SO SAD: 25-year-old Bar Stabbed To Death By Lover In West Pokot

A 25 year-old bar attendant was stabbed to death in Makutano town, West Pokot by her lover after the two quarreled on Friday night.

Area OCPD Anthony Wanjuu said Becky Ekidor was stabbed on the left side of her abdomen before being dumped by the roadside.

“This was after she was chased away from her place of work by the man who was identified as Cock Barasa,” he said.

“The suspect was drinking at the bar when he all over a sudden turned against the woman. The patrons fled after the suspect removed a knife from his jacket pocket.”

He said Becky managed to escape but was pursued by the suspect who reportedly stabbed her outside the bar.

The body was taken to Kapenguria county hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

The OCPD urged all bar owners to be screening their customers before they gain entry into the premises.

“It seems like the suspect had planned to murder the lady because he was armed with a knife while in the bar,” Wanjuu said.


Gilgil MP dumps hubby says, women are not your punching bags

Men!! Men!! Men!! How many times will you see your wives, girlfriends and lovers as punching bags, sex slaves and providers?

They say men are more emotional than women, the only difference is that they rarely show their weak side. But my question is, if they are more emotional, why do they hurt women so badly and act heartless and insensitive?

Gilgil MP Martha Wangari who has been married for five years is a victim of an emotional and physical abusive marriage and divorces husband who is accused of domestic violence, lack support, infidelity, death threats.

“I loved this man, and I have given this relationship my all but the physical violence has gotten to a point I know I will be killed. And it was better for me to walk out of the relationship than die and leave my children,” she told the Nairobian.

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

She has been providing for her children and for the husband and all the husband did was track her phone, car, emails, sell her vehicles, have an affair with her secretary and beat her in public.

“He started dating my secretary behind my back and had a baby with her. Her child and my child were born four months apart. If i asked him such a disrespectful thing as sleeping with and impregnating my secretary, he would turn abusive.” she told the Nairobian.

Her story is a wake up call to all women going through the same situation and it teaches that one can preserve pain for long but not forever.

It is high time women understand that they don’t have to be in such relationships and let go of men that treat them like trash and see them as worthless beings. If Zari Hassan and Martha Wangari can do it, so can you.


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Gay Dad Given 18 Months After Being Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

One of Britain’s first gay fathers has been given just 18 months to live after being diagnosed with throat cancer, his daughter has revealed.

Tony Drewitt-Barlow, from Essex, made history in 2000 by becoming the first same-sex surrogate parent in Britain along with his partner Barrie.

But he is now facing a slim chance of survival after aggressive throat cancer from more than a decade ago returned.

The fatal diagnosis has been revealed by his 18-year-old daughter Saffron – who has been described as the ‘ultimate daddy’s girl’ after the couple lavished her with gifts and a £5,000-per-month allowance.

The disease is said to have reappeared despite several rounds of chemotherapy – with the ‘whole side of his face gone’.

Women Prefer Gay Porn To ‘Female-Friendly’ Straight Porn, Says Survey

Tony is now waiting to have an operation in Florida, where the millionaire couple live with their five children for half the year.

Doctors fear that sepsis could set in but he is on antibiotics in a bid to keep the risk of infection down.

Saffron told the Sun: ‘They’ve given him 18 months to live if he doesn’t have the operation. If he has the op, there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll live.

‘We’re all devastated. My Daddy (Barrie) never shows emotions but he is completely beside himself.

Night runners president protests the massive killing of animals they use for their activities

The night runners “president” has protested against the “massive” hunting of animals they use for their activities.

Jack Songo from Ndhiwa constituency, Homa Bay county, has accused the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Kenya Forest Service officers of being asleep on the job.

He said wild animals at Ruma National Park are diminishing fast.

Songo said they have tried to reach out to the KWS so they can work together to protect the animals, but they have not reached an agreement.

He said they are keeping a few animals, such as hyenas, in caves.

National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1
National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1

‘Fans are begging me not to sell my kidney,’ whispers broke news anchor, Swaleh Mdoe

Asked how he feeds the hyenas, Songo said, “I’m not in a position to reveal that. If you want to know much about a place have a visit to the the place,” Songi said.

But yesterday Homa Bay Deputy KWS warden Grace Wendot said people who are allowed to keep wildlife are licenced by the KWS after they apply for permits.

The KWS then assesses their farms and are only issued with permits to keep wild animals if they meet all the requirements.

“We have not received any communication or request from Songo. Anyone found with wild animals without a permit will be prosecuted,” she said.

Songo on Tuesday said the number of hyenas, baboons, some species of monkeys, snakes and other reptiles have drastically reduced due to illegal hunting.

“I feel exited while competing with wild animals at night. My duty is to ensure animals such as hyenas are fed and safe in the forest,” he said.

Songo is the National Right Runners president, which has more than one million registered members across the country.

Songo said the KWS officers has allowed hunters to invade the park and kill the animals they use in their “calling”.

He also accused the KFS officials of allowing residents to cut trees and clear bushes, which the animals shelter in.

Songioo said hunters should be stopped since they are a major threat to their activities.

Lillian Muli shows you how to dress your baby bump

National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1
National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1
“We want both the national and the county governments to guard the animals we use in our activities. Hunting in this region has become too much,” he said.

Songioo said hunters kill any animal they come across, even those they do not eat like snakes.

In addition, their natural habitats are disrupted when residents clear bushes.

He said something needs to be done urgently to stop this practice.

Songo urged village elders, chiefs, the KWS and the KFS to protect forests and wildlife.

He said deforestation has led to human-wildlife conflicts. He gave an example of the recent invasion by monkeys to farms and homes in Nyarongi village in Migori.

“I do not see anything wrong with the monkeys invading farms. This is because residents have cleared vegetation and they have nothing to feed on in the forest,” Songo said.

Songo dismissed rumours that he received threats from Homa Bay leaders and elders to stop the night running.

Songo, who is married and is a father of two, said he is the only one from his family who is involved in the activity.

– The Star/ Habil Onyango

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‘I was so nervous and tense,’ Mr Seed talks about his proposal

Love is in the air. Gospel singer Mr Seed proposed to long-term girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri at a Valentine’s dinner organised by Bountiful Safaris for gospel artistes and their significant others.

“Before proposing, I sought the counsel of my friends who are already married. DJ Mo was one of them, and even on the day before I went on one knee, he showed me what to do. This is a big step I have made, and with God, everything is possible.”

The celebrity-studded dinner was graced by the who is who in the gospel entertainment circles, but the highlight of the night was the surprise proposal by Mr Seed. In attendance were Size 8, DJ Mo, comedian Njugush, Abel Mutua, Guardian Angel and Betty Kyallo.

“The dinner was at Azure Resort in Westlands, I planned the proposal on the day. I was so nervous and tense, my stomach had butterflies. She was so surprised. Alilia,” Mr Seed said.

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

Mr Seed, who is currently dominating the airwaves with the hit song “Oyoyo”, went on one knee after a romantic dinner with Gachuiri and asked, “Will you marry me?” She said, “Yes!”

The emotional Gachuiri broke down in tears as the singer serenaded her with lyrics from “Oyoyo”.

“We have not yet set the date for the wedding, but when I do, you will know,” Mr Seed said. “She is so happy right now, her parents are also so happy.”

The event took place the same day fellow gospel singer Bahati welcomed his child Heaven Bahati with Diana Marua. From Word Is, we wish the couple all the best in their impending

Check out some of the photos

Mr Seed proposal

Mr Seed proposal

Mr Seed proposal

Kagwe Mungai is super excited about the new Songa by safaricom app

Safaricom on Monday launched a new music streaming service called ‘Songa’, which offers customers music at a fee and artistes a marketing platform.

In an interview with, Kagwe Mungai gave his two cents about the new music app in town Songa, stating that if one can easily access his music, then it’s definitely a good idea.

“The easier the access the better. At the end of the day, you want as many people to hear your music as possible. If there are people working hard to make that possible, then I think it’s a good thing.”

Customers can download the music app by simply dialing *812#.


‘I used to sleep at the bar counter,’ Jimwat talks about his addiction

Meanwhile, Taurus Musik is proud to present the latest single from the Kenyan lover boy Kagwe featuring Nigerian sensational songtress Niniola titled ‘Till The End’.

Kagwe Mungai is best known for his great jams like Creeper, African Lady, Give It To Me featuring King Kaka, Nyumbani featuring Alicios among others. He is also known for producing hit songs like Kama Kawaida, Sauti Sol’s Nishike, Biggest Fan and Doctor amongst others.

Niniola is a Nigerian based songstress who is well known for her powerful vocals and her hit songs like Maradona and Sicker.

The song is a lovely infusion of west and east African love brought out in the very passionate lyrics. It speaks about undying love in a relationship and the willingness to be together till the end.

The video was shot by West Africa’s renowned director Stanz Visuals.

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‘Fans are begging me not to sell my kidney,’ whispers broke news anchor, Swaleh Mdoe

Kenyans woke up to the news that their favourite TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe is broke and in need of financial assistance, ASAP.

Speaking to Word Is, Swaleh said, “Yes, I’m broke and that is a fact of life. I have pressing financial issues that need to be resolved and the bank cannot top up and help me.”

Lillian Muli shows you how to dress your baby bump

The Citizen Swahili news anchor has decided to sell one of his kidneys in the hopes that he will get some money in return.

Swaleh’s phone has been ringing nonstop this whole morning with people calling out of curiosity and some sympathising with his plight.

“I cannot even talk to you for long because my phone has been ringing since morning. Everyone is sympathising with my problem but no one has sent even a shilling. Some are asking me to give them a paybill number but I cannot. I don’t have the time to come up with one. Others are asking me not to sell my kidney,” Swaleh said.

Swaleh-Mdoe (1)

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

Asked why he would resort to such a drastic measure to get money?

Swaleh said, “Why go and steal and get caught in the process yet I can sell my kidney. It is not illegal.”

Swaleh refused to explain what the nature of his financial issue is but insisted that the timelines for his need for the money is “as soon as next week.”

If you need to get in touch with Swaleh Mdoe call him on 0722733130.

Tafakari hayo.

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Lillian Muli shows you how to dress your baby bump

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lillian Muli has proven that getting pregnant is not the time to look shoddy and unkempt.

She has kept her stylish ‘A’ game on flick, as she goes around upgrading her wardrobe, beating her face to perfection and getting the best wigs money can buy.

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

City women, listen up. Getting pregnant is not a ticket to slacken on your fashion and self care.

It is a time to glow and look gorgeous.

Lillian Muli has had a hard time online with trolls attacking her left, right and centre.

She quotes popular author, Wale Akinyemi, “Everybody will call you a celebrity the day you see yourself as a celebrity you are on your way down. Don’t be deceived by what people call celebrity you need to have substance.” 


Adding, “If you are going to succeed you must have deaf ears and thick Skin. There is a difference between feedback and criticism some people will criticize you as an attempt to feel better about their own insecurities. Don’t pay attention to them don’t let your vision be clouded by Noise.”

Check out photos of Lillian Muli dressing her baby bump.








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‘I used to sleep at the bar counter,’ Jimwat talks about his addiction

Celebrated Genge rapper James Mburu, popularly known as Jimwat, has opened up about how he struggled with alcoholism back when his star was still rising.

The rapper, who is well known for his hit songs ‘Sitoi Kitu Kidogo’ and ‘Under 18’, revealed that he was at the darkest moment of his life. His close friends turned into foes after his health and financial status deteriorated.

To make matters worse, the one-time poster boy for Calif Records changed his lifestyle, spending time in clubs and and bars to the extent of sleeping at the bar counter.

“I used to smile but deep down I was suffering, and that’s when I realised I did not have real friends around me, I had fake friends,” Jimwat said, speaking exclusively to Word Is.
“I had 1,000 friends before things went south. They all disappeared and ignored my phone calls. Soon as they start seeing my posters as I try to make a comeback, they have now started crawling back.”

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

JimwattJimwat said he is working on a song that is based on his real-life experience. “The thing is, I used to spend a lot of cash in the bar compared to my monthly rent,” he said.

“Also, I used to spend more time in the bar than at my place. At times, I never even used to go home, since I would sleep on the bar counter. It was that bad,” added the father of one.

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Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

So, you have all heard that Citizen TV news anchor, Lillian Muli is very pregnant for Shabana FC Boss, Jared Nevaton.

Lillan was first to flaunt their relationship on social media a while back.

She wrote:

“Look how he looks at me.”

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton

In another social media post, she wrote


Fisi Hodari! Kilifi men blasted for using relief money for sex and alcohol

And posted a number of their photos looking all loved up.

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton
Now, their relationship seems to have advanced and the couple is now expecting a new born in a few months time.

The Nairobian caught up with Nevaton who is currently in London on business and asked if he is the father to Lillian’s tot.

“What sort of nonsense is that don’t ask me stupid questions. Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together. This is very personal information,” Nevaton told Nairobian.

This Valentine’s day letter will make you laugh and fall in love all over again

 Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton

Nevaton added, “Yes, when your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? We are very [much] together. I don’t think my personal life should be in the public domain.”

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Women with asthma struggle more to become pregnant, research suggests.

Women with asthma struggle more to become pregnant, research suggests. But using long-acting steroid inhalers removed the problem, scientists found.

Those with asthma took 20 per cent longer to conceive, according to a study of 5,000 women in Britain, Ireland and Australia.
And they were 40 per cent more likely to be classed as infertile defined as having unsuccessfully tried for a baby for more than a year.

Long-acting steroid inhalers brown inhalers used on a regular basis resulted in asthmatic patients conceiving as quickly as healthy women.

Blessings Galore! An emotional KTN news anchor Zubeida Koome welcomes Valentine baby

But women who only used blue inhalers the emergency devices which remove symptoms in the case of an asthma attack – saw no benefit to their conception speed.

The scientists from the University of Adelaide, writing in the European Respiratory Journal, said the inflammation that triggers asthma is the most likely explanation for a reduction in fertility. They believe the inflammation may also affect the reproductive system.

Lead researcher Dr Luke Grzeskowiak said: “There is plenty of evidence that maternal asthma has a negative impact on the health of pregnant mothers and their babies, and so our general advice is that women should take steps to get their asthma under control before trying to conceive.

“What we don’t yet know is exactly how asthma or asthma treatments lead to fertility problems. As well as affecting the lungs, asthma could cause inflammation elsewhere in the body, including the uterus. It could also affect the health of eggs in the ovaries. Inhaled corticosteroids suppress the immune system, whereas short-acting asthma treatments do not alter immune function. In women who are only using relievers it’s possible that, while their asthma symptoms may improve, inflammation may still be present in the lungs and other organs in the body.”

Zari Hassan proves to women that you don’t need a cheating man. She publicly dumps Diamond

Dr Erika Kennington, head of research of Asthma UK, said: “This study shines a light on how vital it is that people with asthma take their preventative brown inhaler.

For the three million women in the UK who have asthma, this will not only build up protection over time in their airways, preventing them from having a potentially fatal asthma attack, but this study suggests it also means their fertility will be less likely to be affected.

We’d encourage everyone with asthma to take all their medicines including their preventer inhaler.

We’d advise women with asthma who are trying for a baby, to ensure they get their asthma under control and to speak to their doctor if they don’t have a preventer inhaler.”

Dr Grzeskowiak added: “Five to ten per cent of all women around the world have asthma and it is one of the most common chronic medical conditions in women of reproductive age. Several studies have identified a link between asthma and female infertility but the impact of asthma treatments on fertility has been unclear. Studying the effect of asthma treatments in women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant is important as women often express concerns about exposing their unborn babies to potentially harmful effects of medications.”

© Daily Mail

Popopopo come again selector! Sistren Joyce Omondi does reggae

Gospel singer Joyce Omondi is known for her soft tunes, inspirational, and sweet touching songs. Now, that has been kept on the side for a moment.

Joyce has gone hardcore reggae and nobody expected it.

She has released a new reggae song titled Jabali which is her third single off her second album Spirit Vs Soul, which was released in October 2017.


DJ Mo ate money for my aging dad and siblings cries upcoming artiste Nexxie

Jabali which means rock, in English is inspired by the book of Psalms 20:7 & Psalm 91 which is declaration of faith, trust and hope in God.

“I love reggae, so I had to have a reggae track on this album,” says Joyce, “But as with all my music, beyond the beat and the skillful musicianship, the content and the Spirit behind the song are what make Jabali special.”

Jabali was released on February 7, 2018 and has been getting great comments and responses. The song was produced by Dominic Khameba and the video directed by Trey Juelz.

Check it out.

This Is What Joyce Omondi Said About Her Hubby’s Parents That Left People’s Blood Boiling

Fans gave their comments on Joyce’s new style of music.

Arther Mumhazha: Thank you for this beautiful track. Glory to the Living God. May the LORD bless you and take you far.

Jane Watetu: Wow nice I looooove the content the word,the video,the make up,the vocals, the arrangement, the true gospel of Christ purely word.

Julie Mariga: Very beautiful… I love the creativity in the song…the dynamics are good.

Michael Ludenyo: Hard work pays, backed up with prayer and anointing. Kazi poa Joyce, a good song to start off the year.

Peris Njoki: For the lack of better words dear Joyce Waihiga…splendid, magnificent, excellent, glorious, superb work…always looking forward to your new songs…am spellbound!

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Fisi Hodari! Kilifi men blasted for using relief money for sex and alcohol

The county steering committee is investigating a report that some men are misusing cash meant for families affected by famine in Kwale county.

The Chakula kwa Jamii Programme was started last year in December and more than 34,000 vulnerable households have benefited from it.

These families receive a monthly stipend of Sh 2,300.

‘Sponsors Wanakutumia Tu!’ Nyashinski Warns Girls In New Valentine’s Day Song

The women complained that, some men were spending the money on other women and alcohol instead of buying food for their families.

More than 13 counties in arid and semi arid areas are set to benefit from the cash. Those in arid areas will get Sh 3,000 and semi-arid areas Sh 2,300.

The target population is 1.6 million at a budget of Sh1.8 billion this year.

However, it has emerged that the money does not serve the intended purpose of helping avert hunger in affected families as it’s being misused.

City woman tells Maina Kageni, ‘These Kenyan men do not understand the meaning of love!’

County commissioner Karuku Ngumo said on Tuesday that, families should ensure they use the money effectively to serve it’s intended purpose.

Ngumo said by spending the money properly, the families will be showing appreciation to the government for the initiative.

“This initiative is a major shift from giving out relief food which is slow and costly due to the bureaucracy involved in procuring and distribution process, let’s put the cash in good use,” he said.

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Gospel stars advice DJ Mo after he is accused for asking for a bribe

Gospel artistes ad DJ have run to the defense of DJ Mo after upcoming artiste Nexxie called him out for asking for a bribe and not honouring an agreement of pushing his music on air.

“I was promised “a raise to stardom” in a period of two months with consistent airplays on high rotation and exposure through interviews. I lost my mum when I was only 13 years of age, and since then I promised myself to take care of my now aging father and siblings. So when this opportunity came my way, I had to do all I can in order to raise the amount including not paying rent for that month and skipping some meals. To me, it was not just 20,000; it was my whole life,” Nexxie said. 

dkkwenyebeatDK Kwenye Beat who is also mentioned as part of the “Gospel Cartel” who extorted Nexxie also spoken out saying, “NEXXIE Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it. @djmokenya You are a mentor who sees more talent and ability within Anyone DESPITE Anything. GOD BLESS YOU.”

Read Nexxie’s allegations here:

DJ Mo ate money for my aging dad and siblings cries upcoming artiste Nexxie

DJ MoDJ Mo claims that Nexxie was used by his detractors to set him up. and that the said Ksh 20,000 was refunded back to Nexxie’s manager.

“Once again, I don’t ask artistes for money to play their music. I and other leading DJs know what ills the Gospel industry and one of them is back handedness where artist will do anything to get airplay whether the music is bad quality or has no message of hope, salvation, Joy and Love as expected by the standards of the faith we stand for. To avoid such traps where I am independent, I do not take money for artists. Period. If money is sent to me so as to push a song on any of my platforms, I refund it. The screenshots above are evidence of that,” DJ MO said.

Here are reactions to the same by gospel artistes and DJs.

xtiandela: It’s sad that the same people you want to help are the same people wanting to bring you down. He wanted fame, let’s give it to him. Let’s see how long he will last. Let’s give him fame on social media and fame at the police station and as well at the courts. It’s high time we stopped such people. I am with you 100% on this!!!

ga_mic: We know your standards @djmokenya you don’t have to defend yourself over cheap malice emanating from and ignorant sycophant…youve raised many and continue to do the same…leave chicks to fly with chicks… You know your lane and speaks for itself… Keep up the gd work and move forward…

mcpricekenya: He has the wrong mindset, his heart yearns for the wrong things. I wonder which deejay will play his music. Ata kama ni kutafuta kiki, kiki hutafutwa na walio inuka kijina,nexxie make a brand before you start playing showbiz games

‘I will not tolerate jokers,’ Mheshimiwa Jaguar revives beef with Babu Owino

nexxievirginia_lyyn: @djmokenya izi vitu ndogo ndogo shouldnt make your anger overreact. He’s only human and we all sin differently so I don’t see why you should address the issue in public like that. Do you gain anything out of it? Do you think this is part of spreading the gospel? Just take it down man. He might have wronged you but don’t let your anger lead you to lay low for such a shallow issue. There’s more to life than this man! We dealing with more serious issues than this.

guardianangelglobal: Nexxie, @djmokenya Has played our music for over 6 years and more to those who came before us we know him dont try to introduce us to him. TABIA MBAYA WEWE!

weezdommusic: It so sad to see upcoming artists wa raundi hii wanataka shortcuts kuinuka… Hawataki kutia bidii hawataki kujituma maze..kutrend tu ndio wanadai…Usijali bro @djmokenya.


djshiti_trhk: Coz nimerealize nikihusle Juu chini ili nivuke Border kama @jaguarkenya wananigeukia please nisign tu nausinilipe kitu.

carolemidecha: Nexie goback to the studio and make music,no matter how long it takes if it’s good utakuwa famous, otherwise ukristo hauna can’t be famous trying to bring other people down.

mrbiz: Sorry by what is the issue here? In my opinion if you come to a professional for advice you should pay and you should expect to be charged. Nothing is free. I commend MO for returning the money but my brother in future if someone comes to you for advice (consultation) please bring out an invoice and charge! You did not work so hard to give away your knowledge for free.

Sitaki mama yangu! Teenager hangs self after being denied chance to live with her dad

nexxie1owinowayne: On a technical note, the cash was sent in July 2017, but refunded in September 2017.

eastafricanbeast: DJ Mo, most of these so called stupid artist don’t even have a talent sorry to say but say the truth and ashamed the devil this cheap artist think we woke up and made a name haha shame upon them tunawapatia another 20 years try and become and let’s wait and see personally DJ MO was the first mentor DJ to hold my hand so its such a shame to artist who go around turninshing peoples names for cheap amounts 20k now go and pay it somewhere else and get the airplay nkt! DJ Mo, I also stopped being good because you help them today kesho wanakuweka Ghafla walete ustar because anyway they don’t matter actually they are jealous of your success and brand be careful bro these upcoming and untalented artist just want to be famous desperately but they are not ready to pay the price tell whoever that artist is to work for the next 20years and let’s see if atatoboa na hiyo ufala we have seen it all but we are always humble but I assure u no one is going to take our kindness for weakness and personally I will take this issue to the next level tuone atakama atapata airplay in this town nkt! We are Christians but msituletee ufala.

dharma_jo: I’ve read and re-read this post more than 100 times just to understand why someone would allow themselves to be used to take other people down. Honestly, are we this greedy for fame? What breaks my heart is that all these is happening in the industry that’s supposed to spread the love of God. Atee, your going down will make me a hit *sigh*. I’m dumbfounded to be honest. I hope the fame you wanted was worth it.

carlos__ace: By venting out you are playing right into his trap… God’s grace is sufficient and will get you through any tribulations. we believe in you.

janosano: It would have been easier if you just refunded him directly…. Like he sent you directly. But then again … none of my business 😷😷.

Tobbyneema: We need people who can give us hope like you @djmokenya and @size8reborn you really inspire me a lot I pray for you… Let not the devil bring your ministry down,

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Let school kids sleep. Tafadhalini – Sonko shouts at DJs

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has backed the arrest last weekend of DJs in various clubs for “noise pollution”.

Posting on social media, he urged the DJs to respect the hustle of schoolchildren and hardworking Nairobians who need to rest. All he asks of the DJs is to avoid violating rights of people, especially in residential areas.

He said: “The issue of arrest and harassment of DJs has come to my attention. I appreciate youths trying to make a living. However, DJs especially in the residential areas, should not violate the rights of Nairobians to a good working and living environment. Watoto wa shule and hard working Nairobians should be allowed to have a peaceful night so as to have productive days.

‘What Is 20,000 To Me?’ DJ Mo Refutes Claims He Was Paid To Play Upcoming Artiste’s Song

sonko-houseAdding, “In many cases bar owners and managers are never in the scene during operations thats why at some point our DJs are held responsible coz they’re the operators of the music machines. Also note that, we receive complains from residents before we act. Kwa hivyo tunaomba Djs waangalie hio.”

He said school-going children, hard working Nairobians should be allowed peaceful nights.
“Peaceful sleeps means they become productive the following day, said Sonko.
He said in many instances, where DJs are arrested, the bar owners and managers are never at the scene, therefore the DJs are the ones held responsible.

‘I will not tolerate jokers,’ Mheshimiwa Jaguar revives beef with Babu Owino

sonko-prayingSonko said it is good for DJs to  note that the County government received complaints  from residents before they acted.
“To avoid these arrests, DJs have to ensure they do their work in the manner that is allowed,” the Governor said.
Nairobi County Deputy Communications Director and Chief Press Officer, Elkana Jacob, said the Governor had to act after several complaints from the residents.
“People need to respect the rights of others. We cannot allow others to make money from loud music, while others suffer in silence for lack of sleep due to loud music,” said Jacob.

Blessings Galore! An emotional KTN news anchor Zubeida Koome welcomes Valentine baby

KTN news anchor Zubeidah Kananu Koome was an emotional wreck when her baby was put in her hands for the first time.

Zubeida welcomed a Valentines baby.

“The best God given Valentine’s Day gift….My heart is filled with joy, my lips are filled with praise…. #ImBlessed #CelebratingGodslove ❤️ ❤️️❤️️❤️️,” Zubeida gushed.

Zubeidah Kananu KoomeZari Hassan proves to women that you don’t need a cheating man. She publicly dumps Diamond

Before her second baby arrived, Zubeida was moved to tears over what her workmates did for her.

They threw a surprise baby shower for the screen siren.

Zubeida wrote:

“The first definition one would give about colleagues is people we work with, But to me, they are more than that, they are family, my blood, people who are always at a very special place in my heart, people that I treasure, and today on this special thanks giving Sunday, I dedicate each one of them to God, may he always watch over them and their families, may he protect them from the evil eye, may they prosper in all they do, may God bless and reward them in a very special way, and may the love we share get stronger and stronger each day. Amen. My people I love and celebrate each one of you, if I’ve ever wronged any of you, forgive me. Nawapenda sana ❤️”

Zubeidah Kananu Koome3In another post Zubeida wrote,”As the year comes to a close, God has made me realize how much he loves me, how special I am to him, and that I am his blessed child. He’s given me a special meaning of love through the gift of family and friends…God thank you, I will always love and worship…I’ve seen your hand in everything…to my friends and family, thank you for being who you are in my life, I hold you so dear, I treasure you…May God always watch over you and protect you…Nawapenda sana 💕”


Meet Anne Waiguru’s all grown children (photo)

Here is Zubeida’s reaction when she first saw her baby girl.

Zubeidah Kananu Koome

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DJ Mo ate money for my aging dad and siblings cries upcoming artiste Nexxie

“To them it was, “What is 20,000?” to me it was “Everything”,” Nexxie started his heart-wrenching tale of how DJ Mo asked for payola from him.

“I was promised “a raise to stardom” in a period of two months with consistent air play on high rotation and exposure through interviews,” the upcoming artiste said.

“I lost my mum when I was only 13 years of age, and since then I promised myself to take care of my now aging father and siblings. So when this opportunity came my way, I had to do all I can in order to raise the amount including not paying rent for that month and skipping some meals. To me, it was not just 20,000; it was my whole life.”

nexxie2Gospel TV host DJ Mo has come out to deny any involvement in the dirty business, saying that it is a plot by his detractors to bring him down.

“We talked and I advised him the way that’s a wrong move – he goes home and all of a sudden I see 20k pap on my phone – I sent the cash back to his manager – Joyce Kinyanjui. Just to be professional. We forgot that story and I started advising him how he is in this industry for the wrong reasons – how I have never taken a bribe and so I can’t take his I still keep quiet – all of a sudden he comes back and puts a screenshot of the Mpesa he sent me – not showing the one the money was refunded – hehe he accepts money was reversed to his manager Joyce.”

dj mo1

Hopekid Reveals How DJ Mo Made Him A Star In A Touching Birthday Message

dk.000Now, Nexxie has come up to refuse all that in a recent post. He accompanied his post with damning screenshots.

“So DJ Mo are you aware of this? (I wonder how he is going to twist this one too).
I want to make it very clear to all Kenyans that I am not hungry for fame as they have successfully managed to twist it. I did not approach them, they approached me after seeing my song “PENZI LAKE” on YouTube.
DK Kwenye Beat reached out to me and told me how he is sad I have good music but no airplay and he was willing to help (I will produce this evidence very soon) – I was very happy that someone had finally noticed my hard work.
The first stop was at DJ Mo whom in normal circumstances, I would not have gotten a chance to sit down with, thanks to DK Kwenye Beat.”

The first request was that I produce Ksh 200,000 and get to raise to stardom in a period of two months (this is when it hit me that this was not a support system but business). Having seen my shock and realising that I was not fully updated, DJ Mo excused himself and joined his buddies including Xtiandela who were waiting for him on the other table at San Valencia hotel and asked DK KwenyeBeat to call him once we “agree”.
After asking why I am being charged, he told me, “Hii ni keki na lazima kila mtu akule”, I later came to understand that he meant it’s a Gospel cartel.”

DJ Mo Roasts Upcoming Artiste Who Accused Him Of Bribe Extortion With Screenshots

dkkwenyebeat“I was not in a position to raise 200,000 of course, so the proposal for 50,000 was brought on the table. After high persuasion and promises of how I am going to raise to stardom and reach out to more people in a period of two months, an agreement of Ksh 20,000 was made; I had to go look for the money.
DK KwenyeBeat would call me on a daily basis to confirm whether I have managed to raise the amount.
On 25/7/2017 in the evening hours, DK Kwenye Beat organised a seating with DJ Mo at San Valencia, where we had all the agreements sealed and money sent to him.
I am saddened by how they are willing to twist the truth. I AM NOT HUNGRY FOR FAME.”

Here are the screenshots shared by Nexxie.

Nexxie1 nexxie

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Sauti Sol’s New Video Featuring Burna Boy Is A Straight Hit!

Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol has just released a straight hit dubbed “Afrikan Star” and it features Nigerian star Burna Boy.

The jam is a love song and seems to build up on “Melanin” as the narrative is the same. Their vocals, as always are surreal and the overall vibe of the jam will keep you glued to your earphones.

Sauti Sol Claims To Be The First Kenyan Musicians To Reach A Million Legit Followers

Burna Boy did not disappoint either as he infused his groovy style to it. Sauti Sol has recently collaborated with top Nigerian acts, including Patoranking and Tiwa Savage, A Wizkid collabo is still in the pipeline. It seems this will be Sauti Sol’s year.

Here are some fan comments:

businesslabtz: You got it all goin’ on with your body 🎶🔥

amkafii: Biiiiiiiiigggg tinggggg

ms_btw: Love you guys are amazing 🔥🔥🔥

promesse_kamanda: My sauti sol never disappoint! Thank u for this Afrikan Star!!! Afrikan Sauce will be having all we want from u.

leshy_val: Maad tune….As always @itsmefancyfingers never dissapoints😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😡😍😍😍

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