Kenya owes you nothing – A letter to always complaining Victoria Kimani

Singer Victoria Kimani is back to mourning about Kenyans again. The lady with the penchant for the heavy elaborate make-up is decrying the fact that her fellow compatriots aren’t supportive of her and her musical talents.

The singer who released the album Afreaka back in April 2020 went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday, January 12, sharing several tweets as she tried to get her point across. “Kenyans will never cease to amaze me in every possible way,” she started off.

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Adding, “What part of ‘support your own’ don’t you (curse word) get? Gatttdammm (sic),” Then in conclusion she said, “F** it, I’m from Ghana now… From the Ashanti region.”

Victoria has explained in previous interviews that she grew up in the Western part of the continent and that being the reason why her musical influence is from Nigeria and Ghana.

In a late 2019 interview with the Recording Academy, the songwriter revealed that her family left the US when she was 14 and went to live in Nigeria where she was introduced to African music.

She also revealed the reason why she relates more as a West African is because they are English speaking countries there and being that she cannot speak Swahili, most of her songs have to be in English.

Now that we have gotten her history out of the way, let’s look at the substance of her latest message. Is she right that Kenyans don’t support her music? Yes…But is she right to get upset with this fact? No.

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Let me explain. Victoria’s complaint about Kenyan’s not supporting their own is a time-known issue among many in the industry, so her notion isn’t something I am shocked about.

In fact, many of the Kenyan musicians who complain about it can and do sing in Kiswahili, something she can’t, so they can be legitimately upset that their own compatriots don’t support them-No excuse about singing in English for them.

Another thing, if Victoria’s music really has that West African flavour then she should be doing excellently in Kenya. Don’t forget that we Kenyans support foreign African music compared to our own, that’s why Burna Boy, Davido and Wizkid compete with our Kenyan musicians for airplay.

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Another thing-Failure in a competitive market cannot always be blamed on the buyers. It means that your music isn’t jelling with the audience and that means she should take a long, hard look at herself and see what Kenyans want and consume. Not blame them every time they reject her music.

Victoria, no one in this life owes you anything and stop always playing the victim, you’re better than that.

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But what do I know?

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Ministry of Tourism made the right choice in choosing Naomi Campbell and not Lupita

Naomi Campbell has been the subject of controversy since the announcement yesterday that she would become the international brand ambassador for Kenyan tourism.

The supermodel who at one time was arguably the most well-known model black (or any other race on the planet) has caused a lot of hullabaloo as some Kenyans believe that she was the wrong choice for the gig.

Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala 3

Even the venerable nominated MP, Millicent Omanga chimed in on Twitter calling Naomi a tired model in her rant and advocating for our very own Lupita Nyong’o. Her caption is below;

Ministry of Tourism taps Naomi Campbell, a tired model who has lost her mojo to be the Magical Kenya international Brand Ambassador and is to market Kenya as a tourism and travel destination. Why not @Lupita_Nyongo or one of our daughters of international repute? Lol.

Her sentiment was backed by a few Kenyans in the comment section who felt that Lupita might have been the superior choice for the role.

But on this one, I think that the Kenyan government got it right. Yes, even a broken clock is normally right twice a day! Why? My reasons are below:

Firstly, As a British citizen, Naomi loves our country as compiled in the numerous visits she has made to the country. Unlike other celebs, she has made a habit of not hiding her stays in the country like most other international celebs.

Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala
Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala

That type of comfort shows someone who sees the country as a second home. So her advertising the country will come very easily to her. A great brand ambassador should be someone who loves the product they are pushing.

Secondly, I believe the co-sign of Naomi by becoming a brand ambassador of a 3rd-world tourist destination will most likely convince those who would have seen partisanship in the choice of Lupita and not bought into her marketing.

Thirdly, Lupita strikes me as someone who isn’t overly interested in marketing her country. I might be wrong but I think that she wants to come home only to privately visit family and not have to work. To prove this, just ask yourself how many times she has been seen in the country since her Oscar win in 2014?

Lupita Nyong'o smiling
Lupita Nyong’o smiling

And that isn’t a diss on her, let people do what they feel comfortable doing, something I believe Naomi will do excellently in promoting Kenya to international tourists.

But I could be wrong…

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A case-study of comedian Mulamwah’s saddening and maddening love life

Comedian Mulamwah’s love-life is comic tragedy taken to a whole other level. Why? The comedian seems to have developed a taste for pain and self-immolation.

The reason for my extremely cynical and morbid introduction. The man hasn’t still gotten over his girlfriend Carol Sonnie 6 months after she dumped him.

And why do I believe she dumped him? I wrote a whole piece explaining my logic and reasoning in the article below:

I think Mulamwah was dumped like a piece of trash by his lover Carol. Here’s why

Last week the comedian shared a message celebrating her as she turned a year older. As seen on his post, Mulamwah proved that despite having been unceremoniously dumped, he still has no hard feelings towards her.

His birthday message read, “All factors kept constant, help me wish her a happy birthday as she turns 23, you deserve the best day ever regardless, happy birthday ka ma’am , blessings @carrol_sonie.”

Call me a nihilist but the way the man is behaving leaves a lot to be desired. Why? Not only did Carol delete all their photos together on social media when she dumped him but it also seems that she did it after he had done everything for her-short of deifying her.

His break-up message at the time informing Kenyans of the split had this very interesting snippet, “I always carried you on my shoulders; I don’t know what you saw ahead 🥺 while was too preoccupied making sure that you remain at the top. I always believed that when you elevate your woman she will stand in for you when you are at your worst…”

So you can sort of get my frustration at the man’s lack of self-respect. Why are you still saying sweet nothing’s to someone who dropped you like a hot potato? As they say in Kiswahili, Ukiachwa, achika! I believe that exes should be left in the past-like the landline telephone.

Another thing? Mulamwah is acting like Carol is the only woman he can date/marry in a world populated by many women! For a guy like him who has status, money and isn’t shaped like a potato, I believe he can have plenty of other options, were he to move on.

But what do I know…

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Why I don’t believe Zari’s explanation about her son’s gay admission

Zari Hassan has done what every good mother should do when their child is under attack. The Ugandan socialite who lives in South Africa has defended her son from claims that he is gay-claims that he started himself on his Instagram page.

Diamond’s baby mama explained that her son had made the claim so as to deter older women who had been sending him nudes on his DM’s, while others ask for money.

Zari responds after her son Raphael claimed that he was gay

What! You read that right. While she might want to cover her son’s a$$ I think her handling of the situation was foolhardy but I understand why she did it but it raises more questions than answers.

First of all, If she knew that older women were harassing her underage son, why didn’t she report them to Instagram and the relevant authorities?

Secondly, hoMose3uality is still a taboo subject in Africa and I don’t think that Raphael would have claimed that he was gay so as to deal with the issue his mother alleged. The potential ostracism he would receive would outweigh any benefits he would get for his admission. Yes, even in this modern world.

Thirdly, even if her 15-year-old son needed a way to allay the older women, he would have chosen a better way to do it. I think his gay admission was a plea to the world to be heard and accepted, something his mother might not be happy about.

Even her biggest detractor, Mange Kimambi saw something was off with the explanation and urged Zarinah to accept and love her son, writing;

Zari love your son, not just love him but be proud of him, accept him. Huyo mtoto mpaka kuingia live kujitangaza it means anatafuta acceptance ambayo haipati nyumbani so anatafuta acceptance kwa strangers. Muonyeshe acceptance, mkubali, tena mpende kuliko ulivyokuwa unampenda mwanzo. He needs you now more than ever. Na kaamua kufanya hivyo ili akufosi wewe kumkubali. Ile live was about getting your attention.

What do you think? Are Mange and I reading too much into this whole incident?

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“If he can’t lift you, he doesn’t deserve you!” Is Corazon Kwamboka right?

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka Frankie Kiarie also known as Frankie Just Gym It have shown that their relationship was not a flash in the pan.

The two who started dating last year were blessed with a baby boy called Tayari in late 2020 and have not looked back ever since.

Is Frankie (Justgymit) Kiarie a great dad or a great con-man?

The couple keeps on posting images and videos on their social media that show how much they get along. Yesterday the beautiful pair decided to post an image of themselves as they took some downtime swimming.

Corazon shared the moment on her Instagram page in which they were in a pool and Frankie decided it was time to flex his muscles as he carried his curvaceous lover like a baby.

Her caption read, “If he can’t lift you, he doesn’t deserve you. Hashtag Date a buff guy 2021.” Many of her fans congratulated her on being able to get a physical specimen of a man while others laughed at the joke claiming she was being too harsh on other men.

While it might be all fun and games, is she right? Partly.

I think that a man should be able to lift his woman up just like they used to do in old-school weddings.

Husbands are supposed to protect and provide for their women, yes even in this modern-day! That act of being able to carry your woman, while in the subconscious is a powerful testament in a woman’s mind about her man’s ability to take care of her physically, mentally and financially.

The famous, “I feel safe around you” emanates from feeling that her man is able to keep her well in whatever situation.

My only problem with Corazon’s statement is that it allows for ambiguity in the size of the couple. Obesity is a big problem in 2021 and her statement can be misconstrued to allow for obese(overweight) women to want that standard to apply to them.

Historically(and even now) men are supposed to weigh more than their spouses, especially due to biological factors like bone mass, bone density, height and muscle mass. All these factors, contribute to higher weights in men than women in all cultures and allow for a husband to be able to successfully carry his wife.

But I could be wrong and any woman at any size and weight should get a man to carry her like Frankie did with Corazon. Or their relationship is doomed!

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Ladies, here’s why you should take Huddah’s advise with a pinch of salt

Huddah Monroe is arguably the most popular socialite in Kenya. Some might argue that Vera Sidika has her beat on this one but who cares really, the two have carved a niche in the Kenyan entertainment industry and have done well for themselves.

One crucial difference between the two socialites is that Huddah is one person who will share relationship advise with reckless abandon without ever showing the men that she is dating.

Vera meanwhile doesn’t mind showing off the men that she is dating and will do so with reckless abandon. Only thing is that she isn’t the agony auntie that Huddah has molded herself as.

Huddah has gotten so good at it that her statements on Instagram make headlines online, with many Kenyans amazed at her frank opinions.

But while her view-points about relationships normally get the gallery talking (and wonderful engagement even for us bloggers) they shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth.

“We ain’t texting and wasting each others time” Huddah’s 2021 message

Some of the things that Huddah has said in the past are below:

“If you are a woman, stop borrowing 24-7. Go sell that p***y. Save the money and start selling groceries. Nothing in life is f*****g free. Everyone works hard for their sh*t,” wrote Huddah on her Insta stories.

Or, Alhudah admitted that she would never ever break up with a man she was dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!). She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men.

Earlier in 2020, she also disclosed that she would abort the child of a broke man! Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men.

And there are many more that I can’t name or be bothered to remember right now. Why do I bring that up? Because many Kenyans (especially young impressionable ladies) see Huddah as a role model whose outlook and advice should be taken as sacrosanct, something I believe is foolhardy.

And while I believe her takes are always exciting, I don’t think they are always the right advice. If you want relationship advice would you go to the famous socialite (just a step up from being a slay queen) or to someone who is actually in a successful relationship? Hmmm… Tough question, I know.

I believe that pretty light-skinned socialite revels in giving her controversial advice(whether it works for her audience or not) not to help but to create buzz and fuzz for her and the products she is promoting at that time.

But what do I know? Maybe Huddah is Dr. Phil…

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Why you should invest in a holiday home

Investing in real estate is almost always a good idea, and when it comes to a holiday home, it not only provides an escape from your day-to-day life, but also the opportunity to make some money.

The idea that you can retreat to your secluded sanctuary when things get too much is an attractive prospect for many, and it has led to the increase of people investing in second homes, sometimes for personal use, but most often as a way to generate extra income.

Like with all investments you make, ensure that you have done your due diligence so that you are making the right decision for you. But in this article, we are going to talk about why choosing to purchase a home away from home may be a great idea.

Generally buying a holiday home puts you at a lower risk than other real estate investments. This is because they are often in high tourist areas, meaning that you can charge high nightly rates, especially during peak seasons.

Secondly, they are quite easy to manage. Usually when you purchase a holiday home, companies who are offering holiday homes for sale can also manage it for you. Which means you don’t have to worry about things like cleaning it regularly, fixing things that may have broken and other things that you really do not have time to do.

Like with most real estate, the value of your holiday home will usually increase over time. This means that when you are ready to sell you property you will usually make more money than you invested.

If you have been thinking about taking the leap to owning your own luxury holiday home, Maiyan is now offering luxury cottages on their Swara Ranch. The development is set on a scenic 80 acres located 20km north of Nanyuki, next to their other luxury property Maiyan villas.

One of the luxury homes at Swara Ranch by Maiyan
One of the luxury homes at Swara Ranch by Maiyan

There are currently 34 beautiful modern bungalows complete, surrounded by stunning green spaces and spectacular views.  And Dr James Mworia, Centum Chief Executive spoke about the properties saying,

“It makes money for you. And when you are coming, you just call and say I’ll be here on these particular dates and you don’t have to worry about, ‘is your unit clean, is your DSTV working?’ You will find it done.”


To find out more about this amazing investment opportunity visit the Maiyan Swara Ranch Facebook page.

Diamond Platnumz, East and Central Africa’s Michael Jackson

Diamond Platnumz has the biggest song out at the moment, the brilliantly-named. “Waah”, a collaboration he did with Congolese great Koffi Olomide.

The song has broken several records already and has racked up an impressive amount of views on YouTube, the most sure-fire way to gauge the success of a song nowadays.

The song now has 9.4 million views in 6 days and will most likely cross the 10 million mark after one more day. To put that in context, popular bands like Sauti Sol and Nyashinski take at least a year on average before even their most popular song flirts with 10 million views online.

Even Sauti Sol’s popular wedding song, “Sura Yako” crossed the 10 million mark on Youtube only this year! And this isn’t a one-off in Diamond’s already glorious career, the man has been releasing hit after hit the past 6 years, an epoch I will call the Age of Diamond.

Everything he touches turns to gold. And while it might seem easy to the untrained eye, what we are witnessing at the moment is history in the making, something that only happens once in a generation-I daresay, East and Central Africa’s version of Micheal Jackson.

Dark secret about Michael Jackson’s “childish-voice” revealed by former doctor

High praise, I know, but hear me out before you go crazy.

Which other artiste in East and Central Africa has had the huge impact and influence that Chibu has had on music and even cultural matters over the last few years?

So big that the star only collaborates with his own stablemates or international acts such as Neyo, Rick Ross and now Koffi Olomide. Even many Kenyan artistes have tried to get a collabo with Chibu but to no avail.

Additionally, an endorsement from the singer has the capability of jumpstarting your career into the ether. Just look at Tanasha Donna, Harmonize, Zushu and even Rayvanny just to name a few.

And I am not even talking about what dating the singer does for your popularity! Just look at his baby mamas, Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha.

Their Instagram pages, which are a sign of the times experienced monumental growth(which is still happening by the way) after they dated(and got kids) with the musician.

I can say many more wonderful things about why Diamond is a once in a generation musician but for the sake of brevity, I will leave it at that.

No, I am lying, there are many more reasons but I am too lazy to list them all down at the moment.

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Eric Omondi and Chantal split was a blessing in disguise for him (opinion)

Eric Omondi is one person who has revolutionised the comedy industry in Kenya. How so? He has embraced the power of social media and brand power in popularising his comedy. Something industry stalwarts have been slow to do.

He is the first Kenyan entertainer to cross the 2 million followers mark on his Instagram page, reaching that benchmark this yesterday.

Last month was a tough one for the comic. with Eric and his long-time girlfriend Chantal breaking up. Although he took it like a champ soon afterwards, his friend Joe Muchiri told Chantal that the comedian was drinking too much after the break-up.

Don’t forget that he had spoken of marrying Chantal this year, so the split might have been terrible for him.

Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse
Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse

While we can’t know if his message was facetious, what we can see is the after-effects of the change on Eric. I believe the split has reinvigorated him, especially in pursuing his art form.

Why would I say such a scandalous thing? Hear me out;

Have you seen the amount of work Eric has been putting out since his break-up with his sweetheart? Videos with Jacque Maribe and Vera Sidika this week are just a sample with many episodes for DSTV, just to name a few.

Eric Omondi
Eric is back with a vengeance

The one that really caught my eye was that he released a spoof video trolling Diamond’s ‘Kanyaga’ barely24 hours after it was released! Video drops the video today, the next day Eric drops his own cover! To say I was impressed is an understatement!

The man has been working like there is no tomorrow. It is like his drive in life is to prove to Chantal that she lost out on a good thing. He is a man on a mission; To erase his biggest personal failure to date with his most formidable work yet!

Eric Omondi looking presidential
Eric Omondi looking presidential

This has happened in the past with other men. Just like the phenomenon of the revenge body, some times when men have a bad break-up they not only hit the gym but they also get very serious with their careers.

I will encourage Eric with this statement, Chase money and not women and the women will chase you.

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Trouble in paradise? Diana Marua deletes Bahati’s photos and unfollows him

Diana Marua has sparked a lot of social media speculation this past week after she deleted Bahatis photos on her Instagram page.

Not only that, but she also changed her bio! For the keen social media observer, most relationship issues are first seen on most people’s social media pages-By the regularity of how much couples post photos of themselves together or the deletion of a partner’s pictures from the other partner’s page.

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A post shared by Miss Dee (@diana_marua)

These two are big indicators of what might be going on behind closed doors. And Diana added the final dagger by also unfollowing her musician husband.

A scroll through Bahati’s Instagram page shows that the artiste himself hasn’t felt the urge to delete his wife’s photos, signaling that he might be in the doghouse with his wife.

While this might seem worrisome to many, I think this is all a celebrity stunt that the couple has dreamed up in order to drive traffic and interest to their social media pages and also generate content for their reality show.

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A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

It all feels scripted. Why would I say that?

Just a few weeks back the couple were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary with Bahati going all out even buying for his wife a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV.

Not only that, the singer took his wife to Zanzibar with the couple looking like they were still in the puppy-love stage of their relationship and couldn’t take their hands off each other.

“Happy to submit to you” Did Diana Marua just divulge the secret to her happy marriage

So this sudden change in Diana is a bit to SUDDEN(for lack of a better word) for me. But I could be wrong. Maybe the Bahati’s are having issues and Diana’s salvos are just the beginning of the end for the celebrity couple.

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A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

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Jacque Maribe’s admission about Eric Omondi calls into question why she got a kid with him

Jacque Maribe recently had a deep interview with True Love magazine. She revealed some intimate information about her relationship with Eric Omondi.

She said that they had had a great relationship with each other for 5 years before they made the decision to start dating.

Jacque admitted that she got pregnant shortly after she began dating Eric but was unsure about what he would do/say.

“By the time we realized that we were expecting, I was very excited. I really wanted a baby and had gone through all the motions of trying to get one. I was at a space where this was what I wanted and was genuinely actively working towards it.”

According to Maribe, at the time Eric had been juggling his career and women – something Maribe was not ready to put up with. That wouldn’t be the worst of her troubles with the father of her son, Zahari.

Eric would later deny that he was the father of her child after one of his friends blurted it out after much speculation about the identity.

While many might empathise with Jacque here on this terrible situation she faced with Eric, I don’t. Why? Simple. She chose the father of her child.

The two had known each other for more than 5 years, plenty of time to vet a potential husband and father of your children.

Most men would sleep with anything ( a sad admission I must admit as a man) and the decision on which man’s seed will propagate (under normal circumstances) is left on the woman.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on

A woman decides the man who will get to pass his genes. She can either not sleep with a man or abort the child if she doesn’t want the child.

In Jacque’s case, she knew what she was getting into when she started dating and sleeping with Eric-It didn’t come as a shock when he acted out who he was. A man who still wasn’t ready to be a father at that time, although that publicly changed last year (lucky for Jacque)

While I might sound harsh on Jacque my reason is simple-Women should choose their husbands and fathers to their kids with wisdom-Men who will not only participate in bedroom gymnastics but also provide, protect and stick around afterwards.

And why does this matter? Don’t deprive your child of a father because you chose poorly for a mate-A deadbeat who only knows how to pump and dump.


But what do I know?

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Amina Mude is lucky to still have Ben Kitili after her colossal blunder a few months ago

Amina Mude and her husband KTN news anchor, Ben Kitili exchanged sweet nothings on Monday, commemorating their 2 year wedding anniversary.

All this didn’t seem possible a few months ago when Amina revealed that she and her man had separated, writing at the time,

“Ben and I are currently ‘separated’. I don’t know what the future holds but am grateful for the beautiful memories and definitely the beautiful kids we made. It’s been one month of pain and tears but I know that one day the light will shine,” wrote Amina Mude.

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A post shared by Mulky (@amina_mude)

But Amina would quickly retract her earlier statement blaming her earlier announcement on a “moment of anger”. She said bloggers blew her statement out of proportion when they reported that the pair had broken up.

“In life it’s very important to own up to your shortcomings! ❤❤❤ Hey babe @benkitili I remember when we got married, you told me ‘listen Mulky after all is said and done, marriage is not a bed of roses’ I just smiled and thought ni zile advise zako mingi za life. But last week it was so clear that you were right, one moment of anger made me write something stupid and the bloggers blew it out of proportion,” wrote Mude.

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A post shared by Mulky (@amina_mude)

She continued: “I have learnt my lessons the hard way. As a wife, it’s my duty to respect and protect my Husband. And so, I want to clear the air, Ben and I are married. He will always be the man I love and honour all the days of my life #learningfrommymistakes #forwardtogether.”

Amina also deleted a significant number of her photos on Instagram, leaving behind posts related to her weight loss journey.

Did she become a Christian while married to Ben Kitili? Amina Mude comes clean

Ben himself has never directly addressed his marriage troubles, it seems that the couple has been working had at maintaining their relationship, something I commend them for.

And why I am writing this article?

To remind men and women that they shouldn’t announce their relationship issues to the on-line in-laws while they are on-going. Do it after you have settled issues and you are at a great place and time-The way Michelle Obama announced the marriage issues that she had had with Barack long after the fact when things were good on the homefront.

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A post shared by Ben Kitili (@benkitili)

The reason I advise this is that some people in Kitili’s scenario would have seen his wife’s confession as the ultimate form of disrespect. Opening up their marriage to the carnivorous public instead of solving their issue behind closed doors.

Amina is lucky that Ben was willing to forgive her moment of “anger” and move on. Some men (and women) would not ignore the slight and instead see it as the end of their relationship.

But I could be wrong.

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Zari, people aren’t mad at you for being fat…it’s for the lying

Zari Hassan has had a great week as far as publicity goes. The most she has probably had in a few years. The reason for that is simple-Her visiting the father of her two kids, Diamond Platnumz.

The socialite took the star’s two kids to meet him two years after he last saw them and many online have gone crazy with the inevitable rumours that they might be getting together.

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Parents, co-parenting #familyreunion

A post shared by Zarithebosslady (@zarithebosslady) on

But that hasn’t been the only topic that has fascinated some about her visit. Keen observers have noted that she looks very different in person and without filters than she does on her Instagram photos.

The main complaint from those who have criticised her is that she looks much bigger and older(even being compared to Diamond’s aunty) than she does on her Instagram photos.

But Zari isn’t taking any of the “hate” and had responded saying that she will not be living her life to impress social media users but herself! For this reason, she will not be shedding any weight just to prove a point.

In a video shared on Snapchat, Zari explained that she put on weight as a result of staying indoors for five months due to the lock-down in South Africa.

The businesswoman noted that it is easy for her to lose weight and trolls should mind their own business.

I used to work out but saa hizi kuna watu wanaumwa eti Zari Kanenepa, it’s so easy to put on weight, and it easy for me to lose the weight. Sasa hapo ulipo kama unaumwa because of my weight sijui. I’m the one who is putting on the weight, you are the one who is having a headache or the pain. I don’t understand how? When people are skinny, they have HIV, they are stressing an all that, but when people are fat, ooh she is so ugly, shapeless or whatever. I am beautiful in my own skin whether am skinny or fat. And me being beautiful is not just about my size, lot of things contribute to me being beautiful. So let people be, who they wanna be if am putting on weight am gonna work on it.

While her response might be effective for some, it is a strawman. Many of the people aren’t complaining about the weight gain but her posting/sharing images that don’t correspond to what she looks like right now.

Simply put-She lied. Social media followers have a bond with the people they follow. Most of them come to expect a level of honesty with the person they are following-A realness from them.

While that notion might be naive’ it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Many of her fans and followers are wondering whether the Zari they can trust the things that she posts? If her photos aren’t apropos to how she looks now, then what does she share that is real and true?

That is the question for many of her critics. Weight gain has happened to many in Covid, it is understood. The lying about it is what many have a problem with.

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The weekend is here but with nowhere to go #SaLockdown day 100

A post shared by Zarithebosslady (@zarithebosslady) on

But I could be wrong.

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What is considered a taboo among Kisii community

There are some acts considered to be a taboo among the kisii community. They are as follows;

Circumcised boys going to master bedroom

They believe that once a boy is circumcised, they should not go to their parents bedroom and even their sister’s bedroom.

This shows that once the act is done the boys are mature enough and so they should respect some areas to visit.

At this point the boys are expected to behave in a more mature way and expect their young ones to respect them.

Girls wearing trousers 

This is considered to be disrespectful if girls wear trousers, more so those tight ones that shows off their curves. The Kisii man is not supposed to see how blessed you are.

Bizzare African traditions that will leave you in shock -Photos

Mothers should not dine in their daughters houses

It is a taboo for mother to enter especially her married daughters house. She also shouldn’t eat chicken at her daughters house as it makes one to be seen as corrupt.

Also going to her daughters house is considered to be a sign of disrespect to their daughters and thus like seeing their daughter’s nakedness.

Fathers too are not expected to set their feet in their married sons houses as it is considered as going to bed with their daughters in-law.

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Visiting mother in-laws all the time

Once a young man marries he is not allowed to be frequently visiting his mother in-law all the time as it is considered to be a sign of disrespect to the family.

Unless the situation is unavoidable like funerals or sickness.

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Will a new pregnancy save Dj Mo and Size 8’s marriage?

Gospel singer Linet Munyali alias Size 8 and her husband Dj Mo have had probably the toughest year since they got married more than 7 years ago.

Their marriage was rocked by a terrible scandal after Dj Mo was accused of cheating on his wife with a particular socialite.

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❤️ Hako ka juice Ndio tunafford leo 😂

A post shared by Dj Mo Topadetop (@djmokenya) on

At the time many wondered whether the couple would split up but Size 8 rubbished those claims and said that she would be sticking with the father of her two kids.

But a few weeks later there was speculation that the couple might be pondering having another kid after one of their reality TV shows on YouTube aired.

In the show, Dj Mo had just finished apologising to his wife for all the shame that he had caused her. According to Mo, he wanted to spend his life with the mother of his children forever. “I love you so much. I want to be with you forever. You crash my heart. I am very sorry about how I talked to you…Hurt you. All I want you to know is I love you,” he said.

Why are female celebs like Betty Bayo advising Size 8 to stay married to Dj Mo?

But he didn’t finish there, the gospel DJ asked his wife if she would want to have another kid but she was quick to say no. “No. Let us stay together but other children no. Do not try giving me another child,” responded Size 8. Responding to his wife, the father of two said he wanted two more but she was not ready to hear any of that.

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Success card coming soon 😂

A post shared by Dj Mo Topadetop (@djmokenya) on

What is interesting to me about this whole back and forth is the role reversal going on here. Many times it is often the wives who want to get more kids in marriages. That Mo was the one suggesting shows me one thing about him.

I think the Dj sees getting more kids as a path to securing his marriage and getting it back on track. I also think that the Dj is befuddled on how to get the stink away from his cheating scandal and desperately needs some good news to make many forget about his past indiscretions.

And would getting more kids make many forget about his cheating? No, but they would probably forgive him. Would getting more kids fix the problems in their marriage? I don’t think so and I believe Size 8 knows as much-Their issues aren’t children-based.

The biggest issue I think that Mo is facing is that he isn’t attracted to his wife anymore, something the socialite who exposed him alluded to.

And I don’t think the Dj will ever(can ever) admit as such to himself, something that will be the biggest stumbling block to their marriage.

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The reason Diamond Platnumz’s mom will never blame him for his relationship failures

That Diamond Platnumz’s relationships at most times end horribly isn’t something shocking to many. The man has 3 baby mamas at the moment and is lucky that he hasn’t gotten many more up to now.

Scratch that. In the past, the “African Beauty” singer has opened up about having a girl with an unidentified woman that he never saw again!

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So that means that the singer has 5 kids with 4 different women, sort of competing with American rapper Future who has 6 kids with 6 different women. But I digress.

That isn’t the worst part about his relationships with the 3 baby mamas that we know about-All of them have complained in the past about his lack of support for his own kids.

This has even led Hamisa Mobetto, one of his baby mamas to take him to court while Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna have both used the court of public opinion to plead their case about Diamond’s bad behaviour.

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On this very day, October 2nd, 2019… Allah blessed me with the best gift I could’ve ever asked for… After almost 20 hours of active labour, almost 11 months later, you were still too comfy in mommy’s tummy, didnt wanna come out, but before we knew it, you blessed us with your presence as you came into this world… Words can not express how proud I am to be your mother, how much I enjoy taking care of you, and I surely hope you will enjoy your little bday party today as we come together to Thank Allah that you turned 1 today. You’re so smart & intelligent, so kind & caring, always smiling & happy, you taught me what love is, you taught me forgiveness, you taught me not to hold grudges, you taught me to be the best mother I can possibly be, you taught me to work hard, you taught me all this by simply being here. Im not perfect, but for you I try to be the best person I can possibly be… Your smile gives me eternal peace, your presence gives me unmeasurable happiness. May Allah bless you & in many more ways in the years to come & always know that mommy got your back no matter what. @naseeb.junior @naseeb.junior 🥰😇 (Turning 1 photoshoot otw)

A post shared by Tanasha Donna (@tanashadonna) on

And this behaviour really sickens me. Diamond’s coldness to his kids, much less his baby mamas is uncalled for. The man is a superstar singer with a rumoured wealth of more than $5 million dollars(500M shillings).

He doesn’t need to be stingy with his own flesh and blood. But what shocks me more than that is that his mother, Sanura Kassim has never called him out about his behaviour.

And I am not talking about his rampant philandering. I am talking about her calling him out about the way he treats his kids.

Don’t forget that Sanura herself was abandoned by Diamond’s father when he was young. She herself struggled to raise Diamond and his siblings alone! A stable family unit has been shown by data to be the best environment for a kid to grow up in.

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Na Baba zangu..❤

A post shared by Sandrah…! (@mama_dangote) on

Why isn’t she more aggressive in advising her son to be more involved with his kids? As most of you know, as Mama Chibu goes, so does Chibu.

Tanasha’s latest confession proves Diamond can’t have a long-term relationship (opinion)

Bringing me finally to my burning question, “Why doesn’t she call out her own son?” I have two possible reasons;

The first is that she does do it but in private. But I highly doubt that considering the common sentiment from all his baby mamas that she is overbearing. If that is true(which I believe it is) then Diamond would be the consummate father, one to be praised and lauded.

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A post shared by SIMBA..!🦁 (@diamondplatnumz) on

The second and the one I believe might be true is that in Diamond, Sandra sees her best work-the epitome of her motherhood.

But with that also comes the blinders to the bad behaviour in him, something that would make her question her own opinion of how she raised Chibu-In her son she sees herself(her mirror image).

Question is how can she criticise that which she is?

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Ben Pol converting to Islam proves that his marriage to Anerlisa is over

Tanzanian RnB singer Bernard Paul Mnyang’anga popularly known as Ben Pol has converted to Islam last week. His new name is Behnam Paul Mnyang’anga.


The news was a shock to many who hadn’t seen his move coming. The closest people had seen of his state of mind was when he left a cryptic message asking for his followers to pray for him back in August.

He had written, ”I think it’s time to take care of myself and put myself first. If you are trying to reach me at this time, I’m so sorry. I will contact you. I need some cleansing to do. God bless.” he wrote.

Was his conversion the cleansing he needed after the craziness that his marriage was going through? And will it have an adverse effect on the relationship that for all intents and purposes is on its deathbed?

Why Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s marriage drama was to be expected

I think it will…A quick backstory.

Before their private wedding in June this year, they had been dating for more than one year and hardly a day passed before they documented their love journey on their social platforms.

Then they got married in a glorious church wedding officiated by a priest. But not long afterward Anerlisa left her followers in confusion after she deleted the photos that she had taken with her Tanzanian husband Ben Pol and unfollowed him on Instagram.

Ben countered by deleting her photos on his Instagram page. However, he still followed her amid rumours of a breakup. (However, I don’t know if he is still following her and I am too unbothered to check that out at the moment).

A few weeks later Anerlisa disclosed that she wasn’t on good terms with Ben after she had received a call from someone asking her if she was aware of what her husband was doing on an Instagram live.

“Somebody called asking if I was aware that “my husband” was live talking things she couldn’t understand, she even sent me screenshots. Unfortunately, I never got to watch but just to make it clear that we are not in good terms. I am a person who likes to protect my image and all I know is that I like being respected and any husband should do that.”

Her message was the only public announcement by the Keroche heiress that things weren’t well on the home front.

All these to say what? Ben’s move shows a man fighting to not only remain independent but show that he is still his own man.

That the couple got married under the Christian religion less than 6 months ago and then changed to become a Muslim, shows me that their relationship is unsalvageable.

A religious change in a marriage is one of the most important topics in any marriage and should be something done (I think) with the other partner’s agreement.

Where was Anerlisa in his new decision? His new Islamic conversion shows a man who is living life to the beat of his own drum and he ain’t looking back, showing me a man who has nothing to lose. You can’t lose that which is already lost-His marriage…

But I could be wrong and the couple are still as lovey-dovey as they were in the past.

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Bridget Shighadi’s loud silence over Nick Mutuma’s abuse allegations is troubling

Nick Mutuma has been in the news this past month for two things. The first and precursor to the second one was the news that his new movie, Sincerely Daisy would be the 3rd Kenyan movie broadcast on Netflix.

While the news might have been a great win for many, there are those who saw it as an opportunity to dredge up Nick’s past.

The actor had previously been accused of sexual abuse by one lady in 2017-a story that threatened to derail his career. The issue seemed to die down after Nick claimed that he had settled the affair with the accuser.

But it seems that this skeleton will not rest as this new achievement was met with derision and opposition by some in the film industry.

It even led to the trending hashtag #BoycottNickMutuma with some influential media personalities like Patricia Kihoro coming out to say that she will no longer work with him.

Nick Mutuma’s film “Sincerely Daisy” 3rd Kenyan film to premiere on Netflix

Via Twitter, Patricia said she supported calls to boycott the actor and music producer Jaaz Odongo, who was also accused of sexual assault.

“I will not work with him(Nick), or any other abuser, and will not amplify projects that he or any other abuser is involved in, whether or not I am a part of it.”

According to the singer-cum- actress, she got the conviction to take the stand after having a conversation with Nick,

Nick himself issued a statement after the hashtag trended saying that the allegations have affected his family and continue to affect those in his personal and professional life.

However, the statement did not directly address specific claims that were made by the alleged victims.

In the statement, he also pointed out that he didn’t want his silence over the matter to be misinterpreted as guilt or complacency.

What is interesting for me is that his partner and mother of his only kid, actress Bridget Shighadi has been largely silent over the allegations. She has not spoken about the topic or defended her man’s name in public.

One of the only statements that look like a subtle acknowledgment of her man’s predicament was a note she wrote in Swahili on her Instagram page. Her caption read;

Binadamu ni wale wale, wakiona nyota yako imeanza kungaa kuzidi yao ndio watajaribu kuizima, hawaelewi kuwa hizi baraka zote Mungu ndio anapeana. 🕊(Human beings are the same everywhere. When they see your star shining more than yours, they try to dim it. They don’t understand that all these blessings are from God).

While I am not privy to the intimate on-goings in the couple’s life, her lack of direct support for her man is not a good look.

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Sorry Dua, he was mine first 🙃 (Girls with their daddies 🙄) Happy birthday baby @nickmutuma ❤️

A post shared by Bridget Shighadi (@bridgetshighadi) on

Even after Dj Mo’s alleged cheating scandal the past month, Size 8 closed ranks with her husband and has publicly supported him.

The same can be said for Terrence Creative after his cheating scandal last year. His wife Milly Chebby took a public stand supporting her man despite all the bad press they were getting.

My question is simple? Why is Bridget so silent about the accusations that are being waged on the father of her only child?

Why isn’t she at the front of the line speaking about her man’s character attributes and disputing all the previous allegations?

Her silence in his time of need (when he needed his partner’s support above all else) is a crimson flag for me. I could go further into the conversation but I will leave it at that for now…

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