It will be the first event with CCTV! Lessons Bridget Achieng learnt from previous Naifest

Bridget Achieng suffered a lot in 2020, especially as far as her reputation goes. This happened after the now-infamous Naifest event that was noted because of the death of a certain young man.

The event earned her a lot of controversial press and could have killed any future Naifest concerts were it not for the indomitable Bridget.

Miss Achieng will be hosting another one this August and said that she has learnt a lot from the previous event. She told me;

“This time I have already known that security is one of the most important things. I have people who will be on standby if the numbers are big. I also have CIDs who will be on the ground to check out on the kids and whatever goes on during the event.”

I spend 100k every month on his insurance – Bridget Achieng says about son (exclusive)


“I have paid the best security company in Kenya. I have ordered for cameras from China and they are already here. I think that is the most I can do to protect Kenyans. I think that this will be the first event in Kenya with CCTV cameras. Because if we saw what happened to Shanty from the beginning we would have known what happened to him.”

She said that because the previous event lacked CCTV cameras, it was hard to find out what exactly had happened. “Because there were no CCTV cameras it was so quick for my bouncers to be charged after they kicked him out.”

She said that she had also learnt how to deal with artistes, saying that she now pays them long before the concert and makes sure that contracts are signed.

“I get artists, who might not speak to me in a week’s time. So I make sure I pay them and that contracts are signed. The reason Reekado Banks didn’t perform is that someone lied to him that I would pay him with fake money.”

She finished off by promising that this concert will be bigger and better than before.

“This is my phase 3, everything will be bigger and better. It will be in the first week of August and I am bringing a very big artiste. In fact, it will be two international acts on one stage, something that hasn’t been done in Kenya.”

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“I have a baby to feed!” Bridget Achieng on her never-give-up attitude since Naifest controversy

Bridget Achieng was one of the few celebrities who had a rough and tough end of 2020 and all because of a sad and mysterious death that took place at her Naifest event.

The mother of one was vilified online with nary a word of support for the Nairobi Diaries actress. But it seems that despite the vitriol and hate online, Bridget is rising like the proverbial phoenix.

So how did she do it? This writer asked her “You are running Naifest again. What type of mental energy did you use to go back to a project that has caused you so much stress in the past? What is your secret?

She replied, “Just because your business burnt down it doesn’t mean you stop working. There are things that happen that are beyond your capabilities as a human being. I am those people who don’t give up. At the end of the day, I have a baby to feed, I have bills to pay, I have workers pay. According to Kenyan law or how the story unfolded, I wasn’t found guilty.”

She also spoke about how the media treats her since the news came out. “I am not going to go deep in that topic and I don’t speak to tabloids anymore cause many are quick to post without confirming whether it is true or false.”

Adding, “For me as an entrepreneur you can’t afford to give up or look down upon yourself, you take the bad and you turn it into good.”

The former socialite then went on to explain some of the unknown intricacies that affected the controversial Naifest event late last year.

“All I know is that last time there was a bigger crowd than we all expected. 5k tickets were bought online, 10k tickets were bought at the gate. And there were still people we locked out the gate as our security couldn’t handle. At 6 or 7 there is no way you can hire security to come and do reinforcements.

She said that it was funny that people will never praise her even when she does good.

“The funny thing is that people don’t talk about the good things a person has done. They just wait for something bad to happen. I have never seen bloggers speak about the good initiatives I am doing, like I have a children’s home in Kibera of about 50-80 kids. No one talks about that.”

She ended by saying that she had learnt to deal with all the negative press, saying, “I am now used to the negative press. Also being a woman in a male-dominated industry, it’s not easy for me.  I am fought from all corners.”

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Just like Jay Z and 50 Cent-Khaligraph Jones speaks on diversifying his career

Khaligraph Jones told me that he had a wonderful 2021.

The muscular rapper explained that he was appreciative that he had lived through the year despite all the challenges that Covid-19 had brought up.

The rapper who is one of the most hard-working and consistent musicians in the country told me his plans for 2021 were going to be similar to that of 2020.

“I’m going to do the same thing I didn’t 2020, with more collaborations with different artists. Only that this time round will take it one notch higher but it’s all the same,” he said.

“I have no friends” Khaligraph Jones reveals (exclusive)

An artist’s time at the top is normally short and many smart ones like Jay Z and 50 Cent normally start diversifying when they are still at the top. Was Khaligraph of the same mind?

“Being a musician in Kenya it is very hard to survive on music alone so you have to diversify. I’ve been doing that from the get-go. You see me out here shooting music videos. I don’t get sponsored by people all this is my money,”


“This goes to tell you that I have diversified and I have things on the side that will be able to amplify my career and take it to the next level. There is no way you can do that without resources and money.”

He finished off by stating that the business he was now concentrating on other than his music was in customizing cars for clients.

“If you see me on social media you will see that I am into things like cars and things of that sort. I am using my fame to push my cars.”

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Khaligraph Jones opens up about actor Omosh’s recent financial situation

Khaligraph Jones is one of the few rappers who will speak his mind without fear or favour. In a recent interview that I had with him, the henched musician gave his thoughts on the recent situation that had faced fellow entertainer Omosh.


Khaligraph empathized with him and supported the decision by many Kenyans to aid the actor in his time of need.

“It is what it is that is life,” he said. “Even if we come with strategies to see that things like this don’t happen, if they happen it is our responsibility to come together and help.”

Tahidi High’s Omosh served with eviction notice for Sh100k rent arrears

He added that people should stop attacking the former Tahidi High actor as he had been a boon to Kenyans with his talents.

“I see people rebuking Omosh and saying, what did he do with his money? This is a guy who was on television entertaining people, this guy has motivated and inspired a lot of people. So he has every right to come out and ask for assistance from the people, that he has been entertaining.”

“Hopefully, the industry elevates to a level where we don’t see such cases anymore,” he concluded.

And what was Khaligraph’s experience with 2020? “It was good. It was ok. At the end of the day, as long as you are alive, God did his thing. “We managed to get through covid and survive. 2020 was okay.”

Were there any lessons he had learnt during the crazy year?

“Of course, you know 2020 was different and automatically that means that you have to adjust. That means you have to come out with new tactics on how to deal with your life in terms of one’s perspective of life and music, everything changed. It was for the better of course,” he finished off.

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I love “African Beauty”! Alikiba surprises fans as he lavishes rival Diamond with praise

For the longest time, Alikiba is arguably the only Tanzanian musician who has not kissed Diamond Platnumz’s ring, thus endorsing him as the undisputed GOAT in the Bongo music scene.

The two have had a rivalry over the years with periods of calm and others of all out war and it seems that we might be in a calm season.

Why? Alikiba of all people has come out to pick his favourite songs from his rival camp WCB Wasafi during a live session on his Instagram.

Simba Ameghuruma! Has Diamond Platinumz responded to Alikiba’s ‘Mediocre’?

The man not only disclosed the songs he loved, he also went further by playing them during his Instagram live session.  The Kings Music CEO, kicked off his WCB Playlist with Diamond Platnumz’s Song dubbed African Beauty, stating that he loves how its melody and beats have been arranged.

“Hii ni favorite yangu…naipenda sana..alifanya vizuri sana…I like the beats na melody unajua mimi ni Mbaya wa melody so this one is from Diamond” says Alikiba about Diamond’s African Beauty.

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A post shared by Wasafi FM (@wasafifm)

Other songs that he played were Zuchu’s Sukari, Mbosso’s Nadekezwa, Lava Lava’s Wale Wale, Rayvanny’s Kwetu a song that he has always described as his all-time favourite.

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A post shared by (@bongofive)

Harmonize, another former WCB signee had also made it to King Kiba’s Friday Night playlist with his song Happy Birthday, while Nandy was featured for her new tune Leo Leo featuring Koffi Olomide.

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Ringtone’s antics are doing more damage to the gospel industry than Bahati and Willy Paul ever did

Ringtone Apoko is one of the most divisive musicians in Kenya. The artiste is one of the most consistent gospel singers around as he keeps releasing great music that Christians can rally around.

But he is super-frustrating for me! Why? His constant need to keep himself in the spotlight detracts from the message in his music.

Just this week, Mr. Apoko decided to complain about God not giving him a BMW I8 he had fasted and prayed for. The gospel singer had previously promised that if God doesn’t gift him the car in 4 weeks, he would quit gospel music.

He added that during that period, he would go into fasting and prayer for God to gift him the ride. ”BREAKING NEWS 🔥 🔥 🔥 RINGTONE QUITES NOW 🔥 🔥 🔥 AM SORRY PLEASE🙏🙏🙏 AM PRAY AND GOD IS REFUSE TO GRANT MY PRAYER NOW AM QUITE IMMEDIATELY SEE U AGAIN GOD WILLING 😭😭”

“As a young man, I wanted to marry an older Mzungu woman” Ringtone comes clean

He has not been clear as to whether he will keep his promise to quit gospel music or not. In the video he posted on his Gram, he said something contrary to what he has written. ”Looks like Jesus decided to embarrass me.”

In the same video, he goes on to say that he had already bought a helicopter. How can he buy a helicopter and fail to buy a BMW I8? This was the same thought that comedian Jalang’o had. He replied to Ringtone. ”Chairman you will kill me with wisdom…You just bought helicopter but you cant buy BMW i8?”

My thoughts

And this is what saddens me. The man is clearly a good singer who can let his art speak for him but keeps on having to resort to publicity stunts to keep Kenyans engaged.

And I believe that his music is good enough to warrant play without any of the shenanigans that he keeps on propagating.

It ends up lessening him and his music contrary to the effect former gospel artistes Willy Paul and Bahati have when they court controversy to sell their music.

But what do I know…

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“If anyone can have it, I don’t want it!” Tanasha says as beef with Huddah escalates

The Huddah Monroe and Tanasha Donna situation seems to be getting each day. For those of you not apprised of the beef, it all started after Alhuddah threw some shade Tanasha’s way after Diamond’s baby mama celebrated becoming the most followed Kenyan female on Instagram.

Is Huddah right in trolling Tanasha after she became Kenyan’s most followed Instagrammer?

She added that such things no longer matter if there is no money in it. The post read; “Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol!


But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darliing? In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea.”

And Tanasha was having none of it. True to form she came back with her own fire, by taking a swipe at Huddah’s career by saying, “If anyone can have it, I don’t want it,”

Ouch! Don’t forget that Huddah has previously admitted to sleeping with older men for money. Tanasha’s diss seems to have done the trick as the entrepreneur who spends a lot of time in Dubai tried to distance herself from claims pointing out that her initial post was aimed at Tanasha Donna.

In her passive-aggressive post, the former Big Brother Africa contestant rubbished the claims while also laughing of Tanasha’s response. She wrote, “If you have pus*y, I have. If it’s beauty I have it. So what’s to be envious of? Followers? Lol!”

Despite her statement, many fans in Tanasha’s comment section said that Miss Monroe was the victim of the green-eyed monster, now that Tanasha had surpassed her with the most followed Instagram account in the country.

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Government will even come to us artistes for a loan if they do this! Rufftone declares

As with most entertainers, Rufftone has a strong opinion about the way the government has handled the Covid-19 pandemic that has wreaked havoc on Kenya’s economy.

In a recent interview I had with the Mwikhulu singer, the man was unimpressed with GOK’s handling telling me,

“I think it can do more. I have always said…the reason by God’s grace I went through the Covid, it is because I was prepared before Covid. I would say that after Covid there would still be other infectious diseases, maybe there will be an Ebola. My issue is what has the government done for the artists with or without Covid, pre or post-Covid?”


“For the past 5-6 years I have been challenging the govt. to do these 3 things and I believe if they do them, musicians will not have an issue.”

His first solution was that Kenyan musicians should get 60-40 airplay on local terrestrial TV and radio. “And news and weather forecast is not part of the local content,” he pointed out.

He then explained the rationale for his first solution telling me, “DRC and South Africa have implemented that and that’s why the hit song that dominated the Kenyan charts during Covid was “Jerusalema”. Why? Because of where they are from, they have been elevated.”

His second solution was that artists should get an increase in the Skiza percentage. “Artists at the moment are getting very little and I must congratulate the president because artists used to get around 15%, now they are getting 30%. But as the content creators, the intellectual property owners, we deserve at worst at worst 50/50 if not 60/40 again,” he opined.

He said that musicians had been responsible in keeping the country together during the early period of Covid-19 uncertainty. “You do realize that during that Corona period we were the only people who held the country together with those virtual concerts. Artists are essential to a country’s unity and even moving forward.”

His final solution was that all the major Collective Management Organisation’s (CMO’s) should be disbanded forthwith, with new and better bodies being formed.

“Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRiSK), Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP), and Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK). These 3 pillars/bodies are a problem.  If those 3 can be taken care of, I believe musicians will actually be pleading with the government to take a loan from the kitty. They will actually be able to lend money to the government cause it is a multi-billion shilling industry by itself.”

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Kenya owes you nothing – A letter to always complaining Victoria Kimani

Singer Victoria Kimani is back to mourning about Kenyans again. The lady with the penchant for the heavy elaborate make-up is decrying the fact that her fellow compatriots aren’t supportive of her and her musical talents.

The singer who released the album Afreaka back in April 2020 went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday, January 12, sharing several tweets as she tried to get her point across. “Kenyans will never cease to amaze me in every possible way,” she started off.

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A post shared by KIMANI (@victoriakimani)

Adding, “What part of ‘support your own’ don’t you (curse word) get? Gatttdammm (sic),” Then in conclusion she said, “F** it, I’m from Ghana now… From the Ashanti region.”

Victoria has explained in previous interviews that she grew up in the Western part of the continent and that being the reason why her musical influence is from Nigeria and Ghana.

In a late 2019 interview with the Recording Academy, the songwriter revealed that her family left the US when she was 14 and went to live in Nigeria where she was introduced to African music.

She also revealed the reason why she relates more as a West African is because they are English speaking countries there and being that she cannot speak Swahili, most of her songs have to be in English.

Now that we have gotten her history out of the way, let’s look at the substance of her latest message. Is she right that Kenyans don’t support her music? Yes…But is she right to get upset with this fact? No.

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A post shared by KIMANI (@victoriakimani)

Let me explain. Victoria’s complaint about Kenyan’s not supporting their own is a time-known issue among many in the industry, so her notion isn’t something I am shocked about.

In fact, many of the Kenyan musicians who complain about it can and do sing in Kiswahili, something she can’t, so they can be legitimately upset that their own compatriots don’t support them-No excuse about singing in English for them.

Another thing, if Victoria’s music really has that West African flavour then she should be doing excellently in Kenya. Don’t forget that we Kenyans support foreign African music compared to our own, that’s why Burna Boy, Davido and Wizkid compete with our Kenyan musicians for airplay.

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A post shared by KIMANI (@victoriakimani)

Another thing-Failure in a competitive market cannot always be blamed on the buyers. It means that your music isn’t jelling with the audience and that means she should take a long, hard look at herself and see what Kenyans want and consume. Not blame them every time they reject her music.

Victoria, no one in this life owes you anything and stop always playing the victim, you’re better than that.

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A post shared by KIMANI (@victoriakimani)

But what do I know?

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Tracy Chapman paid Shs 49 million settlement by Nicki Minaj for sampling her song

Tracy Chapman is proving that artists who have been largely affected by Covid-19 restrictions can still make money. The “Fast Car” singer can now purchase more fast cars (bad joke, I know) after mega-star Nicki Minaj settled with her.

According to Variety, a lawsuit that was filed by Chapman against Minaj, who recently gave birth to her first child, and originally scheduled to go to trial later this year, has seen a settlement in place by both parties.

Chapman has accepted a $450,000(Shs 49 million) ‘Rule 68 Offer of Judgment’ from the Queens-born rapper who sampled one of her most popular songs without Chapman’s permission.

Chapman stated, “I am glad to have this matter resolved and grateful for this legal outcome which affirms that artists’ rights are protected by law and should be respected by other artists. I was asked in this situation numerous times for permission to use my song; in each instance, politely and in a timely manner, I unequivocally said no. Apparently, Ms. Minaj chose not to hear and used my composition despite my clear and express intentions.”

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A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj)


“As a songwriter and an independent publisher, I have been known to be protective of my work. I have never authorized the use of my songs for samples or requested a sample. This lawsuit was a last resort–pursued in an effort to defend myself and my work and to seek protection for the creative enterprise and expression of songwriters and independent publishers like myself.”

Chapman filed the suit after Minaj used a sample of Chapman’s 1988 record, “Baby Can I Hold You” for her song “Sorry,” which featured legendary rapper Nas, back in 2018.

Chapman, who is notorious for not allowing artists to sample her work, had denied the request to approve the sample but the song, already recorded, was leaked by New York City’s Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex before the album was released in August of that year.

Check out the two songs below:


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Habits you should avoid when going to a club

When you gong to a club there are some habits that you should avoid to have a good time. They include;

Mixing drinks

Mixing drinks can really put your liver at risk. It can lead to vomiting as it may tamper with your digestion system. It is advisable to take such drinks in dilute form with either water or a soft drink.

Tips: 10 things to do to wake up early without struggling

Leaving your items unattended

You should be careful with your items especially your phone and cash. Not everyone goes to the club with good intentions. Other go with intentions of stealing from the drunk people, so more reason you should be careful.

Wearing high heels

If you love dancing, wear comfortable shoes. Six inch heels are cute to look at, but you won’t be able to dance.You could even fall and break your ankles if drunk.

Picha inayohusiana

Taking stranger’s drinks

Taking someone’s drink that you don’t know is way too dangerous folks. In this day and age of spiking drinks, you need to be careful about this bad habit girls.

Getting wasted taking too much alcohol

Medics constantly berate us with messages that consumption of alcohol is harmful to ones health. When in the club, it’s important to limit how much you drink, plus also know the limits because of your health and your security too. If you get too drunk chances are that you may black out and in the process people can take advantage of you.

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Ametoka zone ya mazishi, ya kulialia-Willy Paul says about Bahati’s “Wanani”(exclusive)

Yesterday Willy Paul met with the Deputy President of Kenya.

The photo session showed how much clout and power he has that he can get a face to face meeting with the second most powerful man in the country.

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A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

As fitting his fame, I recently interviewed the “Coco” singer on the strides he had made in the music industry.

I am not even her bf! She is insane, she is a psycho – Willy Paul on Shakila drama (exclusive)

One question that was burning in my mind was why the singer hadn’t still done a collaboration with either Bahati or Diamond Platnumz.

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A post shared by SIMBA..!🦁 (@diamondplatnumz) on

Why was that? In the case of Diamond, Pozze said that there was a time in the past where he was very close to doing one with the Bongo singer but that it wasn’t to be.

Those guys who know me, know that I used to perform using his songs when I was on the come-up. He was an inspiration to me. Unfortunately, when it reached time to do a collabo, things changed. I don’t know how they viewed the situation. We offered to pay but something just happened that I can’t speak about at the moment. Diamond is a singer I respect.

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Seti poa basi CHUMA!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

In the case of Bahati, he said that he was willing and also congratulated him for changing his music style from the funeral type he used to do. “Bahati is my brother. We can do a song together.” Adding, “He did something(referring to Bahati’s his new song Wanani‘) different from what we are used to. Ametoka zone ya mazishi hiyo ya kulia lia.”

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ONE WORD FOR THIS @DEVINE_COLLECTIONS SUIT 👔 🔥 Remember to Dial *811*922# To Set #NAJUA ❤ as Your Skiza Tune 🙂

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya) on

And does the singer see a future where Kenyan artists can fill stadiums on their own like other African artists abroad?

“The problem isn’t filling the stadium. The issue is that Kenyan fans will not attend because they don’t rank Kenyan musicians. We can fill a stadium but it will take some time. Another problem we face is sponsors for these types of events.”

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Morning fam! Black is beautiful!!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

Willy also spoke about some middlemen in the industry who have such high mark-ups for their services that it makes holding a concert/show untenable.

“Some middlemen will try and get a very huge cut so that they can help you get the sponsorship for the show, making it a non-starter for many,” he finished off.

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‘He slide into the DM,’ Bensoul’s lover speaks

Singer Bensoul is not single. He is dating one Noni Gathoni whom, they’ve been together for a year. The two met on social media after the ‘Lucy’ hitmaker slide into Noni’s DM.

She narrated on Sauti Sol’s reality show;

“We first met on social media, basic chats, nothing serious. Until this one evening when we crossed paths at an entertainment event. I was attending a friend’s party, shout out to Lisa, and he was meeting his friends who had come from Embu,” she narrated

My father left us because we wouldn’t become Muslims – Bensoul reveals

She went on to say that she was the one who first spotted him at an event

“So I approached him and tapped him from his back then we chatted endlessly, had a good night and exchanged numbers.” she continued.

The two kept in touch and went for dates and here they are, one year later.

“You know the way you expect someone to call you on the same night asking if you got home safe. He did not. A week later is when he texted to ask. How did we start dating? Oooh we kept meeting up and the chemistry slowly started building and we moved to the next level.” 

My Mzungu priest told me I couldn’t sing! “Mapenzi” singer Kidum reveals

Kidum Kibido is probably the most well-known Burundian singer in Kenya. And that’s for good reason as the man has released some of the best love ballads Kenya has ever heard.

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Kipara ni usafi

A post shared by KIDUM (@kidumkibido_) on

The man who has a very distinct voice started out singing in the church choir, like many other famous artistes the world over e.g Whitney Houston.

Kidum reveals the first time he met his firstborn son and more(Exclusive)

The man recently spoke about his ignominious end at a church choir that he says messed up his self-esteem for years. In an interview with Cate Rira, Kidum narrated that their Catholic music teacher told him that he had a bad voice.

“Kwa Choir niliwahi kufukuzwa… nilifikuzwa kwa sababu ilikuwa ni ya Catholic na huyo Mzungu mwenye alikuwa anatufundisha sisi watoto kuimba alinimbianga na ikani-affect sana kwamba niko na sauti mbaya,” he said.

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Happy and blessed Sunday everyone

A post shared by KIDUM (@kidumkibido_) on

“Niliambiwa niko na sauti iko na homa homa hivi, husky voice, nikapata mzee mwingine wa kunifunza Guitar ndo aka build hiyo confidence tena akiniambia any voice can sing muhimu ni kujua kutumia sauti yako,” explained Kidum.

The 46-year-old has been in Kenya for the past 25 years, said that he tried to take back his kids back Burundi but unfortunately, they don’t relate with their mother Country basing on the fact that they were born in Kenya.

“Mimi nimekaa miaka 25 Kenya na umri niko na 46 years, na hapa Kenya sikai tu, niko na jamii yangu, na hata watoto wanapozaliwa wanajua hapa ndo kwao. Nishawahi fanya attempt yakwamba mimi ni kutoka Burundi, so Burundi wataiaccept kama kwao lakini ikashindikana, coz walizaliwa hapa,” added Kidum.

Check out the video below;


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Chiki reveals huge culture difference on first date with Bien-Aime at Mama Oliech restaurant

Sauti Sol singer Bien-Aime Baraza and his wife Chiki Kuruka have one of the most beautiful young marriages among celebs today.

The couple had been dating for more than 4 years before they decided to get hitched in March this year. They are famously private about many aspects of their relationship, only choosing to reveal precious anecdotes whenever the desire for press exposure is needed (which is rather smart).

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My squad reign supreme.

A post shared by BIEN-AIME ALUSA BARAZA (@bienaimesol) on

The couple have chosen an episode of their Sol Family docuseries to discuss how they first met.  Bien explained that they had met at an event in Nairobi while she was in the company of a mutual friend called Emmanuel Jambo.

The singer thought Emmanuel and Chiki were dating at the time.

“I met her standing at the parking lot a friend of mine called Emmanuel and I was like Emmanuel unachapa kitu safi. I actually thought her and Emmanuel were together,” said Bien.

But fate was on his side as he ended up having a deep chemistry with her.

He added, “That night we ended up talking for so long and I was like this girl is intelligent. That time I had been single for about a year. When I met her, I wasn’t actually looking for love in her, but in her I felt like I was drinking a fresh glass of juice talking to Chiki.”

‘Thank you for being the light of my world’ Sauti Sol’s Bien celebrates wife Chiki

Chiki concurred about the connection she had had with the lanky singer saying that before she met him she hadn’t believed in love at first sight.

Bien then asked her for a date, finally taking her to Mama Oliech restaurant because he loves fish and ugali. But she didn’t like it.

“I was like why are we here because this is not thank you for a hookup because again culture difference there’s cats walking around everywhere, there isn’t really even a ceiling. We’re sitting outside,” said Chiki. They later on went to a different place where they had drinks and the rest is history.

This revelation comes after Polycarp Fancyfingers another member of Sauti Sol narrated how he had met his Rwandan wife,  Lady Mandy. The gifted guitarist said that the two met at a work event and had to co-mingle after they were mistakenly given each other’s pay cheques after the show.

Afterwards they met up to sort out the error and that is where Polycarp got the balls to ask for Mandy’s number. Now the couple is expecting a baby.

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Remove my songs from your App!-Willy Paul orders BoomPlay

Willy Paul is one of the most prolific musicians in Kenya with a portfolio only matched by the controversies that normally dog his career.

The man who started out as a gospel musicians has recently been doing secular music and has released an impressive repertoire of songs with musicians such as Nandy and Bien of Sauti Sol.

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Check in!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

But it seems all his hard effort is coming to naught! This according to the singer who compalined bitterly about BoomPlay.

In a long rant, Willy Pozze lamented that the streaming platform had offered him zero support, despite approaching them on several occasions with over 15 proposals.

“…. @Boomplaymusicke needs to look into this matter because wasaniii wanabewa ufala. From today henceforth I’m taking down all my content from @Boomplayke they don’t care about the artist. They only care about the money…wajinga. Take down my content with immediate effect. My album is going to be a success, I have genuine fans and they are gonna make this album a success. Nyambeni uko watiaji nyinyi,” read part of Willy Paul’s post.

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Let God do His work

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

He added that he had seen favouritism from the streaming app with other artistes getting a lot more support than himself despite being the most streamed artiste in Kenya.

“This happening in this industry is just too much. Kuna ukabila na who knows, so I’m just here thinking. I’m not perfect yes, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll just sit and watch fools disrespecting my hard work! Some of you have seen my music on @Boomplaymusicke and even seen my music topping their longest time… and ever since I signed with them, they’ve never acknowledged shit. We have shared business ideas, asked them for sponsorship but all in vain.

Awache kupata watoto hivo! Willy Paul says about Bahati (Exclusive)

“For close to 3 years they’ve been asking us to send them proposals, which we’ve been sending…but they always look for ways to delay us only to tell us that the proposals don’t touch on the things they want. The company has been turned into a family business where kuna watu wanasaidiwa and kuna watu wale ni taka taka kama mimi. This people made me delay my album #SongoofSolomon and still turned Us down.”

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“But watu wengine wakienda wanapewa sponsorship but kama ni willy Paul hakuna pesa. So far we have complied with everything walikata.”

However, Willy Paul has since deleted the post from his Instagram page.

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Wambui Collymore praises Sammidoh after impressive Kenya ni Yetu Live concert

Kenya ni Yetu Live concert, the biggest live virtual concert took place this past weekend. The eagerly anticipated concert was streamed live on and aired on all terrestrial TV channels in Kenya.

Sir Elvis in concert
Sir Elvis in concert

Many Kenyans praised the Stanbic sponsored concert that saw an unprecedented 30 musicians perform live. Since the show aired, glowing comments have been streaming in with the general consensus being that the show had lived to the hype.

Particular praise went to Eric Wainaina, Sammidoh, Gramps Morgan, Sir Elvis and Suzzana Owiyo. Many Kenyans said that the experience had sparked a patriotic vein in them with Eric’s Daima rendition getting a lot of praise.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

Some of the comments are below:

HUSTLE GODDESS Samidoh killing itFireFireFireFire#KenyaNiYetuLive

Diana Wambui Eric wainaina….#DaimaMkenya he sounds soo good!! Wow!! #KenyaNiYetuLive

Carson Frenzy Gramps Morgan and sir Elvis FireFireFireFire

Ayabei Maureen #KenyaNiYetuLive I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Kamene Goro Such an emotional Musical experience…..#KenyaNiYetu

nivlek iz siwel Erick wainaina just proved why he is the legend he is #KenyaNiYetuLive

Auntie Africa We really need such more live concerts to remind us that we stand for peace, love and unity as a nation. This has really made a great weekend vibe!

STARLET Wah Gramps Morgan #KenyaNiYetu #KenyaNiYetuLive Crying faceCrying face song inagusaa to the core

Lyn #KenyaNiYetu was such an awesome concert started being proud of my country then news headlines brought me back to reality that the country is for the rich.

Ajowi David Awesome FireFireFireFire

Even Wambui Collymore, the widow of Bob Collymore joined in celebrating the wonderful performances praising Samiddoh and Suzzana Owiyo’s in particular.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

For Sammidoh she wrote, “There’s something beautiful about a musician who plays live regularly. A guitar and drums and it sounds like 5 people.”

“Then I am just loving @SuzannaOwiyo,” she wrote.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

How enjoyable was your Kenya ni Yetu Live experience?

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I won’t kill myself or quit music because of a break-up – Juma Jux states about exes

Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee were the Tanzanian power couple not named Diamond and (whoever he was dating at the time) for eons in Tanzania.

The couple split up last year to the shock of many considering the period of time they had been together and the public declarations of love they had shown each other prior to the split.

Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux on stage
Vanessa and Juma in the past

Juma then quickly moved on to a white babe, a relationship that didn’t last. Although he rarely speaks about Vanessa, the man who spent a lot of time with her, still has some thoughts about her.

Vanessa Mdee was a huge influence – Juma Jux tells Maina about new album

Thoughts he revealed recently when he was interviewed by Wasafi media. The singer said that Vanessa made a huge mistake quitting her career, saying that he can never give up his career because of music as nothing in life is permanent.

“Don’t let your life depend on someone. Love someone but don’t make it as through, if she/he is not there. Everything goes wrong, no. There are second chances in life. Vanessa and I separated, I got into a relationship that was I was happy and now she is in a relationship. And that’s how life is. Right now, I can’t say because of that, I will kill myself or leave music no. Because of love? No. I can’t do that.”

Juma Jux

In his interview, one can infer that he might have already become jaded about love. The interview comes a few months after Vanessa broke the internet with the news that she leaving the music industry.

Her announcement comes after Vanessa started Hollywood TV star Rotimi with the two looking so serious like they might be taking the next step in their relationship.

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