Check Out These Beautiful Photos From Celina’s Glamorous Wedding

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina, said I Do to the love of her life of many years, Philip Karanja. The wedding was done on the down low and many people didn’t even know it took place.

The ceremony took place at Windsor Golf Club on Friday and was attended by close family and friends, Comedian Njugush, Neomi Nganga, Abel Mutua and Dr Ofweneke are among those who graced the black and white themed wedding.

Only a few photos were going viral from the ceremony, but Celina has decided to shower us with more photos from the wedding.

Check out the beautiful photos below;

celina 4

celina 3

celina 2

celina 1

celina 5

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Sauti Sol And Patoranking Set To Release Their Brand New Jam ‘Melanin’ Next Week

Sauti Sol have been quiet of late. A while back, they were the talk of town after they started a beef with King Kaka and it all started after King Kaka went on air and said that Sauti Sol have not done much for the Kenyan music industry.

Well the beef dragged on with Kenyans giving their two cents on the matter, but at the moment both parties are doing their own thing and thriving at it.

Sauti Sol is about to shock fans as they will be releasing a new jam with Patoranking called, ‘Melanin’.

Patoranking and sauti sol

They have been publicising their new jam and we hope it will be worth the wait. Sauti Sol took to social media to announce the good news to their fans writing, “It’s official! #Melanin (Audio and video) feat @patorankingfire dropping next week Tuesday, Nov 21st. #SautiSolPatoranking #AfrikanSauce.”

Sauti Sol disabled the comment section on Instagram, something that their fans think was unnecessary.

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Exclusive: “No patient should die because of not having cash,” 18 Hours actor Nick Ndeda says

Actor and radio personality Nick Ndeda has been riding high with the his role in “18 Hours”, a film that was inspired by the tragic death of a patient who died after staying for that long in an ambulance. The late Alex Madaga was denied access to four hospitals back in October 2015 due to lack of funds. I had an interview with Nick on his latest project and he had interesting tidbits for you.


Speaking about his experience promoting the film, the actor said that “it was quite a lot of fun. We got to go through different media houses talking about the movie, spoken to different journalists about it and the more we talk about the film, the more we realize the importance of a  movie like this in Kenya. First up, this is a feature film. Most of the time, we’re always doing short films so whenever a feature film come around you know that it’s a big deal. I am glad that is such a big deal because it is such an important story…it’s based off real events and how the whole thing has been packaged is marvelous,” he opened up.

The film, which has been in theaters since its release is set to take a break from the screen until early next year, when it will be doing rounds at film festivals and showing in cinemas again.


Ndeda said that this is “because of how movie rosters work. There are lots of other films that are gonna be coming out, so with every subsequent week we get bumped down.”

So what’s next for Nick?

My next big project is actually next week. For the first time in my life I am doing a musical but I am so glad that the one I am doing is a musical that got me interested in acting and the only musical that I’ve ever been interested in doing. We are doing Grease, the 1970’s Grease…the whole hand jive and Elvis (Presley) typa thing. It’s gonna be great…learning the dance moves, learning the songs…and acting, putting it all together…and such a huge cast at the National Theatre…it’s really big,” he added.

Haven’t watched the film? You need to go to theaters now! It will be showcasing into next week.

Here’s the trailer:

So Uncalled For: Njambi Koikai Bundled Out From Citizen Radio

Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa aka Njambi Koikai has been battling a condition known as Endometriosis for the last 18 years but the last two years, the situation became worse to a point she started having intense chest pains.

Njambi Koikai

A lady by the name Cindy, whom she has never met before, reached out to her via Facebook. She asked her if she experiences problems with her lungs during a certain period. She found it strange because her lungs would only collapse during her periods. That’s when she told her she has a reproductive health issue and she should go and see Dr Patel in Agah khan. She went and was diagnosed with thoracic endometriosis.

‘At one moment you are at the top…then all this happened, media personality laments about chronic disease

Kenyans have come together to hold her hand as she goes through this trying time and as she continues to fund raise for her treatment. She also has a charity event today at the Alchemist to help her raise money so she can go for treatment abroad.

Njambi Koikai

But even with many trying as hard as they can to help her where they can, someone else has felt the need to embarass her.

According to our source, one of the Citizen Radio bossed kicked out Njambi from Mzazi Willy M. Tuva’s show. This was just after the Mseto star introduced Njambi to his listeners. The host was dumbfounded and speechless as the lady boss ousted his guest from studio without any apologies.

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‘Know Your Weakness And Strength’ – Akothee Advises

Akothee is best known as the one woman who is always open to speak her mind no matter what people might think about her. She serves zero chills every time she has something or an issue to address.


Well, Akothee has not been fine ever since she lost her dear grandfather whom she loved wholeheartedly. She has shared her emotions on social media a number of times and even released a tribute song to her granddad.

But she has taken her time to talk to her fans, to advice them to never pay attention to what people say and to figure out what exactly works for them so as to better their lives.


She said, “If I listened to people I would not have been where I am today, I don’t move with the crowd I always go the opposite direction, somethings needs personal identity, identify yourself, know your capacity, know your weaknesses and strength, most people love the comfort zone its easily achieved, and they are the best at cursing successful people, never listen to the loud voice, that small inner voice that you feel in your stomach is your angel, follow it, the rest will adjust.”

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Tunakwenda Juu: Vanessa Mdee Falls Back In Love With Juma Jux

A few months ago the Internet went crazy when Vanessa Mdee revealed that she was no longer together with her boyfriend of years, Juma Jux. The two had showered social media with their photos or rather moments together.

Vanessa spoke about the split, but made it clear that they are good friends.


Well, things see to have changed and the two are reportedly back together. According to The Star’s, The Raverend, the two reunited during the fiesta tour in Tanzania. They were signed for the shows where they were to perform on the same stage for over 10 shows each weekend.

The Raverend continues to reveal that their relationship died after cases of infidelity from both camps. Vee Money, who has done close to a dozen collaborations with hunks all over the continent and has been rumored to date most of them, according to sources who also claimed that Juma Jux was not too innocent either, there have been many whispers of the hunk sleeping with Bongo groupies when his bae was touring the continent.

vanessa and jux

Vanessa released a song featuring P-Square’s Mr. P called Kisela. The song was interpreted by fans who thought it was a reflection of her love the time of the release, Vanessa and Jux were not together.

Will the reunion last? We’ll have to wait and see.

‘Mum Wants Me To Be A Preacher,’ Churchill Confesses

Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ is the most popular Kenyan comedian known for host his own comedy show.

Churchill Live is a household name, the show brings together comedians from various areas in the country and converges them at a platform for entertaining people.

During an exclusive interview with The Star’s Word Is, Churchill explained what his idea of comedy is, how comedy in Kenya is growing and her mom’s perception of him in comedy.


Comedy is not like science, you cannot talk about things you can’t see or experience. Like when I was coming here, I saw a church that is called ‘Prepare Thy Lord For Thy Lord Doesn’t Take Coins,’ you know things we seeLike  nowadays, I see Maasai cows knocking your car mirror and there like ‘Hamna ndizi humu ndani.’ Comedy is about normal things you connect with, comedy is what you see on your day today life.

Churchill believes that the crop of Kenyan talent and skill will go international. It is a matter of time.

With time we will get to where Trevor Noah and Steve Harvey are –  entertainment-wise. Ubaya ya Kenyans ni ujuaji mingi you want us to get there immediately. 

He also revealed how his mom doesn’t want him to continue pursuing a profession in the entertainment arena.

The only problem I have is with my mum, she thinks I don’t need to be doing this. To her she thinks I need to get a serious job and that is not entertaining people. Because when other people are talking about how there children are doctors, others  accountants and lawyers she finds it hard to explain that her son is a comedian especially in mother-tongue. She wants me to be a preacher – a compromise – especially since my calling is talking.

Is It Just A Co-incidence? Terryanne Chebet Reveals Something About Her New Baby

Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet made a life change a year a go after she was retrenched from her job as a news anchor. Since then she has proven to all and sundry that she is made of tough steel.

Less than a month ago, blessings came knocking at her door.

Terryanne Chebet is happy to have been blessed with a new member of her family.

A few days after welcoming her second born, the lady is already excited to raise two powerful women who will one day become leaders.

Terryanne Chebet shared a special message through her instagram page where she happened to reveal that she was blessed with yet another baby girl, whom she has named Talaa.

Earlier before the birth of her second born child, top media personalities made fashion headlines after throwing a swanky, suprise baby shower for Terryanne.

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Well, today she has for the first time since the birth of baby Talaa, posted her picture with a caption indicating that she came exactly one year after she was given her marching orders from Royal Media Group.


A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone…. She arrived on the 26th of October. On the exact date last year I received a letter informing me of my retrenchment. Is it just a co-incidence? God does have an incredible sense of humour. I am truly and deeply thankful.

Well, here are some of the comments from his fans;

rosemarie: If you are a believer then you know in Christ there ain’t no coincidence…I see a child and I see Newness, Abundance, Grace,Love and much more.I speak new beginning for you and those you hold dear.And hope you understand what God is saying to you.So many times we miss it because we’re not in it nor into it.You are blessed and congratulations on your new baby I pray you enjoy this.

wambuiaruri: You remember how you asked God “why ?” when you received the letter? That was his answer . See God! Great testimony that continues to restore my faith in God. His plans…we may question them, we may hate them…but in the end when it all manifests itself , we remain in awe and simply praise him ! Super touched by this! God bless you TC! And your girls! And this beautiful new path that is destined with greatness.

jossiejei: Wait a minute,,,,u were retrenched? Nooo, realy thought twas a personal decision ;,but anyway,,see God he has a way of putting back the joy n smile. Hope to see you back on set

miss_barbrah: Your baby was born the same day as Uhuru’s birthday n the same day as baby Huru’s birthday – Janet Mbugua’s son. Congratulations indeed this is God doings…

Elizabeth Lulu To Face Imprisonment After Being Found Guilty Of Killing Actor Kanumba

Popular Tanzanian actress Diana Elizabeth Lulu Micheal has been found guilty of the murder of the Late Steven Kanumba.

Kanumba was one of the best bongo movie stars and he died on the night of 7 April 2012, after he and Elizabeth had a heated argument.

In a past court hearing, Lulu said the deceased wanted to attack her with a Panga after which he fell down and was unconscious. She then ran for her life only to get the news that Kanumba was no more.

kanumba 1
The Late Steven Kanumba

‘I Didn’t Kill Kanumba’ Actress Denies Murder Charges

Today, the court has charged her with killing the actor without intent -manslaughter- and she will face two years imprisonment.

Talking to the press in Tanzania, Kanumba’s mother Bi. Frola Kanumba cried and expressed how she felt that justice was served to her.

“Namshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu, naishukuru mahakama imetenda haki, Rest In Peace Marehemu Steven Kanumba.”

She added;

“Kalale salama mwanangu Steven Kanumba, Nikitoka hapa naenda makaburini naamini naenda kumzika, akapumzike kwa amani.”

elizabeth lulu micheal
Elizabeth Lulu

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‘Elizabeth Lulu Killed Kanumba Without Intending’ Elders Say Over Actor’s Death

Some Kenyans are so heartless, Njambi Koikai calls out con!

Some Kenyans are so heartless. They will do anything just to hurt others. A lady by the name Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa has taken advantage of Njambi Koikai’s situation to solicit money from Kenyans.

Njambi Koikai

Njambi, who suffers from thoracic endometriosis, needs 10 million so as to seek specialized treatment and she is calling upon Kenyans to help her.

Endometriosis is a medical condition whereby the lining of the uterus, known as the endometrium, grows in other places, such as the fallopian tubes, the intestines, the colon and, in rare cases, the lungs and the brain. When the endometrium lining breaks down, like the regular lining that causes menstruation breaks down, it has nowhere to go.


‘Every Month When I’m On My Period, My Lungs Collapse,’ Cries Njambi Koikai As She Begs For Your Help

Well, Njambi Koikai has called upon Kenyans to be careful as many the likes of Nancy are out here to milk them dry in the name of supporting her medical kitty.

Njambi Koikai

But why my country people?

“Please share this widely. Someone by the name Nancy Nanjala Nyongesa has decided to take advantage of my situation to con Kenyans. I’m not seeking to raise 20million as she states. The mpesa number shared is not my number. Thirdly, I’ve been quite open about my endometriosis journey since 2015. My family has paid all my hospital bills from then till now when we had to seek specialised treatment.
Please don’t take advantage of such a situation. It could really happen to you and you won’t know what to do. Nancy, you’re inhumane!’ Njambi posted on social media.

Check out reactions from Kenyans

Junior Dread: Very unfortunate

Ronnie: what goes around comes back around, nothing goes unpunished in Jah Kingdom, we fyah burn evil-minded and stand with you our Emperess

Artiphotography: wtf!!!!! Messed up and inhumane are understatements for this kind of behavior..take full action but with your good energy as remember you can’t afford to waste your energy on anybody else

Winnie: Yaani some people have Hearts Made of stone like seriously such a serious issue nkt nancy or whatever you Call yourself SHAME ON YOU

David: This is just sick no one should take advantage of others like this!!! whomever this is should be ashamed of themselves; it is not right to profit from others pain and suffering!!!

Akinyi: God have mercy on some people….this is so bad

Wanjiku: People have really lost it

Serah: Some Kenyans though

Hannah: Really? Nancy….. While making money mind your way of making money. Surely how dare u do this? I don’t understand. Please don’t take advantage of the situation!!!!!Njambi God is always amazing… All will be well mama. I always pray for you and your family. Love you Njambi Koikai.

‘From Nowhere, Nameless Just Fell Sick…’ Whispers Wahu Kagwi

Singer Wahu is all happy and strong after having had a hard time when her hubby, fellow star Nameless was hospitalized recently.

Nameless had to be operated following an artery burst that caused blood clot on his brain, a life threatening condition.

In a past interview Nameless said, “I was attending a Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRiSK) board meeting when I got a persistent headache after which I rushed to hospital. Upon getting there, I took a scan only to find that blood was clotting from a burst artery.”

nameless wahuNow Wahu has come out to speak about this heart wrenching this situation with Adelle and Shaffie.

The “Still A Liar” singer exclusively confirmed that Nameless is doing well. She was on the show to talk about her latest hit song, “Sifa”, which is now trending at #25 on YouTube at the time of this publication.

“He’s good. We thank God ‘cause it was quite crazy. He’s not the sort of guy to be unwell – he’s been just fine. From nowhere, he just fell sick and I just thought we’re just gonna take him overnight for observation,” she revealed. The turn of events that saw Nameless being admitted to the HDU, something that Wahu says she “really did see God come through in my situation.”

A broken heart can kill you, it causes as much damage as having a heart attack

Severe emotional stress can cause as much damage to the heart as a heart attack, British researchers claim.

At least 3,000 adults in the UK a year suffer from ‘broken heart syndrome’ – or takotsubo – but the true number may be even higher.

It is commonly triggered by a bereavement and occurs when the stress of the event causes the heart muscle to become stunned and weakened.

But until now doctors had presumed the damage was temporary and would eventually heal with time.

But researchers at the University of Aberdeen have discovered that the condition permanently weakens the heart, similar to a heart attack.

In the longest-running study so far, they followed 37 patients with takotsubo for an average of two years.

They carried out regular ultrasound and MRI scans of their heart and found the damage was present long after the event which first triggered the condition.

Many of the patients became tired very easily and were unable to do exercise even though doctors had assumed they’d recover.

The researchers said patients should be offered the same drugs as those whose hearts have been damaged by a heart attack.

Dr Dana Dawson, lead researcher from the University of Aberdeen, who led the research, said: ‘It is becoming increasingly recognised that takotsubo is more common than we originally thought.

‘This is the longest follow up study looking at the long term effects of takotsubo, and it clearly shows permanent ill-effects on the hearts of those who suffer from it.

‘These patients are unable to perform physical exercise as well and fatigue more easily.

‘Our research shows that takotsubo needs to be treated with same urgency as any other heart problem, and that patients may need ongoing treatment for these long term effects.’

Women are more commonly affected by the condition than men and there are likely to be many more cases than the figures suggest.

Professor Jeremy Pearson, Associate Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation, said: ‘Takotsubo is a devastating disease that can suddenly strike down otherwise healthy people.

‘We once thought the effects of this life-threatening disease were temporary, but now we can see they can continue to affect people for the rest of their lives.

‘There is no long-term treatment for people with takotsubo because we mistakenly thought patients would make a full recovery.

‘This new research shows there are long-term effects on heart health, and suggests we should be treating patients in a similar way to those who are at risk of heart failure.’

The condition occurs when extreme stress causes the heart to become stunned, resulting in one of its main chambers – the left ventricle – changing shape.

It was first identified in Japan the 1990s and the term takotsubo means octopus pot, which describes the deformed shape of the heart.

Scientists are still trying to understand exactly how it occurs and why some people are affected and not others.

Last year a major project by Swiss researchers found the condition was commonly triggered by happy events as well as sorrow.


Diamond Sued For Jacking Beats For The Zilipendwa Hit Track

Diamond Platnumz’s Tanzanian record label has been sued by a legendary band dubbed Msondo Ngoma after they used their saxophone melody without the consent of the band.

The song Zilipendwa, which has brought about all the infringement issues was released last month and has since then acquired over nine million views on youtube.

The song is sang and performed by all members of WCB among them Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Harmonize, Rick Mavoko, Queen Darleen, Lava Lava and former Ya Moto band member Mboso.

WCB are to pay the band a total of over Ksh 13 Million which is an equivalent of Tsh 300 Million.

Another Hit! WCB Family Came Together To Bring You ZILIPENDWA

In the past, Matonya, another Tanzanian singer has accused record label members of using his idea of Zilipendwa in a song he did five years ago.

Help Me Sleep With 50 Million Men, Please – Presidential Aspirant Kingwa Kamencu Begs

Former presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu is back at it again. The controversial woman, who is never afraid of speaking her mind, claims that she is yet to achieve her annual sex target of sleeping with 50 million men.

shocked dog

Kingwa Kamencu is asking handsome men to contact her so she can sleep with them before this year ends.

“This year, I have had sex with 49,634,821 handsome men. I am yet to meet my annual target of 50,000,000.
I, therefore, request that if you are a handsome man willing to help me reach my goals, you kindly inbox me,” she posted on her Facebook account. 

Kamencu’s post has ignited mixed reactions and here is what some of her followers had to say;

Williams: Ghai fafa Madam President. My God sent message to you is, get one God-fearing handsome man for you as a husband and leave the rest of all other men and God will bless you with many other things. Shalom my sister and deeply praying for you as you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

Vasquo: Ukifika 49,999,999, find me tuvuke mwaka 😉

Njoki: Hahaha, haki you crack me up. Such lucky handsome guys!

Michael: Today being day 314, that would mean 158,8072 men per day, 6,586 men per hr, 109 men per min. #Jesus! thats not sex.

Mwendwa: Are women okay? I can apply. I can also be masculine if you prefer. Whatever you like.

Edu: Calling on all my fellow handsomes especially distinguished members of Handsome Association of Kenya, HAK; come hack this!

Karoo: The man who will sweep Kamencu Kingwa off her feet will never get bored

Fidel: No shave November is Karura deforested ama luscious with vegetation? but seriously Kingwa Kamencu 50 000,000 ? What are you trying to do? build the tower of Babylon? At that rate, even influenza will start qualifying as an STD!

Linus: 5.7 handsome men per hour is quite a feat. That’s quite some traffic, necessarily speaking.

Mbaya: Hiyo Kitu si itasag yawa!!!

Maina: I am registered no 49,300,642 can register twice

‘I went through some of my own issues,’ Wahu reveals why he gave her life to Christ

Kenyan singer Wahu Kagwi has turned a new leaf. She is no longer a secular artiste.

Talking to DJ Mo and Grace Ekirapa today on Cross Over 101, the Sweet Love hit maker poured her heart out on her Christianity journey.

“I’d like to say that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.”

So, when did she decide to see the light?

“Its been official for a long time. I’ve been born again for a very long time, what I wasn’t doing is a specific kind of music, gospel music.”


She says she is currently exited and content on where she is right now.

“I’m so excited about my space right now.I grew up in a Christian family. “

The singer who now has a gospel song dubbed Sifa says she went through tough times which led her to salvation.

“Last year, is when I went through some of my own issues, I went down on my knees and i made a resolution there that my faith is coming first.”

Nameless And Wahu Narrate Their Tough Times In Their New Songs

She added:

“I’m spending more and more time with God. That’s my space, that my priority. I find the more I’m praying and reading the Bible is being influenced by where I’m at.”


Wahu said she will continue releasing gospel music from now henceforth.

Check out her new song Sifa;

Pastor Robert Burale Confesses That He Has Not Had Sex For Four Years Now!

Celebrated stylish pastor Robert Burale has become a household name in Kenya. Christened the most handsome Luhya man, Burale doubles as an emcee, presenter and motivational speaker.

Robert Burale

Recently, Robert Burale set tongues wagging after he exclusively confessed that he hasn’t had sex for four years now during an interview on Let’s Talk show.

The handsome pastor and his ex-wife, the mother of his 12-year-old daughter (Lexie) divorced four years ago but they are still in good terms.


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Raising A Child Is Not Easy! See The Great Job Pastor Burale Is Doing (PHOTOS)

Unlike many, who move on so fast after a breakup, pastor Burale has not re-married and he confessed that he was judged after he divorced his ex-wife but that didn’t deter him from doing what he loves most.

During the interview, Robert Burale also revealed that the last person he had sexual intercourse with, was his ex-wife and that was on August 18th, 2013.

“I am saying this live on TV because no woman can come and say she had sex with me, I haven’t had any bodily contact with a woman since August 18 2013. Mine is like a presidential term,” said Burale.

But how does he resist these queen Jezebels’ temptations?

Robert Burale

 “The Bible says only a fool sits on fire and doesn’t expect his bosom to go on fire. What I do is that I don’t put myself in situations where I will get tempted. Because pastor you are, but this body is flesh and blood. If I invite a lady to the house, we watch a movie and I play some Kenny G music, eat some chicken, the next morning I will be doing bed gymnastics. The best thing is to avoid being in that situation. There is a time things got so bad, I went and sat with my watchman, he is a very boring man and he got my mind off sex,” he added.

It Is Official! Anne Kansiime And Hubby Ojok Have Broken Up!

Uganda’s top comedian Anne Kansiime has finally come out to reveal that she and her husband Gerald Ojok are not together anymore.

For a while now, rumours had it that she had split with Ojok, four years after their traditional wedding ceremony and are now living separately.

Kansiime confirmed this during a Facebook session with fans where she asked them to ask her any burning questions about her life.

And she was honest…really honest!

She responded to a fan who asked about their split


In another response, the comedian says she is still confused on whether she is going to find love again.

anne kansiime 3

Anne Kansiime

Aww! Ann Kansiime writes a sweet message for her hubby

Check out other replies to fans about her relationships, to a point of calling her marriage with Ojok a ‘real joke’


anne k


kansiime 5


kansiime 3


kaniime 2


anne kansiime