‘My Daughter Tells My Wife When She Is Going To Have Sex’ (AUDIO)

A parent called in on Friday during the morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i and said his son comes home every weekend from campus, and he brings along with him many girls. The man says he buys his son condoms because he knows they are doing it in his house.

He also said he buys extra condoms so that his son gives to his friends in school.

Maina Kageni asked  this, “Should we as parents give our children contraceptives and condoms to protect them?”

Mwalimu said it’s wrong, and children should be encouraged to wait until later in life.

“Parents, you cannot bury your head in the sand, you are supposed to teach them about these things,” Maina Kageni said.

He also asked if it is unAfrican for parents to give their children contraceptives.

Well, during the discussion, a parent who is male called in and was so okay with the children being given condoms and for the ladies being given contraceptives.

The man said that he is married and they have a daughter who is in University. What was shocking was when he said that his daughter even informs her mother when she is going to have sex and they have no problem. He added that the girl is always given contraceptives because they know she will automatically go out there and have sex.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

It breaks my heart to see children in running battles with men in uniform – cries out Akothee

Kenya’s richest singer is fed up. Akothee or madam boss as she is popularly referred to has had enough of the running battles Kenyans are witnessing on the streets. What is really hurting her, is some of the scenes where school children are being targeted by men in uniform.

And it’s not just Akothee. Kenyans in general have expressed outrage that children are victims of street demos’ arising from the political crisis in Kenya.

Akothee is not known to wade into politics, but this time she is speaking out.  Madam boss is upset and has taken to social media to express the rage she feels.



She wrote on her social media platform,

“Goodmorning Government, we’ll the country is wondering why I don’t talk about politics, my worry is, I can’t talk about a story that I don’t know it’s head or tail, especially where blood is shed, it’s not a joke as a mother to watch people’s children being Butchered like animals, it’s not easy to see children running helplessly from their classrooms in the name of tear gas, I could not imagine seeing my son rolling on his stomach from lecture rooms looking for help, it has been a terrible year for parents, families entrepreneurs and the country as a whole, I stopped watching news for it makes me helpless and sad, now seeing innocent people fished out of their boda bodas, beaten, their only source of income destroyed! I mean this is uncouth, if you could know how Kenya is depicted in the outside country you could find a solution to this blood shedding, I don’t know what will happen to the tourism industry ,lets not lie to each other ,the tourism industry has been affected 100%, no one would like to visit a country with security instabilities, secondly, companies will retrench employees, there is no business so what do you keep employees for? This means another shock to the family and society at large, I believe Kenyans have democratic rights so they should be allowed to exercise it peacefully, and security provided for them not vise Vasa, it’s a pity that we only have 2 standards of living in kenya , very rich and very poor, the middle class don’t have opportunity to grow, they are the ones leading the most difficult life , eating from hand to mouth, they could be having good jobs but Kenya has become more expensive than Switzerland, we should not exercise our hunger & greed for power on our common mwananchi. My Kenya is lonely and as a Kenyan, I get goose pimples when I see those men in black heads, combats, and gumboots, I only see death and not Security when I see them ! how about children living in this affected areas ?what do you think is going on in their brains? so you already know we are raising a bitter generation, the effect will only be seen in the future generations PRAY FOR KENYA
#someonetellthegovernement .

Kenyan Reality TV Actress Denies Offering Sex On Tinder (Screenshots)

Nairobi Diaries star Iptisam Ali was at pains to explain if she offers sex in exchange from money to men she meets on social dating websites.

Screenshots of her conversation with a man only identified as Peter Hopkins have been leaked on the interwebs and have gone viral.

The messages posted from the dating app Tinder follow a conversation between Ali and Hopkins in what looks like texts planning a sexual rendezvous.

“Wanted to say am going to be very simple,” Ali chats. Hopkins responds, ” Wear what’s okay with you.”

An impatient Hopkins then asks her in another chat, “Are you coming or not? Or I look for another girl?” Ali assuages his fears and tells him she in on her way.

Once she get to the hotel, she asks him for the room number and she is given a wrong room number. She later finds out it was a set-up because the hotel reception confirms to her that they have no such room number or guest by that name.

Ali said, “First of all, I did not hook up. The moment he gave me his room number I knew he is playing. Because there is no such room number at Kempinski. All rooms are four digits.”

Do you hook up with people you meet on these dating sites? “I don’t mind meeting new people from these sites. I have made friends from that site. So I don’t see anything wrong with that. So it’s not about what people are thinking.”

Ali said the screenshots getting leaked are the work of a “mama”, adding, “Aaargh! If she has decided to do that, it is all good and fine.”

Check out the screenshots…


City Girl Confesses Of Her Thirst For Her Sister’s Husband

Staying with relatives is not easy. Some will always stir trouble and others do anything that will break up your marriage.

A city girl who stays with her elder sister who is married has confessed that whenever she sees her brother-in-law (her sister’s husband), she becomes horny and always has that urge to having sexual intercourse with him.

“I stay with my elder sister and I am very horny, the only person on my mind is her husband. I just can’t stop thinking of him, and he is reading in his study room and I just feel like doing something crazy like an adventure. I am fighting it but it is fighting back. Please, what should I do now? I have had my bath 4 times, I have prayed, I am even listening to music as I type but my wetness is dripping and he is the one I am missing,” she wrote.

Check out some reactions;

Favour.nkem: Wicked sister. Mercy🙌

Mamiibeji: Thunder fire you, daughter of Jezebel

Omattutee: Your wetness is dripping… No that’s not normal

Ediaries: What happened to your fingers madam

Oreke: Holy ghost Fire!!!

Neyomi: Hoe…go and look for ur own man… Don’t spoil a good home haba mana the things our own blood do to us these days is crazy.. Apologies to Sodom and Gomorrah

Ms_opemipo: Sigh! This life is just hard!

Alynn: It wouldn’t be good lusting and sleeping with ur sister’s husband. Do the right thing.

Adeesuwaa: This is why I will neva accommodate any sister or friends in my house😡if you spend more dan 1hr I will so pursue the person before you start hearing it’s the work of the devil ❌

Lerrybrixton:  Are you crazy, your sister’s husband, then you’ve ruined ya life

Solomon: Your sister’s husband. Go and masturbate, or call one of your exes to come eat his left over. But please please, leave that man alone. It’s because of people like you that women are scared to invite family to stay.

Taymetorpeh: You are a complete home wrecker!

Makakene: Carry your load and leave that house in Jesus name, amen  .

Shona_dtease: Imagine him fucking you and your sister walking in and seeing you too, then she goes back without you two noticing and she goes to the kitchen to boil hot water, then she comes back and pour the boiled water on you and your skin starts to peel and you’re in excruciating pain……………keep imagining how deformed and butter you’ll be for the rest of your life just because your pussy swallowed your sense……..I’m sure the imagination would help

Lady_hollar: This is actually a mental disorder, u need to see a doctor.

Ivy: Why do you have eyes on your sister’s husband?


Grandpa Records CEO Refigah Says I Do For The Second Time. Did He Divorce his First Wife?

Yusuf Noah popularly known as Refigah has walked down the aisle for the second time. In May 2014, Refigah walked down the aisle with the woman that would be ‘The Love Of His Life.’

Back then, the multi-million wedding was dubbed the ‘Grandpa of all weddings’ which took place for three days.

Recently, a close source to Refigah whispered to us that Refigah was not living with his first wife and the two had parted ways.

Celeb quickfire: Grandpa Records CEO, Refigah reveals When He Lost His Virginity

The Grandpa record’s CEO has now tied the knot for the second time with a lass identified as Yasmin and the event was graced by the who-is-who in the entertainment industry.

The reason behind his separation with first wife is not yet clear.

We wish the couple all the best.

Check out photos from the wedding.


refigah 3


refigah 4


refigah 6


refigah 0


refigah 01


refigah 5


refigah 8


refigah 9


refigah cover

K.U Student reveals to Maina Kageni How He Snags Nairobi Chics For Sex (AUDIO)

There is a guy who called in on Wednesday during Maina Kageni’s breakfast conversation on Classic 105 saying, “I am 26 years old, not married and so far I have slept with over 20 girls.”

He said it is not a wonder and that is why he is unwed.

Well, Mwalimu was astonished how he manages to do that.

“How comes that the young guys who do not have money can manage to sleep with such a number? Ama ni kamutii?’ Mwalimu asked.

Maina Kageni asked what this guy tell the girls because by the time a chic agrees to be with a man, you have to had invested so much.

Well,the conversation was heated with mixed reaction from Classic 105 listeners calling in frantically.

A man called in and told Maina that those are not fake stories. He said he used to leave in a place near Pangani where hostels are all over.

A college guy who was his neighbor, could bring different ladies. He could bring at least three different girls to his room per day.

Maina requested that University student who have different story to him and clear the air.

Well, a K.U student called in and said,

It all about the game ile mchezo unacheza, I am 21 and have had sex with about 32 girls so far.

Maina si lazima ukue na pesa unamtongoza like u katia her, take her to my house, lodging or anywhere.

This week, I have had sex with about five different women who are both my college mates.

If the girl is from outside college, I get them from different social media like Instagram and Tagged. Sometimes I use protection because siwezi kula kila siku na paper.”

Maina was so saddened to hear this.

Listen to the whole conversation…

Six Reasons Why Mr Good Enough Is Better Husband Material Than Mr Right Whom You May Never Meet

Still in desperate pursuit of ‘The One’? It might be time to take a look around you – because you’ve probably already met him.

According to MailOnline sex expert, Tracey Cox, Mr Good Enough is better husband material than the elusive Mr Right – and chances are he’s already your best friend.

As Tracey explains, we may put the men we get along with well, who don’t cause us problems, call when they’re supposed to and love us to pieces in the friend basket, but these men are actually the ones we should be spending the rest of our lives with.

Here, she shares six reasons why giving up the search for Mr Right and going for Mr Good Enough will lead you to a happy, long-lasting and loving relationship.


1. Rollercoaster relationships are bad news

Is there anyone out there post 35 who doesn’t think SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw made a huge mistake in marrying Big rather than the sweet, kind, dependable Aidan?

Big made lots of grand gestures but didn’t even turn up to his own wedding!

Yes he was handsome and rich but where does that get you if the guy’s flakier than a pastry?

Rollercoaster relationships are hugely exciting when you’re younger: you thrive on the drama of them, convinced that the massive highs and lows are a sign of true passion.

But when we’re older and wiser, sensible people realise they’re a sign of incompatibility not true love.

2. Update your ‘must have’ partner list

‘Steady does it’ might not be the sexiest saying you’ve heard but reliability is a massive plus in a husband and a father.

Dependable, supportive, thoughtful, kind, generous – you wouldn’t dream of putting these attributes on your ‘Must have partner list’ when you were young.

Back then, it’s all about ‘Must be tall, ‘Must be great in bed’, ‘Must be rich’, ‘Must have blonde hair’.

When you’re older, the list changes – and it should do!

The qualities that appeal for short-term flings are very different to what works long-term.

A partner for life is just that: someone you have to spent pretty much every single day with until you die (or split).

Think about it logically: is it hot sex and good looks that are going to keep you interested for the next 30 years? Or a good sense of humour? Who is going to keep you sane when the kids are flinging food all over the kitchen for the 65th time that week?

Happy Ever After is about having a teammate, someone who is on your side, watching your back.

Handsome and sexy are nice but they’re not crucial ingredients.

3. A slow burn is better that a hot fire

Instant, passionate love – the sort we’ve been taught to believe is ‘real’ love – is like a wild fire.

There’s a spark and suddenly it’s raging, engulfing everything in its path.

Love that’s based on friendship and compatibility starts quietly.


It can take a while before there’s even a tiny flicker but if you nurture it, it builds slowly but consistently.

Passionate love has a high likelihood of burning out because it puts people on high pedestals and tends to involve idealisation.

The sort of people who think passionate love is the only relationship worth considering are often idealists; romantic fantasists who are easily disappointed when their lovers turn out to be human and imperfect.

4. Too much too soon blinds us to the real person

Strong feeling and emotion very early into a relationship isn’t necessarily a good thing for another reason: new sex and falling in love can blind us to what’s really in front of us.

We fall in love with the idea of being in love before we really get to know the person.

Love that starts as friendship or I-really-like-them-but-not-sure-if-I-fancy-them is built on a foundation of things that matter.

You keep seeing those people not for their looks or sexual appeal but because you like their personality and sense of humour; they’re kind to you and great company.

These qualities aren’t transient: unlike looks or sex appeal they last the test of time.

5. But what about sex?

True, chemistry is helpful when it comes to sex and you obviously need to find the person attractive in some way for the relationships to work romantically.

But familiarity breeds lust: research shows the more we like someone, the more attractive they get.

Just because they didn’t blow your socks off attraction wise on date one, two or three doesn’t mean they won’t a few weeks or months in.

The more we get to know someone, the more attractive qualities you’ll see.

We’ve all watched a couple where one or both change over the years.

Put someone you couldn’t possibly fancy in different clothes, give them a new hair cut and a confidence boost and you might be very surprised by how you feel.

Besides, they just might have something else under their belt – great technique.

Nothing is more important for satisfying, long-term sex than good technique.

They might not be a 10 in the looks department but that doesn’t mean they won’t be a 10 in bed!

Less attractive people are more likely to have their sexual skills than Mr or Mrs Sex On Legs because they know they can’t just coast on their looks.

(Also, remember, technique can be taught. You can turn anyone into a fantastic lover if you tell them what you want and crave.)

6. Liking someone is more important than loving someone

Recent US research – 50 years worth – studied couples to find out the secrets to making a relationship last.

Not surprisingly, they found ‘being able to talk and laugh’ as one of the top four qualities.

If you can laugh during times of greatest stress, there is enormous potential for survival and growth, say the researchers.

Go for the guy who listens and makes you laugh and you can’t go wrong.


Things Not To Ask Your Hubby To Do. Because They Will Mess Them Up (Hilarious Photos)

Women are often convinced that they’re better at doing things around the house – and these pictures might just prove it.

Ladies have taken to social media to share snapshots of the times they asked their partners to tend to household chores and childcare duties – with laugh out loud results.

Clearly put out by being asked to carry out mundane chores, some men used the opportunity to play a prank on their wives, while others were feeling so lazy that their attempts at helping backfired in epic fashion.

Women have shared snapshots of the times they asked their partners to tend to household chores and childcare duties – and the results, including this attempt at fixing the toilet, may make them wish they’d just done it themselves

Some of the tasks included put some pasta on the stove,  buy six potatoes for dinner, hang their mirror among other chores…
men tasks10

men tasks9

men tasks8

men tasks7

men tasks6

men tasks5

men tasks4

men tasks3

men tasks2

men tasks1

men tasks


Heartbroken city girls reveal the warning signs they missed…

They say you should always trust your gut, and in a relationship that couldn’t be more important.

New couples can sometimes be so wrapped up in the romance and excitement that they overlook vital warning signs that love is going awry.

Taking to the anonymous confessions app, Whisper, men and women shared the red flags that popped up in their old relationships.

One woman said that her ex told her that she couldn’t play interactive video games because it meant she would be chatting with other people.

Another said that her ex wanted to keep their relationship a secret because he ‘didn’t believe in labels’.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up a selection of the extraordinary confessions…





















‘Utamu wa Mwanaume Ni Kuonja Onja’ Man Tells Maina Kageni (Audio)

Drama has not seized at classic 105 morning conversation, the stories brought about leave everyone talking and their mouth aghast

There was a man who called in yesterday and said he has only had two women in his life. And he is 40-years-old.

He said, “Mimi mwanamke wangu wa kwanza nlikua 24 years I married her and took her to college, but unfortunately we did not make it so I divorced her and married another woman from Tanzania, who is now my second woman.”

This man started dating at 24 years. He is now 40 years and says he has only has two women in his life.

According to Mwalimu, that man sounded like a kamba and to him that was impossible. He says that that man was lying because men have so much experiences since their childhood, and there was no way this man has only been with two women in his entire life.

Maina Kageni was so shocked how the society think that this is unbelievable to everyone.

He asked a question, are there men of virtue left in this country?

Maina further added that the society is morally low when such things are shocking.

Well, a male caller cleared the air by publicly disowning that man.

“Which man has had two men in his whole life, even in a gold mine there is an excavation if one wants to reach for gold.

You can not go in a market to buy an  avocado and pick one and that’s all, you have to select several before deciding on which to settle on.”

He also added that he can not marry a virgin.”My wife need to be experienced ,we need to both contribute in bed, akifanya kazi mzuri kwa bed namwambia tano tena.”how do you start teaching her mambo ya bed?, akuje kama amejifunza.

A female caller also was not left behind because she revealed that her husband married her when she was still a virgin at 28 years.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


Man Catches His Wife Pants Down With Lover In Classroom, Gets His Leg Cut Off

A man attacked his ‘cheating’ wife after trailing her and the lover to a school compound in Awendo town. But the confrontation went terribly wrong.

Tom Nyakongo had long suspected that his wife had an extra-marital affair. He traced his wife, a casual worker at Sussana Academy, after she delayed coming home.

South Kombok chief Beatrice Awuor said Nyakongo “found his wife and her lover having sex at a classroom she is supposed to sweep. The enraged Nyakongo confronted the two lovers and accosted the man,” Awuor said, adding the woman encouraged her lover to “cut the stupid man following me”.

“The lover picked a panga  and cut Nyakongo in the leg, before escaping. The woman failed to raise the alarm,” Awuor said.

Nyakongo was rushed to Rapcom Hospital in Awendo and referred to Migori Referral Hospital and later to Tenwek Hospital, Bomet, where he died.

Angry villagers tried to lynch the woman, but police rescued her.

-The Star/ Manuel Odeny

‘I’m 26 with a body count of 26 women,’ Kenyan man stuns Maina Kageni in public confession

A married lady called in yesterday and confessed that she talks daily to her five exes. Her dear hubby knows because according to her, hiding these details from each other will create problems in a relationship.

She said, “My husband used to get calls from his former girlfriends, but wouldn’t answer until one day when I told him to pick up the calls. I have five exes and they are my best friends. When I got my first child, the first person to come see the baby was my ex, I even told my husband my ex was coming to see me.”

Adding, “During my dowry visits, my exes also came, they are the only people I invited.”

This set the pace for today’s Classic 105 morning conversation.

Mwalimu said as long as he concerned he is the second man in her life, her number two.

Most men think they are either number two or three – sexually – in their wives life.

The discussion was so interesting and heated from comments made by those who contributed to that discussion.

A caller said, “I spoke to a colleague of mine who told me ‘Hiyo number ni kidogo sana’. What? Turns out young men have relationships with countless women, and what’s worse is they often can’t remember your name or face girls.”

Well, that premise was shut down by his fellow man who confessed to have only one ex. He said that those men who sleep around with different ladies end up getting children who do not resemble their father.

According to him, he is 40 years old and has had only one ex, with whom he got a child with but parted ways after he took her to college and things seemed not to work out.

Currently he has a wife and two children who he claimed, completely resemble him.


Now listen in and hear about the man who has a body count equal to his age.Listen to the whole conversation below;



‘Things Won’t Ever Be The Same Without You,’ Cries Tedd Josiah Days After Burying His Wife

Losing a loved one is one of the most traumatic life experiences to endure. Coping with the loss of a close family member or friend may be one of the hardest challenges that many of us face. These life experiences lead to prolonged periods of sadness or depression and many don’t recover.

Celebrated music producer Tedd Josiah, who buried his wife Regina Katar last Saturday, is yet to come to terms with the loss of his partner.

Truly Heartbreaking! Painful Details Of How Tedd Josiah’s Wife Lost Her Life Emerge

Regina passed away on 30th September from internal bleeding which was caused by a blood disorder in which there were few platelets in her blood.


The couple were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Jameela Wendo (three-months-old now) and were planning to make their union official towards the end of this year at least according to Josiah.

“WE INTENDED TO BE HERE OFFICIALLY IN THE COMING TWO MONTHS. WE AGREED NOT TO DO ANYTHING PUBLICLY BEFORE INFORMING OUR PARENTS,” TEDD told hundreds of mourners who had attended Regina’s funeral at her parents home in Nyeri county.

Also read;

Rest With The Angels! Tedd Josiah’s Emotional Message At His Wife’s Burial Will Leave You In Tears

Tedd Josiah has already assumed duties as a father and he posted a photo feeding his daughter Jameela Wendo that he captioned;

“Daddy duty with my little miss JayJay 😍👼🏼😍”

Tedd Josiah

He also shared another photo of his adorable daughter revealing the meaning of her name.

“My love 😍 little miss JayJay aka Wendo “in Kikuyu it means love and in Luo it means a special visitor” 😘😘😘😘”

Tedd Josiah

Tedd is going through a difficult time and he has confessed that all is not well. He’s missing Regina dearly…

“Things won’t ever be the same without you in this life. Mama Jay Jay you forever my angel.”

He posted the above message accompanied by this photo

Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah’s wife Regina

Medsoulmusic: Your love for God is amazing! “Nothing can separate us from the love of God through Christ Jesus”

Schecter_dave: Awesome bro.. Am sure she smiling all way down..Ur blessed bro..

Sonnie_jd: God will see you through. He has a reason for everything

Muziwananjero: You got this bro make her proud

Njeri.gee: God will fight for you on this journey and May His favor be upon the cutie baby girl and yourself..God us always there to protect the widows, widowers, destitute and orphans. May God protect and be with you always..be strong for her please. You’re blessed, Tedd

Proud_chocolate: Wendo came to keep you company. She is your life partner until she gets old enough to let you find another. Wendo knew it, she knew she had to rescue daddy. You are blessed @teddjosiah and we all are always praying with you. You will be fine with your family support and Of course friends. You will surely pull through 100pro

Aaron.alexandra: @teddjosiah I know you’re grieving but she needs you so much. I’m a mother of two young ones and I know.. be strong for her 💙

Ladies, how many exes have you had in your life before your current man?

Mwalimu is still horrified, there is a lady who called in and the men were talking all over on twitter.

The woman said that she does not find any problem with spouses keeping in touch with exes.

The lady has five exes, and her husband knows it. Those exes are the best friends she has.

When she got her first baby, the first person to come see the baby was one of the exes, and she told her husband that her ex was coming to see her baby and he had no problem.

She added that when she went to pay dowry, she only invited her exes and they all came.

They are the closest people she has.

What horrified men, is the number of the exes this lady has. If you were to count the number of men you have had in your life, your husband is what number?

Mwalimu says as long as he concerned he is number two to his wife.

I know most men think they are either number two or three to their wives.

Ladies, your men think that they are the number one or two in your life.

How many exes have you had in your life before the current man?

Talk to me #MainaandKing’ang’i

City woman confesses she can’t stay away from her five exes and her husband knows (AUDIO)

I see your judging faces already. C’mon guys, fess up. I know many of you are in touch with your exes and probably hang out secretly.

So on classic 105 morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu, many callers disclosed that they can’t stay away from their exes, and maintain that it won’t stop. They even tried to convince Maina that they are ‘just friends’ and nothing more. Really?

Former KANU politician Jackson Kibor was recently granted a divorce from his wife of 51 years, but in an interview with the standard, she confessed that she still wants him back and is willing to give their relationship another try. But nooo.. the old man is done and has kicked her to the curb.

Maina Kageni wanted to know if it’s possible for people to be just friends.

Mwalimu’s thoughts on the matter? ‘Impossible, yaliyopita sindwele’.

This is where it gets more interesting.

A married lady called in and confessed that she talks daily to her five exes. Her dear hubby knows because according to her, hiding these details from each other will create problems in a relationship.

‘My husband used to get calls from his former girlfriends, but wouldn’t answer until one day when I told him to pick up the calls. I have five exes and they are my best friends. When I got my first child, the first person to come see the baby was my exe, I even told my husband my ex was coming to see me.’

‘During my dowry visits, my exes also came, they are the only people I invited’, she continued narrating the shocking details as Maina listened.


Listen to the whole conversation below;


Nameless Narrates His Experience In Hospital

Nameless has been in hospital since last month. He wrote on his facebook page pleading for his fans to pray for him and also revealed he would not attend a mega show in Uganda.

He wrote;

“I was really really looking forward to this Ugandan show with Eric Omondi . UNFORTUNATELY I will NOT be able to make it due to doctors orders. Been admitted in hospital since last week… Still undergoing treatment and observation and thus looks like tommorrow I can’t make it to Kampala. However I have talked with the promoters there and for sure we will organize another Kenyan Takeover once I get better. For now Eric Omondi is still going to represent us kesho very well (as we all know)accompanied by other top Ugandan comedians… Otherwise what I need from you fam is your prayers in this my recovery manenoz🙏🏾🙏🏾 💪🏾

Also read; Pray For Me: Nameless To Miss Grand Show After Falling Ill

The star known for hits like Butterfly and Sinzia was saved by the quick action of Nonini. They were attending a board meeting for PRISK when he had a persistent headache that would not go away. He was rushed to hospital where doctors made the decision to admit him.

Well, he was discharged from hospital on Sunday.

The couple has taken it to their social media to open up about the experience, after he was discharged from hospital.

Nameless has narrated his whole experience in hospital while thanking fans for their prayers;

Lovely visits from my galz would always lift my spirits… I have finally been discharged from hospital and now I am recovering well at home. I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern..It’s important to clarify some details of what took me to hospital in the first place. Three weeks ago towards the end of a PRISK board meeting I was overcome by and extremely painful headache and neck pains. I knew this was not just any kind of headache and knew something was wrong because the pain was escalating at a very high rate. Thank God for my fellow directors Daddy Owen and Nonini who quickly dashed me to nearest hospital.. I did a CT scan and was diagnosed with a life threatening situation called subarachnoid hemorrhage. This means some small blood vessels in the brain had ruptured and blood had leaked into the area between the brain and tissue and that was what was causing the intense headache. After afew more tests my doctor realized that fortunately my condition didn’t need surgery. What I needed was to be closely monitored in HDU and given the right medication to allow the leaked blood to dissolve , the raptured vessels to heal and the pain to be controlled . After about 2 weeks I was sent to the ward for afew more days of monitoring and pain management. I then did some MRI test that showed that there was no more leaked blood in the brain and that I could be discharge with some medication. Doc however advises me not to do any strainous works or air travel for some weeks until I am fully recovered. So that is why I have had to cancel all my October shows including Churchill in showground this passed weekend and a US mini tour that was going to happen from 20th October till November 4th. For me I am just thankfull to be alive and well .That whole experience has made me see life in a whole new perspective. Thank you again for your prayers and best wishes. For now let me take it easy and follow doctors orders…#GodlovesMe

His wife Wahu Kagwi also shared a message

“Last Sunday my husband was discharged from hospital. Nyakio told everyone from the hospital security, to the nurses that she has come to take her daddy home! 😊😊. Joyful moment for all of us. Grateful for all your prayers and thanking God for His goodness. 1st peter 2:24- by His stripes we were healed”

In the picture which the wife posted, it is evident that Nameless was forced to cut his dreadlocks.




Here are some comments from his fans;

Tabby Kimani ..Amen God is owesome! I prayed for mathenge cz ilove you as a couple you are a role model to many ….may God hide you where enemy cannot see you may he fully recover in Jesus name!

Moniqar Wangú ..Waow my role models are here now I love this family no vituko no maringo may good Lord continue blessing you guys and healing upon nameless

giladmillo.. Great news sending all of you lots of love energies and wishing you only good health & happiness ❤

blessednjugush.. Ameeeeen to life

purity__fine_grand_ ..To God be the glory,Nyakio is so sweet😍 i can picture her saying all that…love you guys,you inspire many, May God stand in for your family trials ..

fridahtus All will be well and we thank God you out of danger.get well soon.




‘I Feel Good Where I’m At,’ Sharon Mundia Confesses After Twitter Speculation About Her Marriage

In May 2015, popular blogger Sharon Mundia and Lonina Leteipan broke the Internet with their expensive engagement that entailed flying to Mt. Kenya where Lonina went on his knees to ask for her hand in marriage.

She said yes!

Their love story continued. And in November 2016, the two tied the knot in an all-white invites-only wedding that was held in Watamu.It was one of the most expensive weddings this town has ever seen, literally!

Word on the street now has it that the fairy tale is no more. Mundia has not been mentioning her husband in her Vlogs, as she previously would and fans have been asking where her bae is at.

The two were last seen sharing photos together in December even before their daughter Aria Nailantei Leteipan was born.

Since then, the husband has deleted his social media account and gone M.I.A. Mundi, on the other hand, has never talked about him, even on her recent Vlog on her childbirth experience. Sounds abnormal right? She didn’t even mention the other parent.

She has been sharing inspirational and heartbreak quotes on social media, her recent being one in which she talks about how good she feels where she is at.

“It took me the whole day to work up the courage to post this but you know what? I had a baby 5 months ago and for the first time in ages, I’m taking care of my body & mind and eating right. And I feel good about where I’m at. 💪🏾 So, here’s a picture of me in my pretty epic bathroom  about to hit the pool. 🏊🏾‍♀️”

Our very own Uncle Chim Tuna reached out to Sharon Mundia to give her a right of reply on whether it is true that she and her husband are no more: She blue ticked us and our calls went unanswered.


And yes, it’s only her and her loving daughter in the picture now:

“The past few days have been some of the most chilled, relaxing days I’ve had in months. I’ve taken afternoon naps on beach beds with my daughter, eaten to my fill (and beyond), slept in, taken afternoon dips in the pool and just all round enjoyed life.”She wrote

And she vows to make an unconditional relationship to herself

“Right now can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself, just at the height you are, the weight you are, with the intelligence that you have and your current burden of pain, can you enter into an unconditional relationship with that?” She quoted Pema Chodron

Before their wedding, they had canceled an earlier date they had set for this particular union, and Mpasho went further to get an exclusive of all the juice.

Meet Kenya’s Most Popular Media Personality Who Has Proven That Marriage Works

Citizen TV’s news journalist Patrick Igunza is a man who has worked heard to gain his badges.

Patrick did not always have it all.

Is this Kenya’s BEST DRESSED TV personality?

Patrick Igunza is a man of vision and he knew what he wanted in life, both career-wise and personally.

After high school he and his high school sweetheart could not bare to part ways and thus, she moved in with him.

“That is the best thing ever. She stuck by me. She just decided that she wouldn’t leave me. She schooled with me in high school,” Patrick Igunza told eDaily.

That is more than 11 years ago.

Patrick Igunza

Patrick who is now a father of three, posts photos of his family, proudly showing them off with the hashtag “FatherWarrior”.

“Marriage has taught me to a good father. A happy father and a rich father is he whose children run into his arms even when his hands are empty – presence of being there for your kids. Your kids must know that you are fighting to bring food on the table. That you are fighting for them, they should know that when dad is around. everything is okay – even if you know that nothing is okay,” Patrick said.

Patrick IgunzaAdding, “Marriage has taught me that it reaches a point when you stop Loving and you start caring. Marriage has taught me that sometimes in life you have to compromise. Yes. I am right, she is wrong: but then again for us to move forward. I’ll choose to be wrong and let her be right. Marriage has taught me that not every war is worth fighting, and marriage has taught me that marriage works.”

‘My Boyfriend Has Refused To Move Out Of His Parents’ Home,’ Narrates City Woman

Check out photos of the beautiful family.

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza