‘Don’t be bothered by people’s lives,’ Zari slams haters after Diamond stepped up

Diamond ex-Zari Hassan has a new luxurious car which she posted a few days ago.

She then thanked her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz for helping her purchase it.

She wrote,


Her daughter Princess Tiffah was later recorded thanking her dad for her mum’s car.

Well, Zari has come out to let people know that it was a ‘top-up’ and that Diamond didn’t completely buy the car for her.

“The ‘top-up’ thing has brought issues. Top-up is a contribution, it’s not that he bought me the car.”

Exclusive: Pastor Kanyari speaks about his wedding and plans to have more kids

She went on to slam haters asking them to mend their relationships with their baby daddies asking them if the language is a problem to them.

“Is language your problem or your brains are just small? Don’t be bothered by anyone’s life. We all have 24 hours. Use them wisely or mend your baby daddy relationships so that you are given even a Vitz.”

She added that behind any successful woman there is a bunch of lazy men and women asking who she slept with.

Check out the Insta post;

Zari’s new car


Exclusive: Pastor Kanyari speaks about his wedding and plans to have more kids

Pastor Kanyari is single and ready to mingle ladies!

Speaking to Classic 105, he says that after his separation with gospel singer Batty Bayo, the spirit of getting another wife has not visited him, yet!

Yaani, he says he sees so many women, but he says he has not yet decided to get hooked to one.

“This is a journey and the spirit of getting married has not entered me but when it does, I will think about it. I am still single and ready to mingle,” he said.

Pastor Kanyari

Kanyari has two children he is raising with his ex-wife and he says he loves them to bits.
But guess what, Kanyari says that if he gets married again, he will get more kids.

“Like six of them. I will give birth until when God will say that is enough.”

His marriage with Betty hit the rock after his scandalous TV exposee a few years ago.

He says that he is okay and has no regrets.

His advice on love to people is that they should not take love matters so seriously.

“Ukiachwa achika. Otherwise, depression is there. If she was not your destiny, then let her go and stop begging for their love. If she stays, it’s okay,” he said.

‘I moved in with Pastor Kanyari three weeks after we met’, Betty Bayo shares past mistakes

Betty Bayo 1

He urges people to always take care of their children.

“I respect separation but don’t neglect children. Take care of them and support them and give the woman a chance to get someone else to love her. She might get a ‘Jesus’ or a saint,” he said.

On whether he has any regrets, Kanyari says;

“I don’t regret it, just that I love my children so much but I can’t regret that we separated. Let her look for a Mzungu, when they die she will come looking for you,” he said.

On when he is opening his church, he says he will officially announce to his congregation.

You might move in with a rapist, Zari tells women who get hooked up in DM’s

Zari Hassan has called out women who get hooked up with men on social media.

She advised women to be more cautious and take time to know their partners before starting a relationship.

In a recent live session, she said;

“Nowadays you meet once and he starts to like you. The second day he slides in your DM , the third day you give him your number, the fourth day you’re in his house and on the seventh day you move in. Aaa from DM to bedrooms. You might be moving in with a serial rapist, a murderer… you just met via DM and you’re already dating,” she said.

‘I’ve been through hell,’ Tanasha Donna reminisces relationship with Diamond

Zari Hassan in white
Zari Hassan in white

Fans speculated that her message was directed to Tanasha, who got pregnant for Diamond three months after they met.

In previous interviews, Tanasha revealed that Diamond sent her a DM and that’s how they hooked up.

“He slide into my DM, we started talking. We exchanged numbers, I was single and he was too. So I went to Tanzania, He invited me as a friend. He was doing Wasafi festival. Things happened quick and when we were in Mtara thats where the chemistry started.”

The next thing, Diamond posted Tanasha and revealed that the two were in love. A year later they broke up leaving Tanasha raising his son.

Birthday loading! Kambua celebrates her son as he turns 11 months

Gospel singer Kambua is a happy mum after her son turned 11 months today.

The mother of one shared a sneak pic of her son’s chunky legs and captioned it,

“My chunky legs turns 11 months today 🎉 God’s been so good to us. So good! 💝👶🏾

The mother of one has been documenting the journey of her miracle baby since the day she unveiled her pregnancy last year.

In previous posts, Kambua says her baby is a miracle.

The mother of one had been childless for over seven years of her marriage.

‘I conceived after not being able to for a long time’, singer Amani speaks after giving birth

She explained how grateful she is through an Instagram post.

“The encounters I have had with Him are all priceless. When the pain was gut-wrenching and my heart nearly drowned in tears, I never stopped believing that God would come through for me (whichever way He chose to),” she wrote.

“And as I hold my toto today, I am reminded that God gives good gifts. My baby Nathaniel is a miracle. He is, as my husband likes to say, a world-changer and a history-maker. And I believe His life will continue to bring glory to God.”

Kambua pregnant
Kambua pregnant

She encouraged those who are childless to remain calm.

“As you wait, my tent remains pitched right next to yours, in the land of hope. I haven’t crossed over alone. We will cross together, leaving no one behind. None of us shall be left drowning in despair. Our stories, regardless of how they unfold, will be beacons of hope along ancient paths,” she wrote.

Kambua explained how she was constantly asked when she will get a child.

“The reason it angers me is that people don’t even know what your journey is like. They don’t know what you’re struggling with,” she said.

“They don’t know if you even want to have children. They don’t know if you can have children and there are so many people, especially today, who are struggling with infertility. It’s so unfortunate that we become such a culture of being so intrusive and putting people down.”


‘I moved in with Pastor Kanyari three weeks after we met’, Betty Bayo shares past mistakes

Betty Bayo is still healing from her past relationship with Pastor Kanyari.

She has been unveiling her past fears and mistakes.

A week ago, she revealed that she stayed in an abusive relationship for fear of what people would say if she walked out.

In a post she put up on her social media, she has revealed that she met Pastor Kanyari and in three weeks, they were married and living together.

She adds that she did not even know his full names.

“In my past relationship I made mistake from day 1, followed by more than 1000 more mistakes.

Though I was still a Christian and still saved I moved in with a man three weeks after we met with no wedding or anything legal ata affidavit hakuna, unlike the expectation of many, nilienda come we stay sorry I mean come we fight 🤣🤣 I moved in with a man who I barely knew his full Mpesa names. Everyday things were unfolding I didnt keep the social distance I got pregnant kidogo kidogo. Pregnant aaagain🤣🤣 The rest is history,” she wrote.

‘I stayed in an abusive relationship,’ Betty Bayo speaks about fear


The singer
The singer

Bayo added that she was forced to says she did a wedding to cover up the shame.

“I was forced to say I did a wedding then was naive .. nani hapa alikula mchele ya harusi yangu,??? Did I do my wedding in Jupiter? 😎😎 One day I’ll give my story maybe it will help or entertain someone somewhere, for those saying I’m still in love, yes it’s true but in love with my future, not my past if God was not a forgiving God I deserved to be in a Christian Jail ..If I don’t die of depression, high blood pressure then…I assure you I am living to 100 and something years… Am vaccinated for depression,” she wrote.

Bayo and Kanyari had two children together when they separated. The two are coo-parenting.

‘I conceived after not being able to for a long time’, singer Amani speaks after giving birth

Gospel singer Amani is celebrating her blessings today.

Sharing a throwback photo, Amani recounts losing her baby but later on conceiving again.

She wrote;

“When I took this picture last year I was pregnant but lost it.

It hurt but in that moment I chose not to grumble or murmur or get angry.

Though disappointed, I refused to give up and loose faith. I had conceived after not being able to conceive for a while,” she wrote.

Chinasa with Amani
Chinasa with Amani

She added that she realized that her season had come and it was just a matter of time.

“I thanked God in advance and the following month I conceived again and this time the pregnancy was sustained.

Today I hold my gift from God in my arms… My baby. It is still so surreal. Yahweh is a faithful God who is always on time. All the glory goes back to him.”

Amani welcomed her baby a few months ago.

The singer’s husband, Chinasa Udeala, took to his social media to announce the good news thanking God for the immense blessing of a child.

“Thank you, Jesus, for all your goodness. Another Udeala makes an appearance. #Happiestmanalive,” wrote Chinasa.

Amani looking glam
Amani looking glam

The Upendo crooner tied the knot with the love of her life in 2017 at a private wedding, details of which have remained a secret long after the ceremony.

Opening up during an interview, the now mother of one revealed she was indeed married stating that she chose not to post anything about it.

“It’s a done deal, I’m already married. I’m someone’s wife now. I know many are waiting to see a wedding but I’m one very private person. That’s why you don’t see me doing interviews in my house or other intrusive stuff like that,” she said.

Congratulations to Amani.



Please marry me! TV presenter Ken Wakuraya begs Muthoni Wa Mukiri

Ex-Tahidi High actor and Inooro TV’s anchor Ken Wakuraya has asked his co-anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiri to marry him.

Their chemistry on TV has been the talk of the town and many a times fans have always asked Ken to marry Muthoni.

The two had a conversation about that after Ken reported back to work. He had been away on leave.

Muthoni asked Ken how his leave days were and whether he is married already;

“By the way, did you get a wife yet?


Ken responds saying not yet then asked her if Muthoni thinks of getting married and she responds saying;

“You will always think about getting married but there is no one to get married to especially us who are now ‘high class girls’ and we no longer want to get married to men from shagz.”

Ken pleaded with her saying;

“You don’t see me also, why can’t you allow me to marry you on a serious note.”

Lala salama! Ohangla musician Lady Maureen passes on

Muthoni asked,

 “What are you bringing on the table?
Ken explained, “I am also a hardworking person,” he said.
He asked her what kind of a man she is looking fo, Muthoni replied,
“I won’t reveal that on social media so that people will not judge me saying am a gold digger. But someone who fears God.”
Although not much is known of her love life, Muthoni has kept her circle of girls close and she is also a businesswoman as she runs a successful hairline ‘Mukiri hubs’.
View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Muthoni Mukiri (@muthoniwamukiri) on

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A post shared by Muthoni Mukiri (@muthoniwamukiri) on

Things Kenyans wish you knew about being in an open marriage

The issue of open marriages was heavily debated on Classic with men saying they honestly believe their wives are faithful.

This sent Maina into fits of giggles as he disputed this theory,.

The conversation stems from the revelation that Will Smith’s wife Jada has been in a relationship with a young man, who said he was given permission to bed her.

Sometimes I have to sleep on the sofa after a disagreement with Wahu! Nameless says

Maina was of the opinion that open marriages are happening in Kenya and shared a friends personal experience. He said

‘I know of someones wife whose boyfriend helps her husbands company with biashara’ Maina said which prompted Classics biggest fan Wakanai to call in and blast Maina and women ing eneral.

He said of open marriages’

Will Smith alishikwa na mtu mwengine sasa akaona hakuna haja ya kukosana so they agreed to an open marriage’

Here are more responses to the heated topic:

marriage will lose its meaning if you agree to board to this stupid thing ‘open marriage’


We are living in a crazy world. Ethics went to the dogs. A marriage union should be respected

The moment we run away from the original plan of what marriage is all about, the more we make things to be complicated and difficult for us. There is nothing like open marriage , all marriages should be Closed. @ItsMainaKageni

Men are naturally jealous. Many will never be comfortable with such an arrangement. Unfortunately, we apply Double standards. Its not a taboo for a man to date more than 1 woman. Society will harshly judge any woman doing such.

I almost died so many times – Size 8 narrates about her pregnancy journey

Very few men in kenya will accept such an act….what Will smith did was his own exceptional wish……#MainaAndKingangi


A female caller who is for open relationships riled men by saying ‘Here in Kenya I feel like men are so condescending. Its okay for them to have other women but when it comes to you its wrong.’ #MainaAndKingangi

this can’t and will NEVER happen in Kenya,,,,wivu and moshenee we leave it to Kenyan men by now #MainaAndKingangi

Maina its better I be cheated on silently, but giving blessings to my competitor is something that can’t even cross my mind

Once you agree to open marriages it means there is no feelings left your just together because you’re married… Then just file for a divorce there’s no point of staying married in the first place

Also read more here

Sometimes I have to sleep on the sofa after a disagreement with Wahu! Nameless says

David Mathenge aka Nameless has one of the longest relationships/marriages among celebs in Kenya. He and his wife Wahu have been married for close to 15 years and have been dating for close to 20 years!

During their marriage, two have been blessed with two beautiful daughters and always look like they have the perfect couple to those who don’t know the complexities the institution faces.

Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace
Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

Nameless appeared on MC Jessy’s YouTube page where he discussed how he and his wife had disagreements that would end up with him sleeping on the couch (American-style).

‘Nameless is not romantic,’ Wahu exposes her husband to fans

The singer revealed that he and Wahu also fought just like any other couple as marriage is not a bed of roses. “You know MC Jessy, let us tell people the truth. There are times I have slept on the couch and it really helps the marriage. At times you need to take time out,” said the singer.

Wahu and Nameless in a loving embrace
Wahu and Nameless in a loving embrace

The lanky musician also had some hilarious advice for young men wanting to get married saying that they should choose comfy sofas as they would come in handy if/when they have to sleep on it after a dispute with the wife.

“One thing I would like to tell men, they should be very keen while buying furniture for their house. Ensure that you buy sofas that you can use as a bed. When things get tough in the bedroom, you will need that seat not once or twice,” he added.

Nameless posing
Nameless posing

While this information might be frowned upon I see it as particularly valuable especially when someone looks at the marriage landscape at the moment. Many marriages of celebrities and even average people are devolving barely 5 years in.

Nameless’s solution points at the perseverance and temperance needed for a marriage to work, something that most newly-weds might not anticipate.

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Zari Hassan speaks about her terrible experience as a domestic abuse victim

Tanzanian singer Shilole surprised and saddened many when she revealed ghastly images of her bruised face that she claimed had been caused by her boyfriend.

Her sad confession has seen a trickle of other female celebrities come out to speak on their own experiences with domestic violence.

Shilole's face looking bruised
Shilole’s bruised face

Celebs like Wema Sepetu and Zari Hassan have now come out to speak on their own experiences this week. Zari who is East Africa’s most popular socialite with close to 8 million followers, recently narrated her horrendous experience on her Instagram page.

Zari Hassan shows off posh Bentley bought by ex Diamond Platnumz(photo)

In a long post seen by Classic105, the mother of five said she was physically abused and that it took a lot for her to say enough was enough. She said she didn’t want to become a statistic.

Zari Hassan looking glam

The light-skinned Ugandan who was married to the late Ivan Ssemwanga and Diamond Platnumz said that the reason women don’t talk about it is that they are afraid of what the society will say about them, and some just want to protect their social statuses, just because they are celebrities.

She then explained that when she walked out of her marriage she was called a fool as many didn’t understand how she could leave a man with such riches.

She then urged her fellow women to speak up on such ills because their silence only encourages domestic violence to continue. Zari reiterated that putting a stop to such begins with each individual.

Zari Hassan with Ivan
Zari Hassan with Ivan in the past

While she might not have named the person who she claims domestically abused her, this and past messages allude to her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga being the abuser.

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Do they get along? Tyler Mbaya aka Baha speaks about relationship with Almasi (exclusive)

I recently had a comprehensive interview with former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha. The artiste spoke openly about most of the topics I brought up but was a bit cagey when it came to his romantic relationships which is understandable.

The interview covered his music/acting career, Covid-19, and his relationship with controversial colleague, Ian Nene aka Ian Nene.

Tyler Mbaya

The interview is below:

What made you pursue rap as a career?

It’s secretly always been an obsession of mine. I even used to write small Freestyle verses when I was younger. I guess eventually I was always gonna pursue it at some point. Though my brother has a huge part to play in me choosing to pursue it at this point since he’s also actively doing music.

Feel old yet! Here are Machachari kids all grown up (photos)

What has been the reception to your musical turn from fans?

Mainly positive. I’m definitely gonna keep going due to the support I’ve received so far. And I’m Only three tracks in.. Can’t wait to see how things will turn out by the time I’m 10 tracks in…

Tyler Mbaya

According to you, are you are a better actor or a better rapper?

Definitely a better actor. That is what you could say is my calling. But music is full of so much potential you just never know where it could take you.

How has Covid-19 affected your work? And how?

Like everybody else it has. I’ve been forced to re-evaluate and modify my approach as a creative and it’s been a process. Like, say, for example, shoots are very hard to complete with curfews, people being stranded in different places, social distancing, and a lot of other factors. Audiences are also consuming content differently during this period so It’s been a heck of an adjustment period.

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha with Rue Baby on the set of a short film
Tyler Mbaya aka Baha with Rue Baby on the set of a short film

Are you dating at the moment? If so can you give details?

I’m currently in a relationship but would prefer the details remained private for now.

How is your relationship with former cast member, Ian Nene aka Ian Nene?

Still on good terms. Due to busy schedules and the sort, we’re not in regular communication, but we check in with each other once in a while.

Almasi aka Ian Nene
Almasi aka Ian Nene

What goal have you set for yourself in 2020 that you believe you still will be able to achieve?

This would be Dropping my first Major film project under my own production company ~ KM PICTURES.

How is your relationship with your brother? Are you very close and advise each other?

Anybody who knows us closely knows how tight we are. It’s really just me and him. So we gotta look after each other. He’s for sure my go-to advisor. Also, I don’t think there’s anyone in the game who I’m as compatible with creatively as I am with him. Like when we both contribute to work on something it’s guaranteed to be straight up flames.

Tyler Mbaya with his brother
Tyler Mbaya with his brother

Check out the audio of their latest song below;

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I almost died so many times – Size 8 narrates about her pregnancy journey

As days pass by, the more we get to understand how tough and arduous gospel singer Size 8’s pregnancy journey was while getting her second child, Muraya Junior.

The almost always smiling Size 8 explained how her 7-month old was a miracle and a constant reminder not to give up on God no matter the circumstance.

Size 8 smiling

She said this while showing off her son’s bedroom that had been transformed into an awesome space by a team from Little cribs.

“Aki huyu mtoto ako blessed. Hii room inakaa amazing. Mimi bado siamini. His Journey was not easy, we almost lost him. I almost died so many times, my pressures were high and nikiingia hii room sai am just seeing how God is faithful… this is my best place in the house, hako katoto kamepitia sana… Naflash back akiwa ICU and then amaadaktari wamemzunguka and that was 3am in the morning and when I see this its wow!”

Size 8 holding her baby boy

She added,

“Its been a journey I thought my boy @muraya.jnr would never make it out of the ICU @rfh_healthcare surrounded by doctors. I almost gave up on God now see God look how beauty His room is. NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD!!!!”

DJ Mo removes impediment preventing him from “servicing” Size 8 regularly

Muraya Junior was born at 34 weeks in late 2019 following an emergency C-section. The couple revealed that after the caesarian-section the baby was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where he was kept for a few weeks before being allowed to go home.

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Betty Kyallo finally speaks after being romantically linked to Joho again (video)

Betty Kyallo was in the headlines yesterday after netizens contemplated whether she was back together with a certain governor from the coast.

The Flair by Betty owner was the subject of speculation after a photo emerged of Ali Hassan Joho and Junet Mohamed flying together in a private jet.

Ali Hassan Joho with Junet Mohamed
Ali Hassan Joho with Junet Mohamed

That the two who were in a plush and glitzy private jet amazed many Kenyans but what truly took the cake was a certain handbag in the photos distributed online that became the subject of so many conspiracy theories.

Mercy Kyallo explains why she missed Betty’s salon relaunch and her relationship with Okari

Spotted on a plane, Joho was in the company of Suna East MP, Junet Mohamed as they took off to see former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga in Dubai following his recent surgery.

The conjecture was that former K24 presenter Betty was the owner of the bag as she had been pictured before in the past with it.

Joho, Betty Kyallo reactions 1 Joho, Betty Kyallo reactions

The rumours swirled online and it became a trending topic until Betty had to come clean on the issue. She wondered how one minute she was in her salon at Kilimani and the next, she was purportedly on a flight to Dubai.

“Hey…wassup people! I hear I’m in Dubai. Eh! You Guys! I’m not in Dubai. Actually I’m going to have some delicious nyama choma mahn…owkay? Yah! I love Kenya baby!”

She also explained that she had no time to be globe-trotting as she had just re-launched her beauty parlour also dismising claims that she wasn’t in the business of hoping from man to another like most Kenyans think of her.

“You know…I have a business to run! I can’t be galavanting everywhere. Like you guys…I’m not in Dubai. So chill!”

And Betty was vindicated after another photo of the trip emerged showing the true owner of the bag. It is below:

Ali Hassan Joho and Junet Mohamed in the private plane
Ali Hassan Joho and Junet Mohamed in the private plane

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Corazon Kwamboka accidentally reveals the gender of her unborn baby

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie broke the internet recently when they were interviewed by Edgar Obare. During the show, the pair confirmed that they were having a baby together.

The two were candid during the whole interview speaking about a whole retinue of topics touching from when and how they met to how they planned to raise their yet unborn baby.

Frankie Kiarie smiling
Frankie Kiarie smiling

While the two were giddy and spoke openly about where the kid would go to school or how the child would be raised, they kept silent the gender.

‘I’ve been nervous to share the news,’ Corazon Kwamboka confirms Frankie is her baby daddy

The couple explained that they would like to keep that private but luckily for us, Kwamboka slipped up during the interview letting it be known the gender of her future baby.

Corazon Kwamboka pregnant
Corazon Kwamboka pregnant

Drumroll, please! Corazon and Frankie will be having a son. This will be Frankie’s 3rd son after his relationship with Maureen Waititu.

Frankie for what its worth seems to be emulating Diamond Platnumz who has 3 sons with four different women. Many women don’t believe that he will stick around and that he will do to her what he did to Maureen.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past

During the interview, many women called out the gym instructor saying that he was a dereva was nduthi, Father Abraham, Diamond-copycat or the golden standard F*ckboy.

After watching the whole interview I can confidently predict that his relationship with Corazon will most likely not work. And I am not one of the “Kamati ya roho chafu” crew. I say that after seeing their body language and the non-verbal clues the two were sending that this is a short and fast affair.

Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka

To me, Frankie is just a healthy sperm donor to Corazon. Nothing more. This relationship was about lust and a rebound at that. Tick tock tick tock.

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Caroline Mutoko shows off grown up daughter and Kenyans can’t keep calm (video)

Caroline Mutoko is synonymous with the radio industry in Kenya. The media personality blazed a trail for many in the industry today with many new entrants trying to emulate her charm and elegance on the mike.

Miss Mutoko has seen it all and done it all in her career, something she has also tried to match in her personal life. 9 years ago she did something most Kenyans are averse to do.

Caroline-Mutoko smiling
Caroline-Mutoko smiling

She made the big step and started a family by adopting a girl called Theodora Nduku who now has a younger sibling. The former Kiss FM presenter likes keeping Theodora and her son away from the media spotlight but there are times she let’s the public see what a blessing she has in Nduku.

This past month Miss Mutoko showed off what a pretty girl the beautiful nine-year-old girl has become over the years. She did so on her Instagram page where she has been sharing cute mother-daughter videos making her fans and followers go gaga.

Many fans noted how articulate, smart, headstrong and too witty for her age. In the videos, one can see the joy the two have in each other’s presence and how great a mother Miss Mutoko is.

Caroline Mutoko with Nduku
Caroline Mutoko with Nduku in an older photo

This validates the decision she made in 2011 to adopt Nduku while she was 8 months old backing up a claim she made that it was the best decision she ever made.

‘Akothee is the kind of chic you love to hate, very bold’ – Caroline Mutoko

Miss Mutoko also has a son who she kept hidden from the public eye. In 2019, she revealed that in a conversation with speech therapist Lorna Muthamia Ochido.

Caroline Mutoko portrait
Caroline Mutoko portrait

Miss Mutoko disclosed that her son was 1 year five months (at the time) and his first words were his sister’s name ‘Nduku’ who he fondly calls ‘Kuku’.

“My housekeeper used to say that the first words my son would say are Nduku and I used to laugh at her. Sure enough when the boy uttered his first words, he said nduku as ‘kuku’,” she revealed during the conversation.

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Tanzanian singer Shilole shows badly-bruised face claiming that husband abused her

This story is very sad if it is true. And the reason for my saying so is that it sullies marriage-an institution that is already suffering from a bad reputation.

Popular Tanzanian singer Shilole has come out to allege that her husband Uchebe has been physically and mentally abusing her.

Shilole with her ex-husband on her wedding day

She shared this devasting news on her Instagram page. She also attached some disturbing photos on her page that showed the extensive bruising she has been suffering.

The two got married in 2018 at a ceremony that was attended by the likes of Wolper, Irene Uwoya, Vanessa Mzee, Jux, Harmonize and BabuTale who played the part of Shilole’s dad.

Shilole on her wedding day
Shilole on her wedding day

After two years of what many thought was a life of bliss, it is emerging that Shilole has been going through hell. She started off her post saying;

“I am writing this with a clear mind and conscience. First, I would like to apologise to my family. I am seeking your forgiveness because I assured you that my marriage was trouble-free, while in reality, it wasn’t peaceful. I have been a victim of domestic violence and other evil acts I cannot speak about on this platform.”

Shilole's face looking bruised
Shilole’s face looking bruised

Shilole also felt the need to apologise to her family for not letting them know what she was going through in her life and covering the abuse she had been facing.

Vanessa Mdee defends boyfriend Rotimi against physical abuse claims

The singer who is very well-known for her broken English also regretted that despite one of the first women to speak and fight for women rights; she often kept her mouth shut about her own problems to avoid looking weak in front of other women.

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Naandika haya, nikiwa na akili timamu na utulivu, La kwanza kabisa nataka KUOMBA RADHI JAMII YANGU. Naomba radhi kwa sababu niliwaaminisha ndoa yangu haina tatizo, huku ukweli ukiwa hauko hivyo, nimekuwa mtu wa kuambulia vipigo na MENGINE yasiyozungumzika, Naomba radhi kwa sababu niliposikia wanawake wenzangu wakipigwa niliwaambia PAZENI SAUTI, niliposikia mwanamke kule Kigamboni ameuwawa na kuchomwa moto niliomboleza na jamii na kusema Bora angesema".. huku mimi nikijikausha na kujitoa kwenye kundi lao wakati ukweli wangu MIMI NI MWENZAO, Naomba radhi. . Mimi ni kioo cha jamii, tena sura kubwa ya wanawake. Leo numeona nivunje ukimya kwa kuweka wazi kwamba MUME WANGU ASHRAFU SADIKI, maarufu kama UCHEBE AMEKUWA ANANIPIGA SAAANA, na tena hata baada ya kunipiga hajali kupiga simu wala kujua naendeleaje, nauguzwa na watu baki hospitali, na bado manyanyaso mengine yanayoikosesha hii ninayoiita Ndoa uhai na furaha na zaidi nina WATOTO, watoto wanaoniangalia kama Baba na Mama, leo nikubali kufa na kuacha wanangu barabarani, SITAWEZA . 'Uchebe' ni mwanaume niliyempenda, nilimvumilia kwa madhaifu yote, nikampa kila kitu, (Utu wangu, Mali Zangu na hata palipotakiwa kumuendeleza asimame mwenyewe nilifanya kwakuwa nilijua tuko pamoja), lakini HILO HALIKUWAHI KUZUIA VIPIGO, DHARAU NA USALITI. . Siku 2 zilizopita baada ya kutoka SABASABA KUTAFUTIA WATOTO WANGU NA KUMTAFUTIA YEYE NILIPIGWA SANA. SABABU ZA KUPIGWA NI MIGOGORO MIDOGO YA KAWAIDA AMBAYO IPO KWENYE KILA NDOA, sio kwamba amenifumania au mambo yanayoshindwa kuzungumzika, hapana, Tena Namuheshimu sana, lakini solution aliyoiona ni kunipiga kinyama bila huruma, tena kwa kunishtua na ngumi nikiwa usingizini, Kama mnavyoona picha hapo ni matukio ya siku tofauti tofauti. Najua nitalaumiwa kwa kuweka hili mtandaoni, ILA SINA NAMNA, MAISHA YANGU NI MAISHA YA WATU KWA KIASI KIKUBWA, JAMII INANITAZAMA KAMA MFANO.. Nimefika mwisho, na kuanzia sasa naomba nisitambulike kama Mke wa Uchebe, ila Mama alieamua kuweka maslahi ya watoto wake mbele na kuamua kuwa mwenyewe kwa usalama na furaha yake Wakati nahangaikia mambo yangu ya ndoa, post hii itumike kuwakumbusha wanawake TUVUNJE UKIMYA, TUPINGE UKATILI, TUTAKUJA KUULIWA SABABU

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But it seems that Shilole has had enough and has finally decided to walk away from the relationship. The comments from fans and followers agreed with her decision with many encouraging her for her bold decision.

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Zari Hassan shows off posh Bentley bought by ex Diamond Platnumz(photo)

It seems that things between Zari and Diamond are at the best place they can be. Why? The two have been on such cordial terms the past few months that many are speculating that they might be getting back together.

The two have had a mending of fences the past few months after Diamond took a more active role in co-parenting the two kids he shares with his first baby mama.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

This came shortly after Zarinah had called him out publicly for helping strangers but ignoring his own kids. That message seems to have done the trick and since then the Bongo star has acted behind the scenes spending more time with his kids online.

Just like old friends! Zari and Mama Diamond make fun of Tiffah in pleasant exchange

Zarinah who for the last two years nary said a kind word about Chibu is now suddenly singing his praises. Not only that, but she and Mama Diamond(the woman has the most say in his life) have also been on great terms.

Zari and Mama Diamond
Zari and Mama Diamond

And it seems that the rumours that the co-parents will get back together might have some truth to them. Why? The recent information that Mr. Platnumz had bought a brand new car for his baby mama!

And not just any car! A Bentley! Zarinah herself revealed this news on her Instagram page. The light-blue in colour was delivered to the mother of 5 where she resides in South Africa.

Thank you T’s dad (Princess Tiffah) for the top-up,” she wrote, adding a prayer emotion at the end. A huge red ribbon was attached to the front, which gave a hint on how the two feel about each other at the moment.

Zari leaning on her car
Zari leaning on her car

Bentley’s are exotic cars and can go for as much as Sh 30 million on the market. The irony of the situation is that the gift came a day after Tanasha’s birthday.

The singer did not even mention her on her birthday while celebrating his mother, Mama Dangote, who was coincidentally born on the same day.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Tanasha herself has been the recipient of a brand-new car. This happened when she still curried favour with the father of her only kid.

How times change…

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Friends again? Tanasha sends Mama Diamond video of grandson walking on her b/day

While Tanasha Donna might still have issues with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, she seems to be in a better place with his mother, Sandrah.

The former model has in the past shared that Mama Chibu was one of the causes of her poor relationship, saying that she was very controlling. But it seems that her stance towards her might have softened recently.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond, his mother and Tanasha at the birthday

Maybe she has observed Zari’s improved relationship with Mama Dangote this past year and that has made her take note. The singer recently sent her “mother-in-law” a video of her son Naseeb Junior walking.

Diamond reveals what Tanasha didn’t like about Tanzania

The video was sent to Mama Dangote on her birthday and boy didn’t it do the trick on her big day! She was giddy and over the moon as she watched Diamond’s youngest baby walk take his first steps.

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

Sandra could not hold back her joy when she received the unexpected surprise and boasted of how her young grandchild was growing too fast.

She added that Naseeb Junior had been waiting for this auspicious moment to take his first steps. “Naseeb has surprised me today after learning his grandmother was born on this day. He decided to walk. This boy surely loves me,” she wrote on her Instagram post.

Diamond was also jazzed with the video praising his baby boy and referred to his namesake as a lion. Does this video signal a thawing of tensions between Tanasha and the Platnumz family?

As I said earlier, wherever Mama Dangote goes, so does Diamond. This new move by Tanasha seems to be pragmatic considering that the singer is building a vast fortune.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

Who will inherit that money? His kids off course and it is smart to start planning for that day. Or am I reading too much into her actions?

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