The reason cheating husband Samidoh isn’t getting as much hate as Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu has been the punching bag this past week ever since she leaked her controversial video cheating with singer Samidoh.

The clip got Kenyans (who already have enough frustrations with Uhuru’s government) talking and they were big mad! What was odd about the backlash was that Samidoh seemed to get none of the heat from Kenyans.

And I wondered? Doesn’t it take two to tango? Didn’t Samidoh leave his marital bed, cheat on his wife and get a child with his mistress?

So why were Kenyans so harsh on Karen, while her partner in crime looked to be having a hall pass for his bad behaviour?

I think I might have the answer and there are a few possibilities.

One, While Kenyans were willing Karen and Samidoh might have apologized for their initial indiscretion, many are not willing to tolerate the continued rubbing of their faces with the fact.

We blame Karen Nyamu more! Kenyans say in vote over video scandal with Samidoh

Don’t you know that Kenyans are hypocrites? We love cheating but hate when our stars cheat. So Karen keeping the topic of her sleeping with a married man in our collective psyches is something that most Kenyans aren’t willing to accept.

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A post shared by samwel (@samidoh_muchoki)

Two, that Nyamu’s behaviour is one where she is trying to cause more shame for Samidoh’s wife and their two kids. Most people will not take kindly to a woman who wants to break up a family, even if that family has a philandering man as the head.

In her trying to get Samidoh to recognize her and make her his second wife, she has alienated herself and made herself look like a villain.

And there is nothing as disgusting as a desperate woman who will not only destroy her own reputation but also go down with her baby daddy and his family in tow.

But what do I know…

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Lupita mocking Kenyans might be the smoking gun that validates Najib Balala

Lupita Nyong’o has been gallivanting across East Africa this past month. The curious thing about her visit to her homeland is how much effort and time she has put into making sure people know where she is and what she is doing.

This is unlike her previous visits to her homeland where she came and left like a spy, with many shocked that she had been in the country with nary a whisper.

What could have changed about the Oscar winner’s thought process and attitude? Could it be a little incident that occurred early this year, when Kenyans were up in arms about British supermodel Naomi Campbell becoming Kenya’s Tourism ambassador at the expense of our home-grown talent in Lupita?

I have a big suspicion that that might be the case. At the height of the backlash, Najib Balala the Tourism CS delivered a defense where he stated that it wasn’t for want of trying by his ministry.

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A post shared by Najib Balala (@tunajibu)

He explained that they had tried to get in contact with the Hollywood star for many years but had been unsuccessful. Lupita herself refuted that claim with her own tongue-in-cheek response where she questioned the validity of the CS’s statement. Read more about it in the article below;

Lupita vs Najib Balala: Who is telling the truth in their recent spat

But it seems that the actress might be giving the CS’s defense plenty of ammunition with a recent post she made on her Twitter page.

In it, the governor’s daughter seems to be mocking Kenyans over their desire for her to prove her love for her country.

This came mere days after the “Black Panther” had posted images that seemed to promote Tanzanian tourism at the expense of her own country Kenya.

Her controversial tweet set many Kenyans on edge with many calling her out. Some of the comments are below;

Nobody loves you here either…or this country …wait that movie that won you a grammy…DJ Afro never did it…mind asking why…should I continue!

When growing up, we had friends who always wanted to be associated with some well-off families to a point of disowing their very own family. You and Elsa are such kind. No need to tell the world you don’t love your Kenya. Just be you and let us build our very own motherland. Victory hand

So lupita came to Kenya and expected a Queen’s welcome but what Kenyans didn’t mind her just like the way we didn’t mind Salah..tuko na matatizo mengi bana hatuna time ya kuwakumbuka.

This is the person you wanted to be your tourism ambassador?!

Wacheni aringe.. Ata huko alienda ‘hapendwi.’.. Ni ujeuri tu

The comments above are a shift from the nearly unanimous support she got from Kenyans after the announcement of Miss Campbell as the Tourism ambassador.

For my part, I think her recent deep foray back into the Kenyan mainstream and consciousness using her social media, reveals a person who is trying too hard to counter any negative connotations that Najib’s statement might have caused-That she was unavailable when called upon to proudly support her motherland.

But methinks her mocking Kenyans is a bad look and betrays “a better thou you” attitude, something that Najib and the Tourism Ministry might have encountered all those years ago when they unsuccessfully tried to enlist her.

But what do I know…

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Why Huddah’s relationship advise is for pretty and stunning women only!

Huddah Monroe is one of the few socialites who doesn’t mind dishing out relationship advice to her horde of social media followers.

Thing is, her advice is normally controversial and can be circumspect if one looks deeply at it (which I normally do and will do so in this article).

If your man cheats on you should also cheat on him and make sure he knows! Huddah

In one of her Instastories this past week, the gorgeous socialite opened up about being in a couple of failed relationships; which she’s getting used to.

Huddah screenshot
Huddah screenshot
Huddah screenshot 1
Huddah screenshot 1

Her second screenshot is very illuminating about the state of mind of the former Big Brother contestant and the current Dubai resident.


Her mindset reflects the way she views her relationships with the other gender-an all out transaction. You see, Huddah’s advice to ladies and young girls has always been about survivalism and taking what you can(and as much as you can) from the men you are with.

Why is this advice problematic?

Because it isn’t meant for long-term relationships which most honest women want. It works very well for short-term relationships with men of worth as those men most times already have wives. They aren’t looking for a second or third, they are just looking for a little fun.

The advice also works well for women who have been blessed with beauty and assets that they can leverage when dealing with these type of man.

Huddah is a woman who has been blessed(and added some more with the help of plastic surgeons) beauty that she has used remarkably in her life.

Her attitude that she never sees a future in her relationships belies an attitude of thorough abundance as far as men and relationships go. They are disposable-Lose one and she will easily replace him/it.

The part I would most like to live with you the reader is the fact above. Huddah has been blessed with pretty privilege, a term coined to theorize that beauty does come with unearned advantages.

Meaning that the things she can get away with in her life and relationships are more than the ordinary woman can, as any honest gorgeous woman can attest to.

For now, Huddah will never lack an abundance of wealthy suitors and her advice mirrors this powerful fact.

The problem is that her solipsistic thinking doesn’t allow her to see that most of her followers don’t enjoy the mega-benefits her beauty gives her. She can keep on picking, choosing, and disposing of men as she sees fit, her beauty be her shield.

Can the women she gives advice honestly say the same about their looks or the caliber of men seeking them out for a romantic relationship? Can they view and conduct their relationships the same way Miss Monroe does without repercussion and regret?

I don’t think so.

But I could be wrong…


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Anerlisa Muigai’s behaviour on social media will destroy her marriage (opinion)

Anerlisa Muigai has two ways of dealing with social media.

She will either bombard you with a lot of information or go off it for some time.

The funny thing I noticed is that when she posts a lot, her love life is normally going swimmingly, something I have noticed the last few years.

And it seems that things are not going perfectly for the Keroche Breweries heiress as her Instagram page shows.

Anerlisa has not only deleted her husband’s photos from her page, but she also unfollowed him.

And that wasn’t the worst part! She also edited her name removing his last name from her profile.

Ben himself still has photos of his wife on his Instagram like nothing is amiss.

While this might seem innocuous at first glance, to me it signals a big problem.

Which problem might that be? Mrs. Muigai has never learnt how to deal with issues without going to air them to all and sundry on social media.

Before she got married, Anerlisa’s preferred tool for dealing with her issues was to go online to air out her issues.

At the time it gained a lot of support and notoriety for the light-skinned woman.

Trouble? Anerlisa unfollows and deletes hubbie Ben Pol’s photos from her Instagram page

It was a heartfelt look behind the veil for Kenyans at one of Kenya’s wealthiest youth, something we gladly imbibed and joyed in.

But while it was great then, I think that same behaviour is not conducive for a successful marriage.

Most successful marriages share one trait-The couple will keep their dirty linen away from the public glare.

What Mrs. Muigai is doing is opening up her husband and marriage to scrutiny and ridicule, something the Bible warns against.

Proverbs 12:4 exhorts, “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but she who causes shame is like decay in his bones.”


Proverbs 14:1, which says, “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”

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A post shared by Ben Pol (@iambenpol)

Can Mrs. Muigai honestly say that she has honoured her husband and her marriage vows with her actions?

There’s a lot more I can add to this topic but in the interest of brevity, I will leave it at that.

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Ladies, here’s why you should take Huddah’s advise with a pinch of salt

Huddah Monroe is arguably the most popular socialite in Kenya. Some might argue that Vera Sidika has her beat on this one but who cares really, the two have carved a niche in the Kenyan entertainment industry and have done well for themselves.

One crucial difference between the two socialites is that Huddah is one person who will share relationship advise with reckless abandon without ever showing the men that she is dating.

Vera meanwhile doesn’t mind showing off the men that she is dating and will do so with reckless abandon. Only thing is that she isn’t the agony auntie that Huddah has molded herself as.

Huddah has gotten so good at it that her statements on Instagram make headlines online, with many Kenyans amazed at her frank opinions.

But while her view-points about relationships normally get the gallery talking (and wonderful engagement even for us bloggers) they shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth.

“We ain’t texting and wasting each others time” Huddah’s 2021 message

Some of the things that Huddah has said in the past are below:

“If you are a woman, stop borrowing 24-7. Go sell that p***y. Save the money and start selling groceries. Nothing in life is f*****g free. Everyone works hard for their sh*t,” wrote Huddah on her Insta stories.

Or, Alhudah admitted that she would never ever break up with a man she was dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!). She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men.

Earlier in 2020, she also disclosed that she would abort the child of a broke man! Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men.

And there are many more that I can’t name or be bothered to remember right now. Why do I bring that up? Because many Kenyans (especially young impressionable ladies) see Huddah as a role model whose outlook and advice should be taken as sacrosanct, something I believe is foolhardy.

And while I believe her takes are always exciting, I don’t think they are always the right advice. If you want relationship advice would you go to the famous socialite (just a step up from being a slay queen) or to someone who is actually in a successful relationship? Hmmm… Tough question, I know.

I believe that pretty light-skinned socialite revels in giving her controversial advice(whether it works for her audience or not) not to help but to create buzz and fuzz for her and the products she is promoting at that time.

But what do I know? Maybe Huddah is Dr. Phil…

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Eric Omondi says he is not our children’s role model and should he be?

Comedian Eric Omondi faced the full wrath of KFCB chairperson Ezekiel Mutua this past month. Eric, who had been belligerent while dealing with Ezekiel, changed tune after the KFCB boss took him to court showing him the power that comes with state machinery.

Now the comedian is singing the tune of Ezekiel preaching and proselytizing the importance of clean content after his Wife Material debacle.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Eric Omondi was arrested on Thursday of March 11 for allegedly producing and distributing unauthorised film content, the Wife Material reality show episodes.

The father of one was apprehended jointly by the KFCB’s compliance officers and detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Eric Omondi should have fought against KFCB, now Wife Material is done and dusted

After his apology tour, it seems that Eric is not happy becoming the defacto role model for kids recently revealing this gripe saying his calling is to entertain.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Thus was not ready to give in to the pressure of being deemed a ‘role model’ to other people.

“I am not your child’s role model. Why or how would I be a role model yet I do not have a CV for that…Parents should love me, watch my content, laugh at my jokes but do not leave your children to me…” he said.

He added that parents had failed by letting their children access harmful platforms on the internet only to later shift blame onto others which according to him was not right.

Is Eric right? Should entertainers be responsible for raising kids and being their role models? It’s a hard question. Opinion is split about what role a celebrity should have in society outside their art, craft or sport.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

The issue at heart is whether a celebrity should use their fame and platform to promote and speak about social issues or just focus on their art?

For promoting social issues

A few years ago, Collin Kaepernick, the American football quarterback who started kneeling during the singing of the national anthem, was blackballed in the league after this act of defiance.

He has never worked again in the sport and opinion is still divided as to whether Collin was right in using his platform to advocate for black rights.

Against or indifferent

Michael Jordan, the famous former basketballer, on the other hand, has kept his opinions on social and societal issues secret, famously being quoted as saying, “Even Republicans buy my shoes,” as a defense to his stance.


My opinion is that this will come down to a celeb’s personal choice. Every celeb will have to look at whether supporting a cause/becoming a role model works with their brand and doesn’t interfere with their career because life is full of compromises and trade/offs.

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Eric Omondi should have fought against KFCB, now Wife Material is done and dusted

I am sure that when Eric Omondi looks back on his career, the comedian will most likely change the way his 2021 has begun.

The comedian’s Wife Material show season 2 is officially no more. Yep, after the antics that some of his blended cast pulled last week, it seems that the world came crashing down on the show in the form of KFCB chairperson, Ezekiel Mutua.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Yesterday night Eric was spotted escorting some of them to the airport, confirming that his popular and divisive show would be no more.

Eric, whose contestants had even travelled from Tanzania, said all the ladies had arrived home safely save for one who was reluctant to return to Uganda.

As we reported earlier, Eric said he had a long phone call with KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua during which he apologised for the unauthorized filming of the show.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He found himself on the wrong side of the law for allegedly violating the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Kenyan Constitution.

I think that this is a sad time for art and entertainment in this country and I think that Eric should have fought the charges in court. Why?

This win will embolden the KFCB to do more censoring in an industry that has already suffered a lot after the Covid-19 pandemic. It will not end with him. In fact, I believe that the floodgates will be opened now that a Bigfish like Eric has/can be chastened.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Puritans and politicians should never become the arbiters of what is art and not with the KFCB through Mr. Mutua stating that Eric’s art was filthy and inappropriate for audiences.

My contention is that Eric was the sacrificial lamb in an industry that is filled with subjective art-that some will see as filthy and others will see as pushing the boundary.

There is so much dirty Kenyan content on YouTube and Instagram(two of Eric’s major social media channels) that one wonders why the comedian alone was targeted.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

I think that his high position in the industry was one reason and the other was it had become personal with Ezekiel. In his apology, Eric apologized to Ezekiel which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to me.

That is unless one remembers the back and forth that Eric and Ezekiel had in late 2020. It seems that that bitterness might have seeped into this new conflagration.

But what do I know…

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Is he just trying to spite his former mzungu ex? Harmonize gifts new lover Kajala a car

Harmonize’s ex-wife Sarah Michelotti must be crying wherever she is at the moment. The Italian babe has witnessed her former man treat his new woman in ways that she could only dream about in the few short weeks after they went public with their affair.

And this week was no different as the Konde Boy CEO surprised the curvy Kajala with a brand new Toyota crown! Yes, a whole car!

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

On Thursday, Konde Boy shared videos via his Intsa-stories presenting his car gift to Kajala, who was surprised right as she left the Gym.

In the videos, the Happy Birthday hit-maker could be heard requesting Kajala to accept his ‘Small’ gift, promising that more goodies will be coming her way as their love continue to blossom.

“This is your Car Baby Take it. This is my small gift to you” Harmonize says in the video.

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A post shared by Jay Maudaku (@jaymaudaku)

Methinks that Harmonize is trying to get back at his ex-wife Sarah who dumped him in December 2020, after it emerged that he cheated on her and even sired a child out of wedlock.


Sarah also disclosed that she has been through a lot with Harmonize and pointed out that her hubby was a liar who doesn’t appreciate people who had helped him.

The man has been relentless in showing up Sarah with public displays of affection like this recent one. Just a few weeks ago he and Kajala, who is a renowned Bongo Movie actress went on a highly publicized tour of Zanzibar, where they repeatedly declared their love for each other.

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A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

That wasn’t all, the lovers even went as far to get matching neck tattoos with their initials scribbled on each other! Talk about a romance moving at the speed of light.

I think that in all the above acts of love and affection, Harmonize is sending a message (although petty) to his former beau for whom he wrote the hit song, “My boo”, that he has moved on from her like a bad fart. Is it working? You be the judge…

Harmonize with Sarah
Harmonize with Sarah in the past


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Ringtone’s antics are doing more damage to the gospel industry than Bahati and Willy Paul ever did

Ringtone Apoko is one of the most divisive musicians in Kenya. The artiste is one of the most consistent gospel singers around as he keeps releasing great music that Christians can rally around.

But he is super-frustrating for me! Why? His constant need to keep himself in the spotlight detracts from the message in his music.

Just this week, Mr. Apoko decided to complain about God not giving him a BMW I8 he had fasted and prayed for. The gospel singer had previously promised that if God doesn’t gift him the car in 4 weeks, he would quit gospel music.

He added that during that period, he would go into fasting and prayer for God to gift him the ride. ”BREAKING NEWS 🔥 🔥 🔥 RINGTONE QUITES NOW 🔥 🔥 🔥 AM SORRY PLEASE🙏🙏🙏 AM PRAY AND GOD IS REFUSE TO GRANT MY PRAYER NOW AM QUITE IMMEDIATELY SEE U AGAIN GOD WILLING 😭😭”

“As a young man, I wanted to marry an older Mzungu woman” Ringtone comes clean

He has not been clear as to whether he will keep his promise to quit gospel music or not. In the video he posted on his Gram, he said something contrary to what he has written. ”Looks like Jesus decided to embarrass me.”

In the same video, he goes on to say that he had already bought a helicopter. How can he buy a helicopter and fail to buy a BMW I8? This was the same thought that comedian Jalang’o had. He replied to Ringtone. ”Chairman you will kill me with wisdom…You just bought helicopter but you cant buy BMW i8?”

My thoughts

And this is what saddens me. The man is clearly a good singer who can let his art speak for him but keeps on having to resort to publicity stunts to keep Kenyans engaged.

And I believe that his music is good enough to warrant play without any of the shenanigans that he keeps on propagating.

It ends up lessening him and his music contrary to the effect former gospel artistes Willy Paul and Bahati have when they court controversy to sell their music.

But what do I know…

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Corazon trolled after Kenyans find out she liked photo of Maureen and Frankie as a couple

Kenyans will not seem to let the Corazon Kwamboka, Frankie Kiarie and Maureen Waititu triumvirate rest. Why would I say that?

The recent hullabaloo has developed after inquisitive Kenyans noted (after carefully going through Frankie’s Instagram page) that Corazon was following Frankie on social media when he was still with the mother of his two kids. Way back in 2019!

Corazon liking Frankie and Maureen Waititu's picture
Corazon liking Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s picture

Not only that, what took the cake for some was that Corazon would actually like photos of the couple in intimate poses while they were still together.

This has now caused some Kenyans to surmise that the voluptuous Corazon was always a member of  “kamati ya roho chafu” or the “mtaachana” crew who fill up comment sections preying and praying for people to split up.

“If he can’t lift you, he doesn’t deserve you!” Is Corazon Kwamboka right?

While I can see their point of view due to the interesting coincidence, I will have to disagree with them. This is simply life being life.

Sometimes people will innocently and innocuously like a photo, not out of spite or malice but a genuine appreciation of what they see.

Not only that, the phrase “All’s fair in love and war” applies in this situation for me. Corazon and Frankie have in past interviews revealed that they started seriously dating after their respective relationships fell apart in 2019.

The beauty also denied being the reason why the fitness trainer’s marriage with Waititu failed. According to the duo, they kept the relationship private since they did not want the backlash and judgment they were getting from people.

My question is? Why would a person deny themselves potential happiness just because of the optics? Yes, that last sounds bad but the truth is that Corazon was able to snag a highly desirable man shortly after his relationship failed, which most honest women would have done if they had the chance to.

It wasn’t her fault that Frankie and Maureen’s relationship failed and it would have been foolish of her to turn down the opportunity to get such a high-value man-Especially a man whose page she used to like and follow before. My point is; Strike while the iron is hot and she did!

But what do I know?

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Is Huddah right in trolling Tanasha after she became Kenyan’s most followed Instagrammer?

Tanasha Donna might be celebrating becoming the first Kenyan woman to hit 3 million followers on Instagram. Eric Omondi already is Kenya’s most-followed Instagram celeb with 3.2 million fans.

This was something that she was quick to enthuse about, praising her online family with the caption below,

Thank you for the 3M. Love you guys so much! ❤️❤️


But while many were quick to congratulate her, former friend or should I call her new enemy Huddah Monroe was quick to burst her bubble, with her post coming right after Tanasha’s announcement.

Huddah’s post just came moments after Tanasha’s new win; and you can’t blame us for thinking the two posts could be related.

Miss Monroe is seen trolling those who claim to have huge IG followers; yet the followers do nothing for them.
According to Huddah, times have changed and followers no longer matter unless they help generate money for you.

She wrote; “Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol! Can walk the talk?

She even added, “But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darling? In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise, we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea.”

Is what Huddah is saying true? Yes, but partially. There is more nuance to that.

Firstly, brands will always want to be associated with a brand influencer with large numbers. Always. This normally translates to reach for a company that uses the influencer to promote the page just like Eric Omondi, Kate Actress and even Huddah herself.

The second thing that brands will look for is engagement by an influencer’s fans on the influencer’s page. There are Instagram pages online that have fewer than 100k followers but have great engagement with their followers. This means that a product that the influencer promotes will most likely have better traction with his/her followers such as Just Ivy and Edgar Obare.

Most companies prefer that the brand influencers they use have both of the above. Examples of entertainers with both reach and engagement are, Eric Omondi, Elsa Majimbo and Jalang’o. Their rate cards reflect the power and clout they have in reaching and influencing a demographic.

Now back to Tanasha. While her engagement might not be great, her numbers reflect an eagerness for the public to engage with her.

This is where professional brand management is critical for her. She needs people who can sell her beyond just being Diamond’s baby mama and a lukewarm singer. That is what will turn her brand from just being popular to being lucrative.

But I could be wrong…

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Why would a beautiful model like Micabel Ella lie and perjure herself for a man like Jowie Irungu?

Jowie Irungu and his girlfriend or wife as he called her Eleanor Musangi, aka Micabel Ella, have called it quits after dating for nearly a year.

In a confession made to Blogger Edgar Obare, Ms. Ella disclosed that their relationship ended amicably in December 2020.

In her explanation, the model said that she doesn’t want to be tied to Jowie’s story anymore and that’s why she has decided to make their breakup public.

Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past
Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past

The mother of one said the relationship ended both professionally and personally, and Jowie had changed a lot. She said their marriage was a huge lie and was supposed to protect him and also help him to live in Nairobi as his permanent place of residence.

“We ended our relationship both professionally and personally…we are no longer together. I believe God brought me to his life for purpose and I did my task. Jowie has changed a lot for better and I no longer want to be tied to his life story.

She also added that she came clean as her relationship with the Jowie could negatively affect her modeling career in the future.

This might come as a surprise to some as the two had earlier affirmed they were married, just a month after Jowie’s release on a KSh 2 million bail in February 2020.

Her confession brings an end to a saga I had always thought was contrived and an ill-fit. I even wrote about in the article below last year:

Is Jowie Irungu’s wife making a blunder in dating the murder suspect? (opinion)


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ella (@micabelella)

This brings me to my question? What do men like Jowie have that women will fall all over him and do things I believe that are detrimental to themselves?

As one can see above, Elle not only perjured herself to the courts for Jowie but also put her career on the line to stand up for a man that is the prime suspect in a high-profile murder.

And don’t get me started on Elle exposing her daughter to a man with a questionable past like Jowie in the first place.

Jowie with his "daughter" who is featured on the song
Jowie with his “daughter” who is featured on the song

So is Ella acting crazy or has her behaviour been documented scientifically among other women associating with men who have dangerous/questionable pasts?

It has. The term is known as Hybristophilia. It is a paraphilia in which se3ual ar*usal, facilitation, and attainment of orga*m are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed a known crime.

The term is derived from the Greek word hubrizein (ὑβρίζειν), meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” (ultimately derived from hubris ὕβρις, “hubris”), and philo, meaning “having a strong affinity/preference for”. In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome”.

Many high-profile criminals, particularly those who have committed atrocious crimes, receive “fan mail” in prison that is sometimes amorous or se3ual, presumably as a result of this phenomenon. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison.


One research study examined women of varying ages, ethnicities, education, and employment status who were in relationships with incarcerated men.

While they weren’t diagnosed with major mental illnesses or personality disorders, many came from difficult upbringings with a history of abuse.

But I could be wrong and Jowie and Elle’s remarkable relationship is normal…

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The Most Successful TV Shows of 2020 (…and why they mattered)

We watched 63% more television in 2020, for some very obvious reasons. It’s been a long subject of debate, but the pop culture that we consume has a very real impact on our behaviors, ways of thinking, and our view of the world. Both Netflix and Google have released figures about the most popular TV shows of last year, and it seems that the proof of the importance of pop culture has never been more stark.

Here are the biggest and most popular shows that we binged watched and rewatched in 2020 and the effect that they have had on our lives.

The Queen’s Gambit

Going into 2020, nobody could have foreseen that one of the biggest hits of the year would be about chess. The Netflix mini-series, The Queen’s Gambit, was one of the biggest hits that Netflix has ever seen, and the story of Beth Harmon has resonated with audiences in some surprising ways, despite being something of a period drama. Watched by 62 million households in just 28 days, the show led to an 88% increase in google searches for chess, and sales of chess sets soared. Some toy companies reported sales increases of up to 1000%!

The Crown

Love them or hate them, the royal family saw an incredible surge of interest in 2020 thanks to the fourth season of The Crown. While previous seasons have been popular, the leap to a more modern setting saw online searches for the clothes worn by the characters surge (turtlenecks had a 7,000% increase in Google searches). But it’s not just fashion. Even views on the royal family changed, with the website Betway reporting that 35% of people who watched the latest season saying that they view the royals a little better or much better. The opinion of Prince Charles changed too, with 34% of British audiences saying they now viewed him with more empathy after watching the show.

Emily in Paris

Despite the controversy over the personality traits of the main character, there’s no disputing that Emily in Paris was one of the most popular shows of the year. It became the most binged show in release week ever, and a second season has already been greenlit. With a show so focused on fashion, it’s no surprise that Google saw a massive leap in searches for some of the key clothes and accessories highlighted in the series. Bucket hats alone saw a leap of searches by 342%, and sales of those hats, berets, and jelly snapshot camera bags have helped the fashion industry make some serious sales figures.

While the link between the pop culture that we enjoy and the products that we buy has been well known for decades (product placement is used for a reason), it’s never been easier to see those connections. Back when the popularity of the film series Twilight saw an increase in the number of people reading the book Wuthering Heights, or when online searches for Charles Manson went up by 3,2000% during the apex of Mindhunter, pop culture is clearly formative. Just as nobody expected the biggest hits of the year to be about the royals, Paris, or chess, who knows what changes the biggest shows of 2021 will bring.

“Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your actions” Who is Size 8 addressing?

Just a few days after wishing her husband a happy birthday, Size 8 has raised eyebrows after she posted a cryptic message that had many wondering, “What the hell?”

Her message which she posted on her Instagram page concerned someone taking responsibility for one’s actions and not blaming others.

According to the Mateke singer, once a person accepts their own wrongdoings; good things may start happening due to their clear conscience.

The post read; “Stop blaming others for the things going wrong in your life. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions. You and no one else is responsible for the way you feel or for what happens in your life. Look within first.”


“The moment we stop blaming others and we take responsibility for our own actions and out comes in our personal life we have started succeeding!!!! Look within 1st to see what is the problem in you and ask God to help you change all your internal faults in you and you will realise external forces have little effect on you!!!”

While the post can mean many things when scanned on the surface, recent events concerning Size 8 have left me wondering whether it could be directed at someone close to her-Particularly her husband Dj Mo.

Occam’s razor is the principle that, of two explanations that account for all the facts, the simpler one is more likely to be correct…

In this case, could the message be directed at Dj Mo? Who knows? But what many remember is the shocking revelation that Dj Mo was cheating on his wife with a woman in Bahrain.

The scandal threatened to break his marriage but the couple was able to weather the storm with the mother of two saying that she would fight for her marriage. And so far, they seem to be working hard at it.

It should be noted that immediately after she posted the message on her Instagram page, her next post was a video in which she and her husband were smiling together. Maybe, my fears above are much ado about nothing.

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Why is Kabi WaJesus wearing red nail polish such an issue for many Kenyans?

Kabi WaJesus hasn’t had the best in terms of publicity the past two weeks. The reason for that was the unproven allegation that he might have fathered a child 7 years ago that he had refused to take care of.

Added to that, the father of one who is married to fellow popular YouTuber Milly Wa Jesus made a move that has many Kenyans up in arms with him.

The YouTuber was spotted wearing red nail polish while driving his car recently. The video is below:

The video elicited a lot of hate from many Kenyans who accused him of being overly feminine (umama), with the subliminal connotation of homosexuality reeking from the comments.

Some of those are below

😹😹😹😹ako na mimba.

Amepatwa na ile ugonjwa ya bahati😂😂.

Ameanza umama😂😂😂😂

We have lost another man🤦🏻‍♂️.

Umatako tu 😂😂.

Kidogo tu aanze kuvaa thong😂😂.


Huo ni umama

😅😅I knew he had some part of a woman in him.

Si uongo anapenda wasichana😂✌

As one can see, the overwhelming reaction from Kenyans shows me that his move wasn’t well-received from most Kenyans.

And it made me wonder? Was what he did such a bad thing? Was it something that should have gotten all the hate that Kenyans had directed his way?

Honestly, I don’t know but I have some thoughts on the issue.

Kenya is still a very traditional society and while we might want to think that we are liberal, we still have a long way to go. A sizeable majority of us still believe in traditional gender roles and behaviours.

A man seen wearing nail polish is akin to him wearing a dress for many in our society. The fear is that the man might either be a homosexual or is overly feminine-Neither of which is favourably looked upon in Kenya and Africa in general.

The two are not only frowned upon but can be treated with brutal hostility in many parts of the country.

The savage reaction from the comments section tells me that Kabi’s behaviour is still a non-starter for many Kenyans, leading me to the question, “Why does something that doesn’t affect a person, bother a person so much?”

While Kabi’s behaviour is troubling for many, it is still allowed under the law under freedom of expression.

While he can wear nail polish and lip-stick if he so chooses, he will still have to deal with the consequences of those choices-and in a country that still has conservative norms.

But what do I know…

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Could she have given birth? Kenyan lady claims as cause for Kanze Dena’s weight gain

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena-Mararo yesterday shocked many Kenyans when she was seen for the first time on camera in 3 months.

Most Kenyans were quick to see that her appearance had changed significantly during her time away from public light.

The comments were mostly about her physical appearance with most Kenyans online speaking unfavourably about her apparent weight gain with some wondering what could have caused it?

Sagana meeting

The former journalist was speaking from the Sagana State Lodge, where she briefed Kenyans on the President’s 4-day visit to Nyeri county.

When asked to give a comment on the political meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta will be holding on Saturday, the spokesperson declined to comment.

Despite an overwhelming amount of comments alleging some malicious reasons as to why she had gained weight, a certain lady offered that Kanze had given birth. She wrote;

Kanze just had a baby. Quit the body-shaming of women and give her a break! She’s beautiful and confident.

Kanze Dena weight gain
Kanze Dena weight gain

Could her weight gain have been caused by a potential pregnancy? What does the science say? Yes, it is possible that she might have gained the weight post-partum.

Holding onto some extra pounds after pregnancy is normal.

Most women who gained the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy, remain 1-3kgs above their pre-pregnancy weight a year after giving birth. A sizable minority, 15-20% of women, will hold onto 4.5kgs and above or more.


Prolactin–a key hormone involved in breastfeeding–also stimulates women’s appetites. You can blame prolactin when you suddenly find yourself devouring a whole cheeseburger.

It’s easy to see how this used to be adaptive, even in our recent past. Breastfeeding moms should stock up on food when available. That way they hedge against times of scarcity and maintain sufficient energy reserves to feed their babies.

But now we are both blessed and cursed with an abundant food supply. So rather than depleting fat stores laid down during pregnancy to help fuel our milk supply, many of us just eat more.

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Diamond doesn’t love all his children equally although he thinks he does and here’s why

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has been trending this past week after his third baby mama, Tanasha visited him with their son Naseeb Junior.

The two had not seen each other for the past year after Tanasha’s dramatic exit from Tanzania when things were going badly in their relationship.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha

This week, to capiltalise on all the publicity he has been generating, Diamond went for a long-overdue interview with his own Wasafi FM radio.

Don’t forget that Zari had also visited the family with her two children; Tiffah and Nillan late last year.

Subsequently, fans were left wondering why Hamisa has not taken her son Dylan to see his dad, yet she is in Tanzania at least to bond with the family. To clear the air, Diamond revealed that he has been meeting with Hamisa and their son Dylan.

“I meet my son many times just that we do not post on social media. Actually, Dylan was to come and visit my family for a week before Tanasha’s son visited. he would have come and spent sometime with my family.”

Diamond-Platnumz-with-son, Dylan in a very old photo

Diamond added;

“I love all my children and I have respect for all my baby mamas. they go through a lot of hate on social media but I respect them equally.”

Actions speak louder than words

While his answer sounds plausible, I am calling bull on it. Diamond is a man who knows the power of social media in this day and age.

He knows how powerful a single picture of him and his son, Dylan would be. Of all his kids, Dylan is possibly the only child who has not been photographed with his superstar father.

Hamisa Mobetto with her son

While I might be wrong about the above statement, one thing that I am sure about is that Dylan is the one child that Diamond rarely poses with and something about that stinks worse than the politics in our country.

Why wouldn’t you post images of your flesh and blood son on the interwebs? Make that make sense.

Another thing, Dylan is the only child that Diamond has been sued successfully for child support. A few years ago Chibu was dragged to court so he and Hamisa could iron out their issues on co-parenting and supporting their son.

All his other kids have not suffered the same fate despite rumours online that Prince Nillan might not be his biological son.

The two points above, while not many are an indication that his love is shown differently, something that is very problematic for a young boys physche growing up.

And why does Diamond behave the way he does with Dylan? I think this comes down to how his mother feels about Hamisa.

Of all his baby mamas, Hamisa is the only one Mama Dangote has blatantly shown her disregard for. Find a photo of the two together, if you can, if you don’t believe me.

And we all know how important an endorsement from Mama Chibu is to the musician. For now Hamisa is persona non grata for Mama Dangote, something that Diamond follows through with how he treats Hamisa and their son, Dylan.

Mama Dangote has never wished Dylan a happy birthday, unlike all her other grandkids. Talk about rejection.

But I could be wrong…

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Could Diamond and Tanasha get back together and can they last?

That is the great question on everyone’s lips now that Tanasha took a trip down south to visit our East African father Abraham, Diamond Platnumz.

The visit was long overdue as Diamond hadn’t seen his son for close to one year after Tanasha up and left early 2020. The two looked good together with Miss Donna even performing “Gere” with his 3rd baby mama while at a party together.

‘I am so happy to be back in Tanzania and thank you so much guys for having me.’ She was invited on stage by Diamond as the crowd cheered her up.

But what got many tongues wagging was that while the two were on stage, Tanasha tried to kiss her baby daddy but it didn’t go down well for her as it seemed that her baby daddy either didn’t see her attempt or he ignored it altogether.

Tanasha is also working on a new song with Tanzanian singer Nandy, but that hasn’t stopped many from speculating that she might get back together with Chibu.

And she isn’t doing herself any favours as she posted an eyebrow raising message addressed to Diamond. It read,  🎶i just wanna feel you, do me nicely, do me gently, in your country. 🎶 🔜.

That has fueled more fire that Tanasha is still interested in giving her relationship with Diamond another shot. Don’t forget that when she left him she said that she left Diamond after six months of trying to make things work in their relationship for the sake of their son.

She intimated that she felt like the ‘Jeje’ hitmaker had lost interest in the relationship and he had stopped trying to work on their relationship.

She added that she felt like her lover and his mother especially were controlling but she wanted to be her own woman so she had no choice but to leave Diamond’s home in Tanzania.

My question is this? Can the two have a successful relationship after all that has happened? I don’t think so and here’s why?

First off, Diamond seems to be in a happy place as a bachelor at the moment. I think that he has accepted that he is not the relationship type of man and is really bad at it.

Secondly, Tanasha will face the same issues she faced before she decided to leave Chibu-That of him cheating. But that isn’t the worst of it, that she was just an option to him.

Thirdly, I don’t think Tanasha can get the type of relationship that she wants. She wants a power-couple type of relationship, sort of the one that Beyonce and Jay Z have, something I don’t think Diamond can give her.

Diamond is all about him-everyone else is beneath him. He wants a cheerleader in his bedroom and not an equal. In fact, the only woman I think that Diamond takes seriously is his own mother.

But what do I know? I could be wrong and the two can have a relationship for the ages.

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