‘Is this your way of stopping me from getting a child to grow without a father’? Vera Sidika sadly asks after Otile Brown dumps her

Vera Sidika is a heartbroken woman after being dumped by her boyfriend Otile Brown only months after their much publicised relationship abegan.

The relationship between the two has unfolded like  scene from a fairy tale movie, but it seem like kitumbua kimeingia mchanga only a few months after they broke the internet with their baecation photos from Mauritius.

Vera Sidika took to her social media to vent and write a long letter on how Otile used her only so that he could gain publicity.


‘I love you’ Vera Sidika tells bae Otile Brown after releasing new jam

What caught our attention though is the fact that Vera has visited sperm banks in Los Angeles to learn more and how she can achieve her dream of carrying a baby without getting married.

She wrote

“I have said this a thousand times, on interviews that I don’t want to get married,it’s not my thing .All i wanted was to get a baby from sperm bank, set up businesses, live life,  date, have fun but not get married.

That was my vision about life it was crazy  that i actually visited sperm banks while in Los Angeles just to prepare myself for that stage, after launching my business that’s what I was going to do.

And just when I was going about setting my business and move on with my plans this happened, we started dating and it was mutual.

vera sidika with otile Brown
Vera Sidika and his ex Otile Brown

‘Huwezi potea na roho ya Otile na upotee na kiatu yake’ Vera Sidika told

Well atleast I thought it was and in several occasions I  prayed about it I asked God. Is this your way of changing my mind? Is this your way of stopping me from getting a child to grow without a father?Is this you God?  I was confused coz I didn’t understand how  this came at a time when I  had my own plans and was ready to execute them.”

From the message it is obvious that Vera feels betrayed as she had invested so much in this relationship.We can only wait and see if Otile will man up and apologize.

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Is Polygamy the latest trend in Kenya’s dating scene and would you allow your man to marry a second wife?

Kenya is abuzz with news that a trade union leader is engulfed in a love gone sour relationship with his second wife.

But this is not news as many others have openly professed, or their secret been leaked to the public in the most dubious way.

 Here are Kenyans who are in/ have been in polygamous marriage and/or  relationships
1. Esther Passaris
Passaris is married to Pius Mbugua Ngugi, the owner of Thika Coffee Mills. She is the CEO of several businesses including Adopt A Light
2. Charles Kanyi alias Jaguar
The first time Member of Parliament  is not shy about the fact that he has kids with different baby mama’s , children he proudly shows off to all who might care to see.
Even though he is not married to either, it is obvious that his kind of relationship is almost like a polygamous marriage/relationship.
Mheshimiwa Jaguar
Mheshimiwa Jaguar
3. J Blessing
He was first engaged to media personality Mwende Macharia with whom they have a son. Later he then moved on to the beautiful damsel Chantelle.
The two went ahead to get a baby boy who sadly passed away at 7months. He is also alleged to be Avril’s baby daddy.
chantelle -and -j-blessing
4. Danson Mungatana
Danson Mungatana has been on the spotlight for years for practicing polygamy.
Whenever he is mentioned, Cecilia Mwangi and Mwanaisha Chidzuga quickly comes to mind.
 He has children with both Chidzuga and Cecilia Mwangi.
Danson Mungatana

5. Ayub Savula

Ayub Savula the first time and youthful Lugari MP is married to two wives whom he has built identical mansion in his rural home in Manyonyi village.
6. Linda Muthama
Known to many for her performance in Tusker project fame, Linda Muthama is among Kenyans who had embraced polygamy after admitting to being a second wife to Walter Mongare alias Nyambane.
The two later broke up.
7. Francis Atwoli
The Cotu boss is among the few Kenyan men who proudly boasts of being married to two or more women.
His new wife is TV presenter Mary Kilobi.

‘I already miss you so badly’ Sarah Kabu of Bonfire adventures mourns her mum as she is laid to rest

Simon and his wife Sarah, the  owners of Bonfire adventures, finally laid their mum to rest in a quiet ceremony attended by family and friends in Embu County.

Simon took to his social media to thank those who came through for them as they laid their mum to rest in the caption below.

“Thanks so much to family and friends who joined us to give our mum a good send off. Till we meet again….. RIPMUM 

The Kabu’s had initially announced the demise of their mum’s passing through a post on instagram where Simon Kabu narrated how supportive his mother in law had been even back then when he was still struggling.

He wrote

“Today I just want to celebrate this beautiful woman who raised my wife to be like the proverbs 31 woman… aka “mutumia ngatha”. My wife is just a replica of her… kind, honest, intelligent hardworking go-getter. I Will never forget the day I went with my family to ask her for her daughter’s hand in marriage. I was just a hustler without much to offer for dowry as it is a tradition. She just told me not to worry much but give what I have , however little i had …what she was more interested in was to see her daughter settle in her own home and raise a family in peace love and unity… Mali tutafute pamoja.


FARE THE WELL MAMA no more pain and suffering. I had promised you ukipona we will go to Israel pamoja to see where the Jesus you love so much was born but now I believe you are dancing with Jesus and the Angels in heaven. Mum i will be forever indebted unto you 

In a sad and touching post, Sarah Kabu mourned her mother stating that she still could not believe she is gone .

“How do I say goodbye to you my friend… I loved you so much. I already miss you so badly for the 1 week you have been away… You had become my 3rd baby whom I loved to spoil… I can’t believe you are gone forever.”

Here are photos of the burial ceremony








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Akothee narrates how her relatives took advantage of her after she took them in

Akothee the self proclaimed president of single mothers has been away from social media as she recovers following an injury at the airport.

She is back on social media and she took her time to narrate how some relatives she helped educate, duped her selling her stuff and even hiding their results from her.

To post or not to post: Should married women be on social media platforms? (AUDIO)

Akothee and Nelly Oaks
Akothee and Nelly Oaks

She wrote

“It has taken me 5 years of tooth and nail to develop my retirement home, I promised myself never to live with relatives after so many disappointments, but hey I am human too,so 3 years ago, I decided to live with one of my cousins and a son of my neighbor whom I educated without any difficulty of school fee! When results came , none of them wanted to share with me their results, they had failed terribly!but hey it’s fine, failure in education is not failure in life ! So told them to wait for this year to pass so we could figure out what they could do with the Es and the Ds they got , so left them to take care of my home!”

Akothee's parlatial home
Akothee’s parlatial home

The most eligible bachelors in Africa in 2018

She adds

“They grew lazy and instead gave the employees hard time ! Dictating them, claiming the wealth is from their sister! Some employees left, and the security guards were not allowed to utter a word (RELATIVES) So they dint allow the employees perform their duties or report to me any challenges! They played like they have reported everything & I am aware. Every morning I called his phone was never answered neither did he call me back, sent several text to know how my home is doing! Even asked for photos! All I heard was everything is fine ! The two of them sold my 30 chicken , extra beddings from the employees , vandalized all the electrical wires connecting the garden lights living the whole home in darkness!”


Kenyan celebrities you did not know were related despite being in the limelight

If you think that is the worst, more was yet to come and when Akothee felt she could not take any more of their drama, she threw them out,

“Went ahead and chop off the wires to the submusive pump ! So imagine what is with the animals and garden! the pool went to zero and turned into a frog pond, My milk was rejected from Rongo dairy because they divided the milk and added water on their way ! When I released my cousin ! he told the watchman to tell us to check on the CCTV! Only to realise that the CCTV power cable was chopped off right inside my bedroom ! He was the one with the house key and the only one accessing my bedroom ! I remember in February I asked them to leave my home! Coz all the employees complained about them ! But where do we take orphans too😭 I have weak heart So I gave them a 2nd chance! Which has left me in pain! #iaminsomuchpain😭 what would you do? 3rd chance🤐?”

This is where they say once bitten twice shy, Akothee should learn that sio kila mtu wa kuaminika.

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Happy 5th Anniversary my love! Bon’eye of P-Unit celebrates his wife on their wedding anniversary

It is not easy being an artiste and balancing a marriage, but Bon’eye of P-Unit has managed to do that as he celebrates 5 years in marriage.

Bon’eye, who’s name is Chege, is a family man and he is not ashamed of flaunting his beautiful family on social media.

He took to his instagram to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary with this beautiful message and a photo of their big day years ago.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Happy 5th Anniversary my love 😍!!”


Although he is a celebrity he has managed to keep a low profile of his family life and only shares what he wants the public to see.

Here are photos of his beautiful family





We wish him many more happy years ahead.

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Kibera man fighting for his life after his phone exploded while charging near his bed

A Kibera man is nursing serious burns at Kenyatta National Hospital after a mobile phone plugged into a charger exploded in his bed as he slept.

Jackson Mwaniki who lives alone, was found unconscious and badly burnt in his house by a neighbour, who rushed to his house after seeing smoke emanating from the house.

According to The Nairobian, Mwaniki’s mum Mary Kabuu stated that it was only by sheer luck that a neighbour noticed smoke billowing from the house and went to find out what was happening, otherwise it could have been tragic.


Female actresses who wowed us in the late 90’s: Where are they and who was your favourite?

Mwaniki’s mobile phone allegedly exploded while he was asleep, sparking a fire. The mother says

“It happened as he slept and he didn’t know what was happening. He woke up only to find himself choking and burning,The doctor has assured us that the burns were not deep, and that he will be okay,”

Doctors suspect the victim could have suffered a perforated eardrum following the explosion.

“He is still under assessment, we had to stabilise him first,” one of the nurses attending to the patient said

It is not yet confirmed which brand of phone Mwaniki was using and how long he is likely to stay in hospital.

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Man Killed and his wife raped after a gang raid their home in Chokaa Area along Kangundo Road

A man was killed and his wife raped by a gang after they raided their home in Chokaa area, which is an upcoming estate along Kangundo road.
The horrifying dawn incident occurred while the couple was in their house when the gang armed with crude weapons pounced on them.

According to The Standard, Police and neighbours say the gang hit the man on the head before they turned on the wife and raped her.

Man found dead and body dumped behind a bar under unclear circumstances in Nyahururu


The police added that the gang did not steal anything from the victim hence their motive for the attack is not known.
 A hunt for the gang is ongoing. Nairobi deputy police boss Richard Kerich said a team of detectives had been sent to the area to pursue the attackers.
He said

“We don’t know the motive of the incident because it seems the gang escaped soon after they had committed the crime,”

The man died in hospital where he had been rushed to, the search to trace the gang is ongoing.

Run with the angel! Popular athlete Nicholas Bett laid to rest at burial attended by Deputy President Williams Ruto

The biggest challenge that upcoming estates have to deal with is insecurity. Cases of knife welding robbers attacking people in residential estates is a challenge police are dealing with.


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The most eligible bachelors in Africa in 2018

They have either joined the world as single men, or are yet to hook up. Girls, check out this list and tell us who you would consider to date or even marry.

1. Larry Madowo

BBC reporter Larry Madowo has broken many hearts for his silence on the issue of marriage. He has managed to keep his relationships and love life  private thus it is not clear if he is dating.

So ladies the next time you go to pray, just ask God to touch Larry so that he might consider you to be his happily ever after.

larry madowo suit 1

2. Bien

Just recently Polycarp who is a member of Sauti Sol tied the knot with his long time girlfriend and women have shifted their focus to the tall, dark and handsome Bien.

Bien has the body to die for, a voice that can toa nyoka pangoni and the financial stability to endure that he entertains his woman.

Despite being in a relationship, women are still hopeful that he might change his might and they might hit the jackpot with him


‘I deactivated all my social media accounts after getting too much unwanted attention from women Married city man brags:Audio

3. Chibu Dangote

I know what you are thinking, that ooh but I thought he is married, mara ooh si he has kids; so what? Having kids with different baby mama’s does not eliminate him from the eligible bachelors list.


4.  Sean Andrew

Grandson to former President Mwai Kibaki, Sean is among the most eligible bachelors not only in Africa but also in Kenya.


5. Juma Jux

With his melodious tunes, a body worth being on the cover of magazines, who wouldn’t want such a man for a husband.

Its better to get a handsome man and get beautiful babies whom you will happily look at than marry an ‘ugly” guy and end up with the double tragedy of being a single mother to not so appealing kids, after all even ugly guys cheat.

Juma Jux

‘My wife brought her lover into our house pretending he is an orphan’all i want is to kill her’ Angry city man narrates

6. Dennis Okari

Don’t we all love Dennis? Well for all those ladies lusting over him, worry not, as he is still on the market given that we have not seen or heard of any new bae since leaving his bae.


7. Harmonize

The ‘Kwangaru’ hit maker is a potential bachelor. To top it all he is still young with a body to die for and with his busy life on the stage, he is yet to walk down the aisle.


8. Savara

He may be in the limelight locally and internationally, but Savara who is a member of Sauti Sol band, has not found the right woman to convince him put a ring on it.

So ladies go ahead and try your luck.


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Man found dead and body dumped behind a bar under unclear circumstances in Nyahururu

Police in Nyandarua are investigating the death of a man who was found murdered near a local bar at Geta on Tuesday night under unclear circumstances.

The man who was identified as Francis Chege, 45, was found behind the Dimples bar perimeter wall and his family is suspecting foul play into his death.

According to The Star ,Nyandarua Area chief Daniel Mwaura it is alleged that the victim was killed elsewhere and his body dumped behind the bar.


Man dies after being thrown out of a speeding bus in Migaa along Nakuru-Eldoret Highway

Speaking to The Star about the death Chege’s brother in law Isaac Njogoo explained that their kin was ejected from the bar after an argument with an attendant before he was later found dead.

He says

“We suspect that he was murdered during a fight and we want the government to intervene as we do not trust the local security agencies.”

Injuries on his body indicated that he was hit with some object on the head. He also had injuries on the mouth and neck.

Police are investigating the incident to identify the killers and bring them to book.This comes only days after a man died after being thrown out of a speeding bus along Nakuru-Eldoret  highway.

The man could not immediately be identified

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‘I deactivated all my social media accounts after getting too much unwanted attention from women Married city man brags:Audio

Men have on different occasions been termed weak especially when it comes to matters of the heart involving women regardless of how prominent the man is.

Hard as it may be to believe men are more prone to sleeping with random women they have met on facebook and other social media platforms with many asking’ Kama ni wewe ungefanya?”.

During the Morning show by Maina Kageni and his co-host Kingangi one caller caught the attention of many after candidly admitting that he deactivated his social media accounts because of too much attention from women.

black woman flirt

He says

“I have been a victim ,i work at the port and whenever i post a photo some women like and comment on the posts and go to an extent of having a relationship with them which ended up in bed.

They DM me and we start communicating and they then ask for my number and set up a meeting,i work at the ports in Mombasa and some of these women travel from as far as Thika and Eldoret.”

On being asked why he entertains them ,he says

“Hawa watu hata ukiwakataza hawataki kuskia and when they finally meet you they look for that one thing they like about you and stick themselves to you.I decided to deactivate all my social media accounts to avoid all these temptations and finally gave my life to Christ.”

Businessman Praying --- Image by © Hans Neleman/Corbis
He concludes

“I have repented off all my sins,for now i can never go back to social media ,id rather have my legs and hands cut but niingie mbinguni,.”

Another man says

“I was on social media and my wife would keep inquiring what i am doing on social media yet she is also there.Whenever i posted a photo and other women liked it that was a recipe for disaster.

If by any chance a lady commented by calling me dear,my wife would cause chaos even for weeks,yet when men called her the same name and i ask about it ,she would defend herself by saying that ‘dear’ is just a name with no hidden intentions to it.”

Listen more on the audio below

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‘Thank you for showing me what love is supposed to be’Kalyeke Mumo celebrates her parents on their wedding anniversary

It is not everyday that we see celebrities celebrating their parents in public but Kalyeke Mumo does it effortlessly and with pride. Continue reading “‘Thank you for showing me what love is supposed to be’Kalyeke Mumo celebrates her parents on their wedding anniversary”

To post or not to post: Should married women be on social media platforms? (AUDIO)

Social media is a necessary evil, and while it has helped millions build business empires it has also broken millions of relationships.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu sought to get views from callers. The two wondered why married women or those in relationships post sexy photos of themselves yet they are taken.


The argument was that women who constantly post photos of themselves are attracting unwanted attentio.

Here is what the listeners had to say.

“Marriage is different you can’t go around photos here and there personally id be mindful of what i post but relationship mtu hatanikazia let me enjoy life.”

Another fan argues that while some photos may be innocently posted,  some people go an extra mile of wanting to see the real thing. He says

“How can 1,500 people like a photo with her wearing a bikini,some of them will make a move and want to see the real picture.”

A female caller strongly states that if something is good it is good and that there is nothing wrong with people appreciating it by commenting or liking the photo. She further states that if a photo is decent there is nothing wrong about posting it.

Diamond Platnumz Eneka
South African model Gabriela Rocha.

A male caller made the discussion interesting by stating that there are two types of women and that this determines how good or bad posting a photo on social media is.

He says

“There are two types of women in Kenya,there are women who will post photos people will like them and reply in suggestive messages and the women will just ignore the advances,the other type is of women who post photos someone likes the photo and messages them.”

The woman goes ahead checks the guys profile and check the guy out and from there things move fast despite her being married.Once their partner find out there will be chaos and the women will be back on your show crying how abusive their men are.”

black couple flirt

He concludes

“There is nothing wrong about posting on facebook,but there are this particular guys who every time they comment she likes the comment and it becomes a trend ,Mahali kuna moshi lazima kuna moto so people need to be careful.”

This brings about the question on whether married women should be on social media. Drop your thoughts in the comments section.

Listen more on the audio below.

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Zari’s brother-in-law George Ssemwanga found dead in a hotel room in South Africa

George Ssemwanga Pinto brother to the late Ivan Ssemwanga  (ex husband to Zari Hassan) was found dead under mysterious circumstances in South Africa.

Known to many as Sir Pinto, Ivan’s brother was found dead on Tuesday,14th August in a hotel room in Pretoria, South Africa where he was staying.

The late George Ssemwanga(circled) and his late brother Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan’s late brother was a well-known businessman in Uganda, as the proprietor of Sir Pinto Distributors Ltd, a distributor of food, beverages and related products.

UG Mirror reports that Ivan’s cousin Edwin Lutaaya is admitted in hospital in critical condition

The cause of the deceased’s death has not been immediately established. Ivan died at the age of 40 leaving behind three kids with his wife Zari Hassan known to many as the boss lady.

The late Ivan Ssemwanga ,husband to Zari Hassan

The rich gang leader passed away on 25 May 2017, while undergoing treatment at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa.

Just like George Ivan was also a business person with vast businesses around South Africa where he and Zari were based before their breakup and sadly before his death..

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Kenyan celebrities you did not know were related despite being in the limelight

There are some little known facts about your favorite celebrity that you may not know, for instance their siblings who are also famous int heir own right.

1. Joey Muthengi and David Muthengi

This two were definitely born for the screens. The brother and sister duo are not only TV presenters, but are also talented artistes with David going by the stage name Holy Dave.

Joey can rap but prefers not to do it professionally and concentrate on other things

joey muthengi and holy dave


2. Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Victoria who is among the most celebrated female artistes locally and internationally. She is sister to Bamboo who used to entertain us back in the day.

victoria kimani and brother, bamboo

3. Bonnie and Antoneo Soul

The two are brothers  and both are artistes, the only difference is the genre of music they do and the fact that Antoneo Soul is a solo artiste and Bonnie is a member of P-Unit.


Police officer escapes narrowly from an angry mob baying for his blood for sleeping with a married woman in Kitui

4. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

The two comedians are brothers and despite the two of them being in the limelight not everyone knows they are related.

eric and fred omondi

5. Dj Kim Nikckdee and Ruffest DJ Moh

You have probably listened to mixes from Nick Dee but what you might not know is that he also has a sibling who is also a DJ himself.

Nick Dee is brother to spin master Ruffest DJ Moh.


Female artistes who rocked in the 90’s and still do two decades later: Who is your favourite?

6. Madtraxx and DJ Stylez.

The two brothers are a force to reckon with, with Dj Stylez having been in the industry for more than 15 years. Madtraxx is a member of Kansoul whose other members are Kora and Mejja.

madtraxx and dj stylez

7. Size 8 and DJ 7

Size 8 reborn is known to many but her sister DJ 8 has managed to keep a low profile and not many know that the two are actually related.

size 8 and DJ 7

8. Mercy Masika and Chris Masika

Not many people know that the ‘Mwema ‘ hit maker has a brother and one who is following in her foot steps through music.


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Erectile dysfunction and other diseases affecting men in their 40’s and 50’s and how to treat them

The rise of lifestyle diseases is alarming, affecting men in their 40’s and 50’s.

More and more men are indulging in fast food leaving them fighting diseases such as obesity which in term affect their overall performance.

Here are the most common diseases men in their 40’s and 50’s are fighting in the bedroom and how to treat them.


1. Low libido

Low libido is when sexual desire is diminished or absent.

And the sad thing is that it is not only affecting men in their 50’s but also those in their late 20’s and early 30’s as well.

‘My violent ex-boyfriend strangled me and called my mother to listen to my cry for help before throwing me over the balcony’ City woman narrates

2.  Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to acquire or maintain a satisfactory erection and the prevalence of erectile dysfunction varies according to the patient’s age

The main factors that increase the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction include Obesity, Smoking, Diabetes, High blood pressure and High cholesterol.

There are different causes for erectile dysfunction and such include Spinal cord or back injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Stroke among many other causes.



Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson going through financial challenges and can’t afford to maintain his lifestyle

3. Premature ejaculation

This refers to a condition where a man ejaculates sooner that their partners would expect even with minimal penetration.

4. Disordered orgasm

Disordered orgasm is the inability to reach an orgasm after adequate stimulation. Orgasm is still a phenomenon that is poorly understood.

The disease which is not well known is mainly caused by Psychiatric disorder, Diabetic neuropathy Multiple sclerosis,  Complications from genital surgery, Pelvic trauma and Drugs (alpha-blockers, antidepressants).


Well worry no more since having any of the above diseases is not a life sentence, it is something that can be managed by a lifestyle over haul.

Little and long term life style changes can help treat or improve these sexual diseases, working out regularly, Clean eating, limiting alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking, if you are a smoker.

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‘My violent ex-boyfriend strangled me and called my mother to listen to my cry for help before throwing me over the balcony’ City woman narrates

The latest case of an Eldoret man Naftali Lusuli beating his pregnant wife has elicited an online debate on how long one should stay in an abusive marriage.

The woman, who was identified as Valerie Masibo suffered serious face and body injuries, admitted that this is the fifth time that the man she claims to love has beaten her despite being together for only five months.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to contribute to the debate on what ‘abusive partners tell their spouses to make them stick in abusive marriages or relationships.


‘He should be beaten to a pulp’ Flashy lawyer Don Kipkors comments after Eldoret man disfigured pregnant wife over Ksh500

One female caller shocked many after narrating how an ex boyfriend once strangled her and threw her off the balcony,

“I had this guy and he was very abusive ,one day he broke into my house strangled me into unconsciousness and threw me over the balcony and despite the fact that it was only first floor it was a bit high up.

My neighbours came to my rescue and took me to the hospital ,my parents came we went to the police, and before this he had abused me several times and used to blame it on him being high on alcohol so i used to forgive him.

As a woman you just forgive and forget,he also steal things such as electronics from my house and sell them despite being from a very wealthy background.”

Man who viciously beat up his pregnant wife in Eldoret to be arraigned in court

She goes on to narrate all the mean things the man put her through

“It reached a point where he started stealing money from my ATM,prior to the strangling incident he had stolen our gas cylinder.

He came into the house through the balcony at 5am and that’s when he started strangling me and despite my efforts to fight back i couldn’t because he was well built and he was also drunk.”


How to recognize a potentially physically abusive partner

Well if you think that is the worst part then you are wrong as the man called the ladies parents while still strangling her,

“He called my mum while strangling me and told my mum that my cry for help would be the last thing she would here from me.

He threw my phone into the aquarium so that i don’t ask for help, he then threw me over the balcony and when i gained consciousness i was in a hospital bed.My moment of reckoning came after a police officer told me that if i don’t leave that guy i might end up dead.”

Despite the trauma she found it hard to send him to jail, but she is glad that she finally moved on.

She concludes

“We agreed between the two families that he would go for rehab to avoid going to jail,deep in my heart i did not want him to go to jail since i still loved him.

Even after rehab it was not easy letting go as he would call and text saying how much he loved me despite me telling him that i don’t want to see himIt is very dangerous and i regret it,It was the hardest time of my life.”

Listen more on the audio below

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Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson going through financial challenges and can’t afford to maintain his lifestyle

Tyrese Gibson’s much documented money problems appear to have gotten worse after his financial records proved that he is struggling financially.

The model turned actor responded to his ex-wife Norma Gibson’s request for him to pay for her divorce attorney.

According to his financial records obtained by TMZ, not only can’t he afford to pay for her legal fees, he also can’t afford to keep up his lifestyle.

Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson’s

Those records show The Fast & Furious star spends about $114,000 a month on bills that includes: his mortgage, utilities, child care and groceries. Add another $10,000 a month in child support payments to his estranged wife and that brings the monthly total to $124,000.

Currently he brings in about $51,000 a month, which translates to a $73,000 a month deficit.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad the 39-year old’s savings account has withered down from $800,000 in cash to $130,000 over the last nine months.

Tyrese has cast blame on his ex for his recent money problems — maintaining that the bad press that he got after she accused him of domestic violence last year made it difficult for him to land more movie rolls.


The former couple have been engaged in a bitter custody battle over their 11-year old daughter Shayla. At one point, Norma requested a restraining order against Tyrese, who she claimed allegedly beat their daughter. A judge ultimately denied the request, claiming there wasn’t an ongoing pattern of harassment against Norma or their daughter.

The former couple currently have shared custody, but Tyrese wants Shayla to live with him at his Atlanta mansion rather than remain with her mother in Los Angeles.

Tyrese with his daughter Shayla
Tyrese with his daughter Shayla

Last year, the LA native tied the knot with New Jersey-born Samantha Lee and they announced in April that they are expecting a baby together. The baby girl is due in September.

Tyrese has been a part of a number of blockbuster films that includes: roles in five of the Fast & Furious action movies beginning in 2003, Annapolis (2005), Transformers (2007), Death Race (2008), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) and Ride Along 2 (2016).

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Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish celebrate their 2-year anniversay

Top American comedian Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish are celebrating their two year wedding anniversary.

kevin hart and eniko

The couple celebrated their anniversary on Monday while on a family vacation in the Bahamas.

kevin hart and eniko

kevin hart

Kevin Hart took to his social media to share a black and white photo from their nuptials along with a sweet caption.

kevin hart and eniko

And captioned:

‘ What’s understood doesn’t need to be said….You get me & I get you….I’m glad we GOT each other!!!! Love u to the moon & back. Happy anniversary Eniko Hart #Harts’

Even more, he added a video post from their wedding ceremony.

Happy Anniversary @enikohart #Harts

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

Eniko also took to her account and did the same.

She posted the same video her hubby did and captioned;

‘Happy Anniversary my love! ‘
‘It’s only been 2 yrs so far and it already feels like a lifetime with you. Cheers to another year of love, light, & laughter as the HARTS!’

The jolly couple tied the knot on 13 August 2016 and share a child together, 8-month-old son Kenzo.

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Meanwhile, Kevin Hart has two children with ex-wife Torrei – son Hendrix, 10, and daughter Heaven, 13.



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