Art of Music 10 year anniversary concert on 30th November

Founded in 2009, The Art of Music has been in existence to promote the performance and appreciation of art music in Kenya and use it’s transformative power to change lives, particularly of those living in underprivileged areas of the country.

The focuses is on two programmes. Firstly, Ghetto Classics, a community programme that involves over 500 children in Korogocho and thousands more in satellite areas around Nairobi, Kiambu and Mombasa through the Link UP project. The second is a musical and leadership training programme, The National Youth Orchestra of Kenya (KNYO). This is a music ensemble that brings together talented young musicians from all walks of life in the country.

These programmes have been generously supported through donations from individuals and organisations that believe that “Making Music can Make A Difference.”

The discipline, teamwork, focus and commitment that the children learn from being musicians and playing in an orchestra has translated to their school and home lives, making Ghetto Classics and KNYO students stand out above the rest. There has been an improvement in grades and this is particularly so in the Korogocho programme as all the children are self-motivated to stay in school and are assisted with their fees when necessary.

These students have had their horizons widened because of the exposure that they have gained. They have played with children from totally different backgrounds and they have had outstanding experiences in concerts that they have been a part of, or watched. They have also traveled to different places in the world with some going out to as far as the United States and Europe to perform with other musicians. All these wonderful opportunities have come, thanks to music.

On the 30th November 2019, The Art of Music will be holding their 10-year anniversary fundraising concert featuring Ghetto Classics, The National Youth Orchestra of Kenya (KNYO) and the Safaricom Youth Orchestra alongside, Polish composer JIMEK and the Swiss Mexican pianist Jorge Viladoms, who have both generously donated their time and expertise to be part of this concert.

The tickets cost 10.000Ksh per person and includes dinner. It will be held at the Trademark Hotel.

Jimek In Kenya rehearsing with the orchestra
Jimek In Kenya rehearsing with the orchestra

Gospel artist Willy Paul releases music video with nvde models

Willy Paul has for long refused to state whether he is still singing gospel music but I think we can safely say he is into secular music with his new move.

Marry Willy Paul – Fans call out Kush Tracey for wearing booty shorts

The man has pulled a Sauti Sol and decided to do a music video that will feature nvde women in it. I know Ezekiel Mutua must already be seething and frothing.

The ‘Hallelujah’ singer teased the video of his new song called ‘Bure Kabisa’ a reveal that shocked most people. His caption for the song read;


I can’t post the link here but all I can say is that even Jamaican and Black American artists will be blushing when they see the nvdity on the song. Go to his page and see it before it’s pulled down!

The album art cover
Willy Paul album art cover

Some of the comments are below;

simwathebarber Willy Willy n Sawa 2
nikki_miri What’s this
nicole_nabintu @ongeri.daniel money is devil 👿,ladies decided to stay naked 🙆‍♀️
jay_burton_ Ii Mutua hatakubali🙌🙌🙌🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂
jay_robertz @jay_burton_ itakua banned before its even released
zakayokanandili @jay_burton_ 😂😂was about to ask the same way mmmh hii 🔥🔥🔥though let’s wait and see
filbertleonorah Wee Willy mshenzi sana uliikuja kwa kuimba gospel saiv shetani ashakuteka
mtu_wa_makamo @filbertleonorah Sometimes shetani tunamsingiziaa
charohnjeri77 Huyu Willy paul alienda kwa mchawi yupi huyo akamharibu hivi vyote 🤔
nderitucharles258 Khai baba
innojay mnyamaaaaa pozzeeeee🙌🙌🙌
mercy_de_cute mbona wapo uchi😢😢😢😢😢😢

Even though I want to hype the music video, I think this whole affair is much ado about nothing. My hunch is that Willy super-imposed his ‘Bure Kabisa’ audio on the video with his intention being to garner as much publicity as possible for the song’s debut. The song most likely has another family-friendly video.

The musician posing
The musician posing

Say what you will about Pozze, one thing you cannot deny about him is that he is a genius at marketing…Himself.

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‘He tries to be like Michael Jackson!’ MCA Tricky compliments Diamond (Exclusive)

I recently spoke to MCA Tricky and the comedian was very forthright about some certain aspects in his life. The comedian whose fanbase is rapidly growing is currently on a tour in many counties in Kenya.

Mr. Tricky admitted that he doesn’t compete with any person in the comedy industry. How could that be considering that there are bigger names in the industry like Churchill and Eric Omondi? He said that he felt that he needed to push himself by growing his brand and that only happens if he keeps on interacting with his audience.

MCA Tricky posing
MCA Tricky calendar tour

The comedian said that he admired himself in the comedy industry. His reason for the humblebrag was that he learns something from each and every other comedian in his industry.

MCA Tricky in front of a crowd
MCA Tricky in front of an audience

But the artiste explained that he did have someone that he looks up to in life. Who could that be? ‘I admire Diamond the most in life. That guy is daring. He believes he is a Michael Jackson even though he can’t match those heights but he still tries to do it,’ said the entertainer.

Diamond posing with Tanasha
Diamond posing with Tanasha

And how did he have such a great estimation of the Tanzanian singer? Had they met? The comic said that they had met a few times and although they weren’t deep conversations, one could see the work ethic Diamond had.

Zari says Diamond has not seen his kids for 9 months!

And who did he support between Diamond or Zari considering he has also engaged with Zari in the past and that the two exes have been engaged in a nasty back and forth the past few months? MCA was very diplomatic in his answer saying that he did not mind supporting Diamond as he and Diamond had similar dreams.

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He used to give us small amounts – Wendy Waeni’s mother says about manager

Wendy Waeni was all over the news last week after her famous interview on JKL live. The famous gymnast shocked many viewers when she claimed that her ex-manager, Joe Mwangi wasn’t doing right by her and her mother.

Wendy had claimed that she hadn’t received money for performances she had done from her manager. She also alleged that he had also taken possession of her social media accounts refusing to relinquish them.

Wendy Waeni and other guests on JKL
Wendy Waeni and other guests on JKL

Magdaline Syombua was with Wendy Waeni in the Radio Jambo studio on Monday and explained that she used to receive small amounts of money from her daughter’s ex-manager, Joe Mwangi.

Wendy Waeni’s mother allegedly threatened after Jeff Koinange interview

Syombua said Mwangi used to go with Waeni to events and even meet up with politicians who would give them tokens such as money. She told host Massawe Jappani;

I am very proud of my daughter and happy about it, but I am disappointed she never used to get what she duly deserved. Some time back, they used to go out together for events, they would even meet up with honourables who would give them money. So he used to give me small amounts, like KSh 20,000, then he would keep the lion’s share.

Wendy Waeni's mother
Wendy Waeni’s mother

Wendy’s mother claimed that Joe would get angry whenever she would ask her about the rest of the money. Her admission somewhat contradicts Wendy’s claim that she never received a cent from Mwangi despite having travelled the world for several shows.

Her sentiments were echoed by her mum who said the ex-manager took all the money Waeni used to make during her shows. But Joe in a quick and tough rejoinder while being interviewed on Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru T.V denied the claims, saying that he only travelled out of the country once with Wendy.

And that was to Rwanda where he claims he received only Ksh. 100k from the mother.

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Habits you should avoid when going to a club

When you gong to a club there are some habits that you should avoid to have a good time. They include;

Tokeo la picha la club

Mixing drinks

Mixing drinks can really put your liver at risk. It can lead to vomiting as it may tamper with your digestion system. It is advisable to take such drinks in dilute form with either water or a soft drink.

Tips: 10 things to do to wake up early without struggling

Leaving your items unattended

You should be careful with your items especially your phone and cash. Not everyone goes to the club with good intentions. Other go with intentions of stealing from the drunk people, so more reason you should be careful.

Wearing high heels

If you love dancing, wear comfortable shoes. Six inch heels are cute to look at, but you won’t be able to dance.You could even fall and break your ankles if drunk.

Picha inayohusiana

Taking stranger’s drinks

Taking someone’s drink that you don’t know is to dangerous. Someone can either poison you or even drug you so as they can harm you or even steal from you.

Khloe Khardashian reveals secret for her size 4 body after giving birth

Taking too much alcohol

We are constantly told that too much consumption of alcohol is harmful to ones health. When in the club, it’s important to limit how much you drink, plus also know the limits because of your health and your security too. If you get too drunk chances are that you may black out and in the process people can take advantage of you.

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Celebrities that battled addiction and made it

Addiction is one thing that most people have found it hard to say goodbye to. These are some of the celebrities that have struggled with addiction and managed to get over it;


Tokeo la picha la robert downey

Angelina Jolie

Angelina suffered from depression which pushed her to drugs hoping to feel better.‘ I did almost every type of drug in existence.’ She said this referring to it as the dark moments in her life. She however managed to fight this by surrounding herself with people that could add value to her life. She changed her way of living and adopted children after she became an actress.

Robert Downey Jr.

He went through a lot as he fought his life through drugs. The actor was sent to prison and forced treatment for quit sometime. He also spent a whole in hospital and he finally made a decision to stop using drugs and since then his life changed.

Jeff Koinange reveals Bob Collymore’s Kikuyu nickname in glowing tribute


She got to do drugs because she was confident enough during her performances on stage. This grew into a habit up to a point that she forgot lines of her own songs on stage. She also noticed that her voice was becoming a mess as days went by. She later on had a surgery that made her to stop doing drugs completely.

Drew Barrymore

Drew became a drug addict at quite a younger age. She was taken to a rehab clinic for 8 months due to the overdose drugs consumption. After she left the clinic her life changed and she became a model and a part-time waitress. She hereafter became a mother and a studio owner.

Kristin Davis

The actress started to take drugs as a solution of gaining courage in her performance. She was helped by a close friend that engaged her in yoga classes and many other more encouraging sessions which helped her leave alcohol.

Tokeo la picha la kristin davis doing drugs

What the curious facts your appearance says about you

Steven Tyler

The musician’s life revolved around drugs and sex life. His life changed after he met his second wife who made him see the better part of living a healthy life.

Britney Spears

She began her drug life after she became famous and rich. She was even denied her parental custody of her sons because of the drug abuse. This made her change her way of living and did away with drugs.

Tokeo la picha la britiny spears doing drugs before and after

Khloe Kardashian gets blasted for calling Jordyn Woods ‘fat’

Elton John

Elton saw drugs to be a way of doing away with his shyness.In the year 1975 he almost lost his life because of an overdose. This made him to go to a rehab clinic and changed his lifestyle completely.

Samuel L. Jackson

He became a drug addict in his youth life. He was taken to a rehabilitation center where his life changed after his wife and daughter visited him at one point and he confessed to them that he was a drug addict. Since then his addiction to drugs came to an end.

Tokeo la picha la samuel l jackson doing drugs before and after

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I slept with older men for money-Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen says

Diamond is so popular that even his family members get exposure because of him. One of the people who has gained immensely from her association with him is his half-sister Queen Darleen.

Diamond with his half sister Queen Darleen
Diamond with his half-sister Queen Darleen

Queen Darleen who likes dying her hair blonde or white has disclosed that she once used to sleep with older men for money.

Darleen who is also a musician said she once dated and slept with married men in a bid to get money as she was young and broke.

Diamond with his half sister Queen Darleen smiling
Diamond with his half-sister Queen Darleen smiling after the fame and money

She was speaking on her brother’s radio station, Wasafi FM, and said that she dated sponsors because she was young and naive.

She also explained that she only did it because girls of her age were fond of the vice;

You know there is a time in your life you feel hot and young and could do just about anything for the sake of it. So yes I dated an old man and he used to give me money but that time passed, I am no longer that person. So I would not like to talk about the issue anymore because now I’m in love with another man, in my age group.

Her revelation comes at a time when countless people have been asking questions on whether she is straight or gay?

There are some examples of prominent celebs that have had pasts that were not so glorious.

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B the female rap sensation who blazed onto the world stage in 2017 with her monster hit Bodak Yellow has spoken about her past as a stripper.

She even said that she used to drug and rob some of her clients!

But look at where she is now? One of the biggest pop stars in the country!

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‘I have been digging an early grave!’ Akothee’s emotional message

Akothee is one woman who inspires many women and girls alike.

Her ‘take no prisoners’, ‘gung ho’ and ‘my way or the highway’ attitude have earned her many fans and critics alike.

What impresses many about the single mother of 5 is her will to not only survive but also thrive and make it against all odds. Which she has done splendidly!

Akothee posing
Akothee posing

But it seems that even the iron lady is proving that she might be human too! She recently posted a cryptic message on her Instagram page detailing how she needed to take a break. She wrote yesterday that her Cologne show would be her last ‘due to very sensitive issues within my organization’.

She added that she needed to fix herself first because she felt that if she didn’t take that radical step that she would lose everything as a mother, an artist, an entrepreneur, an entertainer, and as a mentor.

Akothee with her daughters
Akothee with her daughters

She went on to say that she could not motivate her followers if she was broken and down. The singer also went to explain that the trip to Europe had been eye-opening for her as she realized that the path she was on would lead her to an early grave.

She, however, showed that her fighting spirit was still indomitable saying that she would take the hiatus to fix her troubles. Could the enterprising singer be a victim of burn out as she alluded to in her post?

Akothee in pink
Akothee in pink

Akothee was twice last year admitted to hospital and given compulsory bedrest for fatigue.

Akothee bedrest
Akothee bedrest

She isn’t the only celeb who has had issues of burnout in her career. Kanye West was famously hospitalised in 2016 for exhaustion in 2016. The ‘love lockdown’ singer was also suffering from sleep deprivation.

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Win up to 1 million shillings on #SongaNaMili, the talk of the town

Are you Kenya’s biggest music connoiseur? Do you know your jams well? Can you tell the name of a song just by listening to one or two or three seconds of it? Do you have Songa by Safaricom on your phone? Fancy winning up to 1 million shillings this November. Here’s why Songa By Safaricom is looking for you!

It’s Kenya’s most exciting promo at the moment and everyone’s obviously over the moon about it. If you’ve got an Android smartphone, then you need to get in to it. Christmas comes early with #SongaNaMili and it’s actually very very easy. In fact, it’s so easy that if you’re good with music, you could win a cool 1 million shillings. Let’s get in to it!

How to play

First, be sure to have Songa by Safaricom on your mobile phone. If you don’t have it yet, click here to download from Google Playstore.

Now, every day at 7.00AM, 9.00AM, 11.00AM, 4.00PM, 6.00PM and 7.00PM, tune in and listen to either Kiss 100, classic 105, East FM, Radio Jambo, Gukena FM or XFM for the 1 second hook. There will be one (1) new daily clue about what the song might be and you can submit your entry by downloading the Songa by Safaricom app which has over 2 million local and international songs.

On the app, you could search for your million shilling song and call in to your favorite radio station, share it and see if you’ve won the cash.

Remember, the cash grows by KES 10,000 every day. It could reach KES 1 million!

First winner

Maureen Tinnie listened in and found the secret song after a diligent search. She won a cool KES 76,000/= after she submitted her entry on Kiss 100 where she heard the promo.

You could be next!

Songa Na Mili First Winner
Songa Na Mili First Winner

From Grass to Grace! Never before seen video of J blessing before riches

J Blessing is currently making headlines after he brought out his throw back video of when he was an artiste. The now celebrity music producer released the song Rise, something he says is a prayer answered.

“Few years ago this was my prayer and God has done more than I prayed for. Believe and have faith in God, not man. #risejblessing” Blessing wrote on social media

J Blessing
J Blessing TBT

In the video, Blessing is in the character of a hustler who working in the ghetto with his Mkokoteni. He also goes ahead to translate what he says in French.

Watch the video:

J Blessing’s Ex Wife Spotted Chewing On ‘Mashakura’ At A Local Kibanda (Video)

Check out what fans had to say:


  • kennedykrezi: I  still know all the lyrics to this song lolYou just made me believe in the glow up and that everyone has their timings
  • bushydaprincea wise person the other day told me . one day youll have a story to tell. but tell your story when you are a millionaire.
  • betty_kwamboka02: God’s timing is the best yes God above everything 🙏🏼
  • djgazaking: Hii ngoma uliperfrom pumu sana nikikuwa hadi na cd yake noma sana
  • nixx_o.n  remember watching ths pale gospel hour😂😂😂😂
  • francis_voxin I’m very sure despise and rejection from people hit u really hard during those days. True or false.
  • seinletema Yes HE HAS. All glory to HIM.
  • kriserroh Kesho post my favorite. You rock man…been a journey.
  • b4mpictures Kweli umetoka far
  • brazah_254 Heeee watu utoka mbali
  • innocentgke Haiya! Didn’t know you used to sing @jibrilblessing
  • jbeejura Wow this is incredibly inspiring
  • kezikezaya Awwwwww I feel like crying…. May God continue blessing u….
  • simormusic Now it’s Evident you come from far….. Bless bro @jibrilblessing
  • shirogititu Wow!!see God…. He never disappoints… He says align yourself with me… I’m the vine…ask whatever you shall need and I’ll give…. He’s faithful… Kwa kweli umerise ☺ 👏… And it’s all 4 God… @jibrilblessing
  • chris_zanoti Hii song inafaa kupigwa remix… Itainspire wengi zaidi.
  • redemptionmusiq I respect you baba umetoka mbali
  • directorritchie Nilipo kuona kabinti nilitenda dhambi zaidi
  • signature_kenya bro si hii song ulitusumbua nayo.. Hapa ndio @steaisha aliacha kudance @jibrilblessing but @m4jmusiq254 aliniambia hii song uliibia @bahatikenya…. Sijataja MTU hapa
  • jibrilblessing @signature_kenya 😐 nikiimba @bahatikenya was not even thinking of music. @m4jmusiq254 kuja ujibu mashtaka
  • steaisha @signature_kenya hapa was starting dance🙏😂
  • kevnericsofly @jibrilblessing hii ngoma #Rise naikumbuka sana back in the days n it truly inspired me. Your life now is inspirational
  • patience humbledJibril Blessings umetoka mbali sana aki🙏
J Blessing
J Blessing TBT


“Dreams In Stereo”: Eric Wainaina Releases New Album

It’s big, it’s much anticipated and it’ll be streaming exclusively on Songa By Safaricom all day every day today, Thursday 26 July. Renowned, singer songwriter Eric Wainaina, is set to launch his new album “Dreams in Stereo” tomorrow, Friday, 27th July.

That’s almost six years after releasing his last album, Love & Protest.

Remarkably, new guest artists have also been announced for the event including ‘Samalina’ hitmaker Tetu Shani, Urban Kikuyu folk singer Ayrosh, The Nairobi Philharmonic Orchestra and the phenomenal Songstress Sage Chemutai. This event can only be described as an electric night of music and colour!

“Dreams In Stereo is my best studio production effort to date, and with a very personal touch.” remarked Eric Wainaina

“It is also strongly influenced by my musical theater passion and from a deep well of personal influences that go beyond my iconic Kenyan music roots.” he continued

“Dreams in Stereo picks up from where Love + Protest left off an echoes where I have been artistically speaking,” says Eric. “But at the same time it is an even more personal and intimate album in many ways, where I felt freer to just be myself. It also explores a wide range of musical genres that are close to my heart. It definitely puts me on a new trajectory musically and creatively, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of this new direction in the months to come…in a way like you’ve never seen me. Stay tuned for a lot more to come.”

The “Daima” songwriter hopes the new album will epitomize the creative evolution he is currently undertaking, aimed at shaping his presence as a global artist.

The new album features hit singles such as Okay, Don’t Bury Me and Hallelujah People. All currently available for streaming on Songa By Safaricom.

The album also features some of Kenya’s popular singers such as Kagwe Muigai, Blinky Bill, Kendi Nkonge, as well as veteran artist, John Nzenze, renowned for songs such as “Angelike” and “Habari za Nairobi”.

Other local artists making significant contributions to the album include: Aaron Rimbui, Allan Wanjohi, Marvin Maveke and Benjamin Kabaseke Masinde.

Dreams In Stereo, will stream exclusively on Songa By Safaricom all day on Thursday 26th July 2018.

More information:

Date: 27th July 2018
Time: 7.00PM – 12:00AM
Venue: The Elephant (3, Kanjata Road, Nairobi)

Tickets: Advance Tickets available at Ksh. 2,000 Gate Tickets at Ksh, 2,500
Payment via:


Zosi Kadzitu
[email protected] | 0723 237 869

Miriam Kadzitu
[email protected] | 0702 412 961
[email protected]

Akothee complains about being a single mother

Richest local singer Akothee is busy helping her children discover their talents while some are sleeping on their jobs as their children trend for all the wrong reasons, #IfikieWazazi.

Yesterday, Akothee was one of the guests on the decorated 10over10 show hosted by Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi on Citizen TV.


The mother of five attended the show attended with her three daughters and apart from promoting her new song Oyoyo, they talked about other things including advising the youth and single mothers out here.

Akothee with her children during an interview

Akothee the self-proclaimed president of single mothers, is a proud single parent and always showers responsible fathers with praises.

Also, read:

‘I wish all fathers were very responsible like your Dad,’ Akothee showers mzungu baby daddy with love on son’s birthday

In a lengthy post she shared on social media, Akothee has narrated how she struggled to make ends meet and schooled her children on her own when their father wasn’t supportive.

“Bangaizaring with my uterus. Make your children your friends, let them see your struggles, share with them your sad and beautiful moments. They are the ones you are hustling for! Introduce them to the world before the world introduces itself to them! The world is cruel. I have come this far on my own! Without their father’s support and we are rocking private schools wanawake tunaweza hatuwezi?’ she wrote in part.

Akothee went ahead to advise single women to work hard fight for their children as mothers are the pillars of the society.

“Stop sympathizing with yourself and start working towards healing, get your energy back and fight for your life and your loved ones.  Vesha Shaillan, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia, thanks for the company. Any man who isn’t proud of you in public doesn’t deserve you in private, any behind the scene relationship has a dead end! Rejection feels soo bad and make you empty, tell me your fears I am here my love. I know I can’t fulfil all your desires, but your money is your first husband, work towards it. The rest will fall in place. Boys are available, husbands are rarely found, Iest you end up like your mom with 5 children and 3 father’s!, it’s not fun or easy just making fun out of it because I have accepted my status be patient 😂😂😂😂😂, being a single mother is like EBOLA or leprosy.”

Celebrity Dj Pierra Makena shocks Kenyans after revealing her age

Pierra Makena is one of the few Kenyan female Dj’s who is well-known and has a following.  The curvy Dj has been secretive about her age, making sure that suspicion and speculation is all there is when it comes to what her age is. But not anymore.

It’s rare to find a celebrity who can tell their real age, especially on this continent. From footballers to socialites, most of them never age and are always sweet 18, 20 0r 24. Bodacious DJ Pierra Makena has revealed her age and Kenyans are shocked.

Pierra Makena

The former Tahidi High actor and mother of one just clocked 37 years old. Yes! Pierra Makena is 37 but wait, she doesn’t look like her real age.

“About to rock this 37!!!!!👸😋 Happy bornday indeed
#BEYOU,” read the heavily endowed DJ’s message.

 Well, Celina, a fellow actor also wished Pierra Makena a happy birthday and also had a message to body shamers.
Celina Kamau
Celina Kamau’s message to Pierra Makena on her birthday and body shammers


Check out comments from  Makena’s followers

Matamumusic: 37 looks good on you mama… Happy Happy birthday to you, God will enlarge your boundaries

Pierra Makena

Naoomyk: What!! I didn’t even you are 30 yet. Happy birthday

Markasqui: 37? You look A-MAZING!

Verizon: 37 never looked this gorgeous wow.Happy birthday mama Ricca

Njerinjoroge: Happy happy birthday Ma Pokot!!Blessings😘😘😘age gracefully.💞💞

Anita: Hunny you don’t look a day older than 21. April babies do rock. Have a blast and live to see many more mummy

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Wacheni umbea! Mr. Nice speaks of about HIV status

Mr. Nice was one of the first Tanzanian artists to make it on the Kenyan entertainment scene. We enjoyed and reveled in his glorious ballads. But things took a turn for the worse with his nasty fall from grace.

Worse was the rumour that was perpetuated that he was HIV positive. However, speaking to E-news on EATV the singer opened up addressing the rumour that has been going rounds for years now.

Mr. Nice

He is adamant that he has the virus and says that it was vicious people who started the lie. According to the singer, the rumor was started back in 2002 by random people looking out to destroy his career.

In his defense he says that people who were HIV positive back then have been dead and buried a long time ago! He said:

“Rumour-mongers have been claiming am HIV positive since 2002. I think I should be dead by now if I was HIV positive since then, but here I am.”

Mr. Nice

He also added that his loyal fans had supported him throughout despite the damaging accusation. My fans do not give me headaches with the baseless rumours. He finished:

“They always say that they know me and cannot be misled with the false claims. My enemies are behind the HIV rumours because they’ve tried to bring me down with a number of things including marijuana and women in vain.

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Fans Shower Naiboi With Birthday Messages

It is born day for one of Kenya’s top hit makers, Naiboi. You know him for big songs like “Gudi Gudi” and “Too Much”.

The star took to Instagram to announce that it is his big day and fans did not hesitate but shower him with wishes left, right and center.

Kagwe Mungai Just Dropped The Biggest Song of 2018

His close friends, including Proff and Calvo Mistari also joined in the comments train.


Happy Birthday To Me.😂🙏.

Am just so grateful if I start stating why I might not stop. But A thankyou to my Family friends and my Fans and most importantly God ni Lazima… .

The artiste, who is the CEO of Pacho Entertainment believes in real progress and not faking it. In a recent interview with The Star, he opened up on the same.

“I have asked asked myself this question over and over again. My progress is based on my legit numbers, I can see the growth. Is it that the industry is unfair or guys just wanna look like winners out here but don’t wanna put in work? I was like, how come I don’t hear the song around as much and the artiste ain’t that big, but the numbers are crazy high? Anyway you can lie to everyone else but you can never lie to yourself. Or maybe I am just taking this music too seriously…” he said.

And true to his word, he has stuck to his word.

This is what fans had to say for his birthday:

calvomistari Hata hio present unajua nilisha nunua

jaguahsnotty Happy birthday…

clara_koimett Happy birthday

djkennzkenya @thenaiboi mr problem hbd.

celestar_dj Happy happy birthday

hypegad_254 Happy birthday Mzito #NaiboiWorldwid

steve.kahepa Mzaeeee…nimetafuta ile app yakufanya mtu mtoto nikakosa…lakini aint giving uprusha mawe nlipona nitahepea
vokezzo Happy birthaday

_mariah.mariah More Life Snacks

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Kagwe Mungai Just Dropped The Biggest Song of 2018

Cool kid Kagwe Mungai has just dropped a brand new, hot love song titled “Till The End”. The groovy jam features fast-rising Nigerian singer Niniola.

For those of you who don’t know, Niniola won the Soundcity Best Female MVP award (2018) as the Best Male MVP award went to Diamond Platnumz. The visuals to the song are dope; I must say that Kagwe has reached the international standard he’s always hoped for.

Like Mom Like Son: Kagwe Mungai Introduces His Mom To The World

The song is irresistibly dope and both artistes delivered to the maximum. Kagwe’s musical journey has been interesting. He did not start off in the streets like many of his Kenyan counterparts. The “Creeper” crooner actually studied music.

In a July 2017 interview with Nomad Magazine, the singer opened up about his background.

“My Mum says I used to sing myself to sleep. At the end of 2009, I went to Southampton to study Music Production and Operations Management. In High School, I had been a bit of a rock star, and then I went there and was the bottom of the barrel and met people who were so much better than me. I had to reinvent, grow, start again, and that forced me to hone in on my production. By the second year, I was tutoring; the third year I was in production and I found my group of friends that were from all over the world, which was such an amazing experience and the main reason I wanted to study abroad. I did a lot of growing in those three and a half years, travelled to a lot of open mics and tested my material. I got booed at a Kenyan event in Coventry. I was the last one to perform and people had eaten nyama choma and started chanting “Go home!” over and over again. My Mum taught me a long time ago you can’t ever run away from a fight, whatever that fight is, especially if the fight is brought to you. So I just told the DJ to keep going and kept singing.”

As for the music, it keeps getting better. Just listen to “Till The End”

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‘Bahati Anazalisha Na Wewe Ni Ujinga Na Kutafta Mchumba,’ Fans Roast Willy Paul After “Secular Song” Drops

It’s like Willy Paul is drifting further and further from gospel. Remember when he sang “Sitolia” and got many people having feels? Well, those days are gone. These days, he’s all about scandals with girls and singing about girls.

From “Tempted” to “JigiJigi”, this dude seems to have lost it.

Move Over WCB! Willy Paul set to launch own record label

Well, that’s what the fans feel too. In a recent interview with Pulse, the singer revealed that he once wanted to sleep with both Huddah and Vera.

“From what I know now, Huddah and Vera are beautiful. I once used to have this urge for both of them but that is not the case anymore,” he said unapologetically.

From the comments on some of the Instagram posts promoting the release, it seems that fans are finally fed up. The song, dubbed “Malingo” is aimed at girls who have been rejecting him.


“Morning fam… imagine im standing infront of an atm machine and this chick that im looking at… bado analeta #MALINGO …. woi poor me!! Watch my new video.. link in my bio”

kimsey_sam We ishia ..bahati anazaa na weuwe apa ni ujinga na kutafta mchumba
iyanizzo_the_genius Aki we motherfucker mungu akusamehe nilijua utataja mungu 5 seconds hizi dakika zingine utaje wasichana msenge kabisa 😂😂😂
chuck_tailor254 Yoo kwani willy sina sura?! 😂 zigidi!!🔥🔥
peterbanzi Mdogo WANGU.. Atakakeye vumilia mbaka mwisho ndio atakayeokoka ..Bible inasema tutawatambua kwa matunda hakika Haya ndio matunda yako.. Hahahahaha umeshindwa kuwa barozi wa YESU kwa ajiri ya dunia tu!9ce bit aujaimba vibaya sana but je unamwakilisha nani …BWANA YESU akusaidie
khairaarshiraf Lol
ragzrago_mugo Am not hating lakini Ile hype umeweka kwa hii Ngoma on your IG is not worth it iko chini mbaya
asili100 Bro Unapotosha sana Injili Mungu akuokoe!!
njoshfrank73 Umechapa buda go back to you senses of gospel achaa upuzi wa kuiga
kennblessd And u claim your Gospel artist?? Jesu!!!
jeskata Gospel? Jesus come down
vickreagan Is this Gospel song really,,,,hee..
ipaliz Nipoa bt c gospel

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Rayvanny Making Moves As He Drops Collaboration With Jason Derulo!

WCB’s Rayvanny has just made a huge wave as he jumped on to Jason Derulo’s remix to “Tip Toe” ft. French Montana.

The Tanzanian crooner took to Instagram to share the great news, amidst lots of anxiety amongst his fans.

In the song, Rayvanny sticks to his Swahili roots but employs a dance-hall feel to the song.

Beef Alert! Bongo singer Rayvanny sparks split rumors with his baby mama

The original music video features exotic scenes of beautiful women dancing to the song, or modeling in nude art. The theme of the video had some Arab influence, especially with French Montana’s part.

Could this be the reason Rayvanny jumped on to the track? In the past, he has admitted to loving Kenyan ladies because they are “women who are an exotic mix of what looks like Arabic blood, Rwandese blood and other ethnic groups.”

Whether or not that was the influence, I must admit that this song is really fire. Check it out.

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