This Relationship Councilor Is More Brutal Than Wakanai. He Has Lectured Young Women And Called Them ‘Greedy’

“Kare kee,” Big Poppa Poppin a.k.a Wakanai Waka Waka always uses his favourite phrase after blasting female folks to high heavens.

Wakanai, who regularly calls in to the breakfast show to respond to the morning conversation, literally sets things on fire when he gives his opinion about city women. With him it is no-holds-barred.

One of his Facebook posts he provides some stinging words of wisdom for wives.

Wakanai wrote, “As a Wife, Your BEAUTY attracts your husband, but your WISDOM will continue to keep him! Your ELEGANCE catches his ATTENTION, but your INTELLIGENCE convinces him! NAGGING irritates your husband, but your “Constructive Silence” weakens him! Remember that the “boyish” character in your husband comes out occasionally, But your ability to always handle it, is a sign that you are a MATURED WIFE! Every man has “Secret Struggles and Pains, including your husband, if you should ever find them out from him, Please exhibit the greatest maturity by asking the Originator of your marriage, (God) to help you with USEFUL IDEAS, that you will suggest to him (your husband)!


He continued, “In the long-run, your WORDS matters to your husband than your “LOOKS”! So always invest the RIGHT WORDS! Earn your husband’s respect and he will consider you as the yard-stick for all his actions! Learn to mould your husband’s moods, and he will naturally give you his “FUTURE” as he recalls your maturity in the past issues! Note that, WOMEN are everywhere, but REAL WIVES are scarce, let the QUEEN in you come alive, and your husband will always hold you in a very HIGH ESTEEM! Please don’t be selfish, share this with every woman you know, so that we will together make the “BEST MARRIAGES” In our society at large.”

Now, forget him, there is a new man in town and he is dishing out lessons to our young women who have subscribed to the sponsor mentality.

Young women are being advised to set realistic targets when looking for husbands.

Relationship Councilor Patrick Masiga says as a person you can never get 100% of what you’re looking for in a man or woman.

He wants young women to accept young men who’re beginning life so that they grow together economically and emotionally as a family.

Go out on a date with that hustler who is inboxing you and DMing you.

Masiga said, “You don’t go to somebody who is already built that person will never respect you. You go for someone you will help to build because the Bible says that women are helpers so because of the greed we have in this generation whereby women want everything today they don’t want to work they are not responsible.”

Men, Here Is Why A Woman Should Not Buy You A House Or Provide For The Family (Audio)

A man called Maina Kageni today during the morning conversation after a tight discussion about a lady who took her man to court after a dispute and she wanted the man to take care of his children even after the divorce. The woman had contributed in building a home with the husband.

After the disagreement, the woman claimed that if she has to go then her husband has to pay back her share which  she had contributed to buy the house.

The man paid her back the money and after three days she left.

The man called in to advice fellow men on what they should never do,

Here is what he said, “Men should never allow their women to buy a house for them, pay fee or buy what you eat especially if you did not take her to school. This is because that is going to be the talk of the day.”

He also added that, “Women who go to court seeking for justice for their children, want to be given that money so that when they get out of that marriage, they will spend with other men and not the children as they claim”.

Listen to the whole conversation below.


‘I’m Not Pregnant’ Nick Mutuma’s Ex Girlfriend Shouts

Tanasha Oketch alias Tanasha Donna who was rumoured to be Nick Mutuma’s ex has shut down rumours that she is heavily pregnant.

The model cum video vixen said this after a photo went viral with her wearing a black top that showed she might have been hidding a baby bump

“What YOU allow is what will continue. It all starts with YOU. 🙏 (and no I’m not pregnant 😂)”


Kenya’s Top Celebrity Break-ups

Tanasha is well known for her role as a video vixen in Ali Kiba’s song featuring Christian Bella dubbed Nagharamia.

She and Shuga’s star Mutuma were rumoured to have broken up weeks after being seen hanging together. In a past interview with Mpasho, Mutuma said that he was single and was not looking to get into a relationship anytime soon.

“NO. I Am Not Dating right Now, I feel Like I am in great creative space and i just wanna focus on my craft and on my family and just getting it right?”

When asked about his ideal woman, Nick said:

“I’m very picky when it comes to mamas…i love women that are independent…Me madem mmenichoma mpaka sitaki kuwaongelea”


Baby On The Way: Patoranking Shows Off Pregnant Girlfriend

The baby daddy syndrome is fast becoming a thing in the Nigerian music industry as more of our beloved male artistes are joining the league with reckless abandon.

Dancehall singer, Patoranking is the next in line to be inducted into the baby daddy ‘hall of fame’.


The ‘No Kissing’ crooner showed off his girlfriend on Instagram who is also an expectant mother. He captioned the photo which he shared with his pregnant girlfriend ‘ Daddy Yo ❤ Thank God ’.


Prior to this report, nothing much has been known regarding the love life of Patoranking. From the look of things, Pato would be welcoming a baby with his girlfriend before the year pans out.


Here is what he said on his instagram;

🍼 Daddy Yo ❤ Thank God 🙏

A post shared by Patoranking (@patorankingfire) on

Signs Of A Toxic Mother-In-Law

Marriage is a union between two people but in it there is always the family of both the bride and the groom.

There are in-laws who will make your life a living hell immediately you get married and go to live at your husband’s place.

Here are signs that you are have a toxic mother-in-law

1. She is always right.

She is always right, without exception. Which means that she’s never wrong. She’ll never admit being wrong, and she will never apologize for anything.  In her eyes, you (and possibly your spouse) are the only people to blame.

2. She is dismissive.

She will ignore you for the most part, conveying that you don’t matter to her. She will not listen to a word you say. She’ll ask you if you’re hungry, hear “no,” and still put food on your plate. She’ll also disregard any of your accomplishments as insignificant and unworthy of her attention. Only things that have value to her are important.

3.You will not have your space as a wife.

She will not respect your words, choices or personal space. She will come to your house uninvited and unannounced, expecting you to welcome her with open arms and be grateful for the honor of her visit. She will look with disgust at how filthy your place is, and how unmannered your kids are.

4. If you are staying at her house, she will tell you what to wear and what not to wear. If you were used to putting on clothes without anyone questioning you then you will have to persevere when your mother-in-law starts dictating what you should put on.

5. To establish her dominance and to prove that she was right about you, she will expect you to do things that please her.

That would include you wanting to spend time with her, appearing at every family event, learning her way of cooking, cleaning and just about everything else under the sun (because her way is clearly better), adopting her religion and culture, and last but not least, blessing her with grandchildren when she’s ready to be a grandma. If you fail to do any of that, you are indeed a rotten daughter-in-law, and she has a right to complain about you to anyone who will listen.

Why Ladies Stay In Loveless Marriages (Audio)

Yesterday, a woman sent a message to Maina Kageni on Classic 105 explaining how she has been hurt by her husband who told her that she is no longer attractive.

That call brought in another issue to some ladies who decided to express the challenges they go through but still hold on to their marriage. In addition they insisted that it is not because of the children that they hold on to those marriages but the fear of how the society will view them.

A lady called in and explained how she has been unhappy in her marriage because she lost trust with her husband for the last three years.

The reason was because the man did something behind her back which to her confirmed that he did not trust her. He could drink and when asked, he denied.

When asked by Maina Kageni why she is still in that marriage, she said,

“I do not think I can trust any other man. It takes a lot of courage to leave your home and go especially if you are a woman. Emotional feelings, spiritual courage and even soul searching. It has a great impact to a woman, how the society will view you.”

She also added that,

“We are all different in our upbringing, background and even opinions. In general women are shy of the society.”

Below is the whole conversation:

Check Out These Similarities Between Davido And Diamond Platnumz

David Adedeji Adeleke known by his stage name Davido is an American-born Nigerian recording artiste, performer and record producer and his genre of music is Afro pop and Afrobeat.

Diamond Platnumz on the other hand whose real name is Nasibu Abdul Juma, is a Bongo flava recording artiste and dancer from Tanzania.

The two are superstars both in their countries and Africa’s top known stars for their genre of music.

diamond davido

Here are some similarities between Davido and Diamond Platnumz:

1. Davido and Diamond are Rich.

Both of them live a lavish lifestyle. Everyone knows how these superstars spend their money as they travel to different countries, the money they spend purchasing their clothes and bracelets that they put on.


2. Both are superstars.

Davido is known for being West Africa’s Superstar and Diamond Platnumz is known to be East Africa’s Superstar with their songs such as if, Dami Duro, Number one and nataka kulewa respectively.

3. Both superstars have two alleged baby mama’s.

Diamond Platnumz alleged baby mamas include his current girlfriend Zari Hassan and his video vixen cum Tanzanian Socialite and model Hamisa Mobetto, whereas Davido’s alleged baby mamas are Sophia Momodu and Amanda.

Diamond Platnumz

4. Both do Afropop music.

Apart from Diamond Platnumz doing Bongo flava, he also does Afropop music just as Davido does and this has made both superstars famous in the music industry.

5. Record Labels.

Davido has a record label known as DMW (Davido Music World) with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria whereas Diamond’s record label is Wasafi Records (WCB).

6. Stylish.

Davido and Diamond’s posh outfits make their fans go crazy both on stage and just by looking at their photos.


7. Crowd Pullers.

The superstars do know how to entertain a crowd an on many occassions, their concerts have been graced by thousands of fans who just want to have a good time and groove to their music.


He Left Me Before I Even Healed From A Cesarean, Confessed A Lady In Pain (Audio)

A lady called Maina Kageni during the morning show, where she confessed how she became unattractive to her husband shortly after conceiving. She went ahead and narrated how it all started. The lady was married to that man and had a child, later the man insisted that he needed a baby boy and fortunately the lady conceived.

Before she went for maternity leave, she was employed. She said that she used to support her husband by all means to keep his business booming.

During the four months leave, she lost her job. That was the turning point of everything.

The husband said to her that she was no longer attractive to him. She was not yet healed from the CS operation and that was the most difficult time of her life.

She went ahead and narrated that her husband had a side chic who one day he took for a retreat and the wife was aware.

When she finally got another job, the husband changed again and was sorry for what he had told her earlier.

The lady is still living with the man and when asked by Maina Kageni if she still loves him, she hesitated and said she doesn’t though she can not just walk out.

“Women need to strategize things” she added.

Mwalimu asked her if she is seeing someone else and here is what she said, “I can not move from one problem to another. Things will be the same. I would rather just survive”

Another caller who was also a lady confessed to living in a loveless marriage for 38 years.

Listen to the whole conversation  below:


‘My Wife Is Always Inciting Me To Fight Other Men Especially Club Bouncers,’ Angry Man Reveals

Some women are just crazy. They will do anything just to hurt their better halves especially if they are the silent killer types.

They will incite fights and run to their husbands for help or leave them to fight on their behalf but why?

Well, a Kenyan man is not happy with his wife. According to this well-mannered man, his wife always incites him to fight other men especially club bouncers, waiters, and even matatu conductors/matatus who are known to be fierce beings on earth.

He is tired of his wife’s behaviour and he needs your help.

“My wife has this stupid habit of picking unnecessary fights with other men when she is with me. She insults waiters, bouncers, matatu passengers and on one occasion, a policeman. Last week, she showed two makangas the middle finger and told them they could do nothing to her because she was with her husband (me). Two weeks earlier, she dragged me into a pub fight, which ended with me being beaten like a thief. I went home with a swollen nose and torn trousers. How do I stop this nonsense?”

My brother, if she incites a fight with a man please take her handbag and leave. Do not interrupt what God has planned..:-)

Here is the screenshot

‘I Contracted HIV On My Wedding Night,’ City Woman Narrates Her Ordeal

We always rise above any adversity. And Renee “LadyByrd” Burgess-Benson has been sharing her story of contracting the HIV virus from her husband on the night of their wedding at 24 years old.

Ten years later, she has moved on.

Renee posted on her Instagram: “10 years ago on this date was the first time I was exposed to his HIV. Before this date we had NEVER had unprotected sex. I was very adamant about it. Your wedding night is the time to consummate the marriage. Well my wedding night we did that but he also knowingly exposed me to his HIV.”


She continued, “I trusted him with my life and he took my life into his own hands and chose to lie in the most explainable way! From that trip to the doctor when he said his HIV test was negative, to his mom telling me to ask him about HIV and he saying he didn’t know what she was talking about just days before the wedding, to having unprotected sex with his WIFE on our wedding night, to the doctor telling me that I WAS HIV POSITIVE, to me finding out about other women and possibly men he was sleeping with, and ALL THE WAY UP TO SENTENCING he lied! when the judge said, “we have you on a recorded conversation admitting that you had HIV since 2002″ the lies stopped! I was 24 years old on this day August 4, 2007 and on this day my body was introduced to HIV.”

Here are some reactions to her inspiring story.

nobellybutton: May God bless you and shower your with more blessings. You are strength ❤️🙏🏼

angelamitan: Oh my god your story just broke my heart deep. I’m so sorry stay strong and thank you for bringing this awareness I will keep this in mind next time I’m in a relationship to be careful not to trust a man. Stay strong sis

judifine: Awww, He ought to face the law and it’s wrath. This is deception. Dear ladybyrd, I can perceive you’re a strong woman. Please fight and live. You deserve to be happy and happiness will not elude you. #IStandWithladybyrd.

vitaduvalsfinest: Don’t let this day keep you down! From this day on I’ve seen you become a wiser and amazing person. You have encouraged others including myself how not to put ur trust in man! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

sweetstickything: You are a brave and remarkable woman. I don’t know you personally but you are definitely an inspiration to share your story and courage with the world shows just how beautiful you truly are. I pray that beautiful things continues to happen in your life. And continue to keep your head held high and stay beautiful my sista👍🏽❤️😍


dreamsdocomtrue: Wow ur such a beautiful person inside and out thanks for sharing your story cause these young ppl r out here thinking that nothin can happen to them cause this has to b a disease that only happens if ur sleeping around with alot of ppl ur bravely is incredible and keep pushing sister God has everything in control sweetie.

babynursemnn: Thank you so much for sharing your story. There are many women out there just like you that contracted HIV from their husbands. It’s stories and brave women like yourself, that can have a major impact on others lives. I pray that you are doing well and stable on meds. God bless you.

heartsdesire_5: I’m so sorry this happened to you. Words can’t explain how strong of a woman you are. Thank you for sharing this and opening shut eyes to how serious it is to always get tested and have your partners tested beforehand as well. Be blessed!
justgigiPrayers to you queen. You’re as strong as they come. Thank you for sharing your story
she_is_mjbGod bless you😘

ladonnawelby: God is using you to be that beacon of hope, that light in darkness!!! I lost my step father to AIDS, and could have lost my mother (who already had sickle cell). But thank God my mother was spared, and she was able to continue to raise my brother and I. My husband left me (after 10yrs of marriage) recently, but wanted to continue to be intimate, and like a fool I was gonna go along, until my kids made me aware that he was talking to someone else. Now I don’t know if he was sleeping with her, but that was a WAKE up call. I will not put my life in jeopardy for a few minutes of pleasure. I have 3 children to raise. As married women, you should get tested every year, along with a PAP, etc. Now I’m going to invest into some toys and batteries!!!

This Is Why He/She Will Always Cheat On YOU – Scientists Present The Hard Truth

The old adage ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ may have some truth in it, according to a new study.

People who have been unfaithful in the past are far more likely to do it again – compared to those who have always been faithful.

Researchers say this is because infidelity desensitises the brain from the negative emotions linked to lying.

Therefore, even if a cheater feels guilty about lying the first time, they are less likely to experience the same level of regret the next time around.

The study was published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

In another study, researchers discovered those whose previous partners had been unfaithful before are twice as likely to be cheated on again, according to a paper published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

That research looked at 484 participants of mixed-gender relationships and their sexual relations with someone other than their partner.

The results showed that people who had cheated in their first relationship were three times more likely to cheat in their next relationship compared to those who had stayed faithful.

And it also discovered that suspicion of cheating worsens over time.

Those who have suspected being cheated on in the past were four times more likely to accuse future partners of cheating, regardless of whether they had cheated or not.

Study co-author Neil Garrett, a psychologist at University College London, told Elite Daily: ‘What our study and others suggest is a powerful factor that prevents us from cheating is our emotional reaction to it, how bad we feel essentially, and the process of adaptation reduces this reaction, thereby allowing us to cheat more. With serial cheaters, it could be the case that they initially felt bad about cheating, but have cheated so much they’ve adapted to their ways and simply don’t feel bad about cheating any more.’

Infidelity can often leave the betrayed partner wondering why their spouse ended up straying.

Now, new research has identified two key reasons why millennials are likely to cheat and it’s all to do with independence and interdependence.

An overwhelming majority of those questioned – 73 per cent – chose interdependence as their reason for cheating: trying a new person to see if they can satisfy what’s lacking in their current relationship.

Meanwhile, around 20 per cent of people felt their need for independence motivated their betrayal, according to the study published in the Journal of Sex Research.

Other reasons for committing infidelity included consuming alcohol and seeking a thrill.

Infidelity in this age group was found to be most common because millennials – typically defined as people currently in their 20s or sometimes up to mid 30s – are trying to sort their adult life out, the team from the University of Tennessee said.

How the research was carried out…
When we deceive someone, the part of the brain that regulates emotion – called the amygdala – is activated, and we can feel shame or guilt.
Dr Garret’s team asked participants to play a game where they would sometimes get more money for lying to their partner.
They were shown a jar full of coins and asked to help a partner guess how many were in the jar.
The partner was only shown a blurry image of the jar.
But when they were told they would be rewarded if their partner over-estimated the amount of coins in the jar they were more likely to lie.
Brain scans of the volunteers confirmed that lying can be a slippery slope: people did lie more over time.
Their brains got desensitised to deceiving, and how much they were desensitised could predict how much more someone would lie the next time.
Their past does matter
Another recent study found similar results.


‘I Am Tired Of This Marriage, How Can I Marry A Wife And Not Touch Her For 3 Weeks?’ Cries Distressed City Man

If you thought your marriage was bad just because she allows you to enjoy your conjugal rights once a month, you were wrong. At least thank God that she allows you to enjoy her cookie. Continue reading “‘I Am Tired Of This Marriage, How Can I Marry A Wife And Not Touch Her For 3 Weeks?’ Cries Distressed City Man”

Fellas Listen Up! Here Are Things A Man Must Never Do To A Lady According To A Popular Actress

Mercy Johnson is one of the most popular Nollywood actresses, who shot into the limelight very suddenly. The very beautiful and sexy actress graces our screens every day in the ever popular Naija movies, widely watched in Kenyan homes.


Her rise to nollywood is very impressive, as she has openly discussed her past, having worked as a housemaid in order to feed herself. She is now one of the most successful actresses in Nollywood. She is married to Prince Odianosen Okojie and together they have three kids.

Screenshot from 2017-08-18 06:53:53


She is an inspiration to women always posting messages of encouragement on her page and asking fans to keep praying because it is through prayer that she rose to fame.

Her latest piece of advice is targeted at men and what they should never do to a woman. Are you listening? Read on:

1. Don’t Break Her Heart
2. Don’t Pretend You Love Her
3. Don’t Tell Her She Is Ugly
4. Don’t Compare Her To Your Ex
5. Don’t Take Her Love For Granted
6. Don’t Shout On Her
7. Don’t Beat Her
8. Never Cheat On Her
9. Don’t Disrespect Her
10. Don’t Waste Her Time If You Will Not Marry Her
11. Don’t Make Her Break Her Decision Of “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”
12. Don’t Make Her Feel Unloved
13. Don’t Rape Her
14. Never Fail To Say She Is Beautiful
15. Don’t Disgrace Her In The Public
16. Don’t impregnate Her And Deny it
17. Don’t Expose Her Secrets To Your Friends And Family
18. Don’t Lie To Her
19. Don’t Correct Her In The Public
20. Don’t Hate Her Family
21. Don’t Treat Her Like Your Housemaid
22. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep
23. Never Destroy Her.

Her fans seem to agree. Here are comments:
Scovix Nally:  U don’t over think plz the world will not over come u okay just pray to Almaty oky

Mavis Amenstar…Yes please, Thanks dear sis, and May God Bless you AS U CONTINUE Encouraging us AMEN.

Mavis Pearl…Yes all correct

Catherine Mark…Yes all correct

Etana Alabi…yes o

Vivian Tetteh…YES. It is true.

Here Are East Africa’s Showbiz Power Couples (Photos)

Being in a relationship is hard, being a celebrity in a relationship is even harder. They are always in the spotlight regardless of what they do.

Due to being in the public eye, some have garnered haters and fans but despite all the things society says about them they stay together through thick and thin.

Meet East Africa’s Showbiz Power Couples:

1. Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

Zarinah Hassan, is a Ugandan artiste, reality Tv star and an entrepreneur who grew  up in Jinja, Uganda. She has a Diploma in Cosmetology and has won the diva award of the year 2009 in the Diaspora. Currently she is based in South Africa and married to the famously known Bongo Flava artiste Diamond Platnumz who is known for his hit songs such as Nomber One and Nataka Kulewa. This is a couple that many admire and they are blessed with two kids.

diamond with zari

2. Chameleone and Daniella Mayanja

Jose Chameleone, born Joseph Mayanja, is a Ugandan afrobeat and reggae musician. Chameleone sings in Luganda, English and Swahili. Several of his songs have become hit songs, including Basiima Ogenze, Shida Za Dunia, Nekolera Maali and Badilisha. He is married to socialite Daniella Atim, a daughter of a local religious figure.


3. Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema

Bebe Cool is a pioneer of modern contemporary Ugandan music and an influential presence in the East Africa reggae game with more than 200 songs. He has won several awards and other local and foreign honors. He is married to model, TV presenter and former Miss Uganda contestant Zuena Kirema.


4. Marek Fuchs and Annabel Onyango

Marek Fuchs is the entertainment managing director of Kenyan Hearttrobs Sauti Sol and has worked and toured with the group all over Africa, Europe and the United States. He is married to  Annabel Onyango who is a fashion stylist and a blogger under the brand Dressupnation. With a Bachlor’s Degree in Environment and Resource Studies and a Masters in English, her unexpected career  in fashion began as a fashion editor for True Love and Drum East Africa magazine.  She’s now a freelancer for television shows, commercial advertisements, music entertainers such as award winning East African super band Sauti Sol among other jobs.


5. Nameless and Wahu

David Mathenge better known by his name Nameless is a Kenyan pop artist signed to the Ogopa DJ’s record label. He is commonly known for his hit songs such as Butterfly and Salary. Nameless is married to fellow musician Wahu whose real name is Rosemary Wahu Kagwi also a singer, song writer, former fashion model, actress and an entrepreneur. Her songs include Sweet love, Niangalie and Still a Liar.

nameless wahu

6. Chris and Kate Kirwa

Chris Kirwa is a popular event organizer and a media personality. This lovely couple is always celebrated for their unending love and support for each other. Chirs Kirwa and his wife Christine are inseparable despite being married for years. They are mentors for many celebrity couples and most of them look up to them for marriage advice and guidance.


7. Dj Mo and Size 8.

Sammy Muraya commonly known as Dj Mo is a Kenyan gospel Dj and currently hosts the show on NTV Crossover 101. He is married to musician Size 8 whose real name is Linet Masiro Munyali. She is a singer, song writer and actress who switched from secular music to Gospel music known for her hit song Mateke.



The late Chris Musando’s son leaves many in tears after he cries out in emotional moment captured on camera

The late IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando will be buried at his final resting place today at Lifunga Kobiero village, Ugenya, Siaya county.

Chris Musando

Msando, who was killed by unknown people and his body later dumped in a thicket alongside that of his female companion Carol Ngumbu, was eulogized by many as a hardworking, kind, generous, caring, loving and a patriotic Kenyan yesterday during a requiem mass at the Consolata Shrine, Westlands, Nairobi.



Raila Oding,a who has also joined Kenyans in demanding to know who killed Msando, recently visited the late’s family in Nyayo Estate to comfort them.

During his visit at some point, Alvin Mitch, Msando a standard two pupil, walked up to Raila, greeted him and posed a question to him

“Who killed my father and why?” asked Alvin

Everyone in the room went silent after this emotional statement from the young boy, and it was clear no one had an answer to his question.

“Whoever did it, God is watching you.”

The opposition leader in the photo was seen craddling the boy, and sought to reassure him that his father’s killers would be found and justice will be served.

“We are trying our best to find your father’s killers and I promise you that we shall. Your father was a great person,” said Raila.

Adding that;

“It’s heartbreaking and unbearable pain to this young family. It is a Kenyan tragedy. No one has a right to tear at the fabric of life which another man has painfully woven for himself and his children. Msando’s death has degraded our nation.”

Here is the video





5 Of The Biggest Reasons Why Men Don’t Stay In Unhappy Marriages

Ever wondered why some men live their lives desperately despite having all the money in this world? Sometimes it’s because of how they were brought up, maybe they had no one to teach them.

However, somethings are just common sense and our men out there should not give any excuse whatsoever.

Here are some main reasons our men don’t stay in marriage;

This is definitely an area that seeps into our ability to communicate but is a very specific part of the puzzle that is often missed. Not only do we ignore an opportunity to communicate our expectations, but we also begin to act on those expectations not being met “We come from different backgrounds and expect different things and never communicate that to our partners. Some men never let their women know what they have in mind. Men should know to provide, protect, etc., but it’s rarely discussed in detail. Men who are being brought up in single parent households have no examples of what it means to be that security a woman needs.




To some men, fear tells them that since nobody in their family succeeded in relationships so they will also never succeed in marriage. Fear tells them that they can never be sure they marry the right person.

After a previous heartbreak, some men walk around with a wall around their hearts. They date woman after woman, but they never settle down with one. They’ll say that they are not ready to get ‘tied down’, but deep inside they’re just fearful of heartbreak.

Because of this fear, these men will be non-committal in relationships. When things get serious, they will run for the hills.




Why are many mothers in our generation single? Because a man somewhere impregnated her and when the consequences arose, they loved their “freedom” more than they loved their babies and responsibilities.

It’s selfish and it’s sinful. I believe that men in our generation will be answerable to God for irresponsible sexuality they are practicing. A friend once told me that being a man is one thing and being a responsible man is another thing. So,where are you ?

The problem with selfishness does not affect runaway dads only; it manifests in men who will only want to relate with a woman on their terms. If you do not dress, cook and clean the way they want, you are out the door.

Some men consider women who is exactly like their mothers back home, then if so they should go ahead and marry their mothers..hahahah! 



The Bible which is a doctrine of religion says that, If you are lazy, then you should not eat. A successful marriage requires working smart and lots of attention. One has to deliberately strive to build a healthy relationship with their spouse, even when they don’t feel like it. At times you may get bored by your girls, but if you are smart enough, a man enough, then you will strive to make sure that your relationship works. Who told you that you are a FAILURE?

Hard work will never live in the same neighborhood as mediocrity. Mediocrity will always looks for the shortcut with clever sounding reasons such as “times have changed.”

A brave man sticks to the right thing despite its difficulty. His persistence will only reap a happy working relationship with the woman he relates to until death do them part.




A man who borrows his ideals from a sinful world will not see the beauty of holy matrimony. The world is telling men many lies concerning marriage using whatever medium that can influence.

In mainstream entertainment men who are portrayed to be the heroes are shown hanging up with several women and living a life without consequences.

Worldliness asks, “Why should I then commit to this girl in a marriage when I can have all I need from her and still have my freedom?” Why should I get married and commit myself to one woman when i can have several when I need them?

The man indulging in this will then witch-hunt for any fault in marriage to justify that it will “tie him down.”

The worldly man thinks that in having the liberty to misuse his sexuality, he is free, while in truth he is a slave – a slave to his sin and desires.

You may assume that you are very okay but in real sense at long last you will feel lonely, this is when you will settle for any woman.




Psquare’s Paul Okoye and his wife share adorable pictures of their newborn twins and reveal why they’re grateful for double blessings

When she delivered she shared this story of her journey to pregnancy and childbirth, and won the hearts of many fans with her honesty.

Paul Okoye, of the singing duo PSquare has recently welcomed baby twins, and his wife Anita has opened up about her struggle to motherhood.

This is what she shared since welcoming her baby twins.

I am so thankful for all the warm messages, prayers and gifts I have received since the arrival of our babies. God bless everyone of you for celebrating with us.
Thanks to God Almighty for blessing us far more than we deserve, for replacing and restoring all that we had lost… Thank you to my family and friends for the constant prayers and positivity throughout my pregnancy.
I am especially thankful to my Labour Squad without whom I have no idea what I would have done!
They made sure I didn’t have any worries, the best they could… threw me an amazing baby shower and stayed with me throughout my Labour and delivery!!

My Labour Squad made everything seem so blissful and positive… my Labour Squad consists of these outstanding individuals who dropped everything to be there for me during my pregnancy and at the birth of the twins: My mom, My Auntie Buchi, Chinonso @veras_baby01 , Ro @myroniee, Theresa @tmamah , my 16-year old lil sis Uche @uchay___ , Andre’s nanny Ms.Helen, My Auntie Ephormaah , Cousin Chaz @chazgrey & Tasha @ms.bucks . I don’t know how I can ever express the level of gratitude I feel… God bless you all so much!! Thank you!!!! To my MVP Chinonso, who left everything including her own 3 kids to be there for me… I have no idea how I can ever repay you!!! She literally helped us in choosing the best doctor and hospital and held my leg and coached me during the natural birth process of the twins…God bless you and your family!!! Thanks to theresa for documenting the entire process and editing the videos, I cannot stop laughing and tearing up and appreciating God!
More videos to come!!! Thank you all so much again!
Love Anita!!!

After giving birth she went quiet, perhaps embracing her new mummy role considering that handling twins is time-consuming. She has now come out to share the cutest photo of the twins, sending fans into a frenzy.




B L E S S E D!On June 23rd 2016, I reposted a story that touched my heart. “Don’t lose faith when you see others receive answers to their prayers. Don’t be envious of others testimony…don’t despair…say to yourself ‘My time is coming, and when it hits the surface, people shall yield in admiration.” At the time of that repost, I had been close to losing faith…I had experienced despair.
Today I am in awe of Gods goodness.
Paul and I are so grateful for the newest members of our family, Nadia and Nathan Okoye (#Nsquare). Our beautiful little prince and princess. Andre is such an amazing big brother. We are indeed blessed!
Whenever it storms, a rainbow is on it’s way
fizzglam..Awwww they are so cute. Congratulations dear
maryjane_fabulousmj..Congrats ma’am
posh_starr..Congratulations dearie …may God protect them and give us our own testimonies …God bless your household
4realjoyce..Oh my God. Am so happy for you. Congratulations.
jasminemuzik..God bless them always. Congrats dear
priscauzodinma..Wow! Beautiful Cutiez, Queen and Kings(#Nsquare), May God bless and preserve them for you @anitaokoye and rudeboypsquare IJN.
dianatabe..Wow, so adorable😍

Kenyan Man Whose Wife Died During Childbirth Pens Yet Another Heartbreaking Message

Dan Sonko is a lonely man. The father of two who lost his wife during child birth is yet to come to terms with the loss of his better half Druscillah Sonko.

He always writes emotional messages reminiscing the moments they spent together. Well, Dan has once again shared a very touching message about his wife.

The power couple were to celebrate their 5th anniversary in a few days time but unluckily, Druscillah went to be with the Lord.

Here is Dan Sonko’s moving letter to his wife. Go through it:


It’s Sunday…..I had told myself that I was going to keep these messages in my heart.
Today was impossible. Last night was long.
You should have been here….then God

In 18 days, we would have been celebrating 5yrs since we took our vows. A milestone of sorts….then God

Your boys are doing well my love, we really are. We could have been better….then God

I wish you could see their smiles. I wish you could see them growing. I wish you could see them winning. You were supposed to….then God

I keep your memories alive. I keep our promises. I protect and defend ours. I push on babes. It would have been a smoother journey….then God

He brought us together and He took you home. Rest well my love.

I Love You….I Do and Always Will.”

Dan Sonko

Sonko’s followers were touched by his message and they joined hands to pray and console him. Check out some of the comments:

Morine: She is proud of who you have become, a strong father in the world, bless you Dan

Thisker: Even though God may not explain Himself. He will Always reveal Himself

Natasha: Just do something for Dan dear Lord..too much to bear.sending hugs n love your way❤

Maggy: God makes things happen with reason bt take heart man….I like you spirit

Liz: May the Lord give you strength and comfort that surpasses human understanding

Cynthia: I don’t know you but this has touched my heart the God  above will to continue blessing you

Queen: Soo emotional..May you find peace

Veronicah: Its so sad but take heart nd take good care of your beautiful kids..God has a reason

Brenda: It will be well. You can keep these diarized and some day, when you are ready you can author a book which will help other people deal with a loss like this. Praying for you to have strength.