Why you should not take photos with your phone at weddings

Keep your phones away! Professional photographers are hired for a reason. Those photos are probably what the couple and most guests look back on when it comes to unwinding or reminiscing about the big day.

Hannah Stanley, a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and owner of Hannah Way Photography in Fort Worth, Texas, recently shared a wedding photo that was ruined by a guest’s phone.

Stanley, 25, was photographing the bride’s walk down the aisle with her dad when a woman jumped in front of her to take her own photo.


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Hannah said: ‘To the girl with the iPhone…

“Not only did you ruin my shot, but you took this moment away from the groom, father of the bride, and the bride. What exactly do you plan on doing with that photo? Honestly. Are you going to print it out? Save it? Look at it every day? No. You’re not. ‘But my bride would have printed this photo, looked at it often and reminisced over this moment as her dad walked her down the aisle on her wedding day. But instead, you wanted to take a photo with your phone, blocking my view, and taking a photo that you will not use. ‘Guests, please stop viewing weddings you attend through a screen but instead turn OFF your phone, and enjoy the ceremony. You are important to the bride and groom, you would not be attending the wedding otherwise. So please, let me do my job, and you just sit back, relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment. Sincerely, Wedding photographers.”

The post quickly went viral with over 170,000 shares and lots of people agreed.

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One person said: “I totally get it. THIS IS WHY the requests of no phones and cameras. Let the photographers do their job! I have been pushed out of the way, flashes go off at the time of a shot, and this done to me! It is just RUDE.”

There is a reason why the bride and groom decide not to allow mobile phones and personal cameras to their nuptials. This is one of the reasons right here. Guests need to enjoy themselves and not worry about capturing the moments on their personal mobile phones, the pictures will be sent out to them in due time.



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Tips: Consider these 10 alternative discipline strategies for your child

What’s the best way to discipline your child?

Is it according to age, the act committed? Is it a thorough whooping?

This is something that many are struggling with today.

Tokeo la picha la best ways of punishing your kids

Some of the best ways include;

Reward good behavior

When you punish something wrong, always remember to reward them once they do something good. This will actually motivate them to be improving on a daily basis to be rewarded.


At times as a parent you can be upset in such a way that you utter hurting words to the child. Silence is at times necessary to avoid such incidents like the child running away from home or hating on you. Talk to them when your temper is controlled.

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Have a conversation with the child

Spend most of the time with the child. This will actually help you to know your child better and learn their weaknesses. Talking to them can actually be the best way of them to change their bad behaviors.

Create rules and boundaries

Always have rules and boundaries for them such that if they cross them, they are aware of the consequences.

Deny them some freedom

At times you can give a child much freedom which becomes their excuse to mess up some more. The best way to deal with this is either to limit it or deny them the freedom completely.

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Send away

Sending to visit grandma always works. Once you send them there, they will behave much better the next time to avoid being sent back their. This is because they will miss a lot of luxury especially if they live at the city.

Life examples

Give them life examples of people who have mad it in life and those that have failed. If you child for example steals something, give the examples of people who did it and the consequences they faced.

Giving advice

You should always ensure that you have a close relationship with your child. Never be a source of stress to them whenever you are with them. This will make them confide in you at anything hence it will be easier for you to know which area to give them advice on.

Children who use smartphones for long are likely to develop ADHD – Study

Ban them from what they like

Most of the kids love watching animations and cartoons especially at the younger age. Ban them from watching their best channels for some time till their behavior changes.

Guidance and counselling

At times yelling and canning is not the solution as the child may not change. At times it may be something that deals with their minds and emotions. You can take them for guidance and counselling so that they may share their problems.

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The best romantic names to call your girlfriend

Names can be given based on physical appearance, likes and characters of someone.

When someone is dear to you, you will always have unique special ways of calling them. This makes them feel more loved and treasured to your heart and actually strengthen your love.

Some of these names include;


Honey is associated with sweetness and other sweet things such as flowers. This can be given to someone who loves honey and is sweet of character.


When someone has a clean heart this is the best name to call her. Someone who has a heart of helping others and never hurts anyone not even a fly.


This name fits someone who is just like your mother. A caring and loving person with all the mother qualities in them.

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Hot stuff

This is for someone who is so hot that you can’t help but hold them in public.

Rose flower

This is basically a flower and can fit someone who loves flowers especially the roses or someone very beautiful.


This is the most popular and commonest name used in naming them. It can be modified into different ways depending on the person’s likes.

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This refers to a sweet or yummy stuff. If they love sweets or are adorable of nature then they deserve the name.


If someone is a wife material then this is the best name for them. Someone who is always on toes and engaged in all the house chores


This name is for the coolest persons ever. Someone that does not love to offend people and cause chaos.

These are some of the ways to know your man loves you


This can be given to the classy lady that loves and adore everything about them especially their looks.

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The kindest ways to breakup with someone

Being dumped can be the most hurting thing to happen to someone especially if you never expected it.

Letting go of the person you love most is  also the hardest decision for one to make.

However this can be done in more easier and honest ways without hurting anyone’s feelings.

They include;

Ask for it

This is the best and easiest way to ask for a breakup. Tell your partner the reasons as to why you want to stay away from them. When you ghost someone without their knowledge, it will be hard for them to let go especially if they were never ready for it.

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Talk about it

Texting a person or making a phone call is not the coolest way of doing it. Talk with the person face to face and give her the reasons that led to your decisions. This will make them understand you and have a positive thought about the situation.

Give your partner time 

Once you have told your partner, give them time to think about it. Let them tell you what they think about your decision. Let it be a decision made between the two of you so as to avoid hurting feelings of other people.

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Be honest

Once you have decided to part ways with someone, be honest to them. Give them honest reasons why you think the relationship will not work anymore. Let them understand that you are the reason for it all and not them to prevent them from blaming themselves. Never lie to make them better because if they know the truth later on, they will never forgive you.

Mind your words

The way you bring out the words should be in the kindest and most humble way. Avoid using harsh words to them and make them take it in a more positive way.

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Tips: 10 Best ways to safeguard your ambitions

We all have ambitions, the difference is the degree and level to which we are willing to go to be successful.

These can be easily killed especially when surrounded by negative people. However there are various ways of protecting them.

They include;

Be kind

Always be ready to learn and be corrected in case you are wrong. Ambitious people are always kind and humble.

Stay focused

Always avoid people that will drain your energy towards your goals. You have to be positive minded and focused to achieve your ambitions.

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Avoid comparison

Never compare yourself with other people because people are never the same. Never strive to be like someone who is much more qualified than you. This might kill your dreams and hopes hence may kill your dreams.

Have a you time

Create time for yourself once in a while. This will help you have a preview on how far you are fairing on with life and make amends in case of mistakes.


Have faith in yourself and believe in all the efforts you make towards achieving your goals. You are the first source of motivation before anyone else in your life.

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Do not backbite people

If you want great things to happen to you, then you should wish the same for others. Never talk about other people behind their backs or judge them because it might also happen to you. Use other people’s challenges as a lesson in your life to make something better.

Make wise decisions

Take time when making your decisions to prevent cases of regretting your actions. Never make decisions when you are either so excited or angry.

‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

Set attainable goals

Set goals that are reasonable and can be achieved. When you set goals that are far much your standards, chances are that you will eventually quit.

Have a watch 

Always be time conscious. Manage your time well and spend all your time in doing constructive work that brings positive impact to you.

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How baking soda can play a great role in your health

Baking soda can be of great use in the house. It can be used in various ways such as in cooking and killing of home weeds. Besides being a household agent, it also has many other health benefits.

They include:

Tokeo la picha la importance of baking soda to the body

Healthy benefits of taking ginger and lemon as your daily routine


Sunburns are normally caused by the sun rays especially when at the beach. It can be applied before hitting the beach to prevent itching due to the harsh rays from the sun.

Improve your exercise techniques

It is highly recommended for people that engage in exercises and games. It helps in reducing fatigue that can be caused by extensive body workouts. Taking a glass of this with water helps your body to regulate amount of acid produced during working out that can make one tired fast.

Expert reveals how common allergies can lead to mental health issues

Eliminate bad odor

It can be used as a deodorant to prevent bad odor produced by sweat. It also makes the sweat less acidic to prevent staining of clothes at the armpits.

Teeth whitener

It can be used in replacement of tooth paste. It contains some antibacterial properties in it that plays a role in whitening the teeth and fighting harmful bacteria that can lead to dental diseases.

Mouth wash

It helps in soothing the painful sores that normally form in ones mouth. It is also used as a substitute for the regular mouth wash to freshen ones breath and give your mouth a good odor when breathing. Mix it with warm water and use it on a daily basis to maintain a healthy mouth.

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Heartburn can be very disturbing due to the discomfort it causes. The condition is caused by too much acidity in the stomach or being so stressed. It helps to neutralize the acidity in the stomach that reduces the irritation that runs through the throat.

Food hygiene

It is used in the cleaning of fruits and vegetables before consumption. This reduces the chances of bacterial infections into the body that can lead to illnesses.

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The best dinner centerpieces to try this weekend

Centerpieces are important display at the table especially when hosting a dinner party.

Centrepieces can be made in various ways from flowers, candies or even candles.

Tokeo la picha la importance of a centerpiece

These ways include;

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are always lovely with a natural sweet scent. They also act as a source of happiness among people as they enjoy their meals.

Tokeo la picha la fresh flower centerpiece

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Fruit display

This includes the collection of different fruits and mixing them together in a tray or vessel. These types of centerpieces act as an appetite stimulator before the main meal.

Tokeo la picha la fruit display centerpiece

Paper pom poms

These can be made from used papers or even the card boards. You can cut them into small papers in different colors and put them in a clear glass jar to have that beautiful view of them. They can be displayed in different jar shapes and sizes of choice.

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You can have these from all types of flavors and sources. They can be homemade or bought depending on the occasion. They can also serve as a dessert before the main meal is served or refreshment drinks.


Candles are known to be a source of brightness where there is darkness. You can have them in many other colors of choice. It is best to be used in a romantic dinner with your spouse or partner.

Tokeo la picha la types of centerpiece

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Branches centerpiece

This gives a clear view of nature and how beautiful the branches can be. It is a sign of appreciation to the environment and trees in particular.

Picha inayohusiana

Butterfly decor

Butterflies have very beautiful colors on them hence can bring a nice view. They can be either the real flies or the animated in a jar. They can also be a source of entertainment while eating as you watch them play and fly in the jar.

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5 Habits that everyone should stop drop ASAP

There are some habits that people tend to practice which can have a negative impact on their life. What you do on a daily basis determines your success or downfall.

Tokeo la picha la success photos


These are some of the habits that you should quit for your success;

Pleasing others

When you try to please everybody you will be hurt at the end of it.

This is because some may not be actually seeing the effort you making or even appreciating.

You should give yourself the first priority in life before any other person.

People will never be good for you because you treasure them, they will take advantage of you instead.

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Fearing change

Always have the thirst to try something new.

At times you can be surrounded by people who never want to risk in doing anything new.

Successful people do risk a lot to be where they are and so you will never know or learn new things without risking too.

Living in the past

When you keep yourself attached to your past chances are you will never make any move.

When you are faced by a challenge let be your source of the strength to move to the next level.

Past experiences at times can be hard to let go but they should be seen as a lesson into being a better person.

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You need to be a confident person for you to achieve all your goals and dreams in life.

Everyone will want to be associated with someone who believes in themselves as they always have something positive at the end of it all.

Don’t let what someone thinks about you shutter your dreams, always believe that you can do it.


Do not strain yourself thinking of how you fell at a particular point in life.

Every person has their own challenges and there is always a solution for them.

Leave a free life and never let stress be part of you.

Tokeo la picha la overthinking

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9 Ways of becoming an outstanding person

When you can be noticed in a group of people it means that you are an outstanding person.

These people behave in ways that any other person would want to have.

Tokeo la picha la outstanding person


These are some of the ways to be an outstanding person;

Use inspirational language

Be that kind of person that has a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Give hope to those that seem to have lost some and show them how to tackles their weaknesses.


Be that kind of person that knows people at first sight.

Never gossip other people or intimidate them but make everyone to look special.

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No validation

You should avoid pleasing everyone and never compromise on any situation.

Be prayerful

Everything that is linked to prayers never fail.

Thank God for what you have and what you do not because you will eventually get his blessings.

Live like an eagle

You have to understand that being successful needs to be earned and not given.

Work for it.

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Set goals

When you have set goals you will always strive to achieve them.

Avoid making excuses and do what is needed at that particular moment.

Always helping others

Have the heart of helping anyone you meet that needs your help.

Help the sick the poor and share anything small you have.

Outstanding people always get more blessed because they are committed to what they do.

Appreciate others

Never look down on anyone no matter the situation or class difference.

Always appreciate small thing or efforts that people make.

Stay humble and relate well with everyone you meet.

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Love challenges

You should have that psyche of trying anything new that you come around. This can actually build you to be a strong person.

Never get scared of the outcome that may come thereafter just do it.

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Tips: 10 Ways of settling your financial debts fast

There is nothing as bad as being distressed about the numerous loans you owe to Mshwari, Tala, KCB Mpesa, Fuliza and other loan sharks.

Even the thought of being listed on CRB, traumatizes many Kenyans.

Debts at times can be embarrassing and racking your brain about how to pay it back is a challenge.

Here are some ways in which you can settle your debts fast;

Picha inayohusiana

Debts list

Make a debt list of each and every person you owe any money and plan on how to settle them. This will be easier for you to know your progress and have a plan on getting more cash to finish all your bills.

Reduce your expenditure

This includes going for items that go for cheap or average prices if need be. Do not overwork yourself by purchasing more than you can cater for. This will help you to avoid getting whatever you need on credit.

Avoid new debts

Do not go for a new debt before settling your previous. You burden yourself further by piling on more loans to pay back.

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Educate your self

You should seek financial advice if you have problems with how you spend your money. When you are more informed, it becomes easier for you to have a responsible money breakdown.

Needs and wants

When you understand your wants and needs, your money expenditure will be minimized. You should not give your wants the first priority but always focus on your needs.

Avoid subscriptions

These subscriptions can make you spend a lot of money even when you do not have the cash. They should be done mostly when you are financially stable.

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All the money should be under a budget on how each penny is spent. This will help you avoiding buying other non-essential things that are probably not in the budget. This can help you save money a lot.

Appreciate your standard

It is better to understand your financial class as it will always help you mind how you spend money. Avoid buying expensive things that you can’t afford.


Set a goal on whatever tally you owe someone and work towards achieving it. This will acts as a great inspiration as you will put all the required effort to pay off the debt.

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Always motivate yourself towards settling your bills no matter how big they seem to be. When you put all the effort towards paying off even the people you owe can either give you a discount or give you a grace period.

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What factors to consider when choosing outfits for hot weather

Nairobi weather seems to be warming up after weeks of rain and biting cold.

We will all probably be looking to dress up for the warmer weather and here is our guide for dressing up to be comfortable specially if you are in your work place.

Tokeo la picha la person dressed for hot weather

They include;

Material of the fabric

The best clothes to wear in this season are those made of linen and cotton. This is because people sweat hence the cotton cloth will absorb the water fast. Look out for items that are 100% cotton.

Tokeo la picha la cotton clothes

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Color of the cloth

It is advisable to wear bright colored garments because dark colors tend to absorb more heat as compared to bright clothes.

Size of the cloth

Avoid tight clothes during the high temperatures. This is to create a cool environment for your body allowing free circulation of air. When there are high temperatures and humidity at the same time you level of concentration will decrease.

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Weight of the cloth

The weight of the cloth you wear should be very light. This is because the light fabrics tend to dry fast hence traces of sweat cannot be spotted on them.

Nature of the cloth

The nature of the cloth should be your number one concern. The cloth should be comfortable generally that gives you the best appearance no matter the weather and temperature.

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Cloth construction

You need to shop clothes that are sown in a way that prevents you feeling the suns hot rays.

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A list of recommended snacks for people with diabetes

When you have diabetes, foods with high levels of sugar should not be part of your diet. When you have cravings for something sweet, it is advisable to take healthy snacks.

Tokeo la picha la nuts

They include;


This is the best substitute for a crunchy craving for wheat products like biscuits and cookies. They have calories hence cannot lead to weight increase especially the unsalted nuts. Almonds can also be taken as they also do not have sugars.

Whole grain products

The whole grains also play a role in maintaining the required blood sugar levels and cholesterol. They also prevent cases of getting blood pressure.

Tokeo la picha la whole grains cereals

Pop corns

The natural pop corns are a great source of fiber. This is generally essential in the body as it prevents constipation.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables provide the body with a lot of nutrients and vitamins hence are nutritious to the body. Use them when making salads and spice them with vinegar. Fruits and vegetables are the best ingredients for making smoothies.

Tokeo la picha la vegetables



This is the best snack for proteins production to the body. Studies shows that persons who want to lose weight should consume eggs as part of their diet.

Goal setting can boost your time management a great deal

Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is recommended at it has no sugars, because of its natural form of energy.

Tokeo la picha la plain yogurt


Salads are essential to the body as they supply it with natural and essential nutrients and vitamins. They help the body in building strong immunity.

Non-fat cheese

This plays a role in stabilizing the levels of body sugars and also reducing the thirst/ hunger more frequently.

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Rice cakes

Rice cakes have low carbs hence the best for diabetic people to eat.

Tokeo la picha la rice cakes

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Ways to maintain a positive social relationship with people

Why is it so hard for some people to socialize?

If you are having difficultly in connecting with people, here’s how to fix it:

Tokeo la picha la social relstionships

Listen to people

When you pay attention to what someone is saying, it shows that you think they are important. Stop interrupting the persons conversation, even if it is not beneficial to you. Attention can help you build good social relationships with people.

Be positive when around people

Always be positive when around people and support their vision. Never bring negativity when addressing someone or commenting on issues that are connected with the people you are associating with. This can include when talking about their goals and visions about life.

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Be confident

When you are confident with yourself, people will also be the same. They will feel free to tell you what they feel and always come to you for advise.

Make people feel comfortable around you

Create a good free environment for people to spend time with you. Be a jovial person and give people all reasons to spend more time with you. Be a source of happiness to people that they will always come to you when sad.

Tokeo la picha la making people comfortable around you

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Do not be so contented

Always be mindful about other people and their whereabouts. Avoid talking about your personal life to people each time you are with them. This may make people feel that you don’t mind about them at all hence will avoid you. Ask people how they are fairing and have an open forum.

Avoid telling lies

When you are full of lies people will have trust issues with you. Always tell the truth and be straight forward no matter the situation or how hard the truth might be. People will trust and that way confide in you.

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Greet people

Always greet people whenever you meet them. It is important to also master people’s names and titles.

Tokeo la picha la greet people

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Here is the way forward if you’re struggling to control your emotions

Expressing your emotions in a more peaceful and calm way has been a challenge to many people. At times, the way we react in regard to how we feel can affect the people around. Therefore it is important to have the best way in expressing our feelings and solving our problems.


Tokeo la picha la emotions

They include;

Maintaining silence

Sometimes being quiet is the best way of solving a problem with someone. Rather than blurt out words that hurt people, somethings are better left unsaid in some situations.


Get a book and go sit in a corner. Reading according to some experts helps you express emotions especially when you are so stressed up.

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Thinking positively

Be positive even when facing the worst challenges in life. This will help you to overcome any tough situation that you face when you know something positive is going to come out of it.

Always be sorry/apologize

When you have a problem with someone and you are at the point of fighting, always apologize. This is the easiest way of solving a problem in a more peaceful manner, plus it will help you keep good relations with people.

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Walk away

always leave when anger threatens to take over. This helps you calm down away from the person. It is better to solve an issue when calm as it will help you to avoid cases of fighting when angry.

Sharing with someone

Sometimes opening up and confessing your tribulations with other people will prevent you from being depressed. This is the best way of expressing every bitter feeling you have and in turn you can get some advice or solution to whatever predicament you are facing.

Tokeo la picha la sharing a problem

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Drink something

When you are angered and feel like screaming or shouting out loud you can always sip something. This will help you to calm down and reverse whatever you wanted to say which could affect your audience.


Sometimes the emotions you have can be as a result of being worked out or tiredness. This requires that you do some exercises and your muscles and mind gets to relax.

Tokeo la picha la workout

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Goal setting can boost your time management a great deal

At times it becomes a challenge when it comes to managing time. This occurs when you don’t have a schedule that guides you on how to spend each second you have. However you can follow these tips to help you to utilize every moment you have;

Tokeo la picha la time management

Working full time

Spend most of your day at work doing anything of benefit to your life. When at work concentrate and spend all the time doing constructive work. An idle mid is the devil’s workshop they say. This will help you to keep your mind engaged and at the end of it all you, will be able to account for all your time.

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Side hustles

It is advisable for one to look for a side hustle or business that they spend their free time doing. This will one from being idle and financially okay as you will earn an extra income.


When you are in a relationship or marriage, it will help you manage your time well as you will have responsibilities to attend to. Your time management will be even more easier when you have kids that you are taking care of hence your time will be well spent.

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Staying fit

Engage yourself in activities that are body building such as going to the gym and doing all sorts of exercises.

Eating healthy

You should always do all you can to maintain a healthy living. Every meal you take should be healthy and help in boosting your body immunity.

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Personal development

When you have goals and targets set in your life, it will be easier for you to manage your time. This is because much of your time will be spent in working towards achieving your goals in the minimum time possible. This also keeps you motivated and positive in all you do.

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Things successful people do before 8 A.M that you didn’t know

Studies show that human beings are more productive in the morning. The way you spend your first hours when you wake up predicts the rest of your day. These are some of the things successful people do before 8am:

Tokeo la picha la meditating


This helps your muscles and mind to relax. When you have a relaxed mind, it will be easier for you to be productive in anything that you will be doing in the course of the day.

Eat and drink 

You have to be healthy to be successful. These are the basic needs that can help you accomplish what you had planned for. When you are hungry it will become a challenge for you to concentrate in whatever you will be doing.

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Spend the first 30 mins of your waking hours to engage your body in exercises and make it a routine. This will freshen you up before starting to tackle your daily duties. It will help you stay active for the rest of the day.

Tokeo la picha la exercise

Stay positive

Always have a positive mind on what you are doing no matter how hard it may be. When you become positive about everything you you will have that motivation to push through the day and will have positive results at the end of it all.

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This is what every person should be doing before starting your day. It is most important to give thanks to God and praise him for everything that you got. When you place your work, business and life unto to God then you will receive abundant blessings and become successful in all that you do.

Create a ritual

When you create a routine to follow on a daily basis, it makes work easier for you. This makes you to be a more responsible person who can work under no supervision but your own goals that you are to accomplish.

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Wake up early

It is better to always wake up much earlier than the expected time. This gives you time to relax for some time before embarking on your daily duties. Waking up earlier also gives you time to prepare yourself and mind on how you are going to start your day.

Plan the day

When you have a planned routine on how the day is going to be spent, it makes work easier for you. Plan on how you are going to accomplish what you have planned earlier before getting ready to work on the same.

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Simple practices to embrace to avoid being broke

Being broke is tough, being broke because of misusing money is worse.

Here are our tips on how to avoid this situation guys;

Tokeo la picha la bankrupt

Change your thinking

You should change your mindset on how you handle your money matters. A change of mindset allows you to think carefully before spending any coin on anything.

Reducing expenses

Are you an impulse buyer just because you have spare cash? At times you splurge  just because you have extra money. Moderation is key here.

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Saving money

This can really help you save a lot of money that can be useful once you run out. Especially if you are in table banking and such saving groups, it will help you to spend less money as you save more. This will also help you to attain your goals in life.

Tokeo la picha la saving money

Create extra income

When you depend on one income it will be costly as money is spent on a daily basis. You can start a business and find other jobs to do such as online jobs that earn you extra income especially if the current job is not paying well.

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Wise spending

If you spend money to show off chances are you are going to misuse it. Have a wise way of spending money on the necessities and basics and limit luxury.

Live your life

Most people make a mistake of living lives of other people who happen to be having more than them. This may lead to you being broke. Understand you lifestyle, class and live by it. Do not try to live a life that you cannot manage to afford. Appreciate your own lifestyle and work towards making it better.

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Make money plans

Every penny you spend should be well budgeted. Have a plan on how you going to spend your money either in doing shopping and go as per the planned budget.

Tokeo la picha la money budget

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Tips: 5 ways to improve the health of your gut

Problems with your digestive system could suggest your gut is unhealthy. To remedy this, here are some of the ways to maintain its health;

Picha inayohusiana


When the body gets engaged in day to day activities, water is lost. It is therefore necessary for one to take more water to replace the lost water in cases like sweating to prevent dehydration. It also helps in the process of digestion making your gut more healthy.


It is healthy to change your diet once in a while as it helps to regulate the sugar intake. Constantly eating high-calorie foods can tamper with the bloodstream flow. Eat more nutritious foods more often to get the nutrients needed for proper body functioning.

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Any fermented food plays a major role in boosting digestion and the immunity of the body. It is also recommended for people who would like to lose weight, or prevent bloating. Take with warm water or added to food to minimise fat absorption.Tokeo la picha la apple cider vinegar


Detoxing your body once in a while is highly recommended. This is because it helps in eliminating harmful components from sugary foods that can also cause inflammation. It also keeps the gut fresh and healthy.

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Probiotic supplements

These supplements are naturally fermented hence they are highly recommended to support a healthy body system. They also play a major in improving the rate at which nutrients are absorbed from the food eaten.

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