Wambui Collymore praises Sammidoh after impressive Kenya ni Yetu Live concert

Kenya ni Yetu Live concert, the biggest live virtual concert took place this past weekend. The eagerly anticipated concert was streamed live on yetulive.com and aired on all terrestrial TV channels in Kenya.

Sir Elvis in concert
Sir Elvis in concert

Many Kenyans praised the Stanbic sponsored concert that saw an unprecedented 30 musicians perform live. Since the show aired, glowing comments have been streaming in with the general consensus being that the show had lived to the hype.

Particular praise went to Eric Wainaina, Sammidoh, Gramps Morgan, Sir Elvis and Suzzana Owiyo. Many Kenyans said that the experience had sparked a patriotic vein in them with Eric’s Daima rendition getting a lot of praise.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

Some of the comments are below:

HUSTLE GODDESS Samidoh killing itFireFireFireFire#KenyaNiYetuLive

Diana Wambui Eric wainaina….#DaimaMkenya he sounds soo good!! Wow!! #KenyaNiYetuLive

Carson Frenzy Gramps Morgan and sir Elvis FireFireFireFire

Ayabei Maureen #KenyaNiYetuLive I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Kamene Goro Such an emotional Musical experience…..#KenyaNiYetu

nivlek iz siwel Erick wainaina just proved why he is the legend he is #KenyaNiYetuLive

Auntie Africa We really need such more live concerts to remind us that we stand for peace, love and unity as a nation. This has really made a great weekend vibe!

STARLET Wah Gramps Morgan #KenyaNiYetu #KenyaNiYetuLive Crying faceCrying face song inagusaa to the core

Lyn #KenyaNiYetu was such an awesome concert started being proud of my country then news headlines brought me back to reality that the country is for the rich.

Ajowi David Awesome FireFireFireFire

Even Wambui Collymore, the widow of Bob Collymore joined in celebrating the wonderful performances praising Samiddoh and Suzzana Owiyo’s in particular.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

For Sammidoh she wrote, “There’s something beautiful about a musician who plays live regularly. A guitar and drums and it sounds like 5 people.”

“Then I am just loving @SuzannaOwiyo,” she wrote.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

How enjoyable was your Kenya ni Yetu Live experience?

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Kenya ni yetu live will be a concert of hope-Kenya Media Association says

The Media Owners Association has spoken about the largest and most glamourous virtual show that will ever take place in East and Central Africa-The Kenya ni Yetu Live concert.

According to the association, the concert will commemorate the hundreds of Kenyans who have lost their lives during this Covid-19 pandemic and the thousands who have contracted the disease. “This will be a concert of hope and commemoration for Kenya.”

Kenya ni Yetu live
Kenya ni Yetu live

The Kenya Ni Yetu concert which will broadcast on all leading television, radio stations and digital platforms at 8:00
pm Saturday 29 th August 2020.

Wachira Waruru, the MOA Chairman said,  “We stand with Kenya at this time, because we know the feeling of despondency and concern people are feeling. We need to encourage Kenyans and uplift their spirit at this time.”

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Redfourth Chorus (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Redfourth Chorus (1)

The Kenya Ni Yetu concert will feature the country’s top performers including Sauti Sol, H_Art The Band,
Eric Wainaina, Sammidoh, Suzanna Owiyo, Redfourth Chorus, Elizabeth Njoroge and the Nairobi String
Quartet amongst others as well as Grammy award-winning international artist Gramps Morgan of the
mega reggae group Morgan Heritage.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Sauti Sol (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Sauti Sol (1)

The concert sponsored by Stanbic Bank is set to be aired digitally on www.yetulive.com and on Kiss TV,
Citizen TV, NTV, K24, KTN, Switch TV, Family TV, 3 Stones TV, Kass TV, TV47, KBC, and all major radio

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“Perfect!” Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage says about Kenya in Yetu Live concert

The biggest virtual concert to ever happen in this country is still yet to go down. Unless you have been living in a cave(and I know that you haven’t), that concert is called the Kenya ni yetu Live concert.

The live show will be broadcast on 29/August/2020 at 8 P.M and will be aired on a plethora of television channels like Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, HomeBoyz, SMooth FM, Capital FM and Hot 96 among others.

Kenya Yetu poster
Kenya Yetu poster

The show will also be aired online on yetulive.com. The show which will go down as probably the greatest to ever air in the country will be graced by big-time performers like Suzanna Owiyo, Sauti Sol,Sir Elvis, Sammidoh, H-art the band and Gramps Morgan.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Gramps Morgan (1)

Gramps who is also a member of Jamaican reggea band, Morgan Heritage recently expressed his support for the show on social media writing,

“Kenya has been a second home to me and @morganheritage … So when I heard about the #KenyaNiYetu live concert on 29 AUG, 8 PM on www.yetulive.com by @yetulive, I knew it would be perfect!” – @grampsmorgan.”

Gramps Morgan

The event is sponsored by Stanbic Bank and powered by Media Owners Association of Kenya and will also be aired on all the top radio stations in Kenya like

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Redfourth Chorus speak about biggest virtual concert to ever happen – Kenya ni Yetu Live

Redfourth Chorus put themselves on the Kenyan music map after they covered Sauti Sol’s gospel jam, “Kuliko Jana”. The song became an international sensation and even made Sauti Sol change the video of the song into an Acapella version.

The choir is still going places and will be working with a number of Kenya’s top acts, ahead of Kenya ni Yetu virtual concert.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Redfourth Chorus (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Redfourth Chorus (1)

The Stanbic Bank sponsored concert which will feature 30 artists, will be aired on Saturday, August 29th at 8 p.m on all major TV stations. From Kiss TV, Citizen TV, NTV, KTN to K24.

Those who are always online can check out the Kenya Ni Yetu Live concert on www.yetulive.com.

Speaking to Word Is, Redfourth music academy founder, Filah Philip said the opportunity to work with the artists has left a huge impact on members of the group.

“It was an honor to be able to work with notable musicians that our members look up to.

Kenya ni Yetu Live poster
Kenya ni Yetu Live poster

The experience is amazing and it is a concept that we have never done before.” said Filah.

With live performances becoming the new normal, Filah believes that this will help many artists flourish, with Kenyans now embracing such performances.

“I think during this period what we are guaranteed is that now live music now has an opportunity to flourish since we are able to do live music for a live audience.

We have seen that people now are able to appreciate live music since they know they are now able to see the honesty of the performances.”

But how has the Coronavirus pandemic changed the way of doing business?

“We have learnt to adapt since for a long time we have learnt how to survive the industry, but right now we have to make ourselves known in terms of pushing more on social media.” Said Filah.

Filah added that time artists spent networking before, is now being spent creating with the hope things will get back to normal.

Redfourth concert
Redfourth concert

Asked about the kind of legacy he would like to leave behind, Filah said they (Redfourth Chorus) would like to be remembered as a group that gave a platform to young budding musicians.

The Kenya ni Yetu concert will be live on all TV stations including KISS TV and Citizen TV as well as on www.yetulive.com.

Photos by Douglas Okiddy.

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It has made us consume music differently – Eric Wainaina says about Kenya Yetu Live concert

The highly anticipated Kenya ni Yetu Live virtual concert will take place on August 29 at 8 PM. Sponsored by Stanbic, the concert will feature local artistes, among them veteran singer Suzanna Owino, Eric Wainanina, Redfourth choir, Samido and H_art the band.

Kenya ni Yetu Live poster
Kenya ni Yetu Live poster

Speaking to Word Is, legendary singer Wainaina said, “This pandemic has made us revise different ways to do and share our music.”

Talking about the future of live music, he said people have adapted to that kind of music.

“They will get used to it even after the pandemic is over.”

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Eric Wainaina (1)

Wainaina, who has been working from home since the pandemic hit the globe, is working on new projects.

The virtual concert aims to uplift the spirit of Kenyans and unify communities across the country at this time of social separation and anxiety.

The inaugural and official launch of these productions will be aired on a digital platform to reach the huge masses that have access to a phone with Internet connectivity.

Eric Wainaina
Eric Wainaina

The concert will be on all TV and radio stations, including Kiss TV, Citizen TV, NTV, K24 and KTN, as well as on yetulive.com.

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Kenya ni Yetu Live concert a sign of what the future holds – Mugithi singer Sammidoh says

Kenya Ni Yetu Live in partnership with Stanbic Bank will have a virtual music concert to celebrate the spirit of Kenya on August 29 at 8 P.M.

The wonderful initiative which is the biggest in Kenya to date will feature a collection of some of the best artistes in Kenya like Suzanna Owiyo, Eric Wainaina, Sauti Sol, and Mugithi musician, Sammidoh Muchoki.

Samidoh Muchoki
Samidoh Muchoki

Sammidoh who has become one of the biggest names in Kikuyu music spoke about his experience on The Kenya Ni Yetu set.

Mugithi singer Samidoh hunted for job while naked

Sammidoh said that he hoped the audience would enjoy the show, saying that he himself had an amazing experience.

“I hope the audience will get to experience a blend of what is and what the future holds,” he said. The artiste also reminded people of the way corona had affected the industry in many ways.

kenya ni yetu cover pic

“Previously our fans supported us by attending our shows, we thrived on crowds, but now our music is only available on online platforms, which a big number of our audience hasn’t embraced much,” he said.

Sammidoh has since started doing live performances on his social media platforms and producing more music to keep his audience entertained on his YouTube channel.

Samidoh Muchoki

The highlight for Sammidoh during this pandemic is that he has gotten to meet music legends and perform in major platforms like Trace music.

“My lesson is that you can never invest enough for a rainy day,” he said. The purpose of the virtual concert was to uplift the spirits of Kenyans and unify communities across the country at this time of social separation and anxiety.

“Live music has come to be accepted a big deal in this country and is the way to go for any serious artiste since it is accepted by all audiences,” he said.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Ni Yetu Live Concer/ Photo by Douglas Okiddy 

The inaugural and official launch of the Kenya Ni Yetu Live will be aired on August 29th at 8 pm on television stations like KISS TV, NTV, K24, KTN and Citizen TV, as well as on yetulive.com.

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‘Divorced or a single father…’, Betty Bayo gives the qualities of a husband she wants

Gospel singer Betty Bayo says her inbox is full of marriage proposals from different men who want to date and even marry her.

Betty, who was previously married to Pastor Kanyari, says she will only date men who have characteristics which she listed in a post on her social media accounts.

My inbox is full of proposal to cut the list short here are.

One of the characteristics is that the man should be divorced and a single father.

Well, Betty says they both have to have that similarity.

Another one is the man should be a peaceful person and one who is not violent.

Here are the other characteristics,

apart from being born again and God fearing below is the list of quality of my future husband (mundu wa Ngai ni Kwiyaria) A Godly person is one who speaks the truth)
1 divorcee/single father ( bird of the same feathers )
2 high self esteem staki mtu hajaovercome past yet I have Mimi nsha overcome no crying babies
3 not mamas boy no no noo

‘I moved in with Pastor Kanyari three weeks after we met’, Betty Bayo shares past mistakes

The singer
The singer

4 be a tither in his church , no heavenly thief
5 know English, we can’t both talk broken English my fans must see the different
6 love my kids
7 vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana i will give him a dose huku tunaservive by fire by force
8 no shouting or violent I love peace
9 no too serious I don’t want a boring life
10 statement and original id😎
For those men in boxing me now you know,” she wrote.

Betty has been giving details about her life and in one post, she said that she moved in with Pastor Kanyari few weeks after they met and she did not even know his official names.



Nabayet’s declaration that will make Otile Brown go gaga!

Otile Brown breaks up and then writes a song about it. He doesn’t end there! He then goes on to sing about it. The singer has done so the past with his two relationships with Vera and Nabayet.

His song for Vera was a dirge about the drama he had endured from the curvy socialite. The one he sung for Nabayet was different with him asking for a second chance from the Ethiopian beauty, an apology tour if you please.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet

In the song, Otile tells her that he would marry her if she were to ask him to, something that shocked and astounded many of his fans.

What did Nabbi herself think of the song and its general sentiment? She recently spoke to her followers on Instagram. In a Q and A she did on her Instagram page, she was asked a couple of questions concerning the singer.

It was a session that attracted positive answers from the Ethiopian beauty and one that signaled to fans that there might be still hope for her relationship with Otile.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet in the past

The first question was one word to describe Otile’s character and her answer was “Distinct” – one that stands out from the rest. That wasn’t all, the second question was whether she still loved her ex-Kenyan lover? Her short and to the point answer was, “Yes”.

Nabayet then filled her followers with more hope and mirth when she told her followers that she believed in second chances in relationships saying, ‘Absolutely!’

Nabayet posing in yet

Is this the sign that Otile might need to start pursuing Nabayet again?

Methinks that him rekindling the relationship would be a bad decision. Never go back to a past relationship. There is a reason the relationship failed the first time and that same reason will most likely cause the demise the second time.

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Lulu diva pregnant with Diamond’s 6th baby-Tanzanian blogs allege!

Diamond Platnumz is in a spot of bother. There are allegations swirling in Tanzanian media that the man who doesn’t know what/how a condom looks like might have impregnated 19-year-old Tanzanian socialite Lulu Diva.

As far back as July, there had been rumours that Diamond was cheating on his Kenyan bae Tanasha after a video of Lulu and Diamond cuddling emerged.

The two enjoyed each other’s company and were a pair for the whole night. The video was taken at the launch of Wasafi Vice President, Romy Jones’ music album.

Lulu Diva
Lulu Diva

Diamond later spoke about the video saying,

I tried avoiding her but …I do not have any relationship with her. sina mahusiano nae! na naomba tuheshiamiane kwa kila anayesambaza usenge huu. (Whoever is spreading this nonsense, let us respect each other).

Lulu Diva shows off engagement ring after claiming she is dating Jaguar

Several Tanzanian pages are reporting that Lulu is indeed pregnant but neither her nor Diamond has commented on this. The Tanzanian gossip pages claim that Diamond’s mother is aware of the relationship between her son and Lulu.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Check out some of the screenshots below;

The screenshots
The screenshots


The screenshots
The screenshots


The ‘African Beauty’ musician already has 4 kids at the moment! His first with a woman whose name he can’t remember. Two from Zari Hassan and one from Hamisa.

His two sons, Prince Nillan and Dylan (from his affair with Hamisa) came weeks apart. Now Tanasha is about to get his 3rd son any moment now.

Diamond-Platnumz's with his kids in the past
Diamond-Platnumz’s with his kids in the past

If the allegations are true then Chibu really needs to think of getting the snip! The man clearly doesn’t know what a condom or pull-out is.And let’s not forget that he is an ambassador for safe se3 in Tanzania promoting condom use!

Lulu Diva
Lulu Diva

At the end of the day, I still think that this might be a stunt fueled by Lulu. She already alleged that Jaguar had proposed to her, this new rumour seems to have her fingerprints all on it.

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These tricks will help you purchase products at low prices

Times are tough in Kenya and needing or wanting an expensive item is something we are now reconsidering.

Here are some tips you can use to get that much needed item at a steal:



Buy second hand

Look for a similar or closest version of a second hand product than having to dig deeper into your pocket.

Ask for discounts

You can always ask for discounts on an item that you feel should be sold at a cheaper price. More especially if they are second hand items and the prices will always be negotiable.

Apple shaped women twice as likely to suffer heart attack


This is the best time for doing your shopping. In these rare moments, shop owners offer crazy offers than the normal selling price. You will get discounts depending on the number of items you will be able to purchase.

Set google alerts

These alerts will help you know when the goods are being sold on offers or when the prices have reduced. Once the company gives the products on discounts you will be able to know through the google alerts.

The laundry hacks everyone needs to know

Bulk purchasing

One item is mostly more expensive compared to when buying them in bulk. You can either purchase  them personally or liaise with a friend who needs the same item as you and buy the items in bulk. You will get them at a cheaper price and this will help you save some cash.


Most companies sell their products at lower prices during their anniversaries. You can always wait for this time to purchase anything you ever wanted to which is sold much costly at the normal market days.

How natural lash extensions work –  expert

Online shopping apps

These apps help in giving you notifications on how to get products at a cheaper price. Something can be sold at a higher price on the road side while you can get the same product on an online app at a much lower price.

Just don’t but it

At times you can crave for something that isn’t necessary just because of desires. The best way to go about it is by avoiding to buy it especially if it is not essential. This mostly occurs when it is a new product in the market which is normally costly once launched. You can always purchase it at a later time when the price has been lowered.

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The basic laundry rules you need to follow

When doing your laundry, there are basic rules that need to be followed. They include;

1. Sorting

It is proper to sort clothes before starting to wash. Sort the clothes according to color and even materials. White clothes should not be washed together with other colored clothes. There are clothes that can be fading hence can stain the white garments if washed together. The inner clothes should be washed fist before washing the other clothes. This is because they are cleaner than the other clothes.

2. Soaking

There are some garments that should not be soaked. This is because some clothes when soaked they can were out easily because of the materials. The duration of soaking also matters. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction as labelled. Avoid soaking cotton garment as it may destroy the originality of the cloth.

Picha inayohusiana

‘Pregnancy can make you tired and sore,’ moans Milly wa Jesus

3. Airing

When sun drying clothes its important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on each garment. Clothes that fade should not b dried directly to the sun. This will make them to lose the color more. Hang the cloth in a way that the original state of the cloth will be maintained. Line drying the clothes is the most preferable way. However this should not be used in airing cotton clothes because it will led to sagging.

4. Ironing

There are certain materials that are not fit foe ironing. Follow the instructions indicated n the garment to know the right temperature to use on which garment. This is tom avoid cases of burning the clothes. Once the clothes are ironed, fold them and store them well to.

Tokeo la picha la ironing clothes

5. Repairing

All torn clothes should be repaired before cleaning them. This is to prevent the clothe from tearing more when being washed.

Marriage works!-Kathy Kiuna defiantly says in support of the institution

6. Reading cloth label

It is very important to read the instructions labeled on the garment. This will help you to know the correct way of laundering your garment.

Tokeo la picha la clothes labels

7. Bleaching

It is always very important to know the type of garments that are supposed to be bleached. White garments are the most recommended clothes to be bleached. Always use the bleaching agents that cannot affect the fabric material.

Vibes men pull that turns ladies off while approaching them

8. Using dry cleaner

There are materials that are not suitable for cleaning using a laundry machine. Before cleaning a garment make sure it is approved by the manufacturer for the same.

Picha inayohusiana

9. Storage

Store your clothes in the correct temperatures as instructed. This is to prevent cases of clothes having moulds due to dampness.

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Lenga usaliti yao! Khalwale urges Uhuru to ignore betting companies blackmail!

Boni Khalwale has been agreeing more and more with what the Jubilee government has been doing, if you take his recent comments. One even wonders if they are living in a parallel universe? How can the former Kakamega senator be so enthusiastic about the new government’s measures, when he nary agreed with them when he was still a legislator. Wonders never cease is all we can say.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale. photo credit: the star

But this story is not about the man’s allegiances but what he is co-signing to. The government instituted a 35% tax on betting companies, that the companies say would make both sponsoring sports teams and making a profit difficult. So in a quick rejoinder to the courts upholding the government’s decree, the betting firm, Sportpesa immediately cancelled all sponsorship deals with teams within the country.

SportPesa Logo
SportPesa Logo. photo credit:bettingsites

The Bulgarian-owned company has, however, issued a notice to appeal against the High Court’s judgment, saying that the increased tax rate is in breach of Article 201 of the Constitution which demands the public finance system promotes an equitable society where the tax burden shall be shared fairly.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale. photo credit: nairobiwire

But the bullfighter as he is affectionately referred to by some has come out to defend the government’s actions. He said what Sportpesa was doing was tantamount to blackmail and that Uhuru Kenyatta should not be taken hostage. He made his point in a couple of tweets. He wrote:

He reaffirmed his position later in another tweet writing:

Whatever your opinion on betting and betting companies, this is a delicate matter that should be dealt with sensitively. I believe that there is a middle ground that can be reached if a compromise was to be had.

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The Classic 105 Home And Auto Expo 2017: Its The Biggest Yet!

The Classic 105 Homes & Auto Expo is an annual event that has been running since 2013 and this year’s is going to be bigger and this will be the best yet!

It runs for 3 days, Friday , Saturday and Sunday at the KICC Tsavo ballroom and will be on this weekend from the 23rd to the 25th of June.

To be part of it, simply dial *297*3# and register.

There are lots of prizes to be won including goods worth Sh300,000/= courtesy of Ramtons, 1/8th of an acre in Nanyuki courtesy of AMG Realtors and a car, courtesy of Prestige Motors.

Classic H&A Expo2-04

This exciting event creates a platform for exhibitors who deal with matters home and cars to showcase their different products.

From land, building materials, already built homes, furnishings, insurance companies and cars.

The expo attracts people who are interested in land ownership, home ownership or both. People who already own homes and would want to renovate, buy a car, or generally keep up with the market. Be it private or commercial property. Financial institutions to assist in financial assistance.

Want more information? Call 0711 046 445

See you at the Home and Auto Expo 2017 at the KICC Tsavo ballroom. If you haven’t registered, remember to dial *297*3# now.

No Diggitty – SWV Is In Kenya! Exclusive Photos…And Let’s Not Forget Black Street

SWV  is in Kenya, and in case you didn’t know, they are the Sisters With Voices, and to make it even super awesome, they are accompanied by Grammy winners,  Blackstreet.

These ladies are known for releasing best-selling RnB selling hits during the 90’s  and Blackstreet is joining them. These ‘boys’ are known for their singles ‘Don’t Leave’… 

It’s sure to go down at KICC tonight!

As usual, we’re on top of the game, and photos are a must…

Check out these awesome pictures of the legendary artists while on Kenyan ground…;


Pay day for Classic 105’s Secret Sound jackpot winner

Edwin Kere Ila, our Classic 105 Secret Sound jackpot winner picked his cheque from the Radio Africa Group offices in Westlands on Wednesday afternoon.

Ila cracked the Secret Sound last week on Tina Kagia’s show by correctly guessing that the sound was produced by someone undoing a belt buckle.

That was enough to make him winner of the 237 shillings cash jackpot. Read HERE

He was handed his cheque by Larry Asego.

Lucky caller wins Sh237, 000 CASH after cracking Classic 105 Secret Sound

After more than a month of endless calls and wrong guesses, we finally have a winner for the Classic 105 Secret Sound.

This came barely two hours after our prediction that the jackpot would surpass the quarter million shilling mark. Well, we were wrong.

One caller correctly guessed the Secret Sound, which has eluded thousands, during Tina Kagia’s show.

His name; Edwin Ila and he gets to walk away with the Secret Sound Jackpot worth Sh237, 000.

So what exactly was the answer to our Secret Sound?

Undoing a belt buckle


Classic 105 Secret Sound jackpot set to surpass quarter of a million shillings

For over a month now, thousands of Classic 105 fans have been calling the station trying to crack the Secret Sound.

The jackpot however continues to prove elusive as none has yet been able to correctly identify the sound.

Presenters, from Maina in the morning to Larry Asego in the evening, play the sound at least once every hour.

The listeners are then required to call in and identify the source of that sound for a chance to win the jackpot that goes up by Sh1, 000 every time a wrong answer is given.

As at Monday morning, the Secret Sound Jackpot stood at Sh234, 000.

All you need to win is listen to your favorite Classic 105 presenter, then call in for a chance to correctly guess the sound.

You can view the link below o see some of the wrong answers given by listeners on the station.


Lawyer in court seeking to have Ruto Sworn In As President

Lawyer Felix Kiprono has moved to court to compel  Chief Justice Willy Mutunga to swear-in acting President William Ruto as the President of Kenya.

This comes a day after President Kenyatta handed over power to Ruto in a joint session at the parliament.

The petitioner claims that Uhuru Kenyatta’s address to parliament on Monday amounted to resignation through power-transfer.

The case was certified as urgent.

Kiprono who is also a human rights activist has previously been  involved in a suit which sought to block President Kenyatta from attending his trial at the ICC, saying that doing so would “violate Kenya’s sovereignty.”