Mike Mondo delivered over 90 babies during his days as a nurse

Classic 105 host Mike Mondo men should not be present in the delivery room when their wives are giving birth as delivery is not a rosy affair.

Mike says people should stop assuming that childbirth is what they see on movies or YouTube. Mondo who is a qualified nurse says that it is the women in your wife’s life who should be present.

Speaking during an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, he advised,

“Men should stay outside the door and let their sister, your mum, your mum-in-law be there,” he said.

Mike said men are of no use to their wives while in the delivery room.

“In most cases, they will end up being stressed out after the experience,” he said.

Talking about his experience as a nurse before he decided to join radio, Mike shared,

“During my time in the career, I delivered more than 90 babies as a nurse, and I would never encourage a man to be around. It is simple, would a woman be allowed to stay when her son is being circumcised?”

He also said he can never deliver his child since there are so many emotions. Mike Mondo worked as a nurse for a year at a Kilifi hospital.

That is when he moved to Nairobi and started looking for something else to do.

“I delivered over 90 babies, 11 breach deliveries. I have also assisted in Caesarean-section and have done normal deliveries,” he said.

Mike also addressed marriage, saying he would never force to be in one.

“I would want to pursue marriage. Do I believe in it? I don’t know yet, but I would love to pursue it, he said.

“Marriage is not for everyone and I say, don’t ever feel bad if you never get married. Enjoy that single life. Marriage in my opinion is not about falling in love and has nothing to do with love.”

Mike said marriage is when two people can handle each other.

“It is for companionship. It is not about the roses and so on. The most important thing is to be able to stick through it,” he said.

Kenyan celebrities who have been in the delivery rooms with their wives include Frankie Kiarie also known as Frankie JustGymIt, and DJ Moz also known as Kimathi Mathenge.

Also present in the delivery room was Kabi Wa Jesus, he has been present during the 2 deliveries of his wife Milly Wa Jesus.

Do you think fathers should be in the delivery room?

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Fans reacts to Corazon Kwamboka’s snatched body after delivery

The woman who held Pierra Makena’s hand in the delivery room (photo)

King’ang’i puts Mirema girls on the spot for harassing Wababa

Mwalimu King’ang’i has called out girls from Mirema for giving Wababa’s a hard time when all the old men want is a good time away from their wives.

Speaking during the Morning Conversation, Mwalimu says most of these girls harass these men because they know they are ‘helpless’.

“These girls harass these old men. Mzee amemeza dawa and all the lady is saying is she be given time to prepare while still in Mirema. Mzee saa hiyo ako Yaya doing press-ups.”

Mwalimu says most times some of these old men will pretend to be romantic just to make sure the lady comes as agreed.

Refusing to come might end up giving the man a heart attack due to the blue pill being swallowed.

“Umetoka?” they ask. They even pretend to be romantic. “Umesema umetoka ama nikutumie gari?”

The ladies then warn the Wababa not to assume that there will be anything intimate between them. Cases of people dying during steamy sessions are not anything new not only in Kenya but also worldwide.

In January 2022, A man died after booking a hotel room with his girlfriend in Nairobi’s Kawangware area. The man is said to have collapsed and died, according to the woman who notified the hotel management and police.

In March 2022, a 45-year-old man died at an apartment in Kilimani area, Nairobi. He is said to have been seeking ‘entertainment’ in the hands of a 25-year-old woman.

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Sponsors can’t resist the ‘Aki do me favor generation’ – King’ang’i

‘Tafuta rika yako’ Uhuru tells ‘sponsors’ for dating daughters’ agemates

King’ang’i almost leaves studio after a disagreement with Maina

There was trouble at Classic 105 offices after Mwalimu Kin’gang’i threatened to walk out on his co-host Maina Kageni during the morning conversation.

The disagreement was brought about by Maina Kageni not ‘choosing’ Mwalimu to be his running mate.
“Who is your running mate?” Mwalimu had hypothetically posed.

An innocent Maina responded that he has never thought about it.

The answer seemed to have infuriated Mwalimu.

He could not understand why Maina wouldn’t choose him yet they have been co-hosts for more than a decade
“How can you do this to me? I spend most days with you and you can’t even choose me to be your running mate?
Kwani kazi yangu ni gani?
Posed Mwalimu.

Wanting to maintain peace, Maina finally agreed to appoint Mwalimu as his running mate. Kenyans were also given a chance to reveal who they would choose as their running mates.

Most men chose their kids over their wives. They believed that once given the power the women will want to control them.
“Yesterday my girlfriend told me to post her on social media if I love her, I told her that would only happen once we are over the vetting period.”
*Njoro shared
“Choosing a running mate is not an easy thing. In life, you need someone wiser.
You might make a wrong move and end up getting a direct ticket to heaven.”

Below are some more reactions

@hasnuu6: Maina my running mate is my mum hawa wababa wachana na wao kabisa unamuweka running mate munajikuta running mate muko 10.

*Mike narrated

“Mimi karibu mwengine akuwe running mate nikaona anataka kunikalia.”

@samlavke: Most of our women fit in the opposition coz kazi yao ni kupinga serikali tu.

Who would you choose as a running mate?

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7 important facts about slain KIMC student, Purity Wangechi

Kenyan DJ distances himself from Purity Wangechi murder (Screenshot)

Ugandan journalist roasted by Netizens after comparing herself to Maina Kageni

Kenyans have gone ham on a Ugandan female radio host after she compared herself to Kenya’s finest Maina Kageni.

The lady identified as Faiza Fabz shared a photo of herself alongside that of Maina Kageni and captioned

“Radio presenter v/s Radio presenters in Kenya.

Ugandan Radio host Faiza Fabz and Maina Kageni

Netizens could not bear being compared to Uganda which is still a developing country

Below are some of the reactions and comments by KOT.

@Brayooh11: In Kenya, the closest you would come to a radio job would be hawking the radios…not comparing yourself to Maina

@kenyansaram: nothing sadder than making a meme out of yourself and it doesn’t get the traction you thought it would don’t play with Maina like this again.

 @joberlK: Are you aware the Kenyan guy’s voice is under some insurance cover worth 100million$ I guess that’s half of your country’s county or province budget? 

@Tuzzy_Mahaga: Uganda has radio??? I thought y’all beat drums. Anyway, why are you comparing @ItsMainaKageni to smoke signal regulators??? Respect yourself and have more mwogo.

@JILLKUI: All your radio hosts combined can’t even come close to this legend. Sit this one out, madam.

@AlitsiPerrie: Maina Kageni’s salary if converted to UGX is equivalent to your Country’s GDP so hashhhhhh on this madam.

@Brian64686987: Maina can fund your lifestyle for over 100 plus years, buy your radio station Wait is that thing a radio station?looks like a shop.

@alexmburu19: This is a building where your radio offices are set up? Damn I’d rather host you in my bedsitter

Days ago Netizens were at war after they questioned why Rihanna had chosen Kenyan to be among the countries where she will be launching her beauty products.

A Ugandan tweeted saying Kenya was so backwards adding that we don’t even have electricity.

Kenyan came out in large numbers to defend +254 and like always we won.

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Omanyala, don’t fall for a washed-out Huddah! Cess Mutungi

Classic105 presenters Cess Mutungi has called out Huddah Monroe terming her a woman of low morals after she hit on Ferdinand Omanyala.

Cess says it’s a shame that Huddah wants to sow where she did not plant.

The outspoken radio host hailed Omanyala’s wife for having stood by him when he had nothing and when no one believed in him.

Sharing her open with her co-host Mike Mondo, Cess advised,

“Huddah is those women of easy virtues. Omanyala was not always like this. Where was she when he was struggling He was not like this until another woman came in and helped him become who he is.”

Cess went on to advise Omanyala not to lose focus and taint his name over a few seconds of fun. According to Cess , Huddah is not worth losing his career for.

“Your option cannot be a washed-out socialite.”

She went on to advise Huddah to get married like her fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

“We cannot have Omanyala’s reputation tainted.”

Huddah had earlier taken to her social media to lust over Omanyala asking to be connected to him.

“Omanyala is not soo bad looking hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki. @Mpashogram connect hiyo date,” she captioned.

This came contradictory as she had earlier stated she would never date a black man as they are too much work.

“I’ve dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a maze! It’s too much hard work, you can easily go mental and the reason is their mothers. Y’all women with sons do better for the next generation of black men!”
read part of her post.

Omanyala is engaged to Lavender Omanyala with whom he has a son. The couple met in 2016.
Do you agree with Cess that Huddah is a woman of loose morals?



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King’ang’i-Your boss will never pay you enough to be his neighbour

Is it true that your boss will never pay you enough? Maina and King’ang’i spoke about this during The Morning Conversation on Classic 105.

“They say your boss will never pay you enough to be his neighbor,” said King’ang’i.

He went on to insist that you need to get more ideas to get wealthy ‘Ask God to give you ideas.”

Most listeners agreed with King’angi. Check out some responses from the listeners.

Gregory: Yeah you must work smart to your own boss

Nuubedsitter: Wah ni ukweli kabisa no wonder tunafinyiliwa tusiinuke

Mosesyoung: That’s really true there is no way your boss can pay enough you to be his neighbor just look for idea to start up your business for you to make it like the boss plus someone should have positive minds always

Joe Reithi: I couldn’t agree more, Kingangi thanks for sharing the wisdom

Thady Mayieka: @ItsMainaKageni i second @MwalimChurchill’s sentiments..people have the audacity to wake up daily to work for someone for over 40years but they can’t struggle for 3yrs to build their own business empire. A salary is always an amount to sustain you for u to come to work again

Vincentchate: Tunaishi kwa neema ndungu yangu But hio nayo ni ukweli Lazma unyanyaswe

Caleb Chauro: Only your brain matters. Even if you’re paid more than your boss, and you lack wisdom, you’ll remain lamenting

CheiChege4real: Yes very true @ItsMainaKageni he need me to keep working for him forever @Classic105Kenya#MainaAndKingangi

Jacob Kioko: Your boss is not your friend…

Sir Albert: Never infact the boss will ensure you’re poor @[email protected] good morning

Samfields: That’s an absolute fact, the salary he pays you is for sustenance only. If you want to join the top league you gotta think outside the box.

Method man: I do agree, your boss can’t drive a car your driving heri ubebe key but usiende na gari kwa office compound.

Your 2022: This is all true…. And when you work hard enough to be, your boss will accuse you of theft.

Pingache Moses: Of course. And if your side hustles allow you to be his neighbour he will start being hostile for no good reason. BYOB!

Why do women stay in toxic marriages? Concerned Maina asks

Today morning, Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i were discussing why people stay in toxic marriages.

Maina asked ladies why they would stay after regretting marrying the man they had married?

“You’ve realized you made a mistake, what is keeping you there?” he asked.

King’ang’i was quick to say that marriage is a contract;

“Have you ever heard about something called a contract. It’s for life that’s why you say for better for worse, why do you think its called pingu za maisha? You should’ve given your lawyers the document before you sign, you are legally bound, its a very powerful document.”

So, how do you fix it?” Asked Maina saying that he has never understood why people stay for kids in the name of raising them in a complete family.

King’ang’i added that it is not easy to leave as there are so many people and factors involved.

One listener said marriage is not a bed of roses while another one tweeted ‘As long as I am not being beaten, I will stay and find my own happiness.”

Another listener said, “Choices have consequences.”

King’ang’i asked Maina why he keeps telling ladies to leave “And go where? Is there a place you have created for them?”

Another listerner narrated how she had been in a toxic marriage for ten years, ‘I was married for ten years. I enjoyed the married for only six years, the other four he would beat me and chase me away at night. My sister’s heart enlarged and she died because of love stress, I said I will not die. He remarried and after two years he started looking for me. It has been ten years and I am happy.”

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King’ang’i advocates for another public holiday, ‘ya kulamba pilipili’

As Kenyans report back to work after a 5-days holiday, Classic 105’s Mwalimu King’ang’i still wants another public holiday to be announced.

On the Maina and King’ang’i show this morning, the duo discussed how Kenyans enjoyed the long holiday that was brought about by Kibaki’s funeral, labour day and Eid.

The presenter said that Wakorino should be given a holiday to dry up their drums.

“We should now be given another holiday for the Wakorinos, a day they will be drying up their drums,” Mwalimu said.

He added that Rastafarians should also have their way to fight for a holiday for evacuating seeds. He suggests that all the holidays should be combined to fall in one weekend to give Kenyans another extended weekend.

“Rastafarians, you should look for your holiday too, probably a day for removing seeds,” suggested Mwalimu.

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

In addition, King’ang’i is suggesting another holiday for Indians and Hindus, to lick cayenne pepper. Holiday requests for King’ang’i continue and said, The Meru people should also be given a holiday for releasing a hit song.

Netizens in support of King’ang’i’s holiday request, shared their interest in another public holiday being announced. It got to a point where netizens were suggesting a holiday to mourn the three female lions that were found dead.

“Sasa tupewe holiday ingine ya ku mourn King Lion, (we should be given another holiday to mourn King Lion.)”

The lion’s bodies were found slumped against an electric fence of a safari lodge in Uganda, bordering Queen Elizabeth National park.

The holiday extension story started on Thursday last week when Tuesday, May 3rd this year was announced as a public holiday for the Muslims “Eid-al-Fitr”

Fred Matiangi also declared Friday, April 29th a holiday, then Monday 2nd of May being a Labour day, Kenyans celebrated the prolonged weekend and wished to have another holiday Wednesday 5th of May, and if possible have the whole week as a holiday, Hence coming fourth with holidays suggestions.


Living a lie! Maina Kageni reveals mistake most radio presenters do

Veteran Radio personality Maina Kageni has been in the game for over 2o years and is still the top of the game.

In a recent interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the Classic 105 breakfast presenter said it is rewarding to be on radio.

Asked to advise other radio personalities, Maina said most radio presenters make huge mistakes of living a lie.

“They try and be things that they aren’t and that’s always a problem,” he said.

“It’s not the easiest thing but it’s something you need to learn quickly to be yourself. You need to know who you’re talking to. What are they going through in their lives? How are they relating to that?

Cause it’s very easy for radio presenters to live in a bubble cause you live in a studio where you don’t see your audience.”

He added that as a radio presenter, it is wise enough not to ever detach from your audience.

“On radio, you’re paid a lot of money, so it’s easy to become detached from your audience, so it’s easy to go astray. It’s not about going to flaunt. It’s about knowing who they are and what’s happening in their lives. How can you add value?”

On working alongside Mwalimu King’ang’i, Maina said he is the funniest person he has met.

Why Kenyan women refuse to inherit husbands’ names

The morning conversation saw Mike Mondo and King’ang’i speak about how women are slowly not adding their husband’s name into their name once they get married.

Mike Mondo thought its not important to have a man’s name while King’ang’i thought otherwise;

“I don’t think it’s important. Ladies, is it important to take a man’s name after you get married?” Asked Mike

Listeners had mixed reactions as some said that they would only inherit a man’s name if he was rich.

Check out reactions to the morning conversation;

Men don’t trust telling wives about wills for fear of ‘disappearing’

Fellas, have you written your lastwill and testament?

Apparently many won’t even contemplate it, according to confessions on the Furahiday topic with Maina Kageni.

Maina referred to the will left by the late Sir Charles that clearly stipulated what he has and who gets what, and Kageni asked men why they don’t do this to avoid lots of drama about their property.

‘they made their wishes known, and will be implemented. How can you not tell your family what you want done with your property when you are gone? We are not going to live forever . Does your woman know where your money is?And does she know how you want it distributed? Why do we dear writing wills in Kenya? Tunaogopa nini and you know we will not live for 500 years? Why do we find it taboo? We are all going to go, hakuna mtu atakaa hapa kaa mawe’

Several men responded that they fear their wives will kill them.

‘i am married and no I do not have a will what for? My wife is aware of only 20 per cent of my property, the rest is known by my parents and siblings. You don’t tell these idiots anything,’

Another man told Kageni ‘what happens is that when you tell your partner some things change, anaeza enda nazo, these things are complicated ebu imagine unandikia will alafu when you die , anaenda nazo,’

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Close your eyes and imagine your wife in another mans arms –  Maina


Why is the idea of a woman cheating unforgivable to many Kenyan men? Maina Kageni posed to upset men.

The minute Maina Kageni began this morning conversation, men told him he doesn’t understand the dynamics of marriage. Maina told men to close their eyes and imagine their wives in the arms of another man!

On Wednesday October 13, Maina and Kingangi discussed the topic of women straying in marriage and why men can’t fathom it.

An excited Maina reminded men that they stray weekly, actually he insisted it is daily and expect forgiveness but if a woman does it, men struggle to forgive her.

“Why is it that men struggle when women stray in relationships? you do it all the time but when she strays once you struggle, why? why is it unforgivable when she strays. why cant you forgive her thew ay you expect her to forgive you and you guys do it on a weekly basis. Girls, even the thought that you have strayed it almost kills them, ni kashetani kaimingia they say”

Mwalimu King’ang’i told him it is shetani who makes men ‘teleza’.

“jembe inaeza kondeshwa lakini sio shamba. Men ere designed differently. Ati Mwongeli – his wife- amestray? Siwezi fathom hiyo’

Fellas, can you imagine your woman in the arms of another man?

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When is the last time your man gave you money for your personal upkeep?

A Kenyan Court ruled that being a housewife should be considered a full time job and should be factored into consideration when adjudicating over distribution of assets during a divorce.

On the Wednesday morning conversation, this is what Maina discussed. He was elated as Mwalimu Kingangi grumbled about it.

Mwalimu said ‘so it’s fully funded by the government’ he tried to argue,  but Maina corrected him ‘it’s not the government, it’s funded by you’.

‘Every woman in a relationship needs to be given money’ Kageni added ‘do you know you need to give her money every month for her upkeep, how do you expect her to look good for you if you are not giving her money?’

Gents, why don’t you give your woman money? not for vegetables but money for her hair, and money in her purse?

Kageni added ‘my mum told me never to walk without money, why don’t you give your women money, not for upkeep of the house money for herself, her hair is your work she is doing it for you’

Mwalimu brushed off his comments grumbling that ‘there is something about when they see money, na hiyo ndio hatuna, did they consult any man when they made that decision in court?’

Maina added salt to injury telling Kingangi about his friend who pays his wife cash ‘I have a friend who gives his wife 500k a month, a month and that is just for her, hiyo si shopping ya nyumba, it is for herself. I’m not saying give your woman half a million, even ten thousand is good’

He posed this question to the audience to contribute to the conversation

‘When is the last time your man gave you money ladies? at the end of every month, your man must give you something, he cannot keep enjoying you every day and at the end there is nothing. When is the last time your man gave you money for your personal upkeep?

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#MainaAndKingangi: Kenyan men react to the last time they took medical check up

As always the morning conversation on Classic 105 was quite interesting. Maina and Kingangi received mixed reactions from Kenyan men after asking the last time they visited a doctor.

“We are covered by the blood of Jesus. Ujue hiyo kitu unaenda kutafuta utapata!” Mwalimu King’ang’i reacted to the topic

From the callers, many have spend years before seeing a doctor or going for a check.

One caller told Maina that;

The debate went through to social media and this is the reaction from our Instagram lovers;


Tutangangania joint za mitura, ama kujua why the blood is moving anticlockwise and not the other way around. Bora uhai as long am breathing ever good to go.


Usipojikausha utalishwa na nani, na unategemewa?


Checkup for what… Mi ni gari ati naenda service? 😂Kama nakula natembea na siumwi pahali… Hospitali naonea kwa news mimi


#MainaAndKingangi sisi wanaume uprefer kuishi kijeshi, hii maneno ya kwenda hospitali ni ngumu unless ufeel kabisaaa kimeumana….even the covid morality statistics zinashow high numbers of men being infected or dying of the desease


As mwalimu says…why bother to go look for something that’s not there…which is usually a big mistake and that’s why we are losing men at a high rate..Ignorance😢😢

MainaandKingangi! Who should set the amount demanded for child upkeep

My depression is slowly destroying my marriage – Man tells Maina

A husband who admitted he has been depressed for so long, described it to Maina Kageni that  ‘it’s like living in hell’.

He told of his agony during a discussion of the Kiambu couple who were found dead. The man shot his wife three times, after finding out she was pregnant yet he is impotent.

Maina wanted to find out why men never talk to someone about being depressed and a man called in saying he would rather die, than tell his friends he is depressed.man crying

He told Maina he feared his secret getting out and having to be ridiculed about being weak. He said they will share and make fun of you

“That’s what we are doing nowadays. I pretend I am ok because no one can help. I was looking for some counselling they tell you they charge three thousand per hour, so if you don’t have it what do you do? you go home and pretend, nowadays hakuna friend wa ku open up to the kind of friend that you open up to the next day it will be published, so you just pretend and no one can tell deep inside you are dying, right now no one knows what I am going through, and I can tell you  I am going  through hell. I need some counselling”

Maina sympathized with the sad husband saying “let me do this. I can see your number here, I will get you help okay. Hang in”


Another called told Maian that husbands are smiling but deep inside they are dying owing to endless cost heaped on them.


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“Sharing your marital bed with babies is wrong” King’ang’i blasts wives 


In the Thursday morning conversation, Mwalimu King’ang’i was not happy with wives insisting parents sleep with babies.

He told his opinion in an argument about it’s drawbacks with a wife on air.

The two went at each other if a new-born should be kicked out. The woman told Mwalimu that

” ati mzee anafaa kufanya nini? ndio mzee apumzike alale? nilitengeneza mtoto huyo peke yangu? tunaenda na shift. Ati mzee alale?’

Mwalimu responded that it was only fair to let the man sleep because their baby s cry is irritating.

She told him off adding ” until the baby is old enough to hold a munyonyi himself, the first month ako kwa kitanda yetu na tuna amka na shift, ati unalala nini? kwani nililatengenza mtoto peke yangu”

6117-07999883 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Couple sleeping in bed in the morning
© Masterfile Royalty-Free
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Property Release: Yes
Couple sleeping in bed in the morning

When is the right time Mike opened up the discussion leading to more confessions from parents split over the decision to kick out the baby.

A man described how bad it was for his friend because their child was 6 years and unfortunately walked in on them.

Another woman said her new-born isn’t going anywhere. She said “It’s not about the baby leaving the bedroom, my baby sleeps in our bedroom but on his cot, I will never let him go, the baby is  breastfeeding until he is one year, But King’ang’i repeated that a child belongs in their own room. ” do you know that you can wak4 up and go to the other room to feed? you have the whole day to bond with the baby we don’t need the child in our room, toa mtoto kwa hii bedroom wewe, that crying is too much”

Dear Classic 105 fam, what’s your opinion about co-sleeping?


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Maina and King’ang’i: Do you date for love or survival?

The Classic 105’s morning conversation was about women who just can’t be with a man who has no money.  But what does love have to do with it?

A listener tweeted;

“There are those men we date for love and those we date for money and all of them know their place.”

Alice who has been in marriage for years called to give her experinece

“I got married for love some eight years ago and the ninth year it didn’t work out. If I’m going to get married agin, I’ll go for money because their shenanigans are the same. I’ve learnt a great lesson. Lets deal with their BS when someone is taking care of me properly.”


“It is the same way gentlemen want to look for some nice chest and nice behind, lets look for someone with money”

I have a man at home, in the office and that ex you can never forget – Woman tells Maina

Betty, a caller, said “Without money, there’s no future, there’s no love. I’d rather date an old guy with money than a young one with nothing and I’ll make my future bright.”

A gentleman called to give his experience of how his lovelife changed when he started getting money

“There’s this lady I was dating and we sired a child, at the time I was a watchman. She didn’t even want me to see the child, when I got a better job, I was taken to the children’s court.

We solved out of the court, she got remorseful and apologized, We are now together and I got a second child with her.”

Another gentleman said

“Even marriage is a transactions that’s why you are given a license.  We know women are with us because of money but we turn a blind eye. It is a simple transaction. She is there cause of your money.”

Cess Mutungi, new Drive co-host reveals the one Kenyan delicacy she doesn’t eat(exclusive)

Cess Mutungi has a long and gloried history as one of the most popular and fascinating radio presenters in Kenya’s entertainment industry.

The lady who has worked at many different media houses over the years has been blessed with longevity in an industry that either eats you or treats you like royalty.

One reason for that is her boldness, honesty, perseverance and steadfast belief in herself. In a recent interview with the new Drive co-host, Cess was a ball of fun who disclosed some captivating insights into who she is.

The 50-year-old mother of one spoke about the things that she likes and dislikes with many varied interests that surprised me.

The dark-skinned curvy and beautiful woman admitted that her first love was cars, a definite shock to me, I must admit.

But that wasn’t all, Miss Mutungi said that she was also a Taekwondo enthusiast whose music tastes are as eclectic as she is. “I love Kamba music, soul, jazz, techno, and house,” the new Drive show host enthused.

She explained that the colours she loved matched her bubbly personality but that while she was big on having great skin she didn’t like make-up.

What was also interesting about Cess was her taste in food. She admitted that while her favourite food was fish she DOES NOT eat ugali, cabbage and sweet potatoes. What! You read that right!

And guess what? Cess is also a comic aficionado saying that she liked popular British strip Andy Capp and Kenyan flavour and classic, Bogie Bender.

Catch more of the charismatic and exciting Cess as she and Mike Mondo host a new Drive show starting tomorrow at 3 PM.

Mike Mondo and Cess Mutungi poster (1)

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