I Stand By The Supreme Court! Boniface Mwangi Defends The Judiciary

Every Kenyan Citizen is eager to know the full rulling of the judiciary after they nullified this years national elections. They want to know the reasons why the court made the verdict and this will give the electoral body a go ahead on what next to do so that the irregularities do not occur again.


Boniface Mwangi, who vied for a political seat to be the Starehe member of parliament and lost to Charles Jaguar has decided to pour his heart out after seeing how the judiciary is being attacked by politicians.


His love for justice has seen him get into so much trouble but like he says he is just trying to protect the rights of the common mwanachi in the best way he can.


Posting a picture on both instagram and facebook with the two presidential candidates, Boniface who is a photographer captioned the photo saying:

“I have been following the attacks on the Supreme Court by Jubilee Party and l am shocked. If the Supreme Court Judges were bribed, President Uhuru would have made the transactions public and investigations would have commenced. President Uhuru has access to the military, the National Intelligence Service and Kenya Police Service. If money exchanged hands, it would be very easy for them to track it. If there is probable cause, a search warrant can be issued and the houses of the mentioned Supreme Court judges searched.

The hashtags and street protests are just sideshows and unnecessary distractions. They’re a nuisance and they will end up dividing Kenya even more. It’s also shocking to see how the police are treating Jubilee supporters with kid gloves. When NASA supporters exercised their right to protest, they were teargassed, beaten and some shot dead. Jubilee supporters lit fires on the Naivasha highway and harassed people while police stood by protecting them.

In 2014, I was accused by the government, through the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC), of receiving money to overthrow the government, but my bank account contained no such funds. That story ran in the media, even though no evidence was produced, and my reputation was discredited. As a victim of fake news and false accusations by paid bloggers, l stand by the Supreme Court. What Jubilee bloggers and paid media are trying to do is discredit and intimidate the Supreme Court Judges before the election petition judgment is read in a few hours. Pure propaganda.

I don’t belong to either NASA or Jubilee, but l believe we must defend the independence of the judiciary. Our courts aren’t perfect, but they deserve our protection from angry, self-centered politicians. The independence of our courts is enshrined in the Constitution and in the recent past they have exhibited this independence by refusing to be swayed by self-seeking politicians.

The Supreme Court upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election in 2013, so is he implying that he bribed the Judges to get that favourable judgement? Or is it bribery only when the judgement doesn’t favour him? President Uhuru has every right to disagree with the ruling, but trashing the court publicly is immature, shameful and demeaning the office that he occupies. CORD, now NASA, also attacked the Supreme Court after the 2013 decision, but their attacks weren’t as malicious and vengeful. Jubilee politicians have threatened to reduce the powers of the Supreme Court. A few misguided politicians even want the Constitution, a posterity document serving 48 million people, amended just because they’re upset by one ruling.

And the attacks don’t stop there. What’s more shocking is the case filed in court by a private citizen against the Supreme Court Judges. As part of the alleged evidence mentioned in this case are call logs. How did a private citizen manage to get access to call logs? Everyone has a right to privacy. Neither the government nor your mobile service provider have any business meddling in your life without probable cause and a court order. That petitioner is a lackey. The CEO of Safaricom, Bob Collymore, should explain how private call logs ended up in the hands of a citizen without a court order. That’s criminal. Either Bob Collymore denies the call logs’ legitimacy, or admits he has allowed the state and thugs to unlawfully access personal call data. We know, as a fact, that Safaricom refused to hand over call logs to the ICC when requested to do so. You may see this as a partisan issue, but unless we protect our privacy, the precedent set spells doom for all of us. We go back to the dark days of the Nyayo era.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are past their prime age. 70% of Kenya’s 48 million people are under 35. We shall outlive both Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. We must protect our future using TRUTH, not TRIBE. Defending the Supreme Court, as an institution, from bullying and harassment is ensuring respect for the rule of law and, one day, our children’s children will fully trust the courts and live to see the mighty and powerful jailed.

I wish Uhuru Kenyatta had used the same energy he is using against the Supreme Court to fight corruption and impunity. #TeamCourage.”

Here are reactions from fans:

David :  After you’ve protested all your life without any success ! Now you’re furious Kenyans are doing it on their own & successful !

Javan :  That’s the truth… This Kenya is ours … This is not a jubilee investment to do wat favours them.. Judiciary is free.

Jeff :  Going through the comments and just shaking my head. Guys you just don’t have to support mediocrity because you are kyuk or luo. If something is wrong it’s wrong. The demonstrations yesterday were uncalled for and an independent judiciary is the best thing that can happen to this country. Problem is our (mis) leaders are used to people bootlicking them for favours and it pisses them that CJ Maraga is a man of integrity

Eric : Bonny you’d rather shut up and leave we Jubilee supporters to follow up this matter closely
you can take your activism elsewhere or wait till 2022 tukuangushe tena Starehe

DJ Kaytrixx Clashes With Joe Muchiri Over His Chauvinistic Post About Tero Mdee Marrying A Pastor

Tero Mdee has been the talk of the town ever since she dropped her new gospel hit song Taa Ya Miguu Yangu. She changed her name to Nancy Hebron after she got married to a pastor.


Tero is a sister to a popular Tanzanian musician Vanessa Mdee who does secular songs and is a star in Africa. Her decision to go to Tanzania and get married to a prophet puzzled many who thought she had chosen a drab life away from the glitz of the entertainment industry.


She has started a family ever since she left the media industry and one can prove that she is living the life she wanted by marrying the love of her life.

Her departure saw many mixed reactions from fans and even those who worked with her but it seems Joe Muchiri did not like her exit as he took to his Instagram to share his thoughts on the issues which also provoked DJ Kaytrixx to defend her by blasting the pub-hopping media personality.



Here is what Joe Muchiri had to say:

“👀👀👀 Man…one Namtero Mdee aka Tero 🙊Niggaz had mad crushes on her when she was on straight up on KTN straight from Tanzania, 🇹🇿 I used to watch 📺 that show on mute 😂😂😂 then one day 🙄 she woke up & left us upweke coz of some Pastor 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ ( mans not hot ) Sasa anamfanya aimbe nini hizi 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ anyway hawa ma pastor na pornographers📸🎞 should be in the same category wakora wadinyaji wakuu majambass halisi 🙄🙄 Sasa Tero ali decide kuimba gospel inakaa pastor anampea kigongi 🍆 mpaka speaking in tongues ika fanyika literally 😩😩 he stole from us a national treasure as U can see from the other pictures 🌪🌪 nakua pastor niki zeeka kabisa 😌😌 Consolation.”

After posting this, the mix master reprimanded and rebuked him for his skewed views on life.Here are mixed reactions from fans:

Rebelbelle: problem with u z that u only respect women who go to 1824 and bclub from monday to sunday smh

Pweetylicious: And your pissed as who????

Flo: Asking hizi ni nini anaimba is disrespectful, I think there was a better way wiser way of putting your point across rather than being disrespectful to her as a woman, her choice in a man and her religious stance. All those here putting laughing emojis and enjoying this, shame on you. I’m glad she found God, be it thru a pastor or otherwise. I pray she stays on the right path that leads to the pearly gates of heaven and isn’t brought down by such words as these. Amen

Kasambalive: Lakini wacha hivo aliolewa ungekua unampigisha malap huko 1824 hehehe unaenda unapima oil unaanza kumuita #BFF @joewmuchiri 😂😂😂😂

Shiqs:  this nigga is stupid we call em short small dick syndrome ,,his too bitter the other day was huddah ata hoes recognize hoes, sasa ni tero…enda utoe bibi 1824 where they have respect for you.

Gone To Soon! Actress Dies While Giving Birth At A Private Hospital In Kilifi County

The Kenyan film fraternity is mourning the death of one of its finest and upcoming actress, Maureen Wanza, who passed away yesterday as she bled to death while giving birth at a private clinic in Kilifi County.

Maureen Wanza

This comes as health services in public hospitals around the country have almost come to a standstill as clinical officers and nurses down their tools for one hundred and eight days now.

Maureen Wanza

The deceased had featured in several local TV productions including Sumu, Almasi, Cheche and recently Kashfa.

Maureen Wanza

Fellow actresses and fans have sent condolence messages to the family of the late actress. The Mombasa-based actress will truly be missed by her peers who say she left a big mark in the entertainment industry.

Maureen Wanza

Here are condolence messages from her fellow actresses and fans:

Kibibi Salim Mohammed: Maureen Wanza yaani maisha ni mafupi mno ila I believe Allah atakulaza pema palipo wema. Habari za kifo mbili kwa pamoja, Bibi Maryam nawe Allah akulaze pema. Njia yetu sote. Sad day ila Alhamdulillah

Caissiano Eric :Mola ailaze roho yake penye wema na awape nyote faraja… Dunia mapito sote njia twaipitia

Msong’z Jaquez :what ooh soo sad Maureen mbele yetu umetutangulia nyuma yako twaja lala salama

David Christopher :The coast entertainment fraternity just loast a rising star …R.I.P

Salim Ngomeni :Allah amjaliee kauli thabithi alikuaa anapigana jihadi huyoo ya kujifunguaaa.

Carol Roka :My goodness!! Such a beautiful soul, gone too soon. May God rest her soul in peace!

Erick Omtere :What ??!!! Cant believe the girl who used to act as my girlfriend in the Almasi TV program is gone?!!

Christina Myra Wawuda :What? Oh my. May her soul rest in peace 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😰😰😰😰

A Man Is Yours When You Are With Him, When He Is Out He Is Ours! Huddah Mocks Zari

Everyone is talking about the confession that Diamond Platnumz gave in the morning while being interviewed on Clouds FM. Many have congratulated Him for his braveness in admitting that Hamisa Mobetto’s son is his flesh and blood.


Over two thousand people were watching the interview live and many of them had different expectations about the issue and he accepted his mistake and asked his two kids and his wife Zari Hassan for forgiveness saying that he would go on his knees to South Africa just to apologize and that he will never leave her.


This confession has raised eyebrows and since they are public figures, many people are expected to talk and give their views concerning the issue including various celebrities.


Huddah Monroe reacted to the news on social media telling Tanzanians that they make her laugh and that people should know that a man is only yours when you are with him and when he is out, he belongs to others.


Huddah said, “Tea is really being served out there and chill! And laugh! Tanzania mtatuuwaa. A man is yours when you are with him. When he is out he is ours! We share.”




Read Diamond Platnumz’ Message To Hamisa Mobetto About Their Son

News just in is that Diamond Platnumz has confirmed that in deed he is the father to Hamisa Mobetto’s son. Speaking to Clouds FM, the Eneka hit maker had a lot of questions to answer with so many people watching the interview live just to hear what he had to say about the issue that has been making news all over social media for the past few weeks.


His message to the mother of his child is to take care of the child and concentrate about his future and should not keep posting photos ranting about him to make people view him as the bad guy.


After confirming the news, he was asked about his thoughts about Hamisa now that the issue has been cleared and here is what he had to say, “Siwezi kumchukia Hamisa, ila namshauri muda huu aangalie future ya mtoto, kwani kuposti picha mitandaoni haitamsaidia.”


Diamond apologized to his wife and asked her to forgive him for whatever that has happened and confirmed that he can never leave Zari Hassan, who is the mother of his two children, Tiffah and Nillan.


He was asked to confirm the number of kids he has and he said he has three namely, Princess Tiffah, Prince Nillan and Daylen respectively.

Here are reactions from fans:

Zaynes: Moto choma Moto !! SASA zari anatupa makombora Snapchat na huyu ako bize kumkana hamisa! Awe mpole cz hivi karibuni atakosa wote 👁️👁️👁️

Dennis: Ulipanga msimtangaze kwan huyo mtt amekuwa maindi kwamba yakae ndani tu

Petty: Kioo gani hicho cha jamii, ushamba huo wala haujakuonesha kuwa mwanaume au mjanja

Cathy: Hongera kwani chuki haijengi zaidi ni kujitesa mheshimu mkeo zari

Jolly: Hivi pale mnaposemaga mara paaaaaap hiiiiiiiiii ….ile hiiii iii ni mtu anacheka au analia

Mtoto_lito: Nimekupenda bure we kaka lea wanao hao malaya wanakuyumbisha.

Hata Papa Jones Alipeana Viatu Akatembea Mguu Tupu Na Hasumbui! Fans Blasts Willy Paul

Willy Paul has been the talk of town ever since he dropped his latest hit song Jigi jigi which has left people with mixed reactions. Commonly known by his fans with names such as Pozze others Willy Pozze and others Willy Paul, and recently he added another name to his list calling himself Sultan.


He is a gospel musician known for his hit songs such as digiri and kitanzi. His latest songs have attracted of negativity with some people saying that he is slowly diverting from gospel music to secular music,  something that the singer himself has denied, saying that all his songs are inspired by the Bible verses in the Holy Book.


Some people may say he likes bragging too much but truth be told, everyone has a way of passing their messages to people and sharing some messages with others and therefore, he should not be judged with whatever he posts on his social media pages.


Yesterday Willy Paul decided to share a post on his instagram page saying how he was humbled to take a picture with his fans and even gave one of them his jacket to take a picture with because she liked the jacket.


This post had mixed reactions as many thought he shouldn’t have said that he had helped one of the ladies with his jacket.

Here is the photo he posted:

Willy Paul

He said, “Yesterday I gave my #jigijigi fan my jacket apige nayo picha coz she liked it…. thank you for ur support my people.

Check out comments from fans:

Djmikeweb: Papa Jones alipeana viatu akatembea mguu tupu na hasumbui

Bailey: Idlers alert… Yall keep your negative energies to yourself… Now that you’ve blasted him, are you supposed to be given trophies.. But one thing that should stick to your minds, one time you’ll all have noticeable stars in your lives, you’ll get the same harsh treatment and the pinch of how it’s feels like to be emotionally harassed at all time.. Enemies of progress…

Mkuda: Diamond wetu anawapeaga mimba na hutai sikia amepost

Sharon: Ulishaambiwa Joseph left his coat with Potiphar’s wife na hajawahi tusumbua

Breezy: F**k u,ua just an a*s with a hole like a sea shell,,style up,,shame on u.

Bertillah: Criazly people…to him he is happy about that…We are different… Kenyans jealousy and hatred distracts us from progress…badala u support the music to go a level high,maneno 2 ya ujinga….Wengne wanamchukia zaidi ya mnavyojipenda!!Willy Paul do ur best…Dhamira yako ndio nguzo yako…All the best

Michael: Give out as a free , coz they support you through the industry. C kupiga picha tu nayo

Awino: Mtu wangu I love you but scarcity mentality hapana

Beverly: But why would you announce that it’s yours though 😂😂😂😂😂😂

John: Willy Kuna ka u toto flani hukusumbua.. Wee ni celeb but bado huja grow

Pozietash: Watu wamepeana mimba wakaenda missing and you umekwama hapo kwa jaaaaghetii🚮🚮

Nimo: Hahahahahaha you have realy embarrassed that girl…. Willy utaonea Mbinguni huuuuuuko!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Lilian: U piss me off pozeee…why cnt jus b real..must u say all u do…next ul say how uve donated food to the hungry….jus kip t low.

Wachana Na Wakanai! Meet Captain Kale Who Has A Lot To Say About Women Who Call Maina Kageni To Air Their Grievances

Most men have complained to Maina Kageni about him not always talking on issues concerning men and rather prefers talking about what women go through in the hands of their men and their marriages in general which is not true, because he always tries to balance the issues.

We were used to a caller by the name Wakanai, who always called to abuse women who aired their grievances to Maina Kageni on Classic 105. His hate for women was too much and this left many women hating him as well.

Meet Captain Kale, who has now followed the trend. Most of his calls are always based on harassing women and even abusing them.

In one of the morning conversations aired about a week or so ago, a lady called to say how her husband owed her 4.2 million shillings and she was waiting for him to pay her back before she left him and this issue did not go well with Captain Kale.

This is what he had to say, “Women are just in these marriages because of money and even if they get hurt by anyone that comes from Karen or Runda, they will stick around just because of money kama kupe. I wonder when this women will start living their own lives and start providing for their children without their men’s support. Where did the rain start beating them? A man cannot take you if he does not love you.”

In another conversation, he said its better to tell someone that you have fallen out of love than cheating on her. He described women as dogs who can ‘chochea’ you to believe something. “Women should draw the line and change themselves”

Captain was so annoyed with a woman who called Maina to tell him how she has been helping his man for twenty years because he didn’t have a job. He thanked the woman for helping the man but disagreed with the lady for letting the public know that she has been helping this man with their upkeep.”How many men help their wives and they keep it a secret? A woman should help his man. We are their kings and very few in this world. Our children are all ours and not mine alone so she should chip in. A man should be assisted in the house.”

Captain concluded saying, “Women suffer from verbal diarrhea. Mdomo ya mwanamke haiwezi fungika, inakuwanga open tu. There are no men like Kenyan men. They are just using lots of English words for nothing.”

See How Mheshimiwa Jaguar Has Transformed His Closet From Jeans To Smart Casual

Honorable Jaguar is now the talk of the town with his new hit song ‘Ndoto’ which has left many people talking . Now that he is the newly elected member of parliament of Starehe Constituency, the kigeugeu hit maker is expected to balance his music and work flow for the Starehe residents who elected him into power.


Before getting into office, Jaguar has always been known for always putting on casual wear and blings and would put on suits once in a while when gracing different occasions.


Many wonder if he would keep up with the new smart casual dress code though, some love his normal jeans wear. His new look is so nice and stunning and in my opinion, he should maintain the suits look, maybe do the casual look once in a while.


People are now looking up to him to lead them well and his way of dressing has to be more official than casual.

Check out the photos:












Marriage Flourishes When The Couple Work Together As A Team! Kathy Kiuna Advices Married People

Marriage is a union between two people who are in love. It entails tolerance, patience, understanding, perseverance and most of all love because it forms the basis of marriage.

Kathy Kiuna

Marriage is an institution that was ordained by God and that is why a woman was created out of the mans rib to be a companion and a helper to him. Through marriage, people multiply and fill the earth and the children always look up to their parents with how they relate and how they make their marriage work out.

Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is a personality to look up to because she inspires many who are in the marriage institution and even as a family person. Her family is so adorable and many would say she and her pastor husband are a power couple.

Kathy Kiuna

On her instagram page, she wrote to advise married couples on how to make their relationship work out. Here is what she said captioning a picture together with her husband:

Kathy Kiuna

“Marriage flourishes when the couple work together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score. Good marriages don’t just happen. They are a product of hard work. Your children are watching you and forming lasting opinions on love, commitment, and marriage based on what they see in you. Give them hope. Make them look forward to marriage. Their is no perfect man/woman anywhere, team work of couple make them perfect match. The Lord will give us the spirit to tolerate ourselves in Jesus name!”

Here are reactions to her post:


djmokenya: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I have to steal this one – thank you Dad and Mum

pst.mercy: That’s a seminar right there, my Mum you could charge us for that great wisdom. Thank you Mum and Dad you have modeled it to us.

nimo: love you mum n dad… u hv changed me to who I am… God bless

johnstone: Thus correct and in order, May GOD bless you as you Love each other

wambuisila: Thank you my mentors…Hello to Papa Kyuna we love you to the moon n back

minebenet:Amazing msgs and am definitely banking this asap


Dear Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta, Can I Marry Ngina? City Man Dares To Beg For First Daughter’s Hand In Marriage

Some people have guts.

They will say or do anything without thinking about the consequences.

Not so long ago, a Maasai man, Jeff ole Kishau, revealed that he wanted to marry Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia and he was offering the former ex-president 500 cows as dowry payment.

Continue reading “Dear Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta, Can I Marry Ngina? City Man Dares To Beg For First Daughter’s Hand In Marriage”

‘I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes,’ Comedian admits to cheating on his wife

Kevin Hart’s coming clean – about what, he won’t say.

The 38-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday with a contrite speech in which he apologized to his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish and his two children over an unspecified mistake he made recently.

A TMZ  report Saturday indicated that Hart was confronted with a video of himself engaged in ‘sexually suggestive’ behavior with an unnamed woman, adding the clip did not have any actual sex on it. Hart’s face was not visible in the most graphic part of the clip, the website reported.

 Kevin Hart
Confessions: Kevin Hart, 39, took to Instagram Saturday to apologize to his family amid reports that someone was trying to shake him down over an alleged tape depicting him acting ‘sexually suggestive’ with an unnamed woman

The comedian added a caption with the clip on the social media site that read: ‘Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be … I love you all.’

In the somber video, Hart admitted to ‘a bad error in judgment’ in reference to a recent incident, but stopped short of explaining what he had done.

‘I’m in a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back,’ he said. ‘And because of that, I should make smart decisions – and recently, I didn’t.’

The Ride Along star said that ‘it’s a shi**y moment when you know you’re wrong, and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior,’ explaining that he had put himself ‘in an environment where only bad things can happen – and they did.’

Kevin Hart
‘I’m in a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back,’ he said. ‘And because of that, I should make smart decisions – and recently, I didn’t.’
Kevin Hart
In the somber video, Hart admitted to ‘a bad error in judgment’ in reference to a recent incident, but stopped short of explaining what he had done

Kevin hart1Kevin hart2

Risky business? Hart was snapped in July in a Lexus with a woman local media identified as singer Monique ‘Momo’ Gonzalez

The Get Hard actor said someone tried to ‘have financial gain off of [his] mistakes in this particular situation,’ but he didn’t bite.

‘I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes,’ the Philadelphia-born comic revealed. In terms of any possible legal ramifications in the incident, a source told TMZ, ‘Someone tried to set Kevin up in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation.’

Hart said that the incident served as a learning experience in how to conduct himself amid a frenzied life in Hollywood’s limelight. He said, ‘I know that I’m gonna hurt the people closest to me, who I’ve talked to and apologized to, being my wife and my kids … at the end of the day man, I just simply gotta do better.’

In a further update by TMZ it’s claimed there are three clips in total; one appearing to show Hart getting cozy with a woman in a nightclub.

It then cuts to a bed, you can’t see who’s there but there are sounds of creaking and someone getting slapped.

A third clip shows two people milling around a room including a man that looks a little like Hart.

The website reports that the person allegedly extorting the comedian is demanding payment to avoid the release of the video.

Hart made headlines two months back after he was photographed in a Lexus with a gorgeous woman later identified by local news outlets, including Power 96, as Florida-based singer Monique ‘Momo’ Gonzalez.

Hart subsequently took to social media as reports of the rendezvous spread, posting a meme of himself laughing at his phone captioned, ‘At the end of the day, you just gotta laugh at the BS.’

Hart, who has two children with ex-wife Torrei Hart – 12-year-old daughter Heaven and nine-year-old son Hendrix – is expecting a son with Eniko, who he celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with last month.

Kevin hart3

Kevin hart4

Hart, who has two children with ex-wife Torrei Hart – 12-year-old daughter Heaven and nine-year-old son Hendrix (pictured in April 2016) – is expecting a son with Eniko

Source: Daily mail

Serena Williams shares precious photo of newborn daughter Alexis flexing her little arms

Serena Williams gave birth to daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian two weeks ago.

And the newborn is already taking after her gold medal mother and her strong style.

On Friday, the tennis champ shared a photo of her newborn baby donning a sassy onesie that read ‘Smart and Strong like my mom’ along with the silly caption ‘Biceps.’

Alexis Olympia Ohanian was born on September 1, but got her Instagram introduction Wednesday on her supersport mom’s account.

The newborn, who was named after her father and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, appeared to be napping while her mom snapped a picture of her bending her little arms in what looked like an itty bitty bicep curl.

Alexis looks angelic as she rests her head on her hand as her mom cradles her under her arm.

Her parents topped off the photo with cute caption, writing ‘Thinking about mommy and daddy.’

Check out the cute photos…


‘I know he’d kill me this time,’ City Girl Narrates How Her Father Attacked Her (Photos)

A young acid attack victim has bravely revealed the effects of successful trauma surgery – less than six months after the shocking incident left her unrecognisable.

Khushboo Devi, 21, from Uttar Pradesh in northern India, has endured two painful procedures to help heal the devastating scars on her face, which she suffered in April.

They were caused by her father, 40-year-old Manik Chandra, after she reported him to the police for sex trafficking crimes.


Even though several doctors initially refused to treat her, she was finally accepted at King George’s Medical University hospital, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, last month, where she spent five days.

Her sight is difficult in her left eye and she can’t use her right arm but she is trying to be determined that surgery will help.

Khushboo said: ‘After the attack I couldn’t see from one eye and my arm was frozen. It wouldn’t move. When I first went to the doctors around my village, nobody even wanted to touch me.

‘They just prescribed medicines. But the scars appeared and my eye and arm would not heal. Eventually we were referred to a hospital in Lucknow. I can partially see from the affected eye now but one of my nostrils is still closed.’


Khushboo is due to see her doctor again next month to discuss surgery on her facial scars.

‘They’ve suggested taking skin from my thigh and fix it on my face, so I think this is what they’ll do in my next surgery. But they say they cannot guarantee any successes.’

Since Kushboo was attached with acid on April 30, this year, she has struggled to accept her new face.

She revealed: ‘I feel very sad when I see myself in the mirror. I’m not pretty any more. My father ruined it all for me. He ruined something that gives people the first impression of me and I know that my first impression is now scary.’

I used to be a pretty girl, people always said I was pretty but people stare at me like I’m a monster now
Khushboo Devi
Khushboo’s father Manik Chandra, 40, attacked her with acid after she reported him to the police for sex trafficking young girls in their home, something she had witnessed all her life.

‘He married young girls and then sold them to different men,’ she remembered. ‘He’d often abuse and hit my mother and send her away and would bring other women home while she was away. My mum often reported him to the police but the police never took her complaint seriously.

‘He tried to sell me but thankfully I escaped. But the final straw came when he sold my 16-year-old sister to a 30-year-old man. That’s when I decided to go to the police. I had to help my family.’

Once her father came to know of her actions he started threatening her but she refused to be scared and stood firm.

She added: ‘He often threatened to destroy me and my family but I wasn’t going to let him win. I thought they were empty threats and would not do nothing as I’m still his daughter but how wrong I was. I could never imagine he could do anything like this.’

Khushboo was asleep with her husband Vinod Kumar, 26, and three-year-old daughter Trisha when Manik knocked on the front door and called her name at 3am on April 30.

‘I woke up to him calling my name,’ she said. ‘I went towards the door and as soon as I opened the door, he threw acid on me. My entire body shook with the shock of the pain.

‘I cannot even express the pain I felt. I just remember screaming and fell on floor. My husband came to my rescue and that’s when he was also affected by it.’


Husband Vinod, who works as a plumber and earns Rs10, 000 (£ 100) a month, never left her side.

‘My husband was and is my biggest strength,’ she said. ‘He has been there through thick and thin. I cannot imagine my life without him. He found the doctor to treat me and he is using his savings to pay for it. And he hasn’t gone back to work yet because he’s helping me. He takes care of me and our daughter. I worry about the money but he assures me he will get the best treatment for me.’

Kushboo had her 21st Birthday on August 15th, but she did not celebrate it. It was no grand occasion, as she cannot bear to feel happiness or see people to be happy yet.

Manik Chandra is still in jail but Khushboo fears for her life if he is released on bail any time soon.

‘I know he’d kill me this time,’ she said. ‘I have sent him to jail and exposed all his secrets. I fear what he’ll do next because he is a cruel man. I have not seen him since the attack and I do not wish to see him. I only wish the worst for him. I feel disgusted to even call him my father.

‘I used to be a pretty girl, people always said I was pretty but people stare at me like I’m a monster now. People look at me in disgust, people know I am his daughter. I can fight with the scars on my body but not the pain he has caused to my soul.’

Here are her photos after the attack.


‘I Hear She Is A Single Mum, She Couldn’t Keep A Man!’ DJ Mo Fires Back At Njoki Chege

City girl columnist Njoki Chege is one woman who is never afraid of speaking out her mind.

She is never afraid of calling a spade a spade.

Even if it will make all of you take up arms and want to shoot at cute little kittens.


Well, last week the internet was abuzz with news that DJ Mo tested Size 8 before marrying her. According to the local decksmaster, he put her through five tests to become his wife


This left the power couple trending for days and Njoki Chege has attacked DJ Mo in a hard-hitting piece titled “DJ Mo a flawed view of marriage and should apologise for his remarks” telling him to apologise for his remarks.

KOT react after Dj Mo discloses he pretended to be broke to test Size 8’s commitment to him

“DJ MO’s flawed view of marriage is very clear. He believes that a wife is only good for cooking and cleaning after her husband. In this age?

The deejay needs to shed off this celebrity lifestyle and be humble. But first, he must apologise to his wife for embarrassing her and making her come across as desperate for marriage.

If you ask me, Size 8 is not the lucky one here, DJ Mo is. Indeed, he should consider himself very lucky for bagging such a beautiful and talented woman.
Be blessed, ‘gospel’ DJ,” read an extract from Njoki Chege’s article.


DJ Mo vs Njoki Chege

In a reply to the article on Nation, Dj Mo has told off Njoki Chege saying that he is happily married and he actually treats his wife like a queen.

“Someone tell Njoki Chege (have never heard about before )we are happily married and we are fine hahahahahaha- my wife Is a queen and I TREAT HER LIKE ONE – my WIFE LOVED ME WHEN I WAS AND HAD NOTHING so stop twisting the whole thing for relevance. Njoki you need to look for attention somewhere else.”

He went ahead to tell the columnist that he will pray for her so that she gets a man and settles down with him.

“Am one Christian you can’t “Tisha “with your articles ” I pray for you to get married and please come for some marriage tips and advice. Ati I apologize – who made you the chair lady in the counsel of apologies enemy of progress,” DJ Mo  wrote on social media.

This has ignited mixed reactions with DJ Mo’s followers terming Njoki Chege as irrelevant.

Ljaymaasai: Good one. Watu kama hawa hawafai kunyamaziwa, Ashindwe! Na alegee.

Willy Paul: @djmokenya umenifurahisha baba… nahitaji watu kama wewe hii Kenya

[email protected] unanijua vizuri amezoea watu sana and I hear she is a single mum she couldn’t keep a man 

Joab Mwaura: You @djmokenya should be happy that, though there is so much to write about, politics, KCPE, Raila, Uhuru, Moses Kuria, she can take a humble time to write about you, then you are very important, thank God for who you are



‘By now Ivan would have called,’ Zari’s Brother Whispers!

Zari Hassan’s young brother identified as Ting Dis was celebrating his birthday on Saturday.

Dis, whose is also known as Abdul is extremely affected by the death of his best friend cum family member Ivan Ssemwanga and his loving mother Halima Hassan.

As he is celebrating his birthday, Dis imagined how it would have been if his mother and Ivan were there. He says, Ivan would have called him to know what they were doing for this important day while his late mother would have called ‘Last Boy.’

“By now Ivan would have called asked me what we doing today. Mum would have said my last boy(kawim, nim, abdul)you growing old…..”

ting dis 3

This is the first birthday celebration Ting has had without the two.

Zari took to social media to let his brother know that she was there for him

“Happy b’day bro…. so proud of how you turned out. What a hunk yet still humble.”

ting dis 2

Here are photos of Zari Hassan’s brother:

Let Him Do What Pleases Him – Zari Hassan Says Enough Is Enough To Diamond’s Wayward Ways

Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan is the current talk of the town.

The mother of five who is busy taking care of her late husband’s property to ensure her children doesn’t suffer in future.

But recently, Zari left social media users surprised after she revealed that she doesn’t care anymore about Diamond Platnumz, the father of her two kids who seems to have a roving eye.

The Tanzanian crooner has been accused of cheating on his wife with models and socialites among them Lynn (Wasafi’s video vixen) and Hamisa Mobeto.

Last month, Hamisa gave birth to a baby boy and she confirmed that Diamond Platnumz is the father of her second child.

This left many wagging tongues and it seems Zari is finally done with the Utanipenda hitmaker.  She is not bothered by what her husband is doing.


Recently, Zari called out Diamond telling him to take responsibility of Hamisa’s son if indeed he was the biological father.

Well, last weekend, Diamond Platnumz was in Zanzibar where BBA season 8 winner  Dillish Mathews was also on holiday.

The two were spotted together and fans took to social media to ‘inform’ zari that she was being cheated on.

But Zari seems to have enough of such news and she confessed that she can’t fight over a man. She has let Diamond to his own devices.

Let him do what pleases him.

Zari revealed that she is not that type of woman who would fight over a d*** claiming that there are some many ‘bananas’ and “NUNUs” out here.


She went on to address her husband’s infidelities on Snapchat and she made it clear that she is busy chasing the paper and has no time to fight over d***.

“Oh… U dming me to tell me how he cheated… So many d*** just like so many p***y on the market. Like y do pple think it’s all about fighting for d** honey i’ll fight for 1M NOT d**k. Closed a deal worth millions this week. 1st instalment 1st Nov,” she said in one of the snaps.

Here are more snaps Zari shared;




The businesswoman also revealed that her late husband was the best, cared about his family and he left millions for them claiming that their kids will never suffer.






Vanessa Mdee Is About To Drop A Hit Song With Gabon’s President

Vanessa Mdee is a known for her hit songs such as Niroge and Cash Madame. She is a one talented person across East Africa and has managed to feature on shows such a Coke Studio Africa.

vanessa mdee

The beautiful lady is big moves and is in Libreville, Gabon. She has gone to do a collabo with a popular Jazz musician Fredrick Gasita. 

Vanessa took to social media to let the World know she was making music with a president:

You have to make noise about it because it is not everyday that you make music with the President, not of the debate club. The president of Gabon.

“Mdee is currently in Gabon where she has been spotted doing a music video for their yet to be released song.”

vanessa mdee

Her love for music is motivated by her energy to motivate people through her songs and now she is about to drop a hit song featuring the president of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba who is also a musician and Fredrick Gasita.


Ali Bongo started as a musician and he loved party. He used to play drums and now he plays the piano and write jazz songs. He once made a soundtrack for a film in Gabon.

Fredrick and the president are very close friends and together  they have a production house called afrojazz  house. This is something big for her since no one in Tanzania has ever featured a song with any president.

Here are pictures with Fredrick Gasita hoping she will post with the president soon:

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee



Diamond Platnumz Calls The Cops On Ommy Dimpoz? When Beef Goes Bad!

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz is in trouble.

The Baadae hitmaker spent five hours in police custody where he was being interrogated. Word on the streets is that Diamond Platnumz lodged a complaint against him after Ommy dissed his mother.

Ask why. Then let’s flash it back!

Last month, Diamond released a song dubbed Fresh, one that seemed to troll Ali Kiba and his best friend Ommy Dimpoz.

In his lyrics, he says he should not be compared to the Cinderella guy who in this case is Ali Kiba. He goes on to tell both he and his friends that Diamond already gave them a bed to sleep on.

“Ukinichukia sikosi hela hivyo kwangu sio kesi/ Kunicompare na Cinderella haiwezi kuwa fresh/ Simba kutoka mbuga ya Tandale/
Naona swala wanaforce tuwe sare sare/
Viuno vidogo wanataka pensi ya Pepe Kalle/
Si walitaka kiti, nimewapa hadi kitanda wakalale” Diamond Platnumz

Ommy Dimpoz responded by posting a photo of himself and Diamond Platnumz’s mother as he went ahead to indirectly insult the Salome hit maker.

ommy-2 When asked why he was under custody, Dimpoz did not want to reveal the reason behind it.

“Ni mahojianao ya kawaida tu, sasa hivi siruhusiwi kuongea chochote.”

News making rounds is that he was being questioned for publishing a post about Diamond Platnumz’s mother in a way that was meant to ruin her name.

These rumours are yet to be confirmed.