Maina’s Easy Sunday

This Sunday Classic 105’s Maina Kageni takes us down the road with award-winning musician and record producer R Kelly.

Born on the South Side of Chicago to a single mother, Kelly dropped out of high school to earn a living singing on street corners for money.

He got his first real musical break in 1990, when he formed the R&B group Public Announcement. The group released just one album together, 1990’s Born Into the 90s, before Kelly departed to start his solo career.

He was successful almost instantly: in 1993, he released the album 12 Play, which spawned the chart-topping singles “Bump ‘n’ Grind” and “I Like the Crotch on You” and established early his reputation for slow-moving sex jams loaded with innuendo.

Kelly’s next chart success was not his own. In 1994, he was introduced to a young R&B singer named Aaliyah by her uncle, and went on to write and produce her debut, Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. The album was a success, selling over two million copies and spawning a wealth of hit singles.

R. Kelly Reveals His Weirdest Fan Story & Speaks On Today’s State Of R&B

The above interview was conducted on HOT 97

Kelly returned his attention to his music the following year, releasing a self-titled album that went on to sell four million copies on the strength of the hits “You Remind Me of Something” and “Down Low.” The album found Kelly continuing in his chosen milieu of simmering R&B ballads — a form he perfected the following year with the release of his biggest single to that point, “I Believe I Can Fly.” Unlike many of Kelly’s previous singles, the song transcended genre boundaries, becoming just as ubiquitous on pop radio as it was on R&B, eventually climbing to the Number Two slot on the Billboard Top 200. The song also marked a thematic change for Kelly, one that found him moving away from pillow talk and into more inspirational subject matter.

Kelly’s massive success was beginning to earn him the respect of more popular artists; in 1995, he wrote and produced “You Are Not Alone” for Michael Jackson and his 1998 double-album, R., found him singing alongside none other than adult-contemporary queen Celine Dion on the song “I Am Your Angel.” Like his idol Marvin Gaye before him, Kelly was proving an asset not only as a vocalist, but as a songwriter and producer for other artists, and as his stature grew, so did his opportunities for collaboration. R. was another huge hit, selling 8 million copies, and his collaboration with Dion would surpass even “I Believe I Can Fly,” netting him a number one single.

The following year, he released, an album that was more modest in scope than its predecessor but no less accomplished in its songwriting.

It was’t until 2003 that he pulled fully out of his downward spiral with the release of Chocolate Factory, arguably his masterpiece. The album found Kelly moving past the simple stylings of contemporary R&B to incorporate Chicago’s step music as well as elements of 1970s soul. Bolstered by the phenomenal success of “Igniition (Remix),” the album did more to re-establish Kelly in the public’s good graces than any amount of official statements from the artist or his management. Kelly followed that album with another artistic triumph, the double-album Happy People/U Saved Me. It is here that Kelly fully indulges his love of classic soul and gospel, delivering tracks reminiscent of late-period Marvin Gaye, going light on the raunch in favor of simple songs of praise and celebration.

In 2004, he embarked on a tour with Jay-Z in support of a sequel to their Best of Both Worlds album, but the collaboration came to an abrupt end

In 2005, Kelly accomplished his most outlandish — and, by most accounts, spectacular — feat to date, the multi-part “Trapped in the Closet” series. The saga sprung from humble beginnings: a simple three-part soapy song-drama on Kelly’s TP.3 Reloaded album. The song was so giddily outlandish, however, that Kelly soon started adding more chapters, each one more ridiculous than the last.

After an early internet leak of his intended 12 Play: Fourth Quarter, Kelly went back to the studio and soon released an entirely different, untitled album in 2009, which dropped many of the leaked tracks and replaced them with new compositions.

Courtesy Rollingstone magazine

Watcha video below of Jay Z and R Kelly in a press oncference about their collabo, courtesy Genius of R Kelly;

‘Nitarudisha hizo ng’ombe na mpesa’ man shouts at abusive son-in-law (Audio)

Girls, when you hear your father shout that he will return the goats he paid as dowry because you were chased away by your husband, how does that make you feel?

Listen to the audio below, and hear the angry tone that a certain man uses to tell off any man who would be abusive to his daughter.

What’s going through your mind? I bet your saying people need to take a chill pill right?

He said:

‘My daughter remains my daughter forever until I’m dead, when you disagree with my daughter she is welcome home, she cannot be chased like a dog because I have given her to you and then you have mistreated her and you expect me to mistreat her also because of ngombe tatu. Go to hell.’

What prompted all this?

There was a guy who called in yesterday on the debate about husbands giving wives permission to see her parents or being consulted before she does anything. One father responded to this in an angry way.

The angry man came to the defense of women saying any man who mistreats his daughter should go to hell and marry the devil. He was mad at the male caller who said he will control where his wife goes and chase his wife away like a dog.

He says any father should stand up for his daughters especially when he sees her husband has beaten or mistreated her. He says fathers should welcome their daughters back with open arms.

The angry man say his house is open to his daughter to come back home and continue her life if she disagrees with her husband. He was upset that the male caller suggested that he would chase away the wife and replace her.

I want guys to know that this is where your beef with your father in law begins.

Mwalimu Kingangi says the angry caller has the wrong attitude.

Ladies, if you were to choose between your man or father when there is conflict, who will you choose?
Classic 105 fans also responded on social media.

Sheillah Bahati‏… @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya…My dad won’t take anything from a man who mistreats me, I know he would take me back even with a dozen kids #MainaAndKingangi

Douglas Kiplagat.. @ItsMainaKageni Maina that guys daughter is more expensive than my life,, I can’t marry someone like her @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

KIPLETING MANUUELA‏ …#MainaAndKingangi @ItsMainaKageni The dowry cannot reciprocate the value of someone Bride is a sign of appreciation, don’t take her for granted.

Also read here


Kenyan singer Vivian shares details of the ordinary job she did before the fame (Audio)

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni today hosted Kenyan singer Vivian in studio, where she opened up about her past, her musical journey and future plans.

Vivian was in studio with Maina Kageni who said way before he met her he was impressed by how hardworking she was.

‘She is a go getter’, were the words Maina used to describe Vivian as he heaped praises on her.

‘I started singing four years ago at Maian Switch studios with singer Jaguar. Before that I was a kawaida Nairobi chick, a hustlerress. I used to own a gaming shop in Eastlands where I grew up.’ She narrated her humble beginnings to an impressed Maina.

‘I was a hustler, who used to sell stuff. I was always pursuing things because when I was in college I was doing stuff. Eventually I got my first big break.

What is she working on now? ‘I just started a new movement called the moran, a movement that symbolises the bold and the fearless. Its also an inspiration because of the journey as a musician, for the harassment we suffer along the way. I want to motivate girls who want to start’.


Maina also wanted to know how Vivian ended up doing a collabo with Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone for their hit song.

‘We met at a hotel in Uganda, and our managers who knew each other because of a similar meeting back in Kenya, talked. I gave him (Jose Chameleone) a few songs to listen to, and as it turns out he liked charm and things went well from there.

Maina: Chameleone sent me the song via whatspapp and I absolutely fell in love with it.

What lies ahead for Vivian? We have to get heard in Africa and globally. Try to push the envelope. I’m planning for a stadium event next. If we don’t do it we will always end up being curtain raisers for international celebs. I want to get rid of the stereoptype for Kenyans. We’ve lined up several summits in universities and high school, most likely in January so we can get thousands to the stadium for the concert. I did a double release recently and we are doing well, we are still pushing the limits’.

Listen to the whole clip below;

Kenyan women are like mangoes who can be eaten raw or sweet, shout men to Classic 105’s Maina Kageni (Audio)

This is just crazy. Classic 105’s Maina Kageni was left astounded after several male callers told him that it’s the man who decides when his wife will visit her mother and how long she will stay over.

Wives go where we want, when we want and how long we want, according to the male callers this morning.

The male callers shared their strong views on social media saying women are like mango’s. When you are waiting for them to ripen another man is waiting to eat it with salt.

Maina Kageni had asked if men could ever possibly wait for their wives, if they went abroad to study or work. This is after a female caller revealed she is leaving her boyfriend for the second time to go work in Australia. A shocked Mwalimu Kingangi responded by telling off the woman, and insisting that no man should ever wait for a woman, something

A debate ensued on social media with everyone digging in with their views. Go through below.



Girls, are you losing your guy to a yummy mummy Maina Kageni asks (Audio)

It appears that young girls have a negative attitude towards older women going by the conversation on air on classic 105.

This all has to do with age, and the perception that young girls have that they will never age.

There was a complaint this week on air, that young girls are losing young ‘jamaa’s to older women. Apparently the young men meet the old mama’s in the gym and the reason they are drifting to older women is that they look good compared to their young girlfriends.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni tackled this conversation, asking why young girls don’t work out like older Kenyan women.

A 23-year-old female caller shocked Main when she said she does not need to exercise because after all, ‘those old mama’s’ are ageing and need to shed the kilo’s more than young girls, lest they lose their husbands. Then she discloses to Maina that she weighs 70 kilo’s and does not consider that ‘fat’.

Aki yaoo..Classic 105 fans responded:

Listen to the audio:


The things a Kalenjin man will do for a baby boy (AUDIO)

This world is savage, as Classic 105’s Maina Kageni found out from a Bomet man.

The man called in to reveal that he is contemplating dumping his girlfriend who hasn’t given birth to a boy yet.

The man and his woman have three girls, but the Bomet man isn’t satisfied. He went further to defend himself by adding that this simply is how Kalenjin men are and nothing will change those facts.

He said, ‘I have a woman but I haven’t paid bride price yet, and won’t pay even if it takes 20 years until she gives me a son.’

‘Atarudi tuu kwao.’

‘According to our traditional beliefs, wanaume ndio security’.

These details emerged during the morning conversation with Mwalimu Kingangi. Read it by clicking on the link below.

Men, why do you still believe that a boy is more valuable than a girl in 2017?

By now you probably can picture Maina Kageni shaking his head in disbelief, and some form of disgust on his face.

It was worse when Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale, called in to contribute to the conversation. Captain Kale is that proud Kalenjin man who isn’t afraid to step on people’s toes when giving his views.

He kicked off his views by saying that sons unlike daughters are important for the family lineage.

‘A Kalenjin man isn’t allowed to end the lineage. A boy child is the key to a family. a boy must be born even if it’s out of wedlock.

‘You can’t get a Kalenjin woman called arap, girls are secondary because they can’t help their father in future.

If you don’t get a son either leave her (your wife) or get a second wife. Otherwise you will never be recognised by elders. In marriage a boy child is a must, to get the lineage of the family.

The girl will inherit another name, the boy will keep mine.’ He concluded.

Most of the Kalenjin men believe in the continuity of the family and mostly prefer a boy child. they believe that the son will inherit whatever possessions a father has because a girl will only go away and take the wealth elsewhere.

Listen to audio of Kalenjin men as they share their beliefs that upset Maina.





Classic 105 Fans! We will keep counting the money until you chicken out

There is 250,000 shillings to be won at 9am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5 pm only if you can play chicken.

Classic 105 is rewarding listeners if you call  in at these times.

It’s an opportunity for two listeners to play chicken with a twist whereby we reward the person who’s the chicken as they are not willing to take a risk and the one who tries to hold out for more money loses.

When you hear our cue to call in (a cock crow), the first two people to get through will be on conference call and get to play Chicken with each other.

We shall play out different amounts of money incrementally and the first person to say ‘Chicken’ wins the amount.

Try it. Call us on 0711 046105

Maina’s Easy Sunday

Every Sunday from 8am to 10am, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni takes us down memory lane with the greatest artistes of our time.

Today we have a look at Toni Braxton. The award-winning female star, according to an article published on


  • Toni Braxton made a sizable splash with her 1993 self-titled debut studio album, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The album has since been certified multiplatinum, selling more than 8 million copies. She had her first Billboard Hot 100 hit with her classic “Un-Break My Heart.”
  • Braxton won her first career GRAMMYs for 1993 for Best New Artist and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance honors for “Another Sad Love Song.” She made her GRAMMY stage debut that year, performing “Breathe Again” and “Forever In Love” with Kenny G at the 36th GRAMMY Awards in 1994.
  • Did you know? Braxton appeared on Broadway in the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, the first and only time a black woman has been cast in that role on Broadway.
  • The R&B singer/songwriter was one of the headlining acts for the inaugural 2016 GRAMMY Park music festival in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Braxton has served as a global ambassador for the charity Autism Speaks.

You can also read about these interesting 45 facts about Toni Braxton courtesy Boomsbeat.

Her voice has been described as sultry, husky, sexy and elegant. Watch a video of a radio interview courtesy SwaysUniverse, about her rise to fame, divorce among other topics.


Maina’s Easy Sunday

Every Sunday morning at 8AM, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni hosts the show Maina’s Easy Sunday.

Today he focuses on legendary singer Luther Vandross. We dug up some little unknown details of the RnB singer that you did not know.

He has been described as the heartbeat of RnB in the 980’s and 90’s.

The late singe Luther Vandross captured the hearts of many music lovers with his chart bursting hits.

Here is his story according to an article published on RollingStone magazine.

Luther Vandross emerged from jingles and background singing to become one of the preeminent black male vocalists of the era. With the exception of his solo debut and his post-1994 material, all of his LPs have been certified platinum or double platinum.

Vandross, whose older sister Patricia was a member of the doo-wop group the Crests, began playing piano at age three. In 1972 his song “Everybody Rejoice (A Brand New Day)” was included in the Broadway musical The Wiz. Throughout the ’70s, Vandross sang on numerous commercials (from ads for the U.S. Army to Burger King). His singing was distinguished by his impeccable phrasing and vocal control. He first came to the attention of the pop world after his friend, guitarist Carlos Alomar, introduced him to David Bowie. Vandross ended up writing (“Fascination”) and singing on David Bowie’s Young Americans (1975) LP; he later toured with Bowie, then recorded and toured with Bette Midler (he appeared on her Songs for the New Depression).

He quickly became one of the busiest backing vocalists and arrangers in the business, recording with Ringo Starr, Carly Simon, Donna Summer, Barbra Streisand, and Chaka Khan, among others. During this time Vandross cut two little-noted albums under the name Luther, and sang on “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)” and “Everybody Dance” for Chic. He continued his highly lucrative jingles career. Following his lead vocal appearances on “Searchin’ ” and “Glow of Love” (from Change’s hit album Glow of Love), several labels expressed interest in signing Vandross as a solo act. With the encouragement of his friend Roberta Flack, he invested $25,000 of his own money in two demos: “Never Too Much” and “A House Is Not a Home.”

In 1981 he signed with Epic Records, who, on the basis of his demos, granted him full creative control, allowing him to write and produce. Never Too Much was a Number One R&B album and the title cut was a Number One R&B single (Number 33 pop); the album went platinum. Until 1993, each of his albums (with the exception of the Number Two R&B The Best of and the platinum Never Let Me Go; Number Six pop, Number Three R&B) had topped the R&B chart. Any Love and Power of Love were also Top 10 pop albums. Other hit LPs include the platinum or multiplatinum Never Let Me Go (Number Six pop, Number Three R&B, 1993), Songs (Number Five pop, Number Two R&B, 1994), and Your Secret Love (Number Nine pop, Number Two R&B, 1997); and the gold This Is Christmas (Number 28 pop, Number Four R&B, 1995), One Night With You — The Best of Love, Vol. 2 (Number 44 pop, Number 17 R&B, 1998), and I Know (Number 26 pop, 1998; Number Nine R&B, 1999). The latter was Vandross’ debut for Virgin Records. He signed to Clive Davis’ J Records in late 2000.

His hit singles include “Bad Boy/Having a Party” (Number Three R&B, 1982), “I’ll Let You Slide” (Number Nine R&B, 1983), “Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)” (Number Five R&B, 1984), ” ‘Til My Baby Comes Home” (Number Four R&B, 1985), “It’s Over Now” (Number Four R&B, 1985), “Give Me the Reason” (Number Three R&B, 1986), “Stop to Love” (Number One R&B, 1986), a duet with Gregory Hines entitled “There’s Nothing Better Than Love” (Number One R&B, 1987), “I Really Didn’t Mean It” (Number Six R&B, 1987), “Any Love” (Number One R&B, 1988), “She Won’t Talk to Me” (Number Three R&B, 1988), “For You to Love” (Number Three R&B, 1989), “Here and Now” (Number Six pop, Number One R&B, 1989), “Treat You Right” (Number Five R&B, 1990), “Power of Love/Love Power” (Number Four pop, Number One R&B, 1991), “Don’t Wanna Be a Fool” (Number Nine pop, Number Four R&B, 1991), “The Rush” (Number Six R&B, 1991), the Janet Jackson duet “The Best Things in Life Are Free” (Number 10 pop, Number One R&B, 1992), “Sometimes It’s Only Love” (Number Nine R&B, 1992), “Little Miracles (Happen Every Day)” (Number 62 pop, Number 10 R&B, 1993), “Heaven Knows” (Number 94 pop, Number 24 R&B, 1993), “Never Let Me Go” (Number 31 R&B, 1993), the Mariah Carey duet “Endless Love” (Number Two pop, Number Seven R&B, 1994), “Always and Forever” (Number 58 pop, Number One R&B, 1994), “Love the One You’re With/Going in Circles” (Number 95 pop, Number 28 R&B, 1995), “Every Year, Every Christmas” (Number 32 R&B, 1995), “Your Secret Love” (Number 52 pop, Number Five R&B, 1996), “I Can Make It Better” (Number 80 pop, Number 16 R&B, 1996), “When You Call on Me” (Number 36 R&B, 1997), and “Nights in Harlem” (Number 29 R&B, 1998).

Throughout his career, he has continued to write and produce for other artists. He produced Aretha Franklin’s Jump to It! in 1982; the title cut and the album went to Number One on the R&B chart. He also produced Franklin’s 1983 Get It Right, Cheryl Lynn’s 1982 LP Instant Love, which contained their duet “If This World Were Mine,” a cover of a Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell hit, and records for Dionne Warwick, Teddy Pendergrass, and Whitney Houston. In 1993 he made his motion picture debut in Robert Townsend’s Meteor Man. A diabetic, Vandross’ health began to decline following a stroke in 2004, and on July 1, 2005, he died of undisclosed causes.

Portions of this biography originally appeared in The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (Simon & Schuster, 2001).

Maina’s Easy Sunday

Are you tuned in? Every Sunday from 8AM to 10AM, join Maina Kageni as he takes us way back down memory lane, speaking to some of the world’s greatest.

Today, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni focuses on the late American singer Aalliyah.

Aaliyah Dana Houghton was a singer, actress, and model who died in August 25th, 2001, in a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas.

The then 22-year-old singer is credited with having revolutionalized RnB back in the day. Here’s how the world still feels her impact according to an article published in the Rolling Stones magazine:

1. She often presented herself as an enigmatic figure, and even when she began abandoning those shades in publicity photos and videos, she styled her hair so that hung over one of her eyes like a mask.

2. Aaliyah brought the teen girl’s voice back to R&B
When Aaliyah dropped her first hit, “Back & Forth,” New Jill Swing ensembles like En Vogue, Xscape and SWV dominated the R&B charts. With her baggy jeans, oversized sports jerseys and lyrics about partying on Friday night and chilling with the homies, the high school-aged Aaliyah was a part of this era as much as any other.

3. Her absence between albums only deepened her appeal
Aaliyah only recorded three albums during her life. She released music sparingly, but when she did, she spoke with impact. When she broke with R. Kelly after his scandalous and predatory marriage became public, she found new collaborators in production team Timbaland and Missy Elliott, resulting in One in a Million, which was arguably more dynamic and groundbreaking than her debut.

4. She made Timbaland and Missy Elliott official
Every R&B fan alive and kicking in 1996 remembers when they first heard Ginuwine’s “Pony.” But when Timbaland and Missy Elliott brought the same kitchen-sink aesthetic to Aaliyah’s “If Your Girl Only Knew,” which appeared just weeks after “Pony,” we realized that their revolution was here to stay.

5. Her voice is unlike anyone else’s
Many R&B singers have tried to duplicate Aaliyah’s pillowy falsetto and sharp mid-range, from Ciara and Amerie to Teyana Taylor. She could do deep gospel runs, too – check her deep-hued inflections on the Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number track “Street Thing.” But she’s rightly remembered as one of the most influential singers of the modern R&B era.

6. She’s provided pushback from the “2Pac Treatment”
Aaliyah is the most significant R&B artist of her era to pass away while in the prime of her career. In hip-hop, such an event would have resulted in an avalanche of repackaged and remixed demos. Aaliyah’s estate has flirted with this strategy.

7. R&B’s golden era forever has an icon
In a perfect world, Aaliyah would be in her late thirties.



‘Mpango Wa Kando’ Ni Nyama tu, Wives Are Queens To Their Husbands (Audio)

Today on the morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i, there was a discussion which was raised by a man who had called in yesterday to contribute to the discussion.

He said, ‘We all know that you have a wife, hawa wengine ni nyama.’

“Sisi wanaume nyama ni nyama, ya Galleria, nyama ya Nairobi West, ya wapi yote ni nyama. We all know we have one wife, forever and ever that is my wife. Hao wengine wote ni nyama”.

He says wives are supposed to understand that these other women are just nyama, hawa wengine ni nyama. That husbands love and respect wives, but you are supposed to understand one thing that these other women are just nyama.

Mwalimu says men have only one wife, and she will always remain queen.

“As a woman, if you decide to date married men you will definitely be identified as ‘nyama’. Its up to  women to say no to ‘Nyama’,” a woman called in and revealed.

Another woman also called in and asked,

“What if women decide to go and have men outside and come out to say that men are also ‘nyama’,that meant that it was a proof that Kenyan men are cheating on their wives, by him saying that they go out looking for different women who they are referring to as ‘Nyama’.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


Kenyan Women reveal they have secret side ‘dishes’ and men are taking notes to console themselves


Mwalimu Kingang’i could not believe it this morning when listeners told him that he could be sharing his wife Mwongeli, with other men without being aware of it.

This arose from the morning conversation where Maina Kageni was asking male listeners if they are aware they could be sharing their wives with other men. One woman confessed she has many other men on the side, but insisted those men are nothing more than friends.

This prompted more confessions from female callers, and men were not happy. Women disclosed why they keep other men in their lives a secret, because they know the consequences of having their husbands discover.

Click below to read the morning conversation.

Guys, do you know that you share your wives?



Girls, would you be willing to share your husband – Maina Kageni asks (AUDIO)

To share or not to share was the gist of the conversation on Classic 105 Monday morning.

While this is not a new issue, as many Kenyan women have revealed they are first wives and accepted that their husbands have other women.

Yesterday morning, there was a conversation about women who have co-wives and put up with them.

Kenyan were left shocked during the burial of the late Nicholas Biwott when three of his wives appeared in public, heaping praises on each other. Many Kenyans wondered how they could all get along so well.

Well, a woman called in saying her husband has two other women, and she likes all of them.

One lady called in and these were her remarks,”A man is not your property, he can chose on who to love and when”.

Another caller who identified herself as Carol said that she is living a happy life despite having a co-wife. Carol further said that they never fight or fear that her husband may be having other girls out there. she said it becomes easy even to control a husband because all the other wives he may be having will be communicating and telling you where the husband is.

Mwalimu King’ang’i cracked a joke and said that the co-wives can even open a whatsapp group!

Listen to the whole conversation below;




This Is Why Married Women Need To Have Co-wives(Audio)

Ladies, I choose to address you today over the discussion that was held today on Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i.

Have you ever, by any chance felt as if your attention is diverted? This could be because your husband for a good or bad cause has decided to marry other women and make them your co-wives.

To some women, this is so traumatizing that they end up rejecting themselves and even living a bitter life.

According to Maina, one of his aunties, who isn’t related to him by blood, said is one of the unhappy people he has met so far.

Her husband has married two other women, who live in Lavington and have cosy lifestyles.

The three wives get everything and their children go to some of the best schools in the country and even abroad.

This however does not give her peace and she feels she needs to have had her husband all alone.

According to Mwalimu King’ang’i, he considers that as being selfish and claims that men love equally.

The discussion received mixed reactions from the callers and one of the them had this to tell the woman.

She said, “In the current times, the number of women is high than that of men and therefore those who are married should ensure that they share their men.”

When asked by Maina if she is married, she said yes she is and has a co-wife. She finds it very okay and she expressed her happiness of having a co-wife who they are in a good relationship with.

Listen to the whole conversation below;

Listen As A Man Confesses To Maina Kageni How T”Colleague” Thing Is Spoiling Marriages

A lady called in yesterday saying her husband gets dropped home from work by different women, and she doesn’t have a problem with it. She says that her husband has not bought a car yet so his female workmates drop him at home every day. Sometimes at midnight or even 2am. Continue reading “Listen As A Man Confesses To Maina Kageni How T”Colleague” Thing Is Spoiling Marriages”

Maina Kageni reveals the one thing he WOULD NEVER DO with his mum

Maina wa Wangui is speaking up and letting it be known how much he adores his mum.

The classic 105 morning presenter always take time to celebrate his mum, for bringing up her children to the best of her ability. One cannot miss hearing him heap praises on her, telling us he is a good son who has never forgotten his roots.

This morning on the morning conversation with Mwalimu Kingangi, the hardworking presenter revealed more information about his mother, named Wangui.

In June, Maina and his mum celebrated turning a year older, and to spoil her rotten he took her for a much needed vacation to the coast. He did not stop there. He also lavished her with gifts.

Maina regularly pays visits to his mum at home, and what a better way for a mother and son to bond, right? He opened up about what he does when he goes home.

The unexpected information was disclosed when he was speaking to a lady who called in to contribute to the morning conversation.

Read the morning topic by clicking on the link below:

Is it OK for a daughter to go to the bar with her father regularly?

One female caller challenged Maina to reveal if he takes his mother to the bar for drinks. The listener assumed she knew the answer, but what he said shocked her, and she was quick to retract her accusations against Maina.

He also reveals the one thing that he WOULD NEVER do with his mum.

Listen to the audio to find out:

He Left Me Before I Even Healed From A Cesarean, Confessed A Lady In Pain (Audio)

A lady called Maina Kageni during the morning show, where she confessed how she became unattractive to her husband shortly after conceiving. She went ahead and narrated how it all started. The lady was married to that man and had a child, later the man insisted that he needed a baby boy and fortunately the lady conceived.

Before she went for maternity leave, she was employed. She said that she used to support her husband by all means to keep his business booming.

During the four months leave, she lost her job. That was the turning point of everything.

The husband said to her that she was no longer attractive to him. She was not yet healed from the CS operation and that was the most difficult time of her life.

She went ahead and narrated that her husband had a side chic who one day he took for a retreat and the wife was aware.

When she finally got another job, the husband changed again and was sorry for what he had told her earlier.

The lady is still living with the man and when asked by Maina Kageni if she still loves him, she hesitated and said she doesn’t though she can not just walk out.

“Women need to strategize things” she added.

Mwalimu asked her if she is seeing someone else and here is what she said, “I can not move from one problem to another. Things will be the same. I would rather just survive”

Another caller who was also a lady confessed to living in a loveless marriage for 38 years.

Listen to the whole conversation  below:


KENYA DECIDES: Side chic makes Maina Kageni laugh after revealing how she cheated her married lover during the elections

So this entire week Kenyans have been staying home, awaiting the IEBC to announce the official presidential results before they go back to work.

So this means after casting their vote on Tuesday, everyone is lounging at home.

This prompted Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni to ask listeners how they are coping having to put up with their spouses 24/7.

Several caller amused Maina and his co-host Mwalimu revealing that they are bored of their spouses. apparently people are fighting over what they should watch, while some wives are complaining that their men aren’t helping around the home even as their domestic workers also keep away.

A side chic also called in saying how she feels relieved her married lover isn’t demanding for her company at this time.

There are three problems facing wives and husband as more listeners confessed the challenges of being forced to put up with each other until they go back to work.

There are wars over the remote control, how much more food is being eaten, and husbands not helping with chores.