Harmonize reveals he will be campaigning for the next Kenyan President

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has revealed he will be campaigning for Kenya’s Next President.

The veteran Tanzanian singer was in Kenya over the weekend but got himself in hot soup after he was arrested for obtaining money under false pretences.

He remained in bars for the better part of Sunday.

After his release, Harmonize addressed the media where he praised his Kenyan fans for their continued support.

In the interview, Harmonize said Kenyans had made him famous by supporting his music and attending his concerts.

It was then that he announced his interest in being involved in the Kenyan campaigns.

“I am part of Kenya’s election this year and I will be supporting the next president. For now, I can’t say who but when the right time comes, I will just show support and prove to you that I am half Kenyan half Tanzania. Kenyans have made me who i am by supporting my music.”

It is not clear whether Harmonize will be supporting Azimio La Umoja or UDA and whether he will be releasing a song for his preferred presidential candidate.

In 2019, Harmonize released a praise song for the late Tanzanian President Magufuli, describing him as a hardworking leader with a rich development record.

After he died, Singer Harmonize tattooed the late Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s face on his leg.

Harmonize released from police custody, denies beating Eric Omondi

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has been released from police custody.

He was arrested today morning for failing to honour paid for performances in various clubs in Kenya. 

Eric Omondi alleged that the artiste also punched him in front of the OCPD in Kileleshwa Police station.

While addressing media people after his release, Harmonize said he will perform in Mombasa tonight. 

He denied beating Eric Omondi in front of Police officers.

“Wewe unaweza kupiga mtu kwenye kituo cha polisi? Kama Polisi wanakuangalia? Can you really punch a person while inside the police station while the cops are present?)”

Eric had accused the Kwangwaru hitmaker of assaulting him at the police station in front of ex-governor Mike Sonko. 

“Harmonize has punched me in front of Kileleshwa OCPD, he has punched my face infront of Mike Mbuvi Sonko, it was inside a police station. I am bleeding,” he said.

“I gave him money and he refused to perform, so we told him to return the money. I told him there is no need to fight…’I have given you money and you have been arrested, I do not want to embarrass you, lets go to Mombasa and do a show because you have been paid, yesterday you refused to go to Kokoriko, yesterday you caused problems at Captains and I covered you,’ While talking, he punched me.


Harmonize arrested in Kenya for missing club performance

Tanzanian star Harmonize was today morning arrested for conning Kenyan their money and failing to perform.

According to reliable reports from Kileleshwa Police Station, Harmonize, was arrested and is currently in custody.

His arrest came a few hours after performing at the Africa Moja concert at KICC.

Harmonize was scheduled to do a series of performances but is alleged to have not honored the contract that he had been paid for.

A close source to Mpasho also alleged that there have been five people who complained leading to his arrest.

He is said to have appeared at Captain’s Lounge for only five minutes instead of the agreed upon 1 hour and 30.

According to the event poster, tickets were retailing at Sh 1,000 for regular, Sh2,000 for VIP and sh 5,000 for VVIP.

Eric Omondi defended him saying he was only paid for appearance and not for performance.

Harmonize was scheduled to perform in other clubs today.

But asinikimbize! Harmonize ready to do a collabo with Embarambamba

Tanzanian musician, Harmonize says he would like to do music with Embarambamba.

In an interview with Willy M.Tuva he stated that he (Embarambamba) is unique and added that he would like a collabo with the Kisii gospel singer.

I wanna see him. I think I see he has a unique way of doing things. He has no time for bad energy, he is just unique and will make you laugh,” Harmonize said. 

“We have to do music together, bora asinikimbize. (As long as he doesn’t chase me around).” 

Harmonize was in Kenya to headline the Africa Moja concert where other Kenyan artists also performed.

Embarambamba shared the video of Harmonize on his social media, agreeing that it will be a great collabo, and that he is “Ready.”

He has recently released a tribute song to the late President Mwai Kibaki.

Speaking to Word Is, Embarambamba said it was his unique way of paying his tribute to the late former head of state.

He said he chose to celebrate Kenya’s third president with a song since he did not get a chance to perform for him while he was alive.

One minute man! Eric Omondi and Harmonize chased from a club

Drama ensued last night at the Mombasa Road-based Captain’s Lounge after comedian Eric Omondi and Tanzanian singer Harmonize reportedly gave a one-minute performance for a show that revellers had paid for.
In a video doing round, attendees of the event got angry and decided to keep the two entertainers from the venue.
A few minutes later, anti-riot police were called to the scene to try to calm down irate party-goers who were demanding value for their money.

According to the event poster, tickets were retailing at Sh 1,000 for regular, Sh2,000 for VIP and sh 5,000 for VVIP.
Harmonize is in the country for the Afrika Moja Concert happening today at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.
The concert will also feature artists such as Lasaara (Kenya), Lesasa Joker (DRC Congo), Maima (Kenya), Emma Jalammo (Kenya), Ben Githae (Kenya) and many other opening acts.

This annual concert will set off a celebration of African culture, and it will bring together artists from Kenya, Congo and Tanzania. There will be cultural activities, food and ornaments available.

It will be an outdoor event and strict Covid protocols will be strictly enforced.
Host MCs will be Eric Omondi.

Here is the video;


Singer Nameless celebrates his dad as he turns a year older

Singer David Mathenge alias Nameless is celebrating the birthday of his dad who turned 86 years today.
The father of two also celebrated his nephew’s birthday saying he felt blessed to celebrate two special people in his life.
On his Instagram, Nameless wrote;
“My dad turns 86 and my nephew Mathenge turns 18. They share a birthday and I feel blessed to celebrate my dad and my son today!
Help me wish Mathenge Sr and Mathenge Jr a happy Birthday.”
In 2020, Nameless’ father underwent successful brain surgery and a hip replacement.
Speaking to Word Is, Nameless said although the issue was supposed to be private, he chose to speak out to show gratitude.
“Some things we must be grateful for them. My dad is 84 years old and so overcoming that means a lot to us as a family,” he said.
“He was a bit weaker, especially although he is usually a very strong person but you see him getting weaker over time.”
Nameless says his father’s health started deteriorating very fast and at some point, he could not work. They became worried and thought he was falling into depression.
“He could not walk. One side of the eye was also not working. He had some blood clots in his head that caused some minor strokes,” he said.
A few months ago this year, Nameless’s father visited his eldest brother, Fafa Mukuru.
Nameless said that the family set aside three days for his dad in which he met his siblings in their homes.
“Today was the final day since Friday for taking my dad around Nyeri to meet all his surviving siblings. Today we took him to meet his eldest brother, Fafa Mukuru. As you can see when it comes to brothers hugging is a no! Men don’t hug. But you could feel the love and respect between them his elder brother is 96 years and his dad is 86,” Nameless wrote.


Mathare aspirant Bahati defends himself after crying on live TV

Singer and Mathare aspirant Bahati has come out to defend himself for crying over the loss of the Jubilee nomination ticket early this week.

In an interview with Dr King’ori on The Wicked Edition, the ‘Mama’ hitmaker said the reason he cried is that he was carrying the pain of the Mathare people.
“I was just expressing the needs of my people. You know in parliament I will do three things, I will be representing the people, I will be a legislature and I will also be implementing. So I think I was doing one of the things that I should be doing in Parliament. I took their pain and I carried it to the press conference,” he said.

Bahati has been calling out the Jubilee party to allow him to fly the party’s ticket in the August election.

On Monday, Bahati cried at a press conference after his party allegedly asked him to step down in favour of Oluoch as the constituency is considered an ODM zone.

“I was told to step down after receiving the nomination certificate,” he said, adding that even with the new developments he was not going to step down from the Mathare Parliamentary race.
He complained of a fraudulent process in awarding the Jubilee party nomination certificate even after the party conducted free and fair primaries.
“I personally have made a decision that I’m not backing down from the race. My name will be on the ballot on August 9.”

He has since stated that he won’t be vying on an independent ticket.
Bahati said Jubilee is negotiating with ODM on the same issue.

“I have renegotiated with the party, I acknowledge the secretary-general and Kanini Kega for giving me a listening ear.
I am hopeful that they will allow me to go to the ballot. I am not buying the independent card because that is like betraying my party.
I also believe my party will not betray the young people. Nothing has been talked to me officially for me to hand in my nomination. I believe they will hand in my name to IEBC.”

‘Till death do us part just parked and left,’ Akothee

Singer Akothee has revealed that her boyfriend just broke up with her before he parked and left. The singer has been in a relationship with her former manager Nelly Oaks.

Taking to Instagram stories, the mother of five said ameachwa.

“Nimeachwa imagine. I am single again. Don’t take this relationship thing personally.”

In another post, she described how he reacted to their misunderstanding.

Do you remember when I told you I am taken? Well till death do us part just parked and left! I’m single again guys… the road to relationship is always under construction.”


Akothee is a self-proclaimed president of single mothers.

On his social media, Nelly Oaks has not responded to the break up but shared a photo which he captioned

“I know what I want and I’m going to get it.”

Kenyan artistes are successful-Otile Brown

Otile Brown is saddened by entertainment industry people who claim that Kenyan artistes are broke. The star took to Instagram live to air his opinion saying that these are people who are not artistes that are speaking about the issue.

He went on to ask Khaligraph Jones who had responded to the issue in an interview to stop giving them attention.

“I am telling Jones not to address it because these are the same people that have ruined the game for thinking they know so much. I’ve seen people ruin the game for no reason.”

“To run this game is not easy,” he added

Brown went on to say that Kenyan artistes are very successful.

“It is not easy as y’all think. Let me surprise you. The funny thing is, Kenyan artistes are some of the most successful in Africa.”

This comes days after comedian Alex Mathenge said Kenyan celebs are broke.

“It is very hard to have a celebrity culture in Kenya. ‘celebs’ hawana kitu. They live in rentals, the car is on loan, it doesn’t have fuel or it’s not theirs. Influencers have tried calling themselves Brand Ambassadors  but it  still does not work.”

Corporates support talents by giving out hoodies and freebies! Fans on the other hand their skiza tunes are Bongo or Naija!

Let us not blame celebrities all the time, some times they lack the confidence to flex in front of the camera when they know they have rent arrears and baby mamas are hustling them for upkeep money or expose them to bloggers upon failure,” 

Staki attention! Khaligraph Jones tells bloggers

Khaligraph Jones has warned bloggers to stop castigating artistes who refuse to be interviewed.

In a recent interview, OG said sometimes he is not comfortable to be on camera.

“People have their way of living their lives, whether an artiste or a normal person,” he said.

“If I don’t want cameras on my face all the time, that’s a personal choice, it is not about showbiz or whatever.

Since some artistes like cameras on their faces all the time, it is not for everyone. Stop castigating people. It is about how you want to live your lives.”

Khaligraph is currently promoting his new Album ‘Invisible Currency.’

He explained that it comes from the strength of your brand and how much you have invested to build it.

“Right now, I don’t have money in my pockets. You can have 1 million in your pocket but when we stand together, even with your 1m I will still tower over you. The OG is the OG because the currency that I have is invisible,” he said.

Rayvanny’s music is not well promoted, says Zari

Diamond’s baby mama Zari has praised Wasafi’s signee Rayvanny for his good music.

In a video on her social, Zari recorded herself jamming to ‘I Miss You’ by Rayvanny.

In the video, Zari acknowledged his prowess in music but acknowledged that he is not well promoted.

“Rayvanny has a good voice. Every song is good. He can sing and he just doesn’t get that promoted but Rayvanny can really sing.”

This comes a few hours after allegations that Rayvanny has ditched Diamond’s record label.

Rayvanny has been missing some of the label’s big events like Zuchu’s ‘Mahaba Ndi Ndi Ndi’ concert and Diamond’s “FOA EP” launch.

While asked about the allegations during his ambassadorial endorsement event, Rayvanny said;

“It’s normal when you are under a label for there to be disagreements on various issues.

There will come a time when Rayvanny will leave but for now, I am Wasafi for life.”

Diamond has not commented on the rumours.

Diamond has of late been promoting Zuchu’s music more than any other signed artiste on his label.

Why Diamond Platnumz no longer takes part in local awards

Diamond Platnumz says he will no longer compete for local awards.

While speaking in London where he is promoting his new EP, Diamond was asked why he did not take part in the recent awards in Tanzania.

He said his ambition is to go international as he has no trust in local award shows occasioned by a failure to honour him in the past.

He claimed that despite his accomplishments, the awards were unfairly awarded to his fellow musicians.

He promised that he will never participate in the awards until they give him what he deserves.

“Sikua bado na imani na tuzo. Tuzo za Tanzania zilikufa sababu yangu. Mimi nilinyimwa tuzo wakapea watu wengine ambayo mimi nilistahili. Hizi zinazokuja mpya naziamini vipi? Lazima nizitazame kwanza nione zina uhalisia ama vipi.

“Tanzanian award shows died when they failed to honour me. I deserved the awards but they gave them to some other people. I need to take my time to observe the new shows to see if they are authentic or not.”

Diamond recently skipped the Tanzania Music Awards(TMA) saying he was busy elsewhere.

Very romantic: Comedian Njugush kissing his wife in public (photo)

Comedian Njugush on Saturday left his fans envying his romantic side of him.

Njugush who attended Nyashinski’s live event with his wife Celestine was captured kissing her and cuddling as the rapper sang one of their favourite songs.

While Nyashinski took to the stage to perform his love song, ‘BEBI’, Njugush who was standing behind his wife immediately jumped to where his wife was and embraced her romantically as the two sung along together.

Njugush then kissed her on the lips maybe as a way to appreciate her for supporting his dream even when he did not have money.

Here are the lyrics of the song ‘Bebi’.

“…Tukate long story short yoyoo
Vumilia na mimi
Please don’t leave me
Don’t let the money fool you
Sponsors just wanna use you
Namwambia mtoto wa mama hasiharibikeee
Ananishow ni biasharaa tuu
Na siwezi mshibishaa na pangangaa tuuu
Na mwezi ukiisha sina ujanja too
Na renti ikibishwa huanga blunder wowoo…Bebi, bebi
Kuwa nami wakati sina
Leo sina kitu, kesho ntafanikiwa, mmm…
Na nikibarikiwa
Ahadi yangu ni sitasahau mahali nimetoka na weh
Kuwa nami wakati sina
Leo sina kitu, kesho ntafanikiwa, mmm…
Na nikibarikiwa
Ahadi yangu ni sitasahau mahali nimetoka na weh.”

Comedian Njugush kiss his wife in public

Wanaume wananiogopa! Rose Muhando on why she is still single

Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando says she is still single and waiting for the right man to be sent by God.

Speaking in a recent interview, Rose was asked why she wants to get married to a mzungu husband.

She said it is her wish as we Africans also marry wazungu.

Muhando was then asked if men are sending requests on her DM, and she said not any joker can play around with her.

Only serious men can get the courage to approach her.

“Men and some people fear me and so they can’t come to hit on me. Watu tuu wa kijinga. I serve God and no man who is not worth me can approach me.”

“I am not just a woman since I wear female clothes, I am God’s Temple. Si mzungu ni mtu? Even wazungus get married to Africans.”

She was also asked how she has managed to stay relevant for the longest time.

She said praying and being humble has helped her.

Rose also said that God has restored everything she lost under her management.

“All temptation comes to challenge my service to God and I am not the first person. I lost everything but God has restored everything. If they took away my car, God has given me three flashy cars already. I now own more than 120 acres of land and my children are in the best schools.”

Diamond Platnumz was initially called ‘Almasi’

Diamond Platnumz says people nicknamed him Almasi before he settled for his brand name ‘Diamond’.

Speaking to a London-based media house, the singer recounted how his music journey started.

He said his fans then used to like his music and some would even cry when they listen to his Swahili songs.

“Tanzanian people love you when you do proper Swahili lyrics. People used to cry when they listen to my songs,” he said adding that he changed his style of music to attract an international audience.

“Since I researched and found out that there are songs you do for your country and there are those you do for your global audience, I started mixing Swahili and English.”

Asked how he built his brand, Diamond explained;

“The first thing when I started doing music was to come up with a brand name. I didn’t find someone called Diamond those days. People used to call me Almasi, which is Diamond in English. People used to appreciate my work. Then my brother Rommy started calling me Platnumz. That is how my brand name Diamond Platnumz stuck and I thank God I have come this far.”

Natamani ndoa! Diamond Platnumz speaks about his wedding plans

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz says that he does not hold any grudge against any artist in the world.

Speaking during an interview with BBC, Diamond said that he doesn’t care who insults him.
He said the only person he could have a problem with is one who insults his mum Mama Dangote.
“The only way I’m going to engage anyone in online war is if they insulted my mother. For me, I don’t care even when you insult me for a whole week,” he said.

Asked about his marriage plans, Diamond said people should stop forcing him into marriage.

“Natamani kuoa, naelekea kwenye kuoa. Everyone wants to be married. It could be soon. It could be a person they know but we cannot force people to get into marriage.”
Asked if it’s his mum who is planning for him the woman to marry, Diamond said his fans are hurting her.
“At this age, how can my mum plan my life? That life is long gone when a parent used to plan for who their son can get married to.”
Asked if the lady he is getting married to is from Zanzibar, Diamond laughed off.

“I don’t know for real.”

Karen Nyamu’s second daughter named after Samidoh’s mum

Fans have been eager to know the names of Karen Nyamu’s third-born as she had not revealed them.

All fans know about Karen’s daughter is that she is a beautiful baby. She was born in February this year.

On Thursday, Karen decided to share a photo of her cuddling with her daughter and on the photo on her Insta stories, she revealed that her second daughter’s name is Wairimu.

This is Karen Nyamu’s second baby with Mugiithi singer Samidoh.

Karen’s son with Samidoh is named after him, he is identified as Sam Muchoki Junior.

Well, a quick check of her new details about her baby’s name shows that Karen named her daughter after Samidoh’s late mum who was called Miriam Wairimu.

According to the Kikuyu naming, the first son and daughter are named after the baby daddy’s parents.

Samidoh’s late mum was a farmer and she died when the singer was only in form two.

“I was born in a family of 6, we are 6 boys and I’m the third born. Mama alikuwa anaitwa Miriam Wairimu lakini alituacha. Na Mzee alikuwa anaitwa Michael Ndirangu. He was an Administration Police (AP) Officer. He worked in Nakuru and Molo na alikufa ile time ya clashes. Huwa naskia hizi vita za kikabila roho yangu inachafuka juu ziliniacha bila baba.”

Fans can now sit down and relax as we watch baby Wairimu grow to be an amazing girl.

Arrow Bwoy reveals how he started dating Nadia Mukami

Singer Arrow Bwoy and his lover Nadia Mukami are the new celebrity parents after welcoming a baby two weeks ago.

The two have been secretly dating for over three years until last year when they went public.

Speaking to NTV, Arrow Bwoy was asked to speak about how he met his lover.

Arrow Bwoy said their relationship grew from a DM Nadia sent him asking for a collabo in her song ‘Radio Love’

After the song, the two started meeting and going out.

“Nadia is so smart. It was a song and she approached me to work with her in a song. I remember she sent me two or three demos. I directed her to my producer.

We went and killed ‘Radio Love’. I have massive respect for female artists. After ‘radio love’, we started our love after one year.

She wanted us to work but I started hitting on her. I chased her for real. We started meeting and our vibe connected.”

On why the two kept denying to be an item, Arrow Bwoy said it was not the right time.

“We decided to hide our relationship till the right time. It’s happened and you guys knew about it. Everything has its time. We were focused on our music and not our love.”