Vera Sidika turned down offers to be a baby mama for sponsors


Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika now says she has never been a woman easily attracted by money as she prefers love.

According to Vera, she has in the past been approached by moneyed men to sire kids for them but she turned down the offers.

She added she prefers siring a child out of love and not as a gateway to getting money from men.

This she revealed this during a Q and A segment with her fans where one fan asked if she would go for love or money.



Vera added



Do you agree with Vera that women should not use their kids as ATM’s to get money from their baby daddies?

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‘I never take it for granted!’ Bahati’s kind words to mentor Diamond


Bahati aka mtoto wa Diana is not around.

Manz is in South Africa where he was seen hanging out with Diamond Platnumz, a man he calls a brother.

He is in South Africa as the only Kenyan representative at the 2021 Africa Day Concert that will be hosted by Actor Idris Elba.

The 2021 Africa Day Concert is set to go down on May 25th, 2021.

“ANOTHER WIN 🔥🔥🔥 Your Boy Bahati is International Now ⭐ The Only Kenyan Artist Performing at #AfricaDayConcert 2021 Happening in South Africa Brought to you by @MtvbaseAfrica and @Youtube Hosted by @IdrisElba ⭐ I am Humbled to Be Representing My Country 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪 JO’BURG SEE YOU TOMORROW !!!” shared Bahati.


The not so gospel artistes took to Instagram with a post to the WCB CEO just thanking him for being the good friend that he is.

“Yesterday Night in Joburg South Africa With Africa’s Number #1 Musician @DiamondPlatnumz 🌍 Bro Thank You for Always Giving Me a Listening Ear and Guidance; I Never Take it for Granted!Your Words & Advice Yesterday🙌 I Know that Will Make My Upcoming Álbum One of the Best I have Ever Done! I’m Humbled 🙏 Thank You for Always Being The Realest Big Brother 🥂🦁🔝🔥❤🌍” Bahati told Platnumz


Baha then teases that he will soon be collaborating with one of the WCB artistes and asked his fans to guess. We can only but wait for what he’s planned for us. If you look at the progress he has made especially when it comes to collabos, he is doing an amazing job.

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Kenyan women are an easy target for Nigerian men

The topic of contention since this past weekend was the man that DP William Ruto’s first daughter is set to marry – a Nigerian man.

Maina tackled the topic on Monday and slammed Kenyan men for being haters who don’t want to treat Kenyan women lavishly only to blame foreigners who come and treat them like Queens.

“Kenyan men can hate about the engagement of June Ruto. Men are getting heart attacks, he is a lucky man, he is a doctor and a wealthy man. Men, what is your problem? why are men complaining? Maina asked

Mwalimu had a theory as to the hate saying “I think hawakupta opportunity”

Maina then told him that they should then do better “if you see the way these men treat women, hehe you know one day I will take you to Lagos you go and see, what don’t they do for their women? You guys don’t focus on your women, Kenyan women are going in droves to Nigerian men, then the middle class men of Tanzania and then Congolese men, I don’t think Kenyan men come close.”PDA

A man listening in to the show from Umoja called in and slammed Kenyan women for being deceived and used. He cited an example of a friend languishing in jail after being conned to transact in a bank with a fake cheque.

“There is this Kenyan woman a friend. She sued to date but what he did to her, she is rotting in jail. The guy used to use this lady unajua hiyo mapenzi alimuonyesha anamtumia. There were some shoddy deals the lady was not aware of, he told her to deposit a cheque then told her to coem home with the money. When she went to the bank, he was waiting for her, but he noticed some problem when she was at the counter and took off when it was found the check was fake. He bounced when he saw her he hepad, These Nigerians are all cons and they always admit our women are cheap and easy to use. They Nigerians are conmen, they know Kenyan women are easy targets. I see them, they live in my hood and always say that, aki maina, majority of them are con men”He ended his warning

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Watch this hilarious video of William Ruto deejaying at daughter’s engagement party

Deputy President William Ruto might have his political detractors and critics but that doesn’t mean most can’t agree that the man is very charismatic.

And he knows how to blend in to fit in with whatever crowd he is working at the time. This past weekend, Mr. Ruto cast away his political rhetoric to engage his paternal side as the father of the bride at his daughter June’s engagement party.

William Ruto’s daughter gets engaged to Nigerian man in a colorful ceremony

The colourful ceremony was attended by who’s who in the political establishment at his plush Karen residence on Saturday, May 8.

William Ruto at his daughter's engagement party
William Ruto at his daughter’s engagement party

And second-in-command didn’t disappoint his guests giving them a hilarious performance as he stepped into the deejay booth.

In a 19 seconds video posted by Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah, the DP’s political troubles seem to be a thing of the past for him as he is seen smiling from ear to ear as DJ Protege guided him on how to manipulate the deck.

Ruto’s daughter, June got engaged to her Nigerian fiance Alex Ezenagu. The DP’s Nigerian in-laws visited his home for dowry negotiations popularly referred to as ‘koito’

Mr. Dennis Itumbi who works for the DP’s digital team posted the images from the occasion and one could see how much fun the Dp, his wife Rachel, and his daughter had at the fucntion.

Even Emmy Kosgei who married a Nigerian man, congratulated June. Her message read, Congratulations 🔥🔥🔥🔥WELCOME to Igbo land my siz ❤️❤️❤️ #igbowives #naijawives.

Check out the images below;

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Read Frankie JustGymIt’s lovely message to Maureen Waititu on Mother’s Day

Frankie JustGymIt surprised many with his Mother’s Day message yesterday. Why? His message was a celebration of the 3 mothers he holds dear in his life.

Those women are his mother, and the two women he has had children with. But what is surprising about that, you might ask? The fact that Frankie saw fit to celebrate his first baby mama and the mother of his two kids, Maureen Waititu.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past before their break-up

Taking to social media, the fitness trainer officially known as Francis Kiarie, reminisced over their good old days, insisting that despite their differences, she was a good mother.

Corazon trolled after Kenyans find out she liked photo of Maureen and Frankie as a couple

His message read, “Throughout the years, we created lasting memories and above all that, beautiful boys. Lexi and Kai are the best gifts you’ve given me and even though we have our differences, you still remain a good mother. Happy Mother’s Day,” said Frankie.

His message showed a level of growth and maturity that he has gone through since their caustic beef last year, especially after Maureen accused the former of not providing for his kids and kicking her out of his mother’s house.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past

His Instagram post was unanimously praised by all Kenyans online with fellow celebs such as Michelle Ntalami commending her. Her lovely message read, “Beautiful message. Such a grown & mature gesture.”

If Maureen received the message, she didn’t let on as she posted her own message celebrating her two sons, writing on her Instagram page, “My angels, my greatest gifts from heaven, I’ll always love, guide and protect you 🙏🏾🙏🏾Yours forever, Mom.”

Whatever happens, I hope that this positivity can be maintained by Frankie in the future.

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Kenyans mercilessly roast Professor Hamo after his Mother’s Day post

Mothers Day was yesterday and as usual, most people, the average and the popular alike celebrated their mothers with some of the best messages you’ll ever read.

One of those people was comedian Professor Hamo. The man posted a general message on his Instagram page celebrating all mothers.

His caption read, “You make the world go round,” wrote Hamo as he posted a picture wishing mothers a happy celebration.

But let’s not lie, Hamo (who must have guessed this would happen) was always going to get trolled after posting the message. For those of you living under a rock, the man was accused last of being a deadbeat dad by fellow Churchill show comic, Jelagat.


Jemutai smiling

The ruckus that ensued consumed social media and had to be settled by Churchill himself as the two went at each other pedal to the metal.

Professor Hamo asked for DNA test – Jemutai reveals

So it’s no shock that Kenyans would camp on his page reacting to his mothers day message, brutalizing Hamo with numerous comments concerning his scandal with Jelagat.

Read some of the hilarious messages below;

Hii wish imekuja bad timing juu vile wakenya wataku fry! 😢 Mmhhh wakenya hawana chills 😂but ngojea inchi ingine ijaribu ku chokoza mkenya moja, ndio utajua tunapendana sana😂😂

😂😂😂my guy l respect u …, God 🙏 favours akakuletea kabi wa Jesus akuokoe

Not forgetting Jemutai

Wish u too happy Mother’s Day. Wewe pia ni mama 💛🧡💛🧡💛

It’s the actions that we believe not these social media posts.Umejivalia ngozi ya kondoo Meeeeeeeeeeeeh

You too. Tukingoja DNA.

Nyooooko.. Na DNA unataka ya nn?

Happy Mother’s day to you too.. Deadbeat ni more than mama.. We ni shosho.

See how Kenyans treat boychild simply because they’ll always believe every word a woman speaks. Welcome to Kenya where any case against a woman is an obvious loss for the man.#boychildundersiege

Dead beats day ni lini tukuwish ☠️☠️☠️💀

Wewe ata ufai u wish wamama mothers day na vile ume wangusha tunaogojeya msema ukweli DNA.

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…I am still waiting for him to buy! Njugush’s wife on why she doesn’t wear her wedding ring

Timothy Kimani or Blessed Njugush as fans have come to know him was recently interviewed by Massawe Jappani. The comedian spoke about something only his keen fans would most likely notice.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush)

That is, that he and his wife, Celestine “Wakabinye” Ndinda no longer wear their wedding rings. And why is that? Njugush said that he removed his wedding ring because of acting.

“My ring is at home because I keep removing it when I act. It kept getting lost every time I removed it during acting so I decided to keep it at home. I wear it when I am not acting, it’s like my Sunday best,” he said.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush)

His wife on the other hand had another explanation saying that she had lost hers a while back and still waiting for her husband to buy her another one.

“Mine got lost two years ago and my husband promised to buy another one, I am still waiting for him to buy,“ she said. The couple has been together for nine years but married for five years and have been blessed with a son called Tugi.

I don’t have a wife, I have a dem! Njugush corrects Amina Abdi about Wakavinye

Wakavinye during an interview with MC Jessy last year referred to her Njugush as her soulmate, saying that his biggest selling point with her was his sense of humour.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush)

What many might not know is that Wakavinye was first interested in her hubby’s friend but she would late fall for him. Njugush himself said that what really got him about Celestine was the fact that she would often provide him with shopping and other necessities whenever he did not have money to get by.

That act was enough to make the comedian know that Wakavinye would be the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

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Tanasha and Hamisa ignore Zari in mothers day messages to each other


Diamond Platnumz’ baby mamas may still have frosty relationships, with two of them choosing to honor each other leaving out the third.

Tanasha, the Kenyan baby mama fired off a cute mothers days message to Hamisa on Instagram, paying glowing tribute to her co wife.

Tanasha mothers day message May 9th
Tanasha mothers day message May 9th


The show of appreciation was reciprocated by Hamisa who reposted the message with her own cute words. And that’s where it ended.

Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th
Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th

None of them wished Zari a happy mothers day, and neither did Zari acknowledge any of them.

Zari had her hands full spending time with Diamond who is in South Africa working on finalizing his album.

Diamond in the latest photos has bought Tiffah and Nillan Range Rover toy cars that they drove around their home showing off how proud she is of Diamonds effort at being a present dad.

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He didn’t care about the show ending- Emotional Kim Kardashian says about Kanye

Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality show that defined a whole genre is coming to an end after a crazy 20-year run.

Most fans are sad to see it go including the stars of the show itself who had to say bye to crew members who had become like part and parcel of the family during the long run.

But what did Kanye, Kim Kardashian’s future ex-husband think of the ending of the show that had become part and parcel of their 7-year marriage? Mr. West,43, first featured on the series back in 2012 as he began dating Kim.

Kim Kardashian has now revealed what he thought during a snippet from the final episode. While Kim and her siblings seemed deeply distraught by the news, Kanye appeared non-plussed.

Kim Kardashian was contemplating divorcing Kanye as early as July 2020

The clip showed the moment Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and their mother Kris Jenner decided to end the series, showing Kim sharing the news with her close friend Simon Huck.

Simon who is a PR expert asked Kim during a phone call how Kanye was taking the news, and the star shrugged: “I mean, he’s like, ‘Whatever makes you happy,’ you know?”

But Kim herself was distraught: “I think that after 20 seasons that’s more than we ever expected. We didn’t even think we’d get to season 2. We didn’t think anyone would be into a show about our crazy family. But in order to figure out what our next journey will be like, we have to close this chapter and say goodbye to Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

It is possible that Kanye’s reaction might be due to the fact their marriage was in the process of collapsing as the final season began filming.

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I don’t have a wife, I have a dem! Njugush corrects Amina Abdi about Wakavinye

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye are one of the couples that I admire a lot. The two have been with each other from the beginning, coming from grass to grace together like most old school couples used to.

The two have been together for 10 years and met at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. The couple has held each other down through thick and thin have been blessed with a handsome baby boy, named Tugi.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush)

And they are not only wonderful partners, they are also great friends something most people with long-lasting relationships say is important for a healthy marriage.

‘We were not ready to be parents’, Njugush and wife Celestine narrates how stressful it was to learn they were pregnant

In a recent eye-opening interview, Njugush refused to refer to Wakavinye as his wife. During an interview with Amina Abdi, the comedian was compelled to cut short Amina’s introduction after she referred to Wakavinye as his wife.

”You know it is a huge responsibility when you call her ‘his wife’. I don’t have a wife I have a ‘dem’ (girlfriend).” And do you think that Wakavinye was offended with his clarification?

Nope! She wasn’t! She actually kept giggling cheekily while her husband defended their romance. During the interview, Amina asked what had made her fall in love with her husband, Celestine hinted that it could have been the comedian’s witty character.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush)

And that is something most Kenyans can agree with. Njugush is hilarious!

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I don’t want a man who has kids! Anerlisa’s dream man can’t be like her ex Ben Pol

Socialite Anerlisa Muigai is one of the most fascinating characters in the Kenyan entertainment scene. The main reason for that is the way she can changes perspectives on the goings-on in her life, particularly her relationships with men.

The Keroche Breweries heiress will always serve up interesting tidbits about her life on her social media and this weekend was no different.

Ben Pol with Anerlisa
Ben Pol with Anerlisa

You see, Anerlisa is done dating men who have kids. She shared this revelation on her Instastory on Instagram, answering questions about the qualities she would like in her ideal man.

Anerlisa’s relationship issues aren’t from a “lack of selfishness” but something more insidious

And shock of all shocks she wanted a wealthy man! How original? And not only that, she wanted the man to be smart too!

Anerlisa's wishlist
Anerlisa’s wishlist

What is noteworthy about her admission is that her former husband Ben Pol was a father of one. Could her preference show be based on her experience with the Tanzanian musician and his son?

anerlisa screenshot meeting ben pol son

Her popular Tanzanian ex has a child from a previous relationship. Anerlisa was so invested in the relationship that she even attended the little boy’s birthday and shared photos, which she later deleted.

Who knows? But her advice comes hot on the heels of the I don’t want a man who has kids!

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Kenyans excited for MC Jessy after posting cosy photo with Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami titillated fans and followers this week when she showed off her Indian boyfriend. The sad thing though is that the announcement was overshadowed by the news that Kabi WaJesus had sired a child with his own cousin.

But despite the disappointment of the news cycle focusing on that scandal, Nadia seems to be moving on courting fresh publicity.

How now? The musician posted an image with famous comedian, MC Jessy, yesterday. The two seemed to be having the time of their lives with smiles all around as they spent time together at an influencer activation.

Meet Nadia Mukami’s tall handsome Indian boyfriend, Priyan

Her caption read,

We always have so much fun with @jessythemc during our @rubisenergykenya activations!!

But it was Jessy’s page that had all the interesting comments after the funnyman posted his photo with Nadia at the event. The caption read, “@nadia_mukami amesema amehama Parklands, sasa yuko na Amerucan’s finest😎”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mc Jessy (@jessythemc)

The Churchill Show host’s fans took it upon themselves to warn Jessy about Nadia while a few others were happy for him, praising the chemistry between the two.

But while Nadia and Jessy look good together, many shouldn’t forget that he is allegedly dating a rich Burundian model after his breakup with his ex-lover Shix Kapyenga.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mc Jessy (@jessythemc)

According to Edgar Obare, Jessy’s new lover goes by the name Joan Delly Mugeni and has been living with the comedian for months now.

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Proud of the woman I’ve become – Maureen Waititu says on her birthday after hectic 2020

Maureen Waititu is one of the most gorgeous women in Kenya. The dark-skinned lady, who is a lawyer and social influencer carries her beauty with ease and grace.

One would most likely be shocked to find out that she was also a mother of two. And she still looks that good? Yep! Maureen decided to celebrate her birthday yesterday and went all out with a photoshoot marking the date.

The yellow and blue-themed outfit she wore showed off her wonderful feminine curves, topping it off with a crown laced with chains and gemstones.

“It’s a powerful thing!” Maureen Waititu says on recently reconnecting with her dad

She accessorized her look with a golden chain shaped like the African continent. Using her Instagram, page, the former model posted the images accompanied by her two sons. Her caption read, “Grateful Grateful Grateful! For yet another trip around the sun, for health, for peace, for provision, for it all.”

This is an attitude that really looks great on Maureen. Even Maureen’s most ardent critics will admit that she has been a more positive person after the toxic barbs she and her baby daddy shot at each other after their contentious breakup.

The reason for that might be the therapy that she has been going to to deal with her issues.

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William Ruto’s daughter gets engaged to Nigerian man in a colorful ceremony

On Saturday May 8th, Deputy President William Ruto was a proud and happy man after his daughter June got engaged to a Nigerian man at a colourful ceremony held at their Karen mansion.

The beautiful event was graced with a Nigerian contingent that wore white agbada which saw June and Alex Ezenagu’s families pledge to cement the union for eternity.

William Ruto's daughter engaged
William Ruto’s daughter engaged

Videos released from the ceremony showed guests eating from a large selection of foods laid in tents at Ruto’s residence.

Karen Nyamu reveals she was preggers when she took famous photo with Ruto and Samidoh

In another photo, Ruto could be seen sitting next to his daughter with the two looking like they were having a blast. Interesting thing is that this engagement has happened a few months after the politician encouraged his daughter, June, who serves as Kenya’s Charge D’Affaires in Poland, to get married.

Ruto was speaking in November 2020 during the dowry negotiations ceremony for Nakuru senator Susan Kihika. During the event, the DP also urged communications strategist Dennis Itumbi to get married.

“Now that we have finished with our friends Sam and Susan, there is this boy called Dennis Itumbi. We also have June. They are our next candidates, and they are good people. So we are ready to come back for more suitors here in Laikipia in future,” he said.

William Ruto's daughter engaged
William Ruto’s daughter engaged

Kenyans have had a mixed reaction online with the sticking point for many men being unhappy with Kenyan women crossing borders to go for Nigerian men.

Don’t forget that musician Emmy Kosgei, who is another Kalenjin woman like June also got married to Nigerian preacher Anselm Madubuko.

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…just leave them alone! Ezekiel Mutua tells Kenyans as he defends WaJesus family

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua is one complex character. The man can sometimes enrage you with the way he policies the entertainment industry but at other times, he can show a side of himself that leaves you questioning your whole assessment of him.

And this story is one such example. Ezekiel or “Moral Cop” as some online call him has come out with one of the most interesting takes about an ongoing situation.

Ezekiel Mutua
Ezekiel Mutua

That is the Kabi WaJesus scandal where the YouTuber confessed that a DNA test had proved he had fathered a child with his cousin.

Ezekiel, who is known for his no-nonsense attitude about morals, has now given his opinion on the matter defending Kabi and Milly after DNA results proved Kabi fathered baby Abby.

Using his Twitter page, Mr. Mutua urged Kenyans to not kick the couple when they are down. He noted that everybody faces tough times but because celebs are public figures it becomes more pronounced.

He concluded by wishing the couple well. “Do not celebrate another person’s downfall or accentuate the pain. If you can’t help, comfort or pray for them, just leave them alone. “We all have some difficult bends in life only that some people attract more public attention and drama. To Kabi and Milly, may God be with you!” Mutua wrote.

Mutua’s take is one filled with grace, something I appreciate at a time when the whole world seems to be having joy seeing the couple in pain at the moment.

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I want to thank You Lord for giving me Kabi – Milly WaJesus says in heartwarming message

Milly WaJesus has really impressed me this week. The woman has encapsulated the loving, supportive, and faithful wife after her husband admitted that he had sired a daughter with his own cousin.

The backlash from Kenyans has been brutal and many are sympathetic with Milly who looks like a victim in her hubby Kabi’s scandal.

But even though she can play the role of victim perfectly she has chosen to be behind her man through it all and not once has she come at him.

Till death do us part! Milly WaJesus underscores marital vow with support for hubby Kabi

In fact, after her initial statement underpinning her support for him, she decided to shore it up with a wonderful message for Kabi on her Instagram page.

She wrote,

“Lord I just want to thank You for giving me my husband and me to him. You knew what You were doing all along. I pray that my husband’s faith in you increases every day. Always show Him the truth of your promises and love whenever he has doubt. Let Him cling to the truth of your word and your presence in His life.”

Check out some comment from Kenyans below;

Hapo sawa kabisa! You are an inspiration! Keep the fire burning 🔥 🔥🔥

Stay strong and keep your faith up.people will laugh and talk about you and your family but cover your ears and let the lord fight for you

You have handled this with grace. What an example to the Christian women and to the church. You are blessed! My husband and I celebrate , love and are praying for you and yours. You are a light Milly. ❤️

You both deserve each other kama ulikubali kuenda Pale youtube and Cry a River ukimsaidia kukana mtoi wake wewe ndio the real G.O.A.T hizi streets ata ile act ya Shakila na Willy Paul haifikii hii yenu

Honestly, if I were you I wouldn’t leave my marriage either!

Kudinyana ni calling siku hizi😢😢

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Professor Hamo asked for DNA test – Jemutai reveals

Scandals in this country are so many that if you blink, you might miss them. Just last week Prof Hamo and his side woman Jemutai, were hurling unprintable words at each other.

Yep, it would be easy to forget with the Kabi WaJesus scandal where a DNA test confirmed this week that he had sired a child with his cousin.

That news drowned out the craziness that Churchill show comedian Hamo and Jemutai had served up for Kenyans. But now we can get back to it.

The two were told to hush their details away from the public arena by comedy Godfather Churchill Ndambuki, something Jemutai honoured for a few days only.

In a revelation she made to Edgar Obare, Jemutai disclosed that her baby daddy Professor Hamo had formally asked for a paternity test after their meeting with Churchill.

Comedian Churchill offers to help Professor Hamo and Jemutai find a solution

She added that the samples had been taken and the results should be out in two weeks. She said that Hamo had agreed to pay school fees for their first born and had already given the required amount, which she has paid to the school.

“Yes, that was me, Hamo and his brother we were at Big Square on Wednesday. We met on Monday with Churchill and a few guys to try and sort out issues. We are still sorting out issues. At the meeting he agreed to pay for the school fees, so tulimeet on Wednesday as agreed and he gave me the school nkalipa jana… the DNA will be out in 2 weeks.

We did the DNA on Tuesday at KEMRI,” Jemutai wrote.

Her words come shortly after Churchill said the two had agreed to deal with the matter privately.

“We have had a long cordial talk with Hamo & Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable the end the kids have to win.Have a blessed Sunday,” said Churchill.

Jemutai’s relationship with Hamo came to the limelight after she asked Edgar Obare to help her sell her Facebook account that had over 850K followers at the time, in order to be able to provide for her kids and pay rent.

She said that since 2016 she and Hamo had had 2 kids together.

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“Never ever!” Sarah Kabu’s strenous denial that hubby Simon cheated on her

This year is not yet even halfway done but the theme at the moment must be celebrity “men behaving badly”, so much so that some wives have taken to defending their husbands from any accusations.

Yep, even men like Simon Kabu who have been squeaky clean have to be defended by his wife Sarah. The normally affable Sarah doesn’t play around when it comes to defending her family.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sarah Kabu (@sarahkabu)

The Bonfire Adventures Managing Director dismissed claims that her husband Simon is unfaithful on Instagram after one of her followers sought to find out if the rumours held any water.

“Is it true that Simon Kabu has cheated on you?” ask the netizen. Not missing a beat, Sarah said she has the best husband in the world. She divulged that some women had unsuccessfully tried making a move on him. “Never ever, I have the best husband in the whole world. Most haters here have tried sliding into his DM and failed,” she stated.

Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment
Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment

The wealthy woman also went on to dismiss claims that she is on popular dating site Tinder, admitting that many men often try dating her. “Was that Sarah Kabu on Tinder?” a social media user asked.

“Never ever, but if you want to Ben 10 me, you don’t need to look for me on Tinder. Unfortunately, many boys have tried to slide into my DM and failed. I love my hubby to the moon and back,” Sarah wrote.

Sarah who has a contentious history with Edgar Obare also seemed to take shots at the controversial blogger saying, “They wish to bring me down to their level. The hate you see is led by the chairman of haters.”

Have you ever heard me discuss your sexuality – Sarah Kabu warns Edgar Obare

Their beef started soon after she defended Kabi WaJesus back in January from allegations that he had sired an unknown child called Abby.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sarah Kabu (@sarahkabu)

Don’t forget that it was through Edgar’s popular Instagram page that the allegations became known to the general public. At the time Sarah took shots at Edgar writing,

“People should stop this habit of maliciously wanting to bring others down as if it will make them rise. Tarnishing people’s names for clicks is totally unacceptable,” Sarah Kabu wrote.

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