will find me like the shadow. ……you
Are blessed of the Lord. Happy birthday Lexie Burale

‘I do not know which baby daddy to post,’ Akothee cries on father’s day

As the world celebrates Father’s Day Kenyan artiste Akothee is confused about which of her baby daddies will she celebrate on this big day.

Akothee who is a mother of five feels it is not possible to post one baby daddy without rubbing the others the wrong way.

Unlike Akothee, some celebs were sure of how to celebrate their men and here is what gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru penned to her hubby.

A father is that rare identity that a man shares with his Creator. To be called one is to be invited into God’s apprenticeship. @agundabweni Happy father’s day love … you are an amazing #daddy #happayfathersday

Kate actress also took the chance to celebrate her husband Phil for the good job he is doing raising their son.

She wrote,

A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child ! Happy Fathers day to the most amazing dad , Leon is one of the luckiest child to have you in his life, thank you for showing him what it means to be a real man, you are loved ,adored ,and appreciated, HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU LOVE @phil_director

Akothee was however confused in which baby daddy to celebrate going by her message below.


Celebrity dads who are serving father goals this fathers day

Single dads and widowers bringing up their children single-handedly rarely get recognition as the world marks fathers day.

Here are men who we consider super dads because they are servingssome serious father goals.

1. Tedd Josiah

With a daughter looking up to him for love and guidance, Tedd has had to take up the role of being a dad and a mum to his beautiful daughter Jay.

Tedd Josiah who is a music producer is a true definition of a real gentleman. He has proved that when men put their mind into something they can actually do it.

‘If you can afford Jameson then pay dowry,’ shouts Mwalimu Kingangi

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

The untimely and brutal death of my friend – Charity Ngilu testifies

2. Robert Burale

The stylish pastor Robert Burale is a single dad and he is not ashamed of that fact. He has his daughter to share all the love and affection.

Burale, who got divorced from his wife six years ago, is a role model as to what fathers should be in an age where deadbeat dads are the order of the day.

Even though Burale did not lose his wife, he is still doing a good job and it is worth commending.

Robert Burale

3. George Ikua

When the late Janet Kanini Ikua lost her life after a brave battle with cancer, the world came tumbling down for her hubby George Ikua and since then he has had to adjust by bringing up his kids on his own.

He is a brave man who is still mourning his departed wife but still taking care of his kids as a single man only with the help of relatives and close friends.

The late Janet and husband George Ikua during a photoshoot

4. Dan Sonko

Dan lost his wife to complications after delivery, leaving behind a son who never got to know his mum. Dan Sonko, who is based in Mombasa, has taken charge of bringing up his two sons and he is doing so well.

His young son is now all grown up and their late mum Dru Sonko would be so proud to see how much of a good job her husband has done.


‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

5. Abel Amunga

Abel, who is an actor and  father to  gospel artiste Ruth Matete, has managed to bring up her daughter single handedly for years after the death of his wife.

The father of one has on several occasions  stated that his daughter’s well being is what matters to him first and even when he is choosing roles to play, he has to ask for her opinion.


He is among fathers who do a good job and rarely get recognized by the society which is full of praise for single mothers.

6. Nameless

Nameless is a role model to many for his commitment when it comes to family.

He is a father of two, namely Nyakio and Tumiso.

Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio
Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio

7. Allan Wanga

The celebrated Kenyan footballer who is married to Brenda Mulinya, a TV reporter, is a dotting father.

The sports man adores his two kids going by his photos on social media.

Allan Wanga with his son and daughter

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Father’s day in heaven! Kenyan celebs who won’t be celebrating fathers day with their dads

As the world celebrates fathers day we take a look at celebrities who have lost their dads in the past years.

These celebrities will not have the pleasure of having their dads with them on this great day.

1. Kambua

Gospel singer Kambua Mathu lost her dad, Professor Manundu in 2014.

kambua and her dad

Professor Manundu was the owner of Tabibu Cures International and had a weekly Sunday morning show on NTV which he used to give health advice.

‘If you can afford Jameson then pay dowry,’ shouts Mwalimu Kingangi

2. Daddy Owen

Owens father passed away after a sudden cardiac arrest in October 2017.

News about Mzee Mwatia’s death was first shared by singer Daddy Owen, through a statement sent to close friends and relatives.

‘I pray this finds you well, it’s with sadness to inform you that we lost our dad on Saturday night due to a sudden cardiac arrest at our rural home.


It is, therefore, my honor to invite you to a thanksgiving service this Thursday, 12th Oct at the NPC Valley RD 5-7PM.

Keep us in your,’’ read Daddy Owen’s statement. 

3. Timeless Noel

Citizen Television presenter Timeless Noel lost his father months ago at a Kisumu hospital.

Until his death, Mr Noel’s father had been in a coma and admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

Timeless Noel
Timeless Noel and his late dad

4. DJ Kalonje

The celebrated spinmaster lost his father following a long illness .

The Kenyan Mix Masters Entertainment’s DJ eulogised his father as an astute man who taught him valuable lessons in life.

“Dear dad, I just want to thank you for everything, you raised us on one principle, love is the answer.

It’s with disbelief and sorry I say goodbye to you. May you rest well. I will take care of Mum for you. Till we meet again,” his post read.

DK Kalonje and his late dad
DK Kalonje and his late dad

5. Sonko

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko lost his dad in 2015 after a longillness.

Sonko had earlier asked Kenyans to pray for his dad before his untimely death.

GOD heal my Dad and all the patients admitted in different hospitals countrywide in the mighty name of JESUS,” Mike Sonko shared earlier.

sonko father post

Not long after that he shared news of his father’s death.

“Dear Kenyans and watu wangu nyote in general I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers during my Dad’s sickness.

We all loved him but GOD loved him more than us. Mzee has just left us.”

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‘Doctor thought I was self aborting,’ Nairobi woman tells of contraceptives horror

University student Rachael, 22, dreads the thought of periods because of the pain and discomfort she has to endure month in month out.

So bad is it, doctors once mistook her cramps for abortion.

“On one occasion, I was in unbearable pain.

When my parents took me to hospital, the doctors insisted on running a test to see if maybe I was aborting or in labour,” the soft-spoken girl tells the Star.

‘Here is why your wife looks older than your mother,’ Akothee reveals

She adds

I once got a panic attack at home because of my period, and I had to be rushed to hospital.

Another time, I was in school and my period started when we were lined up for parade.

Racheal adds that at some point she got panic attacks

It got really painful and I had to be taken to class by a first aider.

When the pain got worse, I got a panic attack and had to be rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, before my parents came for me.

Foods and beverages to avoid when pregnant

The University of Nairobi student says she once started throwing up and having diarrhoea as she came from class at a local college.

I was going home from Zetech and my periods started. I alighted the matatu I was in and went to a nearby hotel because I was feeling ill. 

The hotel manager took me to a chemist and called my mother and auntie to come pick me up.

She has resorted to walking around with Ponstan drugs when she knows her periods are about to start.

Contraception can sometimes delay your flow. It can cause an abnormal flow or one may start spotting over a long period of time

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Father’s heartbreak: ‘My heart is broken and I am still grieving’

The devastated father of twins who were killed by their mother has written a heart breaking poem ahead of Father’s Day, on Sunday.

Steven Ford, 35, was father to 23-month-old toddlers Chloe and Jake who were found dead on December 27 after their mother Samantha Ford, 38, killed them.

Mrs Ford drowned the children at her home in Margate, Kent, after the breakdown of her marriage.

She admitted to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and her plea was accepted.

Enjoy these rare photos of Beyonce’s twins as they turn two

The twins
The twins Jake and Chloe

Mr Ford took to Twitter on Friday to post new photos of his late children and published poem on Twitter, titled Father’s Day.

In his poem he wrote that he ‘wished he could turn back time’ to when he was their father.

His wife had been involved in a smash with a lorry on the London-bound carriageway of the A299 Thanet Way in Kent at 2.50am, on December 27.

The late
The late Jake and Chloe

In his heartbreaking poem, he wrote: 'Now it's just me, alone and still grieving My names no longer dad, now it's just Steven'

‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

When rescuers arrived, she told them to check her Westwood home because her babies were there.

Police arrived at 3:35am and found the dying infants. Paramedics tried to save them, but they were pronounced dead at hospital.

Mrs Ford later admitted she had drowned the children after the breakdown of her marriage. Pathologists believe they died on Boxing Day.

Source:Daily Mail

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Daddy Bliss! 2019’s new celebrity daddy club

Today the world marks fathers day.

A day set aside to celebrate fathers who are doing an exceptional job taking care of their families.

We take a look at celebrities who are to be fathers this year.

1. Jackson Mathu

Kambua and her husband Jackson Mathu are expecting their first child after being married for more than seven years.

The news of her pregnancy have been celebrated by many and we cannot wait for her bundle of joy to arrive.

‘Here is why your wife looks older than your mother,’ Akothee reveals


2. Benachi

The Kenyan gospel artiste and his wife are expecting their first born and going by their constant posts on social media they are excited.

Benachi and his wife
Benachi and his wife

3. Bahati

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are expecting their second child as they already have a daughter together, Heaven Bahati.

Fathers Day: How to celebrate the wonderful men out there

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati

4. Kabi Wa Jesus

The celebrity couple Kabi and Milly are expecting their first child and we can’t help but be excited on their behalf.

Sharing photos of his pregnant wife, Kabi wrote,

In Gods perfect time, in His perfect will, in accordance to His purpose.

Kabi wa Jesus and his pregnant wife
Kabi wa Jesus with his pregnant wife

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Read a dad’s cute answers after kids blocked him on Twitter

A social media user has left many envious after sharing her conversation with her dad after she blocked him on twitter alongside her brother.

The lady identified as TemTem says,

Lmao Just remembered that time my brother and I blocked my dad on here. I felt so bad,. 

Like many of us, the woman and her brother had blocked their dad so that he won’t snoop on their lives.

Below is their conversation


‘Pay dowry or give us back our daughter,’ Diana Maruas family warns Bahati

The dad is further shocked on learning that not only did his daughter block her but that she also shared their ‘private’ conversation to the public.


‘I am being asked for Ksh 4.9 million dowry,’ cries shocked Kenyan man

Below are some of the reaction comments on the conversation between father and daughter.

Ahhh your dad is so sweet and warm-hearted .

Another adds,

You are a sweet young lady and your Dad is superb. God bless you all

Another social media user adds

Lmao your dad is all shade of savagery mhen. 

Just when you think you have read enough another adds

This is so cute . I teared up a bit when I read “I thought we were friends” it is so good to see a father that truly wants to be in every part of his kid’s life. It’s a blessing girl. 

Another twitter user confesses that he would want such a relationship with his kids in the future.

Just so cute!  This is the kind of relationship and closeness I want with my future children; that care and concern.

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‘Pay dowry or give us back our daughter,’ Diana Maruas family warns Bahati

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati have once again aired their dirty linen in public after Diana’s family came to demand for dowry.

Diana and Bahati are expecting their second child and her family is furious.

Diana Marua

During their reality show, Diana’s family demanded dowry before Diana decides to get more children.

Where is Bahati? Are you hiding him? We have come all the way from Kisumu and we came to see him.

We are very angry.

This is your second child and Bahati promised to come pay dowry and he did not.

We want dowry. Don’t combine efforts with your man so that he does not pay dowry.

‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

Diana’s family adds,

We have been sent by the elders.

This is the second child and the 3rd and 4th one will come before we receive anything.

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati

Ladies: This is how to dress for this cold weather and still look classy!

An agitated Diana responds

This is my house and you are being disrespectful. If there is a problem let us sit down and talk about it.

How do you know that Bahati has no paid my dowry?

What elders have sent you?

Bahati was nowhere to be seen as the ugly scene unfolded and it is obvious that Diana was agitated.

Bahati’s brother came to Diana’s rescue by telling her family to keep off given that everything had been sorted with the elders.

How are women involved in the dowry process? he asks

We finished the dowry process with the elders if there is anything remaining let the elders come themselves.

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‘I am being asked for Ksh 4.9 million dowry,’ cries shocked Kenyan man

A Kenyan man left Maina Kageni flabbergasted after he confessed what he and his friends were asked as part of the dowry.

According to the man, the family of the girl asked for cash over the fact that the girl suckled her mother’s breasts dry during childhood.

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

He says,

We went for a dowry ceremony among the Duruma.

We were asked to give cash to them for helping seducing our woman .

Maina you have to pay this ‘fee’ in cash.

We gave all the cash we had, we even had to ask for cash through Mpesa.

By the end of it all we had given Ksh 1.5 million.

She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby

The caller adds,

We were also asked for cash to compensate the fact that the woman we wanted had left her mums’ breast dry.

According to the elders lazima tungelipia.

Another fan adds,

My wife is South African and I have been asked for 700,000 South African Rand which is Ksh 4.9 million.

We have a kid and I love her so I have no option here.

The money is a lot given that elders from her home are still asking for more stuff.

Her whole family is here but they want me to take the dowry to South Africa.

Why do they take advantage of us men?

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‘Here is why your wife looks older than your mother,’ Akothee reveals

In an era where filters are the in thing, Akothee has advised Kenya men to learn to appreciate their women with all their flaws.

This is because most of the things we see on Instagram are not real. Most people are living by the mantra ‘fake it till you make it’.

Akothee advises,

  1. Never compare your wife with ladies you see on social media, she is the mother of your child! treat her stretchmarks as a beautiful natural tattoo💪, this is a special sacrifice she made, for you to be called a daddy.
  2.  Your wife’s priority is not to glam up on social media, but to make sure every member of the family is secure.
  3. Your wife looks older than the ladies on social media simply because she is living reality and growing grey hair from thinking of what next with your family including the lubbish you 🤔.

‘Women should wear a weave for 1 week, mine is worth 76k’ Akothee brags

4. The money you spend on ladies you meet out there, would have been good money for a family retreat and see your children jump on a bouncing castle 🤔
5. Having excuses of not being home every weekend hurts and cuts deep into a woman’s heart. If wishes were horses, weekends should be cut off your routine🤔

‘I blundered big time’ MCA Tricky on wanting to date Akothee’s daughter

Is Akothee suffering from burn out

6. You never have money for your family, but you got money to spoil your friends 🤔 your wife looks older than your mother, simply because she is carrying pain 🤔
7. Don’t complain that she gained weight, she is broken from inside and has no time to take care of herself💔 she is busy taking care of you and the family 🤝
8. You wonder why she is unhappy 🤔 you never appreciate her or her beauty never surprised her even with a flower 🤔
Women are strong, but they incubate a lot
Take care of your wife and children
All these people you are entertaining will come to your burial on the burial date, and take photos with your coffin🤔

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‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

Former Nairobi D actress Bridget Achieng has revealed that she and her baby daddy are no longer at war given that time has healed all her wounds.

Bridget who is a new mother had in the past called out her absentee baby daddy but all that is in the past.

With fathers day a few hours away, Bridget says,

Dear mothers, wives, ladies, children, its just a reminder that Fathers day is on Sunday 16th JUNE, tafadhali msijisahaulishe…#hamkujizalisha.
Lets appreciate the father of our babies…happy fathers day in advance to all daddies including my late DAD my HERO, continue resting with the ANGELS 🙏🙏
On here with @sekani_rich_ my son my pride
@officialpatraokelo thanks for standing with me and sekani wholeheartedly, we love you


A fan asked,

I thought baba Sekani abandoned you both.

To which Bridget responded,

Time heals all wounds 😍

5 easy ways to enjoy yourself on a night out at the club

Months ago, the mother of one had penned an emotional open letter calling out her baby daddy for pushing her to terminate the pregnancy.

The detailed letter was however deleted by the damsel for reasons well known to her.

Bridget wrote,

I don’t know what made you go away. I don’t know what made you run I don’t know if it’s people… till today I don’t really understand what runs in your mind wherever you are.

I’ve heard news that you are in South Africa you had to leave Kenya, you know, after you told me to remove my pregnancy at 3 months.

I was all alone, disturbed, I was depressed but today I’m seated here to write my story yet again.

Fathers Day: How to celebrate the wonderful men out there


An open letter from Bridget Achieng to her baby daddy

She went on to add,

I don’t know what made you go away. I don’t know what made you run away. I kept looking at myself in the mirror and asking if I am ugly.

Bridget has deleted the video off her YouTube platform. Probably because she did not want her son to grow up to see the pain his father caused her.

Or probably the message got to the required recipient and so its use on social media was redundant.

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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow lives four days a week with her husband



She’s a wildly successful Hollywood actress and entrepreneur who is famous for her creative, and sometimes quirky, lifestyle choices.

And Gwyneth Paltrow, 46, revealed that she still doesn’t live with husband Brad Falchuk in Los Angeles in order to keep ‘polarity’ in their newly married life.

How to get and keep your dream man in 4 easy steps


The founder of Goop, who was wed for the second time in September, admitted that Brad only stays with her for four nights a week, spending the rest of the time at his own house.

The actress previously revealed she and the TV writer don’t live together yet because they are trying to navigate their blended family and be respectful of their children.


But the Sliding Doors actress also admitted her intimacy teacher taught her ‘polarity’ to keep the relationship fresh.


Gwyneth shares daughter Apple, 15, and son Moses, 13, with ex-husband Chris Martin, whilst Brad also has a son and daughter from a previous marriage.

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Fathers Day: How to celebrate the wonderful men out there

Fathers day which happens to be on 16th June is just around the corner and most if not all the times, it catches us by surprise, Well not any more!

Most of the times just like birthdays and holidays, thy catch us unawares and might be easy to fall for the same old things and routines done over the years.

Well you do not have to worry about that anymore,

Here is a list of some of the things that could be done for your father on this day

1. Get him a gift

Gifts are always thoughtful.

Getting your dad that perfect gift could come in many ways.

So go all out for him. Get him that Rolex, wallet, shoe…. Heck get him that car.

It’s his day, try make is as special as possible.


5 Easy hacks to have breakfast for busy people

2. Take him out for dinner

Dinners are romantic but who said that your dad doesn’t need some love?

Make that day special by taking him out to his favorite hotel, order his favorite meal, serenade him even.

He deserves every bit of it.

valentines dinner

Healthy reasons to take salads on a daily basis

3. Send him out on a vacation

Fathers are heads of the family and in most homes, they do no get to rest as much as they would want.

Make this a day where he not only gets to rest, but also relax and have fun.


4. Go camping

For some quality time with your father.

If he is an extrovert or a nature person, camping would work prefect for some bonding time.

This improves the relationship between them.


5. Share his hobby

Do something he loves.

Whether golfing, swimming, travelling or any other thing.

This will make him comfortable enough to enjoy the day in a relaxed way.

image-2019-06-14 (1) (1)


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‘Never lay a finger on a woman’ Maina Kageni reacts to Wajir Woman rep assault


A photo of Wajir woman rep Fatuma Gedi’s swollen face after being slapped by her MP counterpart in the precincts of Parliament has elicited mixed reaction.

Women are outraged, and men want to know what she dd to him to land a slap.

fatuma gedi crying

Maina Kageni on Classic 105 on Friday, asked listeners if Kenyan women are safe and why men always ask what a woman does to be hit by a man.


It’s amazing how men have rallied around this guy and they are asking this question: What did she do to deserve this? That is really pissing me off, said Maina.

To him that was not right at all to even lay a finger on a woman.

Serena Williams vocalizes domestic violence conversation should expand to men-particularly young boys

‘This women get beaten up by their husbands at home but you will never hear about it. Why is it that it becomes a problem when beaten in public? That should not be an issue at all to be discussed because she might have made the MP upset.’

This is what one of the male caller said. They felt that women at times took advantage of them especially if they knew your weaknesses. They were of the opinion that if at all the women rep was assaulted, then it was because of something she did to offend him.

Bobby Brown to open domestic violence shelter to honour late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

Maina wondered about all the comments that were coming from the men’s side. He wondered whether those were the kind of men and fathers in 2019 or 1890. One women callers asked,

What do these men gain after beating us, do they gain a kilo? As they ask what the women rep did to provoke the MP they should also ask what the MP did to her that made upset also. Women don’t rant without a reason’ there has to be something.’ 

Other comments were;

Sometimes one slaps keeps stupidity out of a woman.

Sometimes these women can really push you off to limits. They should mind how to control their mouths because we are tired of being shouted back at!!

These Kenyan are tough headed and they deserve to be beaten. Why is it only in our parliament and not in other countries? They should control their yapping to avoid such violence!!!

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The suicide note a Naivasha butcher wrote over a broken heart

A twenty one year old butchery operator has committed suicide in Naivasha after his 18-year-old lover abandoned him for another man.

The victim identified as Francis Njuguna was found hanging in his room in Kinamba village 10km from Naivasha town.

‘I wish my parents had asked for a lot of dowry,’ cries jilted wife

Njuguna who worked in one of the butcheries in the area left a suicide note in which he accused his lover identified only as Shiku for his woes.

In the note addressed to the teenager, the deceased told of his love and dedication to their relationship but the girl had continued to be unfaithful.

“I ask for forgiveness from my mother for this act which has been caused by my lover who has decided to move along with many other men,” said the noted in Kiswahili.

suicie note

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the body before taking it to Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary.

Khloe Kardashian was Tristan Thompson’s mistress – baby mama alleges

According to one of the area resident Ibrahim Nyutu, the deceased was in high spirits the previous night as he served his customers.

He decried the rising cases of suicide among youths in the country due to love affairs adding that there was need for counseling.

“We have recorded a very wicked spirit that is leading youths to commit suicide and its time we engaged them so that this evil trend can end,” he said.

A friend Peter Muchina said that the victim had confessed to them over the fall-out with the lover the previous night adding that he never contemplated suicide.

He told of their shock when he failed to report to duty on Thursday morning only for his body to be found hanging in his house.

“It’s a sad day that Njuguna has decided to take his life due to a woman and my advice to fellow youths is to move on after a relationship fails,” he said.

‘I got rejected in some churches,’ reveals gospel star Hope Kid

Speaking on phone, Naivasha deputy OCPD John Kwasa confirmed the incident adding that the body had been collected and an inquest file opened.

He decried the rising cases of suicide among young people in Naivasha adding that substance abuse and depression had led to the cases.

“In the latest case the deceased left a note accusing his lover for the incident and the body has been taken to Naivasha mortuary and the next of kin will be notified,” he said.

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How to get and keep your dream man in 4 easy steps

Many times the dating landscape is littered with dating advice for women that ultimately leads to one destination: How do I get and keep my dream man?

I have the answers for you but you might not like them. Why? The advice in this article is not politically correct, it involves hard work that inevitably works.

Let’s begin

Intimacy (I can’t mention adult words in this article because Daddy Google will punish the site) so when you see me using the word (intimacy, intimate), please replace it with a word that starts with S and ends with X.

Let’s get this out of the way-Intimacy will get you in the door with a high-value man (your dream man) but it will not keep his attention. Every other woman he meets on the streets can offer him that.

What distinguishes you from all these other women? What value addition can you provide in his life apart from intimacy?

Your Value addition

1. Submit

How dare I mention that dirty word? I have and it is probably the most powerful tool a woman has in her arsenal of getting a man to not only commit but stay for the long haul.

Submission gets a bad rep because of the connotations that the woman has no say in the relationship. In fact, the more a woman submits the more her desires are met! Try it if you don’t believe me!

2. Cook and clean

Shock! Yes, I said it. We are in a day and age when feminism has convinced women that doing anything for the man that they are with is tantamount to abuse.

You want to keep that man who is also in demand with other women, start cooking and start cleaning. And if you don’t know, either learn or hire!

3. Don’t nag

I understand that women have emotions, mood swings, and hormones. This can affect how she behaves around her man with her behaviour changing. That is allowed to happen.

But when it becomes the norm rather than the exception then you (the woman) become a nightmare for the man. Let your company as a woman be pleasant, otherwise, your man will soon find other company; either that of other females, a bottle or…

4. Keep the intimacy coming

When women get comfortable that they have secured the commitment of the man that they desire, they get bored and the intimacy dwindles, making intimacy an obligation rather than something she enjoys.

That should not happen in your relationship. If you are not intimate with him he will go elsewhere.

What rationale does a man have to leave you if you are following all of the above? None. But if he does, aren’t all men trash anyway?

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Are you Zari? Betty Kyallo trolled for hiding new ‘man’

Betty Kyallo’s social media has lit up the past week after people started speculating about the new man in her life. The K24 host has been on the down-low concerning her love life keeping that aspect hidden.

This week she released a photo of herself in a car with a mystery man.

In the photo, she had obscured the face of the man. Some sleuths deep some investigating and think that they have uncovered the identity of the man, even alluding to it the comment section of her page.

Betty Kyallo in studio
Betty Kyallo in studio

That was not all that came of the photo, some of her 1.3 million Instagram followers are asking her why she is doing things like Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

Zari has been dating a mystery man called King Bae whom she refuses to let the public see.

Zari and King bae at the new mansion
The socialite with her new man


Read some of the posts below;
shirumiewairumu; Bety and Zari muwache vako…..first pic you shared alikuwa na magoti nyeusi😅😅😅second one white hands 😂😂😂 now ako na Indian hair 😂😂😂😂😂
amycheru895; Unajiona zari wa kenya
kamau_wa_muriu; We’ll scratch to reveal 😂😂😂
roseirungo; Betty umesahau usha tuonyesha Mzee chandalia 😂😂😂😂
felix_mogoa; Ngoja niwape hint. Nywele sio ya mkenya halisi, labda mhindi ama mzungu. Dah, pilipili nisiyoila inaniwashia nini sasa..
lynnmaggee; Huyu ndio Kenyan version ya King bae🤣🤣🤣
_lynn_iryn; I know this guy.. That day pale sifa towers akiwa your chauffer.. Lol. U look good together

Betty Kyallo in red
Betty Kyallo in red

saffiahm; 😅😅😅 Betty pia umeanza kaa zari #😂😂😂
juneonyango; I repeat protect him…,,.
sir_marcus_mwangi; Now why do you post if you ain’t showing us the face😳
rose_wanjohi; Naona nywele ya muhindi mahali 😹😹
lungahoedith; Hhh this time watajua hawajui wewe na zarithebosslady hii instagram 🔥🔥

People suspect that she is dating the son of a wealthy Indian industrialist. If so, let her prosper.

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