Even Kanye West! Stars Diamond will be working with on his new album

Diamond Platnumz is in the US to finish up his upcoming album. The Tanzanian star had also flown there for the BET awards where he was nominated under the Best International Act category. The award was taken by Nigeria’s Burna Boy.

While there, the ‘Kamata’ hitmaker has met with several artistes. His media house, Wasafi Media reports that he is working with;

1. Busta Rhymes

2. Wiz Khalifa

3. Akon

4. Swae Lee

5. Kanye West.

He is also working with super-producer Swizz Beatz.

“My since day one brother… i can’t wait for the world to hear what we have in my Album…..”

In a video taken by Busta Rhymes, the legenadry rapper referred to Diamond as the African Michael Jackson.

The singer announced that he would be releasing this most anticipated album by the end of the year.

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Omosh alianza kama wewe! Willy Paul told after he threatens to expose gay artistes

As the days go by, musician Willy Paul’s behaviour is startung to resemble that of his constant critic and troll, gospel singer, Ringtone.

For a long time there, Willy would justifiably call out Ringtone for his clout-chasing antics that normally featured Mr. Pozze as the villain in the story.

Now it seems that Willy is slowly turning into the man he once derided fiercely because this year has seen the “Nikune” singer engage in a lot of publicity stunt.

His most recent one? Yesterday the singer threatened to expose male artists in the industry who are gay and make money through being paid for s3x.

“Enda mjengo, uza mandazi ama maji” Willy Paul piles pressure on Omosh

He did this using his popular Instagram page where he posted a video with the caption reading,

”I have a very big secret, nitoboe siri?? Walahi b4 I launch my album lazima niseme how some of our Kenyan male artists make their money. Ghai its so disgusting, all in the name of …. TUNATAKA KUISHI POA KAMA POZZE! watu wana funguliwa buti huku nnje!!”

Most of his fans and followers who read the post eagerly egged him on to unleash the truth while some others warned him about the path he was choosing. Check out some of the comments below:

peterspitter Master…………….. Malizia

kriserroh 😂 Na nani? Choma yote.

bravo_bravs 😂😂😂😂wacha kuenda indirect😂😂…sema tu ukweli ni wewe unafunguliwa buti 😂😂😂😂😂💔

_muthamah Omosh alianza kama wewe😂😂

pay.et_ Sema tu ringtone 😂😂😂Wacha story

dripdripcollectionz Content lakini uliishiwa bro🤦‍♂️smh ,,, siku hizi ni sekete na pekejeng tu 😂😂🤦‍♂️ nashangaa audacity ya kuongelea other artists inatoka wapi 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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“Enda mjengo, uza mandazi ama maji” Willy Paul piles pressure on Omosh

Singer Willy Paul has joined the bandwagon of people criticizing John Kinuthia alias Omosh after his ill-advised attempt to beg again from Kenyans.

The musician, who has been on the war-path this week attacking Diamond Platnumz and Size 8, also has the bit in his teeth for Omosh.

Using his Instagram page, Willy asked Omosh to get out there and hustle like other men, reminding him that Kenyans had already done their part and they do not owe him anything.

“Unageuka watu walikusaidia ukisema doe haikufika mita…hiyo ilikuwa doe ya wakenya so wacha kulialia. Toka hapo nje ingia kwa mjengo, uza mandazi…maji. Uza hizi vitu,” he started.

‘I will chop off your head!’ Willy Paul threatens Diamond Platnumz


“Wacha kulia…Bahati alisachukua title ya kulialia. Pambana tu. Sisi wote ni wanaume na wakenya hawakufanyii kazi…ambia serikali ikupatie kazi. (You complained that the donations you received were less than a million…that was the hard-earned money of Kenyans and they do not owe you anything. Go out there and hustle. Sell water if need be. Do not be a cry baby).”

2 days ago, Omosh disclosed that the problems he has encountered the past year almost pushed him to suicide but he opted to remain strong for his kids.

“I got to a point I was just tired of everything. Life had lost meaning. I was so broke and the landlord was on my neck. I had bills to pay; I had mouths to feed but I had no income.

“That is how depression kicks in. You ask someone for Sh200 but they opt to buy you drinks instead. At times I would sink in my thoughts that people on the streets thought I was going crazy. It was not easy,” he said.

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“I spend that 700k you’re showing off in a week!” Ringtone trolls Mulamwah

Ringtone Apoko is a provocateur per excellence, as the man will always stick his head into the topics that are trending in Kenya.

He should just get saved or become a thief! Ringtone says about Omosh’s begging

One of the people Kenyans are talking about is Mulawmah. The comedian recently flaunted his riches showing off his huge bundles of notes saying it was meant to encourage Kenyans.

In the video, Mulamwah alleges that he is holding sh700,000, which he says he’ll use to buy a piece of land. ”I’m here to motivate someone, I’m here to encourage someone. Kama ndio unaanza, it’s all possible…And today I want to inspire someone. Leo naenda ku buy my first piece of land; shamba yangu ya kwanza from comedy manze. Tukianza hakuna mtu alikuwa ana believe. Wasee watakutusi. Usijali. Wewe usiskize wasee. Just set mind yako right and go for it.”

And Ringtone isn’t someone to raise above his inclination to shoot first and ask questions later, criticising Mulamwah on his Instagram page saying;


But unlike some other celebs who might not ignore the mere trolling by Mr. Apoko, the comic hit back at the “Zoea Mawe” singer.

”Wewe hukua Na 100k moja Tu Kwa Mfuko, umetuzungusha miaka mingi Sana nazo . 😩”

Hahaha! Not the strongest diss back but at least he did respond.

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Alinitukana! Madtraxx comes clean on Kid Kora’s beef with former Kansoul members

Popular Genge group ‘The Kansoul’ became household names a few years ago after their songs Accelerator and Bablas dominated the charts.

The group which consisted of Mejja, Madtraxx and Kid Kora were the in thing and almost all they touched turned to gold.

But as fast as their rise was, so was their demise with the group splitting up with not so much as a farewell tour. Mejja and Madtraxx went back to their solo careers, while Kid Kora decided to keep silent on the way forward about his musical career.

The Kansoul
The Kansoul

But there was speculation that there was more to the split than met the eye with rumours doing the round being that Kid Kora cut a secluded member in the group.

Mejja’s hit song ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’ taken down from YouTube

In a recent interview, Madtraxx real name George Muigai has spoken on the speculation, saying that there’s no bad blood between them. Madtraxx disclosed that he had called Kid Kora on the phone after negative news emerged on social media.

”Mi niliamka asubuhi nafungua mtandao, naona izi comments zote… Alinitukana. But you know that’s the nature of relationships. Even with your own friends. Siezi sema that we’re now enemies. These things happen. Unaeza pata in a few years we’re back to where we were again. But Mejja has his own priorities.”

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A post shared by Maddy (@madtraxx)

Madtraxx who is Dj Stylez younger brother went on to add that he was now focusing on his family and business. In 2018, the rapper exchanged vows with his longtime girlfriend, Salma, in a beautiful celebrity-studded ceremony.

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A post shared by Maddy (@madtraxx)

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“After leaving gospel music, I don’t have scandals anymore!” Bahati enthuses

Bahati made his breakthrough in the Kenyan entertainment scene with the mega-hit “Mama”. The song made him a household name even among people who didn’t listen to gospel music.

And just like many artists who start from a churchy background, the singer slowly started singing more and more secular music that one would struggle to recognize the boy who had amazed us so with his christian lyrics.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

Now after years of skirting the gray area between the gospel and secular genres, the musician made a bold declaration this month that he had moved to the ‘dark’ side with his song, “Fikra za Bahati”.

In the song, the singer attacked various Kenyan artistes including Ringtone, Khaligraph Jones, Sauti Sol among others. The video for the song rubbed many the wrong way with many complaining about him smoking a cigar.

Diana Marua admits she is not legally married to Bahati just yet

From the way he puffed and billowed the smoke, it was evident that he had done it before. Given that he is still perceived as a gospel musician, the smoking video swiftly attracted backlash online.

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A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

Now the entertainer has spoken about why he decided to ditch gospel music for the secular world? The musician disclosed that he felt uncomfortable while on the gospel side because most artists in the ministry are hypocrites.

In a recent TV interview, the artiste said that most secular musicians have a real connection with God unlike many who are in gospel.

He added that he has a better relationship with God and his religion than most people in the gospel music industry.

“Call me an entertainer. Don’t call me a Gospel artiste because that term has been misused, but I am so real with God. I am spiritual. I am deeply connected with God than most of the Gospel artists. When I was in the Gospel industry, I had scandals because they were created. People fought me in the Gospel industry. Nowadays, I don’t have scandals,” Bahati said in a TV interview.

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A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

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Entry free! Hope Irakoze to headline eagerly anticipated Father’s Day show at Sankara

Burundian singer Hope Irakoze is set to headline the most anticipated Father’s Day event dubbed The Classic Acoustic. The free-entry event will go down today from 12 noon till 7 PM in the evening.

Acoustic event

Hope doubles up as a songwriter and Multiple Instruments player. He is also the winner of TPF season 6 (2013).

Acoustic event 2

The eagerly anticipated event will be hosted by Classic105’s Mike Mondo and Cess Mutungi.

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Ametoka mbali! Mercy Masika shares cute TBT photo of herself in class 6

Gospel singer Mercy Masika made her big breakthrough in the music industry with her massive hit “Mwema” which was released back in 2014.

The lady became a darling among Kenyans with many (even those who don’t follow gospel music) tuning in to listen to the song which has racked up an impressive 14.7 million views so far.

But what many might not know is that before Mercy’s biggest hit she had been working in the industry from a young age and that her hit wasn’t a fluke but due to consistent hard work.

The Shule Yako singer reminded fans of how far back she had come from when she posted an old photo of herself on the vintage cassette album.

And that wasn’t even the most interesting thing about her, she was also rocking a fro on her head! “This was me in 6th grade and this was my second album(cassette). I did not come here to play. One of the songs in this album was titled “I came on business for the King”. I am grateful.”

Many fans were left impressed and surprised by her TBT celebrating the musician who celebrated 13 years of marriage to her husband David Muguro.

Even in marriage, Mercy shows us the value of persistence. Just last month, the mother of two revealed that the first stages in marriage were hell.

Speaking on the Bun in the Oven show on Picha Clear YouTube channel, Mercy said that the couple used to have arguments daily over anything. “I think when people get married at first differences are for real,” she said.

After finding out she was pregnant, she did two pregnancy tests, which all turned out positive. “I don’t know if I was excited because I was mad at that time and I walked into the sitting room and told David I am pregnant. He actually became a nice person all of a sudden,” Mercy remembered.

Her pastor husband narrated how they were financially unstable at that time and he had lost his job just before they got married. When Masika broke the news to him, he was still jobless. “I wanted a child but I didn’t know when. So when she told me she was pregnant, I found myself in a confusing state. My question was, why would she get pregnant at this time when she knew of our situation?” David narrated.

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“To say Azziad is the one who made ‘Utawezana’ big is a lie” Femi One

Kenyan rapper Femi One was the villain in the story for many after the emergence of Tik Tok star Azziad Nasenya who had become popular after dancing to the rapper’s famous “Utawezana” song.

Femi at the time of the song’s release, urged fans to participate in Utawezana Dance Challenge as a way of boosting its popularity.

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A post shared by Femi One (@femi_one)

The song which featured rapper Mejja took a life of its own after Azziad’s wonderful viral video dancing to it became the biggest thing on East African social media.

The chicken and egg debate among many online was whether Femi should pay Azziad for boosting the song or Azziad should be grateful to Femi?

Some fans, who also supported the Tippy Toe singer, said that Azziad was also popular courtesy of the hit song while others thought the reverse was true.

‘The world was so cruel to an innocent soul like me’ Azziad reveals struggle after fame

Femi has finally spoken on the topic during an Interview with Massawe Japani on Radio Jambo, with the rapper saying she reached out to the influencer and thanked her for doing the challenge and even had her back when some people unfairly criticised her.

“To be honest, I started that challenge and anyone who participated in it, whether on the first or last day is very important to me. They helped build the song and the fans were free to choose who they liked the most and they chose Azziad. To say she is the one who made the song big is a lie as she did her challenge the fourth day after the song was already a hit,” she said.

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A post shared by Femi One (@femi_one)

Femi observed that both her and Azziad had a big break through the song. “Azziad got famous, and I got more streams on my song,” Femi argued. She also mentioned that she reached out to Azziad and thanked and even tried to meet with her, but she told her she is swamped doing interviews.

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“Ringtone, don’t steal my wives!” Eric Omondi begs while praising singer’s new song “Fagia”

Ringtone Apoko loves controversy. In fact, I don’t think that there is an entertainer in Kenya who thrives on it like him. Scratch that. Come to think of it, Bahati is another.

But I digress. There are times where the controversy seems to chase the singer and this is one of those rare cases. The “Zoea Mawe” singer was the subject of Eric Omondi’s recent Instagram post today where he begged the singer to leave his potential wives alone.

In his message, Eric posted a snippet of Ringtone’s new song called, “Fagia”, going on to plead with Mr. Apoko not to fagia(slice him of those women). He wrote;

“The PRESIDENT will always support good music. Huyu Kijana ako na a higher calling and a gifting from above…Shida tu ni awachane na mabibi zangu…Am about to bring some of the most beautiful women in this Continent to Kenya from ETHIOPIA, RWANDA, SOUTH SUDAN and NIGERIA bwana CHAIRMAN tafadhali usiwafagie because this time lazima nipate wife. Naomba 🙏🙏”

Ringtone himself responded to the comment saying that he had no business stealing Eric’s women. What is interesting is that just two months ago, Eric attacked Ringtone, labeling his stunts boring.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy praised Tanzanians saying that they had far surpassed the Kenyan showbiz thanks to their kiki.

Speaking to The-Star, Omondi went on to slam Ringtone for being so old fashioned in his stunts

“….They (Kenyan celebrities) are predictable and doing normal things. You recently saw Ringtone pretending he has been arrested. That is old fashioned. They should be creative,” he said.

Funny how a few months can make a difference in one’s opinion. Huh…Clearly, there are no permanent friends in showbiz.

Anywho, check out Ringtone’s new song that has made impressed Eric so much so that he has praised Mr. Apoko. The song is below;


Dr Ofweneke speaks of his desire to join Classic105 FM (exclusive)

I recently spoke to the illustrious comedian, Dr Ofweneke. The man is always a pleasant interviewee and always gives detailed, impassioned answers to any question I ask.

On April 1st, Ofweneke whose real names are Sande Bush posted an update on his Instagram page where he said that he had joined Classic105.

Although posted on the highly-suspect date, the message fooled many (including me) with congratulatory messages flowing in from most quarters.

So was joining Classic105 a desire he had or was it all just a prank? “Yes, it is a desire to get back on radio,” he started off. “I think I have been off radio for the past 5 years. I have been in talks with a few radio stations and if all goes well then I might be back on radio. It depends…My intentions even back in the day was to take my radio career to RadioAfrica.”

What show would the comedian want to do? “Whichever comes my way. By the grace of God I am among the best talents around. Having a 13-year career in radio, TV, I believe I am up to the task with any show I would be given.”

He finished off by saying, “There is no show I haven’t done. I have done breakfast, morning, evening shows. Whichever comes, I am versatile.”

Were he to succeed in joining Classic105, Dr Ofweneke would join the biggest radio talent in the Kenyan media landscape in Maina Kageni.

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I was a staunch Muslim before I converted – Rose Muhando

Gospel singer Rose Muhando’s recent interview with Wasafi Media this week has revealed so much that we didn’t know previously about the controversial musician.

Muhando divulged that she was a staunch Muslim. She said that she went through tough periods, and sadly that the person she hoped would be a help in her life turned out to be the cause of her issues.

I was held hostage by a church elder for years – Rose Muhando

While answering a question on something that happened to her that almost made her stop believing in God, the singer disclosed that she was raised in a Muslim home and had grounded values.

“My father raised me well and with values as a Muslim girl. And he was someone who really held on to his religious values. So even when I converted to Christianity, I was not that shocked because I already knew God. Again, both religions really have similar values like the ten commandments,” she explained.

The mother of three also revealed she was a big fan of the late Michael Jackson and his music.

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I once fell into a toilet dancing – Embarambamba reveals

Christopher Musyoma aka Embarambamba as many people have come to know him, has become the notorious bad boy in gospel music at the moment.

The man has trended in 2021 after videos of him dancing like a mad man on the road went viral with the irony being that the singer does not do his music videos while under influence of drugs or alcohol.

In an interview with Jalang’o on Tuesday, the man gave his side of the story stating that he likes to incorporate comedy and theatrics into his gospel music.

Embarambamba should be arrested! Kenyans say after singer nearly hit by boda boda

He revealed that he once fell in a toilet while performing in a ceremony. He disclosed the ordeal in an interview on Jalang’o TV;

“Sasa kufika apo kwa uwanja, hio ngoma ikawekwa. Wamama ndio hawa, furaha ikanishika. Saa ile na roll, nikasonga kidogo kutoka kwa sherehe. Saa ile na roll ivo karibu na corner, nikapata naingia kwa shimo. Uzuri hio choo ilikuwa imetangulishwa udongo kidogo…”

He also defended his actions saying that his dangerous behaviors have never gotten him to hospital after he started gospel music.

But while he might defend his actions, a recent video clip of the singer running across the Southern Bypass earlier this week has many concerned.

The man was captured running across the road while shooting one of his music videos, and nearly getting hit by a bodaboda.

His dancing has previously attracted the vitriol of many Kenyans including KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua who stated that he was concerned for the well-being of the singer. “Come let’s find a way out. You sound ok, but ur theatrics are embarrassing & must be moderated!” Mr. Mutua said in the past.

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Embarambamba should be arrested! Kenyans say after singer nearly hit by boda boda

Embarambamba has been the viral sensation in 2021 the way Tik Tok queen Azziad dominated the headlines last year after her glorious dancing titillated Kenyans.

Unlike Azziad who got nearly unanimous praise for her dancing skills and wonderful smile, the gospel musician from Kisii County has divided Kenyans with his antics.

Some like Ezekiel Mutua have been on record warning that the singer might be a danger to himself. And just like clockwork Embarambamba hasn’t disappointed with his most recent crazy behaviour.

Embarambamba danger to himself-Ezekiel Mutua voices concern for gospel singer

The artist was captured on video been a danger to himself and others while shooting one of his infamous music videos. In the video, Embarambamba is seen trying to cross the busy Southern Bypass while a bodaboda bike is on the road.

The musician is lucky that his quick reflexes allow him to stop just in time before he runs onto the road where he would most likely have been hit by the rider.

Kenyans on Twitter didn’t spare the artiste and asked for something to be done about the gospel singer’s behaviour. Check out the full video below;

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Embarambamba danger to himself-Ezekiel Mutua voices concern for gospel singer

Embarambamba has either been a blessing to the gospel community or an embarrassment, so much so that Ezekiel Mutua has noticed his antics.

For those who might not know him, Embarambamba is a Kisii gospel artiste who has made a trademark out of rolling in the mud and pulling of other spine-chilling stunts, while doing his music videos.

The musician’s gimmicks have now drawn the attention of the Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, who is concerned for him and those around him.

“Why do I feel like Embarambamba is a danger to himself and that his fans could be cheering him to self-destruction? Is this style sustainable? Is it even sane?” Mutua posed.

The moral cop suggested that the artiste’s fans were the ones egging him on to proceed with his stunts, unaware of the dangers that could be staring at him.

For his part, Embarambamba has been on record defending his daring music videos, saying the Holy Spirit’s power inspires them.

In his latest music video, Embarambamba was spotted holding a bible while kneeling in the mud as he donned a white suit. “I pray for wisdom to get a way to reach my President Uhuru Kenyatta to assist me to preach your word and lift your name high, both in kids and adults.”

And who takes care of the laundry that gets messed up?  The artiste has claimed in the past that his wife takes care of his laundry and has never complained about her husband’s behaviour.

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Bridget Achieng explains the sexism she has faced as a woman in the events industry

Bridget Achieng is one woman who will not allow negativity or trolling to take her down. Her last Naifest event opened the floodgates of criticism after a boy died at the event.

In a recent interview with me, Bridget explained how tough it was to be in the events industry as a woman and how she was being treated differently to how violent political rallies are viewed.

“That kid dying on my event was not even on me. Like it was an event, I can’t be able to take care of 15k people all by myself, even people coming to my event have to take the initiative to take care of themselves.”


“Not to drink too much for your phone to get lost, we are all grown-ups. If this was a rally with the political bigwigs and somebody died nobody would have spoken about it. It wouldn’t even have reached TV but a young woman who is trying to make ends meet, everyone is trying to pull her down, her name is so easy to mention that everybody would mention my name.”

She then went on to confirm the bias that she has faced as a trailblazing lady in the events industry,

“Something like that never gets to the limelight. No one will talk about it cause men have power over women in Africa and these people dominate the industry, I am just the one percent that is there. I have suffered a lot in this industry. Like this past week, some people lied to my new marketers that I pay peanuts and they should go and tell a tabloid about it. If you read the conversations that have been put on this tabloid and you are a smart person you will know that this is a lie.”

Bridget complained that people tended to focus more on the negative than on the positive.

“People don’t talk about the transition I took from being a socialite to being a mother to being one of the top entrepreneurs in Kenya. They don’t know that transition isn’t easy and I am a single mother. As much as me and my baby daddy are cool, we buddies, he takes care of his son, I take care of my end. Still, I am a single mother,  I am not married to that guy.”

Finishing off by saying that she perseveres because she owes alot to those people who depend on her, “There are so many things that I have to do. I am mother and dad to my son, I have to be a sister, auntie to other people and I still have to be out here and be an artist to my fan base. And still have to be an entrepreneur. It’s not easy.”

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I came back home in honour of my brother – Lovy Longomba back in Kenya

There was a time that the group Longombas dominated the Kenyan music scene with songs like “Vuta Pumz”, “Dondosa’’, “Piga Makofi’’ and ‘’Shika More’’.

That time was in the mid-2000s when the group that consisted of 2 brothers, turned to gold. But a few years later they were just a memory as they both relocated to the USA, a fact that most Kenyans became aware of after one half of the duo passed on mid this month.

Christian, who was the younger of the two, died after a long struggle with a brain tumour. His brother Lovy, has decided to visit Kenya after 16 years, days after the burial of his brother in Los Angeles, California.

“I came back home in honor of my brother Christian. This trip was supposed to be made by me and him at some point this year but God had other plans.’’

While in Kenya, Lovy will be meeting with family and friends to pay their respects to Christian as well as sharing details of Christian’s final moments and wishes.

“It’s truly overwhelming. I must confess that the love we have received is so far healing us. Christian stood for his love for God, family and music. His unique voice like my late father Lovy Senior will be in the hearts of Kenyans forever.” said Lovy.

Will he be releasing any music? “It will take me some time to work on music again because my partner is no longer here with me. I need to heal. Christian was still writing with me even when he could not record. We have so many songs, maybe at some point I will put them out.”

But he said that he would be open to working with other Kenyan artists when the time is right.

Lovy said he was proud of the legacy the Longombas built during a defining moment in the Kenya music industry, “We pioneered and changed the sound of local music. We raised the standard so high when it came to performing and stage presence.”

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DP Ruto reveals favourite musician and food to Jalang’o

Deputy President William Ruto was interviewed yesterday by comedian Jalang’o. The second in command was as charming as he usually is giving the funny man a lot to think and laugh about.

One of the things that surprised many was his admission that gospel singer Solomon Mkubwa is his favorite artiste.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

Speaking on Bonga na Jalas, DP Ruto disclosed this information after being asked to name his favorite artiste and favorite food.

“What is your favorite song…Najua haupendi reggae” said Jalang’o hilariously alluding to the recent BBI political debate.

DP Ruto replied, “My Best Artiste ni Solomon Mkubwa (Mungu mwenye Nguvu) …and favorite food is nyama choma and Mahindi Choma pia hapo niko kabisa.”

Ruto also touched on the things that he misses doing by virtue of not being a private citizen anymore, saying that window-shopping was at the top of his list.

“Window-shopping- hii window shopping unajua pale tu hii kuangalia, iko kitu fulani pale, kuna new style hapo ya viatu, sijui nini pale. Hiyo window shopping ni kazi mzuri sana lakini sai haiwezekani. Watu wengi watazusha ama itabidii nivae miwani na sijui ni hapo.”

Ruto hugging his wife
Ruto hugging his wife

Mr. Ruto’s advice to the youth was for them to be patient and persevere saying that life was full of ups and down’s. “Maisha ni panda shuka, tia bidi, pole pole utafika, na vijana muache presha nyingi bana, stress itawamaliza,” he finished off.

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