Chiki reveals huge culture difference on first date with Bien-Aime at Mama Oliech restaurant

Sauti Sol singer Bien-Aime Baraza and his wife Chiki Kuruka have one of the most beautiful young marriages among celebs today.

The couple had been dating for more than 4 years before they decided to get hitched in March this year. They are famously private about many aspects of their relationship, only choosing to reveal precious anecdotes whenever the desire for press exposure is needed (which is rather smart).

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My squad reign supreme.

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The couple have chosen an episode of their Sol Family docuseries to discuss how they first met.  Bien explained that they had met at an event in Nairobi while she was in the company of a mutual friend called Emmanuel Jambo.

The singer thought Emmanuel and Chiki were dating at the time.

“I met her standing at the parking lot a friend of mine called Emmanuel and I was like Emmanuel unachapa kitu safi. I actually thought her and Emmanuel were together,” said Bien.

But fate was on his side as he ended up having a deep chemistry with her.

He added, “That night we ended up talking for so long and I was like this girl is intelligent. That time I had been single for about a year. When I met her, I wasn’t actually looking for love in her, but in her I felt like I was drinking a fresh glass of juice talking to Chiki.”

‘Thank you for being the light of my world’ Sauti Sol’s Bien celebrates wife Chiki

Chiki concurred about the connection she had had with the lanky singer saying that before she met him she hadn’t believed in love at first sight.

Bien then asked her for a date, finally taking her to Mama Oliech restaurant because he loves fish and ugali. But she didn’t like it.

“I was like why are we here because this is not thank you for a hookup because again culture difference there’s cats walking around everywhere, there isn’t really even a ceiling. We’re sitting outside,” said Chiki. They later on went to a different place where they had drinks and the rest is history.

This revelation comes after Polycarp Fancyfingers another member of Sauti Sol narrated how he had met his Rwandan wife,  Lady Mandy. The gifted guitarist said that the two met at a work event and had to co-mingle after they were mistakenly given each other’s pay cheques after the show.

Afterwards they met up to sort out the error and that is where Polycarp got the balls to ask for Mandy’s number. Now the couple is expecting a baby.

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Remove my songs from your App!-Willy Paul orders BoomPlay

Willy Paul is one of the most prolific musicians in Kenya with a portfolio only matched by the controversies that normally dog his career.

The man who started out as a gospel musicians has recently been doing secular music and has released an impressive repertoire of songs with musicians such as Nandy and Bien of Sauti Sol.

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Check in!

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But it seems all his hard effort is coming to naught! This according to the singer who compalined bitterly about BoomPlay.

In a long rant, Willy Pozze lamented that the streaming platform had offered him zero support, despite approaching them on several occasions with over 15 proposals.

“…. @Boomplaymusicke needs to look into this matter because wasaniii wanabewa ufala. From today henceforth I’m taking down all my content from @Boomplayke they don’t care about the artist. They only care about the money…wajinga. Take down my content with immediate effect. My album is going to be a success, I have genuine fans and they are gonna make this album a success. Nyambeni uko watiaji nyinyi,” read part of Willy Paul’s post.

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Let God do His work

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He added that he had seen favouritism from the streaming app with other artistes getting a lot more support than himself despite being the most streamed artiste in Kenya.

“This happening in this industry is just too much. Kuna ukabila na who knows, so I’m just here thinking. I’m not perfect yes, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll just sit and watch fools disrespecting my hard work! Some of you have seen my music on @Boomplaymusicke and even seen my music topping their longest time… and ever since I signed with them, they’ve never acknowledged shit. We have shared business ideas, asked them for sponsorship but all in vain.

Awache kupata watoto hivo! Willy Paul says about Bahati (Exclusive)

“For close to 3 years they’ve been asking us to send them proposals, which we’ve been sending…but they always look for ways to delay us only to tell us that the proposals don’t touch on the things they want. The company has been turned into a family business where kuna watu wanasaidiwa and kuna watu wale ni taka taka kama mimi. This people made me delay my album #SongoofSolomon and still turned Us down.”

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“But watu wengine wakienda wanapewa sponsorship but kama ni willy Paul hakuna pesa. So far we have complied with everything walikata.”

However, Willy Paul has since deleted the post from his Instagram page.

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Wambui Collymore praises Sammidoh after impressive Kenya ni Yetu Live concert

Kenya ni Yetu Live concert, the biggest live virtual concert took place this past weekend. The eagerly anticipated concert was streamed live on and aired on all terrestrial TV channels in Kenya.

Sir Elvis in concert
Sir Elvis in concert

Many Kenyans praised the Stanbic sponsored concert that saw an unprecedented 30 musicians perform live. Since the show aired, glowing comments have been streaming in with the general consensus being that the show had lived to the hype.

Particular praise went to Eric Wainaina, Sammidoh, Gramps Morgan, Sir Elvis and Suzzana Owiyo. Many Kenyans said that the experience had sparked a patriotic vein in them with Eric’s Daima rendition getting a lot of praise.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

Some of the comments are below:

HUSTLE GODDESS Samidoh killing itFireFireFireFire#KenyaNiYetuLive

Diana Wambui Eric wainaina….#DaimaMkenya he sounds soo good!! Wow!! #KenyaNiYetuLive

Carson Frenzy Gramps Morgan and sir Elvis FireFireFireFire

Ayabei Maureen #KenyaNiYetuLive I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Kamene Goro Such an emotional Musical experience…..#KenyaNiYetu

nivlek iz siwel Erick wainaina just proved why he is the legend he is #KenyaNiYetuLive

Auntie Africa We really need such more live concerts to remind us that we stand for peace, love and unity as a nation. This has really made a great weekend vibe!

STARLET Wah Gramps Morgan #KenyaNiYetu #KenyaNiYetuLive Crying faceCrying face song inagusaa to the core

Lyn #KenyaNiYetu was such an awesome concert started being proud of my country then news headlines brought me back to reality that the country is for the rich.

Ajowi David Awesome FireFireFireFire

Even Wambui Collymore, the widow of Bob Collymore joined in celebrating the wonderful performances praising Samiddoh and Suzzana Owiyo’s in particular.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

For Sammidoh she wrote, “There’s something beautiful about a musician who plays live regularly. A guitar and drums and it sounds like 5 people.”

“Then I am just loving @SuzannaOwiyo,” she wrote.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

How enjoyable was your Kenya ni Yetu Live experience?

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I won’t kill myself or quit music because of a break-up – Juma Jux states about exes

Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee were the Tanzanian power couple not named Diamond and (whoever he was dating at the time) for eons in Tanzania.

The couple split up last year to the shock of many considering the period of time they had been together and the public declarations of love they had shown each other prior to the split.

Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux on stage
Vanessa and Juma in the past

Juma then quickly moved on to a white babe, a relationship that didn’t last. Although he rarely speaks about Vanessa, the man who spent a lot of time with her, still has some thoughts about her.

Vanessa Mdee was a huge influence – Juma Jux tells Maina about new album

Thoughts he revealed recently when he was interviewed by Wasafi media. The singer said that Vanessa made a huge mistake quitting her career, saying that he can never give up his career because of music as nothing in life is permanent.

“Don’t let your life depend on someone. Love someone but don’t make it as through, if she/he is not there. Everything goes wrong, no. There are second chances in life. Vanessa and I separated, I got into a relationship that was I was happy and now she is in a relationship. And that’s how life is. Right now, I can’t say because of that, I will kill myself or leave music no. Because of love? No. I can’t do that.”

Juma Jux

In his interview, one can infer that he might have already become jaded about love. The interview comes a few months after Vanessa broke the internet with the news that she leaving the music industry.

Her announcement comes after Vanessa started Hollywood TV star Rotimi with the two looking so serious like they might be taking the next step in their relationship.

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I call her Cecilia – Sauti Sol’s Polycarp says about guitar ahead of Kenya ni Yetu live concert

Sauti Sol’s guitarist and composer, Polycarp Otieno or Fancyfingers as he calls himself has explained that he hard a tough time opening up to women before he got with his wife.

Polycarp revealed in a recent engage YouTube video that he would try to get the attention of people in his church with his musical skills.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

He kept on trying but realised that he was never going to get noticed but that just fueled his fire to improve and grew a massive interest in the guitar.

“In highschool, all I could think of and dream of was guitars. I excelled in my O-levels with an A- and that raised my confidence the more. I was now becoming a young adult; my voice had broken, shoulders broadened, I would spent several hours admiring myself in the mirror.”

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Fancyfinger’s finally reveals how he met his wife (video)

But that still wasn’t enough for him to get noticed by the opposite sex.

“I noticed that something was missing, there was an edge I was looking for.” According to the musician, that missing part was cologne.

Polycarp Fancyfingers
Polycarp Fancyfingers

He tried it out but his father’s reaction made him quit wearing the perfume for good. Polycarp then decided that it would be better to chase guitars and not women which he did.

“I went into one of my favorite music stores and there, I saw her. She was so beautiful, she stood out, dressed in wine red from head to toe. Had a long neck, curves at the right places. I wanted to go home with her. In fact, I wanted a relationship and not just any relationship, a relationship with strings attached and that is how I ended up with Cecilia.”

He concluded that walking around with the tools of his trade eventually ended up with him building some confidence with the girls.

Polycarp Fancyfingers with Lady Mandy
Polycarp Fancyfingers with Lady Mandy

Polycarp and his band Sauti Sol will be participating in the biggest virtual concert, Kenya ni Yetu Live that is taking place on August

The event which is sponsored by Stanbic Bank and powered by Media Owners Association of Kenya will be the biggest live show since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. Some 30 artistes will be performing.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Sauti Sol (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Sauti Sol (1)

The show will be broadcast in all major TV stations, including Kiss TV, Citizen TV, NTV, KTN, K24, Switch TV, Kass TV, Family TV and Three Stones Media.

It will also be aired on all the top radio stations in Kenya, including Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, HomeBoyz, SMooth FM, Capital FM and Hot 96.

The concert will also be streamed live on

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Kenya ni yetu live will be a concert of hope-Kenya Media Association says

The Media Owners Association has spoken about the largest and most glamourous virtual show that will ever take place in East and Central Africa-The Kenya ni Yetu Live concert.

According to the association, the concert will commemorate the hundreds of Kenyans who have lost their lives during this Covid-19 pandemic and the thousands who have contracted the disease. “This will be a concert of hope and commemoration for Kenya.”

Kenya ni Yetu live
Kenya ni Yetu live

The Kenya Ni Yetu concert which will broadcast on all leading television, radio stations and digital platforms at 8:00
pm Saturday 29 th August 2020.

Wachira Waruru, the MOA Chairman said,  “We stand with Kenya at this time, because we know the feeling of despondency and concern people are feeling. We need to encourage Kenyans and uplift their spirit at this time.”

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Redfourth Chorus (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Redfourth Chorus (1)

The Kenya Ni Yetu concert will feature the country’s top performers including Sauti Sol, H_Art The Band,
Eric Wainaina, Sammidoh, Suzanna Owiyo, Redfourth Chorus, Elizabeth Njoroge and the Nairobi String
Quartet amongst others as well as Grammy award-winning international artist Gramps Morgan of the
mega reggae group Morgan Heritage.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Sauti Sol (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Sauti Sol (1)

The concert sponsored by Stanbic Bank is set to be aired digitally on and on Kiss TV,
Citizen TV, NTV, K24, KTN, Switch TV, Family TV, 3 Stones TV, Kass TV, TV47, KBC, and all major radio

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“Perfect!” Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage says about Kenya in Yetu Live concert

The biggest virtual concert to ever happen in this country is still yet to go down. Unless you have been living in a cave(and I know that you haven’t), that concert is called the Kenya ni yetu Live concert.

The live show will be broadcast on 29/August/2020 at 8 P.M and will be aired on a plethora of television channels like Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, HomeBoyz, SMooth FM, Capital FM and Hot 96 among others.

Kenya Yetu poster
Kenya Yetu poster

The show will also be aired online on The show which will go down as probably the greatest to ever air in the country will be graced by big-time performers like Suzanna Owiyo, Sauti Sol,Sir Elvis, Sammidoh, H-art the band and Gramps Morgan.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Gramps Morgan (1)

Gramps who is also a member of Jamaican reggea band, Morgan Heritage recently expressed his support for the show on social media writing,

“Kenya has been a second home to me and @morganheritage … So when I heard about the #KenyaNiYetu live concert on 29 AUG, 8 PM on by @yetulive, I knew it would be perfect!” – @grampsmorgan.”

Gramps Morgan

The event is sponsored by Stanbic Bank and powered by Media Owners Association of Kenya and will also be aired on all the top radio stations in Kenya like

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Khaligraph Jones comes clean on new “beef” with Octopizzo (exclusive)

Khaligraph Jones has been arguably the most successful male rapper in Kenya the past few years. And with that comes hate and envy from some quarters in the music industry.

One of the rappers who has been pitted against the muscular artiste is Octopizzo aka Kibera’s finest. The two who have a complicated relationship have been in the news again with news that a new beef had flared between them.

Octopizzo in black and white
Octopizzo in black and white

When I recently spoke to the “Mazishi” rapper, he was candid and explained what had transpired saying that he had been caught up in an issue that didn’t even involve him.

“But it’s not me. It between him and rapper Breeder LW. My name is always being dragged everywhere. In the Kenyan music industry, my name is always being dragged everywhere.”

Khaligraph in military gear

He added that despite that fact he was still zen about it. “I have learnt to deal with it. These things are never personal to me. I am 30 years-old. You develop a thick skin.”

So how is his relationship with Octopizzo at the moment? “I am o.k with everyone in the industry. If there is an artiste in Kenya who has been dissed it’s me. I have been dissed by all the rappers in Kenya. But still, when I meet these people I don’t take this shit personal. I got issues with nobody.”

Khaligraph Jones, black and white photo
Khaligraph Jones, black and white photo

And would he deal with any new beef that comes to him?

“I don’t respond with diss tracks unless it’s from abroad. It doesn’t make sense. I used to do it back in 2012, when I was 22. I can’t keep doing such. Maybe that’s why they go for me because I stopped responding.”


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Redfourth Chorus speak about biggest virtual concert to ever happen – Kenya ni Yetu Live

Redfourth Chorus put themselves on the Kenyan music map after they covered Sauti Sol’s gospel jam, “Kuliko Jana”. The song became an international sensation and even made Sauti Sol change the video of the song into an Acapella version.

The choir is still going places and will be working with a number of Kenya’s top acts, ahead of Kenya ni Yetu virtual concert.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Redfourth Chorus (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Redfourth Chorus (1)

The Stanbic Bank sponsored concert which will feature 30 artists, will be aired on Saturday, August 29th at 8 p.m on all major TV stations. From Kiss TV, Citizen TV, NTV, KTN to K24.

Those who are always online can check out the Kenya Ni Yetu Live concert on

Speaking to Word Is, Redfourth music academy founder, Filah Philip said the opportunity to work with the artists has left a huge impact on members of the group.

“It was an honor to be able to work with notable musicians that our members look up to.

Kenya ni Yetu Live poster
Kenya ni Yetu Live poster

The experience is amazing and it is a concept that we have never done before.” said Filah.

With live performances becoming the new normal, Filah believes that this will help many artists flourish, with Kenyans now embracing such performances.

“I think during this period what we are guaranteed is that now live music now has an opportunity to flourish since we are able to do live music for a live audience.

We have seen that people now are able to appreciate live music since they know they are now able to see the honesty of the performances.”

But how has the Coronavirus pandemic changed the way of doing business?

“We have learnt to adapt since for a long time we have learnt how to survive the industry, but right now we have to make ourselves known in terms of pushing more on social media.” Said Filah.

Filah added that time artists spent networking before, is now being spent creating with the hope things will get back to normal.

Redfourth concert
Redfourth concert

Asked about the kind of legacy he would like to leave behind, Filah said they (Redfourth Chorus) would like to be remembered as a group that gave a platform to young budding musicians.

The Kenya ni Yetu concert will be live on all TV stations including KISS TV and Citizen TV as well as on

Photos by Douglas Okiddy.

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It has made us consume music differently – Eric Wainaina says about Kenya Yetu Live concert

The highly anticipated Kenya ni Yetu Live virtual concert will take place on August 29 at 8 PM. Sponsored by Stanbic, the concert will feature local artistes, among them veteran singer Suzanna Owino, Eric Wainanina, Redfourth choir, Samido and H_art the band.

Kenya ni Yetu Live poster
Kenya ni Yetu Live poster

Speaking to Word Is, legendary singer Wainaina said, “This pandemic has made us revise different ways to do and share our music.”

Talking about the future of live music, he said people have adapted to that kind of music.

“They will get used to it even after the pandemic is over.”

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Eric Wainaina (1)

Wainaina, who has been working from home since the pandemic hit the globe, is working on new projects.

The virtual concert aims to uplift the spirit of Kenyans and unify communities across the country at this time of social separation and anxiety.

The inaugural and official launch of these productions will be aired on a digital platform to reach the huge masses that have access to a phone with Internet connectivity.

Eric Wainaina
Eric Wainaina

The concert will be on all TV and radio stations, including Kiss TV, Citizen TV, NTV, K24 and KTN, as well as on

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Kenya ni Yetu Live concert a sign of what the future holds – Mugithi singer Sammidoh says

Kenya Ni Yetu Live in partnership with Stanbic Bank will have a virtual music concert to celebrate the spirit of Kenya on August 29 at 8 P.M.

The wonderful initiative which is the biggest in Kenya to date will feature a collection of some of the best artistes in Kenya like Suzanna Owiyo, Eric Wainaina, Sauti Sol, and Mugithi musician, Sammidoh Muchoki.

Samidoh Muchoki
Samidoh Muchoki

Sammidoh who has become one of the biggest names in Kikuyu music spoke about his experience on The Kenya Ni Yetu set.

Mugithi singer Samidoh hunted for job while naked

Sammidoh said that he hoped the audience would enjoy the show, saying that he himself had an amazing experience.

“I hope the audience will get to experience a blend of what is and what the future holds,” he said. The artiste also reminded people of the way corona had affected the industry in many ways.

kenya ni yetu cover pic

“Previously our fans supported us by attending our shows, we thrived on crowds, but now our music is only available on online platforms, which a big number of our audience hasn’t embraced much,” he said.

Sammidoh has since started doing live performances on his social media platforms and producing more music to keep his audience entertained on his YouTube channel.

Samidoh Muchoki

The highlight for Sammidoh during this pandemic is that he has gotten to meet music legends and perform in major platforms like Trace music.

“My lesson is that you can never invest enough for a rainy day,” he said. The purpose of the virtual concert was to uplift the spirits of Kenyans and unify communities across the country at this time of social separation and anxiety.

“Live music has come to be accepted a big deal in this country and is the way to go for any serious artiste since it is accepted by all audiences,” he said.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Ni Yetu Live Concer/ Photo by Douglas Okiddy 

The inaugural and official launch of the Kenya Ni Yetu Live will be aired on August 29th at 8 pm on television stations like KISS TV, NTV, K24, KTN and Citizen TV, as well as on

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Tell Mr. Nice this – Maina Kageni makes emotional promise to struggling singer

Maina Kageni is one man who has influenced the radio industry in ways that will still be felt long after he retires. The Classic105 colossus has been a fixture on many Kenyans minds and one reason for that is his empathic character especially on issues that they are concerned about.

Not only will he speak about issues he is passionate about, but he will also put his money where his mouth is. Today morning the presenter reminded Kenyans of that trait when he spoke about veteran Tanzanian musician Mr. Nice.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Maina said on his morning show today that he would be willing to help the struggling artiste get in the recording booth on his own dime. “If you know where Mr. Nice is, Maina Kageni is looking for him. He says he will pay for studio time. He will help him work with Lizer, Cedo and Magix Enga.”

This comes after news that the singer was in Kenya after a two-year stint in Uganda, according to reports. In 2018, Mr. Nice allegedly moved to Uganda, where he tried to work after he claimed Tanzanians mocked him.

Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice

He indicated his strong feelings on Instagram at the time, saying, “I prefer staying where I make money. Or do you (Tanzanians) prefer I stay home so you keep laughing at me? That is not appropriate, our President John Magufuli urges us to continue working hard and stop gossiping.”

‘Let me close the door’ Maina Kageni’s moshene excites Mwalimu Kingangi

He recently moved to Kenya and lives in Kitengela, where he intends to keep away from the public. Mr. Nice was the biggest thing in East African music in the early 2000’s.

Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice

His real name is Lucas Mkenda. Mr. Nice came into the limelight in 1999 when he released his album Kidali Po. In the year 2002 he released another album titled Rafiki. Some of his tracks are Fagilia, Kidali Po, Rafiki among others.




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Harmonize speaks about the scary price fame can have on one’s career

Harmonize became one of East Africa’s biggest musicians after he joined Diamond’s WCB records a few years ago. With the might of Chibu and the backing producer Dj Ayolizer, the man released a series of hits establishing himself as a genuine star in the region.

Since his much-publicised split from his mentor, the singer has not done too badly for himself with the hits UNO and My Boo showing that the man could prosper on his own.

Harmonize with Nicole Berry
Harmonize with Nicole Berry

But even with the hits, I feel that he still hasn’t reached the heights he did when he and Diamond were regularly doing collabos together.

This was confirmed this past weekend when the singer confided in his fans that fame could kill one’s talent. “Fem can Serious…!!!! Kill your talent…!!! Please remember that,” Harmonize wrote on his Instagram page.

Harmonize screenshot

He also added that the lack of music awards in the Tanzanian music industry had crippled it, saying that talent was now judged on YouTube views, with many musicians being forced to promote their songs on the video-sharing platform.

The singer lamented the case that if an artists song didn’t hit the treasured 1 million mark within the span of two days, then the song is considered a failure despite the fact that artistes have put in a lot of energy and efforts in creating the music.

Harmonize on set
Harmonize on set

The artiste proposed that the entertainment industry’s governing agency BASATA should start an awards show that will most likely propel the artistes to make great music.

Harmonize added that without awards, it was also difficult for artistes to know how much reception their works have received out there.

Diamond’s manager declines to greet Harmonize at Babu Tale’s wife’s burial

While I see his point and this makes a lot of sense for the logical mind, I still feel that this request might be a dig at his old comrade Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

We all know that Chibu is the big Kahuna in Tanzania and anything he touches becomes gold-something he has earned with his hard work and witchcraft (if you believe Tanasha).

How do you beat the unbeatable? You try and make them play by rules you believe you can hack.

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Did he introduce her to drugs? Ray C’s ex-boyfriend Lord Eyes finally comes clean

Ray C was at a time what Nandy is to Tanzanian music at the moment. She was the pre-eminent female musician at the time releasing hit after hit standing her authority as the baddest in the business.

But like a bad fart, her time at the top came crashing down in the blink of an eye. One minute she was the toast of the town and the next she was no longer on anyone’s radar.

Ray C
Ray C

What had happened? The short answer? Drugs.

The singer had started imbibing and using the illicit substances that took a lady who should have become an all-time great and turned her into a cautionary tale for those who would come after her (I hated writing that last part).

We are tired of being used by fellas! Bongo singer Ray C begs Magufuli to ban men from sleeping with women until marriage

Thank God for former Tanzanian president Jokaya Kikwete who took it upon himself to help the singer emerge from the miasma that she was in.

The singer was taken to rehab and is now in a much better state than she was in.

Ray C posing
Ray C posing

But one thing that has bothered many over the years is who introduced the lovely musician to the toxic habit that nearly took her life?

A long-standing accusation has been that her former boyfriend rapper Lord Eyes was the chief offender.

During an interview 8 years ago, Ray C claimed that Lord Eyes was the one who started her on that path.

Ray C narrated her story exposing her ex saying,

“I was not aware that he used any hard drugs, I was only aware of light drugs during our one year of dating. When I love, I love wholeheartedly so it is easy to be taken advantage of.”

Ray C walking in denim shorts
Ray C walking in denim shorts

But after many years of silence, Lord Eyes who says he is now clean has refuted the claim saying that she was already a druggie when they met.

“Sijawahi kumfunza mtu yeyote kutumia madawa. Nimemkuta (Ray C) ameshawahi kutumia.”

Lord added that he would never tell lies about a woman that he had once loved deeply. He also alleged that the reason they split up was her jealousy about his career.

“Yule mwanadada lazima nimsifu na siwezi nikakaa sehemu nikamu-attack kwa sababu kweli nilimpenda. Ni mtu ambaye ana upendo wa kweli. Ni mzuri sana, sema wivu ndilo lilivuruga libeneke lile. Alikuwa na wivu kupitiliza kwenye kazi (music) ikawa inasumbua ilibidi tu-split.”

Lord Eye
Lord Eye

This story seems to closely resemble that of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Bobby will always be the bad boy in the story of the late great, Whitney.

To this day, people believe that he was the one who introduced the singer to hard drugs, a claim that he denied.

Who is lying here?

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Greatest African guitarists of all time

There is no continent in the world that has contributed so much to music and creativity than Africa. Africans have traditionally been known to have created wonderful rhythms and all modern forms of music like blues, rock, jazz, r&b, soul and disco lead back to this wonderful continent.

The American blues was known to have originated from the African slaves working on the vast plantations. For them, music was an escape mode from the tyranny of slavery. Even though African string instruments included traditional kora, the guitar came from the Western world only much later. Although there are many famous African guitar players in the West like BB King, Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry, not many people are aware of guitar players from the continent of Africa.

Here are a few guitarists from Africa you should be aware of. Check them out.

Ali Farka Toure

One of the most famous African guitarists of all time, Ali Farka Touré came from Mali and enthralled audiences around the world. He was known to mix traditional African music with the blues and more contemporary guitar style. He’s collaborated with big names like Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder, counts Martin Scorcese as a fan and has won a couple of Grammys.

He died in 2006 leaving behind a great legacy although in 2012 Mali was taken over by extremists who banned everything from his music to simple pleasures like online gambling. People who played something as harmless as blackjack which is not just gambling but a game of skill were put in prison. Thankfully, that ended in 2016.

Diblo Dibala


Diblo Dibala is a Congolese musician who was often called Machine Gun because he was incredibly fast on the guitar. He is a soukous musician which is a dance genre that originated in Congo. His style of music became very popular in France in the 80s where he formed a band called Loketo.

Diblo still plays his trademark music in a band called Matchatcha so don’t miss it if you ever get an opportunity.

Etran Finatawa

Etran Finatawa is a band from Niger. The members come from a nomadic tribe and their style of music is popularly known as desert blues. Their harmonies have a very traditional dance vibe to them making them a very popular band in the international festival circuit. Their skills have found listeners across the world including the USA as one can tell from this NYT article.

Franco Luambo Makiadi

One of the forerunners in the African guitar scene, Franco Luambo Makiadi was an influential musician of his time. He started playing guitar from the age of seven on his homemade guitar and it is said that he used to play at his mother’s bread stall to attract customers. He was known for mixing Cuban and Congolese styles of music through his band OK Jazz. He died in 1989 leaving behind a wonderful catalogue of soukous and rumba music.

The world of African music is vast and deep and it will serve you well to start digging in to discover some real treasures. The above mentioned names will be a great way to begin.

Music can have a major effect on our mood

Music is a big part of most people’s lives. It can often provide the soundtrack to whatever we’re doing, whether it’s working up a sweat in the gym, concentrating on some work, or celebrating with friends.

While we often choose the music to match our mood, scientists have been trying to understand whether music can actually have an influence on our moods and emotions. Specifically, researchers have been hoping to find ways to use music to improve the moods of patients.

Just like how we know colours can affect our mood, scientists are fairly confident there is a link, but it’s proving more difficult to understand exactly how it works. For example, research conducted by Durham University and the University of Jyväskylä found that listening to sad music can provide both positive and negative emotions with listeners.

Other research has found that upbeat music can bring more positive emotion to people, but sad music may help people who are going through personal loss.

Some research has suggested that music can have an influence on your heart rate, although claims that it heart “synchronises to the beat” are unlikely to be true. However, some research has suggested that people that sing together synchronise their breathing.

Music is thought to stimulate the fight or flight response in the brain, helping recovery from psychological stress.

In the absence of concrete conclusions from research, it’s probably best to assume that the best approach for controlling moods through music is best done in accordance with the preference of each individual.

The almost endless variety of music means that we have access to songs for every occasion. Music that we listen to while we’re getting ready for a party may be different to the songs we put on when trying to concentrate.

Getting in the Zone

Outside of a clinical environment, using music to control our mood is commonplace. You’ll find offices around the world filled with workers who sit listening to music through their headphones. While university libraries are also packed with students hunched over textbooks and laptops, using music to help their concentration.

Music can have such an effect on our mood, it’s also often used by athletes to help them get focused ahead of a competition. Formula 1 drivers are regularly seen listening to music through headphones before getting into their car for a race. Similarly, poker players often use music to help them focus during games. However, in both cases the choice of music will vary depending on personal preference, and it often is a reflection of their own personality with some choosing fast up beat songs and others preferring more classical, calming tunes.

We miss concerts
We miss concerts


Friday and Saturday nights usually see hoards of people descend on pubs, bars, and clubs, all looking to have a good time with friends and destress after a busy week of work. Music plays a big part of this, with DJs usually given the job of setting the tone for the establishment.

Some research has suggested that the loud music of these venues encourages customers to drink more, and therefore spend more.

Just listening to music, regardless of the environment can have similar effects. This can be because of the upbeat nature of the song or because it can bring back memories of a happy moment in your life.

Going further, research by Mark Reybrouck, Piotr Podlipniak, and David Welch in Frontiers in Psychology has hypothesised that listening to loud music can activate an “oceanic feeling”, a term used to describe a feeling of being “limitless”. Their research found that music, when played loudly, appeared to activate primitive reactions in the brain.

Final Thoughts

While scientists clearly have much more work to do, they have demonstrated that our moods can be affected by the music we listen to. There have been several contradictory findings about the type of music that is best for improving the mood, so it perhaps may simply be down to personal preference.

It’s clear from the fact that so many people find that music helps them concentrate, get into the zone or feel better that it is an effective tool for boosting our mood.

Today’s Classic105 hit song is “Lady in Red” by Chris de Burgh

“The Lady in Red” is song is a famous ballad played on this radio station and is a favourite among fans. The song was sung by British-Irish singer-songwriter Chris de Burgh.

It was released in June 1986 as the second single from the album Into the Light. The song was responsible for introducing de Burgh’s music to a mainstream audience worldwide.

The song was written in reference to (though not specifically about) his wife Diane and was released on the album Into the Light. On the British TV series This Is Your Life, de Burgh said that the song was inspired by the memory of when he first saw Diane, and how men so often cannot even remember what their wives were wearing when they first met.

Chris de Burgh
Chris de Burgh

The song was a massive hit across the world, quickly becoming de Burgh’s best-selling single and his signature song, transforming him from a cult artist into a household name in many countries.

Today’s Classic105 hit song is Sacrifice by Elton John

The music video is a studio performance, with animation at the beginning and at the end of the song. It features a curly-haired woman in red who depicts the song’s lyrics.

Watch the video below:

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Today’s Classic105 hit song is Sacrifice by Elton John

Today’s Classic105 song is “Sacrifice” by legendary musician, Elton John. The song was written by John and his collaborator Bernie Taupin.

The song appears on the 1989 album Sleeping with the Past. It was first released in October 1989, then in 1990, and was the second single from the album.

Elton John on stage

“Sacrifice” is inspired both by the Aretha Franklin song “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” and described as a Percy Sledge song by Elton John[according to whom?]. The song is beloved by both John and Bernie Taupin and deemed a bookend of sorts to their first hit “Your Song”.

Elton John on stage
Elton John on stage

Taupin has said he is surprised he wrote it, and said in an interview, “I think ‘Sacrifice’ is one of the best songs we’ve written.” The song is not a typical love song, but rather a song about a breakup of a marriage where the loss of the relationship is “no sacrifice”.

It achieved success, particularly in France and the UK, where it became his first solo chart-topper, spending five weeks at the top.

Chart performance
Sacrifice was initially released as a single in 1989, but stalled at number 55 in the UK and at number 18 in the US in March 1990. In mid-1990 English DJ Steve Wright began playing the song on BBC Radio 1, soon followed by many more radio DJs.

Elton John on the piano
Elton John on the piano

The song was then re-released as a double A-side single, along with “Healing Hands”, and reached number one in the UK in June 1990. Thus, it became John’s first solo number-one single in the UK Singles Chart, remaining on the top spot for five weeks. With this re-release, Elton John also got his first number one in France and stayed on the chart for 26 weeks.

Music video
The video, which follows the song’s lyrics, portrays a man and woman having problems in their relationship after being married and raising a daughter. After they go their separate ways, the man raises his daughter alone. The video was directed by Alek Keshishian and it had Yasmeen Ghauri and Chris Isaak in it.

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