Kambua’s message on healing after a dark time in your life


Kambua has been through some dark moments in her life this year, more so after losing her baby Malachi.

The grieving mother took time off online in a heartbreaking message that many understood as her needignt iem to grieve.

“My little baby boy Malachi made a grand entrance into the world a few days ago. He was everything we hoped for, and more, much more. Perfect in every way. Malachi knew how much he was loved, and so he did all he could stay with us.”

She added that “With the help of a most dedicated team of doctors, and nurses, our little baby fought until Jesus healed him by taking him to Himself. Malachi is now free from pain and worldly care.”

The artist said that “Our tears fall freely because our hearts are broken beyond words. But our faith and hope remain unshaken because we have trust in a dependable God. A good good Father.”

To honor Malachi, Kambua has a ring in his honor.

The gospel artiste wrote recently that

When God begins to turn you mourning into dancing…!

Yesterday I met a phenomenal woman who said to me, “Kambua, death gives way to life; and when you press in a little harder, when you lean in a little closer to God, you begin to thrive in heaven’s economy”. That was right on target 🎯

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but, darkness must give way to the light.
Scripture says:

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them”.

Beloved, darkness cannot stay. The light is coming and no one- not even you can stop it. It’s bursting in, and will dispel all else! And when it comes, walk ye in it ”




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There are women who pursue you to get back at your wife – Benjamin Zulu


Relationship coach Benjamin Zulu is out here spiting facts.

The motivational speaker in his Tiktok platform riles many with his statements and accounts of relationships.

In one such video, he tells husbands that their side chicks are only with him to hurt his wife.

“there are women who pursue you not because of you because of your wife to prove a point, it’s a competition a contest to destroy a good thing, you should not always think that you are that handsome and attractive, when you see people after you, sometimes the reason is it’s not you”

He continued explaining

“you are just at the centre in the line of fire they are firing elsewhere, you are the convenient, the reachable target. You’ve heard of those pathological househelps maybe or people who are hired or shamba boys you hire somebody and they start having their own motives to seduce one of you to get at the other, the househelp felt mistreated by the mistress of the house, so she starts to seduce the husband to prove a point, to get back at her. Sometimes you are not the reason you are being pursued.”

Here is the video


@benjaminzuluke♬ original sound – benjaminzuluke

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I don’t care if she is married – Man tells about pursuing waitress


Rejection is part of being a man, but that was not the message man wanted to hear from Maina Kageni after an intense discussion about why men can’t take rejection from Kenyan women.

Maina blasted men, calling them psychos and stalkers after listening to several accounts from women of the men hounding them.

Kingangi told the man’ be a man, don’t take no for an answer’ and the encouragement only made Maina more angry.

He declared he will not take no for an answer

“Nimekatia dame for the last one year.  She is a waitress and I have never stopped going for her. Infact today lunch time I will go for her I will go for lunch in that restaurant. I will not stop until I get her. Such girls are rare to find , she is the one I need. For one and a half years I have not stopped, nashindanga kwa hiyo hotel, sitoki huko. I am going for lunch and I’m not gonna let her go, coz she understands what I need in this life. Who cares if she is in a relationship. I am following my hearts desire. I just want her. I am not gonna let her go Maina we need such women I will not walk away she is a woman who is good for me”

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Man finds out he’s been sending fare to a married woman he’s never met


Men are not being spared by women when it comes to kula fare.

One such man amused Maina Kageni when he explained that he has been sending mpesa, and credit to a woman he has been after.

This was revealed in a morning discussion about men who can’t take rejection from women.

Maina was disgusted that men can’t take no for an answer, but co host King’angi insisted a man must be persistent and pursue whatever woman he wants until she says yes.

Mwalimu said ‘as a man you just can’t be rejected na uende, you have to keep trying mpaka aiigne ka system” But Maina asked ‘why can’t you take rejection and go away?”

“As a man you have to keep pushing until it happens’ Kingangi retorted.

This is when a man called in with his story of rejection and humiliation

“In 2016 there was this dame I katiad for almost one to two years only to find out that she is married. I was so devastated lakini. I came to find out she had a family yet alikua ananikataa lakini nikaendelkea kumtumia data na credit niendelea na hiypo form na hakuingia box na haonyeshi hanitaki hata kunihug bado sijawahi onja asali.”

He added “I found out she is married with children on social media when she shared a picture ati ‘happy family life’.I was shocked and took my L’. Yni two years I have sent her data, credit and mpesa na ilikulwa”

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Inside Diana Marua and Bahati’s romantic wedding anniversary


Diana and Bahati are proving they are stronger than ever as they share videos and pictures from their staycation in Nairobi hotel Trademark.

The couple are marking their 6th wedding anniversary and have been counting down the days with their fans.

The romantic getaway included a bed decorated with roses in a heart that excited the mother of two.

Marking their occasion with a dedication, Diana wrote

Baby Tonight’s The Night I Let You Know
Baby Tonight’s The Night We lose Control
Baby Tonight You need that, Tonight Believe That… I’ll be The Best You Ever Had

While Bahati adored his babe in a hearty note.

Tonight ❤ Anniversary Bed 🍆 @Diana_marua


Mrembo AKULE kwanza Kabla……………. !!! #AnniversaryNight 🥂
Good Food 




Dr Dre angry ex wife served him divorce papers during granny’s burial


Music mogul Dr Dre was served with his divorce papers while attending his late grandmothers funeral.

According to a report from TMZ alleges that a process server confronted Dre with divorce documents while at the cemetery burying his grandmother.

Sources close to Dre said the process server handed Dre the documents as he stood by his grandmother’s casket, but his ex wife’s reps insist it was at the parking lot.

Dr Dre then reportedly reacted angrily and refused to take the documents, and the process server supposedly placed the papers near the gravesite.

Nicole filed for divorce in June, leading to a back and forth of what led to the breakdown of their marriage

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Karibu Kanairo! Single woman tells of encounter with married man

Guys, explain this phrase about cheating ‘I can’t help it’.

This was the topic of the Thursday morning conversation October 21, where Maina Kageni told off men for serial cheating.

He blasted men for being irresponsible “guys do you ever think of the consequences, how do you meet someone, go toa place with her and you don’t know her name?”

black man cheating 4


A woman told Maina of her experience with a cheating man

“Kuna jamaa alinikwamilia jana, hadi akanipea wallet I pay the bill and he is married. He had a ring then he took out his wallet and told me bebi please pay the bill. Maina I was like he he nimeangukia. I was in the club and he came to my table and ordered drinks. Who am I to refuse? He didn’t even ask for my name and he told me to go with him Since last night he has been calling me, coz I took all the money from his wallet and returned an empty one to him. I gave him my number hiyo ni jackpot, nilibeba pesa yote. I took all the money and he told me he doesn’t care for the money, he just wants me. Till now he is calling me. Those are your Kenyan men, he could not help himself”

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My selfish wife won’t let me cheat, yet sharing is caring – Man tells Maina


A married man desperately wants to increase his body count, but his wife remains a stumbling block for his goal.

He claimed that she is being selfish yet thousands of Kenyan women out there are single and need a man to warm their bed.

He told Maina Kageni this in a discussion on Thursday October 21, about men not being able to help themselves when it comes to cheating. Many men told Maina Kageni that there is a kashetani that prompts them to serial cheat.

Maina’s question was “why can’t you say no gentlemen? what do you mean you can’t help it, wewe sio mbwa. what is it about you that you cannot say no hata you don’t know her name”


The man annoyed Maina with his confession

“If you want to know just how selfish wives are, they don’t want to see us with other people out there, yani our women wanataka tuu ni yeye nimemshikilia. They are not supposed to be that selfish, yeah they are being selfish they cannot let another woman have her man, yeye akisha jishikilia hataki kuona mwingine anafaidika, na wale wengine wako na baridi, because if they were not selfish at least they would allow other people to enjoy what they enjoy mbona mwingine asipate? even for an hour. they are selfish but we are ready to share”

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You are not a dog, say NO – Maina shouts at husband serial cheaters


On the Thursday morning conversation October 21, Maina Kageni asked men why they can’t help cheating on their wives.

He told men in no uncertain terms that they are not dogs to behave like that.

“Not only did I hear some good news from the President, but I also met some gentlemen and I want to know why it is impossible. These two gentlemen  did not go home on Tuesday night, and then when curfew was lifted they extended their night. They had women that they picked up the night before and when I asked he said he cannot help  it that me when I see anything in a skirt I cannot help it”

This riled the presenter who asked ‘why cant you say no gentlemen? this woman is probably coming for you because you have some money but you cant say no? what do you mean you can’t help it, wewe sio mbwa”

He continued challenging men that “what is it about you that you cannot say no hata hujui her name and two days later you still don’t know her name and when you are asked you say you cant help it?

His morning question was ‘explain this phrase about cheating ‘I can’t help it.  Guys do you ever think of the consequences?’


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 Proof that Billionaire Jay Z loves taking pictures of his wife Beyonce


Do you have to ague with your man to take your pictures or he is cool about it like Jay Z.

The internet has realized that the billionaire loves to take pictures of his wife and what’s more she loves to pose for him as he does so.

People are also saying that any man that has a crush on his wife will always be ready to take pictures of his wife.

So girls, does your man tell you that his gallery is full as an excuse not to take your pics?

jay z takign beyonce 5 (1)

jay z takignbeyonce 3 (1)

jay z taking beyonce 4 (2)

jayz taking beyonce 2 (1)

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Zari tells fans to stop feeling entitled to her life after wedding rumors


South African based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan on Monday October 18th, was forced to clear the air after her photos went viral on social media that she had tied the knot in a private wedding.zari with ugandan bae wedding

She immediately took to her Facebook page to say that it was a special music project for her friend.

And on Tuesday October 19th, Zari again on her Instagram stories told off fans that they should not feel entitled to any details of her life.

“guys being on social media has made some of us slaves you know we cannot do anything without the criticism, without the judgement, we don’t need to be out here explaining to you what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, who I’m doing it with. So from today onwards I’m gonna be in this zone, where I’m like whatever is on the internet how you want to perceive it, just believe whatever you want to believe. I don’t owe you any F*king explanation. Seriously I’m done I’m done being out here you know trying to explain to strangers oh what are you doing, it’s very tiring being out here explaining to strangers”

An angry Zari announced she will no longer explain anything and that you can all say whatever you want, she won’t be bothered to correct perceptions.

“matter of fact you can add your own salt, you can add your own things there. Add your own juice, make it saucy. I’m done.”

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Victor Wanyama and Serah Teshna’s amazing pregnancy and baby news

Congratulations on your amazing journey!

Footballer Victor Wanyama and girlfriend actress Serah Teshna welcomed a baby 40 days ago.

The couple shared cute family photo shoot to tell the world their baby is now 40 days old.

Serah wrote “2021. God showed up and Showed out.

We are so excited to share this amazing journey with you. God is the greatest. #40daysOfBabyCuddles ”


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Somali businessman Jimal Roho Safi’s cute confession about wife Amira

Somali businessman Jimal Roho Safi is out here gushing over his wife Amira.

In a hearty Instagram post Jimal told eager fans that the most expensive property he owns is his wife.

What is the most expensive property you own right now? Me? my wife”

He shared this emotional confession in a picture with his two sons in their home.

The boys were seated in the kitchen being served a meal by Jimal as they happily bonded.

Jimal in another post told that Amira is currently away. he admitted that it has been a tough four days without her, but adores her all the same.

There’s an echo int he house” he captioned, adding “For the last 4 days”

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Girls have money, treat her right and she will spoil you – Smitten man tells

Fellas, kindly take note of this piece of advice from a fellow man.

He says women have money and rather than fumble the bag, all you gotta do is treat her right.

He adds that a woman who likes you will notice things you need in your life, go out and buy them.

He said it speaks volumes in a viral Twitter thread where other men agreed with him.

Another man also advised the same. They must be right, right?


Man you ain’t never lied lol. My ole lady got me a wallet with my dads face engraved in it for Christmas after he passed away last year. I don’t even know how she got the picture I was speechless when I opened it. Everything she’s ever got me was thoughtful af.

Bruh, when I cut my hair I usually just put a towel down. My lady brought me a cape that latch to the mirror that catch the hair, Nigga…I almost cried lol

They’d kind of finding out what you like most and what you need by asking you sometimes then when they got money they’d just surprise you bringing it without expecting. I fancy those kinda womens

You’re right. Invited this chick over, the next day. She came handed me a gift basket full of stuff. Asked her, what was this for. She said, I did a bit of snooping around and noticed that you need all of this. I blocked her number later that night.

I bought my my man bath and body wash so he’d smelled as handsome as he looked.

Lol, a lady bought me a garage can, and mop. I was using plastic bags and rags.

I get him beard oil, fancy soap, various hot sauces, and hoodies.

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The one simple thing a man means when he calls you trouble

If the man you are talking/dating, tells you that you are trouble, girl, he is married and getting ready to cheat with you. You are a potentially distracting person he likes and that he could easily get into trouble with you.

A woman online asked this question and was told just as much.

One man told her “That he shouldn’t be talking to you, but he enjoys it. You finna be woman #2 if you keep on ma’am”.

Do you agree? Here are more suggestions


Means he’s got a girl but you’re making him think about throwing away his relationship to be with you.

The trouble is actually all the shit he will get from his wife/gf when he breaks up with her or gets caught cheating with you

Mean either he thinks you’ll get him in trouble with whoever else he’s dealing with. Or if he’s single single you’ll be the one that gets him in his feelings quickly and he’s not sure if he’s ready for that or maybe he could be. Some women make men nervous

He’s cheating and you’re the side chick.

Not so precise. Means wanted a fling but on get close really enjoys your company and vibes, but weighing if your sassy, wild self is really worth being with you for the long run.

it means run

He’s married. Has two long term girlfriends (4 kids) and needs a new person to pursue!!
Like Sir. Do not look my trouble and allow me please!!

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Ignore your friends advice, shave shower and get an uber – Women told

While it may seem laughable, relationships in Nairobi are hard to decipher and friendships don’t make it easier.

If your friend is not in your business telling you what to do, others mind their own business even when they see red flags in your relationship.

So one woman on Twitter aptly put it that you should just do you. She wrote


Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree? Remember, only you know him best.

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Curvy Tanzanian model Poshy Queen gets sh2 million allowance a week


Have you received your girlfriend allowance for the month? No? Ok!

Popular Tanzanian socialite Poshy Queen aka Jacqueline Obed is still giving men sleepless nights despite being off the market.

In an interview with Wasafi Tv’s Diva The Bawse, Poshy admitted that men still DM her but she is not interested because she is taken.

Poshy is dating a Nigerian man who lives and works in Dubai.

The two have a daughter together and gushed over body being as natural as they come

“I have never gotten a fake body. I’m just curvy since high school if you check my pictures.”poshy queen 3 (1)

Diva wanted to know how much her bae gives her to maintain her lifestyle and she said around 1 or 2 million a week.

“Napenda pes, and with Gods blessing anatumanga mara nyingi siezi hesabu hizo hela sometimes he sends me two milolion every week,. I have a child who has needs na anamatumiuzi. Mimi siezi kaa bila pesa kama mke wa mtu na mtoto wake. Bado mi ni mke wa mtu, he lives in Dubai, and we are atill together,. I don’t know where rumros of a divorce have come from. He is Nigerian”


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Date someone outside of your type – Relationship coach challenges



A relationship coach has advised people to rethink their dating strategies.

He says some people are soooo fixated on their “type” that they miss the person who would have made them a better version of themselves. They also may see it as they’re “lowering their standards” when it’s definitely not the case.


@domiono on Twitter wrote
Be open to dating someone outside of your norm. Your “Type” may be the biggest reason why you’re not getting what you really deserve.
Let me start off saying this doesn’t necessarily apply to every single person. But what I do personally believe one our main issues is, we sometimes become almost unmovable when it comes to the blueprint of how we envision our love to be.
I believe this limits our experiences and options. Stepping anyway from one form to potentially discovering another. Understand that their flow, walk, talk, energy and presence will be different than what we’re accustomed.
But at the same time, their mind, heart and spirit may match and exceed every expectation we’ve ever had. That’s not to say they can’t be attractive to us or that we can’t have even the most minimalist requirements.
Again, it may be formulated differently but at the same time it can stimulate all of our senses in a whole new way. It’s not about settling either. It’s just dating outside of the construct we created in our minds of what an ideal type is.
That’s how we end up discovering & embracing things about ourselves we’ve always internally wanted to express. The right person will do that to us. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try is all I’m saying. Peace & BlessingsBe open to dating someone outside of your norm. Your “Type” may be the biggest reason why you’re not getting what you really deserve.

— Daddy Dom😈 (@domiono) September 27, 2021

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