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Today on the Classic Countdown with Mimmy Khamis we sample music from the year that Princess of Wales Diana is taken to a hospital after a car accident shortly after midnight, in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris. She is pronounced dead at 3:00 am.




Man leaves Maina Kageni in tears after describing how his wife spies on him (AUDIO)

Uuuuuuwwii digehota! This was Maina Kageni’s expression after a male caller recounted how his wife insists on following him around to make sure he doesn’t have a side chick.

This was based on the morning conversation, where Maina Kageni was asking listeners especially girls, why they follow their men around.

The male caller from Mombasa, revealed that he is a construction worker who puts up with his wifes spying ways because she doesn’t rust him.

Man; “Maina mimi sifuatwi, na hujumiwa. Kila mahali nikienda, namwambia basi nipige picha. na ikuwe na ile time stamp. Sasa juzi nikamwmabia nawatch mpira ya Liverpool na nikasema tuko na Tony na Samson.Nikaambiwa tupige picha. Sasa Tony hayuko ako kwake amelala ilibidi nimwendee huko.”

At this point Maina was almost on the floor in laughter. The caller went on to add; “ subira mwenzangu, usinicheke!!”

He added; ” Ilibidi tuwende supermarket tutafute vijersey kule ndio avae, ndio tupigwe picha.Juzi nimeenda mazishi Mwea, nikaambiwa tupigwe picha tena. sasa pale kwa kijineza mimi najaribu nionekane kidogo kwa picha maanake lazima nipatiane ushahidi pahali nipo”.

He is hilarious isn’t he? At this point Maina and Kingang’i can’t control their laughter, as his description of the things his wife puts him through is too much to handle.

Listen below to the audio as he asks why his wife doesn’t ask him to provide picture proof when he is elsewhere.


Jamaa wa Mombasa has really made my Monday!! Kupigwa picha kokoto lol!

Hiyo ni kali! Kununua Jersey supermarket na rafikiye Tom ili apigwe picha naye!!! hahahaa

Let men be men. Commandment #1: Thou(wives) shall not follow men (husbands) for the kingdom of peace is yours. Period.

akuje aje kwa wazee kwni cc huwafuata kwa kamweretho

She comes uninvited what do you expect? Brah Brah Mpango wa Kando Wanawake hapa mmechezwa kabisa

Wawawawa . Si nimecheka! That coasto guy anadhulumiwa for sure. He just made my day.

huyo jamaa wa kupiga picha has really made my day

From Julie Gichuru to Kirigo Ngarua, Can You Rumba Like The Girls In This Dance Video? Asks Maina Kageni

They say music flows through his blood, and now Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni is taking things a notch higher.

It all has to do with dancing. Girls are you ready? Whether you have two left feet or not let’s see who can shake what your mama gave you.

Rumba is one of the sexiest ways of ballroom dancing, and in a video he posted on Instagram, Maina wants to know who can get jiggy with it. He says you can inbox him your moves.

If you can sway your hips to to this dance steps, good on you. So girls, indulge yourself and practice.

Simple moves …can you rhumba?

Simple moves …can you rhumba?

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kirigongarua@mainawakageni personally teacher I cannot do this homework…I have two left feet and lack serious coordination…

tashasashnyangMaina it’s zumba dance come on only moving ur hip and calculate steps

teacherwanjiku@mainawakageni the mzungu bum though on point

livmiritiI can totally sign up for this

junegachuiIn my sleep drill sergeant! @mainawakageni name the time and place, I’m inside!