Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego Ask Gospel Singer Janet Otieno 5 Things We Didn’t Know About Her

Classic 105 Drive show presenters Larry Asego and Nick Odhiambo are surely the funniest pair of radio hosts one can ever listen to.

The hilarious pair yesterday hosted gospel singer Janet Otieno in studio for a segment dubbed 5 at 5. They asked her five random questions that no one else knows about her, and I must say she opened up, revealing what many Kenyans don’t know about her.

The ‘Napokea Kwako’ singer joined the two hosts in the afternoon, and she was blown away by how funny they are. They referred to her as ‘baby’, ‘her majesty’, ‘her gloriousness’. I mean with such endearing terms being thrown your way by two luopeans, how can one not help themselves but open up?


Here are five things you didn’t know about her

Question; What was your nickname growing up

Answer; Nyonyongo (ha ha..get your mind out of the gutter) I bet some of you are thinking of that song ‘Yesu Ni Nyonyo’ right?  Janet clarified upon seeing the shocked look on Nick Odhiambo’s face. She said ‘ yani it means msichana wa Nyonyongo’.

Question; How was it working with Christina Shusho

Answer; It was easy, it was a good one. We actually did not plan for it. I think God had it planned. I went to Tanzania for my single, and she got to learn I was there, and she called and said ;Janet I  think we should work together. That’s how our popular single ‘napokea kwako song idea came up.

Question; Things that your panning on doing next.

answer; People should expect more songs, also expect the official launch of napokea kwako.

Question; Nick of course wanted to know if she has a husband.

Answer; yes yes nimepata bwana. I have a husband on earth and in heaven.

The banter on this particular question is so hilarious please listen to it below. She also reveals whether she sings for her husband when summoning him to eat.Eish yawa.

Question; What is your ideal relax mode, holiday destination?

Answer; I like going out, kwasababu nikiwa Nairobi I’m not relaxed at all. I like going to Mombasa, Dubai uou know. I do get time ya kuenda kurelax abit.

Her parting shot? Tupendane, our tribe should be 254.

Maina Kageni has been killed by the internet three times (AUDIO)

Comedian Churchill is the latest celebrity to be killed by an online blog. Kenyans are waking up to fake news that Churchill has ‘died’.

You can’t make this stuff up as TV host Jeff Koinange regularly says.

But seriously who is targetting our big wigs by doing this, causing so much torment to Kenyans and family members by putting out such horrible news?

The list of those ‘killed’ in the death hoaxes include Musician Jaguar, Former Vice President Moody Awori , Former President Mwai Kibaki, Actress Jacky Vike, Actress Brenda Wairimu, Singer Mr Nice and Nonini, and Radio personality Willy M Tuva.

Well this morning Classic 105 morning host Maina Kageni also disclosed that the same internet has killed him. Not just once, but three times. During his morning Thursday show, Maina disclosed to co-host Mwalimu Kingang’i how he has been a victim after learning through people that the internet had announced his ‘sudden death’.

“I died in Daresalam, I died in Kampala, I died in Dubai.’

“They (blogs) must give the whole picture of where you were driving or who shot you, or which bar you were at, with who, na unakufa tuu. I died a long time ago. Welcome to the land of the day”.

Listen to audio as he describes how he felt about such an announcement;








Classic Countdown

Today on the Classic Countdown with Mimmy Khamis we sample music from the year that Bill Clinton was inaugurated as the 42nd President of the United states.

Breathe again – Toni Braxton

Bring me your cup – UB 40

Will you be there – Michael Jackson

Sweet La La La – Inner Circle

Dream Lover – Mariah Carey


TUBONGE TUESDAY: Maina Kageni Reaches Out To President Uhuru Following Joho Drama

It’s Tuesday and that means we at Classic 105 start our day with Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone’s popular Tubonge hit.

But aside from that, there is one topic on most Kenyans mouths, after a flurry of activities in Mombasa yesterday.

President Uhuru was in Mombasa to relaunch the Mtongwe ferry, and amidst drama with Governor Joho, the President made some remarks that outraged some, with others coming to the Presidents defense.

The President publicly scolded the Governor saying;

“Tufuatane na yeye tufanye nini? Mimi sio bibi yake, mimi sina haja na yeye (Why should we always engage each other? What for! I am not his wife and I don’t need him),”

Kenyans have taken to twitter to comment under the hashtag #JohoVsUhuru.

This drama has caught the attention of Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i. Maina has asked President Uhuru to call him for a small get together.

Why? You ask.

Maina believes having a ‘dabo dabo’ will help him relax.

Listen to the audio as he and Mwalimu give their hilarious take on the drama.



Man confesses he owns a matatu with his ex, and his wife knows it

Should you invite your ex to your wedding?

This was the topic of the morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi. A friend of Maina told him how a certain bride was over the weekend left disgusted after the groom invited three of his exes to their wedding without her approval.

From this Maina sought to know why people continue to be in touch with their exes.

A male caller confessed that he runs a matatu business with his ex, and his wife knows it. He went on to disclose that he meets regularly with his ex, ONLY to discuss business. and his wife is okay with it.

The confession elicited mixed reaction from callers. with many not believing that it was a business only kind of relationship. What do you think?
Listen to audio below, as an astounded Maina wonders what to make of the situation.

KASHESHE: Mwalimu Kingang’i’s take on cats of K1

Welcome to the weekend, and as we always do on classic 105 every weekday, we feature a segment dubbed, Kasheshe, where morning co-host Mwalimu Kingang’i cracks our ribs entertaining us with funny situations.

So this Friday March 10th, it was all about the cats of the popular club K1. You have to listen to the audio, as host Maina Kageni joins in the banter.


PHOTOS: TheScoreKE was live at Choices, Baricho Road

Popular sports presenters Carol Radul,Roy Karuhize and Githinji Kieni today took their show to Choices, along Baricho road.

The trio host the #ScoreKE, the most listened to sports how in the country. If you missed out, here are photos of what went down, this Saturday February 25th.

thescoreke8 thescoreke6 thescoreke4 thescoreke2 thescoreke1 thescoreke  thescoreke5  thescoreke7

Classic 105 Listeners ‘Caught In The Act’ (Photo Gallery)

If you are listening to Classic 105, whatever time of day, we could surprise you with a sweet reward!

These matatu crew are Classic 105 ‘damu’ and have been rewarded with a thousand bob cash for being loyal listeners to Classic 105 Radio.

And now to the icing on the cake! Those Matatus that we catch having displayed a Safaricom sticker that is clearly worded Stori Ibambe, will get a cool 5 thousand bob of Safaricom airtime. How about that!

The stickers are being handed out at most bus stations in Nairobi, so you had better get some for your matatu like right away. Good luck, and let’s have some fun!

Classic Countdown

On today’s Classic Countdown, we sample music from the year that Bill Clinton was inaugurated as 42nd US President. From the likes of Sade to UB40, take a listen to these awesome songs that are sure to leave you with some great memories.


TOO HILARIOUS! Larry Asego and Nick Odhiambo Make Fun Of Nonsensical Old School Kenyan Songs (Audio)

Kenyan music has over the years improved in terms of the fan base, and popularity.

In the last couple of years, some of the local artistes have propelled the industry to whole new levels, with the likes of Sauti Sol, Victoria Kimani, Eric Wainaina and Stella Mwangi, just to mention a few.

But before musicians such as Octopizzo and Elani, there were other old school artistes, some of whom are still in the game and going, while others just faded into oblivion, and sadly, others left us soon.

Let’s Take A Journey Through Kenya’s History With These Iconic Love Songs

Back in the 80s and 90s, the Kenyan music industry was well represented by the likes of Kalamashaka, legendary singer E-sir, K-Rupt, Them Mushrooms, Fundi Konde, Mercy Myra, Nameless, Wahu, Jua Cali, Nazizi, Wyre, Les Wanyika and Nameless and others.


Most of these musicians were renowned artistes, and some of them like Nameless, Wahu and Jua Cali are still in the game but according to Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego, there are those kinds of artistes who used to sing Kenyan songs that just didn’t make sense.

During their evening show Larry, Nick and Friends, the duo made fun of artistes who drop songs that don’t even have a meaningful message or sensible lyrics.

One of the Kenyan songs the presenters made a fun of was Manyake, which was sung by one hit-maker Circuit and Joel, as the funny guys said that he was suited to be chairman of National Cereals and Produce Board other than a singer.

This two are too hilarious. Listen to the rib-cracking audio below as they make fun of the songs.





KASHESHE: Remember when girls used pimplex on their faces?

It’s Thursday and it’s only right we throw it back in time, thanks to Mwalimu Kingangi’s segment on the morning show, KASHESHE.

If you were born in the 60’s and 70’s, you will know what Classic 105 Morning Co-host Mwalimu Kingang’i was talking about when he did this throwback. Do you remember when it was fashionable to wear cordroy jeans, when men un-buttoned their shirts to display their chest hair? Does this ring a bell?

Yup, even the ladies used pimplex on their faces to get rid of pimples.

Listen to Kingang’i joking about this Throwback Thursday with Maina Kageni.

Maina Kageni And Mwalimu Kingang’i Mourn The Death Of Kwale Senator Boy Juma

It’s a sad Monday morning as Kenyans continue to mourn the death of Kwale Senator Boy Juma.

The late Senator Boy Juma Boy, who passed away in Nairobi yesterday, will be laid to rest in his Vanga home, Kwale County.  The late Boy’s remains were transported to the South Coast yesterday Sunday.

Senator Boy has represented Kwale County since the 2013 elections.

He was once the youngest Member of Parliament in Kenya, when he succeeded his father, Juma Boy, as MP for Matuga in 1983.

He retained his seat in the 1988 and 1992 elections. He also once served as the Kanu Chief Whip.

Classic 105 Morning hosts Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i, joined Kenyans in mourning the passing of the late Senator.

Mwalimu praised his oratory skills, noting how he managed to capture the attentions of Kenyans.

Listen to the audio of the two presenters below discussing his contribution to politics;


Here are some celebs, politicians among others who sent their condolences via social media;

DEATH has a way with mankind.. it permanently places him on his back with such savage finality..

Joined the family of the late Senator Boy Juma Boy in receiving his body at the Moi International Airport this evening.

I condole with the family and friends of the late Senator Boy Juma Boy.

Here’s What You Can Get Your Man/Woman For Valentines, According To Maina Kageni

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and you still have a few hours to pick up a nice gift for your spouse.

Stuck and don’t know what to get them? Many people think it’s easy to just enter a shop and buy a gift, but if you’re like me, you’re probably cracking your brain what to buy.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni has a list of nice gifts that he says won’t break the bank, and at the same time will guarantee to leave your spouse happy.

NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

His list is bound to make the fellas smile and do the ‘Uhuru dab’. Why? Just listen below and find out what gift Maina Kageni says about Valentine’s will make guys very happy and satisfied.


KASHESHE: Mwalimu Kingang’i Reminds Us About ‘Matangazo Ya Vifo’

Mwalimu Kingang’i atatumaliza na hizi jokes zake.

In today’s Classic 105 Kasheshe topic, Mwalimu Kingang’i threw it back to when funeral announcements were made by individuals driving around in a beat-up car. Remember that?

ALSO; KASHESHE: Mwalimu Kingangi will leave you in giggles after describing how he lost his shoe (AUDIO)

The announcements were literally rib-cracking, and by the way, do they still happen up to now?

Kingang’i just had to remind us of how all family members who happened to be abroad were mentioned as if they would hear the announcement and travel for the harambee….

This guy is sometimes just too much!!!

Take a listen and let us know if these still happen…