Davido reveals that his fiancée, Chioma has tested positive for covid-19

Nigeria music star David Adeleke, aka Davido’s fiancée Chioma Rowland, has tested positive for covid-19. The singer revealed this on his social media pages yesterday.

Maina Kageni swoons over Davidos’ son’s endorsement deal

The singer wrote on his verified Instagram account saying the mother of his child tested positive despite not showing any symptoms.

Chioma Rowland chilling
Chioma Rowland

Chioma has since been quarantined and will remain quarantined for a minimum of 14 days. Davido has also began self-isolation following his fiancee’s coronavirus status.

Davido with Chioma in a file photo
Davido with Chioma in a file photo

His full message to fans is below:

Hey everyone ! I came back recently from America after postponing my tour. My fiancé Chioma also came back from London recently with our baby. We had no symptoms and still both feel perfectly fine but because of our recent travel history we decided to take ourselves and our all close associates we’ve come in recent contact with for the COVID-19 test on the 25th of March. Unfortunately, my fiancé’s results came back positive while all 31 others tested have come back negative including our baby. We are however doing perfectly fine and she is even still yet to show any symptoms whatsoever. She is now being quarantined and I have also gone into full self isolation for the minimum 14 days. I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your endless love and prayers in advance and to urge everyone to please stay at home as we control the spread of this virus! Together we can beat this!
Love, D ❤️

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Men needed to spend more time in their homes, with their wives-Size 8 says about curfew

Size 8 is one of the few people celebrating the curfew that started yesterday evening. Why? The gospel singer was left impressed by the President’s announcement of a curfew starting yesterday from 7 pm until 5 am.

The curfew is to run indefinitely until the COVID-19 crisis is contained. The musician was in such glee concerning the news that she addressed her online fans – imitating the ongoing press briefings by the health ministry – on behalf of wives and mothers.

Dj Mo with Size 8
Dj Mo with Size 8

Size 8 joyfully revealed that she is a member of the committee of wives and had come out to thank the President for the move.

Welcome to the Press Conference of the wives. I just want to thank the President so very much because of the quarantine. Na hii curfew pia, yenye wababa lazima wakuwe kwa nyumba, tunasema ni asanti sana kwa sababu hatukuwa tunaona wanaume sana. Reason being: men needed to spend more time in their homes, with their wives. Our husbands were there but now in the Mighty Name of Jesus, God has answered out prayers. Haleluya!

She has been there for me thru and thru – Size 8 introduces mother-in-law

Adding, “Quarantine is coming! Here in the house…sitting at home…with me!!! Curfew is coming 🎶 fridayyyyyyyyy !!!
You be spending at home with me 🎵 😂😂😂😂 @djmokenya…… committee of wives press conference to be continued. Tag those husbands 😂”

Size 8 and DJ Mo together
Size 8 and DJ Mo together

And how did her husband take the news, he wasn’t as happy as his spouse feeling disappointment by the Commander-in-Chief for letting him down.

“Huyu sasa nini huwa inamsumbua 😂😂🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️@size8reborn …..we will be addressing the nation soon as men / husbands on what we think about this issue 😂😂😂😂 Uhunye alichoma 😂”

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He moved on in 2 days! Nadia Mukami says after breakup with Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami normally isn’t afraid of revealing interesting tidbits about her life. The outspoken singer has recently disclosed that her singer ex-boyfriend Arrow Bwoy moved on just two days after breaking up.

Nadia Mukami on breakup with Arrow Bwoy
Nadia Mukami on breakup with Arrow Bwoy

In an exchange on twitter with a user named Stivo Boy, Ms Mukami said the musician moved on as soon as they broke up, after the user asked to know if they had broken up.

“@nadia_mukami Kwani mliachana na Arrowboy?” asked Stivo Boy, to which Nadia responded saying: “@stivo_boy Alimove na siku mbili.”

The question from the fan came after the singer (Nadia) in a tweet said that the quarantine order by the government was only good for couples.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

She further stated that for single people, the situation only makes them wish they had partners to be with.

“Quarantine is only interesting for couples, us single people it’s times like this we wish we had someone for ourselves Corona iishe jamani,” read Nadia’s tweet.

I’d choose Khaligraph over Octopizzo-Nadia Mukami stunningly reveals

The two were very secretive about their relationship and never talked about it whenever the question came up during media interviews.

Nadia Mukami portrait

They credited their close relationship to working together on their successful song ‘Radio love’. After the breakup, Nadia publicly admitted in an interview with a local radio station that they dated for a year, but things didn’t work out.

Unlike Nadia, Arrow Bwoy has never spoken about the same issue.

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Quarantine with bae! Corazon Kwamboka hangs out with Maureen Waititu’s ex, Frankie

Corazon Kwamboka, the voluptuous socialite has left many Kenyans speculating after she posted an image of herself with Maureen Waititu’s muscular ex Frankie Kiarie.

Corazon Kwamboka in tracksuit
Corazon Kwamboka in tracksuit

Miss Kwamboka, who is the definition of a perfect figure 8, made tongues wag after she and Frankie alias Frankie Just Gym were seen posing together.

I fought for the relationship until the end! Maureen Waititu on break-up with Frankie

The image was posted on the Instagram page of Corazon with the chemistry the two shared emanating and palpable for all to see.  The socialite then captioned her photo with a suggestive message, “quarantine with bae”.

Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka

In the photo, the fitness trainer could be seen admiring Kwamboka’s assets who also seemed impressed by his reaction. Dressed in her pajamas, the lass posed in front of Frankie who was also dressed in a sweatpant, t-shirt and completed the look with slippers.

Corazon Kwamboka in tracksuit
Corazon Kwamboka in tracksuit

Many fans and followers of Corazon were quick to comment about the photo. Some of the comments are below:

reubenzzz Where is the white dude ..has he been quarantined?

ricobaby007 Corazon, I’m sure that man is going have a good time being in Quarantine with you!

society_beast Frankie😂😂…..hatari kwa usalama

hassanovajuniortz Huyu msee anakula hii kitu

empress_eunny Social distance please 🤚

adikinyi6 When you are done to be a side chick 😍😍

nck81 She going to be Prego and post a baby a year from now lol

big.volts Nice. Definitely Africa’s number one curves, What’s your statistics in bust-waist-hips

killahkof That’s your new man?

shelmie_muliro Wuuueh

_instasleyjana Ndio umeamua kuniumiza 🙄

wakandanz Tako si tako breh FUCK 🔥🍑😍

lilyanne.lynn Weeuhhhhhhh kwamboka!!!!you quarantine is something else🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

viviene_1 Support fam❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️ follow for follow always 🗨️💞💞💞support support please 🙏💞✍️

louise77955 Imagine the food…🍑

Frankie was dumped by YouTuber Maureen Waititu in 2019 and the fact was only revealed after months of separation. The two managed to keep their marriage affair away from the public even with the much interest expressed by their fans. In an interview with a local station, Waititu revealed she was still in love with her baby daddy.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past

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‘Hit rock bottom’ Natalie Tewa recalls night ex boyfriend assaulted her


Back then YouTube couple Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze were the darlings of social media.

They gave us all couple goals, little did we know they were a heartbeat away from exposing their behind the scenes marital drama.

Natalie Tewa
Natalie Tewa

The Youtube couple shocked us when we saw videos of them shouting, and accusing the other of cheating and physical assault.

“She is Jamaican and I have already paid her dowry” Willy Paul says about light-skin woman

A video of a half-dressed Natalie arguing and screaming went viral in March 2019.

In the video, a conversation takes place between her and ex boyfriend Rnaze that spills over outside the apartment, attracting the attention of the watchman and curious neighbors.

She was locked out of the apartment and was banging, and Natalie can be heard urging one of her neighbors to call her mother.

“I was basically physically abused. If anyone saw what happened please speak out. Men should not ever get that far no matter what. If you know Rnaze you know he aint sh*t. Brokest ni*ga I have been with, always prancing around creating a façade. Selfish AF and always riding on my wave to be famous. If you know you know,” she posted.

Nameless’ last-born daughter wants another family after war with mum Wahu and sister

However Rnaze had his side of the story saying she cheated on him while he was in Uganda.

“She cheated, I ended it. Came back from UG to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for 4 days… smh. That’s the truth.”

Natalie is now looking back reflecting on that incident a year later.

She took to her social media to give an update of her feeling and what progress she has made a year on..

She wrote

 And just like that, it’s been a year since your girl hit rock bottom..Looking back, I honestly didn’t think I would make it through it all, but look how much has changed since then? Look at me now 🙏🏽☺️ I now know for sure that there’s nothing God can give you that you cannot overcome. It’s all part of the process. If a door shuts, 10 others open up. So trust in him and keep rising my loves❤️👌🏾 ••


We wish her all the best and may she find her happy ending.


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“I don’t date gorillas” Akothee says as she reveals her dating criteria in 2020

Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, is keeping her fans entertained this quarantine season as she normally does. What is Madam Boss up to now? The mother of five made it clear about the type of men she would date.

She said that her focus is only on men aged between 45 to 55 years old strictly. Posting on her Instagram page, the mother of five shared a video of herself enjoying time with her dogs at home.

Akothee seating
Akothee seating

According to her, she wanted to have a girl talk with her dog Salome who kept ignoring her and decided to address her fans.

Sharing her 2020 dreams, the socialite mom said she is only going to date a man who is between 45 and 55 years. “This year my dream, this is the kind of a man I want to engage. Age 45 and 55 years in between. If you are 44 and below forget me,” said Akothee.

Akothee in white
Akothee in white

The singer also added that her dream man should have good looks because she is a woman who has standards. “I know some of you will say, ‘you and your five children’ I have standards. Also, you must be cute. I do not do gorillas then you will say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, my friends we do not walk around with microscopes,” she added. Watch the hilarious video below:

Akothee recently revealed her former lover still detests her over a cosy moment she shared with her beloved best friend Eric Omondi.

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Her Somali guy? Joe Muchiri busts MC Jessy and Betty Kyallo (video)

One of Joe Muchiri’s recent videos raised Kenyans eyebrows after it showed Kenyan comedian MC Jessy and Betty Kyallo together at a petrol station.

Joe Muchiri in the club
Joe Muchiri in the club

In the video, Joe can be seen castigating MC Jessy for being out and about while Kenyans have been advised to stay indoors. Muchiri’s caption read,

busted 😜 @jessythemc jana ame sema watu wakae home na Nime mpata hapa Lenana road aki tangatanga 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ muache double standards Corona is not spread at night only iko hata mchana, mna penda ku ingilia watu wa #UsikuSacco coz wanaraha mingi kuwa shinda 🙂😜 Hata Hio asteroid ina kuja kuanguka mta sema ni sisi tume leta 😒😒 Acha ni ingie CBD just to do an analysis of these hypocrites, it better be empty AF na wa record nyote huko 😴😴 #StayHome24/7

MC Jessy smiling
MC Jessy smiling

But what caught many Kenyans attention was that both Betty and the comedian in the same vicinity at the same time. The coincidence is striking considering that a while back, the Churchill show host hinted that he might be Betty Kyallo’s mystery Somali guy on his Instagram page.

So if Kenyans are to see more into this innocuous video than meets the eye, then they do have a bit of history to fuel it. Ama?

Is MC Jessy Betty Kyallo’s mystery ‘Somali guy’?

Read some of the comments from fans on the MC and Betty below:

cates_kasimu Naona Betty kyalo hapo😁🤣🤣🤣😃

miss.kariuki014 Umescrew up. Hiyo emoji umejaribu kuficha BK nayo imabeck fire😂😂😂

rocky_lawrent Kumbe Jesse ndio the Somali guy😂😂

place_an_order Unaficha betty kyalo ya nini?

naomi_kagoh Jesse aliacha shixs akaendea bettyre😃😃😃

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“She is Jamaican and I have already paid her dowry” Willy Paul says about light-skin woman

Willy Paul is one artiste who knows how to stoke and stir controversy especially before he releases any new music. The musician, who shocked many when he revealed that he had gotten married a few weeks back, has doubled down on that claim with the claim that he had already paid dowry.

Willy Paul with the pretty model

Recently, the besotted man stepped out with his ‘Magnetic’ song that glued the eyes of many to the screens.

It started with ‘wedding’ photos on his Instagram, followed by romantic poses with a mixed-breed beauty before snippets of the video came in. That came and went with his ‘Byebye’ jam and the dust settled.

In a recent interview with Mpasho, breaking down the song’s theme and content, Pozze expressed:

“The song is about how someone attracts you, the power of the attraction of a magnet. It was inspired by my wife,” he said.

Willy Paul with the pretty model
Willy Paul with the pretty model

Talking about his ‘wife’, it comes out that the duo have actually known each other longer than anyone was privy to.

“She is Jamaican. We have known each other for a long time now. Along the way, a lot has happened. I didn’t see the need to share dowry photos because no one will help me live with her.”

He added, “We will take our time. I already have a son that I love and he is not even two years old, but I thank God for him. She [his wife] will help me raise this one child as we plan for more.”

Willy Paul with the pretty model

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‘He was a prince of two Nigerian states’ Wavinya Ndeti says of late husband


Kamba politician Wavinya Ndeti is no stranger to the cancer world.

Sometime back, she lost her husband to colon cancer at an early age.

I was in such a bad state the psychiatrist wanted to admit me – Maureen Waititu

In an emotional tribute to her Nigerian husband, Wavinya wrote that

If there is one person I really miss in my life is my husband, Prince Henry Dolamu Oduwole. This gentleman was a loving husband, father and real man. Rest peacefully darling till we meet again.

She explained that he died as a result of colon cancer and her hopes for treating the medical condition

I lost my husband to Colon cancer.

When we get to 50 years we should have colonoscopy and endoscopy tests. African men may find it intrusive but its necessary to catch it early. We were late.

Sean Andrew – I don’t see myself being a father, a husband maybe but I don’t want kids

Colon cancer in its early stages is completely treatable. Survival rates for stage one are 90%, but at stage 4, less than 10% survive.

Someone wanted to know where he was a prince of and she obliged saying

Nigeria legos state and

This caught another persons attention, but she didn’t respond

@Wecheman_..wrote asking

Prince as in heir to the throne? Or is it just a name?
Rip man

Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

She also shared more intimate details of her late lover. the photo she shared above was taken in the underground tube in London.

Cute details about their love story right? Rest in peace.

I was in such a bad state the psychiatrist wanted to admit me – Maureen Waititu

Maureen Waititu was in a really bad place last year after her split from the father of her two sons, Frankie Kiarie. 8 months since she called it off with the gym instructor, the YouTube TV personality is juggling single motherhood, work life and her mental stability.

The break-up has been so tough on her that she had to undergone the various stages of grief and loss.

“You will have denial, anger, crazy, negotiation and acceptance and go back and forth until the process finishes” she earlier on disclosed.

Maureen-Waititu-with-her-baby-daddy-Frankie in the past
Maureen-Waititu-with-her-baby-daddy-Frankie in the past

But the beautiful mother of two isn’t a shrinking violet and decided to fight the various mental challenges she was going through by visiting psychiatric help which is bearing good fruits.

Speaking of anti-depressant pills, Maureen shared:

“When you are really sad, it brings you to normal. The other one helps me sleep and it wears off.”

The YouTuber with her kids
Maureen Waititu with her kids

A woman who wears many hats, having two boys on one hand and sourcing for a living on the other, the balance at times topples off.

“I never rest being a single mum of two boys and I work really hard and barely get time for myself and I need structure. Whenever I am free, I feel guilty and I need to learn how to slow down,” she said.

I fought for the relationship until the end! Maureen Waititu on break-up with Frankie

But things seem to be looking up for Maureen as her fight against her mental issues gains steam, with the influencer expressing her gratitude for her doctor.

“I was in such a bad state and Dr. Njuguna (the psychiatrist) wanted to admit me but I told him I have kids to take care of. He saved my life.”

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past

Check out the video of Maureen speaking about her struggles and triumphs below:

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They are hard to love…Comedian YY speaks on challenges dating single mothers

Stand-up comedian YY has made it big in our entertainment industry by speaking his mind through the comedy he does. That truth might often be painful or controversial to hear.

Another interesting thing is that the comedian isn’t afraid to reveal some of these unpopular truths even without the veil (safe space) the comedic genre affords him.

YY, the comedian

The funnyman recently engaged his online fans in a Q&A and the issue of single mothers seemed to be a no-go zone for him.

A fan posed:

“Can you marry a lady with a kid?” He said that he didn’t mind it but under certain conditions.

“Yeah if it is of God…First, most single mums make their child(ren) a priority even before the man and he then feels like a third party. But most single mothers are hard to love because they make decisions 100% based on their children or how it influences them. This makes you close to a 3rd wheel… ‘what will my child think?’”

YY, the comedian

He added,

“Second, these women act on emotions and not based on reasoning and logic, therefore, creating an imbalance. It is more of how they feel not how things should be… A great single mother is she who has emotions but only acts on logic.”

Women are technically the heads in our homes – YY Comedian’s emotional message

He went on to add that baby mamas rarely heal from their past especially the relationships that led them to have a kid and it becomes difficult to deal with them. This he said was compounded by the fact that the baby daddy remains part of the woman’s life and seemingly in control of her actions and feelings.

YY, the comedian

But that doesn’t mean the comedian isn’t out here dating. YY revealed that due to the nature of his job, his woman once felt insecure after he spent more time shooting than expected.

“This disorganized his day’s schedule, and never made it to pick his girl. Following morning, she had every reason to believe he was out with another woman,” he said.

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‘I keep a mwiko near me to keep him off’ woman in quarantine says of husband


While Khaligraph Jones is out here begging Huddah for some, a Kenyan woman is crying she is fed up of twa twa antics with her husband in self quarantine.

She is exhausted by his incessant demands, and has figured a way to keep him off of her as they quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

On the Thursday morning conversation Maina and Kingangi discussed how men are handling being in quarantine.

The woman who called to contribute to the morning conversation about how men are handling quarantine and chill, has had enough.

She told Maina what she is doing to stop him from touching her

juu siku hizi woi twa twa mimi paka nimeweka mwiko hapo, ajaribu nimchape 

This tickled Maina as another woman called in saying she is forced to make her husband shower.

She started off by saying ‘Hii quarantine itatuonyesha mambo.. What is she talking about?


She has now been forced to remind her husband that he needs to shower everyday.

She is hating being in quarantine with her man, who she describes as behaving worse than a baby.

he is alike a child, ni kama mtoto hana meno, I almost have to spoon feed him, and even worse hawaogi, I am forced to make him shower coz he is smelling, nimeona mwingine amejigifcha inje apige simu kwa mti wa stima nikajua ni ule mwingine anapigia,

‘I walked out because it was toxic’ Vera claims about Tanzanian doctor

‘Kumbe it is a nightmare being in the house’, Maina responded to her cry.

There are no quarantine love stories, just spouses getting on each others nerves, according to the accounts of Classic 105 listeners.


This may give you a good giggle, but women out here are suffering being forced to self quarantine with husbands they rarely see until now.


Dear Classic 105 fam, how are you surviving the quarantine with your spouse? Any creative ways to keep the flame burning we could share with others? Drop your comments below.

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Sean Andrew – I don’t see myself being a father, a husband maybe but I don’t want kids

Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew has made a confession that will undoubtedly cause many ladies who were into the heartthrob to take a pause.

The man has announced to his fans on a Q and A that he doesn’t want to be a father after being questioned if he has plans to settle down any time soon.

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

In a Q&A session with his Instagram family, Andrew mentioned that he doesn’t see himself becoming a father or settling down to have kids.

“Have you ever thought of one day getting married and settling down?” Asked a curious fan.

Sean replied; “Yes I have thought of it, but I don’t see myself being a father, a husband maybe but I don’t want kids. Never have.”
I don’t date anymore.”

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

Another user asked; “Have you ever thought of dating a local girl with no fame?” He answered, “Although I don’t date anymore, I just have consensual fun. I will make this statement; I am not in the business of dating at the moment because that’s a long-term thing and I’m in the mindset for short term things for now,” said Sean Andrew.

Another user asked; “Have you ever felt like you don’t want to be in this world anymore”

Sean responded saying, “I have, Life is hard. But you dictate your fate, accept your situation but never settle with it. You Must understand, as I did Life isn’t easy but giving up on your life shouldn’t be an option there is always a way through.”

Sean Andrew

Sean also advised those going through depression not to give up, as there is always a way out in every difficult situation.

“Have you ever thought you were depressed and didn’t know who to talk to?” asked another curious fan.

“Yes, I am depressed but life goes on, I find ways to cope and be constructive with my life. Its something I have been working on getting through day by day.” he said.

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‘You ain’t sleeping in my bed’ Oprah kicks out boyfriend after travelling


Savage does not even begin to describe how Oprah is treating the threat of contracting coronavirus from close proximity.

You can also forget about that vow of through sickness and health. This doesn’t apply in Oprahs household.

Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey was on Instagram live, where she confessed o a fan that she made her lover Steadman sleep in the guesthouse after he recently traveled. She confessed that he is in self quarantine in their guesthouse to avoid possibly spreading coronavirus.

She told that

“Social distancing don’t mean you come sleep in bed with a person when you just got off American Airlines”

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

The 66 year old media mogul cheekily admitted that she makes sure he eats and drops off the food at the doorstep of the guesthouse.

The TV legend contracted pneumonia late last year and admits she still may have a weak immune system and so for her boyfriend to be travelling in times of the pandemic is risky to her health.

‘Stedman is at the guest house. You all know I had çç late last year and you can still hear the raspiness in my throat sometimes… ‘And I just got off antibiotics last week and so Stedman was late to the party. Stedman didn’t arrive from Chicago until Thursday and he was speaking in St. Louis on Saturday and he’s been on planes.

Screenshot from 2020-03-25 10:41:55

Otile Brown’s emotional message to Sanaipei arouses fans suspicion

In an instagram live session, Oprah said that Steadman had been travelling and she has instructed him to keep away to avoid infection.

‘I was like, ‘You ain’t coming in here and sleeping in my bed. It doesn’t work that way’.

‘Social distancing doesn’t mean you can go sleep in a bed with someone after you got off American Airlines.’ We can not play those games.’


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Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

It seems the beef between Huddah Monroe and Khaligraph Jones will not be dying anytime soon. Why? The two are at each others throats after Khaligraph Jones released a freestyle diss track where he called out the socialite.

His fans from left, right and center couldn’t help but hype the rapper; forgetting that Huddah is a don’t care who probably fears the coronavirus if not death!

Huddah chilling

In the diss track Khaligraph is heard referencing Huddah calling her a slay queen and saying that despite the coronavirus quarantine, the light-skinned lady is still going out partying.

Huddah: Why I Don’t Pick Khaligraph Jones’ Calls

He even says that he wouldn’t want to get with her and that she had already dated another rapper in the industry. Watcht the video below:

After listening to the song, Huddah has not thrown any shade or called the rapper any insulting names! Her threat was one that most men would dream of considering that it came from the very beautiful Huddah – that she would have lungula with the real O.G until he left her alone! The way she says it comes off as a threat and not something the real O.G should look forward to.

Huddah Monroe portrait
Miss Monroe portrait

The origin of this beef started when Miss Monroe claimed that she didn’t know any music by the burly rapper and Khaligraph took that confession as a slight from her, even posing it on his Instagram page.

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Otile Brown’s emotional message to Sanaipei arouses fans suspicion

Nabayet might be sending Otile Brown sweet nothings on her Instagram page but it seems that her ex (I suspect that their relationship is over) might have already moved on to another – this according to some eager Kenyans.

Otile Brown with Nabayet in the past
Otile Brown with Nabayet in the past

To who? His ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ collaborator, Sanapei Tande. It comes out that the duo shares more than just being secular artistes, but also a  similar birth date.

Otile Brown
The singer posing

On Sunday, Otile wished himself a lovely birthday before the curvy lass dropped a bomb. The singer had written, “It’s OB day .. Happy birthday to me . Lord I’m grateful 🙏 not a birthday person but wouldn’t do much even if i wanted to coz of RONA 😞”

This caption lead to a classy back and forth between the two. It is below:

Sanaipei-Ewe! Kumbe yours is a day before mine?!! 😂 Happy birthday!

Otile[email protected] no wonder 😊

Sanaipei-🤣🤣 ushaanza!! Enjoy!

Otile Brown with seating on his white Mercedes Benz
Otile Brown with seating on his white Mercedes Benz

Then Mr. Brown decided to up the ante by dedicating a whole message about the beautiful singer on his Instagram page with a photo of Sanaipei attached. It read,

Heshima yako totoz , Yo! Didn’t know we share birthdays, no wonder we make good music together and the chemistry is always on point.. you’ll always be my fav female artist . Thank you for two legendary tunes 🙏 more to come .. if they can’t get tired of good music then they’ll never get tired of us .. Happiest birthday . Wishing you good health , blessings on your hustles and more life . Love u ❤️

Sanaipei Tande
Sanaipei Tande

Many commentators were quick to read between the lines with many seeing more to the message than just some friendly banter. Some of those comments are below:

robbie_king96 Ufisi detected 😂😂😂🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

richdolittle Otile you must do something with this chick…mnashare many things in common joh…Karing ikam thru joh😂😂😂👏👏👏😋🤗
nabella__21 Ahhh at least wait a minute while we get emotional on Nabi’s post before you post another woman 🤮

justusmerlin5 Make her yours coz huyu ndo hata stick na ww…ur bloods seems to be same..❤️❤️

itongwa_mb Chaguo la moyo ❤️❤️

patrobagift @justusmerlin5 Nabayet my vote still,that girl believes in ob like heaven

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She has been there for me thru and thru – Size 8 introduces mother-in-law

Size 8 and Dj Mo have revealed a lot about themselves in the last couple of years -never afraid about sharing their most personal of details. But something that the couple has kept close to their chest is their extended families with them rarely posting pictures.

Size 8 posing with Dj Mo
Size 8 posing with Dj Mo

But yesterday, Size 8 decided to post an image of her and her mother-in-law enjoying each others company as they rode horses. Mother-in-laws and their daughters-in-laws might normally have complicated relationhips but that doesn’t seem to be the case as Size 8 alluded to in her Instagram caption writing,

Showered her with love, thanking her for being supportive. She has been there for me thru and thru I can never repay her only god can. God bless our mum Mrs Kanyingi…’ she posted.

Size 8 with Dj Mo's mother
Size 8 with Dj Mo’s mother

Size 8 lost her biological mother Esther to Kidney related illness in 2015, a day after she gave birth to her first daughter, Ladasha Wambo. Many of her fans and followers responded positively to the post. Some of their comments are below:

njeri_kanyingi Kanyingis are always extra kind and caring😍…..mko sure mm si wenu😂😂

belindaellen522 No one like mums💓💓

laura_waswala Shooooshoooo!!!!! Love love her and her advises for me…ata kama munanichokozanga😭😭😭😭😭

_.sweet.apple Nice

kirubikaruga May God bless her abundantly

ndiemanicholas Hapo ndo kuwa quarintine sasa

suehybz Its a blessing to have a supportive and loving mum in love.

gatreel ❤️❤️❤️love you size 8

mercyshiko So cute❤️

faiemashah 😂😂😂😂😂😂but umeona umpeleke kwa farasi najua anasema maombi kimoyomoyo

lucy.k.kariuki Helmets mummy, helmets… 🔊

mbuguam16 Wow God bless you for the rememberance of good deeds she did coz most people don’t

jamsbrawn97 Nimepatana na mama wambo na mukurino mmoja wakiwa wamebebwa na mafarasi

knic_k_nacks Aaaawww❤️❤️❤️

mcawesomeee Say hi to that gorgeous woman

thehannyway Nice

shikum123 Looking good Nani amenotice posture ya kichwa ni kama inafanana

maureen_nyukuri Lovely 😍
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Kwani someone can’t add weight?! Ruth Matete speaks after pregnancy rumours surface

This past weekend rumours spread in the entertainment industry that gospel singer Ruth Matete might be with child. The news came as s pleasant surprise considering that she had gotten married in November last year.

Ruth Matete was aware of husbands ex wife

But as with everything in this day and age where a lie spreads faster than the truth, this great news has turned out to be just that-fake news. This all spawned from an innocuous photo that the singer had shared where she was posing with her husband BelovedJohn Apewajoye.

Ruth Matete with her man
Ruth Matete with her man

In the photo Ruth seemingly has a bulging stomach prompting a section of her Insta-followers to conclude that she was pregnant.

Ruth Matete with her husband
Ruth Matete with her husband

The reactions from her fans, forced the singer to clear the air, stating she was not pregnant but in case it happens she will gladly inform her fans. She added that the picture in question was taken at a time she had put on some weight, as a result of in being a settled relationship.

“With my pepper soup, trying to keep social distance😂No touching. No hugging. Mercy Lord. Just for your information this pic was taken in January. Second ,mtu hawezi tu nona? 😂😂😂 acheni hizo manze🤣 ni Ku settle. Kurekax. Ku enter rest. Time ya baby on board ikifika you will be so sure about it. Sisi ni wake wa kuvuruta tumbo mbele in week two🤣🙈,” reacted Ruth Matete.

Ruth Matete wearing many colours
Ruth Matete wearing many colours

Some of the congratulatory messages directed at Mrs. Matete and her hubby read;

emilynduku “Baby on board congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈 @ruth_matete”

katheygkui “You did not keep social distance we can see something…congratulations gal”

fridahtush “Eeh the kababy bump looks good on you 😍”

iamngaruiyaruth “Woow I like what am seeing in a distance, hope macho haudanganyi👏👏❤️

Matete’s husband is a contemporary gospel music minister and worship leader.

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