‘Our First Year Was Quite Challenging’, Gospel Bigwig Anto Ndiema Pours His Heart Out

KTN’s Tukuza gospel show presenter Anthony Ndiema, yesterday celebrated the Lord’s goodness in his life and for giving him a life partner as he marks 7 years in marriage with his wife Nenoh Ndiema.

Antony Ndiema is a celebrated media personality who’s known for his humility and passion for his job. Through this he has been able to scoop several accolades as a presenter of the year which I must give credit to the family behind him.
Well yesterday the power couple marked seven years since the two walked down the aisle.
Antony took it to his instagram page to celebrate his marriage with a picture of them which he captioned;


“It’s been 7 years; 7 years of God’s faithfulness and consistent growth in marriage. Our first year was quite challenging, trying to settle down but things kept getting better. Cant wait to celebrate the silver and golden jubilee with you @nenohndiema by God’s grace. Happy Anniversary


Fans were equally elated;


juddie_ontitah… Happy anniversary to you my friend and happy holidays.Blessings

chepchumbacherus …Happy Anniversary my people, May God keep and bless you. ALWAYS❤

latifah_kienja …Happy Anniversary!!

clemmo254.. Salute…happy anniversary my boss….baraka na wepesi Wa Maisha ndo nawatakia..

zkananu ..Congratulations 🎉 happy anniversary to you, may God continue to strengthen your marriage…to many more happy and blessed years 🎉

patonyking_make_up …Happy Anniversary Big Bro

deejaysanch ..Congratulations On Your Anniversary @antondiema

teddthedj ..Happy Anniversary

aliciaahawo ..All glory n honor goes back to him!!!Happy anniversary

nikita_kering 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽congratulations

mrndilima …Happy anniversary watu wangu… More grace, favor and anointing

Check out their photos;

Former Crossover 101 host Faith Muturi celebrates her sons first birthday with sweet message

Ex-Crossover 101 host Faith Muturi Ngugi is married to the love of her life George Ngugi.

The curvaceous woman welcomed a bouncing baby boy with her husband on December 11, 2016 named Lemuel Imani Gakio Ngugi.

Well, the couple is thriving and their marriage seems to be working out very well. They have been sharing their sons photos on their social media at the same time lavishing praise on him.

Today as their son turns a year, the parents have taken it to their social media to celebrate him.

Faith Muturi wrote on her social media platform;

“This day a year ago, I finally got to hold you in my arms. Oh what joy!!😍💥🤗💖💙💚 I am honoured to be your mum. Your Dad and I are so delighted, so grateful and so blessed to have you in our lives.🙏🙏 Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lemuel Imani Gakio Ngugi. May you grow in wisdom and stature with God and man. May our love give you roots to help you find your winds. We love you so so so much!! 😚😚💝💕💞
#happybirthdayson #babyboy #ohmygoodness
#lovelikenoother #ohhappyday #miraclebaby
#firstbirthday #somuchloveforyou
#lemuelturnsone #happyparents “


The dad also celebrated his cute son’s birthday with an awesome message;

“at about 10am on the 11th December 2016 a bouncing(actually screaming😄) baby boy was born!
💓❤💕💞 Lemuel Imani Gakio Ngugi came into our life and from that day our lives have not been the same.
Happy Birthday Son! We thank God for you and pray that the words of Luke 2:52 become your reality everyday as they did for our Lord Jesus Christ”


Fans were equally elated;

kileyeunice …Happy birthday Lemuel …….time really does fly just the other day

gladies_wangary… Happy birthday Lemuel

fionajohn_miss… Happy birthday Lemuel

itsneyozbey ..Happy Birthday to your litu handsome😄😇

wambuisila ..Happy birthday son

christine_isaac ..Hbd

ericokoye…Happy Birthday Lemuel. Oh how wonderful

loicechai…Happy birthday lemuel your mummy loves you very much

Mpweety Cortez… Happy happiest bday Prince. May u grow as a God fearing boy. God bless

Check out photos.





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Sad Tale! ‘I Don’t Know How I Can Raise These Kids Alone,’ Widower Cries

A New Zealand mother has tragically died just two weeks after giving birth to her third child.

Arlene Padawang-Cosme suffered a brain aneurysm after delivering daughter Grayan Claire last month. She was found collapsed on the floor at home and rushed to hospital.

She spent her final weeks lying in a coma in Auckland Hospital, where her family gathered around, singing and showering the 37-year-old with love.

An image shared to a GiveALittle page set up by the local community shows Grayan being baptised next to her mother’s hospital bed, as Arlene remained in a coma.

‘Grayan was so settled and comfy beside her mum’s side,’ a caption to the image read.

On the same day, a video was also shared to the page, showing Rayan Come, Arlene’s husband, serenading his wife with The King by Garth Brooks

Playing an acoustic guitar as he sang, Rayan was seen looking on at his wife as another woman held her leg. In the background, somebody is heard sniffling.

In the caption, it is revealed the song is one Arlene and Rayan would sing together to their children.

On Tuesday, the page was updated with a final, heart-wrenching message.

‘With deep grief, we are so sad to announce the passing of our dear sister Arlene,’ it read.

‘She is now in peace with the Lord Almighty.

‘Thank you so much for the love and prayers you shared with us.

‘May God Bless you all.’

Arlene has left behind her husband and three daughters; Gracee, 10, Ayene, 5, and baby Grayan, who is just 17 days old.

Speaking with The New Zealand Herald earlier this month, Rayan tearfully admitted only a miracle could have saved his wife’s life.

Confronted with the enormous task that he now faces, he told the paper: ‘I don’t know how I can raise these kids alone’.

New mum dishes VERY intimate details about her labour and admits developing weird obsession with sponges

She welcomed her first child into the world, a daughter named Sunday, last month.

And Ferne McCann has revealed yet more details about her pregnancy experience, admitting she developed a weird obsession with sponges, before spilling intimate details about her time in labour.

While it’s totally normal for expectant mothers to find themselves craving the bizarre while pregnant, Ferne admitted hers was more unusual than most.

She told heat magazine: ‘The only thing that was super-weird is that I had an obsession with sponges. And damp smells. Honestly, this is a thing – I Googled it. Women love the texture. I was burying my nose in sponge.’

The reality star confessed that she also ate chocolate close to every night of her pregnancy – a habit she is still trying to shake.

The former TOWIE star – who will document her journey into motherhood in her new programme Ferne: First time Mum – also divulged personal details about her time in labour.

She explained: ‘Well, they describe it as the ring of fire – it’s a the crowning of the head. I’ve never experienced a pain like it. The pain kind of just fizzles away as soon as you’ve given birth.’

Asked how she felt about raising her daughter alone, she remarked:

‘I’ve got used to the idea, to be honest. I’d done the whole pregnancy on my own and I kind of knew it was coming, so yeah.’

The interview also saw Ferne disparage the term ‘single mum’, a comment that recently saw her criticised by fellow single parent and former Celebrity Big Brother star Jessica Cunningham.

Ferne shares daughter Sunday with ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins – who was recently convicted for his part in a horrific nightclub acid attack that took place in east London earlier this year.

Arthur was convicted of five counts of grievous bodily harm with intent and nine of actual bodily harm two weeks ago. He had committed the offence while out celebrating the news of Ferne’s pregnancy.

He has been warned he could face life behind bars when he is sentenced on December 19.

According to The Sun, Ferne is understood to have told the father of her newborn daughter that she won’t ever see him again after visiting him in prison.

-Daily Mail

‘I have never seen my baby daddy since he impregnated me’, laments Kenyans woman

When two people who love each other come together, the next thing we expect from them as a couple is babies.

Well, today during the morning conversation, Maina wanted to know why this is so following comments made by another caller who men don’t want children. This is what he said,

“Maina, do you know as men we never want babies in the family? These women think that we are in the business of making babies in the world.”

He continued, “As a man with the current economy, do I want babies? For what? Where do you want us to take these children? Women get babies to trap us to stay with the men the marriages. Tell them to spare us from this because most of them trap us with babies especially when they know we have money.”

From those statements, Maina had this question to the men. He asked “If you do not want children and you want to continue enjoying life, why then are you having unprotected sex?”

Mwalimu on the other hand claimed that men do not plan to have kids and that it is the women who become pregnant without their consent.

Men were rattled saying that women use pregnancy to trap the men to marry them.

Another one claimed that when you are poor, you can have sex as much as you want and she will not become pregnant but once the woman knows that you rich they get pregnant very fast so that you as a man to take responsibilities.

There is also another woman who called in and said that only a sad and desperate man can make such comments about women.

She continued and explained that women are nowadays very keen towards such men.

Listen the whole conversation below;




“The Best Woman To Marry Now Is A Prostitute,” says Captain Kale

Captain Kale has made a name for himself with classic 105 FM listeners as he calls the Maina on his early morning show frequently. He is always saying things that many women find offensive especially when it is a discussion concerning women. This has caused many women to get gripe when he calls in to air his divisive views.

During an interview with Mpasho he regarded prostitutes as the best wives to marry instead of slay queens and office wear ladies.



Capatain Kale said:

The best woman to marry in this days situation is a prostitute. Someone in Koinange or Sabina-Joy not this ladies who are working in the offices.The reason is these people in Koinange are genuine and 90% of those people who are there is because of problems.So when you take her out of there and marry her she will make a good wife because she has gone through a lot.

I know a number of women from Koinange that got married to my friends and there are perfect wives.Dont go around there looking for virgins or what to marry those are the one in hurry to get in to marriage leave them alone.In fact I was praying to God if I was not married right now I wish to get a woman who has gone even with even 50 men , those people with experience in life.

So which is better? it is better the one I will get from Koinange ‘mwenye nmelipa iyo 1000 nmkatie vizuri’, I get her and she accept my marriage proposal.”


The Captain has spoken. Do the masses agree with him or disagree.


Kenyan women explain why they take back men who disrespect them (Audio)

Women love to talk to Maina Kageni about their lives and issues that affect them. A woman called Maina Kageni and described to him how her baby daddy has been mistreating her, shocking many listeners.

Picha Clear roadtrip
Maina Kageni. photo credit:courtesy

The woman is currently pregnant with her second child from the same man, inspite of him repeatedly disrespecting her by cheating on her and not paying for the upkeep for their other child. The heavily pregnant woman says that he had a difficult pregnancy and the man would not support her and would disappear from home several times.

After disappearing he returned and she got pregnant for the second time. She said she had suffered and he doesn’t help until he is verbally abused. She explained that she got pregnant for the second time after meeting up with him to iron out their differences, when she found out she was pregnant again.

Here is her story:

“I was married, I got pregnant with the first child, the guy just disappeared. The man was not supporting me until I delivered. He came back and I got pregnant again after four months, the doctors said it’s either I terminate the pregnancy or suffer the whole year.

For  him to support me I have to literally threaten him or abuse him. I don’t believe in termination that is why I kept the baby. I am supposed to be due in January but the doctors said I will deliver tomorrow yet have no idea where he is.”

Ladies, after a man does all that to you, why do you go back to him? Does this make sense girls? Is the fact that women want to give the men one more try make them give take them back?

Well, the man has once again disappeared from her life and left her to struggle with her pregnancy.  Listen to the audio below, as others describe what husbands, baby daddys put them through:

Listen to the whole conversation below;

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Capatain Kale Claims That Joining Kilimani Moms Will End Your Your Marriage!

Captain Vincent Kale is a frequent caller in Classic105 FM into the Maina and Mwalimu Kingangi morning show. He is always on the controversial side mostly when it comes to matters pertaining to women.He is said to have a great dislike for women and in turn women are angry with him.

During an exclusive interview with Mpasho, he got to reveal how he would never allow his wife to be on the popular Kilimani mums stirring even more hatred from women.

Captain Kale posing
Captain Kale. Photo Credit: Courtesy

This is what he said concerning the group which is a safe-space to many women through out the country and even some neighboring countries.

I have told my wife if I get you in Kilimani you will remember the road to your mother’s place. That group is horrible I think it is full of desperate women , slay queens and people who don’t have a future. I guess you can be in that group but when you post your problems there who are you posting for. I am in that group but I just watch from afar but I am not participating in those conversations.

I remember a friend of mine who is a Ugandan who asked his wife to send her photos as she had informed him earlier that she has gone for an out then the lady asked for the photos from the Kilimani. So it is full of lies.When your wife is in Kilimani that is the end of your marriage.


Captain Kale posing
Captain Kale. Photo Credit: Courtesy


That is his opinion. Do you agree or disagree with what he has said?

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Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale on why he won’t allow his two son’s to marry

Captain Kale is well known as the frequent caller on Classic 105’s morning show with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i where he holds nothing back.

The very vocal man is a frequent caller to our station, where he contributes to Maina’s morning conversation, bashing women and the choices they make in life.

Why does he choose to be so controversial on matters women? He revealed this during an interview with Mpasho. Read on below



I am captain Vincent Kale I work at barracks, the name captain is my title. I’m married to one wife and I have two sons. I don’t hate women, the problem with current women – these slay queens want to take their pettiness in marriage. Marriage is not where jokers should be, it’s a real business. You want to mold your kids and as a wife, your husband is your second god and a king. So it is not all about hate, it is just that I want ladies to treat their husbands the way their mothers treated their husbands.

Like now days you find ladies drink like their fathers, they don’t cook like their mothers. There are cases whereby a lady will drink a whole Jameson alone and she is not drunk yet she stills asks for another mzinga. That’s why now marriages are not successful and that is the reason I normally call in to Classic105 to advise these young generation.”

He is completely against slay queens for the following reason.


I have never dated a slay queen and I will never. Slay queens should change because they are horrible. I have two boys and if at all life will continue this way, I don’t think I will allow my boys to marry because who are they going to marry? it is better they get kids and bring them up and I will help them out.”

The captain made it clear that single mothers are the main problem in Kenyan society.

Single women are the problem in our society because the single woman is not all grounded, so their children are not brought up well. The father figure is very important in life because there are those values that they will impose on a child. So without a father there is a problem although there are some men who impregnate a woman and run away”.

He concluded by saying.”A woman should not bring up a child alone.”

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Hopeless Romantic: TV Host Monique’s Husband Celebrates Her Birthday With The Sweetest Message

Let’s Talk Tv host Monique Bett turned a year older and her husband could not keep calm as he went all in to shower her with all the love in the world.

The best part about the day is that Monique said yes to Richard on her birthday and her husband holds the day so dearly.


He took to social media to send Monique nothing but best wishes.

He wrote, “On this special day, I would like to wish you the happiest day ever. This day is special to me because you said yes to me, and it’s also the day you were born. I thank God for you and I wish you nothing but happiness and love. I love you so much @moniqueangelynbett. Happy happy birthday my queen!!!!


Monique went ahead to reply to her husband with just the right words.

My Richard ❤️❤️ I’d say yes all over again. Thank you for doing this thing called life with me 😙😙.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Size 8 responds to trolls after Kenyans dissed her performance during President Uhuru’s inauguration

It was all colorful  on 28th November 2018 as Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya for the second term at the Kasarani stadium. Top artistes, the likes of award-winning singers Rufftone, Emmy Kosgei, Size 8 among others entertained those who had attended the inauguration function.

Well, when Mateke hitmaker Size 8 took to the stage to entertain the crowd she started talking too much at least according to social media and she had just started singing her second song Tam Tam when all hell broke loose.


Before the crowd could even join in the singing, her performance was cut short leaving her followers tongues wagging and thinking that she was not entertaining or rather she had chosen the wrong song for that day.

Well, speaking to Word is she addressed the issue after they released a new song together with Mr Seed who is a  member of the EMB Records.

I have not been signed with EMB Records but just a collabo with Mr.Seed. It was very good working with Mr seed, He is very humble and very anointed by God, and then he is my brother from a long time. Mr seed ni mtu ako na character easy to work with with.” Added the gospel artist Size 8.

Asked about the inspiration behind the song, she said that,” Christ is the inspiration behind our song ,you know we are in our last days and people need to get saved we are harvesting and it is a call for people to get saved. We are not singing to represent ourselves but Christ himself.”


Speaking on the performance issue she said according to her, having done two performances she think did was not perform but instead she ministered to the people.

“I did not perform, I ministered to the people and God was there and the people were happy.

Sikuona coz i have been busy,adding that everyone is entitled to speak what they want but for me i engaged the crowd. My purpose was to engage with my fun and if people found it funny or whatever, my intension was to engage and celebrate the good doing of the Lord.I can’t not judge people vibaya, I guess its because the had not seen my earlier performance. Anyway i had fun and i was so happy.”

check out her new song;


Exclusive: ‘I was very excited to learn I would be a a father’ – Comedian Njugush

Timothy Kimani better known as, Njugush is a house hold name. He gained popularity from his funny character that is very hard to ignore. He is one of the most successful persons in the entertainment industry. He has featured in local Tv programs like Hapa Kule and the Real House wives Of Kawangware

Besides being a funny man, Njugush is married to the love of his life, Celestine Ndinda who is heavily pregnant with their first child. The two walked down the aisle in a colorful wedding that went down at the PCEA Evergreen in Runda, Nairobi in December last year.

Well, speaking to Word is on phone today, Njugush has revealed that he is so excited about his wife being pregnant and looking forward to being a dad.

Asked about how he received the news about his wife being pregnant, he he said;

Congratulations!! Njugush The Comedian Wife Shows off Her Baby Bump For The First Time

“I was not shocked about the news about my wife being pregnant because it was something we had planned for.”

When asked about the gender of the baby, Njugush said they don’t know but have chosen tentative names for either gender. “We want the gender to be a surprise to us” added Njugush.

“Craving za wife ni za ugenge, mara matumbo, mara guavas, and the worst is that anataka kuona kuku zikichinjwa na sio kukula but tunahundle tu, we have even gone to a butchery just to take fulfill her cravings which is extraordinary because earlier she did not have the guts to watch a chicken being slaughtered.”

The wife is due two to three months from now.

Congratulations to the happy couple as they await their bundle of joy.

Here are photos of the couple;


Screenshot from 2017-09-29 16:44:58



WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 14.16.05





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This is the excuse deadbeat dads use to avoid seeing their children (AUDIO)

Such men only show up when you are successful in life, but when things are thick he is nowhere.

The topic of Absentee fathers is one that is likely to cause wagging tongues, as we all know such a man.

On Classic 105 this morning presenter Maina Kageni boldly took on this topic and man oh man did he have something to say.

Alot of men tried to get philosophical on why they are deadbeats, something that didn’t sit well with Maina and female callers.

There can be no reason why a man should be absent from his children’s life‘, Maina shouted to one caller who tried to defend himself. ‘You are to blame for being absent, you cannot stay for months without seeing your child.

Maina was seething with anger when another man revealed he has seen his daughter twice this year.

‘Don’t justify not seeing your children, I will never understand people like this’, he declared.

Hezbon, a male caller, disclosed that he has two sons with another woman, and always thinks about his children but doesn’t see them. He insists that the fact hat he is not there in his life there are valid reasons and circumstances

He said; ‘my heart is really heavy’, he tried to excuse his absence from his children’s life.

Maina wasn’t convinced and wanted to know the last time he saw his children. ‘About three months ago because of resources and two because of the kind of relationship with his mother. When I go she says hawako, sometimes she says many things about what you did to her.’

He continued; ‘The woman makes it so hard when men try to make things normal. Our feelings are very different from women. They make is so hard for us so that any other person in the periphery thinks it is us on the wrong. They create a picture it is us who are bad.’

Other men waded into the conversation, blaming Kenyan women by saying they and their harsh attitude is the reason deadbeat dads keep away from their children.

Do you buy this argument? Listen to the audio below;

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Jealous Husband Beat His Wife For Every Facebook ‘Like’ She Received

A Paraguayan woman has been forced to undergo reconstructive surgery on her face after her jealous husband punched her every time someone ‘liked’ her pictures on Facebook.

Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, 21, had been held against her will in the couple’s home and subjected to constant beatings by her 32-year-old husband, police say.

When police were finally alerted, Ms Ortigoza had been so badly abused her body and face was disfigured and she required extensive surgery.

Abused: Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, 21, from Nemby, Paraguay, was 'punished' by her husband every time she got a positive reaction to one of her photos or posts on Facebook

Yesterday the woman’s lawyer told how partner Pedro Heriberto Galeano would become violent when anyone liked the photos she posted of herself on Facebook.

He began to beat her up every time one of her friends on Facebook reacted to any of her posts.

Galeano later took control of her Facebook page, where he would post pictures of her, and continued to punch and kick her for every ‘like’ the posts received.

Lawyer Arnaldo Martinez told how Ms Ortigoza, from Nemby near Asuncion, Paraguay, would dread a notification telling her that someone had reacted or commented on a post.

Her friends had no idea that each time they made the friendly online gesture she would be brutally beaten.

Horrifying: Ms Ortigoza's facial injuries from the abuse were so extensive that she has needed reconstructive surgery
Horrifying: Ms Ortigoza’s facial injuries from the abuse were so extensive that she has needed reconstructive surgery
Shocking: The young woman was found covered in bruises after constant beatings
Shocking: The young woman was found covered in bruises after constant beatings

He said: ‘Her mouth was all broken, she was very damaged, her skin was hanging off because of the blows.

‘He controlled the victim’s social networking sites, he controlled the messages and photos, and for every ‘like’ she received from her friends, the woman received a beating because he accused her of having a relationship with them.’

Mr Martinez said she only didn’t lose her teeth because ‘he would put a cloth in her mouth so that she would not scream during the brutal beatings that she suffered daily.’

Evil: Galeano later took control of her Facebook page, where he would post pictures of her, and continued to punch and kick her for every 'like' the posts received
Evil: Galeano later took control of her Facebook page, where he would post pictures of her, and continued to punch and kick her for every ‘like’ the posts received

The man’s father finally reported his violent son to the police after he believed the woman would die following the last beating she received, according to reports.

Ms Ortigoza was so disfigured by the violence she wasn’t able to recognised herself after being shown photos of herself after being beaten.

She underwent reconstruction operations of the nasal septum and lips.

Galeano was captured and charged with attempted femicide, deprivation of liberty and coersion, crimes which carry a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison.

Source: Daily Mail

Ugandan singer Bebe Cool and wife welcome baby girl

Singer Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena are the latest parents in town.

The couple welcomed a baby girl last night and the singer took to his social media to announce the good news.

For a while now the ragga singer has had to fight off rumors that his wife had already given birth, and repeatedly told his fans to await the news from himself.

This is the couples sixth child. The others are Allan Hendrick Ssali, Beata Ssali, Caysan Ssali, Alpha Thierry Ssali, Deen Ozil Ssali.

bebe cool wife baby shower
Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena at her baby shower

Bbebe Cool has been on record saying he wants seven children, so perhaps we should await another pregnancy announcement soon?

In the meantime read the cute message he wrote announcing the arrival of his daughter and her adorable name.

He wrote;

And finally this morning at 4:40,Allah has blessed our family with a bouncing baby girl and she will be called EMAN.
Thanks for all your prayers as both mom and daughter are well.


Also read congratulatory messages

bebe cool pregnant wife
A glowing Zuena poses for a photo during her baby shower

Hajjat Mariam Sultan…. Congs Banaffe..Hope you didn’t forget to whisper #AllahuAkbar in her small nice ears..May Allah bless her with Eman as her name.

Adronlee Lawiino Skillz…. What does #Eman mean? Eman as a girls’ name (also used as boys’ name
Eman ) is of Arabic origin, and the name Eman means “belief, faith”.
Eman is an alternate spelling of Iman (Arabic). bebe go high

Winnie Keza… Wow great news Beata gets a sister 😘😘😘😘😘😘 congratulations to you rasta and first lady Zuena Kirema and welcome to the world princess EMAN.

Michael Kamau… I remember meeting u some years back in Nakuru Kenya while performing at club Dimples formerly known as illusions,UA latest hit rocks kip up da spirit.

Marie Kasule …Congratulations babe cool! Gals make such interesting kids in the home! And usually love their fathers more! May Allah bless babe Eman and give life and money to bring them up as responsible adults in the world.

Hardshanden Shanel…. Wooow congs the cool family, am so happy another baby gal is here. I want to see the look on Beata’s face right now

Zairah Mulungi… Congs BebeCool May Allah bless you with every thing you want for always being there for your wife you are really a very good example to all men in Uganda i really respect you papa

Faduru Ssozi Rukundo Masha Allah….Congratulations to the whole family and fans…
May Allah make her a blessing to the world

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‘I Wouldn’t Do This To Tina Kaggia,’ Comedian JB Masanduku Shouts!

Comedian JB Masanduku has finally broken his silence and addressed ongoing reports that he is a bad father and husband to radio presenter Tina Kaggia.

Tina went on a TV interview and narrated how life with the comedian led to depression and at some point she almost committed suicide.

“We started having those episodes of a lot of dishonesty and abandonment. Then there are these kids with many questions that mummy keeps lying about and they [episodes of abandonment] kept recurring and I was like, ‘You know what, you call my bluff one more time and that is it!’ He did not think I was serious,” Tina said.

That was when she walked out of the marriage with her kids. To date, JB doesn’t know where Tina and the kids live.

“I pray that he figures himself out because he’s really talented; but it is not  my place to help him do so – I almost fell apart the last time I tried to,” she said.

JB Masanduku had earlier posted a photo hanging out with actress Leisly Njenga and captioned it, “#favouritehuman.” It is not clear if he has already moved on and started another relationship.

JB-masandukuHe sought to address the claims that Tina levelled against him in the media interviews and all he posted was a selfie with Tina with the statement, “I don’t know what the fuss is about. I wouldn’t do this to Tina Kaggia…”

Fans reacted to the post.

ndindathequeen: You’re just messed up! Get some help!

moraaonyancha: Jb before you can say all you wanna say …guilty or innocent ask for forgiveness!!!


‘You set foot into heaven on this day, 6 months ago,’ Dan Sonko pays tribute to his dead wife

Dan Kinyajui better known as Dan Sonko has penned a beautiful message for his late wife Druscillah Walowe Mngoda who died 6 months ago during child birth.

Losing a loved one leaves a gaping hole in one’s heart. One that cannot be filled easily.

Dan wrote in a past Instagram post. “We are not even assured of the next hour, minute or second…. We live by faith and faith alone. We should be thankful and consider ourselves fortunate to be counted amongst the living. Each breath we take brings us closer to our last…. I lost half of me – half a year ago. My whole world collapsed. I was tossed into darkness
Confusion, Anger, Fear, Disappointment, Despair….these are what dominated me in an instant! I chose to stand in the Lord. I chose to hang on to the faith that we proclaimed.”

dansonkoandlatewifeDan who is known for his moving poetry has written a moving piece of art

Exactly 6 months ago on this date, our world took a downward spiral…
From what was an awesome Saturday night with friends to having to rush to hospital at 1am…
From bursting out in laughter over dinner to calling people in the dead of night overwhelmed by confusion, sadness and fear.

Here we are today….
#D1 is his usual happy self
#D2 is growing at an unbelievably fast rate
I need to make sure they progress well and that their growth is steady and consistent.

I have learnt more about managing a home in these past 6 months than I ever did.
My Baby was a Superwoman. Women are Superheroes…..and my Mom must be their Head Coach!

There are moments where it is too much
There are moments where loneliness dominates
There are moments where I question God
There are moments where I want to give up

This is not what we had planned
This is not how this script was supposed to have played out
This is not where we were supposed to be at this point in our lives.

Through it all, I choose to exalt His name.
Through it all, I choose to #CelebrateDru
Through it all, I choose to be the best I can be for my 2.

Life is not guaranteed.
It is not in the longevity of life but rather the quality of life in that time that we have been given.

I thank God for you Babes.
Our 4yrs 9months and 8days of Marriage and a couple more as Friends, Bestfriends, Prayer Partners, Lovers, Companions…..
I cherish every moment – the lows n the highs, the fights n the make ups, the losses n the successes.

I can go on n on n on….
I miss you…. #CelebratingDru

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‘They Were Being Prepared For My Death,’ DJ Hypnotic’s Baby Mama Narrates Her Gruelling Child Birth Ordeal

Popular Kenyan DJ Hypnotic is a father of one. He and his baby mama, Renee Wambui, work together to co-parent.

Recently, Renee posted a long blog about how gruelling it was giving birth to her son. It left her with a perforated caecum – this is a large tubelike structure in the lower abdominal cavity that receives undigested food material from the small intestine and is considered the first region of the large intestine.

This condition saw her undergo three surgeries and be isolated from her newborn child as she recuperated.

Renee wrote:

“I was the most active pregnant lady, I mean I was 22 years old so the energy is mandatory, I tried working out to stay cute like celebrities (which doesn’t really happen) and I focused on dressing my bump well, eating right and keeping myself positive despite the evil hormones. So by 3rd November I wanted this baby out as it was past my due date and my Obstetrician booked me in for admission at 8pm, I quickly went to Mc Fryz had as much chicken and chips and Krest as I could then went home to shower and go back to hospital.

I checked into Nairobi Hospital at 8pm sharp because you know excitement is real and I get admitted and they tell me they would induce me at 3am. I knew by like 10am the baby would be here because everyone said the more active you are the quicker the contractions come.(Still debatable but okay!) So I was induced again at 6am and again at 9am. By the time the Obstetrician came to check how induced I was he was shocked to find out I was still 2cm. Contractions finally came and boy I think thats where all pregnant ladies lose their cool and act wild. I was wild, in pain, uncomfortable and regretted the whole process. Fast forward to 2:30pm the door slammed open and there was a stretcher bed, gas mask and 2 theatre assistants plus one of my Obstetrician who came and told me my unborn child was in distress and I had to go in for emergency caesarean, no time to think twice everyone in the room agreed, I mean anything to have my baby in our hands. By the time I was arriving the theatre room I was in so much pain that I was crying for the epidural shot, I honestly did not care how much it cost because I was literally going insane. During the C-section I was in a daze, I could not move but my mind was active and I could not feel any pain and the baby was born at 3:33pm, immediately he came out I blacked out into deep slumber. I woke up after a few hours and all I heard was congratulations. Anyway I was blessed to breastfeed him for 1 day and I recorded it not knowing it was my last opportunity. I moved from having 1 surgery to having 3 surgeries in 2 weeks and being isolated from my newborn, so I had to see him through videos and pictures.”

She added,

“I hated seeing how I moved from glowing to swelling up and becoming ashy, bedridden, on machines and dehydrated. Three weeks after I was out of hospital, I chose to live a very positive and grateful life, I mean seeing a group of top medical specialists call my family members in a room while I was in HDU (High Dependency Unit) showed they were being prepared for my death and their facial reactions after leaving the room were proof enough that only God could work a miracle.”

Renee continued in her journal-like blog: “3am I watched someone cough and die and sadly my nosey self chose to watch the whole ordeal. Was I next?”

That was not over, a few days before her birthday she was in hospital again.

“I went to hospital and my surgeon informed me that my stomach walls had collapsed and I had abdominal hernia and that he needed to schedule an immediate surgery before my intestines started tangling up. What to do but accept and pray for the best, but hearing him say this was a risky procedure made me go home, hold my son tight and enjoy his presence. I CRIED BITTERLY, prayed and went to hospital the next day, 3 hours in I came out alive, in so much pain, but alive.”

Here are photos that Rene posted to celebrate motherhood.



Renee Wambui - DJ Hypnotic

Renee Wambui - DJ Hypnotic

Renee Wambui - DJ Hypnotic

Renee Wambui - DJ Hypnotic

Renee Wambui - DJ Hypnotic


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