Is he just trying to spite his former mzungu ex? Harmonize gifts new lover Kajala a car

Harmonize’s ex-wife Sarah Michelotti must be crying wherever she is at the moment. The Italian babe has witnessed her former man treat his new woman in ways that she could only dream about in the few short weeks after they went public with their affair.

And this week was no different as the Konde Boy CEO surprised the curvy Kajala with a brand new Toyota crown! Yes, a whole car!

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On Thursday, Konde Boy shared videos via his Intsa-stories presenting his car gift to Kajala, who was surprised right as she left the Gym.

In the videos, the Happy Birthday hit-maker could be heard requesting Kajala to accept his ‘Small’ gift, promising that more goodies will be coming her way as their love continue to blossom.

“This is your Car Baby Take it. This is my small gift to you” Harmonize says in the video.

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Methinks that Harmonize is trying to get back at his ex-wife Sarah who dumped him in December 2020, after it emerged that he cheated on her and even sired a child out of wedlock.


Sarah also disclosed that she has been through a lot with Harmonize and pointed out that her hubby was a liar who doesn’t appreciate people who had helped him.

The man has been relentless in showing up Sarah with public displays of affection like this recent one. Just a few weeks ago he and Kajala, who is a renowned Bongo Movie actress went on a highly publicized tour of Zanzibar, where they repeatedly declared their love for each other.

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That wasn’t all, the lovers even went as far to get matching neck tattoos with their initials scribbled on each other! Talk about a romance moving at the speed of light.

I think that in all the above acts of love and affection, Harmonize is sending a message (although petty) to his former beau for whom he wrote the hit song, “My boo”, that he has moved on from her like a bad fart. Is it working? You be the judge…

Harmonize with Sarah
Harmonize with Sarah in the past


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My husband changed after I took a car loan to start his business




On the Friday morning conversation on Classic 105, listeners agreed that it is a risky thing to invest in your spouse as you never know the outcome. Many were of the view that if things don’t end well, just move on.

One such listener called Maina Kageni and gave her experience with her husband.

She detailed how he was broke and jobless and she decided as a loving wife to invest in him in the hopes hat he will success and help out with family bills.

“Let me tell you Maina, it is ts risky investing in men. I did that to my man. Sometime back I was the only one working after he lost his job. So he stayed home for sometime so I saw he was wasting his time, so I thought let me do something. He told me he has an idea of reselling vegetables and all he needs is a car. So I took a loan, bought him a Probox, and started selling and making money and then after sometime like three four months I don’t know what happened.

sad 2 He started behaving funny and I would ask him to give me soem money to top up but he would respond ‘kwani you are not working?’ then he would say ati his money is occupied, so nikanyamaza, and then a second time I asked him again because I saw he was making alot of money. He told ne si uchukuwe loan. Yes Maina, that is my husband the father of my children, you can imagine how risky it is investing in men, we are still together but I do not touch any of his money and remember I was the source of the money. If I didn’t buy him that car, I don’t know what he would be doing now, I will never help him ever again, he sold the probox and bought a Noah, but well it’s ok”


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Weird things people do while deep asleep

We all love sleeping. If you could find a way to just sleep and still get money that would be ultimate level of satisfaction. If you recorded yourself sleeping chances are that you did either of the following:

From hit-men to alpha males – the type of men women date

1. Sleepwalking

Back in boarding school we had these guys who would walk asleep in the darkest time of the night. They found their way to the loo and back to the bed. Rule had it that you shouldn’t touch nor talk to them cause they could die from a possible heart attack. Whoever sold us such a misconception, God redeem your soul

2. Sleep-talking

They create a whole speech with themselves. They argue, curse and compliment the person they speaking to. They laugh to jokes said to them by the virtual being.

sleep talk

Apparently when they wake up, they have no clue about what happened. They can easily slip their secrets to those around.

4 Types of women Kenyan men date

3. Sucking fingers

We have friends who suck fingers while asleep. It’s something inherent since childhood. They suck it until it’s pale and thing at the tip.

4. Sleeping with eyes open

This scares the hell out of me personally. They look half dead. I wonder how their eyes never run out of tears to at least have them wake up.

sleep pic

5. Chewing the tongue

They sleep while chewing their mouth like gum. It sounds disgusting but who are we to judge. Back in  high-school we had identified those who chew tongue and as always we were nasty. We would put soap in their mouth waiting for them to eat it. Drama happens when someone wakes up. The mouth burns like someone who’s eaten pepper.

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He wants it back! Ciara’s husband tells her it’s time to stop breastfeeding


Ciara shared a cute clip of her husband Russel Wilson telling her it is time to give up breastfeeding their son.

In the video, a frustrated Russell can be heard saying ‘his nutrition is good’, as Ciara laughs about it.

He added “He’s old enough, let me feed”.

In the Instagram story video, we see the couple sitting on the couch as Ciara asks her man to repeat something that he mumbled about her breastfeeding.

Russell repeats that he thinks Ciara’s a little “selfish” with her time these days.

“I said it’s time,  it’s time to give it up. I mean — he’s old enough, his nutrition’s good, it’s time. You’re being selfish now at this point,” he told his wife with a smile and a laugh.

He added, “No more late nights — you and I, just you and I — let me feed.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson, who have been married since July 2016, welcomed their third child, Win Harrison Wilson on July 23, 2020.

In January 2020, Ciara and Wilson surprised the world with pregnancy news. “Number 3,” Ciara wrote alongside a photo of her in a swimsuit showing off a baby bump.

And on July 23, they welcomed their baby, Win Harrison Wilson.

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Man makes wife present business plan after asking him for a loan


Dear wives, if you had a business idea and wanted a ka loan from your hubby, would you expect him to give you without question? That’s what one woman did, but her husband stopped her in her tracks saying he needed to see formal strategy and presentation at 8am.

The wife shared on Twitter @irizzzy _.

Asked my husband for money to start a new business, he said I should write a proposal. Just sent it to his mail. Presentation is on tomorrow 8am sharp guys. Wish me luck
Relieved face
Crossed fingers

She first showed up in pajama’s – below- and he refused saying she must be professional. So she switched up her look and dressed in the gold skirt above.

So I got there few minutes to 8am, Presentation started 8am as earlier stated.

Frame 1: I was ‘inappropriately’ dressed for the presentation and was told to go back.
Face with hand over mouth

woman business pajama

Then later after dressing properly, she updated fans that

Frame 2: Presentation in progress.

People encouraged her to take heart and soldier on like a business woman with a goal in mind.

I think I impressed him!
Thank you guys for your support

Dear Classic 105 fam, would you go this far to get the ka biashara loan you need?

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Huddah denies calling Tanasha the most followed celebrity ‘with no value’


Does being the most followed celebrity mean they are successful? That was the discussion Huddah debated on Tuesday.

Huddah Monroe hit a raw nerve after sharing her thoughts on why some celebrities with the most followers still are not successful.

This came shortly after Tanasha Donna revealed she is now the most followed female celebrity with 3million fans.

So Kenyans linked Huddah’s thoughts as slamming Tanasha.

Huddah has now doubled down on her thoughts saying she wasn’t referring to Tanasha but many African celebrities in general.

She said that “lol I wasn’t even talking about anyone in particular, you people just love to hate and twist things”

“Funny part is people equate followers to success LMFAO! LOL! I cannot cannot afford to hate on people coz of followers surely it’s not MONEY, CAR or HOUSE!

My two million followers don’t mean its 2M$And what is a celebrity with no money? Just a most followed person. 0 per cent of African followers don’t support what you put out! just giving likes and numbers. That’s not SUCCESS And that’s why I cant hate I state facts!

huda on tanahsa 1(1)

huda denies(1)
Hudah slams Tanasha

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Corazon trolled after Kenyans find out she liked photo of Maureen and Frankie as a couple

Kenyans will not seem to let the Corazon Kwamboka, Frankie Kiarie and Maureen Waititu triumvirate rest. Why would I say that?

The recent hullabaloo has developed after inquisitive Kenyans noted (after carefully going through Frankie’s Instagram page) that Corazon was following Frankie on social media when he was still with the mother of his two kids. Way back in 2019!

Corazon liking Frankie and Maureen Waititu's picture
Corazon liking Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s picture

Not only that, what took the cake for some was that Corazon would actually like photos of the couple in intimate poses while they were still together.

This has now caused some Kenyans to surmise that the voluptuous Corazon was always a member of  “kamati ya roho chafu” or the “mtaachana” crew who fill up comment sections preying and praying for people to split up.

“If he can’t lift you, he doesn’t deserve you!” Is Corazon Kwamboka right?

While I can see their point of view due to the interesting coincidence, I will have to disagree with them. This is simply life being life.

Sometimes people will innocently and innocuously like a photo, not out of spite or malice but a genuine appreciation of what they see.

Not only that, the phrase “All’s fair in love and war” applies in this situation for me. Corazon and Frankie have in past interviews revealed that they started seriously dating after their respective relationships fell apart in 2019.

The beauty also denied being the reason why the fitness trainer’s marriage with Waititu failed. According to the duo, they kept the relationship private since they did not want the backlash and judgment they were getting from people.

My question is? Why would a person deny themselves potential happiness just because of the optics? Yes, that last sounds bad but the truth is that Corazon was able to snag a highly desirable man shortly after his relationship failed, which most honest women would have done if they had the chance to.

It wasn’t her fault that Frankie and Maureen’s relationship failed and it would have been foolish of her to turn down the opportunity to get such a high-value man-Especially a man whose page she used to like and follow before. My point is; Strike while the iron is hot and she did!

But what do I know?

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What does Eddie Butita look for in a woman? Comedian answers

In my recent interview with Eddie Butita, the musician told me that his 2020 had been a marvelous one with some doors closing in his life while bigger ones opened.

In that same interview, I asked the chocolate-skinned comedian what his plans were for 2021, considering his successes digitally as an entertainer?

He said that he had many plans but the one he was most focused on was promoting his new online network for the youth. “I’ve already started on is an online network that I have been creating called SPMbuzz. It’s running already. it’s an idea where I want to engage youth in the things that are taking place. Topics like social issues, lifestyle, things like that, basically we are representing all feelings in one platform.”

So would it be different from an international platform like Twitter or Facebook? “No, it’s like a media network just running on YouTube,” he replied.

Will we keep calling for harambees!? Eddie Butita speaks on Omosh situation (exclusive)

And what was the feedback to SPMbuzz from Kenyans? “Since it’s a new idea we are giving it time to see how it will develop into something good,” Eddie replied.

As an entertainer what was his opinion of the government’s handling of covid-19 as an entertainer? He told me he wasn’t happy noting the double standards he and other entertainers face.

“There are double standards. I don’t understand why every time there’s a speech about the new protocols no one touches on entertainment,” he complained.


“They will talk about bars being opened or matatus but they never talk about entertainment, so we are confused. I don’t know if I will be able to do a gig, whether it will be closed or not. It’s a grey area. They’re ignoring this industry that is making a lot of money. They are restricting entertainers from the same things they are allowing other people to do,” he warily added.

The final question I put to the comedian was about relationships. I asked him what he looked for in a woman? Eddie who has frequently been linked to fellow comedian Eunice Mammito answered with a short and succinct answer.

“Greatness!” was his one-word response.

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Housewife told to write formal letter after demanding allowance increase


A woman who has been drawing a monthly allowance from her husband, wanted it increased and had to go the route professionals do with their bosses.

Her husband told her to write an email requesting for the upkeep to be increased with reasons why she wants more money.

The email is below and I am blown away.

She defended her points with facts, used complex sentences and communicated with clarity. Kudos to her.

The husband cheekily shared that

“My wife requested an increase for her monthly upkeep. So I asked her to send a formal letter.  See attached her letter and my response”

salary increment letter
Wife begs husband for allowance

He responded to her email. The Nigerian couple live in Canada and the man shared the emails on his Twitter account @ife_Akintunde.

His bio says he is a PR professional and International education consultant. He shared the private email after seeing another woman say she was made to write an email and make a presentation to her husband detailing why she needs a business loan.

guy responds to wife email
Husband responds to wife email


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Girls, here’s 4 reasons we are not going through our men’s phone in 2021

Girls, kujeni hapa. It’s time to have a chat about your deep desire to look through your mans phone. What are you hoping to achieve?

Is it ever okay to snoop through your partners phone? That was the discussion by Kenyans on Twitter recently and many gave their examples of the horrifying things one goes through after snooping.

People often go through their partner’s phone because they’re worried about what secrets or illicit activity he or she might be hiding.

One woman said that it is so mentally draining that she would go through PTSD. Twitter user @City_girllll
PTSD won’t let me go thru a niggas phone
If you leave it unlocked next to me I will kindly just lock it for you

You’re not about to have my chest vibrating at 6am

Another @Odero_nicole replied to her comment saying
my toxic self could neverblack-woman-looking-at-cell-phone-310x184

While @DefneyOwuor added her thoughts that
aaah I’m always saying this life I can’t kill myself. Then I choose death

One thing is if you are looking for trouble, you will find it. So what next? Here’s what happens to you
1. It makes you into someone you don’t want to be

Nobody likes the person that they become when they are consumed with wanting to snoop. You hang around hoping he will go to the balcony or the bathroom, to give you time to snoop. And if he takes time before leaving his phone alone, it drives you nuts. Do you like the person you’ve become? Huh? Sis, your self esteem is not worth this.

2. You will always be giving him side eye when he’s looking through his phone
Is it worth always sitting next to him and glancing side ways hoping to see what he is looking at? It speaks insecurity to me, so girls no more snooping. Please drop this nasty habit.Phone-addiction
3. It sabotages your closeness

We have seen many celebrities say they have forgiven their spouse after snooping, however doubts will always linger. Your spouse will lose trust in you wondering why you violated their privacy. Many relationships never bounce back after one partner confesses to spying on anothers phone or social media accounts.

4. You become fixated on them and put yourself in a weaker position

When you live your life worrying about what your spouse is upto, you have shifted the power dynamics and are in a weaker position in that relationship. You live your everyday life obsessed with what they are up to, and sis this is draining emotionally, physically and spiritually. Don’t do this to yourself.

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Read Saumu Mbuvi’s put down of former friend accused of stealing her man

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That phrase aptly sums up the mental place that Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi is in at the moment.

Saumu, who surprised many Kenyans this past week after alleging that she had been physically abused by her politician baby daddy, now seems to be engaging in scorched earth policy.

This is after rumours emerged that the Lamu senator had dumped her and moved on to a former close friend to Saumu Mbuvi.

Being a bad b*tch is not an achievement at all! Saumu Mbuvi tells young girls

The betrayal is still fresh in her mind as the mother of two recently responded to a fan with a caustic response after she had inquired about Saumu’s former friend.

During an Instagram Q and A Saumu got a chance to take down her former friend who has been trolling her online saying that she ‘stole’ the politician from Sonko’s daughter.

Her former friend even added that Miss Mbuvi is a struggle-face who has to use a thousand filters on her photos. In her response back, Saumu decided to hit back and doubled down saying that she was ready to use filters anywhere or however; as long as she doesn’t advertise her privates in videos just to impress a man.

The 26-year-old mum wrote this down on her IG saying; “Tell her as long as I don’t record videos fingering myself I’m good….let me use filters in peace.”

Saumu Mbuvi screenshot
Saumu Mbuvi screenshot

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Music Fans Listen Up! Idris Elba has a collaboration coming with Davido



Actor Idris ELba is a budding Dj and rapper, and this year he plans on collaborating with several artistes including Davido.

Idris Elba let fans know that he’s been working on new music during the pandemic, including songs with Megan Thee Stallion and Davido.

Appearing on CapitalFM’s The All-New Capital Weekender, Idris revealed he’s been trying to keep his skills sharp during a time when he can’t be in clubs working the decks.

“I’m trying to stay with it when we’re not gigging now,” said Elba. “So I’ve got some really cool music coming, been working with Franky Wah on a tune I’m looking forward to dropping. “’I’ve got a bit of a banger, I don’t want to say too much but me, Megan Thee Stallion and Davido that’s coming. Shout out to the fanatics.”

Elba, who released the freestyle song “Gospel 21” in January, also told the Weekender’s host that he would love to collaborate with his friend Taylor Swift

Diamond Platnumz with Davido
Diamond Platnumz with Davido

“I’ve known Taylor a few years. People see the album sales, the awards. What they don’t see is the hard work,” he said. “She is an incredibly hard-working person, she isn’t resting on her achievements. To perform live with her would be fun and hopefully we can make that happen.”

Davido is currently in the USA and perhaps he is there recording this collabo and will update his fans about it.

One thing we do know is that the song with Davido will be dope because the Nigerian singer does not play when it comes to music. Even Diamond Platnumz confessed that he nearly went broke, paying for a collabo with Davido.


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He’s 71, She’s 30! Lionel Richie fans react to his age gap with his girlfriend


A photo of Lionel Richie and his girlfriend Lisa went viral on social media.

The 40 year age gap has fans stunned and saying all is not lost for those yet to fall in love.

The singer and his lifestyle blogger girlfriend have reportedly been dating since 2014, The All Night Long hitmaker is 71, while the Ace Showbiz reports that Parigi was born in 1989 – that’s 40 years after her Grammy-winning boyfriend.lionel and girlfriend

It also makes her younger than Richie’s adopted daughter Nicole, who is 39, and just a few years older than daughter Sofia, 22, and son Miles, 26.

News of the couple’s 40-year age gap ignited heated debate online.

Richie and his girl are not the first couple with a large age difference.

Madonna was recently in Kenya and it was revealed that she was in the company of her young bae. She is 61 and he is 25.

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Akothee is right about single motherhood! The benefits of two-parent homes on children

Akothee is one woman who has blazed a trail in the entertainment industry. Not only has she succeeded in becoming a well-known star in the entertainment industry, but she has also done it as a single mother of 5 kids who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues that come with it.

In a recent hot take, Akothee decided to advise women who might be planning to turn away from their marriage. She stated that women should not use the excuse that they want to live like her.

Additionally, the musician claims that life on social media is not what it seems like and it’s very different from reality.

”It has come to my attention that I am misadvising women to walk out of their relationships. The problem is that you don’t understand my English. Please, if you’re married, stay in your marriage. Even our own parents stayed in their own marriages. Being a single mother is not pride, it is a circumstance. And we can’t change anything about that.”


“Anyway, we’ve got to be strong to live this life. If you think you want to leave your husband because you think Akothee is living a good life, I will never showcase my frustrations online. You could be living a better life than me. But anyway, the choices are yours. If you want to leave your husband’s house, don’t leave with my name… You do not know what I’m going through off- cameras.”

While there are reasons not to stay in some marriages (like physical abuse and a financially unstable partner), just like Akothee, I have always advocated for people to stick it out in a marriage.

And my reason is simple-Do it for the children. The science is clear on the benefits children have when growing up in two-parent homes. Some are below:

1. Children growing up in homes where two parents who have been married continuously are less likely to experience a wide range of problems (academic, social, emotional, cognitive), not only in childhood but later on in adulthood as well (Amato; Howard & Reeves,).

2. In two-parent families, for example, children typically have access to more of the economic and community resources because parents are able to pool their time, money, and energy.

3. Family intactness has also been shown to have a consistently positive influence on earnings for prime-age males and is one of the most important factors (or shared the place of greatest importance) for females and children in determining an area’s dependence on welfare programs that targets poverty.

4. Family intactness has a beneficial influence on reducing out-of-wedlock births, increasing high school and college graduation rates, and even has long-term benefits such as higher employment rates.

5. Children living with married parents are more often involved in community activities such as soccer or other sports, take part in academic pursuits in local schools and other academic institutions that can lead to college, and eventually, a career.

6. Intact families tend to be more stable; parents tend to be more involved in their children’s lives and are more highly invested in their children’s success.

7. Children living with both biological parents are 20 to 35 percent more physically healthy than children from broken homes (Dawson).

8. A study by Kinard and Reinherz found that children from two-parent homes had higher scores on verbal reasoning than those from single-parent homes.

9. Manning and Lamb found that adolescents in intact families had higher levels of academic achievement and were less likely to exhibit problem behaviors in school compared to peers living in homes where single mothers lived alone or with a cohabiting partner.

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Why would a beautiful model like Micabel Ella lie and perjure herself for a man like Jowie Irungu?

Jowie Irungu and his girlfriend or wife as he called her Eleanor Musangi, aka Micabel Ella, have called it quits after dating for nearly a year.

In a confession made to Blogger Edgar Obare, Ms. Ella disclosed that their relationship ended amicably in December 2020.

In her explanation, the model said that she doesn’t want to be tied to Jowie’s story anymore and that’s why she has decided to make their breakup public.

Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past
Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past

The mother of one said the relationship ended both professionally and personally, and Jowie had changed a lot. She said their marriage was a huge lie and was supposed to protect him and also help him to live in Nairobi as his permanent place of residence.

“We ended our relationship both professionally and personally…we are no longer together. I believe God brought me to his life for purpose and I did my task. Jowie has changed a lot for better and I no longer want to be tied to his life story.

She also added that she came clean as her relationship with the Jowie could negatively affect her modeling career in the future.

This might come as a surprise to some as the two had earlier affirmed they were married, just a month after Jowie’s release on a KSh 2 million bail in February 2020.

Her confession brings an end to a saga I had always thought was contrived and an ill-fit. I even wrote about in the article below last year:

Is Jowie Irungu’s wife making a blunder in dating the murder suspect? (opinion)


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ella (@micabelella)

This brings me to my question? What do men like Jowie have that women will fall all over him and do things I believe that are detrimental to themselves?

As one can see above, Elle not only perjured herself to the courts for Jowie but also put her career on the line to stand up for a man that is the prime suspect in a high-profile murder.

And don’t get me started on Elle exposing her daughter to a man with a questionable past like Jowie in the first place.

Jowie with his "daughter" who is featured on the song
Jowie with his “daughter” who is featured on the song

So is Ella acting crazy or has her behaviour been documented scientifically among other women associating with men who have dangerous/questionable pasts?

It has. The term is known as Hybristophilia. It is a paraphilia in which se3ual ar*usal, facilitation, and attainment of orga*m are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed a known crime.

The term is derived from the Greek word hubrizein (ὑβρίζειν), meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” (ultimately derived from hubris ὕβρις, “hubris”), and philo, meaning “having a strong affinity/preference for”. In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome”.

Many high-profile criminals, particularly those who have committed atrocious crimes, receive “fan mail” in prison that is sometimes amorous or se3ual, presumably as a result of this phenomenon. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison.


One research study examined women of varying ages, ethnicities, education, and employment status who were in relationships with incarcerated men.

While they weren’t diagnosed with major mental illnesses or personality disorders, many came from difficult upbringings with a history of abuse.

But I could be wrong and Jowie and Elle’s remarkable relationship is normal…

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Poll results – Kenyans vote on effect Edgar Obare’s ‘Tea’ is having on society

Edgar Obare burst forth onto the Kenyan spotlight in 2020. And was it because of his artistic talents?! Noooooo…It was all because of his penchant for having the most exclusive and scandalous tea on the internet.

Tea for those of you not in the know is the colloquial term used by many to describe gossip. The man has been the bane of many a Kenyan celebrity while being a boon to a hungry Kenyan public who can’t get enough of his expose’s.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Edgar Obare (@edgarobare)

Celebrities like Dj Mo, Natalie Tewa, Terrence Creative and Yummy Mummy all have a bone to pick with him as the scandals that he puts on his Instagram page are highly damaging to the stars exposed.

It even forced the likes of Natalie Tewa to take a break from social media after he exposed her passport online. And even this incident didn’t deter nor his claim that he was tortured by the police after he exposed a certain radio personality.

Edgar Obare smiling
Edgar Obare smiling

This has me asking the Classic105 audience, “Is Edgar Obare’s ‘Tea’ having a positive or negative effect on the Kenyan society?”

The close poll results show that Kenyans are extremely divided on the question with the negative side of the column getting 50.4% of the vote.

Edgar Obare screenshot
Edgar Obare screenshot

Read some of the comments from Kenyans who voted below:

Depends on whom he targets.

I’m sure it’s ladies who voted Positive cz Edgar Obare ako na umama sana!

Wacha atupee udaku Ya KEMSA & Corruption not abt private lives.

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People are googling words used by Kim Kardashian as reasons for divorce

People are amused at Kim Kardashian citing banality and avarice as reason for divorce.

First of all, we had to google what that means.

Banality means lacking new or interesting qualities or simply unoriginal.
Avarice means extreme greed for wealth or material gain.

While Kanye West was sharing that he thought his presidential ambitions cost him his marriage, a reason Kim may have ended the marriage is because of something called “conspicuous consumption, avarice, and banality” 

 A source told several publications about the current mental state of Kanye West: “He is anxious and very sad. He knows that the marriage is over, and there’s nothing that can be done right now. He also knows what he is losing in Kim.”

Whats more interestign is that accordign to sources Kim Kardashian West will reportedly be documenting her $2.1 billion divorce from Kanye West on a new tv series

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Dj Pierra Makena bombarded with per person sharing romantic proposals



A year ago while speaking on the topic of Double edged fame on Citizen TV in the segment Day break with Waihiga Mwaura, Pierra said that being in the limelight and fame has had a huge impact on her love life.

She told Waihiga that “It has been difficult for me to date because people want to make it their business“.

Fast forward to a year later and in a QnA with fans, Pierra was once again confronted with the question of dating eventually leading to marriage.

Racy proposals to date her were thrown in her direction and to put it simply she was amused.


pierra 1(1)

She told one she is super careful with dating referring to Nairobi as ‘ile ile’.

peirra 6(1)

piera 4(1)

But is she struggling to find her perfect match and is she worried?

piera 5(1)

pierra 2(1)

A fan decided to test her limits on being open to a new relationship and she responded

pierra 3(1)

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